Freddi Fish 2 - The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Freddi Fish 2 - The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse

Freddi Fish 2 - The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse

A ghost is haunting the schoolhouse and stealing toys! Freddi and Luther
want to catch the ghost and get Luther's Codfish Commander back. Okay, first go
down and get the green scissors from the shelf. Then go down/left and try to go
outside. The ghost pushes past you and into a secret door. When he leaves again,
part of him breaks off and tells you the five things you need to collect to trap
him. There are eight possible things. From here you can go out of the
schoolhouse where you can go in four directions, or into the basement. Here's
how to get the things you need.

Go outside the schoolhouse and go three screens right. Go up to the ceiling of
the statue of Neptune and move the tiles so the open space is in the upper right
corner where the trident is. Then click on it and you get it. It's that simple!

Go into the basement of the school. Somewhere down there is a green book about
untying knots. Now go two screens left, then one down from the school. Click the
rope and then click the book in your inventory, then open it by clicking it. You
can cycle through the book by clicking it again and again. When you see the same
knot that is on the screen, pull on the ends in the order that they are numbered
in the book.

Diving Helmet:
Go one screen left from the school and use your scissors on the diving helmet
near the top to break the kelp holding it. Wasn't that easy?

Go to the very bottom of the school to the room with lots of pipes and get the
wrench on the left. Now go two screens left, one down, then one left into the
sub from in front of the school. Use the wrench on the steering wheel to open
the bolt holding it.

Life Preserver:
Go four screens right from the school and use the scissors on the worm doodle to
break the fishing line holding it. Now go back to the school and from there two
screens left and one up through a small passage. Give your worm doodle to Eddie
the eel and he goes away, allowing you to get the life preserver.

Not too easy. Go two screens left, one down, and into the sub from the school.
Get the red can of oil on the upper right shelf, return to the school, and go
two screens right. Click the pipe piece and a worm goes in, pursued by a Tucker
Turtle. The worm gets away but the Tucker gets stuck. Use the oil to get the
pipe off his head. Now go to the very bottom of the school and use the pipe
piece to get the cork without letting bubbles escape. All right!

This is pretty tough. Five purple sea urchins are scattered around, in different
places each game. Collect them when possible. One is always on top of a cliff
four screens up/left from the school. In the second one, you must find a path
through the tide pools. You can only jump to a tide pool that is next to you and
has a small thing in between. I don't think this requires a detailed
walkthrough. To get the urchin down, go one screen right from the school to find
a pink fish named Casey who has lost her glasses. To find them, go down the hole
(only Luther can fit) and when she starts bouncing back and forth, quickly go
down/left. If you aren't fast enough, you go the wrong way. Inside the next
place are Casey's glasses! Pick them up and exit to the left. The grateful Casey
will give you a slingshot. Then go to the cliff and use the slingshot on the
urchin and move the cross hairs onto it, clicking when the word "lock" appears.
Once you have it, go two screens up/right from the school, and into the pulley
emporium. Trade your five urchins to Barnacle Bob for a pulley.

Mock-stop-mibble-stop-whopper-bopper (MSMSWB):
The toughest one of all. First go two screens up/right from the school, and into
the hall of fame. Click on the trophy case and a business card falls off the
back of the lock. Go to the school and go three screens up/left. Then go down
the dark hole to Mr. Triplefin. Give him the business card and he gives you the
combination to the lock. Return to the hall of fame and click on the lock. Then
click the combination and it appears. Type it in on the lock by using the arrows
to rotate the numbers and click the handle to open it. Then grab the trophy and
take it to ray who is one screen up/left from the school. He trades you the

Now that you have everything, you can trap the ghost. The ending is a little
weird, but fun!

There are four mini-games in Freddi Fish 2.
Theater-The clone of the theater in the original game. Click the curtain to see
an act. Find it outside the hall of fame and pulley emporium. Go up/right.
Chalkboard-In Mrs. Croaker's classroom click on the blackboard to draw stuff.
Click the eraser to erase part of your drawing. Click the empty blackboard in
the upper left to erase the whole drawing. You can even print your drawing by
clicking the printer. There's letters and lots of nifty stuff. Have fun!
Ceiling tiles-Where you found the trident you can play a game with the tiles on
the ceiling of Neptune's statue. Clicking any tile adjacent to the open space
will move it into that space, creating a new space where the tile was. When all
the tiles are together they make a neat picture. Click the button in the upper
left to get a new picture. It can be hard.

Crab invaders-From where the sea urchin on top of the cliff is, go up/left to
this arcade game. Move the mouse to move Luther back and forth. Click to send a
squirt of water. Twelve crabs hop onto the top and move back and forth, getting
steadily closer to the bottom. Luther must hit each one with a water squirt to
knock it down and earn five points. The squirts can't reach the top, so wait
until the crabs get lower before hitting them. But don't let them get to the
bottom. That costs Luther points as well as places a crab on the rock on the
left. Only one crab can reach that rock in each round. If three crabs are there,
the game's over. Luther loses a point for every squirt that misses and five
points for getting hit by one as it comes down. After knocking down twelve crabs
the round is over and you can leave by clicking the flashing arrow. Later the
crabs get faster and the coconut crab appears and tries to drop coconuts on
Luther, which stuns him and costs him ten points.

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