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1. Get the wrench from under the right-hand side of couch. 
   Use it to get the ashtray.
2. Get the thin metal rod from the whiteboard. (It’s the minus sign 
   on the 14.) Use it to get the picture from under the front edge of 
   the left-hand couch seat. Place the ashtray where indicated, in front 
   of the door. (Without the picture, it doesn’t let you do this.)
3. Get the screwdriver from the bottom desk drawer, and use it on the 
   screw at the right edge of the whiteboard, so it’ll swing away and 
   reveal the diamond window. (Click the top of the grey box to see the 
   edge of the board.)
4. Zoom in on the heart window all the way, and click toward the top of 
   the screen to get the pink box.Click the pink box until you get the 
   pink key.
5. The pink key goes with the lock on the back of the brown box. (Click 
   around the right side to see the back — the top shows the window.) Get
   the baseball, and note the arrangement of colors.
6. Zoom in on the window over the brown box. With the ball selected, click
   the green orb. Retrieve the ball from the planter by the door, and click
   it to get the green key.
7. Use the green key to open the top desk drawer and get the fountain pen 
   which is actually a lighter. Click the pen until it lights.
8. Zoom out once and click under the drawer to see the button. Click it.
9. Look around the room and note the colors of the windows. Also note how 
   many lines or pieces make up each outline. Use the colors from the brown 
   box to figure out which goes where, and enter this code in the grey box.
10. For the code:
    yellow heart: 2 | blue diamond: 0
    red club:     6 | green spade: 5
11. Get the pack of cigarettes from the grey box. Click it until you get a 
    purple cigarette. Light it and put it on the ashtray. This triggers the
    smoke alarm and opens the door.
12. Before you go out to the hallway, get the note from the desk chair. (The 
    next step doesn’t work if you haven’t looked at it.)
13. In the hallway, zoom in on the black and red picture. Click above the 
    ladder-like symbol, in the red bit, to reveal a button.
    Zoom in on the door, then click toward the bottom left (the shadow of the 
    cabinet) to see the key next to the umbrella stand. (You can see where the
    key was by clicking toward the upper left in the door view.)
14. Use the key on the lock and you’re out.

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