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 Full Pipe

Full Pipe

|||||||||  |||    |||  |||        |||||||||  |||   |||||||||  |||||||||
|||||||||  |||    |||  |||        |||   |||  |||   |||   |||  |||||||||
|||        |||    |||  |||        |||   |||        |||   |||  |||
|||||||||  |||    |||  |||        |||||||||  |||   |||||||||  |||||||||
||||||     |||    |||  |||        |||        |||   |||        |||
|||        ||||||||||  |||||||    |||        |||   |||        |||||||||
|||        ||||||||||  |||||||    |||        |||   |||        |||||||||

	a) 2nd floor
	b) 3rd floor
	c) 1st floor (last and upward)
	d) 4th floor
	e) 5th floor
	f) 6th floor 
	g) The Secret floor (you won't find it even in CIA archives)
	h) 7th floor
	i) 8th floor
	j) 9th floor
	k) The Last Floor (number is unknown)
	l) Other Characters
	a) The second floor
	b) The third floor 
	c) The first floor
	d) Return to the first floor.
	e) The fourth floor
	f) The secret floor
	g) The eighth floor
	h) The ninth floor
	i) The seventh floor
	j) The sixth floor

   3. Special thanks

1. Characters

a) 2nd floor

Guv-the-Drawer puts into his drawer any item that can fit it and after 
throws away big green egg with this item inside.. Doesn't like domino 
as it has bad influence on digestion. Basically he is a quite nice 
Egggulper gulps eggs. He is greedy but it's possible to come to an 
agreement with him.
Eggcracker just cracks eggs. He's queer and it's hard to get in contact 
with him.
Weird Wacko is the sanest one among all the characters on the Second 
Floor but he suffers from a spirit of contradiction and an initial form 
of the Internet dependence (as we got to know afterwards)... Likes toys 
for adults.
Small fries. No one knows how abundant they are. Small fries like retro 
music of the early 20th and they do no other harm.
Hand Thirty For. No one knows whose hand it is. When the jar overflows 
with Shrimps, it pulls them out upwards. All of them! :-(
Tennes. He appears suddenly and disappears at once. Looks like a 
tennis-ball yet having all vitally important organs. Almost all of 
Wag-Wing is the analogue of your flies only bigger and much smarter.

b) 3nd floor

Big Mumsy. She looks like suffering from a syndrome of false pregnancy. 
However she is an obliging hostess and likes riding the elevator.
Hare-the-Nooksiter knows how many beans make five and is very 
assiduous. Being extremely simple-minded, he often becomes an object of 
ridicule and molestation for his neighbours.
Molester. A Nooksiter's neighbour.
The First Guard . The first of the six Dark-Burrow-Dweller's guard-
brothers. Faithfully fulfils his duties. Other info concerning him is 
not recommended by the respective security department services.
Tummy-Trampie likes eating, sleeping and scratching his belly. All 
these actions are carried out according to the time-table, that's why 
he is noteworthy.
Beavers are the characters without any specific activity. They look 
like your spiders but with a beard.

c) 1st floor (last and upward)

Elephantine. She is a nice girl, though a bit fanciful. Likes good 
Ballspiter can spit balloons. His main problem is his long tail. Every 
traveller strives to pull it.
Ballgulper can gulp. In this case he gulps balloons, but as he says, it 
makes no big difference for him what to gulp - if only it fits his 
mouth. He asserts that he can fly when becoming swollen.
Dangling 1 is Danglings' 2 and 4 sister.
Dangling 2 is Danglings' 1 and 3 niece.
Dangling 3 is Danglings' 1, 2 and 4 brother.
Dangling 4 is Dangling's 3 stepbrother.
Inflater is all Danglings' father. He likes chewing Dyrol and listening 
to classical music.
Swingie has no relatives. Likes swinging. His favorite dish is a fat 
sprightly fly. He's got permanent problems with shoes over the specific 
Polly the Janitress is a hard-working, neat person who's selflessly 
devoted to her profession. Single. Likes watching Formula 1 race.

d) 4th floor

The Watchman stands on the Tongue Bridge and is a very talkative guy. 
He leans out of the window and no one have ever seen what he's got 
lower the waist.
Granny is the Watchman ex-wife. She is a very quarrelsome and energetic 
woman. Early in life she was a master of sports in handball. Always 
moves over different floors searching for a new husband. She took note 
of Dude, that's why his knotty situation goes worse.

e) 5th floor

The Second Guard. The second of the six Dark-Burrow-Dweller's guards. 
He is an enzygotic twin of other guard-brothers.
Granny also lives here. 
Lads are the members of the district office of EBER Lovers party. EBER 
is a locally popular low alcoholic drink. Lads are the haunters of 
eber-rooms in Full Pipe.
Girlie is a playmate of Lads. She is a really cheerful girl but not so 
silly as it may seem first.

f) 6th floor

Bootlegger is the manager of the EBER-house. He is an admirer of a 
strong dark unstrained eber.
Blowpauncher likes inflating himself and finds it rather exciting.
Tailpiper (also known as Bazoocruncher) was born in a pipe. He's 
outgrown his pipe but is still inseparably linked with it. He's 
particularly squeamish about personal hygiene.
The Fourth Guard. The fourth of the six Dark-Burrow-Dweller's guard-
The Fifth Guard. The last but one of the six Dark-Burrow-Dweller's 
The Sixth Guard. The last one of the six Dark-Burrow-Dweller's guard-
The Eleventh Hand of Dark-Burrow-Dweller. The third right hand of Dark-
Burrow-Dweller. It is not remarkable at all.

g) The Secret floor (you won't find it even in CIA archives)

Giraffe. Always finds himself in very straitened circumstances. He grew 
bald too early.Giraffe is a staunch optimist and an associate 
professor. He is in love with Giraphine though he never met her. Is 
waiting in the wings.
Giraphine. She is a nice girl, a student. Goes in for sports.
Old Pioneer is one of the have-beens. He is a friend of his head.
Janitor Brothers are always together. Everybody calls them brothers but 
they have some doubts about it.
Driver is a strange fellow even for Full Pipe. He is a former taxi-
driver. They say he flirts with Molly the Janitress.
Molly the Janitress. She is an image of Polly the Janitress from the 
1st Floor. It can be the same person just working in two places. She's 
also interested sports. In public she ignores all Driver's courtesies 
but someone saw them together in the EBER -room.

h) 7th floor

The Liftwoman is a skilled worker and always keeps her eyes on the 
Bighead is still very young and he's just learning to walk.
Fast Lady - the one of an exceptionnaly odd appearance. She walks very 
fast (you'd never guess). No one ever managed to come up with her :-(
Granny flies over here sometimes and disappears pretty damn quick.

i) 8th floor

Ass_1 appears and disappears in most unexpected places. We're sure she 
has an owner, but we still don't know who he is. But we bet it's not 
the Dark-Burrow-Dweller's one.
The Third Guard . The third of six Dark-Burrow-Dweller's guard-
brothers. Sometimes winks with his left eye. Also can pull the rope 
(they all can do it).
The Seventh Foot of Dark-Burrow-Dweller - the seventh foot of the Dark-
Burrow-Dweller. Likes collecting the ancient ceramics.
The First Shooter is a good shooter. He was recommended for some 
decorations, yet doesn't make a show of it.
The Second Shooter is a friend of the First Shooter but he's much 
taller. He likes shooting together with the First one.

j) 9th floor

The Cube. Doesn't look too special, but in fact he's got some 
outstanding extrasensory abilities, becoming apparent in very 
unexpected situations.
The Cactus is one of the strangest creatures of Full Pipe. It seems to 
be a plant. But there are other opinions. He is concerned with the hole 
in a wall in some mysterious manner.
The Pompier is not related to the fire-business. He actively advocates 
joining the Union, it's his fad. "Join now!" - he usually says. Lives 
with the Cactus.

k) The Last Floor(number is unknown)

Bentman is the chieftain of plumbers. He is a bad guy, a drinker and 
swears like a trooper.
The Long One. He is a plumber on the water wagon, but could give 
Bentman real odds in his time.
The Short One. He is a good guy and the disciple of Long One.
l) Other Characters

Dude is the main character, but he is not from Full Pipe. He is an 
ordinary man, like all of us. In the introduction you can see the story 
of his getting into the Full Pipe world. It's happened by pure 
accident. It could happen to every one. But he's been there. Nobody 
knows what he thinks about all that. Maybe he's still recalling that 
time, rethinking everything he saw there, trying to give some 
explanation... Or maybe he just forgot about it and doesn't want to 
remember. And what if the eddy of the everyday life has flown him over 
and carried away? Who knows...?

Oh, we forgot about The Dark-Burrow-Dweller, it was him, he did 
everyth...everyo...he is the most... the most Fullpiped of all! The 
Bogie of Full Pipe. Dozens of his hands and feet run through the whole 
World of Full Pipe.
The Dark-Burrow-Dweller! Show yourself to people!
He doesn't want to come ... So to hell with him.
Welcome to Full Pipe!

2.0 Walkthrough

a) The second floor 

Your adventure (who said "misadventure"?!) will begin on the second 

Go upstairs from the room where you have started. In the right corner 
you will find a drawer - take it. Then go downstairs. In the left 
corner you will see a box, take a dominoes dice from it. Then go 
rightwards once again. You will find yourself in a long room. There you 
will see a glass jar, a lever and some interesting though odd devices. 
You will see a shoe which is trying to seek shelter from your piercing 
look on the pipe to the left from the entrance. Take it. In the second 
left hole you will find an apple. Don't try to eat it: microbes are too 
high-calorie food and you won't have an ability to wash an apple, so 
just take it.

Go to the very right room and give the drawer to The Weird Wacko, who 
will happily fasten it to his head instead of glasses and will give 
glasses to you as a keepsake. Now go to the mysterious Guv-the-Drawer 
with the drawer in his stomach (leftwards-leftwards-upstairs) and give 
him glasses. Instead of it you will receive an egg. Then do the same 
with an apple and a shoe. Then go down and give acquired eggs to The 
Egggulper. Instead of them you will receive a genuine silver coin. Go 
to the room with a glass jar. Go to the right part of this location and 
throw a silver coin into a special opening... You will hear the music... 
It's amazing... Keeping time with melody, Small Fries come out from the 
left hole one by one, whirling and dancing, and they walk over board 
and evanesce in the hole where you've got an apple from. You must put 
three Small Fries into the jar. To do this you must climb up the ladder 
and jump on the board as soon as the next Small Fry will approach the 
opposite side of the board. When the jar will be filled up, the hand 
will appear in the opening at the top. This hand will lift up the 
unfortunate jar thus opening the hatch to the third floor. Use the 
hatch to go down to the third floor.

b) The third floor 

Firstly go to the elevator (metallic door with two bull's-eyes) and get 
back to the second floor. Then proceed to the very left room. There you 
will meet three dwellers of the Pipe, selflessly gambling the Dominoes. 
One of them is fiercely swinging the hammer. Give him dominoes dice and 
you will receive the multifunctional hammer. Go back to the third 

Now you have to show some skill. Your objective is to throw four balls 
in to the pouch of Big Mumsy. Approach to the right lever, pull it. As 
a result balls will be falling from the pipe. You have to throw them in 
to the pouch. No one said it would be easy after all. When you succeed, 
Big Mumsy will disappear (frankly she will be carried off with all the 

Now the way is free. Go leftwards. There you will meet The First Guard 
holding the rope, and The Molester, spitting upon it's victim, and of 
course the victim of The Molester - Hare-the-Nooksiter. It is 
sufficient to close the vent light to stop such an ugly mocking.
Hmm... "Piece of cake?" To do this you need a stool, a beside-table or... 
a drawer... Because Dude's height is not that long.

Go to the second floor. Proceed to the opening where you have threw a 
coin in, and return the silver coin back using the hammer. Give back 
the coin to The Egggulper and you will receive an egg with glasses. Go 
to The Eggcracker. Give him an egg. You will receive glasses. Take 
glasses from The Weird Wacko in exchange for a drawer. Return to the 
third floor and give a drawer to Hare-the-Nooksiter. At last he will be 
able to close the vent light. Remember to click the First guard to pull 
the rope. In exchange for the drawer you will receive the "twister". Go 
back to the room where you've played with The Big Mumsy. Apply the 
twister to the opening where The Big Mumsy was sitting and turn it 
three times. The Tummy-Trampie will be sleeping and you have to go to 
the very left room where The Tummy-Trampie lives.
Now the easiest and the funniest of attractions in the same time is 
waiting for you - The Jumper. The Tummy-Trampie's belly is a peculiar 
trampoline. Jump down and try to reach the ceiling ladder. Alas, you 
don't have wings so you have to use your natural knack. You have to 
touch down the belly legs straight thus you will reach the ladder very 
quickly. After reaching the ladder the bottom crossbar will crack. So 
you must continue this entertainment until the ladder will drag The 
Dude upstairs.

c) The first floor

Now you have to face the trial of dexterity and luck. The objective is 
to arrange Danglings so the slow ball can reach The Ballgulper. To 
start the ball, pull the Ballspiter's tail. When the third ball 
disappears in the Ballgulper's mouth, he will be inflated fully and 
vanish. In the pipe you will find a pot, in the wall you will find a 
stored coin.

Now go leftwards where you will see the funny Elephantine with small 
plaits. Elephantine is playing with a shoe on her trunk. Nice scene, 
isn't it? Give her a pot in exchange for a shoe. Now go rightwards. 
While The Inflater inflates the next bubble, steal a couple of chewing 
pillows (when the hand cursor becomes green).

Now go to the second floor for a paired shoe. Procedure is the same. 
Give the silver coin to The Egggulper in exchange for an egg with a 
shoe. Then go to The Eggcracker, give him an egg. Collect the shoe. 

d) Return to the first floor.

The received pair of shoes will serve as a wonderful gift for The 
Swingie which will release to you a swing in gratitude. Clicking the 
right mouse button you will swing back and forth with ease. When The 
Dude will be in the highest point, click the right button and he will 
fall straight to the pipe. An ill luck for sure! The hatch will appear 
closed, and you cannot move to the next floor. It is necessary to come 
back to The Swingie and share a fairly stolen cud with him. The cud by 
all means is pleasant and you will receive a plunger. Now once again go 
back to the second floor to The Wierd Wacko and get glasses in exchange 
for a plunger. Now he will no longer try to close the hatch, therefore 
pull the lever. Take the attraction one more time, and you will fly to 
the next level.

e) The fourth floor

You will see the lever on the wall. Pull it. There will be an 
impassable bridge, that coils up on your approach. Give a cud to The 
Watchman and he will chew it up for you. Using the chewed cud, stick 
the lever to a floor, and the bridge will not coil up. Come over to the 
opposite side safely.

Go left through the pipe. There you will be attacked by The Granny, 
throwing balls in you. But you can beat off rubber balls and turn them 
against The Granny. As a result the prostrate old woman will fall into 
the hatch. Justice has triumphed and nothing threatens your life now. 
Closely examine the walls, you will find a coin in one of them. Then 
jump to the hatch, after The Granny.
Legs of the old woman stick out of a pipe on the left wall, safely pull 
down a shoe from one of them. The Granny will hardly be able to 
object... One more Guard is standing near, pull his rope. Now go to the 
right and downstairs. Here you will meet The Bootlegger and his 
moonshine device. There is a hand, demanding something, hanged out from 
the right pipe. Think? Right. Pay up an admission fee and proceed to 
the right. You will find another dominoes dice near the entrance. Go 
two ladders up and take a piece of sugar from the thread.

Come back to The Guard and go downstairs. You will find yourself in a 
long time familiar room with dominoes and cold steel fans. Exchange a 
dominoes dice for a bottle and come back to The Bootlegger. Put a 
bottle under the tap and give a piece of sugar to The Bootlegger. That 
will start the mechanism, and the bottle will be filled with a blue 
liquid. Return to the dominoes players and give a bottle to the most 
malicious boozer - The Bentman. He will pour it's contents to his 
throat (never try this at home). Pick up an aluminum mug from a floor.

When The Dude crossed the bridge, he has stopped the wheel. Return to 
the bridge and lift the lever upwards to start the wheel rotation 
again. Prop up it with a hammer. Now go to a watering place and take 
pleasure in watching exhausted from the thirst guys in helmets. Put a 
mug on the box. When the girl will approach the mug, shamelessly drink 
a mug of water right before her nose. The girl will come in full 
delight strangely enough. A very strange girl... Go to a wheel while 
she roars with a hysterical laughter. You can leave the mug, it won't 
be gone. Step on a wooden floor (on blue plates), wait for an empty 
swing and get on it. Having made almost a full circle, jump to the 
lowermost pipe from the right side.

f) The secret floor

There is no lever so start searching! Firstly throw a coin into a 
special aperture (you still should have a coin) and start the 
mechanism. Unfortunately it's purpose is unknown, but we won't get 
caught to the endless loop on details. Pull down a sock from The Old 
Pioneer's left foot and pick up a broom near his right foot. Now move 
upwards. Here is the lever, but how one can get to it? Take a stool in 
the left corner. Put a stool on the hatch and try to reach the lever. 

As a result you get a few strikes to the head and the unexpected Granny 
will drag off a stool... Be cool, experience is useful. 

And the lever is necessary to open the top hatch, where an unfortunate 
Giraphine pines in melancholy and loneliness. As soon as you will 
slightly open the hatch, the Giraffe will stretch himself to the 
beloved. That will open a manhole leading downwards for you (this 
manhole was covered his... so called... bottom earlier). Go downwards.

At first it is necessary to look around a bit. A board to the left, for 
example, is very much useful household item. It is clear, that it is 
necessary to sew the water from the pool first; and you will make it by 
means of cunning machinations with taps. Turn three taps at three 
o'clock, and two for the twelve. Take a shovel and a pot. To fill the 
pool with water once again, you have to spread out tap red labels: to 
the right, to the top, to the right, to the top, to the top. The pool 
will be filled, but not entirely.
Use a board as a raft and shovel as an oar and start a voyage to the 
next pipe. You have to play a new game. This time you need to throw 
three discs in a circle. Discs will turn blue inside the circle. Dude 
will receive an excellent valve as a prize.

But there is one little problem, while you were amusing yourself, your 
improvised raft considered itself a migrating whale, or simply a drunk 
cachalot and has sailed away. It is obviously beyond your power to 
reach it. Go to Molly the Janitress and exchange a broom for a mop. Mop 
is known to be a much more handy instrument in returning rogue rafts 
back. Do it. And henceforth do not leave even such small ships 
unmoored. Attach the valve to the right place and start opening the 

g) The eighth floor

The level will begin with an original test and perhaps it is one of the 
most complex trials. You should dodge the projectiles released by two 
Shooters. The victory instead of long-awaited calmness will bring you 
an opportunity to get into the next pipe only. Scratch The Seventh Foot 
of Dark-Burrow-Dweller, and then put a pot on his finger. Another pot 
should be exchanged for a shoe from The Elephantine.

h) The ninth floor

Pull the Guard's rope so the minus sign will lit. Now go for a mug with 
water (if you remember, you have left it near a watering place) and 
water a cactus. If you've had time to jump on a promptly growing cactus 
- good for you, if not - do not despair. Take an advantage of a twister 
you have received in exchange for a drawer.

i) The seventh floor

Pick up a shoe. It is very much useful to you to reconcile with Granny 
which is certainly a saboteur: she has stolen a stool, but all the same 
it is better to live in peace and friendship. Having reached the valve, 
you will understand that any drawer is simply necessary for you as an 
easel. Otherwise you simply won't reach it. If you had time to exchange 
a box for a twister, it will be necessary to return for it, i.e. to 
repeat all actions in reverse order. If you already had time to give a 
shoe to The Granny, she will agree to help you with pleasure. Put a 
stool beside her and she will self-denyingly jump into the hatch. When 
she will fall upon a board, jump to the opened hatch.

j) The sixth floor

The last floor. Take a scissors and a crowbar. When you will meet the 
The Pompier, exchange a crow bar for a hose. Hose is perhaps more 
useful to you (just think, what is a crowbar to a decent person like 
Dude for? Especially, if he had already reconciled with Granny...). 

Attach a hose to the tap and bang it with hammer, and the coin will 
drop out. It is much better with a coin, than without it. Use a coin to 
start the inflatable device. Then Inflater will be tempted with hose, 
and as a result you receive a big piece of material. Use scissors to 
cut it off and receive something, distantly looking like small rug. It 
is necessary to make an original lap of honor (do not forget to check 
if all Guards have a minus sign lit, and Dude will receive a positive 
estimation while passing by).

3. Special Thanks.

To Steam for bringing this bizarre and fabulous game and giving all the 
info for this FAQ.

To pipe studio for making the game and to for 
bringing al the info on the characters.

Copyright of this FAQ 

Howye "Mr. Kennedy"
Any comment send an e-mail to

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