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 Inter Active Girls

Inter Active Girls

From: "kumayl hassan"

Hello again,
I am sending you some walkthroughs about a
game called "INTER ACTIVE GIRLS".Well most of 
my friends out there have a problem playing this 
game because the girls dont get impressed soon but 
my walkthroughs are very valuable cause i really 
pleased them.I will give walkthrougs about different 
girls as follows:

When you see her sitting at the resturant offer
her champhagne
which will make her really sexy.Then go to the store
and buy some super 
luxury condoms (which will be handy at the end).then
take her to your home.
When at home offer her a sofa and some more
champhagne.Then put on some
classical music(she will not like any other type).Then
start talking 
with her go to make coffee to see her doing some dirty
actions(if you 
dont make the coffee it will be ok but you wont see
the actions).Next 
tell her that you are a photographer.She will ask you
to take some 
pictures of her.Bring film from the market.Then she
will start removing
her clothes and you start taking her pictures.When she
will be
completely naked then she will ask you to make love
with her at this 
moment make use of the SUPER LUXURY CONDOMS and there
you are friend
you have impressed her well.

O.K this babe is the most difficult to
impress but i evetually
did it.When she arrives at your home take her hand
bag.When she is 
comfortably seated start talking with her.Though there
are different
topics available in the game but talk with her on the
topic of 
pornographic movies.Then invite her to see one such
watching such a movie she will become a little horny
(strive to make 
her more).Then ask her to sleep when in the bedroom
she will start 
becoming naked tell her immediately about the electric
curtains as
you are watching her from the window futhermore,dont
forget to take
the digital clock from the table beside her.Set the
alarm for exactly
9:30 A.M(otherwise she will run away).After that a
screen for selecting
a gift will appear select Lingerie,Vibrator & love
balls.When you will 
wake up in the morning offer her breakfast and notice
that she is 
completetly naked but hiding in the blanket but when
you will tell her
about the gifts she will reveal her breasts.Then she
will go and take
a bath.when she comes back give her the Lingerie first
she will wear it
for you then give the other gifts.Then she will do
some dirty acts.Take
her to your bedroom and throw her on the bed.Then
using your SUPER 
LUXURY CONDOMS give her what she deserves.

There are two sections about this babe in the
game.a)Fore play
b)movie.a)In the fore play section stoke her body as
quickly as 
possible she will perform some dirty actions in the
end depending on 
your speed also remember that start stroking from the
less erogenous
areas and go till the more erogenous areas of her
body.Like do not 
straight away stroke her pussy or her breasts.Here is
a possible 
sequence:First stoke her hair,then her arms,then her
neck,then her
right leg,then the left leg,then the right and left
thighs,the her
breasts,then her pussy from different angles & then
finally give her
a french kiss.b)In the movie section simply make
movies of her actions
by moving the cursor.

There are two sections about this babe also
a)Milk quest b)Shaving
Pussy.a)This is the longest game in this series and
also the most 
difficult to understand.Therefore,even i dont know
much about it but
i know one important thing about it that JO appears at
the twelveth
house of any street i am working on it and if i arrive
at some 
conclusion i will let you guys know.b)The second part
is the most 
wonderfull part of this series "Imagine shaving the
sex organ of a girl"
Well she will ask you to find a clue on her body click
on her pussy
the she will ask you to find a clue in the room, find
her shaver.Then 
carefully apply the shaving foam on her pussy.Then
gently shave her 
pubic hair.Then finish the gob with the towel."She is

There are other sections like advertisements
of prostitutes
there are three girls which try to please you with
there actions then 
they tell you a number to call them.Have fun with
them.well thats all
folks i think now no body will have problem playing
these games.


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