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 Kango Shicyauzo

Kango Shicyauzo

Kango Shicyauzo Walkthrough

by Ecchifan

Kango Shicyauzo is copyrighted by Trabulance, and distributed by G-Collections.
All rights reserved.  For more information on this game, please visit


1. 	Introduction

2.	Walkthrough--characters, basic walkthrough, detailed walkthrough,
harem route

3.	Credits

4.	Contact info


Version 1.1	12-15-03

Version History:
1.0	1-18-03		FAQ/Walkthrough written.
1.1	12-15-03	Corrected error in Momijia's path.  See Credits section.

Kango has an in-game hints command that provides hints on what happens when you
are presented with choices during the game.  This walkthrough is meant to
supplement the hints system by providing you with a "big picture" perspective of
the game, and what choices lead to which ending/girl.


Kango is a fun, light-hearted game with a lot of replay value.  There are five
regular endings.  Once you finish all five, a special bonus Harem route opens
up for you when you replay the game once more from Start.  You'd need to finish
the Harem route in order to unlock 100% of the CGs.

A.	Characters

Kango has five possible regular endings with these gals:

Momiji Maioka--you grew up together with her.  She's like a sister to you.

Kaede Maioka--your foster mother.  She took you in when your parents passed away
during junior high.

Nanana Yoshino--Momiji's best friend.

Chisa Mutsuki--class president.

Emi Katakura--a young nun.

B.	Basic Walkthrough

The game is rather straight forward.  The first half dozen or so choices you make
will determine which girl/ending you'll get.  If you don't end up with ANY girl,
you'll get the Bad Ending.  As a general rule of thumb for any bishojo game, if
you're aiming for a particular girl, spend more time with her and thinking about

The game also provides a mini-check of your progress.  During the game, there is a
little in-game card game where 8 cards (showing pictures of the 5 girls) are laid
out, and then two of them are flipped until you get a matching pair.  The girl you
get will be the ending you're headed toward.

When Kango gives you the first decision tree to ask either Nanami or Momiji to let
go of your hand, it's a major decision.  If you ask Nanami to let go, your ending
is either Momiji or Kaede.  If you ask Momiji to let go, your ending is Nanami,
Chisa, or Emi.

The handful of decisions you make subsequently will determine which ending you'll
get.  After that, the choices you make will determine whether you'll have sex with
the gal.  The subsequent choices will have no bearing on the ending.  But if you're
looking to unlock 100% CGs, you'll have to go through those events.

C.	Detailed Walkthrough for each character

1) Momiji

---Ask Nanana to let go
---Momiji's fault
---Go to the office
---Still have class

Once you make these four choices, you're on your way to Momiji's ending: Get Ready!

These choices unlock Momiji's sex events:

---Call Momiji
---No, it won't
---Walk home with Momiji
---Momiji is like my sister

2) Kaede

---Ask Nanana to let go
---Kaede's fault
---Go to the data room
---Finished for the day

Once you make these four choices, you're on your way to Kaede's ending: A Word I
Couldn't Say.

These choices unlock Kaede's sex events:

---Come on over everyday
---Agree to help
---Stay with you
---Come in
---Really satisfied

3) Chisa

---Ask Momiji to let go
---Still have class
---Can't remember
---Day is over

Once you make these four choices, you're on your way to Chisa's ending: I'm Sorry.

These choices unlock Chisa's sex events:

---What is that book?
---Call out to her
---Call out to her
---Call out to her

4) Emi

---Ask Momiji to let go
---Go to chapel
---I remember
---Call someone
---Still have class

Once you make these six choices, you're on your way to Emi's ending: Coincidence?

You can still end up with Emi if you choose:

----Chapel, can't remember, have class
----Chapel, remember, call someone, lunch/day over

These choices unlock Emi's sex events:

---I like you
---I have time
---Peak inside

5) Nanana

---Ask Momiji to let go
---Wander the halls
---I remember
---I forgot something

Once your make these six choices, you're on your way to Nanana's ending: For Him.

You can still end up with Emi if you choose:

----Wander halls, can't remember, lunch
----Wander halls, remember, forgot something, have class/day over

These choices unlock Nanana's sex events:

---I have time
---Call out to her
---Go over to her

6) Bad Ending: Ordered to Return

If you manage to get this ending, pat yourself on the back.  The decision tree in
the game was set so that you really can't get the Bad Ending unless you're going
out of your way to get it.

Here's the decision tree for the bad ending:

---ask Nanana, Momiji's fault, office, finished
---ask Nanana, Momiji's fault, data room, finished/have class
---ask Nanana, Kaede's fault, data room, have class
---ask Nanana, Kaede's fault, office, finished/have class
---ask Momiji, have class, remember, call, lunch
---ask Momiji, have class, remember, forgot, have class
---ask Momiji, break, chapel, can't remember, lunch
---ask Momiji, break, wander, can't remember, have class

D.	Harem Route

In order to play this bonus story, you have to complete all five regular endings.
THIS INCLUDES each girl's short story AFTER the credits roll.  After you finish
each ending, the credit roll is played, and then there is a short segment from
the girl's perspective of a scenario played out in the regular story.  Unless you
go through these post-credits endings, you won't unlock the Harem Route. 	

After you finish the last regular ending, there will be a special segment where
two gals will talk to you directly and mention the Playboy Route.  In order to
play it, you'll need to start the game all over again, and choose---ask both
Momiji and Nanana to let go.


A special thanks to hempick to bringing to my attention a small error in Momiji's


Please direct all comments, questions, corrections, etc. to Ecchifan via email:


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