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 King's Quest 1

King's Quest 1

Submitted by: Dj Simo

The  King  Edward's  domain has been ravaged.  Through  trickery,
three treasures with  magic power of the King's items power  have
been stolen  from him. The kingdom  lies in ruin. Its downfall is
imminent.  It is up to  you, Sir Graham, to recover  the   King's
treasures. Succeed and you shall  be  crowned King of Daventry!
Fail  and  the  worst of fates shall befall you.  One   word   of
caution before you start: Never drop anything  until you're  told
to  do so. Once an item is dropped in this game, you  cannot pick
it  up again. For some  reason, you're never weighed down by  too
many  items; so  you should be able to  pick  up and carry  every
item  with  you  at  all times. Also,  in order  to  get  maximum
points,  you  must pick up everything you can and  look   at  it,
read  it, or whatever  is required. (I lost 2 points for  pouring
some water  on the ground!) Enough said.
Begin   your   quest  by  going northwest to  the  garden.   Once
there,  pick  a  carrot and go  west to the  other  side  of  the
garden,  south to the left of the castle and west  to  the  rock.
Stand on the north side of the rock and move it. Doing so reveals
a  dark hole. Look in the hole and then get  the  dagger. Then go
west  and swim west across the pond (both screens). Once  out  of
the  pond,  go  north to the well and west to  the  gate  in  the
corral.  Open  the gate and enter the corral. When  you  see  the
goat, show it the carrot. Now  he'll follow you wherever you  go.
This  is important as you'll soon see. Exit the  corral  and head
west twice. You may or may not see  a  fairy godmother handing
out   blessings.  If you do see her, she'll  give  you  a   short
lived protective spell.  If you don't see her, no problem. She'll
pop  up every  now and then. Now go north to the clover patch and
get a clover. This is a four leaf cloverand will protect you from
Leprechauns  if  the need arises. Go north to the wooden  bridge.
(Goat still with you?) As you start to cross the  bridge, an ugly
troll  bars  the way and refuses to let you pass unless you throw
him  a treasure.
However,  your  goat, which hates trolls, rushes  the  troll  and
butts him off the bridge! The troll is swept downriver, never  to
be  seen  again.  The goat, having fulfilled  its   use,  strolls
away. So wave goodbye and  cross  the bridge and continue north.

You've   found a crotchety old gnome and when you talk  to   him,
he  informs you that he  has  something to give you that might be
useful...but only  if you can guess his  name!  The   crusty  old
fellow gives you three  chances.  Type "IFNKVOHGROGHPRM" and  the
gnome,  in amazement, says "That's Right!" and  leaves  a handful
of  magic beans  laying on the ground. The gnome's name,  by  the
way,  is  a cryptogram. The alphabet's  been  reversed  and   the
new  letter  set  has   been substituted for "Rumpelstiltskin".
Get  the  beans and go east to another wooden bridge. Be  careful
you  don't fall in the gorge! Cross the bridge and go east to the
flower patch. Plant the beans here  and  all of a sudden, a  huge
beanstalk  stretches up  out  of sight into  the  clouds!   Don't
climb  it  yet, though. Go east and swim east  across  the  lake.
When  you  exit the lake, continue east Look in the hole  in  the
big  rock  as  you  pass...what  an odd green glowing!)  Go  east
again. A little  dwarf may come and make  a  quick  inspection of
your  possessions  to  see  if  there's anything  of  value.  You
don't   have  anything of note and he leaves. Now go  east   once
more to the little  beach  by the river. Get the pebbles you  see
laying  here then go west back to  the  beanstalk.  CAUTION! Save
your  game   here.  Climbing  the beanstalk is a risky   business
and  you'll  most certainly fall off it  many  times  before  you
reach the top.

Part II
Climb   the   beanstalk  until  it  enters  the   clouds.   Leave
the  beanstalk  by going east into the clouds and  continue  east
until  you enter an area  of trees. When you reach the first  set
of  trees,  head south then east twice until you come to  a  tree
with  a hole in its base. Look in the hole and get the sling.  Go
back  west twice  to  the  fruit tree then north. Now this  is  a
bit   tricky.  There is a tree on the  upper  right edge  of  the
screen  that  you should go to  before you go east to  the   next
screen. This area will give you the most amount of  time to evade
the  giant  before he kills you! Go  east...there he  is!  Go  as
quickly as you can and  hide  be hind the center tree. Make  sure
Graham  is  completely hidden behind the tree.   Now   just  wait
there.  Eventually,  the Giant will become tired  and  lie   down
under   the tree and go to sleep. Now's your chance... The  chest
he's carrying is King Edward's Magic Chest! Get it  and head west
back to the beanstalk. Make sure you walk in the right places  or
you'll  fall out of the  clouds! It would be a good idea to  save
your  game  before  you descend. Go back  down the beanstalk  and
head  south  three times then  east  to the well.  Stand  on  the
north  side of the well and cut the rope. Cutting  the rope  gets
the  bucket  for  you. Now lower the rope into the well and climb
down  the  rope. When you  get  to the end of your  rope  (so  to
speak!),  dive   under  the water and head southwest   into   the
hole.  Careful not to become  tangled  in  the weeds!  When   you
exit  the hole, you're face to face with a fire-breathing dragon!
Stay  in  the  middle  of your screen and go only as far as   the
second  rock.  Throw  water on  the   dragon's   fire   and  he's
vanquished!   In   fact,  he's  so embarassed that  he   moves  a
boulder blocking the western exit from the cave and   kulks away!
On  the  northern  side  of the cave is the King's Magic  Mirror!
Take  the mirror and leave the  cave by going west twice. Outside
the  cave,  you  see a  large, friendly bird  flying   back   and
forth. We'll get to him later, though,  so  head south twice to
the  stump.  Look  in the stump and you see an old canvas  pouch.
Get the  pouch and look inside it.  When  you do so, you see it's
filled with sparkling diamonds! Go east and swim  east across the
lake  twice,  then continue east to where  you found  the  dagger
and  north to the big tree. Climb the tree and  go  to  the nest.
Craddled  in  the  nest  is a large golden egg! Get the  egg  and
climb back  down the tree and go north twice to the tree.
Laying  on  the ground under the tree are walnuts. Get  a  walnut
and open it. On the  inside you find a solid gold walnut! Go east
and  get  the bowl you see, then go  south.  Running  around  the
banks of the lake  is  a  friendly little elf. Talk  to  the  elf
and he's so impressed by your manners  that  he gives you a magic
ring!  Wearing  it will make you invisible...but  only  once!  So
save  it until you need it! Go north, east twice and north  twice
to the back of the woodcutter's house. Now  go west and enter the
front  door.  Inside  you  see a deplorable   sight.  A  starving
woodcutter and his wife sit dejectedly at an empty table. Too bad
you can't  help them...say perhaps that bowl...? Look at the bowl
and  you  see  the word  "FILL"  written  on  its  bottom.   Give
the   bowl  to   the woodcutter. He looks at you  wonderering why
you'd  give them an empty bowl. Say "FILL" and the simple ceramic
bowl   fills  to the brim with hot stew! For this  precious  gift
(an  unending supply of food!), the woodcutter gives you his only
other  possession, an  old  fiddle laying in the corner. Get  the
fiddle (careful  you don't fall through the floor!) and leave the

Part III
So  go south from the woodcutter's house, swim across the lake in
a  southerly direction, then continue south and go around to  the
front door  of the Witch's Cottage. (Taste her house if you must,
it's quite good!) Save your  game at this point. Open the cottage
door and make your way to the bedroom. Now  wait.Eventually,  the
witch will come home. She won't see  you  because you're in the
other  room.  Sneak up on her and push her into  the  stove!  You
done  the  old  hag in and can move about her house without  fear
now. Go  to  the cabinet on the north wall, open it and take  the
cheese wedge. Now go back  south and leave the cottage. Now comes
the  fun part. Go west and south to the  front of the cave  where
you found the Magic Mirror. The large friendly bird seems  to  be
waiting  for  you! Go down to the lower middle  portion  of  your
screen and  keep  jumping up until the bird (which is actually  a
Condor)  catches you. The  Condor  flies high up in the  air  and
carries you to  a  small island which lies in  the moat in  front
of the castle. When he drops you, your  head spins as you try  to
regain  your bearings. There's an odd hole in  the  ground  here,
but  don't  go   down into it just yet. Head  west  and  get  the
mushroom  you  see growing here. Now go back east and  down  into
the  hole.  Oops,  the  long drop seems to  have  set  your  head
spinning again! When it stops spinning, go south to  the  end  of
the tunnel then *cautiously* head west.
There's  a hungry rat running in circles here and when  you  talk
to  it,  he  says  he won't  let you pass until you  give  him  a
treasure. Don't  get   too close to it! Throw  the cheese to  the
rat.  Being hungry, he's just as satisfied with the cheese as  he
would have been with a treasure, and he scurries away into some
unseen  crevice  in the rocks. Go to the door, open  it,  and  go
west through the door. On  the  other  side of the door is a tiny
leprechaun,   who,   upon  seeing  your  clover,  lets  you  pass
unmolested. Go south and play the fiddle for the King of
the   Leprechauns.  They  dance and  dance  to  your  music  then
finally they all leave the  hall.  As the King of the Leprechauns
leaves,  he   forgets  to take his Sceptre! Get the  sceptre  and
look! Next to the Leprechaun King's throne  is King Edward's
Magic Shield! Get  the shield and go west up the stairs. Continue
west  until you come to the little hole in the western wall. Now,
eat  your  mushroom and you're shrunken down to   a   size  small
enough  to allow you to enter the hole.  Go  west into  the  hole
and you  find  yourself  in front of the big rock where  you  saw
the  strange green glow! Eventually, you regain your former size,
but  wasn't  it   fun  being so tiny? Go  north twice  then  east
three   times  to  the  left  hand  side  of  the  castle.   Walk
(carefully!)  across  the bridge and open  the  door.  Enter  the
castle and follow the  hallway to the throne of King Edward.  Bow
to  the  King  and   he descends his throne.  You've  managed  to
recover  the Strength of Daventry and  the king places his  crown
upon  your  head!  As he does so, he falls to  the  ground  in  a
seizure  and dies. Heavy lies the head that wears the crown.  You
ascend  to   the  throne  to  govern  Daventry   as  King  Edward
had...guarding  the  Treasures  of Power that you  labored     so
long      to      recover.     Thus     ends     the       King's
Guest...congratulations, King Graham!


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