Imperium Galactica III - Genesis - Demo Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Imperium Galactica III - Genesis - Demo

Imperium Galactica III - Genesis - Demo

Submitted by:Terry Faber

Tips & Tricks

Everything you need to beat the demo is provided for you. The one tactic you
need to use, as with every other RTS, is concentrated fire. Hitting the
objectives button will elaborate further on using tactics within IG3.

Pay attention when in the objectives screen, you will receive a brief
explanation on the tactical advantages of your fleet, and how to
appropriately use them.

During game play, refrain from using artillery (you won't need it anyway).
It has a huge blast radius, and does a large amount of damage to smaller
ships. If you use artillery during battle, you'll run the very likely risk
of blowing up all of your own ships. Also, try not to "abuse" your weapons.
They all have limited amounts of ammunition that does not get replenished.

When the mission begins, your crews engineer will run system checks on all
ships, checking shields and engines. Afterward, your tactical officer will
dispatch fighters.

Within seconds, your tactical officer will announce that unidentified ships
(three ships) have been detected entering the system. Shortly after, two
more ships will enter the system-pause the game. Click on one of the two
ships that have just entered the system. Select all of your ships, and hit
the "Closing" button-resume the game. Your ships will begin approaching
their designated target/destination.

As soon as the first shot is fired by the enemy, pause the game. You have
been provided with two ships that possess the abilities to destroy devices
on enemy ships, and use stealth-select these two ships. Select their ability
to destroy devices, this will display a table of devices on the targeted
ship. Your ship(s) will destroy devices in the order that they are selected.
Choose to destroy all devices, but choose to destroy the ships primary
weaponry first. With the game still paused, select your ships that possess
the ability to drain shields-you have been provided with two of them. Select
the target ship and drain their shields. You'll have an extra ship left over
with the ability to both deploy fighters, and dispense artillery attacks. Do
not send this ship into battle, instead, try to get this ship out of harms
way-you'll need those fighters later on. Before resuming the game, make sure
that you're countering ships are all attacking the same ship [each ships is
assigned a letter. When you order an attack on a ship, the letter of that
ship will be displayed in the command box]. Now resume the game, and let it

Wait for the targeted ship to lose their shields. When they do, pause the
game immediately. You'll see a green icon depicting a box with a checkmark
in it. This indicates that the ships you ordered to drain the shields of the
enemy ship have completed their task-select those very ships. They both have
the ability to destroy ships. Choose this ability, and resume the game. Have
these ships fire on the enemy ship until it has been left a wreck in space.
Once the enemy ship you have targeted is no longer a threat, move onto the
next ship using the same tactics.

Remember to concentrate your fire. Take out all other ships before thinking
about taking on the Gorg battleship. If you fail to take out the battleships
escorts before hand, you'll end up losing a ship, and you'll be at a serious
disadvantage when trying to achieve your next objective (you'll be better
off restarting the demo if this happens).

When the Gorg battleship has been laid to waste, send out one of your ships
with the stealth ability to the designated Gorg outpost. Your ship will
reveal that the asteroid field containing the outpost contains a heavy
projectile defense net.

The defense net is shaped like the letter "Y" laid on its side. The primary
Gorg outpost is located at the intersection. Rally all of your ships to the
base of the defense net, and deploy your fighters-they'll protect you from
the bombardment of incoming projectiles. When this is done approach the
first defensive outpost.

Remember, these outposts are built inside asteroids, and are invulnerable
against weapons. You'll need to select all ships with the "destroy devices"
ability to destroy the weapons on all the outposts you encounter. When you
arrive at the intersection of the defense net, ignore the primary outpost,
instead, focus on destroy the two remaining outpost's of the defense net.

When this is done, turn your attention to the primary outpost. Destroy the
primary weapons on the outpost (Only) first. When this is done, drain the
shields. When the shields are drained, attack the core generator and any
other devices on the outpost.

When you have succeeded, approach the exit point, and the demo will end.


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