Freddi Fish - Kelp Seed Mystery Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Freddi Fish - Kelp Seed Mystery

Freddi Fish - Kelp Seed Mystery

In this game the character must solve a dilemma. To do so, they
must often first have to collect certain items. Most of the time you
must get other items first. But the connections between items can be
quite hard to understand. That's why I made these tips to tell you
what to do. Like with all games, the game is different each time you
play for variety's sake.

A start or end add-on is before or after the main part of the game.
This game has an end add-on. A mini-game is a game you play that
has no effect on the main game. To use items, click the item and hold
your mouse button and drag the item to the obstacle or character you
want to use it on. Press spacebar at any time in any game to be given
the option to quit, restart, use options or resume.

In Freddi Fish your inventory is in bubbles at the bottom of the
screen. To exit you must press the spacebar and click on quit to leave
the game.

Grandma Grouper's kelp treasure is gone! If Freddi can't find it
soon, all the fish will die! First grandma grouper gives Freddi a
peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich. Go left (click when the mouse
becomes an arrow) to Freddi's pal Luther who wants to swim a loop-de-loop.
But he keeps hitting rocks and eventually he hits one so hard
a bottle with a note falls down. It is the first of four bottles which tell
you where the next one is. Click it to hear the clue again. Before I tell
you where the bottles can be, let's learn where the different places
are. Sometimes when I say up I mean into the background, not
straight up.

From where you are now, you can go left. Then you can go
up/right to the junkyard, or left again. Here you can go left to the
volcano, up/left to the three caves, or down into the deep canyon.
From where the bottle was you can also go right. Then you can go
up/right to Herman the crab and continue to the king's castle, or right.
You will soon come to Mrs. Halebut, and continue right to a place
near the beach. Go up/right to the beach or left to the shrimp net. If
you go left again you'll get to the old whale bones. Got that? You may
want to go around for a while to memorize the place.

Bottle 2:
If this bottle is near the beach or at the old whale bones, you can just
take it from there. But if it's at the volcano, you'll need 4 purple sea
urchins to open the gate in front of the volcano. Where are they? One
is at where the first bottle is, one is near the junkyard, one near the
beach, one at the volcano, and one at the castle. From the place near
the beach, you can get a wooden board. Then go to Mrs. Halebut and
click on her to pull her out of the cave. She will explain that her
guppy Gabby is stuck in the cave. When you go inside, you find him
stuck under a rock. Use the wooden board on him to free him and the
grateful Mrs. Halebut gives you a sea urchin. That's more than

Bottle 3:
If this bottle is in the junkyard you'll have to get the bone from the
old whale bones. (Click the one that isn't partly in the sand).Then use
it on the dogfish in the junkyard to satisfy him and make him swim
away. Then you can get the bottle. If it's in the deep canyon, get the
key from the shrimp net on the ground. Then go to the beach and use
it to free fiddler crab. He will be grateful and give you his fishing
pole. Then go to the deep canyon and click on the bottle and Luther
gets it, but then drops it into the deep canyon. Go down into it, but
Freddi can't get the bottle because a viper fish guards it. Instead, use
the fishing pole to get it.

Bottle 4:
If it's in the king's castle, get the bone from the old whale bones and
use it on the dogfish, then go down/right deeper into the junkyard.
Get the clock and give it to ray at the shrimp net. He gives you the
super-duper-pooper-poly-gizmo. Use it on the shrimp net and it holds
it open. Go inside and click the oyster with the pearl. It will close and
switch with other oysters, so follow it closely. When they ask you
where it is, click the right oyster. If you are wrong, they'll do it again.
If you're right, you'll get the pearl. Then go to the castle and give it to
king crab. He gives you the bottle in return. If the bottle is at one of
the three caves, get the purple shell from the cave Gabby is in and
then give it to Herman, who can't sleep because his shell glows. He
gives the glowing shell to you. Head for the three caves, and give the
peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich to Eddie the eel. After he swims
away, go into the correct cave, and use the glowing shell to light it up.
Get the last bottle!

End add-on:
The last bottle tells you to go to the sunken ship. When you get there,
go onto the deck to find the kelp treasure behind a window. Go inside
the ship and take the top/right hole. Get the crutch there (somewhat
hidden in the center of the screen) and give it to the orange guy
outside the ship. He gives you a mandolin. Go to the bottom of the
ship and use the mandolin on the shaking door. The pirate who comes
out needs another musical instrument, so he trades it for—Voila! A
crank handle! Use it on the window and go inside to find the kelp
treasure. You'll enjoy the ending! 

These are fun activities that have no effect on the real game. There
are three mini-games. They are:
Theater—here you watch funny performances. Click the curtain to
start an act. Find it left of the volcano (where you get the bottle)
Starfish math—Near the junkyard click on the yellow starfish to start.
Choose how hard you want the problems to be, the answer them one
by one. There's no penalty for mistakes. Click Mr. Starfish again to

Feeding time—Right of the beach you find this arcade game. Move
your mouse to move Freddi. Click to throw a jellyfish bit. You have
an unlimited supply of jellyfish. You have to throw the jellyfish so
they hit the animals to feed them and make them run away. If they
reach Freddi they eat a whole bucket. If they get three buckets the
game is over. After a certain number of animals are fed the round is
over. This is the only time you can leave. You must quickly click the
flashing arrow. Later there are more animals and they get faster.
Especially hard are the snails that dodge the jellyfish (keep trying to
hit them and eventually they usually swallow one) and the blue fish
that come very fast. The harder animals are worth more points. It's
fun—try it.

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