Frank Herbert's Dune Tips Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Frank Herbert's Dune Tips

Frank Herbert's Dune Tips

Submitted by: Jorge

Familiarity with the story of Dune and its extended universe is both an asset
and a detriment when playing this game. Knowing that "...the slow blade
penetrates the shield..." will help you defeat Dissid, leader of the smugglers.
However, knowing that Fremen fought hand to hand with Krys knives, you might be
confused when Paul approaches a firing target and cannot stab him, especially
since in the book kill blows were driven through the throat up into the skull,
not in the random stylized fashion the game developers utilize. Frank Herbert's
Dune is an infiltration game where Paul Atreides (hero of the Dune novel)
carries out a series of missions within the context of the larger (in this game
mostly unseen) story of Dune.

- Conserve your ammo, always sneak attack (stab a target before they spot you)
when you get the opportunity, it has the added benefit of providing water.
- Conserve your water, do not heal up (backspace) when you are only at 10%
damage, you will still use as much as 25% of your water to heal. Wait until you
are at 25% damage or worse, otherwise you will run out of water quickly.
- Do not use peeking around corners to check out whether or not a guard is in
the next room or hall, you will be spotted if the guard is looking in your
direction. Instead, move Paul close to the corner (without touching it or
exposing yourself) and move the camera angle (using the mouse) until you get a
clear view of the hall or room. This will allow you to plan your attacks.
Continue to use peeking around corners if you must get in a gunfight since the
wall will provide cover for Paul.
- When you run out of ammo and you cannot sneak attack a guard, run up to the
guard and allow him to hit you until you are below 20% hit points (the health
bar will turn red). Left click rapidly while under fire and eventually Paul
will use the voice to paralyze the guard. Left click with the knife again to
neutralize the target and take his water. This is the only way to finish a
mission when you have used up all your ammo, and it is only available once Paul
has been tested by Alia, after his mission to destroy the harvester.
- The best way to move Paul around is by changing your perspective with the
mouse and pressing the up arrow key to make him walk in the direction you are
- There is no way to skip cut scenes.


The House of Atreides (Training Mode): Simply follow the onscreen instructions
and reference your manual to familiarize yourself with the game controls. This
proto-mission is fairly straightforward but there are a couple of tricky parts
that might confuse some players. If at any time it seems like the instructions
for the next step of the mission are not being given, move Paul around a bit in
his environment, this will trigger the next message. After you kill the first
guard you must open the main door using a lever on the wall to his right. Once
you proceed through the main door you will be given a laser gun, it takes four
shots a piece to kill the guards on this level. Target by holding the right
button on your mouse, fire using the left button. After killing the second
guard you will find a control panel to his right, the code for this panel is
displayed high on a wall to the right of the panel. The code is: (buttons
numbered from left to right 1,2,3,4) top row 2, top row 2, bottom row 3, top
row 1, top row 1. Proceed through the open door and kill the two remaining
guards using the gun you have picked up. To exit this board you will need to
pick up a keycard dropped by the final guard. Simply walk over it to pick it
up, then approach the card slot and press enter twice. Exit through the final

The Great Erg: You will find the thumper to the right of the crashed thopter,
simply walk over it to pick it up and return to speak to Jessica. After a cut
scene head for the rock arch in the distance walking over the curved, bright
sandy path, avoid the dark spice areas if you can, but you will have to cross
them at least once, generating another cut scene. In the cave yet another cut
scene informs you of a worm's approach. Follow the wall to the right and you
will find an opening, approach it to drop down. During the worm chase you will
not be able to control your perspective with the mouse. You must run away from
the worm by pressing the down arrow key. Search for the bright sandy areas and
avoid the dark spice areas (you will have to press the right and left arrow
keys occasionally to keep on the correct path and search for a way across dark
areas). The correct path will require that you briefly cross the dark spice
areas three times. The correct path takes a south southwesterly direction, very
gradually moving Paul toward the bottom left side of the screen. It may take
you several times to get through this sequence, it can be confusing, so Good
Afterward in the Sietch: Exit the briefing room and go to the right to find
Chani in her lab. Talk to her to get the Krys knife. Head back the way you came
and go straight toward the main hall, go up the stairs at the back of the hall
and you will find Baren behind a counter, talk to him to get the SOS jammer.
Head back to Stilgar in the briefing room, talk to him and select "...take part
in guerrilla attack...". At this point you will receive a projectile pistol.

The Harkonnen Harvester: Follow the rock wall to the right to the bottom of the
hill. The two guards there can be neutralized with your Krys knife. Before you
get to the harvester you will want to carefully maneuver Paul though the rocky
outcroppings searching for guards. Do not get to close to the harvester until
these guards are eliminated, and do not walk in dark spice areas since these
define the limits of the environment. There are a total of 5 other guards
spread out in this area. Kill them with sneak attacks if you can, but if you
have to use your projectile pistol remember that bald guards take only two
shots to kill, and masked guards take three. When you approach the front of the
Harvester you will see two guards in front of the ramp, and one above it. Stand
back and target them one at a time with your pistol and take them out. Heal up
and walk up the ramp and to the left, you will find projectile pistol ammo. Go
back to where you killed the guard at the top of the ramp and you will find a
ladder, approach it and press enter. At the top of the ladder head to the right
of the door toward the console and you will automatically plant the SOS jammer.
Head to the far right of this platform and drop down from the open ledge. Head
to the left and in the distance you will see two guards on a platform, you will
have to shoot them both 3 times. Maneuver up and down on the platforms until
you find the blue distiller, heal up then pick it up. Move Paul around to the
front of the guard platform and climb up. Head left up the ramp, turn left at
the top, approach the door and press enter. At this point you only have 10
minutes to complete the next part of this mission. Open the door to your right
and neutralize the guard on the other side. Take the next left and quickly
neutralize the guard in this hall. Rapidly switch weapons to the projectile
pistol (using Ctrl or the wheel of your mouse), and shoot the guard at the far
end of the hall. Turn left and head down the ramp. Turn right and neutralize
the guard there. Turn right up the other ramp and go left through the doorway.
To your right on a platform is a guard, shoot him three times. To the left of
the stairs is a distiller, heal and pick it up. Go up the stairs, switch to
your Krys and open the door, quickly neutralize the guard on the other side and
switch to your pistol, shoot the remaining guard 4 times. Beside the guard you
just killed are two green screens with the same code displayed on each, write
it down. Activate the switch between the two screens. Exit the room, go down
the steps and turn left, go to the end of the hall and turn left, then turn
left into a new hallway. Run to the far side of the hall and pick up the
projectile ammo, then quickly turn and shoot the two guards (that rush in
behind you) two times each. Go through the door to the nozzle room and turn
right, neutralize the guard in the second nozzle room. There are 6 switches,
one beside each nozzle, shut each one down, this will activate a red light and
alarm siren, don't worry, you have killed all the guards at this point. Exit
the room and go left, take the next right, then turn right again and go through
the doorway at the end of the hall. Turn left and open the door, you will see a
control panel, type in the code you copied down earlier, the correct sequence
is (buttons numbered from left to right 1,2,3,4) bottom row 3, top row 1,
bottom row 1, bottom row 4, top row 4. Exit the room and go right through the
doorway, then go right down the ramp and approach the door in front of you,
press enter.
Afterward in the Sietch: Speak with Chani in her lab. Speak to Baren and get
the Maula pistol (this is a very nice weapon that kills any guard with 1 shot,
but it only has three charges per mission and no extra ammo). Exit to the main
hall and go left down the steps, turn left and enter a new room where Alia
waits. Speak to her, during her test, left click and acquire the voice and the
data card. Speak to Stilgar again and select "Time to accompany Chani..."

Liet Kynes's Secret: This level suffers from an extreme lack of ammunition,
conserve carefully and remember to use the voice trick (see TIPS) when you have
no ammo left and an enemy has spotted you. From where you enter turn left and
go forward until you see a doorway on the left wall, rush around the corner and
you might be able to surprise the patrolling guard, if not it will take three
projectile pistol shots to kill him. DO NOT go further down this hall, turn
around and go left, back down the hall in the direction of the stairs. At the
top of the stairs is another patrolling guard (blue/red guards take 3
projectile shots to kill). Turn right at the top of the stairs and go down a
long hall, make a left at the end of it and you will see an elite guard who
takes 5 projectile shots to kill. Continue toward the couch and turn left. Head
down the hall and a cut scene occurs by the glass wall. Afterward, continue the
way you were going past the wall and turn left, go down the steps, open the
door and enter the room, another cut scene occurs. Press the switch on the
console to your left, it opens a door to the right of the console, neutralize
the guard on the other side. Turn around and reenter the room, turn left and
open the remaining door. Proceed down the steps and kill the elite guard with 5
shots. Destroy the red cylinder by approaching it and pressing enter. A cut
scene tells you that the scientist is on his way. Quickly turn around, head
back to the switch room and turn right, then make a quick left, and then
another left. In this hall there are two randomly patrolling guards you may be
able to surprise or you may have to fight. Head up the stairs, turn right, head
to the end of the hall, turn left, then left again by the sofa, and enter the
room behind the glass wall. Head down the red steps and turn left and face the
console where the planetologist was working, approach it and press enter twice.
Exit the room, turn left, then right by the sofa, then right again down the
long hall, left down the stairs and left at the end of the hall near the door
where you entered this mission. At the end of this hall to the right is a guard
standing watch, and depending on the timing a guard on patrol may be there or
nearby, you will probably have to shoot both. Continue down this hall until you
come to an intersection and turn right, proceed up the stairs until you reach a
long hallway with one side made up of open windows, there will probably be a
guard on patrol in this hall you will have to kill. In the center of the hall,
turn right and kill the elite guard in front of the door, then open it and
enter Kyne's office. Go to the desk and face the computer screen, press enter
twice, a code will appear on the screen, write it down and the access the
control panel on the left wall behind the computer screen. The code is (buttons
numbered from left to right 1,2,3,4) top row 4, bottom row 1, bottom row 4,
bottom row 2, top row 1. Enter the door that has just opened and follow the
tunnel to the plant room, turn right, and then make an immediate left into the
viewing room. Heal and pickup the distiller, then look out through the glass
and you will see a switch in front of you, activate it, a cut scene will show
the plants being destroyed. Exit this room and bear to the left following the
tunnel to a closed door, activate the switch next to it and neutralize the
guard on the other side. Turn left and go all the way down the stairs, you will
encounter yet another patrolling guard. On the ground floor, ignore the first
left and take the second, it will be a staircase with a large door behind it,
open it and go through. Head right and follow the platform, kill the guard
there and enter the room behind him, heal and take the blue distiller there.
Walk to the opposite side of the platform where the second guard station is and
kill the guard there, then enter his room. On the left side of the wall is a
hard to spot switch, which will turn off the defense system and allow the
thopter you are about to steal to escape. Leave the room, turn left and make a
quick left down the steps. Hopefully you will still have a Maula charge or two
left, kill the guard at the bottom the steps. If you have run out of ammo you
will find a projectile pistol by the cargo crates if you make an immediate
right at the bottom of the steps. Neutralize the remaining guard at the bottom
of the thopter ramp and climb aboard.
Afterward in the Sietch: Speak to Chani, Speak to Baren. To the right of Baren
you will find Harah, speak to her to get Harkonnen armor you will need for the
next mission. Return to Stilgar and select "Heading for the Shield Citadel."

The Guild Payment: On this mission you will have no water, so be careful not to
take damage. You start the mission with a chance of being targeted by a bald
guard in a guard post to your right, if he has detected you target and shoot
him, but if you are lucky you can neutralize him instead. From this point on,
unless otherwise stated, all the guards you encounter will not be hostile, you
should take them out strategically. From the entrance go straight to the end of
the hall and turn left. Before you reach the end of it you will encounter a
patrol, neutralize him. Enter the courtyard and proceed to the far left, climb
the steps and speak to the helpful guard there, then neutralize the poor guy.
Turn around and head to the center of the courtyard, turn left and pass through
the red beam door, a cut scene illustrates your acceptance to this area of the
base. Follow the hall to the cargo room and take the door to the right. Follow
this hall to the factory room. Go to the platform where two guards are standing
near one another (do not kill them) and look at the conveyor belt. You will see
a display terminal with a code on it, write it down, this is the green code.
Turn right and you will see a ladder, go up and then left. At the end of this
area to the left is a ladder down, go down and head to the opposite side of
this path, you will see a blue conveyor belt terminal, copy the code displayed
on it, this is the blue code. Return to the cargo room and head through the
door on your right. You will see a cut scene with two pilots speaking. Head
right, then left down the staircase and across to the opposite wall, turn left
and you will see a guard and a door, neutralize him and open the door. In this
room is a special control panel, activate it and enter the green code (buttons
numbered from left to right 1,2,3,4) bottom row 2, top row 4, bottom row 3, top
row 4, top row 1. You should have noticed that the light next to the panel
turned from red to green, approach it and press enter. Turn around and head to
the opposite side of the thopter landing area and go through the green beam
door. Follow this hall to a junction and turn right. There is a guard here to
be neutralized. Your goal in this area is to get 2 pass cards carried by the
pilots. There are two ways this sequence could work: 1) Head to the end of the
hall and turn left, you will see a room with a glass wall and a door to the
right, go through it and you are in a room with three guards, to your right is
a table and on it is the first pass card, approach it to automatically pick it
up. If it is not there proceed to sequence 2, but if you have it exit this
room, turn left, then right, then right again and go up the walkway. There are
two bedrooms and two guards in this area. Wait for them to move apart and
neutralize each. The one dressed as a pilot will drop the other pass card, pick
it up and head back to the control panel. 2) If the card is not on the table it
is in the possession of the pilot walking around in this room. Approach him and
neutralize him, pick up the pass card he drops. The other two guards start
firing, use your Maula weapon to take them out quickly. Exit this room, turn
left, then right and then right again up the ramp. There are two bedrooms in
this area, and two guards, ignore them and proceed to the back bedroom. In the
far left hand corner of this room the pass card can be found on the floor, pick
it up and return to the control panel. Back at the control panel enter the blue
code (buttons numbered from left to right 1,2,3,4) bottom row 2, top row 3,
bottom row 3, top row 3, top row 1, and change your armor color to blue. Head
left up the ramp to a pass card terminal to the right of a door. Approach it,
press enter, select the magnetic pass, press enter, then exit the door, bear
right and head up the stairs to the tower pass card terminal. Approach it,
press enter twice, go through the now open door and into the elevator. When it
reaches the top of the tower, exit and turn right, you will see four sets of
beams. Approach them carefully, stay to the left and use your mouse for
perspective on their movement. The first two may be dodged easily, just time it
right. The third one does not move, and it is too low to walk under. Press flat
against the wall to your left, then roll under the beam as you were taught in
the training course (hold arrow key left, then press enter). The fourth beam is
a faster version of the second, be careful. Head through the door and bear
left, open the door at the end of this hall. You will enter a room with four
pillars, turn right and walk around the outside path counter-clockwise to pick
up some projectile ammo. Cross to the closed door and open it, proceed down the
hall, open the second door and approach the terminal, an automatic cut scene
provides you with a data crystal. Turn around and head back to the pillar room,
before you arrive select your projectile pistol. When you enter the room an
automated defense unit will come to life and start to attack you if it spots
you. Stay out of the way of the red beam it projects. Maneuver around it and
target it from its sides or from behind (aiming for the blue boxes), never from
the front. Keep moving and circling it. It will take 10-20 projectile shots to
disable it depending on how lucky a shot you are. Eventually it will start to
smoke and shut down. Exit the tower the same way you came in, cross the
courtyard to the opposite side and proceed through the blue beam door. Bear
left and follow the path. There are two guards in this area that must be
neutralized. At the top of the ramp, turn left and look around, you will find a
closed door, go through to a narrow hall. Before you reach the end of it you
will spot a guard through the doorway, target him with your Maula and shoot him
before you enter the room. When you enter you will see a guard blocking the way
in front of you, neutralize him. A weak bald guard behind him will have to be
taken out with 2 projectile shots. Proceed down the ramp and turn left at the
bottom. Among the crates you will find laser gun ammo. Head straight to the
back of this room and turn right. Go through the massive door and follow the
path to a lift. Approach the control panel and press enter. When the lift
reaches the top turn right and open the door with an H on it. There are two
elite guards here who, if they spot you, will fire on you. If you have Maula
ammo left use it on them, if not, you will probably have to fight them (5
projectile shots or 10 laser shots apiece to kill). Turn left and cross the
docking ramp and enter the elevator. When you exit, turn right and open the
closed door on the right. Approach the guild member (who sounds like Stephen
Hawking and is dressed as a clown) and press enter. A series of cut scenes will
occur. The rest is easy, retrace your steps to the door where you entered the
mission and approach it.
Afterward in the Sietch: Head to the main room, turn right and go up the
stairs, turn right abruptly and you will see Jessica next to Alia, give Jessica
the data crystal by speaking to her. Go to Baren and speak with him to get the
radar jammers. Return to Stilgar and select "Let's get Chani..."

The Smuggler's Camp: This is the longest (and most challenging/most irritating)
mission in the game. From where you start follow the cliff left and spy through
the cave opening. You will see two guards, neutralize the one on the right,
then switch to the projectile pistol and kill the other guard with 5 shots. Do
not allow any of the guards on this mission to get away, they will activate an
alarm that will sound through most of the mission and will drive you nuts. Turn
right and enter the circular enclosure where there is a radar station, approach
it and press enter twice to deactivate the 1st of 6 stations. Exit the
enclosure and bear right, pass into a tunnel and follow it to a large open area
with two guards patrolling on the ground and 3 patrolling on the ledge above
them. You must carefully time your moves to avoid being spotted by any of these
guards, your objective is to get to the next tunnel on the right wall without
being spotted, if you are you have got to deal with the guards quickly before
they activate an alarm. It takes 5 projectile and 10 laser shots to kill the
guards on this mission, so it is best to move undetected in this situation.
Once you are through the doorway, follow the next tunnel to another clearing,
there is a bunker here with a guard patrolling in and around it neutralize him
and then enter the radar station area across from the bunker and deactivate the
2nd of 6 stations. Exit the enclosure and bear right, pass through the tunnel
to a stack of crates. If you moved undetected you will spot 1-2 guards around
the bridge behind the crates, time your attack well and you can take one or
both out with your knife. If you were spotted at any point this area will have
5 guards in it and you must overcome them strictly with gunfire. Afterward
cross the bridge and deactivate the 3rd of 6 radar stations. To its right is
the next tunnel you must follow until you arrive at a garage. Head left through
the door (Note: There is a special raised walkway you can access from this room
that acts as a short cut through this section, but the chance of being spotted
using it is too great for me to recommend it here). Follow the hall and you
will arrive at the raised ledge you spotted earlier, if you were undetected,
there will be 3-4 guards in this area you can take out with a combination of
neutralization and gunfire. Turn left and you will find some laser ammo then
bear to the right from where you entered the ledge and you will find the 4th of
6 radar stations, deactivate it. Turn around and go right, turn the next corner
and you will see yet another tunnel, follow it to a small cavern with a door to
the left, go through. There is a junction here with a long ramp down, check
carefully by adjusting your perspective and you will see a patrol, time it
right and you can neutralize him. Head down the ramp and turn the corner, you
will spot another guard to take out, behind him is a bunker with some laser
ammo, pick that up and go back up the ramp, turn right and follow the path
around to another bridge and some crates. There is a patrol here to be
neutralized. Cross the bridge and bear right, you will come to a room with a
hole in the ground, press against it and you will drop down into the second
half of the mission, this is an in-mission saving point. When you load you will
see a guard you can quickly neutralize. Head straight to the opposite wall and
closely follow it to the left, you will see a small square ledge you can climb
up on. This marks the beginning of a series of ledges you must pull yourself up
onto until you reach a cave filled with cargo. There is a patrol at the mouth
of the cave that can be neutralized if you are lucky. Proceed through the small
maze of cargo and you will see a ramp with a guard on it who must be shot.
Cross the ramp and go through the door on your left, follow the tunnel to a
clearing and bear left into a new tunnel, bear right and you will eventually
find an exit to your left that leads to a thopter pad. Go to the left of the
boxes in front of you and head down a short ramp, you will see a stone pillar,
rush and hide behind it. Eventually a guard will patrol near you, neutralize
him. Head straight from the pillar toward a long tent in the back left corner
of the thopter area. In the center of this tent on the ground are some
explosives, pick them up and head across to the thopter pad. Conceal yourself
beside the ledge and wait, a patrol will walk by the front of the pad,
neutralize him then head up the pad and shoot the guard beside the thopter,
nearby him you will find a distiller, heal then pick it up. Head down the
thopter ramp and across to the radar station enclosure, deactivate the 5th of 6
stations. Exit and turn left. The tent you are approaching contains projectile
ammo, go inside, get the ammo and return to the door from which you entered the
thopter area. Bear right for a while and you come to a massive camp. There are
currently three guards here to be neutralized. The first comes walking by soon
after you enter this board, wait a while and then sneak up and take him out
when he walks by. Another guard proceeds down from a winding ramp on your left,
hide behind the crates nearby and wait for him to come down the ramp, you will
get a chance to take him out then. If he doesn't come down from the ramp,
simply shoot him from the ground. After this head up the ramp and you will find
the 6th of 6 radar stations, deactivate it. To the left of this station is some
laser ammo, grab it then exit the ramp. Straight ahead is a guard by a ramp
leading to a large storage area filled with boxes. He looks to his left, then
front, then right every few seconds, time it right and you can sneak up on him
and take him out. Turn right from where you killed that guy and you will see a
large tent (the size of two tents) in the middle of the camp. Enter it and you
will see a distiller to pick up if you need it (conserve it if you don't). To
the left of it is a display, write down the code it shows. Head back to where
the last guard was standing and go up the ramp to the cargo area, in the back
right you will see some boxes in front of a ledge, climb up them and enter the
cliff. Follow the path to a hole in the left wall that activates a cut scene
with Chani when you approach. Afterward, head right and drop off the ledge
above the great door in the cliff. Across from you are red crates, approach
them and press enter twice. QUICKLY run back to the big tent and hide inside. A
cut scene will show the boxes exploding and the leader of the smugglers,
Dissid, sending troops to investigate. 5 soldiers enter the camp from the great
door. Stay where you are inside the big tent and wait, keep changing your
perspective to look around outside. Eventually a guard will approach to the
right of the entrance to the tent. He will turn his back on you giving you a
chance to neutralize him. Then hide again. Watch carefully. A few moments later
another guard will approach the same way, neutralize him too. Exit the tent and
head toward the area of the explosion, two guards there must be shot to death.
Now enter the great door in the cliff that just opened. Follow the path to a
second camp. Enter the tent in front of you to pickup some laser ammo. Exit the
tent. Now head for the tent farthest from you as you exit, inside is a
distiller. Exit this tent. Across from you is a stone staircase, head for it
and follow the tunnel beyond it to a room will many pillars. Go to both the far
left and far right corners of the room to pick up another distiller and some
projectile ammo (save the distiller if you have enough water because you will
need it later). LASTLY heal up and walk up the stairs to the closed door, this
triggers a cut scene with Dissid. When the cut scene ends you will immediately
come under fire, head to the right of the staircase and hide behind a pillar.
Change you perspective with the mouse to watch Dissid, he will approach from
around the corner looking for you. You must time this carefully to jump out and
attack him with your blade. One strategy is to wait for him to get very close
then circle around a pillar and come up behind him. You must stab him once with
your blade causing his shield to shimmer. DO NOT fire your laser gun at him, it
will cause an explosion. After you stab him once (which may take several tries
until the shield shimmers) his shield is down and he runs away looking for
cover. You have two ways to finish him off now. Peek around corners and target
him with your projectile weapon, or chase him until he hides behind a pillar,
then cross to the other side of the room and target him from the side, he just
sits there and you can pick him off. It will take 10-20 projectile shots to
kill him depending on how lucky a shot you are. The game has a very high chance
of crashing during this battle, you may have to try this several times. Once he
is dead he drops his weapon and a pass card, pick up both and head up the
steps. Use the card to open the door and head down the hall to Chani's prison,
there will be a brief cut scene about the need for a code. First heal and then
pickup the distiller and the armour piercing pistol. This new weapon takes only
3 shots to kill the guards on this mission. Now use the code you found in the
main tent on the control panel (buttons numbered from left to right 1,2,3,4)
top row 4, top row 4, top row 1, bottom row 4, bottom row 4. Her cell opens and
in a cut scene she explains you must guard her escape from the camp. DO NOT
simply follow her, try to lead her and target any enemies you come across.
There will be 2-3 guards in the second camp, use your best weapons and take
them out fast. Then head to the main camp where there are about 5 more to take
out. Bear to the left and head for the exit, clearing the way for Chani. If she
comes under fire she will drop to her knees and put her hands to her face, do
your best to kill the people targeting her first. When she gets out of the main
camp you only have to go a short distance before a cut scene activates,
reuniting you with Kalhou.
Afterward in the camp: This is a 3-part affair that is a mission in itself.
After another cut scene Paul will be attacked by a hunter seeker in his bedroom
while Chani is asleep on the floor. You must maneuver him carefully through the
room to the laser gun on a table in the back right corner from where you start.
Hold the shift key to walk slowly and avoid the red laser beam of the hunter
seeker. Complicating this affair is the fact that the hunter seeker is not
entirely dependent on its beam to sense motion and the fact that sometimes even
Paul's slow walking will trigger the seeker. If ever an intense beam targets
you stop moving and wait for it to look away. You may have to do this several
times before you reach the gun. Once you have it target the hunter seeker and
fire once. Another cut scene occurs and Paul must leave his quarters and enter
the main hall where he encounters Kalhou who is in fact a face dancer. What
follows is a cat and mouse sequence where you must chase the face dancer around
firing your laser gun into him 20-30 times. You of course must pick up ammo to
get off that many shots, there are two sets of ammo in the main hall and two up
where Baren's counter is, that will be enough. Once that is done the normal
sietch activity resumes. Speak with Jessica to pickup the data crystal you left
with her, and then return to Stilgar and select "Enroute for Arakeen".

Rabban, Master of Arakeen: This mission is fairly simple, and it is also the
last mission of the game. Enter the secret tunnel and follow it to a switch,
activate the switch and enter the palace. Bear left and circle around this
floor, you will be able to surprise one of the Harkonnen elite guards and
neutralize him, then head downstairs to the garden. Scattered throughout the
garden, starting in the first hall you enter on the ground floor, are 4-6 elite
patrols who take 4 armour piercing, 6 projectile or 12 laser shots to kill. Try
to maneuver carefully and neutralize as many as possible. When you first enter
the garden head toward the first door on the right wall, beside it is an
armour-piercing pistol, grab it and remember this door. Next, head to the far
side of the garden where a large door can be found on a raised platform. On
opposite sides before this platform are two yellow cylinders flashing a red
light, approach and press enter on both. Head back to the door where you found
the armour-piercing gun and pass through it. Go upstairs and turn left. In the
middle of the hall to the left is a picture of Rabban with a code on it, write
this first code down, then continue upstairs. Around this area will be a patrol
so be careful. Turn left at the top of the stairs and follow the path to a
control room with a red guard, he only takes half the number of shots to kill.
From here turn right and go downstairs, pick up the projectile weapon and
activate the switch next to the closed door, exit to the garden and proceed to
the door on the exact opposite side of the garden from the door you just
exited, then go through it. Proceed upstairs and turn left, look at the picture
of Rabban on the left wall and write down the second code, then continue
upstairs. There will be a patrol around here you have to eliminate. Turn right
at the top of the stairs and follow the path to another control room. A red
guard here must be taken out. Use the control panel on the raised area and
enter the first code you acquired (buttons numbered from left to right 1,2,3,4)
top row 4, bottom row 1, bottom row 3, top row 3, top row 1. Turn around and
head straight. Pick up the laser ammo and turn left, head downstairs and
activate the switch, go through the now open door back into the garden and
cross to the door exactly opposite the one you just exited. Pass through that
door, and the one directly beyond it, turn left and go upstairs back to the
control room. Use the control panel and enter the second code you acquired
(buttons numbered from left to right 1,2,3,4) bottom row 3, top row 4, bottom
row 4, bottom row 1, bottom row 2. Turn around and head back downstairs to the
garden, head to the raised platform door, approach it and press enter. Pass
through and turn left, head upstairs and pick up the distiller, turn right and
approach the console, press enter. After a brief gloating cut scene return to
the garden. Another cut scene shows Rabban and Paul trading threats.
Immediately afterward Paul comes under fire. Use your Maula weapon to take out
Rabban's guards then start chasing him. Switch to the armour-piercing weapon,
taking shots at Rabban's back as he runs away. Occasionally he will stop
running and fire on you. You must inflict a certain amount of damage to get him
running again. Eventually you will chase him through the palace and the back
out into the garden where he pauses in front of his statue. Take one shot at
him and the statue falls on top of him. You've won.


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