King's Quest VI - Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 King's Quest VI - Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

King's Quest VI - Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

(PC) Walkthrough v1.0
Copyright © 2007 by OutRider

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WARNING: This walkthrough does contain spoilers that may ruin the game for
anyone who may be playing this game for the first time. Do not read ahead
unless you fully understand the risks involved.

Copyright Notice

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email me requesting permission to add my guides to your site, as enough places
already have them on their pages.  Please do not make an HTML version of any of
my guides. Other than that, have fun and I hope this guide helps you out. 


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with the game they're playing, I've decided to include this in each of my
walkthroughs. In order to avoid being held liable for damages done to your
system, if you're experiencing technical difficulties with a game,
please check out any FAQs available on the developer's website 
and contact them to have them help you solve the issue.

Update History

1 – December 24, 2007 – The first version of this walkthrough is completed and
released. Have a Merry Christmas!


Watch the opening sequence in which Queen Valanice finds Prince Alexander
thinking about Princess Cassima, who was rescued in King's Quest V by his
father, King Graham. It's a case of love at first sight, but Alexander can't
help but think about her. 

As he sits by the magic mirror, the mirror will suddenly come to life,
revealing Cassima to be locked up in a castle situated within a place called
the Land of the Green Isles. Alexander calls for the queen, and she comments
that Alex has turned as white as a ghost. After he explains what has happened,
the Queen wonders how he'll find her. He tells her that he can navigate by the
stars, and afterwards, sets sail for three long months to find the Land of the
Green Isles. Eventually, he’ll call out “Land Ho!” but as he gets closer to the
island, a storm appears and it ends up causing a shipwreck.

The Isle of the Crown:

**Do not attempt to enter the water here or anywhere in the game. The current
is too strong and Alexander will be swept out to sea to his death.**

As Alexander regains consciousness, he’ll find himself on a beach with the
parts of his ship strewn all over the place. You’ll see something glittering
near the left end of the shore, so pick it up to learn that it is Alexander’s
royal insignia ring.  Move the plank out of the way to uncover a box, so open
it and take out the Daventry coin that you find inside.

Follow the path north to reach a crossroads. The path to the northeast features
a castle in the distance while the other path features a small village. Let’s
go to the castle and hopefully its inhabitants will be able to help Alexander
figure out where he is.

You’ll see a couple of guard dogs posted outside the castle door. Walk up to
them and they will block your way in. Talk to them until they start to repeat
themselves and show them the ring. A guard will go into the castle to retrieve
Captain Saladin, who appears to be a magnificent collie. He’ll bring you in for
a meeting  with Abdul Alhazred, the vizier of the castle. He says Cassima is
sequestered in her room and doesn’t want to receive any visitors while she is
in mourning for her parents, King Calaphim and Queen Allaria. As the
conversation is going on, notice how the genie’s eye twinkles. This feature
will come in handy throughout the game.

After the conversation, Saladin will escort Alex out of the castle and you will
not be allowed to enter again. Go back to the crossroads and take the path into
the village. You’ll see that there is a pawn shop and a bookstore, as well as a
lamp seller here. Talk to the lamp seller to learn that he exchanges old lamps
for new ones in hopes that one day he’ll receive a lamp that contains a genie.

Enter the bookstore and the proprietor will greet you as you come in. Notice
the man in the black cloak lounging around here. He won’t talk to you, but
notice how his eye glimmers that eerie gold color? Where have you seen that
before? That’s right! It’s the genie in disguise and you will encounter him in
various forms throughout the game trying to get you to do something that will
ultimately lead to your death. The best thing to do in each of these cases is
to simply ignore him and he’ll eventually disappear in a cloud of smoke.

Anyway, take the book out of the bin near where Alex is standing and the
proprietor will let you have it for free. If you read it, you’ll find out why
he was so eager to get rid of it. Talk to the proprietor to learn that his name
is Ali and he’ll tell you what he knows about the Land of the Green Isles.
There are four islands that make up the Land of the Green Isles: The Isle of
the Crown (the main island and the one you’re on now), the Isle of Wonder, the
Isle of the Sacred Mountain, and the Isle of the Beast. This is a purported
fifth island, but Ali doesn’t know anything about it. He suggests talking to
the ferryman for more information, but the ferry is currently dry-docked
because of the troubles brewing between the islands.

Afterwards,  look at and try to take the spell book that’s sitting on the
counter. Ali will tell you that he’ll only let it go in exchange for another
rare book.  Check out the books on the far right shelf and Alex will pull down
a book full of love poetry. He’ll thumb through it and read some of the poems,
but after he puts it back a page will fall out. Pick up the page and Ali will
let you keep it because he’s tired of gluing it back into the book.

Leave the bookstore and go through the archway to the next screen. You’ll see a
woman dressed in an orange dress come out of the house and tend to the rose
bushes. Look at her a couple of times before her stepmother comes out and when
she does, look at her as well. You’ll realize that the maiden might be a
servant or a slave of some sort (along the lines of Cinderella). After they go
back into the house, continue following the trail to the west.

You’ll find the ferry here and you’ll see a boy jump off the docks and into the
water. You’ll realize what I was talking about when I said that the genie will
take various forms and try to persuade Alex into listening to him. If you want
to see Alex die, then by all means you should jump into the water with the boy,
otherwise just ignore him and go up to the ferry’s door and he’ll get angry and

Knock on the door and the ferryman will answer. Talk to him and Alex will let
him know that the bookseller sent him to talk to the ferryman. He’ll let you in
and you can talk to him to get even more information on the different islands.
He’ll also mention that the pawn shop owner has a magic map that is supposedly
allow the person to travel to any of the islands. Once he starts repeating
himself, stop talking to him and take the rabbit’s foot off of the table. The
ferryman will let you take it since he’s not having any luck these days and
then you can leave the ship.

Go back into the bookstore and you’ll see a new person in the store. Talk to
him and he’ll comment that he’s too busy to talk. Show him the ring or the coin
and he’ll figure out who Alex really is. His name is Jollo, and he is the court
clown. He has heard of Alex because he’s heard Cassima mention his name. He
doesn’t like the vizier, but if only he could find Cassima’s nightingale
Sing-Sing, then he might be able to send a message to Cassima to let her know
that Alex is on the islands.

Jollo will leave after the conversation is over, so you should follow him out.
If you’re quick enough, you’ll see Jollo walking down the road towards the
castle. It doesn’t matter if you actually see him or not, but either way, go
next door into the pawn shop.

You’ll see the genie in his black cloak here too, but ignore him. Talk to the
owner and Alex will ask about the magic map. The only way the shopkeeper will
let go of it is if he gets something that’s worth a lot in exchange. Offer him
Alex’s ring and he’ll agree to hold onto it and give you the magic map.

The genie will then walk up to the counter and take a mint. The genie will then
stagger out the door and go back to the castle to update the vizier on what is
going on. Apparently the mints aren’t good for the genie since they cause him
to become drunk. 

Back in the pawn shop, take a mint out of the dish and then offer the coin to
the owner. He’ll allow you to choose an item , and when you’re done with it,
you can always exchange it for something else. Choose the wind-up nightingale
on the far left and then leave the shop to go to the crossroads.

A change in music will indicate something has changed. If you’ve noticed the
branches of the tree,  you’ll see a small bird perched on one of the branches.
Use the wind-up nightingale on it and Alex will lure it to fly down to a lower
branch. This bird is named Sing-Sing, and is Cassima’s pet. Now that you’ve
brought her down to a lower branch, you’ll be able to have the bird take
messages to Cassima. You don’t have anything to send to her now, so go back
into town.

You’ll see the pawn shop owner come out and empty his trash. You never know
what useful things you might find, so go investigate his trash bin. Alex will
decide to take an empty bottle of ink with him. It’s not actually empty, but
rather it’s filled with invisible ink. It’s good for two uses, so if you want
to experiment with it, go ahead and try it once. Let’s save the other half of
the ink for a later time.

Go to the beach and here’s the rule for using the magic map: You can only use
it on the screen where you can see the shore. As the pawn shop owner put it, it
has something to do with the teleport spell that was placed on it. Use the map
on Alexander and you’ll be shown a close-up view of the map and the islands you
can currently visit are visible. Let’s go to the Isle of the Sacred Mountain 

The Isle of the Sacred Mountain:

When you arrive on the island, you’ll see a massive cliff face behind Alexander
along with a flower and a feather on either side of the shoreline. Take both of
those items and ignore the cliff face for now so that we can teleport to the
Isle of Wonder instead.

The Isle of Wonder:

This island is truly something to see, with all of its interesting intricacies
and whatnot. To your left is a bed of oysters, all of which are sleeping,
except one. You’ll also see something floating in the water, and if you wait
long enough it’ll eventually drift close enough to the beach where Alex can
safely pick it up without being swept out to sea, so be sure to take it with
you when it’s safe to do so.

Look at the awake oyster and Alex will note that it looks to be in some
discomfort. It’ll yawn, revealing that it has created a pearl. To cure the
oyster of its ailments, simply read to it the boring book and when it yawns,
swipe the pearl from its mouth and it’ll fall asleep. You’ll have three chances
before the oyster falls asleep or you’ll never be able to get the pearl.

Save the game and attempt to leave the screen. Alexander will hear someone
approaching and then walk over to a nearby rock. You’ll see five gnomes
approaching, and this doesn’t look good.  Each of them represents one of the
five senses, and if any one of them is able to tell that Alexander is a human,
then it’s so long for our hero.

Each gnome will say something about themselves before offering Alex a chance to
prove he isn’t who he seems. First up is the smell gnome and in order to
convince him, wave the flower under his nose. Next is the hearing gnome who can
be convinced with the wind-up nightingale. Use the mint on the taste gnome and
then allow the touch gnome to feel the rabbit’s foot. The gnomes will think
they have an ace up their sleeves with the sight gnome, but he can’t do
anything to someone who he can’t see. Use the ink on Alexander and he’ll
disappear before the gnome’s very eyes.

If at any time you find yourself missing the needed items, feel free to
teleport to wherever you please using the magic map before the gnomes decide
they’ve had enough and toss Alexander into the briny deep. However, you will
have to begin again each time you visit the Isle of Wonder until you
successfully convince all the gnomes that you’re not a human.

Once they’re gone, walk off to the east to find Exclamation Point, which is a
place just filled with various books. Sift through the middle stack of books
and a Bookworm will come out of a nearby book. He won’t allow you to take any
of the books, but he will give you something in return for a dangling
participle. There’s nothing more to do here for now, so go back to the beach
and head north.

You’re now in a swampy marshland. Be wary of trudging into the swamp unless you
want to see Alex get sucked under and die. Take a bottle of milk from the
milkweed plant and ignore the barking dogwood tree. Continue to follow the path
as it turns west into a garden.

Take the rotten tomato off of the ground and tune him out as it begins to
complain. Pick up a head of iceberg lettuce and now an unseen timer will start
that marks how long it’ll take before the lettuce melts. If it ever melts on
you, just go back and grab another head. Go back to the beach and teleport to
the Isle of the Beast.

The Isle of the Beast:

You should see a creature dangling from the tree when you first get to the
island, but don’t worry about it for now as we’ll get him before we leave. Go
north to find a boiling pond and toss the iceberg lettuce into it to cool it
down.  Hop across the pond and take the lamp hanging off the tree on the other
side before following the path north.

You’ll see the genie spying on Alex again in the form of a gardener. He’ll try
to get you to walk through the gate, but Alex will be killed by an arrow if he
does this. Pick up the brick off of the ground near the gate and then go back
to the beach as the genie disappears. Once there, talk to the creature hanging
on the tree and then give it the incomplete sentence to have it agree to join
Alex. Now you can teleport to the Isle of Wonder again.

The Isle of Wonder:

Give Bookworm the dangling participle and he’ll give you a rare book filled
with riddles.  Look at the spiderweb and listen as the black widow tries to
seduce Alex. Be careful of her as one bite will send Alex packing to the
Underworld. Pull on the loose strand of webbing near the bottom and as she
crawls down, take the piece of paper out of her web.

Alex will read the word “Love” before the wind blows it away. Leave the Isle of
Wonder and head back to the Isle of the Crown.

The Isle of the Crown:

Go into the village to see that a poster has appeared on the archway. It’ll
talk about the upcoming wedding of the vizier to Princess Cassima. Enter the
bookstore to find Jollo here and Alex will automatically talk to him about the
princess and vizier.  Jollo will leave afterwards and you can give the riddle
book to Ali to get the spell book.

**The spell book is only necessary if you plan on playing through the long
branch of the game, but for the sake of this walkthrough take it anyway. You'll
still be able to play through the short branch of the game if you so choose,
but the spell book will just be taking up space in your inventory.**

You can read the spell book to see what kind of spells you can cast, but you
won’t have the necessary ingredients to perform any of them at this time. Enter
the pawn shop to find the genie here, and he’ll complain about there not being
any more mints before leaving the store. Give the pearl to the owner to get
Alex’s ring back and then exchange the nightingale for the flute.

Back at the crossroads, give Sing-Sing the ring and she’ll swoop down and take
it so she can deliver it to Cassima. Cassima will send her red ribbon in return
and Sing-Sing will drop it on the ground as she flies back to Alex. Pick up the
ribbon and examine it to get a strand of Cassima’s hair (or you can choose not
to and we'll get some hair another way later on). Go to the beach and head to
the Isle of Wonder.

The Isle of Wonder:

Proceed all the way into the garden and take the teacup sitting on the chair on
the top right of your screen. Look into the hole-in-the-wall to get a glimpse
of Chessboard Land and try to take it to have it run and hide behind the

Play the flute for them and the wallflowers and snapdragons will dance to
Alex’s catchy tune. Once Alex stops playing, go over and take the
hole-in-the-wall and then go through the gate to enter Chessboard Land. Try to
walk out onto the path and the two knights will block your path. The red and
white queens will then show up and ask Alex to settle an argument as to what
gift should be given to the vizier and princess. Alex won’t have a solution,
and the queens will turn up their noses and hop back to wherever it is they
came from. The red queen will drop her scarf as she leaves, so be sure to take
it with you before going into the swamp.

Use the teacup on the swamp to get some swamp ooze, only to have the Stick in
the Mud come to life and tell you that it is swamp slime. Talk to the Bump on a
Log and he’ll that Stick is always picking on him and he can’t do anything
about it because he never has anything to throw back. Give Bump the rotten
tomato and he’ll hurl at the Stick, which begins a mud fight. After they fall
asleep, use the teacup on the swamp ooze covering Bump and then go back to the
beach to teleport to the Isle of the Crown.

The Isle of the Crown:

Give Sing-Sing the love poem that Alex got near the beginning of the game in
the bookstore and she’ll bring back a note from Cassima warning Alex of the
genie (like we didn’t already know about him). Go into the pawn shop and
exchange the flute for the tinderbox and then go back to the beach to teleport
to the Isle of the Sacred Mountain.

The Isle of the Sacred Mountain:

Examine the etchings on the wall to uncover a puzzle. The etchings read
“Ignorance Kills, Wisdom Elevates”. The answer to this puzzle is the word
'rise', so push on the R in Ignorance, the I in Kills, the S in Wisdom, and an
E in the word Elevates. Upon successful completion of this first puzzle, a set
of stone steps will erupt out of the cliff face, providing a way for Alex to
scale the cliff.

Use the Walk icon on the first step and Alex will step onto it. Be very careful
as you make your way up to the top and take each step one at a time because if
you try to click anywhere except on the next step, Alex will fall off the step
he's currently standing on and plummet to his death. It is highly recommended
that you save your game each time you manage to solve a puzzle, but if you
choose to be overly cautious, you can save each time Alex makes it onto the
next step.

When you reach the point where there aren't any more stairs to step on, you'll
find another set of etchings in the wall. Look at them to uncover the next 

**NOTE: Two of the puzzles you face while scaling  the Logic Cliffs are a part
of the game's copy protection system and therefore will require that you have a
copy of the manual to help you solve them. If you don't have the manual
available, you're tough out of luck because I will not email you a copy of the
manual nor will I give you the answers in any other form and any requests for
them will be ignored.**

This puzzle will require you to spell out the word 'Soar' using the symbols
given to you. Each symbol corresponds to a specific letter, but because this is
a part of King's Quest VI's copy protection program, I can not tell you which
symbol corresponds to which letter and so you will need the manual to help you
figure this one out. 

After you manage to solve the next puzzle, more steps will appear before you.
Continue to work your way up the cliffs to the next puzzle, which consists of
four unmarked buttons. Press the last, first, and second buttons in that order
to further your progress.

The fourth puzzle will also require the manual to help solve it. You'll need to
press the symbols that correspond to the letters for tranquility (D), air (G),
the color azure (O), and the caterpillar (Q). The order you press them doesn't
matter and afterwards, you can continue onto the next puzzle.

The last puzzle says “All Silent Cry the Noble Boulders”. Spell out the word
'Ascend' by pressing the A in All, the S in Silent, the C in Cry, the E in The,
the N in Noble, and D in Boulders.  Once you've made it to the top of the
cliffs, you'll find the genie here disguised as an old crone. He'll try to get
Alex to eat a berry from the nightshade bush by trying to convince him that
they'll give him the power of flight. Eat one if you like, but for those who
enjoy the world of the living, ignore the genie until he gets angry and
disappears in a cloud of smoke.

After the genie leaves,  enter the cave that he was guarding, but be careful
that you don't accidentally click on the bush. The cave is absolutely dark when
you enter, so use the tinderbox anywhere in the cave to shed some light on the
situation. Crawl through the hole on the other side of the cave to find an
opening where some peppermint can be seen growing. Take some leaves with you
and then exit the same way you came. Re-light the tinderbox and then leave the
cave completely.

Follow the path north to enter the kingdom of the Winged Ones. Upon Alex's
approach, the guards will stop him. They don't believe that a human managed to
solve the riddles of the Logic Cliffs after no one has managed to solve them
for centuries. They'll fly Alex off to the king and queen of the kingdom to
answer for what he has done.

As you listen to the conversation, the queen will talk about a prophecy that
speaks of someone solving the Logic Cliffs and killing off the minotaur that
resides in the catacombs. The entrance to the catacombs is at the top of the
cliffs where you encountered the genie. The minotaur has been taking
sacrifices, and the latest one is scheduled to be the lord and lady's daughter,
Celeste. Alex agrees to enter the catacombs to rescue her and afterwards, the
guards will fly him to the entrance and toss him in, not thinking that he'll
manage to get the job done.

The Catacombs:

Save your game here. The catacombs are full of traps, and all it takes is one
wrong turn for Alex to get himself killed and sent to the Underworld. 

>From your starting point, head two screens north, two screens east, and one
screen north. You should have reached a dead-end where the room is littered
with skeletons of the catacombs' previous victims. Take the lonesome skull
resting on the ground and then turn around and head back from whence you came
by going one screen south and two screens west. Instead of heading south to the
entrance, head north one screen and one screen west.

Alex should now have arrived in a room where symbols have been inscribed upon
the tiles. Crossing to the other side is no easy task because one wrong step
will result in Alex being impaled upon a set of spikes, but fortunately for
you, I am here to make sure that doesn't happen. Save your game before you 

To keep Alex from accidentally stepping on the wrong tile and killing himself,
I would recommend that you step on the tiles one at a time and save each time
you step on a correct tile. From the starting point, you can make it safely
across by following these directions:

1)Walk one space up from the starting point so that you should now be on a rose
2)Walk diagonally so that as you move, you'll walk on the rose tile that is one
space left of the starting point, and then end up on the rose tile in the
middle of the bottom row.
3)Move two spaces up so that you walk on a scythe tile followed by a crown 
4)From the crown tile, walk diagonally onto the second tile in the top row,
which is inscribed with a picture of a dove.
5)Move diagonally one more time from the dove tile so that you should end up on
a skull and crossbones tile that is one space north of the ending point.
6)Move one space south onto a blank tile and head through the door to safely
cross the spike maze.

Now that you're free and clear of that trap,  head north one screen and you'll
see a shield hanging on the wall. This will come in handy later on, so take it
with you before proceeding any further. Walk three more screens north and two
screens west to find yourself in another dead-end room. You'll see a skeleton
with coins in its eyes, which you should take with you.

Re-trace your steps a bit by going back two screens east and one screen south.
>From there, walk one screen east to encounter your next trap. Upon arrival in
this next room, the doors on both ends slam shut and the ceiling will begin to
come down to crush Alex. Before that can happen, toss the brick into the gears
and the ceiling will come to a grinding halt and the doors will re-open. 

Continue on for two screens to the east, one screen north, and another one
east. You'll find yourself at yet another dead-end, or so you think. Just when
you thought things were all safe and sound, the floor gives way and drops Alex
to an untimely, yet somewhat cartoonish demise.

You really didn't think I would purposely lead you to your death, did you? Alex
will survive the fall unscathed, but unfortunately, the room is so dark that he
can't see his hands in front of his face. Use the tinderbox  on Alex's eyes and
he'll use it to light the torch in the room. Exit the room and continue on to
the west for five screens and then turn south for two screens before heading
east for one screen.

You should now be at yet another dead-end and no, there aren't any traps to be
found here. You will realize, however, that the sounds of the minotaur lurking
about in the catacombs can be heard louder here than anywhere else in this god
forsaken maze. Place the hole-in-the-wall on the east wall and have a peek
through it to see the minotaur hitting a hidden latch that's located behind the
tapestry. After you're done, the hole-in-the-wall will take off to never be
seen again.

To get from where you're at now to the room where you saw the minotaur, head
west for three screens,  south for two screens, and then head east once.
Continue to the south for one screen and then head east again for two screens.
Proceed to the north for one screen before turning east for one more. The
tapestry room is just two screens north from here, so go there now.

Use the hand icon on the tapestry and Alex will find the hidden latch and use
it to unlock the secret door to the Minotaur's lair. Save your game because now
it's time we slay that wretched beast. You'll see the minotaur doing something
with Lady Celeste and to get his attention, walk a little ways into the room to
have Celeste spot you and cry out for help. The minotaur will turn his
attention towards Alex and as he gets ready to send Alex into the fiery pit,
use the red queen's scarf on him before it's too late to send the minotaur into
the pit instead.

Alex will free Celeste from her bindings using her dagger, which she allows him
to keep as a thank-you gift. The pair will emerge from the catacombs relatively
unharmed and the guards will take Alex before the king and queen once more. As
a way of saying thank you, they will not kill Alex and he will be allowed to
pay a visit to the Oracle, but afterwards Alex must promise to never return to
the island.

The winged guards will fly Alex over to the Oracle's cave. As you listen to
what she has to say, you'll learn that Alex's mission is to save Cassima, and
that there are two possible ways to go about doing it. If Alex requires help,
there are souls crying out for revenge that will be more than happy to lend it
to him, however, contacting them will require the help of the Druids. Before
leaving, the Oracle will give Alex a vial containing sacred water from her
scrying pool.

The guards will drop Alex off at the beach and after they leave, use the magic
map to go to the Isle of the Mists, which has now been uncovered.

The Isle of the Mists:

**NOTE: Do not under any circumstances go north of the beach or east of the
village. If you do, you will encounter the Druids performing some sort of rain
ceremony. They will take Alex hostage and force him into the wooden cage, where
he'll be hung over the fire to burn and die.**

Head one screen west into the village and take a coal from the pit. Take the
scythe hanging on the house to the left before heading back to the beach and
using the map to go to the Isle of the Beast.

The Isle of the Beast:

Go to where you encountered the genie disguised as a gardener. Before heading
through the gate, use the shield on the stone archer and as Alex passes through
the gate, the archer will let loose a magic arrow, only to have it deflected by
Alex's shield.

Pick a white rose from the bush near the gazebo and then attempt to pass
through it. The hedges will grow together to prevent Alex from going any
further, but you can take care of it by using the scythe to chop them down.

As you enter the fountain plaza, the ruler of the land will emerge from the
next gate to confront Alex. He'll tell him that he used to be a prince, but was
turned into the Beast after a witch cursed him and anyone who happens to visit
him will turn into a beast as well until the curse is broken. In order to break
it, however, Alex will need to find a woman who is willing to spend her life
with the Beast and it must be because she is willing to do so freely rather
than forced into doing it. If somehow Alex manages to find such a woman, the
Beast gives him a ring to give to her.

After the Beast leaves, you must now act as quickly as possible because if you
take too long, Alex will transform into a warthog, ending the game prematurely.
Head back to the beach and use the map to go to the Isle of the Crown.

The Isle of the Crown:

Speak with Jollo in the bookstore and he'll tell Alex that it would do him well
if he could think of a way to make Alhazred think that he was dead and that he
might be able to steal the genie's lamp if Alex can give him an exact replica
to replace it. Follow Jollo out the door after the conversation is over and
head north through the archway.

You'll see Beauty tending to the roses near the road. Give her the white rose
so that she'll be more willing to talk to Alex. Give her the Beast's ring and
Alex will tell her the story of the Beast and his curse. She'll be so taken in
by it that she'll agree to go with Alex to the Isle of the Beast and the game
will automatically take them to the garden.

Watch the sequence as the curse is broken and the Beast becomes his old
princely self again. Beauty will also be transformed so that she will now be
wearing a more regal dress. As a sign of their gratitude, Beauty will give Alex
her old clothes and the former Beast will give him his magic mirror that will
show the true image of anyone looking into it.

After the new couple has gone, there is one more thing I should mention here
before the game progresses any further. If you have yet to remove the hair from
Cassima's ribbon, you can inspect Beauty's clothes to find a strand of her hair
attached to it. The hair will be a necessary ingredient for a spell you'll have
to cast later, but only if you're choosing to play through the long path of the

You can now go back to the beach and use the map to teleport to the Isle of 

The Isle of Wonder:

Enter the garden to find a vial labeled 'Drink Me' sitting on the table. Take
it and if you wish to see what it does, you may take a drink out of it. Save
the rest for later as it is necessary to continue on with the game. Give the
bottle of milk to one of the baby's tears, it doesn't matter which one. The
rest of the baby's tears will begin to cry and as they're crying, collect some
of their tears using the hunter's lamp. Add the Oracle's vial to the lamp and
then go through the door to re-enter Chessboard Land.

The Red and White Queens will re-appear and when they ask for any more ideas,
give the lump of coal to the White Queen. In return, she'll give you the rotten
egg. Just when you think you've managed to settle the argument, the queens will
find something new to argue about when the Red Queen complains that her lump of
coal is smaller than the one Alex gave the White Queen.

Head back to the beach and use the map to go back to the Isle of the Beast.

The Isle of the Beast:
Re-enter the Beast's garden and fill the hunter's lamp with some water from the
fountain. Open the spell book to the page containing the 'Rain' spell and cast 

Head back to the beach.

**NOTE: You have reached the point where the game will now diverge into two
separate paths. This walkthrough will cover both of them, but I will be playing
through the long path first so that players can get the most out of the game
and get the best ending possible. If you choose to play through the short path,
your maximum number of points will be significantly lower than if you're
playing the long path, and the ending will not be as good. If you're wanting to
play through the short path, you may skip the entire next section as I will
catch up with you later.**

If you wish to play through the long path of the game, use the map to return to
the Isle of the Mists. For those who wish to wimp out and play the short path,
use the map to return to the Isle of the Crown and continue following the
walkthrough from where it says “ The Isle of the Crown (Short Path)”.

The Isle of the Mists (Long Path):

Upon arrival, two Druids will take Alex hostage. He will be forced into the
wicker cage to take part in their rain ceremony. As Alex hangs over the fire to
burn, the cage will catch on fire, but Alex will put it out using Beauty's
slave clothes. Just when you thought the end was near for our illustrious hero,
the lamp you enchanted before coming here will start to respond. Alex will take
it out of his pocket and it'll eventually erupt in a cloud of black smoke. A
thunderstorm will occur and the Druids realize just who Alex is. They bring him
down from over the fire and the Arch-Druid will agree to help you get to the
Land of the Dead. He says there is a creature called Night Mare, a demon horse
that comes to feed on poisonous plants. If you can enchant it somehow, the
horse will be able to take Alex where he wants to go.

After the Druids leave, scoop up some embers from the pit using the skull from
the catacombs and then go to the beach to teleport to the Isle of the Sacred

The Isle of the Sacred Mountain (Long Path):

Climb up the stairs of the Logic Cliffs and you'll automatically wind up at the
very top. You'll find Night Mare here eating berries from the nightshade bush.
It is time to enchant this creature by using the “Charming a creature of the
night” spell. Save your game before we start and then go into your inventory.
Combine the rotten egg and the strand of hair with the glowing skull and then
open the spell book. Turn the page to the spell and cast it.

Night Mare will catch a whiff of the spell and she'll be yours to command. Alex
will climb on top of her and she'll take off for the Land of the Dead.

The Land of the Dead (Long Path):

Save your game as soon as you touch down. You'll find the ghosts of Cassima's
parents wandering here, but there are also zombies lurking about as well. If
you come into contact with a zombie while you're here, Alex will become just
another spirit. Talk to King Calaphim and Queen Allaria and Alex will explain
to them what has been going on. Allaria will give Alex a ghost ticket so that
he can enter the Underworld. 

If there are any zombies about when the conversation is over, be careful that
you don't touch them as you exit off the screen to the east. Along the path you
will see a large female ghost floating in the air above you. There are zombies
here as well, so you must continue to be careful. Talk to the ghost to learn
that her son is missing in the land of the living. Alex will agree to find him
for her and before she disappears, she'll give Alex her handkerchief that her
son can easily find his way back to her.

Continue to follow the path and enter the large skull at the end. You'll have
arrived at the gate to the Underworld. You'll see a ghost handing its ticket to
the ticket holder, who then allows it to pass through the gate. You can also
see that there is a large skeleton standing off to one side with a key attached
to its waist. You will need this key as it will come in handy later.

If you look on the ground on the right, you'll see what appears to be a
xylophone made out of bone. Pick up the two bones lying beside it to watch a
neat song and dance sequence. As the key holder is dancing, his key will go
flying off its ring and land on the ground near Alex's feet. Pick up the key
and then walk up to the ticket holder and hand him your ghost ticket.

The ticket holder will permit Alex to pass and in the next room, save your game
before you continue any further because Alex can slip off the path and fall
into the River Styx, resulting in his death. Check out the body lying on the
path and watch as Alex is assaulted by one of the Underworld's many denizens.
Upon closer inspection of the body, you will find a black gauntlet. Pick it up
and then carefully continue down the path to the next screen.

You will find Charon waiting here to ferry the dead across the River Styx. Use
the teacup to collect some of the Styx water and then hand Charon the coins you
got from the skeleton in the catacombs. Charon will accept these as fare, and
Alex will board the boat to be ferried across the river.

Walk up to the door and attempt to open it to have it transform into a demonic
face. If you attempt to touch it again, Gate will kill you. Talk to him instead
and he'll give you a riddle to answer if you want to proceed any further. The
answer to his riddle is 'Love'. He'll reluctantly open himself up to you and
you can now enter the throne room.

Here resides Samhain, the Lord of the Dead. Walk up to his throne and throw
down the black gauntlet you picked up earlier to challenge him. His challenge
to you if you expect to bring Alex, as well as Cassima's parents out from the
Land of the Dead, is to make him cry. It is no easy task given the fact he has
sat on the throne for thousands of years and has heard every sad story that
there is to hear.

If you want to beat the Lord of the Dead, simply show him the Beast's mirror.
Afterwards, Samhain will stay true to his word and set Alex and Cassima's
parents back to the land of the living on the back of Night Mare.

The Isle of the Crown (Long Path):

Night Mare will drop Alex off on the beach and then take off with Cassima's
parents so that they can figure out how to put a stop to the vizier's plans.
Head up to the crossroads and give Sing-Sing the white rose. She won't be
coming back after this, but that's okay. Go into the village and enter the pawn
shop to find the genie camping out here again. Exchange the tinderbox for the
paintbrush and then drink the rest of the contents of the 'Drink Me' bottle.
Both the genie and the proprietor will think Alex is dead and as you listen to
the genie telling the vizier about the good news, make a note of the type of
bottle that the genie resides in. It is a blue, long-necked bottle and this
clue will be important in just a minute.

After Alex comes to and reassures the shopkeeper that he's fine, save your game
and then leave the shop. Give the hunter's lamp to the lamp seller and choose
to take the blue long-necked bottle, which looks similar to the genie's bottle.
If you pick the wrong one, re-load your game and get the correct bottle. 

Head to the castle and follow the path that branches off to the left of the
guard dogs. You'll now be at the side of the castle, which is currently
featureless. Time to cast the third spell. Go into your inventory and use the
black feather to mix the contents of the teacup. Use the paintbrush on the
blank wall and Alex will paint himself a door. Use the spellbook on the painted
door and cast the spell so that the fake door becomes a real one.

Save your game again and then enter the castle through the newly made door.

The Castle of the Crown (Long Path):

**NOTE: Guard Dogs will be patrolling this room, so do not linger any longer
than necessary. If they happen to catch you, Jollo will spring you from your
prison. If caught a second time, you can use the skeleton key but if you're
caught a third time, you'll be left to rot.**

>From your starting point, enter the middle dungeon cell. Inside you will find
the ghost of a little boy who can't seem to find his mother. This is the ghost
you agreed to find for the spirit back in the Land of the Dead. Give him his
mother's handkerchief and he'll let you in on a little secret. The suit of
armor at the north end of the basement has a hidden latch that can be used to
enter a secret passageway.

Exit the cell and then head into the northern passageway with the suit of armor
and the entrance to the guardroom and cross to the opposite end of the
basement. Enter the only door on the eastern wall to discover Jollo's room.
Jollo will tell Alex that Cassima is upstairs, and if he can find evidence to
prove just how evil the vizier truly is, the guard dogs might be willing to
listen to him. Give Jollo the replica bottle that you picked up from the lamp
seller and then follow him out the door.

Go back over to the suit of armor and pull on the armor's right arm to open up
the secret door. Peek through the hole in the wall to eavesdrop on a
conversation between Captain Saladin and a pair of guard dogs, making a note
that the vizier said the word 'Ali' before being interrupted by a guard dog
while he was at the door to the treasure room.  Walk up the stairs to the next
floor and Alex will overhear a woman sobbing in the room nearby. Ignore them
for now and continue west into the next passageway. Gaze through the next
peephole to see the vizier writing a letter to the wizard Shadrack, where he
tells him about his real plans for Cassima.

Continue down the passageway and you'll wind up at a dead-end. If you look
towards the northern end of the western wall, you will see the faint outlines
of a door. Push on it and Alex will emerge inside of the vizier's bedroom,
courtesy of his wardrobe.

Open the black box on the table near his bed and look at the note inside. Make
a note of the word 'Zebu' that is written on it. This is the second half of the
phrase the vizier used to open the door to the treasure room. Use the skeleton
key on the chest at the end of his bed and take the letter from the top of the
pile. It is a letter from Shadrack praising the vizier for the trouble he has
caused the Isles, and it is the evidence Alex needs to prove the vizier's true

Head back into the secret passageway by entering the wardrobe and go to where
Alex heard the woman sobbing. Peek through the hole to find Princess Cassima
sitting inside of her bedroom. After they catch up on things, hand her the
dagger and then show her the letter you took from the vizier's trunk. She'll
tell you that you should show it to Saladin and afterwards, someone enters her
room and takes her away.

Go back downstairs and re-enter the main passageway of the castle. Head west
into the first hallway and on the western wall is a door without any means of
opening it. This is the door to the treasure room and it opens when the person
speaks the correct passphrase. Talk to the door and enter in the phrase 'Ali
Zebu' to open it. Pull back the drape on the table in the middle of the room to
uncover the Isles' lost treasures that the rulers thought were stolen by the
Isles' other rulers. Look at each one of them as well as the drape before
leaving the room.

After you exit, you'll hear the wedding music beginning to play, so you must
hurry if you are to put an end to it. By this point, you may hear the approach
of a guard dog, but he won't be a problem if you move quickly enough. Head
along the southern hallway to the opposite end of the basement and then proceed
through the door at the top of the stairs to enter the entrance hall.

After Alex emerges from his hiding place, Saladin will come out of the Great
Hall and will force Alex to explain himself before killing him. Show Saladin
the vizier's letter and he'll take you into the hall where Cassima and the
vizier are about to be wed.

Approach the couple to interrupt the wedding. The vizier will order Saladin to
kill him, but since he's not the king yet, he's not fully obligated to listen
to him. Saladin asks Cassima what he should do, and Cassima tells him to listen
to the vizier. Just as Saladin is prepared to kill our hero, Cassima's parents
burst into the room with guard dogs in tow. The queen will recognize her
“daughter” for what she truly is, the genie in disguise. The vizier makes his
escape through a door near the thrones and while the genie is seen casting
spells to stun the guards, follow the vizier through the door.

Run up the two flights of stairs to find the vizier as well as the real
Cassima, who is bound by a set of ropes. The vizier will summon his genie, but
if you gave Jollo the replica bottle, he'll show up and give Alex the real
deal. Use the bottle on the genie and he'll disappear into it, but not before
expressing his gratitude at having found a new owner who isn't as evil as the
vizier. The vizier becomes increasingly more angry towards Alex after foiling
his plans and he then draws his sword to do battle. Grab the ceremonial sword
from the wall and use it on the vizier to begin the fight.

If you gave Cassima the dagger like you're supposed to, she'll eventually free
herself and use the dagger to stab the vizier in the shoulder. With the vizier
distracted, use the sword on his head to knock him out. Now that Cassima and
Alex have been reunited and the vizier has been taken down into the dungeon,
Alex asks for Cassima's hand in marriage, to which she agrees.

Watch the ending sequences and if you managed to do everything that you were
supposed to, this should result in you getting the best ending possible. The
wedding will be complete with magic tricks being performed by the newly changed
genie, Jollo will also perform at the wedding, and you should see that both
Alex and Cassima's families are present at the wedding as well as the rulers of
the other islands.

This marks the conclusion of the long path of King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone
Tomorrow.  Now it's time to continue on with the short path of the game, if you
wish to go back and play through it.

The Isle of the Crown (Short Path):

Well, I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long for me to begin covering the
short path of the game, but some of us prefer to see the best of what the game
has to offer.

>From the beach, head up to the crossroads and give Sing-Sing the white rose to
deliver to Cassima. The bird won't be coming back, but we don't need her
anymore anyway.

Go into the village and enter the pawn shop. Exchange the tinderbox for the
nightingale and head to the castle. The guard dogs will be here admitting
wenches into the castle to make the preparations for the upcoming wedding. Use
Beauty's clothes on Alex and he'll go into the guard shack and change into
them. Alex will automatically head into the castle and from that point on,
there's no turning back.

The Castle of the Crown (Short Path):

Alex will take off his disguise and stuff it into a vase. Walk up the left
staircase as the right staircase will result in Alex's capture and 

At the top of the stairs, Alex will hide behind a wall to conceal himself from
the patrolling guard dogs. As soon as they head towards Alex and then head back
up the hallway, use the nightingale on the hall to distract them. Go into the
nearby alcove and use the hand icon on the pillar to hide from the guards while
they're involved with the nightingale.

After they leave, you have five minutes before they return, so you have to act
quickly. Take the picture off of the wall and remove the nail it was hanging
from. Head into the room across from the alcove to find the vizier's bedroom.
Use the nail to unlock the trunk near his bed and take the letter from the top
of the pile. It's a letter from a wizard named Shadrack praising the vizier for
all the trouble he has caused on the Isles. Leave the room once you're finished
and put the nail back where you found it. Replace the picture and then head
into the northern hallway.

Alex will hear the sounds of a woman sobbing. Use the talk icon on the door to
learn that the mystery woman is actually Princess Cassima. Listen to the
conversation and then slide the dagger underneath the door. Slide the vizier's
letter under the door next and she'll read it before returning it. She'll tell
you that you should show it to Saladin and now it's about time for the guard
dogs to be returning to their posts.

Quickly go back into the alcove and hide behind the pillar. The guards will
return and they'll become too concerned for Cassima's well-being that they'll
leave to go check on her. Take this time to head back downstairs into the
entrance hall. As the music begins to play, you'll realize that the wedding is
about to start.

Saladin will emerge from the Great Hall and he'll spot Alex right away. He'll
give him a chance to explain himself, and you should use that short amount of
time to show Saladin the vizier's letter.

Saladin will escort Alex into the hall and after you regain control, approach
the couple to interrupt the wedding. The vizier will order Saladin to kill
Alex, but since he isn't the king yet, he asks Cassima for a second opinion.
Cassima will tell Saladin to listen to the vizier and before Saladin gets a
chance to run his sword through Alex's body, use the Beast's mirror on Cassima
to expose her for who she really is, the genie in disguise.

The vizier makes his escape through a door next to the throne, and you should
follow him through it. Chase the vizier up two flights of stairs and you'll
find the real Cassima all tied up. He'll summon his genie to kill you and when
you get a chance, offer the genie the peppermint leaf and he'll gladly take it
from you. The mint causes him to act drunk, which causes his spell to backfire
and kill him. The vizier will not react well to what Alex has done, and will
then draw his sword so that he can kill Alex himself.

Pull the ceremonial sword off of the wall nearby and use it on the vizier to
begin the fight. If you gave Cassima the dagger like you should have, she'll
use it to free herself from her bindings and then stab the vizier in the
shoulder. Use the sword to knock the vizier out and with Alex and Cassima
reunited, the guards will eventually show up and take the vizier into custody.

The resulting wedding of Alex and Cassima won't be as joyous compared to the
wedding you would have seen had you played through the long path of the game,
but either way you can say that you've beaten the game.


King's Quest VI offers multiple endings, depending on your actions throughout
the game. Below is a list of the differences between each one:

1) If Alexander remembers to send his insignia ring to Cassima, it'll become
the wedding ring.

2) If Alexander never sends the ring to Cassima, but has managed to get it back
from the pawn shop, Alex will give the ring to Cassima at the wedding.

3) If you never retrieved the ring from the pawn shop, there will be no wedding

4) If Alexander goes to the Land of the Dead and brings back Cassima's parents,
they will attend the wedding. If he doesn't, the wedding will be somewhat sad.

5) If Alexander never becomes friends with Jollo, he'll be at the wedding but
he won't be too sure of what is to come. However, if you are friends with Jollo
but you killed off the genie, Jollo will be there but Cassima's parents won't 

6) If Alex is friends with Jollo, and he saves the genie as well as Cassima's
parents, Jollo will perform at the wedding.

7) If Alex saves the genie and finds the stolen treasures, the genie will
perform at the wedding and the rulers of the other islands will be in 

8) If Alex saves Cassima's parents, saves the genie, befriends Jollo, and finds
the stolen treasures, Jollo and the genie will both be performing at the
wedding and you see that the rulers of the other islands as well as Alex's
family are in attendance. (This is the best ending)

9) If Alex kills the genie, there won't be hardly anyone in attendance at the

10) If Alex finds the stolen treasures, you'll learn that the islands are back
on speaking terms.

11) If Alex doesn't find the stolen treasures, he'll have his work cut out for
him as there will be a lot of work to do to bring peace back to the Land of the
Green Isles.


Sierra – for making a fun adventure game. 'Tis a shame that adventure games
such as these are a dying breed.

Peter Spear & The King's Quest Companion, 3rd Ed. – the book was used to help
create the guide you see before you.

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