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 King's Quest III Redux

King's Quest III Redux

Walkthrough and Guide
By: Asakane Kotoro
+[Table of Contents]+

May 1st, 2011 – I just started this guide. It’s nowhere close to being

May 2nd, 2011 – No updates yet except I started the list of items and
characters, but I have some important news. Today on this day, or
sometime last night, Osama Bin Laden was killed (or died). Now America
can finally rejoice and have their minds, hearts, and souls free of
the pain of Sept. 11, 2001. God bless the U.S.A. :)
-I finally got all the sections up and I added a spells section for
the all the spells listed in the game. I also started the walkthrough.

Tueday, September 20, 2011, 2:11 PM - It's been a few months since
I've actually touched this guide. As a matter of fact, I thought that
I had lost it, so, I began working on a new one when I found this one
laying around in my computer. As far as updates go, all I did was fix
up the lay out and I'm currently working on redoing the walkthrough
-11:01 PM - I finished the walkthrough and I added some more
characters in the Character section. But I still need to finish the
Spells section and the Items section as well. That will come in the
next update.

I am a big fan of the King's Quest series. So therefore, I especially
like King's Quest III because of its time based challenge.

King's Quest III Redux is the second remake of the original 1987
classic "King's Quest III: To Heir Is Human" by Roberta Williams.
While it retains the original story of young Gwydion (AKA Prince
Alexander) living the life of a servant, serving an evil wizard called
Mananan, Redux and the VGA version both feature voices and actual
personalities for all  the characters but Redux has Gwydion being a
bit shy while he is a bit resentful and mischievous in the VGA
version. But either way, Redux and the VGA flesh out the characters
more and the story as well.

While I was looking for walkthroughs for King's Quest III Redux and
the VGA version, I found that there were none. So I decided to write
one myself. This guide cannot be reproduced or changed in anyway, but
it can be used for your personal use. If you want to put it up on your
website, email me and I'll most likely say yes but please give me
credit where it's due.

Bandits - Every once in awhile, you'll see some bandits at the Tavern.
They wander around Llewdor looking for someone to rob (namely you).

Bar Maid - A tough gal at the local tavern. She can handle herself
pretty well and she's looking for someone with enough muse to play the

Captain Bludlit – A pirate looking for treasure. He’d be willing to
let you on his ship, for a steep price that is.

Chickens - These poor chickens are Gwydion's only friends.

Fat Pirate – Because I can’t figure out this dude’s name, I decided
that we shall call him the fat pirate. He is obviously Captain
Bludlit’s first mate and second-in-command.

Gwydion - Also known as Prince Alexander. He is the main character of
this game. A young servant without any parents. He tries to escape
from Mananan.

Hank - The shop keeper's friendly dog. He loves being petted, unlike
Mananan's cat.

King Graham – The king of Daventry and the main character of the first
two King’s Quest Games and King’s Quest V. During the years of Prince
Alexander’s (Gwydion) absence, Graham has allowed his fair kingdom to
fall into despair.

Mananan - The evil wizard that keeps a close eye on Gwydion. He is an
evil wizard and is extremely paranoid about Gwydion rebelling against
him. Which is why he is always punishing Gwydion harshly.

Mananan's Cat - This is Mananan's detestable cat. He is always
following you around the house. When you find Mananan's basement, he
will try to trip you sometimes.

Medusa - A woman that can turn you into stone with just one look. She
hates men for some reason. Medusa was relocated to a dark cave found
in the desert.

Pirates – These are Captain Bludlit’s crew. They only make an
appearance in the tavern and on the ship when you’re trying to escape.

Prince Alexander – Gwydion takes on this name after learning of his
true origins. The missing prince of Daventry and twin brother of

Princess Rosella – The princess of Daventry and twin sister of Prince
Alexander. She is offered as a sacrifice to a three headed dragon
threatening Daventry. Rosella becomes the lead character in King’s
Quest IV and shares the lead role with her mother, Valenice in King’s
Quest VII.

Queen Valenice – The queen of Daventry, wife of King Graham, and
mother of Princess Rosella and Prince Alexander. During her son’s
absence, she offers comfort to her husband, King Graham and tries to
give him hope. (Seriously, Graham let the disaster happen for 17
years?!) Valenice shares the lead role with Rosella in King’s Quest

Seran - A famous pirate and Mage that resides on Seran's Treasure
Island. He guards a much sought after treasure but one must pass all
of the tests he has laid out on the Treasure island and they must
prove themselves worthy.

The Bard - a Bard that's lacking some music to his lyrics. He'll
gladly give you a pitcher if you help him out.

The Birds – These chatty birds can be found throughout Llewdor.
They’re basically a red cardinal and a blue jay. They both love to
chat about Mananan.

The Behr Family - A family of three bears and representations of the
three bears from Goldilocks and the three bears. Mama Behr is
protective of her garden and likes to sew. Papa Bear has a temper.
Baby Bear has trouble buttoning his overalls.

The Eagle – This mighty bird is always wary of humans. Perhaps the
right food could get him down from his perch?

The Gnome – Although I think he’s actually a leprechaun, he is the
royal weaver to Daventry’s royal family.

The Lizards – These lizards also wander the desert but they like to
see whose tongue is longer.

The Mice – These mice live on the pirate ship.

The Oracle – A mysterious being that led Prince Alexander/Gwydion on
the path to discovering his origins.

The Snakes – These snakes are always wandering around the desert.

The Squirrels – The squirrels, like the birds, like to chatter and
gossip, only they talk about acorns.

The Shop Owner - A friendly old man that is more than willing to sell
you some useful items. He has a dog named Hank. He has been married at
least three times.

The Yeti - This monster will be the first sign of life you meet upon
landing on Daventry. He resides up in the mountains of Daventry.

Fruit - Fruit found in Mananan's kitchen. Feed it to Mananan.

Bread - A loaf of bread found in Mananan's kitchen. Feed it to

Snake Skin - The shedded skin of a snake found in the desert. Used for
animal language spell.

Knife - A knife from Mananan's kitchen. Used for chopping up
ingredients for cooking or spells.

Bowl - Gwydion's favorite clay bowl found in Mananan's kitchen.

Mirror - Mananan's mirror found in his vanity drawer in his room. Used
to turn Medusa into stone.

Porridge - Little Behr's food found in the three Behrs' home. Used to
hide the cat cookie and feed it to Mananan.

Magic Wand - Mananan's wand used for casting spells. It can be found
in Mananan's safe in his office.

Gold Key - Used to unlock the safe in Mananan's office. Found in
Mananan's shirt.

Magic Map - A magic map used for teleporting to key places. Found in
Mananan's wardrobe.

Mutton – a piece of meat found in Mananan’s kitchen. You can either
feed it to the Eagle or to Mananan.

Eagle feather – Found on the Eagle. Used for spells.

Rose Petal Essence – used for a spell. Found in Mananan’s drawer.

Mud – found on the river bank and used for spells.

Mistletoe – used for kissing people on the holidays but not for this
game. In the game, you use this for spells. You can find it in a tree
near the beach.

As we all know, Mananan has a very bad temper and he is always
keeping a close eye on Gwydion, but there will be times when he goes
out or takes a nap, giving Gwydion enough time to collect ingredients
for spells, relax in his bed, or even explore Llewdor. This section
tells you how to survive in Mananan’s house.

Chores: Like every good servant, you have chores to do. But in
whatever order he tells you to do them are sort of random.

Clean/dust Mananan’s office – Just go into his office and click on
the feather duster on the safe with the hand icon. Just don’t hang
around too long or Mananan might think you’re up to something.

Clean the kitchen – Go into the dining room and then into the kitchen
and use the hand icon to pick up the broom to get Gwydion to sweep the
floor. You can also use this time to get the food, bowl, knife, and
spoon in the kitchen. But unlike collecting the chicken feather,
Mananan will allow you to carry these around without fear.

Empty the chamber pot – This means you have to dump out Mananan’s
chamber pot in his bed room. All you have to do is click on the
silver pot next to the bed with the hand icon and Gwydion will do the
rest. You can use this time to quickly scour Mananan’s vanity drawer,
wardrobe, and table drawer for the rose petal essence, the magic
mirror, the gold key, and the magic map. Just be sure to close
everything before going to your room. Mananan doesn’t like people
snooping around in his room.

Feed the chickens – If you are ever asked to feed the chickens, do it.
Just go outside, use the hand icon on the barrel/bag of feed next to
the house to feed the chickens. You can use the short time of the
chickens eating to pluck a chicken feather from them. All you gotta do
is use the hand icon to open the gate and then click on one of the
chickens to pick them up. Then click again to get a feather from them.

Feed Mananan – Like all humans, Mananan gets hungry. If you aren’t
fast enough or ignore him, you’ll be punished. You have four chances
to feed him.

These are the consequences of disobeying Mananan.

Death – If you are ever caught with an item such as the magic map or
accidently left something in Mananan’s office/bedroom open, you’ll
instantly be killed.

YMCA exercises – If you are caught just being in Mananan’s office or
bedroom without having opened anything, Mananan will automatically
teleport you downstairs to the entrance and force you to do some YMCA
exercises. So sit back and enjoy the music because you can’t get out
of it until the spell ends.

Turned into a snail - 	This will happen if you disobey Mananan’s
order to do a chore. You will be turned into a snail and get a closer
view of the ground. Of course you can’t do anything and will be extra
slow when moving. All you can do is sit there and wait for the spell
to end.

Be sent to your room – Oh yes, you can be sent to your room. If you
ignored your chores and whatnot, you’ll be sent to your room like a
bad little boy. You can still move around but you can’t open your door
or leave your room. You can’t even fall asleep. All you can do is
stand around until the door opens. Though I think trying to open the
door once helps pass the time.

Hanging around in the kitchen – If you disobey Mananan, you’ll be sent
to the kitchen, only you are hanging from the ceiling. All you can do
is hang from the ceiling until the spell ends and you fall to the

What To Do:
-Be fast about doing your chores.
-Stay out of Mananan’s bedroom when he’s sleeping.
-Stay out of Mananan’s office when he’s in there.
-stay out of the tower when he’s there.
-Talk to Mananan after he eats for some info about Gwydion and the
people of Llewdor.
-Do not get caught leaving the mountain/house, coming out of the
basement, with any magical items or spell ingredients on hand.
-Do not ignore Mananan’s orders.
-Do not leave anything open in Mananan’s bed room or office.
-Do not take the wand out of the safe until you have all the necessary
ingredients for a spell and are ready to do a spell.
-Watch out for the evil cat when going down the steps to Mananan’s
-Perform your spells quickly.

There are four colors to the clock/timer on the screen.
Brown (or normal) – This shows that Mananan is around somewhere. Use
this time to obey his every command.
Green – This is when Mananan is on a journey or sleeping. You can use
this time to actually collect ingredients, make spells, and explore
Yellow – This color means that Mananan is on his way back and that you
should start heading back to the house. Be sure to finish up that
spell quickly.
Red – Mananan has arrived and will be looking for you.

Here are some helpful tips.
-Keep Mananan’s wand in the safe until you need it. He will kill you
if you try to hide it under your bed or have it on you.
-Always save the game when you got all the ingredients or are about to
 perform a spell.
-Hide all of your items under the bed, except keep the food nearby in
case Mananan gets hungry.
-If you find that there’s nothing more you can do and the time is
still green, you can return to the house and sleep in your bed. This
is quite useful when you’re about to turn him into a cat.
-Be sure to close everything in the bed room and office when you get
done snooping around in there.
-Use the Magic Map to get as close as possible to the places you need
to be. It saves a lot of time (Like if you have to get ocean/seawater
then teleport to the village rather than just walking there).
-Always look at the spell book beforehand to see what ingredients
you’ll need.

+Mananan’s House+
This game will start out with you inside the house. If you’ve watched
the intro movie, you should know that Mananan stole Gwydion from a
castle and Gwydion had been wondering who his parents were. Make sure
the boots icon is your cursor and go through the door to the left. Be
sure to save your game as well. You can save it quickly by pressing
F5 and typing in a name for your save file. When you start to move,
Mananan will appear and give you a chore to do. See the LIVING A
SERVANT’S LIFE section for all details. If you Mananan hasn't appeared
and you somehow managed to walk into the dining room, then grab the
cup off the table. Don't worry about Mananan killing you or punishing
you because you can carry the cup around without any concern from him.
If are quick, you can get all the items from the bedroom, kitchen, the
chickens, and the cat. Just be sure to go to your room the minute you
have them in your possession and hide them on under your bed. You have
to right click and switch to the hand icon and click on the bed to do
so. You’ll be given three options: HIDE, RETRIEVE, or SLEEP. It will
save a lot of time if you HIDE All/RETRIEVE ALL your items in one go.
The final thing you’ll be missing for now is the cat fur, if you
haven’t gotten it already. Just wonder around a bit until you see the
wretched cat and walk up to it while clicking on it with the hand
icon. Once you have done all that you can do, Mananan should leave on
a journey or take a nap in his bedroom. Be sure to save your game as
soon as he does. Be sure to check the tower to witness the cat
attacking a fly and leaving. Pick up the fly and hide it in your room.
All you’ll need for now is the knife, the mutton, the magic map, the
mirror, and the cup. With these things in your possession, leave the
house, and begin the long trek down the mountain.

After going down one screen you should come to a screen with an eagle
 and a ledge. You could use the mutton on the eagle to have it swoop
down and drop a feather now or wait until later. Considering that the
mutton chop is also a food that Mananan could eat and that there is
another item that you can give to the Eagle, I'd say ignore the bird
and continue down the mountain. Try to stay away from the ledges and
you might want to go a bit slowly.

+Off the Mountain+
Once you’re off the mountain, save your game and go south. Watch out
for the bandits should they appear. Just keep on running until you go
off screen. Go right and you'll come to a stream or river. Now go down
and you'll be in the village.

You should be at the edge of the village actually, next to a library.
Switch to the hand cursor and climb onto the crates next to the
library. Open up the inventory and click the knife. Use the knife on
the window before changing to the hand cursor again and entering the

Once inside the library, you'll automatically climb down the ladder.
Pick up the book and read it. Make sure to read all of it to the very
end. This book is actually the diary of Mananan's last servant and of
course it also contains the code to entering Mananan's secret
basement. You'll have to write down the code because it's always
randomize for each game play. After reading the diary/journal, switch
to the hand cursor and exit the library.

Continue south again and you'll be in the heart of the village. I
suggest saving your game now. Now approach the sea gull and get the
dead fish. We have one more thing to do here before going back to the
Eagle. Go into the building to the left.

I know you're itching to buy something for those spells and stuff, but
bear with me fora bit. Switch to the hand cursor and pet the dog. You
can talk to the store owner if you want. It's not really required
unless you want some information on Mananan. With the dog fur in hand,
leave the store.

Pull out your magic map and warp back to Mananan's House.

Go up back to the screen with the Eagle. Now use the dead fish on the
Eagle. Pick up the feather and warp back to the village.

*Note * - You can also use the Mutton Chop on the Eagle.

Go down.

Switch to the hand cursor and  click on the darker leaves on the tree
for a mistletoe. Now go left.

+Behr's Cottage+
You should come to a small cottage and a garden. If there’s a bear
working in the garden, just exit the screen and come back to make her
go away. The three bears shouldn’t be home or should be leaving. Once
you’ve made sure they’re gone, walk up to the garden and get a handful
of soil. Now knock on the door before entering the Bears’ house. Grab
the small bowl of porridge off the table and head upstairs. Open
the drawer and get the thimble before finally leaving the house. Now
that you have the thimble, use the thimble in the garden to collect
some dew. Save your game and go to the left screen.

+Desert Edge+
Be careful. There might be bandits around here. If they are around,
just run back to the right or pull out your map and warp to another
location. Anyways, go the left again.

Switch to the hand cursor and pick up the sand. Now go up and pick up
the dried snake skin near the rock. Go north two more times. Switch to
the hand cursor again and click on the little cactus on the middle of
the screen for a piece of cactus. Now go north again.

+Desert Temple+
You should be outside some sort of temple. Be sure to save your game
before entering. Try to appraoch the pedestal to draw out Medusa. Now
there are two ways to go about getting the yellow pebble. One is to
help out Medusa (which I have yet to learn how to do it properly) and
the other way is to use the mirror on her to turn her to stone. I
always go for the second option even though I'll miss out on a few
points. You'll have to be quick about defeating Medusa unless you want
to be turned to stone. Once Medusa is turned to stone, grab the yellow
pebble and leave the place. Now would be a good time to return to
Mananan's since we have quite a lot of ingredients for a spell or two.
So save your game and warp back to Mananan's House.

+Mananan's House+
Walk up to the top of the mountain and enter the house. Be careful of
the cliffs by the way. Once you're inside Mananan's house, go into
Gwydion's room and collect all the items you left behind earlier. You
can do this by switching to the Hand Cursor and clicking on the bed,
and then choose retrieve all items. With all the items you've
collected so far, go into Mananan's office. Use the gold key on the
safe and get the wand inside. Switch to the hand cursor and touch the
blue books on the bookshelf. You'll be brought to an upclose shot of
the books. Just click on the books to reveal the five levers. This is
where either a very good memory or you writing the code on a piece of
paper comes in handy. Input the code by pulling the levers in the
right sequence as shown in the diary. Once byou do that, a trap door
will open on the floor, revealing a staircase that goes down beneath
the office. Switch to the boots cursor and click on the newly opened
passage. Be sure to save your game before going in just in case you
won't have enough time to get started on the spells. Usually the cat
would be right there but often times he won't be. If he is there, then
go back up and go back down into the basement. Tread carefully on this
first screen, not only because of the cat wanting to trip you but
because it's easy to accidently make Gwydion fall off the stairs and
kill himself. So, like I said, carefully make you way down the stairs.
The next screen is the actual lab/basement. But I'm guessing that
it's getting close to Mananan returning or waking up. So, grab some of
the bottles off of the shelf with bottles and jars on it. You should
have picked up Nightshade, Saffron, Fish scales, and toad spittle. If
you want to, you can start a spell. But save your game first, and I
suggest saving it under a different file in case you run out of time
and Mananan returns/wakes up before you're done. I suggest starting
with the simplest spell in the book: "How to Fly Like an Eagle or a
Fly" spell. Just make sure you have the bottle of esseence of rose
petal, the jar of Saffron, and the wand on you. For the actual
instructions, go to the Spells section of this guide. Or I can tell
you to save some time. :) Switch to the hand cursor and touch the book
on the table. Flip to the second page which will be the spell we need.
Now SAVE YOUR GAME! Open up your inventory and scroll down until you
come across the orange jar (or jar of orange stuff). Click on the
arrow before clicking on the orange jar. Use the jar of Saffron on
the Essence of Rose Petal (a red bottle). Close out of the inventory
and on the spell book screen, click "recite spell" for Gwydion to say
the spell. Finally, open your inventory and like with the Jar of
Saffron, scroll down until you come across the wand. Click the arrow
and choose the wand. Use the wand on the Esssence of Rose Petal. Now
would be the time to return to Mananan's office. Walk back up the
stairs and leave the basement. Close the trap door first by clicking
on the spot where you activated the levers and then to save some time,
put the wand back into the safe by using the wand on the safe. Leave
Mananan's office and return to your room. Hide everything except for
the food. If you still have some time left, try getting the cat fur if
you hadn't already, but I wouldn't try doing so at this time because
it's close to Mananan returning or waking up. Save your game. If you
want, you could go out and get the chicken feather or get the fly
wings if you hadn't already. This may be cutting it a bit close, but
retrieve the Essence of Rose Petal, the Eagle Feather, and the magic
map. Go outside and warp to the village.

Walk north two screens until you come across a cave blocked by a
spider web.

Use the eagle feather in the essence of rose petal to change into a
bird and click on the cave. A spider will appear and you'll be able to
get him and dump him in the sea to get rid of him, giving you free
access to the cave now. Enter the cave and pick up the Mandrake Root
(the red-brown plant sticking out of the corner) to start up a cut
scene. A woman should appear. Speak to her and ask her questions
until you find yourself in a room with two cribs. Just walk around
and sort of look at the cribs until Mananan appears. After that,
you'll be brought back to the present. After asking the Oracle all of
the questions, leave the cave and warp back to the house.

+Mananan's House+
Carefully make your way up the last stretch of the mountain and enter
the house. Return to your room and hide everything, except for one of
the food items. Save the game again. Again, I will remind you to try
and get the fly wings, cat fur, and the chicken feather if you hadn't
already. Now return to your room and sleep. When you wake up, leave
the room and Mananan will appear. If he tells you to clean the kitchen
or feed the chickens, DO IT! Again, see the LIVING A SERVANT'S LIFE
section of this guide. But most likely, Mananan will tell you to feed
him and disappear to the kitchen. So, go to the dining room and use
one of the items on Mananan. You can talk to Mananan while he's eating
to learn some pretty nifty pieces of information but I usually don't
bother with it except for my first time playing the game. With that
said and done, leave the room and again, sleep. Or try getting the
three said items I told you to get. Now would be a really good chance
to do so and quickly hide them in your room. Other than that, sleep.
When you wake up, Mananan will decide to either leave or take a nap.
Whatever the case, you're free to do some more spells and explore
Llewdor some more. So, retrieve all of your items from under your bed
and leave the house. Again, you can also try getting the chicken
feather, the cat fur, and the fly wings at this time if you hadn't
done so already. Warp to the Village.

Go to the right the docks.

Climb down the ladder. Use the flask on the water to fill it with sea
water. Now warp back to Mananan's House.

+Mananan's House+
Tread carefully through the mountain path and enter the house. Go into
Mananan's office. Again, use the gold key on the safe and get the wand
before activating the trap door. Enter the trapdoor and follow the
stairs into the basement. Walk up to the book and turn to the first
page. Save your game. The next spell we're going to try is the
Enhancing Musical Talent Spell. You can go to the Spell section of
this guide to complete the spell or I'll tell you. First open your
inventory, choose the arrow and click on the desert sand (the lighter
colored dirt). Use the sand on the flask of sea water, click on the
arrow again, and choose the dirt from Mama Behr's garden. Use the dirt
on the flask of sea water, switch to the hand cursor in the items
inventory screen, and click on the flask of sea water to shake it.
Click the arrow, choose the wand, and use the wand on the flask of sea
water. Close the inventory and recite the spell (click the words
"Recite spell"). Now leave the basement, put the wand back into the
safe, and close the trap door. Leave the house and warp to the

Go to the tavern. Talk to the bar maid several times until she has nothing more
to say
and then try touching the lute. Talk to the bar maid again until she
runs out of things to say again and try playing the lute. I guess
we’ll need a spell to enhance Gwydion’s musical talents, eh? Use the
Musical Enhancement Potion on Gwydion before picking up the lute.
After hearing the touching song, the bar maid will let you have the
lute. Because I believe it's almost time for Mananan to wake
up/return, warp back to the house.

+Mananan's House+
Walk up the mountain and enter the house. Go to your room and hide
everything save for one of the food items. Go to sleep. When you wake
up, walk out into the hall way to receive your next orders from
Mananan. Save your game and do the chore he gives you. After doing the
chore, sleep again and Mananan will appear to announce that he's
either going to sleep or on a journey. With him out of your hair for
awhile, retrieve your things and leave the house. Warp to the Three
Behrs' House.

+Three Behrs' House+
Save your game. Walk to the left.

+Desert Edge+
Go North one screen. Save your game. If there are bandits around, just
leave the screen and come back. Switch to the hand cursor and pick up
the acorn (the little brownish spot close to the tree). Go up again.
Talk to the Bard a bit and give him the lute. After witnessing the
horrible singing of the Bard/Minstrel, he will leave. Pick up the
pitcher. Now go north one more screen. Approach the rock with the hole
in it and examine the hole. Examine the pitcher the Bard had left
behind for some magic words. Use the pitcher on the hole to fill it
with water and take the glass bottle for the missing page to the spell
book. Finally we can turn Mananan into a cat! Or so I hope. Before we
do that though, we'll need some more ingredients. Go back down to the
screen with the tree with a hole in it. That would be two screens
down where you found the acorn. Look at the base of the tree trunk.
Now open your inventory. Use the fly wings on the essence of rose
petal to turn into a fly. Fly into the base of the tree trunk to
discover a rope inside. Once you change back, reach into the hole to
pull the rope to make a rope ladder appear. Save the game. Now climb
the ladder to the tree house.

+Tree House+
If you hadn't guessed already, this is where the bandits live or
whatever. Look at the tree house before rushing in. If you get a
notice saying that someone is moving inside, climb down the ladder and
back up, and keep looking until you get a notice saying that someone
is sleeping. Enter the tree house. Carefully walk to the wooden trunk
(stay away from the sleeping bandit) and open it for any items the
bandits may have taken from you if you were robbed by them. Otherwise,
just carefully walk up to the table and get the coin purse. Leave the
tree house and climb back down the ladder.

+Desert Edge+
Warp to the village.

Enter the store to the left. Talk to the Store Owner and use the money
pouch on him to buy something. Buy all the items he has available.
Save you game and exit the store. Warp back to Mananan's House.

+Mananan's House+
Walk up the mountain and enter the house. Go into Mananan's Office.
Save your game again and retrieve the wand from the safe before
opening the trap door to the basement. Enter the basement and walk
down the stairs. Now, open the spell book flip to the first spell. The
next spell we're going to try is the Understanding the Langauge of
Creatures spell. Again, see the Spell section of this guide but to
save you time, I'll help out. Once you found the spell, open your
inventory, click the arrow, and choose the thimble. Use the thimble on
the bowl. Click the arrow again and choose the dog fur. Use the dog
fur on the bowl. Click the arrow again and choose the fish scales. Use
the fish scales on the bowl and click the arrow again. Choose the
snake skin you found in the desert and use it on the bowl. Now click
the arrow again and choose the chicken feather. Use the chicken
feather on the bowl, switch to the hand cursor on the inventory and
click the bowl to mix the contents. Close the inventory and recite
the spell. Open your inventory again, click the arrow, and choose the
wand. Use the wand on the bowl, switch back to the hand cursor, and
click the bowl. Congratulations! The Animal spell is done! Save your
game. We're about to start the next spell! The cat one of course. :)
Flip to the end of the book. Open the inventory, choose the piece of
paper, and use it on the spell book. Now exit the screen with the
book. Open your inventory again, choose the mandrake root you found,
and put it into the mixing bowl. Switch to the hand cursor and use
the mixing bowl. Open the inventory and choose the bowl. Now use the
bowl on the mortar and pestle to get the mandrake root powder. Open
the inventory again, choose the fish oil, and use it on the bowl.
Click on the arrow, choose the cat fur, and use the cat fur on the
bowl. Click the arrow, choose the wooden spoon, and use the wooden
spoon on the bowl. Switch to the hand cursor, click on the bowl, and
exit out of the spell book screen. Use the dough on the table, switch
to the hand cursor again, and click the dough to shape it into a
cookie. Once the cookie hardens, recite the spell, open the inventory
up again, and choose the wand. Use the wand on the cookie before
opening the inventory, clicking the arrow, and choosing the cookie.
Now use the cookie on the bowl of porridge. Ta dah! Congratulations,
you are now ready to turn Mananan into a cat. But before we do that,
let's save the game shall we? Yes, save your game. Time for another
This time we're going to do a Stone of teleportation spell. See
the Spell section if you want. But I can still tell you how to do it.
First flip to the page of the said spell, open the inventory, choose
the salt, and exit out of the spell book. Put the salt into the mortar
and pestle, switch to the hand cursor, and use the mortar and pestle
to grind up the salt. Open the inventory again, choose the mistletoe,
and put it into the mortar and pestle. Switch to the hand cursor, use
the mortar and pestle to grind up the mistletoe, and open the
inventory again. Choose the round stone this time, use it on the
mortar and pestle, and open the inventory again. Switch to the hand
cursor, click the stone, and return to the spell book. Recite the
spell, open the inventory, and choose the wand. Use the wand on the
stone. Now leave the basement (it might be easier to use the stone at
this point). Close the trap door and put the wand back into the safe.
Return to your room, hide all of your stuff except for the porridge,
and sleep. When you wake up, walk out of the room and do any chore
that Mananan has for you. But at this point, all he'll want to do is
eat (I haven't fed the chickens, cleaned the kitchen or his office in
a long while). If that is the case, then enter the dining room, open
the inventory, choose the porridge, and give it to him. Now watch the
nifty scene of Mananan turning into a kitty. Now Gwydion is finally
free of the evil wizard, but we still have some more spells to do.
Save your game and return to your room for your stuff. Go back to
Mananan's basement. The next spell is the Deep Slumber Spell. Flip
open the spell book to the said spell. Now open the inventory, choose
the acorons you found earlier, and exit the spell book. Use the acorns
on the mortar and pestle, switch to the hand cursor, and use the
mortar and pestle. Open the inventory, choose the bowl, and use it on
the mortar and pestle to get the acorn powder. Open the inventory
again, choose the night shade, and use it on the bowl. Open the
inventory a third time, choose the wooden spoon, and use it on the
bowl to stir up the contents in the bowl. Return to the table screen,
switch to the hand cursor, and use the brazieer to the right. Open the
inventory, choose the bowl, and use it on the charcoal brazier. Take
the bowl off the brazier, open the inventory, and switch to the hand
cursor again. Click the bowl, use the mixture on the table, and recite
the spell in the spell book. Now open the inventory for the wand, use
the wand on the mixture, and open the inventory again for the leather
pouch. This time use the pouch on the mixture and you got your night
shade powder. The next spell is the Brewing a Storm spell. But this
one will need some minor preparations. All we're missing is two
ingredients. So, leave the house and don't worry about not closing the
trap door. Once outside, warp back to the cave.

Use the spoon on the river for some mud. Next, warp back to the

Walk east to the docks.

Climb down the ladder and use the cup on the ocean. Warp back to
Mananan's House.

+Mananan's House+
Save your game. Now go back into the basement. To start off the spell,
open the spell book and flip to the storm spell page. Open your
inventory, choose the cup of sea water, and use it on the bowl. Exit
the spell book, switch to the hand cursor, and click the brazier.
Open the inventory for the bowl of sea water, use the bowl on the
brazier, and open the inventory for the spoon. Use the spoon on the
bowl, open the inventory for the toadstool powder, and use it on the
bowl as well. Switch to the hand cursor and click on the bowl. Recite
the spell. Now open the inventory for the wand, use the wand on the
bowl, and open the inventory for the empty toadstool jar, and use it
on the bowl. The last spell we have is an invisibility spell. Flip the
spell book to the page of the said spell. Open the inventory for the
knife, use knife on the cactus, and use the cactus on the spoon. Open
the inventory for the spoon, use the spoon on the bowl, and choose the
jar of lard. Use the lard on the bowl, open the inventory for the toad
spittle, and use it on the bowl. Open the inventory again for the
spoon, use the spoon on the bowl, and recite the spell. Open the
inventory for the wand, use it on the bowl, and then use the empty jar
on the bowl. Save your game and leave the house. Warp to the village.

Enter the bar and talk to the pirates or rather the captain. Use your
money pouch on him to buy your passage onto his ship. After the
pirates leave, save your game and leave the tavern. Head to the east
towards the docks.

Keep walking until you see a fat pirate waiting for you. Talk to him
to be let on the ship. Watch the cutscene where Captain Bludlit
reveals himself to be a pirate.

+Pirate Ship+
Once you wake up, walk over to the right to the next screen. Switch to
the hand cursor and click on the crate. Carry the crate back to the
previous screen and set it in front of the larger platforms beneath
the ladder. Switch to the hand cursor again to climb up out of the
hold. Climb the ladder again to go up. Once you're at the top level,
climb the other ladder down and sort of start walking around to
explore the ship. If you fall at the back of the ship, then you'll be
placed back in the bottom of the ship. Just climb back out and listen
in on Captain Bludlit and the other pirate. After the conversation,
you'll wind up on an island where the pirates want you to go on a
treasure hunt for them. But this treasure hunt won't be easy.

+Treasure Island of Seran+
With a shovel and a piece of paper in hand, go the left. Just follow
the path to the next screen where you'll find yourself at a strange
bridge with three anvils. Read the paper to make three bottles to
appear on the nearby stand. The point of this little trial is to drink
one of the bottles for each different size anvil that appears on the
other side of the bridge. So, grab all three bottles and drink the
skinny bottle first. Then the green bottle and finally the big
bottle. Once you reach the middle of the bridge, switch to the hand
cursor and click on the lever or pole in the middle. Choose Pull the
lever. Now cross the rest of the bridge to the other side and go to
the next screen. This next test is kinda hard and aggravating. It was
definitely aggravating to me. :/ So, read the paper again for more
clues. Apparently you have to step on the stones in a certain order,
or rather in order of the colors listed in the paper. Blue, red,
yellow, green, white, brown is the order. In order to step on the
stones, you'll have to switch to the hand cursor and click on the
stone you want to step on. Step on the blue stone closest to you. Step
on the red stone to the left of it. And then the yellow stone behind
the red stone. Step onto the green stone to the right of the yellow
stone and then step on to the white stone to the right of it a bit.
The next stone is the brown stone to the northeast of it a bit. After
that, jump onto the blue stone going back to the northwest. Jump onto
the red stone straight ahead and then step onto the yellow stone just
behind the stone a bit. The next stone to step onto is the green stone
placed a bit to the north. You'll then have to step onto just a bit
south of it. Step onto the brown stone closest to the other side of
the river and you'll be home free! Proceed to the next screen to the
north! Save your game again. Pick up all the tiles and read the paper
for the clue. The point of this trial is to put the tiles into the gate
but in a specific order. You have to spell out a word. S-E-R-A-N. The
order goes like this: Spider, Elephant, Rabbit, Antelope, Newt.
Whatever's left over can be left alone. Now pass through Seran's gate.
Once you pass through the gate, you'll meet Seran, a famous Pirate and
Mage. He isn't willing to part with his treasure so easily. So, you
must prove yourself again. This time the trial is about priorities.
Out of the four "priorities" that Seran lays before you, you must
choose the top three. This can be quite aggravating as well, but I can
tell you which ones are the correct ones. Choose Food (the fruit),
Work (the tools), and Wisdom/knowledge (the books) in that order. Now
approach the chest and click on it. Click on the green jewel to
retrieve it and you'll betaken back to the pirate ship.

+Pirate Ship+
You're now a cabin boy. Whoop-de-doo. Follow the orders of the fat
pirate. He'll tell you to light the stove first. So, walk all the way
to the left to the next screen and climb the ladder up. Enter the main
part of the ship (or the door to the left) and switch to the hand
cursor. Click on the stove to have Gwydion light it. Now report back
to the fat pirate by the bunks. Just speak to him to recieve your next
orders. If he tells you to scrub the upper deck, then climb back up to
the upper level of the ship and return to where the stove was. Grab
the broom waiting there and walk back out to the deck. Use the broom
on the deck before reporting back to the fat pirate again. The next
chore will be to dust the captain's office. Just simply walk all the
way to the left screen and enter Bludlit's office. Pick up the feather
duster to use it. Now report back to the fat pirate or rather go back
to the bunks where Gwydion will automatically lie down for a nap.
Watch the next scene of Valenice and Graham watching their kingdom
being destroyed as more of the game's plot is revealed. When you wake
up, you'll find yourself back in the hold. Darn it. Just when you were
about to move up in the rankings of the pirates, eh? Anyways, time to
escape this hell pit. Climb up the ladder once and enter the captain's
room. Walk over to the treasure chest and open it for your stolen
items. Well, what's left of them. I'm sure you won't need that magic
map anyways. Quickly go back down into the hold. Save the game. Now
walk all the way to the right screen. Take out the sleeping powder and
use it on the middle of the screen to put the entire ship to sleep.
You'll know that it worked correctly when you see the mice sleeping.
Now go back to the left part of the ship and climb back up to the
upper deck. Now use the eagle feather on the essence of rose petal to
fly to the shores of Daventry.

Save your game. Walk to the right screen, away from the ocean. I don't
think you want to be eaten by sharks. Continue following the path to
the next screen. Now follow the winding path until you come to a rock.
Switch to the hand cursor and click the rock to climb over it. Now
continue walking to the right. You'll come to a snowy mountain area
and look up in the tree! Is that Cedric from King's Quest V? Don't try
talking to the owl because it won't respond, though it will watch you.
Walk across the platform or whatever and follow the path up the
mountain. Save your game and walk across the small stream to the next
screen. Keep walking right until you bump into...the Yeti! Or would it
be the abominable snowman? Whatever, run back to the left and enter
the cave. Once inside, use the sleeping powder on the Yeti. With the
Yeti asleep, walk back outside and continue on to the right and
follow the path down. Save your game. You're now at a hole of mazes.
This can be kind of confusing. Enter the the first hole and choose
first. Go back into the hole and choose second. Go back into that hole
and choose second. Basically you have to explore all the holes until
the Yeti appears. Now enjoy the Christmas themed music as you try to
out smart the Yeti. The point is to try and avoid the Yeti until he
breaks up the rocks blocking your path at the lower right corner of
the screen. Once you confuse the Yeti, go down the newly opened path.
Just keep clicking right until you leave the labyrinth mazes. Now
continue right and save your game before reaching the end of this
path. Go down and you'll find yourself before a cave entrance. Enter
the cave. Go through the left opening. Save your game again. Now
climb the stairs until you come out of the opening where a
three-headed dragon is. Use the invisible ointment on yourself and
sneak past the dragon and when you're next to the girl, use the stormy
brew to slay the dragon. When the rain is over, walk over to the girl
(Rosella) to untie her. She will thank you and ask for your name. But
of course, when Gwydion tells her of his true name (Prince Alexander),
he is asked to show a birthmark on his butt. This has to be the
funniest part of the entiregame, I swear. Anyways, with that scene
over with, you can talk to Rosella about the Graham and Valenice but
your next job is to escort Rosella back to the castle and you have a
long ways to go too, but there will no longer be any more dangerous
monsters to slay, though there will be some obstacles to cross. Lead
Rosella back to through the cave and down the stairs. Go through the
opening and go to the northern opening. Once out of the cave, a gnome
(or a Leprechaun) will greet you and will form a rainbow bridge for
you to cross. So walk across the rainbow bridge to the right. Go North
two screens. Now you will have to cross two walls of fire. Wait get as
close to the first wall of fire as you can without getting burned.
Save your game and quickly walk to the middle of the two walls of fire
when the first one disappears. Save your game again and wait for the
second to go down before crossing it. Now go North to the next screen.
Roeslla will remind you of the crumbling platforms (like you can't see
them?!). SAVE your game first before walking across the crumbling
ground. Go to the left. Talk to the cloaked man if you want for some
more story line development but other than that, ignore him and go on
north. Go to the east and you'll finally come upon the castle. Walk to
the right and enter the entry way where you'll be greeted by Valenice
inside, and of course watch the spectacular scene of the family's warm
reunion with Alexander, the green stone restoring the entire land of
Daventry, and of course the throwing of the hat that was shown in the
fourth King's Quest Games. And now sit back and enjoy the credits and
the full song that Gwydion had sung earlier in the game.
Congratulations! You just beat King's Quest III: To Heir is to Human

Welcome to the Mananan’s dangerous books of spells. In here you will
find a lot of good spells and the necessary ingredients used to cast
them. I will list them in order as they are listed in the actual book
in the game.

^This is how I will list them.

SPELL NAME: Understanding the Language of Creatures
INGREDIENTS: One thimbleful of dew, one tuft of fur from any animal,
shedded reptile skin, fish scales, a feather from any bird, and a bowl.
STEPS TO PREPARE: 1. Place a thimbleful of dew into a bowl.
2. Place one tuft of fur from any animal into the bowl. [Dog fur is
3. Add one rounded spoonful of fish scales.
4. Place one dried reptile skin into the bowl. [Snake skin is used
5. Drop one feather from any bird into the bowl. [Chicken feather is
6. Mix the bowl’s contents until they become doughy.
7. Recite the spell listed below.
8. Wave the magic wand over the bowl.
9. Now separate the dough into two pieces and place into your ears.
WORDS TO RECITE: “Fur of beast and reptile skin,
With scale and feather too thrown in,
Grant me sense to comprehend,
Animals of Water, Earth, and Air.”

SPELL NAME: Learning how to fly like an eagle or a fly
INGREDIENTS: Essence of rose petals, saffron, eagle feather, and fly
STEPS TO PREPARE FOR THEM: 1. Put a pinch of saffron into a bottle of
rose petal essence.
2. Recite the spell.
WORDS TO RECITE: “Spirits of air, cloud and breeze,
Lend me your wings that I may seize,
The opportunity to fly;
Allow me passage through the sky!”
NOTES: In order to use this spell, all you need to do is dip the eagle
 feather or the fly wings into the rose petal essence to become an
eagle or a fly.

The Black Cat and the last Gwydion – This is just me thinking but if
you listen carefully to some of the things the cat says after
performing the Understanding the Language of Animals spell, the cat
claims that he was once Manannan’s favorite. And the diary mentions
that the last Gwydion was trying to find the mandrake root so that he
could turn Manannan into a cat. So my theory is that Manannan
had somehow discovered what he was up too and turned the last Gwydion
into a cat or Gwydion had managed to do part of the spell and the
spell backfired or something. So in other words, I’m saying that the
cat is the last Gwydion. But remember, it’s only a theory. :)

Plans for King’s Quest IV – If you look behind the tapestry in
Mananan’s house, you’ll find easter egg that indicates plans
For King’s Quest IV.

Cedric – Cedric is a character from King’s Quest V. While
Exploring the mountain in Daventry, you’ll come across an owl
Wearing a monocle and a coat. I’m not sure whether this easter
Egg is carried over from the original game or not but this is
An easter egg. :)

Helping Medusa – There is an alternative way of beating
Medusa without actually turning her to stone. Basically you
Have to help her with her distrust in men. Apparently the
Bandits had hurt her and you have to spy on them without them
Seeing you. I have yet to figure out how this is accomplished

Alternative food for the Eagle – You can feed the Eagle either
The Mutton Chop or the dead fish. But both mount up to the same
Amount of points.

Never run out of food for Mananan – You can never run out of
Food for Mananan, how? You can find a new bowl of porridge
Every time the Behrs leave their house.

Talking Portrait – There’s a talking portrait in Mananan’s
House. If you talk to it, it’ll talk back to you and of
Course there’s a mild spoiler for King’s Quest V for those
Who hadn’t played that game yet.

My thanks goes to my uncle for downloading this game for me and for
introducing me to King’s Quest Games, oh and for letting me buy this
computer from him.
AGDI for remaking the first three King’s quest games. Now we need the
fourth game to be remade.
Gamefaqs and neoseeker for hosting this guide.
To Roberta Williams and the folks at Sierra for making the original
And me for making this guide.

I have only one email address now and that’s:

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