Freddi Fish 3 - The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Freddi Fish 3 - The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell

Freddi Fish 3 - The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell

This game has an end add-on mini-game, which is a game you play
that has no effect on the main game. To use items, click the item and
hold your mouse button and drag the item to the obstacle or character
you want to use it on. Press spacebar at any time in any game to be
given the option to quit, restart, use options or resume.

Freddi Fish and Luther are going to a tropical island to witness the
Flounder's day festival. First go down into the water and then click
the blue thing in the upper right corner. to open the net. Grab the
drain plug you pulled out before going through. Now you find out
Luther's uncle Clenny is in jail because the great conch shell was
stolen and the festival can't begin without it. Clenny is the grand
exotic keeper of the conch, so he's the prime suspect. But he has a
diagram of the conch and its three golden pipes. You must collect all
three. There are eight possible places. But first, let's find our way

From the place outside the jail (called central), you can go back to
Sam the pelican, left into the tailor shop, or up/right. You'll come to
Gillbarker, a blue fish who requires four purple sea urchins to go
through the door. They are scattered around in different places each
time. Collect them when possible. You can then go up/left twice to
the carnival organ or up/right to Nadine the narwhal. Then go up to a
place with a door blocked by kelp. Click the purple fish and he lunges
for the kelp, then click the clam and he breaks the line allowing the
fish to eat the kelp. You can then go through the door to the tumble
tubes. Or from central you can go up/left. Then you can go left again
to another place. From here you can go up to the beach or left to the
waterfall. Or from the first place you can go up to Horst the tourist,
up again to the sunken airplane, and then down to the Claw the crab.
To get into the sunken airplane, click the ajar panel and it opens
leaving a path. Got all that? Try going around to memorize it.
Remember only three locations have pipes each game, so look in each
place until you find them, then follow the tips for that place.

Pipe 1:
Go to the carnival organ and press the buttons to move the pipe down
the sponges toward you. Be careful of the purple sponges which move
it back. The number you hit is the number of spaces it moves. Be
careful that it doesn't hit a stopper and move it to the tube at the
bottom to get it.

Pipe 2:
Go to the tumble tubes and pull the levers to open and close the tubes.
When bubbles appear in a tube, it is open. When the tube with the
golden pipe is open, click the green arrow to send Luther through the
tubes. He'll get the pipe if he goes through that tube.

Pipe 3:
Go to the beach and get the silver key on the beach. Then go inside
the sunken airplane and use the key on the padlock to get the pipe.

Pipe 4:
Get the green shovel from where Nadine is and go to the waterfall.
Use it to get the hollow log loose from the mud and keep pushing it
until it goes under the waterfall. Now go through to find the pipe
guarded by a joey bird. Click on her and a blue feather falls off. Take
it to the tailor shop and use it on the egg on his hat. The feather looks
better then the egg on the hat, so Pierre gives you the egg in return.
Take it to the joey bird and she gives you the pipe. (You can go
down/right through the green pool to Rosie Pearl the movie maker

Pipe 5:
Get four sea urchins and give them to the Gillbarker to get through the
door. Now you must play floating fun, a mini-game. See it in the
mini-games section. You only have to finish one level to get a
funhouse mirror from Gillbarker. Take it to Claw and use it on him.
He will get so scared he gives you his flashlight. Now go to the
carnival organ and go through the small passage in the left wall. Use
the flashlight to light the pitch-dark room and move the flashlight
around until it shines on the golden pipe, then click to get it.

Pipe 6:
If you go to the beach you will see a golden pipe in a tree and a ship
in the background. Go to it to find Magenta the monkey who has used
her sail to plug a hole in her boat. Use your drain plug to plug it, but
Luther rips the sail in pulling it out. Take the ripped sail to the tailor
shop and give it to Pierre. He fixes it for you. Take the fixed sail to
Magenta to enable her to get back to shore. Then click the golden pipe
in the tree and Magenta gives it to you.

Pipe 7:
This one's inside a clam near the start. First go to the sunken airplane
and get the wallet on the ground. Freddi gives you a description of a
character when you click it. Take it to that character and they give
you one of the wallet's orange sea urchins. Take the urchin to Sam
and he gives you a translating book. Use it on the Horst the tourist
and keep turning the page until you see the flag that matches the one
on his bag. Click it and he gives you a shim-sham-jimminy-jam-flapper-
gabber, useful for holding things open. Use it to hold open the clam
and get the pipe. 

Pipe 8:
First go to the tumble tubes and get the yellow work glove there on
the ground. Then go to the sunken airplane and use the glove to get
the pliers from the spikey thing. Use the pliers to get the bolt off
Nadine's tooth. Use the bolt to keep the handle on the cage near the
waterfall and get the golden pipe inside.

End Add-on:
Uncle Clenny's dogfish will lead you to a sunken temple and find a
gray bag. But Luther takes a jewel and the entrance is barred. Before
Luther can put it back, he falls into a trap. The key is guarded by a
laser. First go left twice to see the color of the laser guarding the key.
Then go back right and up/right. In one of the rooms in this maze of
pathways is a gray chisel (it has a clay pot above the door, look for
that). Collect it to break crystals from their statues. Get the matching
color crystal to detour the laser and get the key. As for finding it, the
color above a door shows the crystal it leads to. So if you're looking
for a green crystal, go through doors with green. Once you have the
key, free Luther so he can put back the jewel and get you out. Then
you must use the item in the gray bag to find out which character is
the thief. Here they are: Needle and thread—Pierre, Boxing
glove—Claw, Cane—Gillbarker, Microphone—Rosie Pearl, Visitor's
map or guide—Horst, Toothbrush—Nadine. 

Freddi Fish 3 has three mini-games I know of.
Theater—Go to Rosie Pearl to watch a show. Click the notepad to
select an act. Pretty much the same as the theaters in Freddi Fish 1&2.
Carnival organ—Here you can record your own songs and listen to
recorded songs. You can also see the sponges move. You can select
instruments. Lots of nifty stuff.
Floating fun—After giving Gillbarker four sea urchins you can play
this game. Four kinds of critters come through the tube and move
along the bottom row, one at a time. When you click the critter floats
up the column it was under. When four or more of the same critter are
placed together they disappear. If a column is full the next critter
pushed into that column pushes the top critter above the line and into
the permanent zone. Once there it cannot be grouped or moved. You
must try not to get critters into the permanent zone and group as many
as you can. The level is over when all the critters in the tube on the
right have been placed. The game is over when all the columns and
the permanent zone are full. Later there are more critters, a smaller
permanent zone and a limited time to put critters in columns. Every
critter that disappears is worth a point.

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