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 Freedom - First Resistance

Freedom - First Resistance

Walkthrough by Rajesh
Copyright March,2002

1. Game Information
2. Info about me
3. Walkthrough
Mission 1- The Mall
Mission 2- The Streets
Mission 3- The Mall(return to refugee camp)

1. Game Information
This game is made by REDSTORM software the same guys who made 
ROGUE SPEAR,GHOST RECON,RAINBOW SIX etc. This game is based on the 
science fiction novels called FREEDOM by Anne Mc Caffrey. The 
story of the game is that some alien race called the Catteni has 
taken over the world and the group called resistance is doing 
everything to get rid of these aliens. The group resistance has 
called Angel to join them. Since she looks capable enough. Now 
it`s the job of Angel,Leo and Jimmy and other crazy characters to 
take care of these aliens. If you are wondering who Leo and Jimmy 
are then you will soon find out.
This game is a 3rd person game. You use the mouse to look around 
and arrow keys to move around. You must also have a lot of RAM to 
play this game since the loading time is really too much. If you 
have 128 mb of RAM then it`s fine. I must tell you that later in 
the game you will have to control three characters. I have not 
played a game like this before but i quickly got used to it. I 
have also seen a lot of bad reviews for this game on the internet 
but it is really not that bad. There is a review that i saw on 
gamespot in which this guy says that you have to keep pushing the 
mouse button to fight but the truth is that once you are close to 
your enemy you just have to push the moust button once and keep it 
that way and angel will keep kicking or punching the enmy and when 
the enemy is dead just don`t push the button and she will stop.

2. Info about me
Hi my name is Rajesh Sharma. This is the first FAQ that i am 
writing for a game. Since no one else is writing any FAQ for this 
game i thought may be i should do it. You can contact me by 
sending me an e mail to

3. Walkthrough

Mission 1-The Mall-Recruitment
Objective-Get out of the refugee camp
At the campaign map click on the mall. As you can see that Angel 
has received a mysterious note from a man. This guy says that he 
is from the resistance group. Resistance is a group of freedom 
fighters who are fighting for the freedom of the planet earth from 
the alien Catteni. The note that Angel received says that the 
people from resistance have been watching Angel and they think 
that she is really good and she can join the RESISTANCE if she 
wants but she will first have to escape the refugee camp that is a 
mall that has been turned into a refugee camp of some type. After 
you gain control of Angel go a little straight and then turn right 
and again turn right to go into the toilet where you can see a 
girl standing. As soon as you get close to her a blue light will 
be orbitting around her and at the bottom of the screen you can 
see that talk is written. This means that you can talk with this 
girl. She is just a refugee and does not has any useful 
information to share with you. She just whines about how bad the 
condition of the refugees are in this refugee camp.
          After talking with this refugee get out of the toilet 
and walk straight. Turn left as soon as the long walk ends. You 
can see a old woman standing there. Go towards her and you will 
see that blue light again that means that you can talk to her. 
Talk to her and tell her that you need to get out of this place 
and join the resistance and she will give you a fruit that you can 
take and give it to Seamus who can help you get the hell out of 
this refugee camp.
     Now you have to find this Seamus guy who will help you get 
out of the refugee camp. After talking with the old lady turn back 
and go straight. Dont turn left or right just keep going straight 
till you get to the store that has the sign of the resistance on 
it`s doorstep. Go inside this store and Angel will say something 
and in this store there is this guy who is wearing black glasses 
and looks suspicious. Talk to him and guess what?He is Seamus. 
Give him the fruit by talking with him and he will give you the 
mall key that is necessary to get out of this Mall turned into a 
refugee camp. Get out of this store and go keep going straight 
towards the way you came here. Turn left and you can see a door 
that has another one of those Resistance signs that you saw 
earlier on the doorstep of the store. Use the mall key on the door 
and after entering the door just keep going don`t enter any door 
just keep going straight. And when you reach the end of this you 
can see a mainhole that leads to the sewers go towards it and your 
mission is complete. If you thought this was easy wait till you 
return to this place the fourth time.

Mission 2-The Streets-Find The Resistance
Objective- Find The Resistance Headquarters
You are out of the refugee camp and you still don`t see the 
Resistance I thought there would be a warm welcome or something. 
But no it`s not like that. You are now in the streets and to get 
to the resistance you will have to find their headquarters. It is 
located somewhere on the east side but its not that easy. The guys 
that you saw in the refugee camp who were dressed in green suits 
are called Peacekeepers and they have been given orders to shoot 
anyone they see on the streets. To do the fighting in this game 
you will have to use your hands and feet to kick and punch. You 
can punch by pushing the left mouse button. Punching is primary 
attack and is more quick. You can kick by pushing the right mouse 
button. Kicking is secndary attack and can kill a enemy quickly.
        First go straight and then turn right and go towards a bag 
on the floor. As soon as you reach it the text search wuill appear 
below the screen. Search this bag and you can find a quarter in 
it. Add it in your inventory. Keep going straight not towards the 
hand mark on the ground. Turn left and you can see that the road 
is destroyed and a female Peacekeeper is standing with her back 
turned towards you. Get into the crouch positon and sneak up 
behind her and punch her till she finally dies. Don`t even try to 
kick her she is really fast and if you just kick her then there is 
greater chance of her winning the battle. Just punch her by 
pushing the left mouse button and angel does it so quickly that 
the female Peacekeeper will die in seconds. After that search her 
and get the night stick. You can use the night stick if you want 
but i don`t recommend it. You can kill all the Peacekeepers with 
your punching and kicking. Now go back to the red hand sign and 
follow these signs till you reach the end. Now this ends at the 
alley that has a trash can between it. Go to this trash can and 
search it and you will find a Scavanger Subway Token in it. Add it 
in your inventory. Get out of this alley. Now you can see a place 
that has trees and a bench in it. Go into this place in the 
crouching positon. Get out the other side and walk straight till 
you reach a machine that has news written on it. Turn your back 
and you will see a peace keeper behind you Kill this guy. Even 
after hiding in the garden and moving in the crouch positon this 
guy sees you. Perhaps this is the only smart Peacekeeper you will 
find in the game. Use the quarter on the machine and buy the 
          After this go back toward the garden and you will see a 
peace keeper standing by the fire. He is alone. You already killed 
his partner. Now you can easily kill this dumb peacekeeper by 
kicking him. These male peacekeepers are really slow and fat. Dont 
punch them just kick them and they will be dead in seconds. After 
killing this peacekeeper go through the ruined place and another 
peacekeeper will come charging like a bull towards you. Kill this 
guy as easily as you killed the first three. You will see a red 
hand sign on the right. Enter this ruined place and you can see a 
girl dressed in black. Talk with her. Then get out of this place 
not through the way you came in. After coming out of this ruined 
place you can see the board that says Leasing on it. This is the 
leasing office and you have to enter it to get some keys. Enter it 
and go towards the pile of dirt and stone and search it for the 
front keys. Then go straight you can see a man on the left and a 
door on the right. First talk to this guy. He does not has 
anything imoprtant to say. Go straight through the door and walk 
to the shelf on the wall and search it for Interior Keys. Get out 
of the Leasing Office through the door in front of you. Turn left 
and then right and go to the Rent All building. Use the front key 
on the door.

Enter it and search the desk for back key. Get health 
from the health kit if you got injured. Now use the interior key 
on the left door and enter it and you see a big peacekeeper 
standing in fron of you. He will not attack you immediately first 
go and talk to him andd then when you are done kill this guy. Take 
the Stunrod and the stunrod ammo. Use the back door keys on the 
door on the right. Get out of the door turn right and you see 
these resistance signs all over the place. These signs are 
starting to creep me out. Follow these signs. Turn right to get to 
the  fallen truck then turn left and then right again till you get 
to the dead end. Walk a little forward and your mission is 
complete and you have found the resistance headquarters.

Mission 3-The Mall-Return To The Refugee Camp
Objectives-Getting Some Useful Information
Coming Soon as the FAQ will get updated.


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