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Walkthrough for PC
Written by: Noer Tommy "Kid" Prastya

                        Walkthrough-ku sing pertama
                                Salam nggih,
                      kagem bocah-bocah FK UNDIP 2000
                                Elek yo ben
                         Sing penting apik, lan...
                             nggantheng dhewe
                               ra' sah meri...

Legal Information

This walkthrough is property of mine. But, you may use it, reproduce, duplicate
or even making money from it. You want to put this walkthrough in your site?
Fine by me, all you need to do is telling me where you want to use it and put
my name on it. That's all, nothing more.

Version History:

just started
everything from scratch
i'll update this everyday, promise!

one more chapter
plus little of chapter 7
sorry, I'm a little busy

mission 8 completed
thanks for all of you giving me advice
i really appreciate it
i'll credit you for this

mission 10 completed
little part of mission 11
fixing here and there, many places

it's all been done
maybe some minor update tomorrow

ships added
minor misspelling fixed

also some minor fix
i guess this is it

he he he...
too soon to said it was done
many things added
and i put special word section
don't forget to read it
hope this was the last update

Special Words

Hmm, I've received lots of advice telling me this and that, but some of
them I forgot what it was (hiks, deeply sorry). You see, lately I was very
busy with my college stuff (honest), and if you want the credits that you
deserve, TELL ME. Especially the guy that mailing me lots of jpg's contain
picture about P. Primus and Gammu, contact me at once. If you want those
picture, mail me, if I have time and money, I'll send you the stuff.

You must be wondering, what it means by money, is it? You see, I'm not
born in loaded family, and to connect with the net for 2/3 hours a week is
gonna kill my pocket (don't mention days), plus the connection that slow
like hell. So, be patient.

If you have something important that I missed in this FAQ, don't hesitate
to tell me. I'm honored if you spare your time for mailing me.

Oh, one more thing, please, don't ask me about the freezing Rheinland in
mission 3 and how to defeat Hovis in mission 6 / asking the save game, I 
had enough with that, don't get me wrong, but I had that cover in this FAQ.
So, please, don't send that, OK?

PS. Anyone have ASCII program?


This walkthrough is full of spoilers. So, if you don't want to get spoiled,
don't read this walkthrough. But if you want to read it, I'm thanking you,
because you spend your time reading my work.


Finally, after my long awaiting years, a sequel to Starlancer, my favorite
space combat game (although I played at my friend and never beaten it :P). 
I thought it would be another dog fight from cockpit, but IT WAS NOT. A lot 
of improvement and totally different type of game.

It has a connection with the original Starlancer, but has nothing to do with
the storyline. Kind a RPG style is added here, with some graphic (it's good
all right, but not something extraordinary).

I know it was better, but, I missed the excitement killing Ivan Petrov by
giving 20 rounds of screamers on his tail. Anyway, let's start...


It was the 23rd century
Mankind's darkest hour
The war had been raging for almost a hundred years
We had been fighting for so long 
No one could remember the reason why 
it started in the first place
All we knew there were two sides...
The Coalition and the Alliance
For decades, millions died for the same piece of rock
Again... and again...
Finally, one side manage to gain the upper hand
The Coalition...

In desperation, The Alliance launches five sleeper ships
The hope was, for them to begin again,
Far for the wars strive that have befallen Earth
To start free from the prejudices that have divided us for so long
Each sleeper ships was christened after its father nations* **

The Britonia
The Rheinland
The Hispania
The Kasuri
The Liberty

Against all arms, the colony breaks through The Coalition blockade,
And headed for the Sirius system

That was 800 years ago
When we came here to rebuilt our lives
We've come a long way since then

We have grown
We have prospered
We have flourished
But, we will never forget...

*  = I'm not sure about the spelling, sorry :P
     I'm deeply sorry, but English is not my national language, so please
     forgive me if there's a misspelling words

** = Thanks Bahamut for telling me the right word


Before you playing the games, I recommend you learn the shortcut, and control
of the game, believe me, it's worth the effort. For you, I listed the
important things to remember, such as:

F1   :   Menu List
         If you want to start a new game, load game, access the menu, or exit
         the game

F2   :   Go To
         Go To marked target, used when flying a ship (FaS)

F3   :   Dock
         Docking to a marked target, such as planet or a space station (FaS)

F4   :   Formation
         Enter a formation with a marked ship (FaS)

F5   :   Open Log (Star Icon)
         View the current mission, mission log
         Can be accessed when flying a ship or when landing in a planet or
         Space station (FaS & L)

F6   :   NAV Map (Map Icon)
         View the star map, also viewing your mission destination, mission
         objective, and waypoints (FaS & L)

F7   :   Inventory (Inventory Icon)
         View what your ship is holding (FaS & L)

F8   :   Reputation (Human Form Icon)
         View your reputation to another group or colony, green for friends,
         white for neutral, red for enemy. Also your current level, next level
         requirement and money. Also view the total mission, kills, time,
         system and base visited, and jump hole found (FaS & L)

F9   :   Current Information (Letter i Icon)
         View the Information available for marked ships, planet, and base
         That you currently visited. Notice that system or a planet or a base
         and ship you never see or visited before is not available. (FaS & L)

Ship Control Movement:

W    :   Increase speed 
S    :   Decrease speed
Q    :   Fire missile
E    :   Drop Mines
R    :   Closest Ship
T    :   Next Target
F    :   Shield Battery
G    :   Nanobot
B    :   Tractor Beam
Shift + Q   :   Fire Torpedo
Shift + E   :   Cruise Disrupter
Shift + W   :   Cruise Engine
Space Bar   :   Toggle Mouse Flight

Anything else considered being secondary.

The Game:

New Game:

After you choose new game, some event happens. Freeport 7, a space station near
Planet Manhattan is being destroyed. The enemy ships has capability of 
cloaking and capable of penetrating planetary defenses. Later, on Planet 
Manhattan, Edison Trent (you), one of the few survivors of Freeport 7, busy 
telling the medic to heal his friend owe him some credits (millions actually).
News said that The LSF (Liberty Security Force) suspect that The Order is be-
hind this attack.


MISSION 1 : Manhattan, New York
Objective : Look for a job in the bar
            Talk to Jun'ko Zane
            Meet Jun'ko in the Equipment Dealer

There is some icons in the middle top of the screen
Pentagon Icon    :   Launch Pad
Beer Glass Icon  :   Bar
Commodity Stuff  :   Commodity Trader
Gear (*)         :   Equipment Trader
Ship             :   Ship Trader

Click on the Beer Glass Icon. After a few words with the bartender, he
recommend you to talk to Jun'ko Zane, so, talk to her. Ups, looks like you 
interrupting some important conversation, but it's all right. After that, meet
her in the Equipment Dealer, she'll give you a standard Ship(I called it Junk 
Ship, very useless). She offers you a job for 2000 credits, take it and then 
go to Launch Pad and Launch to Space to meet with Michael King, your CO 
(Commanding Officer). After you launch, there's a chart consist of three 

Left    :   Mission Objective Waypoints
Middle  :   NAV Map	
Right   :   Mission Objective Details

Read them carefully!

* = who told me this ? I forgot... ^ ^!
    just call me (ups...e-mail me) to get some credits you deserve

MISSION 1 : Avenge The Donau
Objective : Destroy The Hostile ships

Few seconds after later in space, King explain about your mission babysitting
food and supply ship from Fort Bush to Planet Pittsburgh. But when RNC Donau
ship passing by, some ship from The Order destroy it.

We cannot tolerate this. Kill them! This mission is very easy, you'll have a 
lot of friends on your side. So, basically it's just a target practice, and 
adjusting yourself to the ship control and movement. Remember to use tractor 
beam (B) after killing every enemy ship, you'll get, sometimes, valuable loot.

After that, go to the Trade Lane heading to the Fort Bush and dock (I always 
think that Trade Lane is some kind of minor jump gate).

MISSION 1  :  Join The Convoy
Objective  :  Fly to The Transport USV Brandt (using formation maneuver (F4))
              Eliminate Rogues
              Re-enter Formation
              Dock with Planet Pittsburgh

Fly to the USV Brandt using the formation maneuver (F4), after a few chat, 
you'll understand that The Order is targeting people from Rheinland to meet 
with the Liberty President, why? Basically, The Order is the bad guys and you
(liberty) is the good guys (until now, at least). But when you're inside the 
Trade Lane, the Rogues are disrupting your jump. Kill them all (only 5-6 ships)
but after that more ships are coming, King order you not to engage with the 
enemy, so DO IT, don't engage with them! Join the formation with the USV Brandt
and re-enter the Trade Lane. After closing Planet Pittsburgh, it seems that
King have some deal with the USV Brandt, hmmm, very suspicious. But he said 
that he will tell you later. Right now, dock to Planet Pittsburgh using 
Planet Pittsburgh Docking Ring.

MISSION 1  :  Pittsburgh, New York
Objective  :  Meet King in space above Planet Pittsburgh
              Enter formation with Epsilon 1
              Eliminate all hostile

In the landing zone, King told you that he suspect The Order have a secret base
nearby, and need your help to destroy it. After that he told you to meet him in

Before you meet him, I recommend you to go to the Equipment dealer, buy weapon
level 2 and go to Commodity Trader and sell some loot. When you're ready, go to
Launch Pad and Launch to space.

Apparently, King is waiting news from Fort Bush about location of Liberty Rogue
secret base. Some ships will join your search party, enter formation with 
Epsilon 1. 

Suddenly you hear message from XT-14 Prison Ship, they're under fire
Go there and destroy all hostile, King warns you to protect the prison ship at
all cost. Don't let the Prison Ship destroyed, but this is a simple job, you'll
never fail this one.

MISSION 1  :  Continue The Search Pattern
Objective  :  Go To Waypoint
              Help Beta 4

King orders you to go to the new waypoint. Just follow his order. Suddenly Beta
4 calls for help. Help him by killing all hostile.

MISSION 1  :  Beta 4 Report
Objective  :  Go to Waypoint
              Destroy Weapon Platform

Go there! Remember that there are two weapon platforms and one base plus some
ships (around 6-7). After killing 2/3 ships, concentrate on shooting the weapon
platform. Use medium speed (around 50) and shoot, they'll  never damage your
ship (TRUST ME). After that, Delta Wing torpedo bomber will destroy the base.

MISSION 1  :  Criminal Base Destroyed
Objective  :  Return to Planet Pittsburgh

Return to Planet Pittsburgh. On the way, King said that he'll be seeing a lot
Of you in the future (he he, I bet he is)

OK, you're free from now on. So, I suggest you to fly around New York and make
some credits, you can do this by trading (I don't like it, because I'm a war
freak, not a trader), but if you want to do this, first thing to do is
collecting credits by looking a job in the bar (same thing isn't it?) and buy 
a freighter ship.

I recommend you NOT TO DO THIS, using a freighter ship is suicide when entering
combat, they're slow like hell. OK, not on early mission, but try using it in
later mission, you'll be dead before you blink your eyes (except, if you only
use it for trading and then buying a new fighter ship when going on a mission)

So, try to look a job! A job that suit and simple, like killing a person or
capturing criminal. Want more challenge? Try killing a group of bandits. Want 
a very challenging situation? Look a job that offers you to destroy a base or 
weapon platform.

Or you're a peacekeeper? Try to mine asteroid. But I consider that person to be
cowardly weak. Suit yourself.

Keep this in mind. If you accept a job that order you to kill a person, or a
group or even only capturing them, you'll making friend with group giving you
that job, but YOU MAKING NEW ENEMY with the victim you kill or capture. In this
situation, a phrase that speaks "Enemy of your enemy is your friend" applied. 
So, be wise.

One more thing, buy a new ship when you able to do it. Try to buy it in battle-
ship, they always have the best ship, this applied in other system too.
See the list below for ships


After you achieved level 3, Juni will contact you. Meet her in bar of Planet
Manhattan. I advise you to buy shield battery and nanobots before you accept
this mission, but if you good enough, you won't needed it at all (that's me).

MISSION 2  : Manhattan, New York
Objective  : Meet Juni in bar of Manhattan
             Meet King in space above Manhattan

The LSF has new assignment for you, take it. It's 4500 credits in reward and
moderate in difficulty. Your job is to find Sean Ashcroft and locate the alien
artifact and prevent him from entering New York. Suddenly King said something,
What about the bonus? Trent replied, Yeah, what about the bonus. Ha..ha..ha...
Looks like the bonus is access to all remaining Jump Gate. All right, later, 
after this mission, you can go around beyond New York

When you heading for Launch Pad, Trent saw Lonigan, whose owe him some credits.
Man, this guy looks paranoid. He said some government men were after him.
Trent is not buying what he said, he wants his money. But Lonigan said easy
come easy go (I like this guy!). Lonigan said it's not safe here, he advise
Trent to go, but Trent doesn't understand why he must go. Then two guys came
and shoot him with a tranquilizer dart and knock Trent out.

After few minutes, Juni wake him, real 'soft'. King ask Trent is he is OK, 
Trent said his chest is hurt, but he's OK to go. Now, head to space to meet 

In space, Trent told King about Lonigan and his missing money (poor Trent).
King order Trent to go to Colorado Jump Gate.

MISSION 2  :  Outside New York
Objective  :  Follow Waypoints
              Scan Cargo for Alien Artifact

Just follow the waypoints, dock into the Jump Gate. After that, King order you
to scan ships (O) to find the artifact. Don't bother scanning all ships, just
scan OE ship labeled unknown. After some 'aggressive negotiation' he'll suren-
der, but he's not Ashcroft. Just a decoy! Not bad Ashcroft, not bad at all.

MISSION 2  :  Head to Pueblo Station
Objective  :  Defend Pueblo Station

Juni gives you new waypoint, follow it and you'll end up in Pueblo Station.
But the Rogues are attacking it. Defend the station at all cost. But it's very
easy, you won't fail (unless you're so stupid). Apparently a tracking device
has been planted on Ashcroft ship.

MISSION 2  :  Chase Ashcroft
Objective  :  Chase Ashcroft
              Track him into your cargo hull

Follow the waypoints, kill all hostile. But Ashcroft is getting away, King's
Cruise disrupter is failing, chase him! When you close enough, ignore all
hostile, your target is Ashcroft, destroy his ship and tracktor his pod. When
this is done, you may eliminate all hostile.

MISSION 2  :  Return Ashcroft
Objective  :  Return Ashcroft to Battleship Missouri

When you head back to Manhattan, King told you a lot of story, how the Rhein-
land discovered a planet full of alien artifact. Not just ordinary artifact,
But an active artifact (this is where everything started in the first place,
you'll know this later in the game). When you pass the Jump Gate, Juni 
changes the plan to meet you, not in Manhattan, but in Battleship Missouri.
Hmm, the LSF really 'love' this guy. Looks like this Ashcroft knows a lot 
about this artifact. In Fort Bush, you're being ambushed, no problem, they're
really weak. Plus you got back up from Fort Bush.
Approaching Battleship Missouri, King received emergency call and then leave
heading to Planet Pittsburgh.

Inside the Battleship Missouri, Juni gives you the bonus she promises you,
Access to all Jump Gate in Liberty area. From the scene, you'll know that the
LSF put big interest finding Ashcroft.

The LSF, Rheinland, The Order, and Ashcroft, what is going on between them?
One thing for sure, this isn't something small.

Just like the last mission, now it's your free time. From now on the battle in
space will be more challenging. I'll give you some tips when you engage with
enemy ships.

- Use your after burner (Tab) often.
  1. When you're in head to head position with enemy ship.
  2. When you're pursuing enemy ship.
  3. Especially when the enemy's shooting at you.

- Move in random direction when you're being pursued with more than 2 enemies.

- Eliminate the highest rank. They are dangerous, ignore the small fish. After
  you destroy the high rank, then, and only then, you may kill the others.

- If you unable to defeat the enemies, don't hesitate to run.

- About missile and torpedo, countermeasure and mines, I NEVER USE them.
  Maybe you could give some advice how they work. 'Coz I think laser beam is
  more than enough.

- Always equip your ship with the latest weapon and shield generator. They may
  expensive, but it will help you a lot. And of course, the latest ship.

- Mix your weapon. Don't concentrate on one type of weapon. Mix the molecular,
  positron, and graviton.

- Use your shield battery only if your shield is almost gone. Not entirely
  gone, you hear me. But if your hull is breaching, USE your nanobot, although
  it's only minor damage. If you not do this, the repair cost is going to sky

- Don't use Cruiser Engine in the middle of combat, it's useless, enemy will
  shoot you with the Cruise Disrupter. Better use Trade Lane, Jump Gate, Jump
  hole or dock within Planet or Station. And of course, use after burner.

- If you want to Dock within planet or station or entering Trade Lane, Jump
  gate/hole in the middle of combat, make sure you're close enough (about 200m
  or less) then dock. Try it from distance and BOOMM, you're history.

- Always tractor the remaining of enemy ship after you destroy them.

One more thing, before you continue/ accept the next mission, make sure you
have visit the system map where you're allowed to go. All of them. I repeat,
ALL OF THEM. Always do this when you have free time after completing mission.


Some advice from 'Xtra' :
- torpedos whip the shit out of battle cruisers and weapon platforms.
- missles are quite powerful, for use against anything really, torpedos are
  their big slow brother
- mines you can use to quite dammage a ship that does a head on run at you, 
  pull up and drop a mine, usually hits them
- countermeasures coax enemy missles to them, say if you want to use your 
  cruise speed in battle, drop coutnermeasures when you hear "incomming 
  missle" and they hit the countermeasures, and not your ship.

But Nicholas Fraser had another idea :
If you buy 1-2 weapons with very high shield damage and Javalin Missile Launcher
1-2 and plenty of Missiles (Depends Where You are in game) and the when you get
an enemy on radar fly towards him and when you get the + crosshair Fire you
shield guns and 1-2 secs after fire the 2 javalin missiles because by the time
they reach the enemy he will have no more shields and POOF.

Jared also gave something :
Advice for using missiles. 
With Missiles, I use a mix of two types at a time, whatever the highest of the
Stalker series is at the time, and the latest upgrade on the original Javelin
missiles. I also then mount a high shield damage energy weapon, and then just
fill up the other weapon hard points with mix of whatever is best at the time.
I use a mix of the two missiles types because the Javelin has the highest hull
damage, but it doesn’t turn to well, whereas the Stalker series are better at
seeking the target, that way you have a greater chance of hitting the target.
I can usually finish off at least one enemy ship on the first run by doing as
you mentioned at the end of mission two. Then once you get into dog fighting
I can take out a ship on one pass, so my dog fights tend to end pretty quickly.

Missiles also work really well on the gunships and cruisers, just tail them as
closely as you can, like 10-20m, and pump energy fire and missiles into them
until they blow. With the battleships it’s better to use the torpedos,
especially if you can use Sunkillers.

Advice for using torpedos.
Torpedos are best on battleships, weapon platforms, and stations, as I believe
you said in the walkthrough. Just get in as close as you can and pump into them
until they go down. Although weapon platforms go down really fast anyway once
you start using level 6+ energy weapons. Always grab the torpedos with the
highest damage, of course.

Advice for using countermeasures.
Now I’ve found countermeasures can be very useful, especially for when evacuating
a hostile area. You mentioned how you can dock with jump gates, stations, etc to
evacuate a hostile area. These work great, but they work even better when in
conjunction with cruise engines, and countermeasures allow you to use cruise
engines in a combat situation. First boost as far as you can with afterburners,
flying erratically to shake off as much incoming fire as possible, and then start
your cruise engines. Now cruise disruptors work the same as missiles, so when the
enemy fires them you will get the incoming missile warning, use this as a guide
as to when to drop countermeasures. When you have incoming missiles, you get that
beeping from your HUD, let the beeping get as close together as you feel is safe,
then deploy the countermeasures, I’ve had a 100% success rate using this tactic,
and then your cruise engines will be online and you fly free out of there.
The if you also want to dock with a trade lane or something else, wait until your
right on it, 0m, then press F3, that way you dock instantly, and there is no
window of opportunity for the enemy ships to pop of a last minute shot at you

Tommy's Note :
Thanks bro!


OK, now meet Juni in Planet California Minor, California. Meet her in the Bar.
She has new assignment for you (because I'm refuse to accept the job in the
first place, the reward is decreasing from 4500 credits to 3000 credits). The
job is really simple, escort the transport ship containing alien artifacts 
from Magellan Gate to Willard Station, where the LSF going to study them.
The difficulty considered to be high risk.

MISSION 3  :  Entrance to Barrera Passage
Objective  :  Meet Juni in Space above Cal. Minor              
              Meet with the convoy
              Follow the waypoints
              Defend the convoy
              Dock in the Willard Station
              Meet Juni in space above Willard Station
              Eliminate all Rheinland fighters
              Meet Walker in Planet California Minor
              Meet Juni and Walker above Planet California Minor

Now, meet Juni in space. After that, we're heading to San Diego Border station
to meet with the convoy. Join the formation with the convoy, and head to
Barrera passage. There's 4 NAV buoy. But trouble does happen in the 3rd buoy.
Protect the convoy. Destroy the Outcasts. Don't worry, Gamma wing in your side

After it's been done, head to Willard Station. And dock your self there.
I suggest you load your ship with the best weapon and shield generator. It's
going to be though out there.

Right now, meet Juni in space above Willard Station. Travel with her to disco-
ver more about the attack on transport convoy. What surprising is that Juni's
CO (commanding Officer) is under arrest, and she can't contact all of her
friends in the LSF. The only contact is King in Planet Pittsburgh, and Walker,
leader of some (?) battle cruiser in LSF NAVY.

When you're heading to the Jump Gate, several Rheinland ship is blocking your
way (what are they doing, and how they able to penetrate the sensors around
every Jump Gate in the Liberty space?). They're not responding to Juni's hail.
Engage with them, and kill them all.

(This is going more and more complicated. After the Order, the Pirates, 
now Rheinland, what the hell is going on? Why they all after the artifact?)

Now, head to Planet California Minor, and meet Walker (leader of NAVY battle
ship, also friend of Juni). Walker ask Trent if he wanted to join the Navy,
Trent said no. After a few chat, meet Juni above Planet California Minor.

Juni said that Walker and his cruiser are waiting in the far edge of the pla-
net. But, King is hailing, he said that Junis CO are indeed on prison, that
there's a major shake in the high rank. King also said that he will find more
info about what's going on.

Now head to Walker cruiser. Walker said that he has been ordered to dock for
maintenance by his superior (I think this is a classic way to call someone,
when you want to eradicate them). 

Tommy's note :

Seems that there's some trouble in the game programming. Several people told
me that in this part, the Rheinland ship just freeze, and do nothing. When you
shoot them, mission failed.
Looks like you have to load the last save game.

Hmm, yesterday Hav0c-NK told me this :
You donīt need to reinstall Game if Rheinland is staying neutral and
not attacking you in Mission 3 !
I was so frustrated, so i started to ram them and guess what happened ?!
Seems like you donīt get Damage when you crash into neutral Ships, but 
they get (little) !
Ok, it takes a bit time to neutralize their Shield and Hull this way, 
but the Kills are counted (?!), you can get some loot and ... 
proceed in Mission !

Try it (because this problem didn't come to my place), and if this doesn't 
work, try reinstall the game.
MISSION 3  :  Respond to Station Willard
Objective  :  Got to Station Willard
              Destroy the Gunboats
              Destroy the Bomber
              Destroy the remaining ships

Emergency call from Station Willard. They're being attacked by Rheinland ship.
Go there with the rest of Walker fleet. What a sight, 2 Gunboats and about 7-8
Rheinland fighters.

Destroy the Gunboat first. After you destroy it, (if you quick enough) 3 
bombers will jumping in, destroy them before they can launch the torpedo. 
After that, eliminate the remaining hostile, and, viola, you achieved the next



Mission 4  :  Manhattan, New York
Objective  :  Follow the waypoints
              Run...Run...and Run!!!
              Dock in Benford Station

Meet Juni in Planet Manhattan. When Trent met her on the Launch Pad, she looks
confused. She said Ashcroft is missing from maximum security prison, and all
record about him are wiped out, all of the guard never heard about him.
Walker also gone too. Trent said it's impossible, more shocking, Walker and
his ship has been disappear for five years (this is a joke, right? We just met
him yesterday!), it seems that people around them are missing one by one.

Just seconds after Juni leaves, someone calling Trent, he's the other last
survivors of Freeport 7. He said he's a thief and delivering something to Free
port 7 (and he's holding it right now). Also, he said, that everyone is after
something that he's holding.

(If your memory is strong enough, remember the scene where Trent first set 
foot on Planet Manhattan, he's far behind Trent)

Suddenly, he looks surprise, and BANG. He's dead. A member of LSF killed him.
When he's about to kill Trent, Juni came to rescue. She had to kill this guy.
Now head to space.

In space, Juni said that we have to get out of here fast, before they found
the dead guard on the Launch Pad. But it's too late, LSF ships (all of them
are heavy fighter!!!!) are coming from every direction. I advice you to acti-
vate the Cruise Engine and just fly around the Planet until new waypoint
appears. I said it once again, RUN AND DO NOT ENGAGE WITH THE ENEMY !!!

King and Walker are coming to help. Then Walker ask you and King to go, while
he hold the enemy (what a heroic act). Go to the waypoint, and dock when the
range are less than 200m, or your ship will make an easy target for the enemy.

On the way, King said Juni and Trent are in the wanted list, for murder, arti-
fact smuggling and etc (wow, changing from good guy to bad guy in one night!).
In the badlands, they arrived at Benford Station, belong to Van Pelt, friend
of Juni. Dock in the Benford Station.

After studying the artifact, Van Pelt said that the only person able to help
them is Prof. Quintaine (hope this is the correct name), expert in Zeno 
archeology in Cambridge.

Van Pelt said that people hunting you must have connection with the artifact
(hah, tell me something that I don't know).

He also advice you to go to Britonia because of their neutrality. But,
suddenly a number of LSF ships are approaching.

Van Pelt orders you to leave the station and head to abandoned Jump Gate lead
to Magellan.

MISSION 4  :  After Meeting Van Pelt
Objective  :  Once again, Run...Run...and Run...!!!
              Dock with the Jump Gate
              Eliminate all hostile
              Dock with Mactan Base
              Eliminate all hostile
              Dock within the Jump hole
              Meet Tobias in the Equipment Dealer

Van Pelt orders you to leave, but Juni hesitate to help him (I don't get it,
what the hell is she thinking!!!). Approximately 20 ships of LSF surrounds you
Then 3 battleship jumping in and destroy the Station (goodbye Van Pelt). Now
head to the Jump Gate. I recommend you to run and activate your cruise engine
from the very beginning of the mission, don't even think to fight the LSF,
they would kill you in matter of seconds.

After entering the jump gate, head to the new waypoints, great, now the Bounty
Hunters are blocking your way, same deal, don't mess with them,RUN!!! The Lane
Hackers will help you. Deal with the Bounty Hunters only if they're diminished
to 2/3 ships. If necessary, don't fight, just run! Let the Lane Hackers do
their job.

(Actually, I feel shame here. Running is not my type, but the enemies are too
strong, and I had no other choice ^^!)

Right now, dock with the Mactan Base and resupply your ship.

When you meet with Juni outside, new hostiles are coming. KILL THEM (I had
enough running like coward). Now go to the Jump Hole leading to Leeds, while
Juni go to Cambridge to meet Prof. Quintaine.

After docking in Planet Leeds, go to the Equipment dealer to meet Trent's
friend, Richard Winston Tobias (Tobias). He gave you some money.


Adrian Sandu gave some info : 
Whe you meet up with Tobias at Leeds, Leeds System. He says he will
help you get a ship at new london. An then he tells you not to worry you can 
afford  it, 'cause he has been saving up a few credits. So he gives you the 
credits ( like 10 000) and the you go buy the ship from where ever you want.
And thanks for making the FAQ, the part about the afterburner (tab) 
really helped. LOL i was playing the game without afterburners, it got really 
hard once I got to Britonian space ^_^. Anyways the afterburners made it 
muuuuuch eaiser.

Also Ryan Kountz gave this :
Good start. I noticed your question about the new ship in New 
London...You don't get a free ship, you just get extra cash from Tobias, 
which you can then spend on a new ship.

Gigi also said :
notice that you have about 20k credits more after visiting. You are meant to 
buy a new ship (the cavalier i guess) from that money hope it helped you

Some more people told me the same thing, I think it's enough already, but
if you really want to get the credits, tell me.


Mission 5  :  Cambridge, Cambridge
Objective  :  Meet Juni in Planet Cambridge, Cambridge
              Meet Juni in space above Planet Cambridge
              Follow the waypoint heading Planet Sprague

When Trent met Juni in Planet Cambridge, Trent and Juni will talk to someone
(dr. Sinclair's pilot), apparently, he knew that Prof. Quintaine has been mis-
sing for several years, and he told Trent that his colleague (dr. Sinclair)
might know where he is. Dr. Sinclair right now is digging some artifact in
Planet Sprague in Omega 3. This info might lead to the position of Prof. Quin-

Now, head to space and meet Juni there. When you follow the waypoints, and
arrive at Battleship Norfolk, she (BS. Norfolk) advice you to caution, because
there's a conflict between the Britonia Empire and Rheinland.

Juni said that this entire conflict must be caused by the artifact, even Pres.
Jacoby (leader of Liberty) ask the Queen of Britonia Empire to banned all arti
fact. This must be something.

When you arrive at Freeport 1, they said that the Rheinland is making a block-
ade in Omega 7 (they're way cross the line now)

Mission 5  :  Route to Sprague
Objective  :  Eliminate all hostile
              Dock with Planet Sprague

Just a few clicks from Planet Sprague, suddenly 4 Rheinland are decloaking and
not answer to Juni's hail (from this scene, I begin to suspect that the Rhein-
land are the mastermind behind the attack of Freeport 7, how about you?).

There's no other choice, kill them all. After that, dock with Planet Sprague.
Juni is really surprised, even the LSF unable to gain the technology of
cloaking, how could Rheinland able to do it?

Meeting with dr. Sinclair, hmm, she don't know where Prof. Quintaine either.
(where the hell is he?). Several years ago, dr. Sinclair artifact stolen by
some one, and this accident makes her unable to meet with Prof. Quintaine.

The artifact that dr. Sinclair digs, came from Dome Kavash (is this the right
spelling?), 10 million years earlier than human, and they're like us in the
Sirius system, they're visitors.

Who cares about that, Rheinland ships are coming and shooting all over the
place. Juni said to her 'You want to be live scientist in the run or a dead
scientist on the ground?' (that won't be hard to answer, right?)

Mission 5  :  Flee from Sprague
Objective  :  Head to waypoint in the nebula
              Dock within Baxter Research Facility
              Eliminate all hostile

Beautiful scene!! That was close, now head to the nebula, and dock within the
Baxter Research Facility, only small talk, and Rheinland start firing again.
We had enough, head to space and kill them all. Be careful, it's only few ship
but one gunboat also there. I advice you to destroy the boat first.

Now we head to Leeds to meet Tobias, but suddenly, two Rheinland ships are de-
cloaking! Relax, they're the good guys. Together, destroy the Fleet guarding
the Jump hole lead to Leeds. While Juni head to Cambridge to find Prof. Quin-
taine, but no luck.

Mission 5  :  Route to Leeds
Objective  :  Dock with the Planet Leeds
              Meet Tobias in the Equipment Room

He...he... looks like Tobias is kinda like teasing girls. Nothing important
here, just do the routine stuff while you're free.



Juni said that there's progress in dr. Sinclair research, but there's a point
she can't continue without Prof. Quintaine. Juni told Trent to meet with Prof.
Quintaine's pilot, Dexter Hovis, in abandoned Battleship of Hood in Dublin
system. I recommend you to buy a new ship in Battleship Dexter (near Battle
ship Hood), before you meet Hovis.

Mission 6  :  Hood, Dublin
Objective  :  Talk to bartender about Hovis
              Defeat Hovis in one lap race

After Trent talk to bartender, he meet Hovis, and asked him how to find Prof.
Quintaine. But Hovis challenge you on a race, if you want the info. Hah, this
guy wants to play the hard way. Accept his challenge and go to space and beat
this guy.

OK, now you have to defeat Hovis. Use your Cruise engine (I highly recommend
you to do this). When the race begin, activate the cruise engine. Along the
race, there's no way you able to make your ship faster than Hovis, that's mean
you unable to defeat him. But, near the end of race, his ship will slow down.
I'm certain about this. You can pass him at that moment. Piece of cake.

Tommy's Note :
A LOT of peole asking me how to defeat Hovis, man, I told you that thing above.
Please read it. And I will not give you the save game,so don't ask me again.
One more thing, don't throw your 'wild' word to me again, two person is enough
for me, use your manner to speak and don't hurt others feeling. Thanks...

Mission 6  :  Hovis Lost
Objective  :  Meet Hovis inside Battleship Hood
              Defend Station Glorious
              Dock Within Station Glorious

You won. Hovis lost. But his friend don't take this insult. They're firing at
you, but Hovis playing by the book and calm them. Meet him inside the Hood.

He said that Prof. Quintaine is in Station Glorious along with the Pirates. He
also advice you to be careful, there's Rheinland activities around the Station.
Now go to Station Glorious. When you arrived, the Station is being ambushed by
Rhenlanders. Help the Pirates defend the Station by killing the Rheinlanders.
Hit the gunboat first. After the gunboat destroyed, you may kill the others.

After the fight, dock within Station Glorious.

Mission 6  :  Quintaine foud
Objective  :  Meet dr. Sinclair in Planet Leeds
              Defend Prof. Quintaine
              Dock with Planet Leeds

It seems that Prof. Quintaine doesn't believe anything Trent said, and willing
to kill Trent by throwing him to the airlock. But when Trent said he had the
artifact that dr. Sinclair lost long ago, he starts to believe. Prof.Quintaine
agrees to meet with dr. Sinclair in Planet Leeds, only and if only he's not
alone (bringing his bodyguard).

Go to Jump hole that will take you directly to Planet Leeds. When you approach
the Jump hole, several Rheinland fighters jumping in and start shooting. Your
objective is to defend Prof. Quintaine at all cost.

After it's finished, take the Jump hole and dock within Planet Leeds.



Mission 7  :  Leeds, Leeds
Objective  :  Listen the conversation
              Head to space
              Kill The Rheinlanders

Few conversation took place. It seems that Prof. Quintaine have experienced
the same thing like Trent and Juni, people around him starts to disappear one
by one.

About the artifact, dr. Sinclair said that it was part of something bigger.
(I wonder what that is). But the shop bell is ringing, someone is coming.
Tobias checking it, it's 2 Rheinlanders, they were looking for Prof.Quintaine,
and treating Tobias. No fear, Tobias ask them to leave his shop, or he will
give them education for policy they'll never forget. They're leaving but left
something like we won't be far. We're looking someone named Col. Kress, it's
our best hope.

Trent advice Tobias to hide for a while. Now head to space. And I recommended
you to fill your ship with nanobots and shield battery before you go.

After take off, Juni ask Trent is Tobias going to be all right, Trent said we
better leave Tobias, because he will be in danger if coming with us.

When approaching the Trade Lane, 2 Rheinland ship decloaking (it's them). They
said that you better surrender, and all way out from Leeds has been blocked. 
Kill one of them and the other  will flee. 

Mission 7  :  Escape from Leeds
Objective  :  Take the Trade Lane
              Eliminate all hostile

On the Trade Lane, Prof. Quintaine speaks, if Rheinland keep attacking in Bri-
tonia space, this will lead to war. Dr. Sinclair adds, why the Rheinland able
to block all way out.

Arrives at Stoke Mining Facility, more hostile coming, just kill them all.

Mission 7  :  Outside Stokes Mining Station
Objective  :  Follow the waypoint
              Destroy the cruiser and fighter
              Take the Jump Gate

Stokes Station advice you to dock until the crisis gone. Negative, Juni said,
we must leave Leeds immediately. Prof. Quintaine said we must go to Tau 31 to
meet Kress. Juni also said that whatever waiting us, we must buy time for the
Prof. and dr. Sinclair to jump.

Follow the waypoints like usual, then when you arrived at Jump Gate near the
Glasgow Station, WOW, one battlecruiser and several ships decloaking. Juni
gives you order destroy the turrets. Reinforcement coming, it's Tobias (ha...
ha... this fat man is very surprising).

You have options here, destroy the fighter and avoid the Cruiser, or you want
to destroy the Cruiser and then destroy the remaining ships. Destroying the
Battleship will gives you a lot of trouble, but its fun. And up to you.

After all enemy ships destroyed, Tobias ask Glasgow Station to lock the Gate
after we docking in. Glasgow Station agreed. Now, take the Jump Gate to Tau 29

When you take the Trade Lane (after you take the Jump Gate), new battleship
with 2 gunboat plus several fighters decloaking.

More good guys gone, Tobias friend said he will hold them.

Mission 7  :  Fleeing from to Tau 23
Objective  :  Dock within the Trade Lane
              Take the Engine

Go take the Trade Lane, but it was disrupted by 2 Gunboats. Tobias said that he
and Trent will hold them, while Prof. Quintaine, dr. Sinclair, and Juni escape.

Tobias asks you to destroy the engine. Actually, I just shooting the ship and
make some damage, but it works. After it's been done, follow the waypoint and
meet with your convoy again.

Dr. Sinclair ask if this attack have something to do with the artifact, Prof.
Quintaine said it might be, but we must study the artifact to understand fur-

Mission 7  :  Shinkaku Station
Objective  :  Dock within Shinkaku Station
              Head to space
              Follow the waypoints

Just dock and resupply, after that meet Prof. Quintaine in space. Quintaine
said he manage to get Kress location.

Here, Tobias leaving. He said that he would be needed, if the war between
Rheinland and Britonia begin. He ask Trent to protect them and find out what
this is all about.

Quintaine also reminds you that Rheinland ships seen in this area. Right now,
just follow the waypoints, careful, there's opening ahead.

Mission 7  :  Engage the Rheinland Fleet
Objective  :  Destroy the Rheinland Fleet
              Follow the waypoints
              Dock within Cali base
              Meet Razor One in Space
              Dock to Planet Kyushu

ALL RIGHT!!! Real battle! Real challenge! Entire fleet of Rheinland army is
decloaking! This is where your ability to fight tested. Don't think, but act!
Kill them all. Kress's men will back you up. 

I'll give you some advice :

- Don't jump straight into the heat of battle. It's suicide! Lure them, and
  make them separate from the fleet. 

- Killing the fighters first, would be wise. But, if you do this, you might 
  loose the fun killing the B.Ship (taken by Kress's men). If you want to
  test your guts, try to kill the B.Ship (first target), it will be much more
  fun (I try this myself).

- When you try to kill the B.Ship, use different direction, don't use the
  same angle (remember when I told you I never use missile and torpedos? Well,
  I didn't use them at all! Not a single one!), and you'll be fine.

- If the battle is too hard for you, play safe! Don't force yourself doing 
  what you can't do. Avoid the Cruiser (Kress's men will do the job), and con-
  centrate on firing the fighters.

- Use your nanobot and shield battery when you need them! Use them all if you
  have to!

After all been done, follow the waypoints along with Kress's men heading the
Jump hole that take you to Tau 23. Apparently, Col. Kress is currently guest
in Cali Base.

Dock within the Cali Base. When they tried to meet Kress, the guard holding
them back and they start aiming their guns to each other. Thank God, Kress 
appears and make them calm.

Few conversation do happen. What interesting is that Kress is member of the
Order (well, this is something new). Prof. Quintaine said to him that he need
The Proteus Tome that held in Kusari. Kress will contact his man (Hakkera) in
Kusari to get this stuff.

Now head to space to meet Razor One and dock within the Jump Hole. In this
part, Juni said that she was originally came from Kusari, and it has been 10
years since she saw her homeland. By the look of her face, I knew this from
the very beginning. 

Head to Planet Kyushu and dock there to meet Lord Hakkera. But, bad news, the
Proteus Tome can't be reached, it's heavily guarded and you must wait until
they get this Tome.

(Actually, later in the mission, you must get this Tome all by yourself)
Try to buy the Barracuda ship. It's great.



This will be the shortest mission. Just one sub-mission, little fight, and
nothing difficult. But watch your step.

Mission 8  :  Shinagawa, New Tokyo
Objective  :  Meet Juni in Shinagawa, New Tokyo
              Follow the waypoints
              Destroy the weapon platforms and enemy fighters
              Escort the Transport to the Nebula
              Dock in Kyoto

Looks like Juni has something new. Lord Hakkera unable to retrieve the Proteus
Tome, it was taken by Governor Tekagi, it seems that he can't do anything, be-
cause his position gives him power and also limit.

But there's an alternative, we can join the opposition. Here, you met Ozu from
the Blood Dragon (in my reputation, the Blood Dragon is my enemy, the chart is
full of red block). The deal is, you eliminate Tekagi, and he'll get you the
Proteus Tome in return.

The plan is to attack a transport ship near Honshu system, that deliver the
Proteus Tome and other stuff to Rheinland. It seems that this Tekagi is going
to defect to Rheinland (he's traitor to his country).

Now, head to space and follow the waypoints. We are not going through the Jump
Gate, but through Jump Hole. On the way, 2 Blood Dragon escort join the convoy
Ozu said the Dragons are few in number, but they're the best fighter in the

(non sense, try to calculate the Blood Dragons I have killed during my search
for credits)

OK, the plan is to attack the weapon platforms (2) around Yukawa station and
kill all fighters (the station shape's like a cylinder cage, with the weapon
platform on each hole and the transport ship inside the cage). Ozu said that
once we manage destroying the platform, his men inside Yukawa station will
take the Transport.

Please be careful, don't shoot or collide with the transport ship (there's one
time I accidentally collide with the transport ship, it was destroyed, mission
failed). After you eliminate the fighters, escort the transport ship to the
nebula. Only minor trouble along the way, no problem.

Then we heading for Kyoto, the legendary home of the Blood Dragons. Juni said
she was honored. No, the honor was all mind, Ozu replies. Dock within the Base

In the base, when you supposed to get the Proteus Tome, Ozu said that the Tome
is gone (it's not in the transport ship). Seems that Tekagi him self has taken
the Proteus Tome.

Juni will search more info about this Tome, so, take some job in the bar.



Meet Ozu in the bar of Kyoto. Get ready to accept the next mission

Mission 9  :  Kyoto, Chugoku
Objective  :  Go to Ryuku Base

Ozu got some new info about Tekagi location. He's hiding in his fortress in
some remote planetoid place with heavy guard (in Tohoku System) 

Ozu is not telling Juni about this mission, it's only between us, he said.

But when you heading to Ryuku Base with Ozu, Juni finds out that you go on a
mission without her. She tried to advice Ozu not to go, but Ozu resist. Tekagi
is about to leave, we must do this now.

Arrive at Ryuku Base, Ozu's men reporting that Tekagi is going to leave his
fortress. We must hurry.

Mission 9  :  Attacking Tekagi's Fortress
Objective  :  Destroy the Patrol
              Destroy the shield generator
              Dock within Tekagi's Fortress

When you approach Tekagi's base, some Patrol blocking your way, destroy them,
but be careful. They're fast and very dangerous, please act carefully, and mi-
nimize any damage to your ship.

In front of Tekagi's Base, one Battleship protecting it. Ignore her, and all
of the fighter, just concentrate on destroying the shield generator.
I recommend you, while destroying it, use your after burner, and when you're
close enough, find the right angle where the enemy can't shoot you and place
your ship as close as you can to the shield generator (but don't collide with
it) and start shooting. I'm using this methode, and it works.

Have another alternative? Feel free to contact me.

After it was destroyed. Dock within the Fortress. Inside the Fortress, Ozu and
Trent killed every guard. Some plan, just shoot everything, Trent said. But 
it's too easy, they manage to get the Proteus Tome without real fight. Ozu plant
some explosive below the table, and...

I knew it, this is a trap, Neural Gas knocked out Ozu and Trent.

When they wake up, Tekagi (this fat man) doing some interrogation to Ozu. And
he killed Ozu with his dagger!!! Suddenly, Tekagi's eyes is shining (he's no
longer human). Luckyly, Hakkera coming and start shooting, but Tekagi is not
dead, Ozu that I thought dead still live and detonate the bomb when Trent
jumping to Hakkera's ship (after taking the Proteus Tome). Good job Ozu, you
sacrifice your life to protect mankind.

Mission 9  :  Return The Proteus Tome
Objective  :  Return to Kyoto

Juni already waiting out side the Fortress, together, head to Kyoto. Before
that, eliminate the Rheinland ship blocking your way (after the battle you've
been through, they're toys to you)

Hakkera reveal some magnificent infos. Ozu is killed by Nomad. It seems this
alien is the one that Rheinland expedition found in uncharted planet. They
have the ability to posses human and  all this time, they possessing the high
rank government and military official in the colony. Go to Kyoto through the
Chugoku Jump Gate.

More shocking that Hakkera knows this Nomad long before met Juni. And he said
that the Order is founded to protect mankind from the Nomad. He also said
that after found this planet, key position of Rheinland government is changing
fast, and Rheinland become more aggressive.

That's why The Order destroy the Dunao, to prevent the high rank of Rheinland
to posses the Liberty government.

Now, dock within Kyoto.



Mission 10  :  Kyoto, Chugoku
Objective   :  Meet Juni in the Bar
               Meet Hakkera in space
               Head to Planet Berlin

In the Bar, Hakkera said that his agent in Rheinland in terrible danger and
need to be extracted from Rheinland. While Juni delivers the Ptoteus Tome to
Prof. Quintaine and dr. Sinclair, you must go Planet New Berlin and rescue
this man.

In space, we'll go to Sigma-13 that will take you to the New Berlin, but you
must be careful, the Rheinland fleet reported massing in this area.

Mission 10  :  Destroy the Rheinland Heavy Fighter
Objective   :  Eliminate the fighters
               Enter the Jump Hole
               Dock in Planet New Berlin
               Follow Fischer

It's them, the Rheinland fleet! Destroy the fighters, not the Cruiser. Don't
bother messing with the Cruiser, it's not part of the mission. After it's fi-
nish, you will passing place full of remnant of the remaining ship from battle
between Rheinland and the GMG (hmm, 80 years of war, what happen?)

Enter the Jump Hole and dock in Planet New Berlin. In the bar, two guys tells
you where is Von Claussen. Head to space and follow Fischer passing waypoints.

When you pass the Jump Gate, Hakkera said that you can't go back to Kusari,
the Rheinland has invaded Kusari. And we only able to meet in Planet Hamburg.

Now, meet Von Claussen in this water planet.

Mission  10  :  After Meeting Von Claussen
Objective    :  Fly to Bruchsal Base
                Protect Bruchsal Base
                Dock within Bruchsal Base
                Follow the Waypoints
                Destroy the Experimental ship

Before you escort Von Claussen he wants to go to Bruchsal Base, but it's under
attack! Don't let it destroyed, help them eliminate all Rheinland fighters.

When it's finished, and you dock in the Base, Von Claussen said that Leader
of this installation (Bruchsal) is a good man in the Badland. 

Von Claussen said he had to betrayed his country in order to save it.
Trent makes me proud when he said he's willing to finish what Von Claussen

OK, there's news that Rheinlnd army is conducting secret installation. But be
careful, this place is full of radioactive and mine. Intel said the only way
in and out only 100m in width.

Your mission is simple, only destroying 1 battleship of the alien ship. But be
careful on the way there. It's full of mine and radioactive. Always monitor
your ship health, and repair when it's necessary.

The trick for destroying the battleship is to get close to the ship and use
it's giant body to cover you from the fighters attack. Then, when you secure
enough (found a proper place) shoot the ship, not a single shield battery
needed when you use this trick.

When you about to leave, Botzler willing to stay and make them pay for what
they have done (although I consider this act as suicide), and he died. Before
he died, he ask Trent and Von Claussen to leave and tell everyone what they've
seen. FOR RHEINLAND...!!!

Be careful on the way back, just like the way you in. Don't use Cruise Engine
and take your ship's speed about 50. Take the Jump Hole to Hamburg System.

Mission 10  :  After the Experimental Shipyard
Objective   :  Dock within the Osiris

Only few seconds after jumping in, Rheinland battle cruiser decloaking!
Thank God, this mission objective only docking to the Osiris, don't waste your
breath attacking the battleship.



We have come along way my friend, a very long way. Congratulations, but the
finish line is yet to see.

In the Osiris, Juni said that we must move our place of research and experi-
ment. WOW, they all gather in this ship!! Trent, King, Von Claussen, Hakkera,
and Juni. Plus one new man, leader of the Order Gasper Osrilien. He was part
of the LSF, but get out when his CO infected by Nomad, an he founded the Order
to safe human kind by killing Nomad.

This mess it all started when the Rheinland discovered uncharted planet, and
found Nomad on that planet.

You see, Nomad is weak physically, but they have the capability to enter other
live form and controlling the host, then adapt their technology. Of course, 
they have their own technology, cloaking device is one example.

Tommy's note :
I'm receiving letter about this mission. Seems that they misunderstood with
the first sentence I wrote in this mission. THIS IS NOT THE LAST MISSION. 
And please, you may mad to me, but read the warning above, this FAQ is full of
spoilers. Please use 'soft' language when you talk to me, don't throw all of
your 'madness'. It's hurting my heart, honestly.

Mission 11  :  Osiris, Texas
Objective   :  Fly to the Jump Hole
               Dock within Buffalo Base
There's news about President Jacobi, she's being held by his Chancellor in 
Alaska system, you must rescue or terminate her if the situation is not
possible (if she's infected). Yup, the leader of Liberty is a woman.

Right now, Hakkera is leaving. So this mission runs by Juni, King, and Trent.
But first we must head to the Jump Hole. After you pass the Hole, go to Buffa-
lo Base and dock.

We're going to meet Walker here. Yes, he's alive. You do remember Walker don't
you, the man that helped you get out of Manhattan, former leader of NAVY.

Mission 11  :  Buffalo Base
Objective   :  Destroy the Satellite

Too bad, Walker can't assist you, he must join attack in the Badlands. This is
just a simple mission, destroy the Satellite, so the Orilion and Osiris can
operate undetected in New York.

I advice you to terminate the fighters first, then the satellite. They're
so annoying when you try to destroy the satellite.

Mission 11  :  Route to Zone 21
Objective   :  Protect the Gate
               Get through the gate
               Dock within Prison Station Mitchell

Now you must go to Jump Gate heading to Alaska. Good, Walker join with you.
The Gate is currently locked, defend the gate until Juni unlocked it. Be
careful, like when you destroy the satellite, their weapon is very powerful.

After Juni manage to open the Gate, take the Gate and head to the Prison. Dock
in there. Some event happen, the Chancellor try to 'plant a seed' into Pres.
Jacoby. Luckily, they manage to prevent it. So stupid, Trent just stand when
the Nomad try to 'get' the President. But Juni able to wake him and kill the
guard. Not bad, the President her self killed the Nomad.

I take some President's word, when she killed the Nomad, 
'burnt you, son of a b****' He he he...some word, huh?

Mission 11  :  Flee from the Prison
Objective   :  Defend the Order ship
               Take the Gate
               Fly to Buffalo Base
               Dock within the Osiris

When you try to get through the Gate, 2 LSF battle ship, undefined enemy
fighters are blocking your way. You have to protect the Order ship, but they
are so many. Walker had to destroy his ship to kill 2 battleship. Goodbye
Walker, and thanks for your heroic act.

After you get through the gate. You must go to Buffalo Base, but right now
things get worst, 4 battleships in your way. They said if you hand over the
President, your life will be spared, right~, King said.

There's no way you able to defeat them. Luckily, the Osiris decloaking near 
your position. Hurry, dock with the Osiris.



Inside the Osiris, Juni said it's possible for some people to change the world
Yup, I believe that!! How 'bout you?

President Jacoby said that we need a miracle to save humanity. Don't worry my
lady, I'm at your service.

Ho...ho...Juni offers you a kind of mission you like, don't think twice, just
take it (although it seems this is going to be another suicide mission you're
going to get through)

Mission 12  :  Osiris, Omicron Beta
Objective   :  Get Nomad Power Cell

Seems that the artifact need another thing before it can be used. Nomad power
cell! You see, there's 4 items to activate the artifact : the artifact itself,
the Proteus Tome, the thing that dr. Sinclair dig (some kind paper) and last,
but not least, the Power Cell.

A very easy mission. Because Intel said there's no activity in this abandoned
Nomad base. Go through Nomad jump gate, take the Power cell and get back to
Osiris (piece of cake).

But when you've launched, problems start to appear. You only have 9 minutes to
accomplish this mission, due to unstable of Jump Hole to get us out the system
(only 9 minutes to get in and get out).

Approaching the abandoned Nomad base, shock, the base still active (so, this
mean there's heavy resistance) and you have to destroy 3 power generator
before you able to get inside the base (damn the Intel)

Do your best. In this mission I did a stupid thing, I forgot to resupply my
ship with shield battery and nanobot (I only have 12 nanobot), so in this part
I'm struggling half dead to protect my ship.

Mission 12  :  After Entering the Nomad Lair
Objective   :  Take the Jump Hole
               Dock within Planet Toledo

After you tractor the power cell (B) get out and head to the Jump Hole.
You may use the Cruise Engine, but make sure there's no Nomad interceptor
behind you, or it's useless.

Seems that communication with the Osiris disturbed. Just after you take the 
Jump Hole, huge number of Nomad ship attacking you, don't worry, Von Claussen
came to help you.

Nomad ship are weak, they don't have shield. Problem is, they cover their weak
ness by number. Expect heavy resistance.

After all been done, land on Planet Toledo, secret base of the Order.



All things to power up the artifact collected. It's time to see the thing that
has trouble us from the very beginning since the accident of Freeport 7.

Not bad, looks like this artifact is some kind of Star Map. Territory map of
Dome Kavash Empire. Look at that, at least several galaxy seen in this map.
(try to compare with human, they always fighting each other in this tiny pla-
net called Earth).

Many lines appears, they're some kind of hyper gate, transport to take them to
the very edge of their territory in short time. We must activate this gate to
hold the chance of victory against the Nomad.

Mission 13  :  Toledon, Omicron Alpha
Objective   :  Destroy Nomad Battleship
               Dock to Planet Toledon
               Dock within the Osiris

Suddenly, the Nomad attacking Planet Toledon. they're firing the surface. We
must buy time until Prof. Quintaine manage to turn this artifact into weapon.
Head to space, wow, so many of them. Just concentrate on firing the battleship

Seems that if you're close to the battleship (around 100m), your friends will
attack the ship for you (I'm not 100 % sure about this, but it seems true).

After that Land on Planet Toledon. Prof. Quintaine manage to change the arti-
fact into weapon. Now head to space, and go to waypoint. Ignore the enemy. And
then dock within the Osiris

Mission 13  :  Land on the Osiris
Objective   :  Enter the Nomad Jump Gate
               Destroy the Nomad Shield Generator
               Enter the Barrier
               Destroy the Shield Generator

Prepare yourself. The fate of humankind lies before us.
There are 4 groups,

Trent lead the Alpha
Orilion lead the Beta
Juni lead the Gamma
(sorry, not sure the last one)
But it seems that Von Claussen is leading the last one.

Head to space and then go to the Nomad Jump Gate. It's guarded with one battle
ship and several fighters. It just warming up for the next objective.

Enter the Jump Gate. What's that, a huge wall in front of you, compare with
planet in front of you, this barrier is extremely big. There's 4 shield gene-
rator, to break into the barrier, you (Alpha team) must destroy all of them.

I'll give you some hints :

- Ignore the ships, just concentrate destroying the shield generator.

- Put your ship as close as you can to the shield generator, but don't collide
  with the shield generator.

- The best position to destroy the shield generator is about 45 degrees in
  southern altitude (corner side of the shield generator)

    ----------------         =        sphere         =
   !                           =                   =
   !   x                      x  =               =
   !     (sphere)                  =           =
   !                                   = = =  

    x is your ship position

    left picture from above view
    right picture is sagital (side) view

Tommy's Note :
He he, bad drawing huh? Too bad, I don't have ASCII, if you have it, 
and you're so kind, may I have it?

From this side, enemy fighters can't shoot you, and the turret damage behind
you is not a threat to your ship.

Enter the barrier. MY GOD, this barrier is made covering a star!! It purpose
is to capture all energy from the sun. I have no idea how they made this and
when human able to do it.

There's a giant city inside the barrier. We're unable to make contact with it.
It's protected with several number of shield generator. Destroy 2 of them and
mission accomplished.

Try to destroy the shield with the same trick when you destroy the shield gene
rator outside the barrier, but the angle is not 45 degrees. But from the purple
light. You see that purple light? Put yourself there, and then approach your
ship as close as you can to the shield generator.

When you manage to destroy 2 of them. Trent will shoot the weapon given by
Prof. Quintaine and then, some kind of gate opened and sucking all Nomad.


Congratulations you have beaten the game.


Border World Ships


Dagger     LF     1800    4/1     2/4    New York     Buffalo Base   Rogue
Dromedary  FR     3600    3/5     4/6    Magellan     Mactan Base    Hacker
Sabre      VHF    10800   6/1     8/10   Omicron Al-  Planet Malta   Outcasts
                                         Dresdan      Vogtland Base
Stiletto   HF     4900    6/0     5/7    Chugoku      Kyoto Base     Dragons
                                         Frankfurt    Bruchsal Base  Bundschuh

Bounty Hunter Ships


Barracuda  HF     3600    6/0     4/6    Cortez      P. Curacao     Spa&Cruise
                                         Honshu      P. Honshu      Police
                                         Kyushu      P. Kyushu      Police
                                         New Tokyo   P. Ney Tokyo   Police
Hammerhead VHF    7900    6/1     7/9    Omega-7     Friestadt      IMG
Piranha    LF     1800    4/0     2/4    Cambridge   P. Cambridge   Police
                                         Leeds       P. Leeds       Police
                                         Manchester  Sheffield St.  Bounty Hnt
                                         New London  P. New London  Police

Britonia Ships

Cavalier   LF     2100    4/0     3/5    Cambridge   P. Cambridge   Police
                                         Leeds       P. Leeds       Police
                                         New London  P. New London  Police
Clydesdale FR     2200    3/5     2/4    Cambridge   P. Cambridge   Police
                                         Leeds       P. Leeds       Police
                                         New London  P. New London  Police
Crusader   HF     2600    6/0     3/5    Cambridge   BS. Norfolk    Armed Force
                                         Dublin      BS. Essex      Armed Force
                                                     BS. Hood       IMG
                                         Leeds       BS. York       Armed Force
                                         New London  BS. Suffolk    Armed Force

Civilian Ships

Eagle      VHF    9900    6/1     8/10   Omicron     Freeport 9     Zoners 
Falcon     HF     6200    5/1     6/8    Sigma-17    P. Kurile      Samura
                                         Hamburg     P. Hamburg     Police
                                         New Berlin  P. New Berlin  Police
                                         Stuttgart   P. Baden-Baden Spa&Cruise
                                         Stuttgart   P. Stuttgart   Police
Hawk       LF     3300    4/0     4/6    Honshu      P. Honshu      Police
                                         Kyushu      P. Kyushu      Police
                                         New Tokyo   P. New Tokyo   Police
Strflier   LF     1100    3/0     1/3    N/A         N/A            N/A
StartrackerLF     1800    3/0     2/4    California  P. Los Angeles Police
                                         Colorado    P. Denver      Police
                                         New York    P. Manhattan   Police
                                         Texas       P. Houston     Police

Kusari Ships

Dragon     HF     3600    6/0     4/6    Hokkaido    BS. Matsumoto  Naval Force
                                         Kyushu      BS. Nogumo     Naval Force
                                         Shikoku     BS. Myoko      Naval Force
Drake      LF     2800    4/0     4/6    Honshu      P. Honshu      Police
                                         Kyushu      P. Kyushu      Police
                                         New Tokyo   P. New Tokyo   Police
                                         Shikoku     P. Junyo       Police

Corsair Ships

Centurion  HF     9200    6/0     7/9    Omega-5     Cadiz Base     Corsairs
Legionaire LF     2400    4/0     3/5    New London  Trafalgar Base Junkers
Titan      VHF    12600   6/1     8/10   OmicronGama P. Crete       Corsairs
                                         Omega-41    Leon Base      Corsairs

Liberty Ships

Defender   HF     1600    5/1     2/4    California  BS. Yukon      Navy
                                         Colorado    BS. Rio Grande Navy
                                         New York    BS. Missouri   Navy
                                         Texas       BS. Mississipi Navy
Patriot    LF     1300    4/0     2/3    California  P. California  Planetform
                                         California  P. Los Angeles Police
                                         Colorado    P. Denver      Police
                                         New York    P. Manhattan   Police
                                         Texas       P. Houston     Police
Rhino      FR     1600    3/5     1/3    California  P. Los Angeles Police
                                         Colorado    P. Denver      Police
                                         New York    P. Manhattan   Police
                                         New York    P. Pittsburgh  DSE
                                         Texas       P. Houston     Police

Order Ships

Anubis     VHF    4200    6/1     5/6    N/A         N/A            N/A

Pirate Ships

Bloodhound LF     1900    3/1     2/4    New York    Rochester Base Junkers
Mule       FR     2200    4/4     2/4    California  Alcatraz Depot Rogues
Wolfhound  HF     3600    5/1     4/6    Dublin      Arranmore Base Mollys
                                         Cortez      Montezuma Base Rogues

Rheinland Ships

Banshee    LF     4500    4/0     5/7    Hamburg     P. Hamburg     Police
                                         New Berlin  P. New Berlin  Police
                                         Stuttgat    P. Stuttgart   Police
Humpback   FR     5800    2/6     5/7    Tau-31      P. Harris      Planetform
                                         Frankfurt   P. Holstein    Daumann
                                         Hamburg     P. Hamburg     Police
                                         New Berlin  P. New Berlin  Police
                                         Stuttgart   P. Stuttgart   Police
Valkyrie   HF     5800    5/1     6/8    Hamburg     BS. Wesfalen   Military

Thanks Stephen Britz for the ships info

GUNS level 10
                        Damage                 Location

Archangel               978 / 489              Omega-41
Bloodstone              880 / 440              Sigma-13
Blue Blaze             1075 / 537              Sigma-17
Cerberus               1173 / 586              Omicron Alpha
Dark Blossom            978 / 489              Tau-37
Diamondback            1173 / 586              Sigma-13
Golden Blade            782 / 391              Omega-11
Guardian               1075 / 537              Omicron Alpha
Iron Hammer             880 / 440              Sigma-13
Jade                    652 / 326              Sigma-13
Nomad Energy Blaster    635 / 311              Omicron Alpha
Nomad Energy Cannon     847 / 423              Omicron Gamma
Onyx                   1075 / 537              Sigma-13
Prometheus              586 / 293              Omicron Alpha
Silver Fire             717 / 358              Sigma-13
Thor's Hammer           880 / 440              Omicron Theta
Wild Fire              1075 / 537              Omicron Beta

                        Damage                 Location
Buckshot                391 / 195              Shikoku
Salamanca 2             489 / 244              Omega-41
Skyblast B              244 / 122              Sigma-13


Adv. Countermeasures        1000 / 90%             Shinkaku
Heavy Thruster               133 / 200             Rochester
Adv.  Thruster               125 / 200             Shinkaku
Screamer                    3260 / 1630            Crete
Ripper Mine                 3912 / 1956            Omicron Alpha
Cannonball                  4890 / 2445            Crete
Paralyzer EMP                195 / 7921            (where? you tell me)
Firestalker Homing          2445 / 1222            Crete
Hornet Cruise Disrupter                            Willard
Sunslayer Torpedo          11736 / 5868            Bruchsal
Adv. Protector (G. Shield)  5890 / 130             (with Titan)
Adv. Brigandine(P. Shield)  8280 / 184             Crete, Ruiz, Malta
Barrier        (M. Shield)  6050 / 134             Freeport 9

Interesting Spot

Sigma-13 -------------> C5 E5
Sigma-17 -------------> F4
Sigma-19 -------------> E3 F6
Shikoku --------------> C5
Honshu ---------------> C3
Hokkaido -------------> C3
Omicron Alpha --------> F4 D6
Omicron Beta ---------> E5
Omicron Theta --------> E6 G6
Omicron Gamma --------> C5 F2
Omega-7 --------------> C5
Omega-11 -------------> C5
Omega 41 -------------> D/E4
Tau-31 ---------------> D3/4


- GOD for giving life and prospers to this world, please forgive us for our
  foolishness (fighting each other) that ruined this world.

- Microsoft and digital anvil for making the game.

- CJayC, to let me put this walkthrough in your site

- Me, for making this walkthrough

-, for your helpful FAQs, you're the man !

- Xtra for his infos abot missile, torpedo, mines, and countermeasures

- Nicholas Fraser for strategy using Javelin Missile

- Andri Sandu, Ryan Kountz, and Gigi for informing what Tobias gave to Trent.

- Thanks Stephen Britz for the ships info

- Thanks for Bahamut telling the right spelling in opening FMV

- Hav0c-NK for advice in mission 3 (freezing Rheinland)

- David ( for the chancellor thing

- Jared for another ideausing missile and stuff

- If your name I accidentally forgot to put in here, tell me, I'm only human,
  to make mistakes and forget is human (I'm very serious, tell me!)


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