Inca - The last grand Inca Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Inca - The last grand Inca

Inca - The last grand Inca

                         By Nikolay Kaleyski
                           Version 1.0
1.Contents - this section
2.Introduction - about the game and the walkthrough
3.Hints - hints for different situations
4.Walkthrough - complete step-by-step instructions, many spoilers, read at your
own risk
5.Cheats and tricks - if the game is too hard, use these
6.Codes - a few lists of codes for the game
7.Maps and mazes - hints on the described subject
8.Statements - make sure you read this, describes how you can use this document
9.Help needed - want to help me? See here
10.Credits - who made this document possible
11.Final word - a few final comments

I am sure that this game is not very popular, but it is very good anyway. I
encourage you to get it from somewhere if you haven't already done so and try
playing it, especially with a good sound card, because the music's great.
Also, it's easy to play and actually combines a few genres in it. 
Anyway, I started writing a walkthrough on my old computer, because I had 
nothing better to do. Now, I'm converting it in the proper format and adding
more things, so it will be complete. I hope you enjoy the game. 
Oh, I reccomend you to try and finish the game without reading anything from
here except the hints section perhaps, it's much more fun that way.

Space Combat
This is probably the most common sequence you'll encounter in the game. You will
have to defeat groups of fighters or spanish galleons. There are a few types of
fighters, depending on their strenght. All are armed with standard weapons and
work in groups of five fighters. Galleons however are much better armed, slower
and much more stronger than fighters. It's good that you only encounter them
once. They can fire cannonballs at you, but they can be easily destroyed.
If you are careful, they are not so hard to defeat.
The best strategy I could give agains galleons is to go on full speed against
one of them and start shooting without pause. You'll have to empty your guns'
energy to as long as needed, but 1-2 such attack will take care of the ships.
Don't forget that they're slow, so thake advantage of this.
As for fighters, when they first appear, pick one and head towards him while
shooting. Then turn around and finish him. Pick another one and repeat...
The table below shows the strenght of fighters.

Red             30
Blue            50
White         60-80
Green           70

Trench Combat
Your goal here is to get to the end of the trenches first, while not being blown
up by the enemy's cannons and mines. It would be good if you can destroy every
spanish fighter on the field and be alone to win 1st place. A good strategy is 
to let your opponents pass you and shoot them while they are close to you. But,
you must not lose time waiting for them, so slow down ONLY when they're VERY
close to your own fighter. Shoot their mines if you can and take them down as
soon as possible. These levels are rather hard, but with some practise you'll
pass them easily.

Ground Fights
The most commom position here is the following : two spanish soldiers hiding
behind walls and shooting at you. I have noticed that if you point your cursor
to the left, the soldier from the right will come out and shoot. Disable their
blasts by shooting at them and be prepared to quickly aim and shoot. A great
strategy would to choose a guard, finish him and then just point at the place
where the other will come out. He'll have no choice. Other soldiers have a field
that shields them they will only remove it and shoot when you point your cursor
away from them.

The puzzles here do not require much thinking. The 'HELP' button might give you
some advice. If you can't think of anything either read the walkthrough section
or try to click everything like crazy. But try to spare some time to think, do
not let the fun get away so easily.

After you watch the introduction, go through the stone door to the first level.

You need to get to that planet, so charge up your engines. After some time, an
asteroid field will appear. Here you can practise your shooting. Each asteroid
will be destroyed in one or two shots. Try not to hit the asteroids on maximum
speed however.

Trench Combat
If you wish, visit the hints section and read about this, then try to pass the

Inca City
First you have to gain entrance. Play a little with the controls of your fighter
(called Tumi, by the way) to get the three sacred jewels of Inti. Click on the
hole and the pattern of the lines on the golden sun will change. Click on the
hole until the sun can fit in the hole and complete the lines around it. Now,
the places for the jewels will appear. Put one jewel in the place where there
are the two other collors. Take the sacred tumi from the door and enter the
city, which is something like a maze. Wander around until you reach a barrier
made of bamboo. Use the tumi to undo the knots, then cut the bamboo. Get the
coin and then the bamboo itself. Proceed to a golden star. Push the section of
the wall which you can and place each piece of bamboo in a notch. Click on the
golden star and cut the golden corn with the sacred tumi. Get it and remember
what the mummy had to say. Put the gold coin in the slot and proceed. Eventually
you'll come to a large hall with four pillars and a golden panel. Move the panel
and get the golden star. Use it to open secret compartments in the pillars. One
will contain a quipu. Get it and pull the hook in the compartment. You'll be now
able to get a stone star. Place it in the place of the golden star and put the
golden corn in the golden ball (a lot of gold, isn't it?). Notice the number of
knots on each string of the quipu. Push the right arrow three times, the up one
a single time, the left one five times and the down arrow - two times. A door
will open and you can now continue your quest.
You are now in a room with statues of Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo. Open the tile
on the floor and something like a table will come out. Above is a cup that has
some sort of fluid in it. When you click on the statues they will produce a ball
with a different color - the statue of Mama Ocllo will produce only of the red
balls, while the statue of Manco Capac will produce both red and blue. Connect
a blue and a red and two red balls (by producing them at the same time), then
cover them with the fluid. The wall will dissapear and you will now have the
power of time.

After your success you will want to get "home" as soon as possible. However you
are ambushed by a group of five red fighters which you will have to defeat. The
battle is not hard, but you will want to practise a little. After that start up
your engines and return to your base.

Defending the base
After a short dialogue with your tutor you will go out in your Tumi to defend
the power you just got from the spanish forces. This battle is very hard as
there are three waves of fighters - red, blue, white - one after another. You
will need lots of practise here or a few cheats. Good Luck!

After the big battle, you'll find yourslef on a spanish galleon. Simply move
around the ship by clicking with the mouse. After you meet with Aguirre, shoot
his blasts, never mind him. Proceed with the same actions until you reach his
cabin. Once you enter, he'll lock you in the hold. You must now try to escape.
First, take off the label on the barrel. Pull the chain two times to let in
some light. Get the cork out of the barrel. Scare the rat with the cork and
get the golden plate. Put some gunpowder in the label and put the foldel now
label near the barrel. Put the cork in the barrel once again and reflect some
light to explode the gunpowder with the plate. Now that you are free, look for
three barrels. One of them contains a treasure and a key. Go into the next room
and look for another treasure and key in another such barrel. Unlock two of the
cupboards and from one of them get the hatchet and the bag. Go back into the
first room and look for a single barrel. Use the hatchet to open it and dispose
of the cover. Put the bag on the ground and fill it with powder from the barrel
using the plate. Now that the barrel is lighter, get the bag and put it on the
plate in one of the cupboards in the other room. Get the cannon sponge and use
it to remove the barrel in the first room, then open the trapdoor and get out.

Escape from galleon
You will find yourself surrounded by spanish guards. Take them out and wander
around until you reach a door that cannot be opened. Knock three times and get
the candelabra and crucifix from the hands. Give the gold to the left hand and
the gems to the right one. Now, look where you are! Anyway, use the crucifix
to open the oyster and get the censer, put it on the pillar. Put the candelabra
next to it and put a candle from it in the censer. Get some holy water in the
plate, give it to St Peter and quickly take his key and unlock the door.
Now, you have to click on the golden blocks until you teleport to your Tumi.
The combination is : up, down, left, right.

Trench Combat
After your meeting with the Accla, you will fly off to the moon and to another
trench combat. Be careful, this one is much more difficult. Once you win, the
Accla will give you the second power - matter.

You'll see how Aguirre sends some fighters after you. You must defeat two waves
of fighters and then return "home".

You will start a journey to the Mayan Temples to get the last power. However,
like always, you are ambushed by fighters and then galleons. It will be a very
interesting battle with the galleons, though. When you defeat them, go to the

Mayan Maze
To gain access, press the three suns and get the eggs. Push opposite stones
(lower-left, upper-right, etc.) and put the eggs in the glowing eyes. Each
eye has a special color you need to put however, and you must be very fast.
Once all three eggs are placed, get the golden sun and use it to restore the
three stone suns. The way is clear now.
Once inside, fight your way to a river of lava. Get the tumi blades, move the
quarry stones until there is a ray of light and put the gold sun to reflect the
ray. Get the blue crystal and get the sun. Put the tumi blades in the place of
the sun. Put the blue crystal on them. Play a quick game of memory. Select the
color. However, select the OPPOSITE color of the color shown. Once you finish,
a door will open and you can proceed. A bamboo stuck in a door will show you
the correct way. Once you find yourself on yet another puzzle sequence, you 
must move the small balls(one jumps over another and the latter is removed)
so that the last one is on the lowest slot. Then click on the earth until it
moves on the highest slot. Put the sun in the designed slot and get the final
power - energy. Continue to your trial.
Here, use the time gem on the star to change to spring. Use the matter gem to
create some rich soil. Plant the bamboo and give it energy to grow with the 
last gem. Change to winter and put the bamboo on the ice. Put the golden sun
on the bamboo sticks and change to summer. Use the energy gem and you have a
boat to finish the trial.

All you have to do is defeat Aguirre. First, take out the guards and then he 
appears. Have in mind that the more you shoot at him, the more he shoots back.

5.Cheats and tricks
At the begining of the game, you can use the device on the right of the screen
to listen to music from the game

In the begining of the game there is something like a dictionary that you can
use to read about certain words and names

Full health
During a space combat, press Ctrl+Alt+Shift to get full health AND all five
chances back


Level                    List 1          List 2
-----                    ------          ------
Asteroids                START           START
Trench 1                 533577          533577
Inca City                514777          513577
Return                   654777          653577
Defence                  814777          813577
Galleon                  713577          713577
Escape                   633577          633577
Trench 2                 614777          613577
Return 2                 772177          773577
Assault                  573577          573577
Mayan maze               673577          673577
Aguirre                  553577          553577

Note : Most of these codes (all in list 2) were made after passing levels WITHOUT any loses
at all. Some of the codes in the two lists are the same. 

7.Maps and mazes
How and why should I make a map?
Easy. Get some paper (better if it has already drawn boxes of 1 cm or so) and draw every screen
as a section on the map. For example a large room would be 4X4 cm, while a corridor 4X1 cm, etc.
Mark special sections on the map and you're ready.
As to "why", there are a few reasons. It would be easier to play the level if you have a map.
You can help someone else in the game, even get some practise drawing. Finaly you can submit
a map to walkthroughs on the internet and get your name in the credits. You may find other uses

Maps of levels
If I am able, I will soon put some level maps in the walkthrough.

1.You can read the walkthrough, print it on paper and distribute it(in printed or electronical
format) freely, as long as nothing is changed.
2.If you wish to put this document on a website or mention it, I must be informed first(see the
contacts section).
3.If you would like to copy or quote a part of the document in another document or use it for
the writing of it as a guide or as example, my name should go into the credits section and I
should be informed.
4.You cannot change anything in here except for personal use. If you like something to be 
changed in the complete version, e-mail me ti update it.

9.Help needed
I would appreciate if someone would send me more code lists and cheats. Have in mind I won't
accept more than a total of 20 lists. But about 7-8 would be fine. If I ge too many lists,
I'll decide which to put here. Also, I'd like to hear your comments and other feedback for the
walkthrpugh and most importantly, the codes - did they work? Any ideas about updates would be
apreciated as well, though credits are not given unless you give me an exact description of a
new thing.

Thanks go to :
Me, only me, for now. I hope I get some help to fill this section...

11.Final word
Really great game, but as I said before, not very popular. I reccomend you to try Inca 2 too.
Well, see you later!

E-mail me at OR

Copyright 2003 Nikolay Kaleyski


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