Kidnapped by Aliens 2 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Kidnapped by Aliens 2

Kidnapped by Aliens 2
* Take map from aliens
* Leave their palace and you are now in front of the purple castle
* Note the large pink stone is loose to the right, but you aren’t 
  strong enough to move it
* To unlock the door, click on the mask above the door -- it unlocks 
  when you click all the staffs on the mask
* The door in front of you and to the left both need some sort of 
  keys to open them.
* Go right -- click on all of the staffs of the left and right masks
  to open the door.
* Go forward and get jar from left table.
* Go forward and see the lighter colored stair -- but you are not 
  strong enough to move it.
* Go forward and click on the dresser mirror -- see the code 
  (it’s upside down).
* Note the locked dresser drawer.
* Click on the code box on the cabinet and enter the code from the 
  mirror 77345 and then click the arrow on the code box.
* Take the diamond.
* Go back 4 times and then go left.
* Place diamond in the mask to open the door.
* Go forward and read the sign (everything is better purple).
* Click the top of the desk and move the die for a yellow key.
* Look at the paper on the desk and see …OXO.
* Click the lighter colored book on the bookcase to see a hidden door.
* Go all the way upstairs.
* Note the X on the table.
* Note the locked cube with 3 dots.
* Look at the paper on the cube to see.
* OXOO…. So if you put the code together it reads OXOOXO.
* Click on the screen and see how handy your new code is.
* The laser is now on, but you need something to put in it.
* Go back 4 times and go right.
* Go forward to the bedroom and use the yellow key on the locked dresser.
* Move the center paper to get the blue diamond.
* Go back and then left and forward to the laser room again.
* Place blue diamond under the laser to get a purple diamond 
  (remember purple is much better!).
* Go back 4 times and use the pretty purple gem in the locked door mask.
* Use the flask in the refreshing water -- you know it will come in handy 
* Note you can’t reach the door lock here.
* Go right and see the sad plant that needs light.
* The screen has no power, though.
* Go back and then left and see the power room (note you need something
  for the slot in the center console).
* See the ring peaking out from under the second cylinder to the left.
* Click the ring in the inventory to wear it.
* Go back outside the castle and now move the heavy stone -- get the keycard.
* Go inside the castle and right then forward twice to the stairs -- click 
  the stair and get the staff. 
  (hmmm…..might be useful for reaching things up high).
* Go back to the purple gem door and then forward and then left.
* Use keycard in the center consol to turn on the power.
* Go right to the plant room and click on the control panel.
* Move all 4 switches to the top levels (may have to fidget with them).
* Now the plant is dry so give the thing your water.
* Take the purple flower.
* Go back to the locked door and use that handy staff.
* Go right and note alien in pod. Take the empty, unbroken pod.
* Go back and left.
* Move the barrels on the right to find a purple strange tool.
* Move the barrels on the left to clear a path to the door.
* Go into the dark, spooky cave and see an alien that will likely bite you.
* Feed him the purple flower and then capture him in the pod.
* Go back to the laser door and then right.
* Place the new alien in the box and then drag the other in with him.
* Click the door and then the button to get a crystal egg.
* You still can’t get by the lasers, so go back 2 times to the purple gem 
  door and then left and up to the top of the stairs.
* Use the purple tool on the locked cube (you didn’t forget about it, did you?).
* Get a mirror -- cool this always defeats lasers in the movies!.
* Go back to the laser door and use the mirror.
* Go forward to the energy ray room and use the crystal egg.
* Take the power stone.
* Leave the castle and go left to the palace to give the stone to the 
  alien ruler.
* Get sent home with lots and lots of diamonds and the eternal gratitude of 
  the alien planet.
* YEA!!

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