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 Frets on Fire

Frets on Fire

 ------------              ------------
|            |            |            |
|     -------             |     -------
|    |         -------    |    |
|    |        /       \   |    |
|     ----    |   -    |  |     ----
|         |   |  / \   |  |         |
|     ----    |  |  |  |  |     ----
|    |        |  \ /   |  |    |
|    |        |   -    |  |    |
|    |        \       /   |    |
 ----          -------     ----

Name: Frets on Fire
System: PC
Copyrights: 2006, 2007 Unreal Voodoo

FAQs Made by Randy Goodhue
(ZappingNinja was my old accound. NejiHyuga900 is my new account.
I am no longer am being as ZappingNinja)

Ver 2.0

E-Mail Address: (as ZappingNinja) (as NejiHyuga900)
I don't go to that much so E-mail me as:

Don't email me at because I don't go there
that often.

Ver 1.0 (As Zapping Ninja, my old account)
Ver 2.0 (As NejiHyuga900, my new account)
  *Updated* -Information Section changed and improved
	    -Controls section I included the GH Controller
	    -Notes for Difficulty section now includes GH difficulty
	    -A new cheat added and a new hint
	    -A logo on top of the FAQs
	    -Removed: Credits section in Contents because I don't
	              feel like putting in the credits

*Press CTRL + F and type in the code in the bracket to get to that
section faster
1. Contents [CTNTS]
1. Contents [CTNTS]
2. Controls [CTRLS]
3. FoF Information and Other PC Guitar Heroes [FIOGH]
4. How to Add Songs (Simple) [HTASS]
5. How to Add Songs (Alternate Option) [HTASA]
6. Modifying Frets on Fire [MDFOF]
7. Notes Recommended for Difficulty [NRCFD]
8. Unabled Chords [UNCHD]
9. Cheats & Hints [CHTHT]
10. MP3s of Frets on Fire Songs [MP3FS]

2. Controls [CTNTS]
Up = Up
Down = Down
Enter, F1 = Accept
Escape, F2 = Cancel, Back

F1 = Green Fret (Track 0)
F2 = Red Fret (Track 1)
F3 = Yellow Fret (Track 2)
F4 = Blue Fret (Track 3)
F5 = Purple Fret (Track 4)
Enter = Pick
Shift = Secondary Pick
Escape = Pause Menu

Gameplay with Guitar Hero Controller
Okay, well Orange Fret is with Purple Notes.
You can play this game with a PS2, Wii, or X360 Guitar Controller.
To play it with PS2, you will need to BUY a PS2 USB Adapter.
This will be easier to play those GRY and GRB chords.

Song Editor
Up = Move up a track
Down = Move down a track
Right = Move right
Left = Move left
Spacebar = Play/Pause song
Enter = Add note
Left or Right + Enter = Make notes longer or shorter
Fret(s) + Enter = Add notes to the hold fret(s)
Fret (on menu) = Tells you what track the note hits
Page Up/Down = Switch Difficulties

3. FoF Information and Other PC Guitar Heroes [FIOGH]
About this game
This game is a PC version of Guitar Hero. You can either use the
keyboard or a Guitar Hero controller. You pick up the keyboard
and use it as a guitar. This game starts off with 3 songs listed

-This Week I've Been Mostly Playing Guitar - Tommi Inkila
  (Song is blanked though)
-Bang Bang, Mystery Man - Mary Jo feat. Tommi Inkila
-Defy The Machine - Tommi Inkila

There is also a Tutorial in this game by Jurgen that has a crazy
part in it. You can download this game from the Internet. Unlike
other games, this game is not in stores. Also, theres an error in
the game. Sometimes when you go to a song, it will just instantly
exit you out. This does happens to me.

Other PC Guitar Hero Games
There are other GH games for PC rather than FoF:
Freetar Hero - This is a small program. Really small program than
  FoF or other GH games. It comes with two different programs:
  The game itself, and a note editor. You can add 

Guitar Zero - This is a lot similar to the Guitar Hero games than
  FoF. Star Power is in it and it and so is Rock Meter. However,
  it has 3 songs just like Frets on Fire and it does not contain
  note making system so you will need Guitar Hero Explorer (if it
  does work for PC GH games). But, the keyboard does not work on
  it. You will need to use a Guitar Hero Controller to play this.

Guitar Zero BETA - This is the new BETA version of the original
  Guitar Zero. I think in this new BETA one, you can use keyboard.
  E-mail me if you can use a keyboard or not in the BETA version.

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - The only REAL Guitar Hero game
  that is for PC. This game is for PC, PS2, Wii, PS3, and X360.
  There are boss battles in this one. The PC, PS3, and X360 are
  different from the PS2 and Wii. The PC/PS3/X360 version has two
  characters in it: God of Rock and Grim Ripper. The PS2 and Wii
  has Elroy and Metalhead. Also, one cheat code is different.
  PC/PS3/X360 has Bret Michaels while PS2/Wii has Huge Notes.
  There are 3 boss battles in this game, Tom Morello Guitar Battle,
  Slash Guitar Battle, and The Devil Went Down to Georgia. The
  hardest song in the game is The Devil Went Down to Georgia [when
  you download the Boss Battle Pack on X360 and PC (I think)].
  Other than that, the hardest BONUS SONG in the game is
  Through the Fire and Flames by DragonForce.

Guitar Hero Explorer - This is a GH game as well. This is
  basically for making songs for the PS2 GH games. You can't
  customize songs for the X360 GH games due to the achievements.
  I don't know much about this so e-mail me if you know anything
  about it.

PC Guitar Hero Clone - This is a classic PC Guitar Hero game,
  kind of. You can either use Keyboard or GH Controller. It
  plays similar in between Freetar and Guitar Zero except, it
  views from above instead of straight.

4. How to Add Songs (Simple) [HTASS]
To add songs into the game, you must select an OGG.file
music song. If you have some music files but not OGG, then
download Audacity which can be found on the Internet. It will
ask you to find an Instrument Track which is the song that the
guitar plays, well what I mean is that when you mess up on a
note, songs usually stop or be quiet. Then it will ask you to
find a Background Track which is the song that is will play
throughout the song. You can use the same files you use.
Usually, you have to modify an OGG file to be as your
background. Thats what usually does in the game. If you don't
want the background music, then press Escape when it tells you.
After that, you add notes to the song. Once your finish, give
your song a name, artist, beats per minute (you should before),
and cassettecolor, (you don't need to do all that), then exit
out and get ready to rock! Note: When you convert a song
using Audacity, make sure it is MP3 because if its WMA, its
going to make a quick squeak noise. You can add Guitar Hero songs
but you need to have an "OGG Vorgis Encoder" added in
C://Program Files/Frets on Fire. This way to add songs may be a
bad thing (I'm not talking about the Guitar Hero, just what I
mostly said) because once you are finish, some notes may not
have any long notes and a few may be erased. Trust me, it does
this to me so use the other option found below.

5. How to Add Songs (Alternate Option) [HTASA]
With Freetar
Another way to add songs is to get Audacity downloaded and
Freetar Hero installed. To get Freetar Hero, go to and go to download and go down when you see Click
Here to Play Game/Editor Using Java, and get both the editor and
the game, well you don't need to get the game but the editor is
important but you can use the game to test out the songs. Freetar
Hero is another Guitar Hero game for PC but its not a full program
like Frets on Fire is. Add an MP3 file to Audacity and convert it to
an OGG file, then go to Freetar Editor and select the OGG file you
used. Using Freetar Editor makes your notes more accurate than the
Song Editor in Frets on Fire. If you want to make your notes most
accurate, increase the Beats Per Second on the Freetar Editor found
in the Song Properties. If you make two notes exactly close together,
they will only become as one and it will make a length-less note
unless if you add more than two notes together. If you want more than
one difficulty, then make another song that is the same thing or save
the one you already made from Save As and then get rid or add some
notes to another difficulty. Thats what I do. Once you are done
making the notes, go to You should add that
website to Favorites so that you won't have to keep on typing. Once
there, open up Freetar Hero SNG to Frets on Fire MID converter and
browse through your notes on Freetar and then you can go to more
options and set the Beats Per Minute. If you don't set the Beats Per
Minute, it will automatically be set to 100 bpm. If you made more
than one note for a song then browse through more SNG files with a
different difficulty you probably created if you chose to. The
difficulty would match this - [FoF - FT] Amazing - Expert,
Medium - Hard, Easy - Medium, Supaeasy - Easy. Then convert the
notes and add the notes.mid to the desktop. After that, go to My
Computer and then go to Local Disk to Program FIles to Frets on Fire
to Songs and add a folder to there. Then put the notes.mid in there
(you can also make the folder first then convert the notes and add
them there instead of adding them to the desktop). After that, add
the OGG file that you have earlier that you used to create the song
and Right-Click it and Copy. Then go to the folder you made and
paste it twice, and name one of them, guitar.ogg and the other
song.ogg. You should put the name like that because if you don't
add .ogg in its name, it will be blank and the song won't work. You
don't really need song.ogg unless if you want to. After that, open
up Notepad and type these in:

name = 
artist = 
cassettecolor = #

Then save it as song.ini and you need that .ini in its name to
make the notes a configuration. You can also add a picture to the
cassette if you want to. To do that, get an PNG file, right-click,
copy and add it to the folder named label. If you only have BMP, PGJ,
etc. files, then you can convert them into PNG files by going to and go to Total Image Converter. You can also use
this website instead of Audacity to convert your files and your
WMA files will work using this instead when trying to convert a
music file. You should also add this website to your Favorites. So
then, now you have everything. Now go and exit out everything and
then play Frets on Fire and see if you have your song there. Well
you should. If you don't, you might have done something wrong so
recheck. If you had Freetar before but if you got rid of it, then go 
to Control Panel found at the start menu, and go to Java Control
Panel.Some computers will have that in Other Control Panel Options
like DELL. Once on Java Control Panel, delete both Freetar files,
then the four items use for Freetar - Controller.ini, debuglog.xml
[and the 1 File (Extra)], debug.txt.1, and properties.ctg.
Then go back to and do it again.
Note: You can also find this information at
to Forums to Guides, Tutorials and FAQ's to Guide: Making Your Own
Songs For Frets on Fire.

6. Modifying Frets on Fire [MDFOF]
You can modify Frets on Fire. To do that, go to any Frets on Fire
websites or go to and search for a Frets on Fire
mod. There are sorts of modifications. You can make the background
as Guitar Hero or making it Frets on Ice, etc. Once you can find
a modification you like, download it and then go to
C://Program Files/Frets on Fire/Data and then extract the ZIP file.
If the folder you have is RAR file, then extract them with WinRAR.
Once you extract the files, bring all of the items out of the folder
and over lap the all of old files if someone of them are different
from other files, go to other folders in Frets on Fire data section
and see if, they match. If they do, overwrite it with the new one.
Once you play Frets on Fire, you may see the game different,
background's different, music might be different, frets and the board
might be different.

Note: Not all modifications might work. If you don't want the
modifications anymore, re-download Frets on Fire again but you
don't need to get rid of your old one, but overwrite all the files.
The songs you made are fine. If you play the game but if something
is still wrong. Then uninstall the entire Frets on Fire and
download again. Becareful, everything in its files will be erased
so if you don't want your songs to be erased, take your songs out
of the folder FIRST before UNINSTALLING! Its the only way to make
Frets on Fire back to normal.

7. Notes Recommended for Difficulty [NRCFD]
When you are making a song, here is what your notes should have on
certain difficuly.

Frets on Fire Recommendation
Supaeasy = First 3 notes, no chords.
Easy = First 4 notes, no chords.
Medium = First 4 notes, chords use.
Amazing = All 5 notes, chords use.

Guitar Hero Recommendation
Supaeasy = First 3 notes, few easy chords or none
Easy = First 4 notes, some easy chords
Medium = All 5 notes, chords use, not too hard
Amazing = All 5 notes, chords use, all notes/chords used

Difficulty Match
---		--
Supaeasy	Easy
Easy		Medium
Medium		Hard
Amazing		Expert

You don't have to make them like that but thats what I do and thats
what I think you should do to. If you don't, well, its your
opinion so do what you want to do, I'm just saying.

8. Unabled Chords [UNCHD]
If you have your Frets default, well, the first 5 F buttons, there
are some chords that will not allow you to hit and I will show
you them:

1. Green + Red + Yellow (or further)
2. Green + Red + Blue (or further)

If you hold those frets on the keyboard, you won't beable to hit
those, or any further combination that has those notes but you
are able to hit. If you change the frets to 1 through 5, you won't
be able to hit Red + Blue + Purple or I think Yellow + Blue +
Purple too. Some keys that you press at the same time doesn't
hit at the same time.

9. Cheats & Hints [CHTHT]
In Play Cheats
Type in a code while playing a song to activate it. You won't be
scored if you do.

Code			Effect
----			------
uptomytempo		Automatically Play Itself
fastfoward		End the Song

*if anyone has found out anymore cheats, E-mail me with the address
I want you to on top.

When you see notes that has a colored circle in the middle, you can
hammer-on or pull-off a note to that note. Hammer-ons/pull-off means
that you can let you can hit a note next to a note without pressing
the Pick button. These happens when a note is close to another note,
a colored circle will appear meaning you can hammer-on or pull-off
notes. This also happens in Guitar Hero games. The only difference
is that Hammer-Ons in Frets on Fire and Guitar Hero series is that
Frets on Fire is easier to do this trick. In Guitar Hero games, you
only can hammer-on/pull-off on notes that are really close together.
In Frets on Fire, the hammering range increases, you have more than
once chance to hit the note without messing up the hammering, and
you will be able to hammer-on/pull-off long notes. You should know
this by now. This trick is used in Defy The Machine. It is
hard to master it on that song but you can do it. Also, in Guitar
Hero III: Legends of Rock, hammer-on/pull-off is easier than Frets
on Fire. Just GH, GH2, and GH80s the HO/PO is hard.

Making Some Chords Available
Do you know when you press GRY or GRB but it doesn't work. You can
hit those two chords by changing the fret buttons from F1-F5 to
F2-F6 but you won't be able to do GYP.

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