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 Kango Shicyauzo 2

Kango Shicyauzo 2


By Ecchifan

Kango Shicyauzo 2: Is the Sorority House Burning? is created by Trabulance,
and distributed by  All rights reserved.  For more 
information on this game, please visit


1. Introduction

2. Walkthrough--characters, general walkthrough, and detailed walkthrough.

3. Contact info


Version 1.0	7-15-03

Kango Shicyauzo 2 is a light-hearted, romance comedy game with multiple 
possible endings.  While there is an in-game Hint system, the hints are
confusing rather than helpful.  This walkthrough guide is written to help the
gamer get the post-credits endings, and the harem route.


1. Characters

Kango Shicyauzo 2 has a pre-credits ending and a post-credits ending with each 
of these gals:

Maria Nagasaki---your old neighbor and head sister at St. Michael's Nursing

Akira Nagasaki---your childhood friend and a student at the nursing school.

Hibari Ishigami---Akira's best friend at the school.

Yuna Igarashi---a student teacher at the school.

Eleana Bianchi---sister in training and your former girlfriend's sister.

2. General Walkthrough

To some degree, Kango Shicyauzo 2 is easier than the first game.  In order to
get a pre-credits ending with one of the women, you need to select the SAME
CHARACTER all three times in the Character Selections.  Each time you select
a character, you will go to a short storyline involving this character.  If
you don't choose the same character all three times, you will get a general 
bad ending instead.

Like other Trabulance games released through, there is an
additional ending for each woman after the credits are rolled when you finish
the game.  The post-credit endings provide short story arcs from the women's
point of views.  The decisions you make will determine whether or not you
will unlock the post-credit endings.  The detailed walkthrough in the next
section will go through these decisions in detail.

Finally, there is a Harem route that you unlock after getting all five endings
with the women.  Unfortunately, the in-game hint to unlock the harem route is

3. Detailed Walkthrough

No matter which woman you aim for, you will come across the same decision tree
for Nurse Training class, and the Christmas play.  The guide lists the correct
decisions for them in Akira's walkthrough.  When going through the other
woment's walkthroughs, the gamer should refer back to Akira's walkthrough for 
these decisions.

Also, the walkthroughs note the decisions that allow you to experience sexual
encounters.  If you don't make those choices, you will skip the events instead.

a) Akira:

---select Akira
---ask her
---select Akira
---select Akira

[NURSE TRAINING decisions]
---look like pro
---be careful
---might wake up
---fun story

---hug her (sex event)

[CHRISTMAS PLAY decisions]
---don't worry
---oh well

---touch her (sex event)
---get aroused (sex event)

If you're on Akira's route, you should have an encounter with her before the
Nurse Training decisions.

b) Maria:

---select Maria
---meal service?
---select Maria
---soft warning
---select Maria
---anything else
---[nurse training decisions]
---kiss Maria (sex event)
---[christmas play decisions]
---alright (sex event)

If you're on Maria's route, you should have an encounter with her before the
Nurse Training decisions.

c) Hibari:

---select Hibari
---I'll help
---select Hibari
---cheer her up
---select Hibari
---a sister?
---[nurse training decisions]
---push her down(sex event)
---[christmas play decisions]
---hug her (sex event)

If you're on Hibari's route, you should have an encounter with her before the
Nurse Training decisions.

d) Yuna:

---select Yuna
---select Yuna
---select Yuna
---carry the stuff
---[nurse training decisions]
---bug her (sex event)
---[christmas play decisions]
---???those (sex event)

If you are on Yuna's route, you should have an encounter with her before the
Nurse Training decisions.

e) Eleana:

---select Eleana
---let go
---select Eleana
---it's my fault
---select Eleana
---go back
---[nurse training decisions]
---fall to her temptation (sex event)
---[christmas play decisions]
---have sex (sex event)

If you are on Eleana's route, you should have an encounter with her before the
Nurse Training decisions.

f) Harem Route:

After finishing the ending for the fifth woman, two of the supporting 
characters will talk to you directly about the Harem route.  To unlock it, you
need to follow the walkthroughs above for any of the women.  After selecting 
the same character three times and going through the short arcs involving this
character, you will be presented with a choice of going for a "pure 
relationship" or "make Maria mine."  To unlock the Harem route, IGNORE the
in-game hint and CHOOSE "make Maria mine."  Choosing a pure relationship will 
result in a normal ending with a woman, rather than the Harem route. 


Please direct all comments, questions, corrections, etc. to Ecchifan via email:

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