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1. You're in front of the house. The front door is unlocked, but it's not safe 
to enter through there. Go left to the driveway and make your way towards the back.

2. Get to the garage. The left and right garage door won't open so go through the 
large middle doors. You'll need to pick up 2 batteries - one from the table and 
the other is in the box on the table.

3. Leave the garage and make your way to the back porch. Before you enter through 
the back porch door, pick up the flashlight from the table, on the cabinet-like 
thing, on the left side of the door.

4. Go through the back door. You have a choice of three doors - to the Kitchen, 
the Laundry, and the Bathroom. There's nothing in the Bathroom worth checking out,
so make your way to the Laundry.

5. In the Laundry you'll knock over a can of Kitty Bits. This will alert the 
Intruder who will make his way into the room. You're given 3 choices - Do you
hide behind the door? Meow like a cat? Hide in the bathroom?

6. Meow like a cat and the Intruder goes away. Look down at the floor. Next to 
the Kitty Bits can is a piece of paper. On it is a PIN number '10' and two other
numbers smudged out. Remember this.
(Somewhere in the Laundry, the cat will pounce on you. It won't harm you, but 
watch out for it If it doesn't get you here, it'll get you in the Kitchen.)

7. Make your way out and go to the Kitchen. In the Kitchen, pick up the chef's
knife that is on the counter, between the coffe-maker and the fridge. Go to the
fridge and look at the calender. Take note of the date of Sarah's birthday 
(Oct 20).

8. Make you way towards the Pantry. The Intruder's silhouette can be seen in the 
Dining Room so don't go too far. Slip into the Pantry.

9. There's nothing to take on the Pantry shelves. Click right on the Cellar Door.
There's a combination lock and you'll need 4 numbers. Take the first two numbers 
from the PIN paper and the birthday date from the calendar. (If you've forgotten,
it's 1020). Click this in and click on the top of the lock. It'll open the cellar

10. Go down to the Cellar. Nothing to take here. You just need to throw the fuse
switch so the power comes back on. The Intruder will be alerted to your presence,
but this time that's a good thing, because he'll move away from the Dining Room.

11. Move out of the Cellar and Pantry and make your way to the Dining Room and 
into the Lounge.

12. In the Lounge you'll find a TV cabinet and clicking it will turn the TV on. 
That will bring the Intruder into the room, so don't do that.

13. Get out of the Lounge into the Hallway. On the extreme right is Scott and 
Sarah's Bedroom which is locked. Straight ahead is where the Hallway continues, 
and the door before that, on the right, is the Office. If you go further into 
the Hallway, you'll find a corner and see the Intruder's silhouette. "You are 
vulnerable without heavy artillery it says." Turn around and make your way to 
the Office.

14. Inside the Office you find Scott's body. The phone rings and this alerts 
the Intruder. Again you have 3 choices - Hide under the desk, run outside or 
hide behind the door?

15. Hide behind the door. The Intruder does not see you. After he goes away, 
click on Scott's desk and look at Scott's phone. Clicking on it will reveal a
message from Sarah. There's a gun in the office drawer, she says. She's hiding
in the bedroom. (If you click on the laptop, you'll have to play a maze game. 
If you don't complete it the Intruder will come into the room).

16. Click on the drawers. The top one is locked. To pry it open, drag the chef's
knife from your inventory to the drawer. Inside the drawer, you see an empty box
of blanks, some bullets and a gun. Take the gun and bullets. You will now need 
to kill the Intruder before freeing Sarah from the bedroom.

17. Leave the Office. Facing the doors that will bring you 'Back Outside', click
left to go to the Hallway. You should find yourself in the corner with the 
Intruder's silhouette looming. Click on your gun so that you'll get a target
on screen.

18. Go forward and shoot the Intruder. He will slash at you twice and leave you 
lying for dead. After you get up you'll find your target less steady, because 
you're now injured. You'll still have to look for him and kill him.

19. On the left and right of the bookshelf are two bedrooms. Go right to Sam's 
bedroom and aim for the Intruder's head. If successful, he will fall over and his
hand will release a key. Pick up the key and make your way to Scott and Sarah's 

20. Drag the key to Scott and Sarah's bedroom door. Sarah is delirious and thinks
YOU are the intruder. You have 3 choices - shoot her, tackle her, or let her 
shoot you. Pick one and watch the final scene unfold. (The game allows you to
replay this part, to find out where each choice will lead).

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