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 Innocent Until Caught 2

Innocent Until Caught 2

Submitted by: Dj Simo
As the introduction said we'll find out that Jack T.Ladd (JTL)
screwed up the hyper-drive of your ship.  Now they have to stick
to Impulse Power but they have one problem... fuel shortage.

We begin on the bridge/cockpit. Take the medical kit, and take
the lunchbox. Use your lunch box. You'll find a fork and a knife
(take them).  Use your medical kit and take the syringe. Talk to
the ship's computer (Booba), it'll tell you that you're near a
planet registered as a mining colony.

Use the console.  Press the survey button and you'll notice a
planet called LIXA.  Press the land button and you'll land on
the planet.  Talk to booba again and it'll tell you that there
are no readouts from the planet and it will give you a
diagnostic cartridge.

Leave the bridge through the left door, then take the door in
the middle. Use the control panel and it'll open,  and stand on
the elevator in the middle of the room.

(Watch the animated sequence)

Go to the right.  Enter the temple.  In the temple go to the
door to the left and you'll find the computer.  Take the disk
out of the first disk drive.  Go out again, and go on the other
door on the right.  You will see an elevator, stand on it.  If
you're below go through the door on the right.  Take the pickaxe
and exit.  Take the elevator again.  Talk to JTL. and use 'I
need you to go down in that elevator'.  Use your knife and cut
the rope twice.  You'll get a cable.  Talk to elevator shaft and
JTL will return.  Take the cable and click on the pickaxe.
(Grappling Hook) [7.9%]

Go down the elevator and take the left exit.  Then take the
grappling hook and click on the Cavern Roof.  [8.6%]  Use the
grappling rope and you'll swing like Tarzan.  Go to the left.

You'll find a corpse.  Examine the corpse and you'll find an ID
card from a Mining Colony's Executive officer.  Go back to the
cavern and swing again. [10.1%]   Go back up with the elevator.
Go back to the faulty computer and put the ID card in the
PCMMMMXCIA slot.  [10.8%] TAKE at the secondary computer and
you'll get a working circuit board. [11.5%] and put it in the
MAIN computer again! [12.3%] Now, put the empty disk in the disk
drive to the left.  USE the console again. Make sure you use
your ID card in the slot. If all goes well, you should get "the
log is being transferred to disk". [13.0%]

Go back to the ship's bridge and take the disk to Booba.  Then
talk to her, use 'Can you read this disk...'.  She'll tell you
there was an invasion of aliens from another dimension and that
you must close the portal before it's too late.  [13.7%]  Talk
to Booba again and choose 'We must stop this alien invasion'.
Now Booba will tell you that she can track down the source of
it, and she'll add the 2 planets to your ship's console.  They
are called 'GELT' and 'BROYGUS'.

Click on GELT and then click on TAKE OFF.  Space again.  Then
click on LAND. Go to the Elevator and enter the planet.

Talk to the hostess (Lucky Star Casino) and you'll need to find
a way to get in the casino.  Choose 'about this Xanvier Zeb...'
and then you say 'I'm actually his wife...'  Now you can enter
the casino. [14.4%]

Enter the second floor (door on the left).  Talk to the
concierge.  If you talk enough, you'll find out that the window
cleaning company is named 'SMEAR 'N' CLEAR'.  You'll need to
know this!

Enter the third floor (door on the right).  Talk to Ruthie.  You
may talk with the boss about your gambling authorization.  Your
ship will be impounded for the aliens as a business deal with
Tennant.  In the meantime you'll get full access to all
facilities.  [15.9%] Leave the office, and go down to the first
floor (door on the right).

You've entered the casino.  Talk to the croupier.  Talk to
gambler and choose 'Keep on talking babe...', then ask for some
chips, and he'll give them to you.  [17.3%] Now you can play,
and ask for as much chips as you want... (He'll also give info
of suspicious cheating in the casino, get a clue?) Now during
the blackjack game, steal 2 IDENTICAL cards (take MY CARD).
[18.8%] Then go to the boss again (Tennant) on the top floor,
talk to the lady first and you'll tell her you have evidence of
cheating in the casino. She'll let you in.  Then talk to the
chief and you'll get your ship back (whoah), but he won't tell
you where the beacon is (damn). [20.2%]

You want to go back to your ship, but you still need the
location of the beacon, and you're not leaving untill you've got
it.  So you'll go back to Tennant's and talk first to the
receptionist.  And tell her that you work for the window
cleaning company.  [21.0%] She'll give you the key of the
window.  Go inside and use the console, you'll find out the
whereabouts of the beacon.  Now use the window key on the
window. [21.7%]

Walk on the ledge.  Now you're on the top of the building.  Use
the beacon, and go back down. [23.1%]  Go to your ship and use
the console.  Click on data, to display the planets, and then
click on co”rdinates (603704). Use the panel with the numbers to
enter these co”rdinates.  Click on Take-Off. Click on the other
planet (BROYGUS) and click on land.  Exit from your ship.

Follow the animated sequence.  Go to the right and talk to the
Colonel. Pick up the stick.  Use the flagpole to get the flag.
Go to the right again. You'll get on a oasis.  Take the stick
and click it on the fruit in the tree. Use the empty syringe on
the fruit. [26.8%]  Go back to the left twice and go below.  Go
to the right.  Use the flag on the oildrum as a wick. [27.5%] Go
back to the colonel, and watch him closely, you'll see that he
puts off his spectacles once a while... grab em fast! [28.2%]
Then, head for the place with the oildrum again and use the
spectacles on the oildrum. She'll light it up and ... kabooom...
You'll see that the guard at the tank has left to check it out.
[28.9%]  Use the full syringe on his cup of coffee and he'll
faint.  [29.7%]

Use the tank. Once inside the tank, use the console (fire
system) and you'll notice that the safety is still on... Now,
examine the window of the tank and you'll see that Jack Ladd
will come to the resue and fix the problem... Use the console
again!  Now, you'll see a red triangle on the monitor, that's
the enemy tank you need to destroy.  Use the Turret movement
system (arrows!) until that red triangle is EXACTLY inside the
green square.  Then press the fire button (it's in the middle of
arrows).   Once done, use the door again and the soldiers will
thank you.  [32.6%]  Go a screen to the right. Yeah, the other
beacon, use the beacon and you'll get the other co”rdinates.
Head back into the ship [33.3%]

Use your console, use Survey, Data, co”rdinates (other is
525681).  Take off. Then the ship's computer will tell you that
she's picked up a distress call from colonists.  She'll put the
data on your console.   Use Survey and pick the fourth planet,
use data (LOWE'S PLANET).  Land there.  And exit your ship.

On the planet, talk to Narm N'Palm and ask some stuff
(I.X.M.F...) then talk to the colonist's leader.  Then follow
the small sequence.  [35.5%]  Go to the left (Tents) and then to
the left again (Jungle).  Pick up pack of flares, the automatic
rifle and the ammunition clip.  [36.9%]  Take the Ammo clip on
the rifle BEFORE you enter the cave. Talk to Jack Ladd again
about the caves and Narm N'Palm...

Enter the caves, but make sure you click fast on USING rifle...
the caves can be a bit confusing but wander around until you
come up this hughe creature called the spawner, then shoot FIRST
the limbs and then the head... [40.5%] You can always lit a
flare (use flare) as it gives you points. [+0.7%] Head back
outside.  Follow the sequence.  Go back to the ship.

Use the console.  Take Off.  Use console, and now use
triangulate.  You'll find a new planet. Talk to Booba, and after
that she'll be infected by a virus, so you must land on the
nearest planet to give her time to reboot. Only one problem you
can't use the console anymore.  Go to the elevator room. Use the
airlock control panel.  Then use the fork on the panel. You'll
get access to the airlock.  [42.7%]  Enter it and you'll be in
space. "swim/fly" to the PANEL (up right), it's a bit below the
radar and above the cockpit.  Use the panel, and it will
deactivate Booba.  [43.4%] Return to the ship's cockpit.  Use
the console.  Survey the area, and click on the new planet
(HAVEN).  Land.  Head down to the planet.

Go to the right.  Enter the ruines.  Then take the second door
in the middle on your right, until you come to a high priest.
Talk to him. (Artefacts, lights...) Head down outside (left),
and walk to the other screen on the right.  Stand on the strange
platform.  You'll drop down into a holy chamber.  Jack will take
advantage of this and will eat the sacrifices. Follow the
sequence and you'll both end up in Jail. (swell) [45.6%] Walk to
the Window, and you'll jump out.  [50.0%]  Go to the right, into
the wine cellar, then go again to the right.  Take the bag of
yeast. Go back to the left and use the bag of yeast on the vat.
It will explode and the will ruin the monks clothes, he'll go
for a swim and follow him.  Take his Robe. [56.5%] Use the robe.
[58.6%]  Take the flower.  [60.8%] Go to 2x right, and go up.
Take the first door on the top.  Enter the door and talk to
Jack. You'll tell him you'll create a diversion.  Use the flower
and you'll get 5 petals.  [71.7%]  Then talk to him again about
a trail of diversion. Go back to the swimming monk and put a
petal on that place, now go to the right and put in each room a
petal until you've reached the cell. Now, enter the cell and
exit it again, they'll capture Jack and he'll jump into the
light... (will this be the end of him).  Go back to the ship.

Talk to Booba again, and follow the sequence.  Head for the
elevator, but now enter the docking station..

Go into the door with the red light, then head downwards.  Pick
up the Plug. [76.8%] Go to the left.  and to the left again,
talk to the Grubby Little man. He'll give you a shattered
transatron.  [79.7%]  Take the electrical cord and use it with
the plug [82.6%]  Go to the left, and talk to jack.  Then, take
another electrical cord. [85.5%]  Use this cord again on the
other cord with plug to have a long extension.  [88.4%] Go to
the place with the Rubble in front of an exit and go below, you
should find an electromagnet...  Now use the electrical cord on
the electromagnet to clear away the rubble in front of the door.
[91.3%]  Enter the door and take the Shard on the floor, Use
this shard on the shattered transatron [97.1%] Great, now use
the working transatron on the Dimensional Anomaly (right

Wow, you saved the galaxy...

The end! [100%]


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