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 Inherit the Earth

Inherit the Earth

Well... h3r3 we r... U r playin' as a fox, who got into some probs. Yar quest 
is 2 search 4 the Orb, which was stolen durin' a feiry in the land of animals.
They give u two companions and yar quest begins... U may have some probs. in 
findin' places where 2 go when u just begin but that will pass in a while...
U may also have some probs. with understandin' da text but that's none of my 
business 'cause if u don't use IrC u r lame... Anyway, h3r3 we begin...

I will not tell u the direct way so u will have 2 look around places yarself 
b4 findin' stuff... 
Go 2 the fortune teller... Ask anythin' u can and get some knowledge from her.
Go 2 the money changer and sell yar medallion 4 fifteen coins. Go 2 
sanctuary. Visit Elara and ask her permission 2 explore the crime scene.
U won't b allowed 2 do that. Go 2 the forest and visit the king. Tell him that
Elara wants 2 have some proof of yar true intensions, he'll give u a golden
apple which will serve as a token. Go back 2 sanctuary and show proof 2 
Elara. She will open the door leadin' 2 the garden. Go 2 the upper left 
corner and take berries, look at footprint, get a bucket somewhere in the 
garden. Go 2 the castle, enter it by foolin' gatekeepers. Walk forward until 
u come 2 the king's bathroom...  When he orders u 2 enter the mud agree
2 do it. When u'r out u will realize that u got a golden ring from that mud...
Go 2 cave. Fool da keeper and sneak into the cave. U'll have 2 walk around b4
u can find what u seek - a very wise rat... When u find him talk 2 him and
give him berries and a ring, listen carefully 2 what he says and dont forget 2
mention the footprint. Go 2 village and buy some plaster. Go 2 sanctuary. 
Pour plaster in da bucket and fill it with water from the fountain or. Pour 
this mess onto footprint, pick up the copy. Go back 2 rat and show him the 
footprint. Go 2 Tycho's house and talk2 him. Make a bargain with him. When u 
have the broken glass go 2 village and enter the glassmakershop. Talk 2 the 
master and give her yar glass... Agree 2 meet them all l8r. Go there. Talk 2 
everybody until they ask u 2 solve the test. 2 solve simply listen 2 ferry's 
advices. Talk 2 orb. When it says that there is no data of the word 
lightcatcher leave and go 2 rat. Talk 2 him until he tells u 'bout a 
telescope. Go back 2 village. Tell orb 'bout lens and telescope. The ferry 
should leave 2 make a lens, however she will soon return sayin' that the lens
is too rough and has 2 b polished. Ask orb 'bout the substitute. Ask yar 
friend Okk 'bout the Red Clay. Leave 4 castle. Fool gatekeepers again, get 
into the bathroom. Everythin' will b done automaticaly. When u have some of 
the red clay return 2 village and give clay 2 the glass master. Now u have a 
lens. Go Tycho's and give him a lens... U got a map... When u leave the house
u will c a servant who brought u a letter, which Elara wants u 2 give 2 her 
sister. Look at yar map. Go to the castle of dogs. Talk 2 gatekeepers and agree
2 amuse their prince... This asshole will put u into jail... :( Pick up bowl.
Use bowl on locked door. Talk 2 dog and ask him 2 bring u food and spoon. Look
at lose stone on the right wall. Use spoon on it. Use bowl with food on 
tunnel. U will have 2 leave yar friends alone 4 a while. Walk around the 
place until u find an exit and do not mind that green dewd, he got me once 
too. :) When u r outta castle look at yar map again. Go 2 the vilage of cats.
Talk 2 the big one and meet da chief. Talk 2 her 2 find out 'bout her sick 
daughter. Leave 4 cottage which is almost on the very top of da map. Talk 2 
door until the peephole is opened. Use letter on door ( u will have 2 do it 4 
three timez until she finally opens da door. Talk 2 old cat and ask her 'bout 
the remedy, u should ask her all of the available questions so she will give u
bowl 2 gather some honey in it. Leave. Catnip is really simple 2 find it's
right near the river stream a little up from da cottage. Pick it up and go 2 
quarry... Get a flint and a rope there. U should find a merchant in one of the 
forest clearings and trade a needle with thread 4 yar ring. Find an oak. Get
dry brances there and use 'em. Use flint with spoon 2 get a spark. Use bowl
2 get some honey. Return 2 cottage. Give all the ingredidents 2 the cat - she 
will give u a remedy. Return 2 cat's villageandgive remedy 2 the ill girlie.
After the celebratin' cats will agrre 2 help u in freein' yar friends. Enter 
the castle entrance. U will have 2 walk around until u find the main room. Go
2 the right passage and walk until u find a sleepin' prince. U should move w/o
any squeaks not 2 wake him, otherwise u'll b not able 2 get a key. When u got 
it go back 2 the main room and now enter the left passage. Now u have 2 find a 
cell where yar friends r held. Find it and open the door with a key and make 
yar way back 2 an exit. Walk 2 the quarry and try 2 get a fragment of the 
green crystal. U will have 2 do that three timez until Okk takes it out. Find a
merchant and exchange yar golden ring back 4 a crystall... Go 2 the rocky 
gorge. Try walk accross the chasm. Eeah will jump over it. Use rope 2 pass the 
chasm. Go 2 dock. Talk 2 old wolf and give him yar golden ring. Ask him 
whatever u can when u r passin' the river... Once u r on the North Island go 2
the waterfall. Talk 2 Shiala there. Go 2 the black claw camp site. Enter the
chief's hut and get a trophy there. Enter the doorway 2 the right. U should 
find yarself in cage now (I dunno whether it's a bug or smth. but anyway that 
was so in my case). Shiala will come and save u. Go back 2 dock. Talk 2 
merchant and get an oil lamp in exchange of ancient trophy. Go 2 ancient 
ruins. There r only three places u can visit h3r3. Two doors r on the very top
and one is in deep deep down. :) One of the doors on the top is openin' only 
halfway so use an oil lamp on it. Enter the door. Get a screwdriver on the 
workin' table. Leave. Enter the second door. Get cable there. Leave. Go 2 
seaside cliff and get a key-card there usin' cable. Go 2 dam. Then go 2 
hilltop. Use screwdriver on the door. Get a clock standin' on the table. Open
it. U got a battery. Go back 2 ruins, walk down as soon as u get in and walk 
till the very end. Open door. Use card-key on slot. Enter the doorway. Walk 
around until u find a room with a computer. Get a strange lookin' device. Make
yar way back 2 an exit. Go 2 waterfall. Enter gap and then go 2 waterfall.
Talk 2 Shiala. Ask her everythin' u can. Use battery on device. Use device on
iron hatch. Enter doorway. Walk till u find a racoon.
Well... This is it... Watch da sequence... :)


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