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 Laura Bow - The Dagger Of Amon Ra

Laura Bow - The Dagger Of Amon Ra



 This is a walkthru of the game THE DAGGER OF AMON RA which leads to a 
completely successful conclusion. The game consists of collecting evidence to
support your eventual identification of the criminal(s) and gathering
information by direct questioning and covert listening. You also require
special equipment that you will find while exploring to be used later on in
particular situations. There is much non-essential information and evidence to
collect and witness throughout the game. Such information both supports and
confuses the case against the thieves and murderers. Not all of it is 
mentioned here.

 If you have not yet played the game, I suggest you save at least once in 
every act, and more frequently during Act 5.


 The story is set in the year 1926 and begins with an ocean crossing. A 
passenger liner steams across the Atlantic while a man is murdered in his 
cabin. The single assailant places the body in a trunk.

 The steamer arrives at the New York docks and the passengers disembark. 
Carter and a fellow passenger in Egyptian dress heatedly discuss whether the 
Dagger of Amon Ra should be returned to Egypt. A dock worker unloads a heavy 
trunk for Dr. Carrington, who is unwilling to disclose the contents of the 
trunk. Dr. Carrington is being met by a countess.

 A week later, Laura Bow is seen off by her father and travels by train to New 
York. She is on her way to meet Sam Augustini, editor of the Tribune 
Newspaper in the hopes of being hired as a reporter. On arriving in New York 
she is robbed of her suitcase and money even before leaving the railway 
station platform.

 Undeterred, Laura makes her way to Sam's office and convinces him to hire 
her. Sam assigns her to a burglary case: a knife has been stolen from the 
Leyendecker Museum. She is to begin her investigation by attending the fund-
raiser for the museum's Egyptian Exhibit. Sam hands over a notebook which 
contain the notes on the case so far made by a fellow reporter Crodfoller.



 Laura enters the reporters' office and meets Crodfoller Rhubarb, "Rube."

 Now, it's up to you to guide Laura to a successful conclusion to the investi-
gation for the Tribune and to be awarded a permanent position as a New York 
reporter. Rube is a fountain of knowledge. Ask him about every topic in your 
notebook, including topics that are added as he speaks. This is a good habit 
in general. Ask everyone you meet about everything you can. You never know 
when someone will let something really useful slip.
 Sit down at the desk and take a look under the lower right corner of the 
blotter. Then, using the key, open the desk drawer. Keep the press pass. Take 
the baseball out of the wastebasket next to your desk. Take a look at the 
notice board and note that you must dress appropriately at formal occasions. 
The other men in the office aren't very helpful.

 Leave the Tribune building, but don't cross that street without looking:
Always look both ways before crossing the road!


 Cross the street to the Police Station. Try waking the drunk, and then enter 
the police station. The sergeant at the front desk is not very cooperative 
(because he is hungry), so knock on the door at the back of the station. Here 
you meet Detective O'Riley. Ryan O'Riley lets you read the police report, but 
the police are baffled by the mystery of the missing Dagger of Amon Ra. They 
have no leads at all. There's nothing more to find out at the Police Station 
right now. 

 Leave the station, pick up the free lunch voucher, walk across the street,
and exchange the voucher for a free lunch from Luigi. Return to the police 
station and offer the sandwich to the desk sergeant. He will give you the 
password to the Speakeasy (Flower Shop) when you ask about it. Hail a taxi 
cab. Show the cab driver your press pass, and he'll give you a free ride.


 Take a taxi to the 12th Street Docks. There you will meet Steve Dorian. Ask 
him about the topics in your notebook, particularly the Leyendecker Museum. 
Continue your investigations by going via taxi to the Speakeasy. 


 Here you must give the secret password to enter. Chat with Ziggy. He is 
sitting on the far right near the front of the speakeasy. Tell him Crodfoller 
sent you and he will cooperate. After talking with Ziggy, leave the Speakeasy 
and cross the street.

 Three children are playing outside the laundry. Offer them the baseball in 
exchange for the Magnifying Glass. When you have to look at things carefully, 
use the magnifying glass.

 Outside the Speakeasy hail a taxi. The taxi will have garbage on the back 
seat. Don't wait for another cab. Plunge in and find the laundry claim ticket. 
Leave the taxi and cross the street to Lo Fat's Laundry.

 Go into the laundry and chat with Lo Fat. He will provide you with valuable 
information about many of the people who work at the Leyendecker Museum. 
Exchange the laundry claim ticket for the formal dress. Return to the 
Speakeasy and go through the door at the right back of the Speakeasy into the 
Ladies Room. Change into the formal dress behind the screen. Leave the 



 7:00 p.m.: Enter the Rotunda of the Leyendecker Museum by showing your press 
pass to Wolf Heimlich. Go into the Museum Gift Shop. Look carefully at the 
daggers in the display case (use the magnifying glass). One of them is the 
Dagger of Amon Ra! Heimlich chucks you out.

 7:30 p.m.: Pick up a glass from the supper table. You may return to the Gift 
Shop, but Heimlich will stop you from exploring further until you have found 
out every piece of information possible from the guests and museum employees. 
Talk to each of them directly -- particularly Yvette Delacroix -- and listen 
to ALL the private conversations.

 Eventually, you will meet Steve Dorian at the party. Steve and Laura go 
outside and become more intimate! They both return to the party but separate 
once back at the Rotunda. Continue listening to the private conversations. 
Notice the ankh medallion that Ptahsheptut Smith is wearing.


 Enter the Mastodon room. Heimlich will not let you in the Old Masters 
Gallery, so take a look at the dinosaurs. Pick up the bone and push the metal 
button on the sign post. Watch Rex speak. Walk through the museum, and when 
you find the Egyptian Exhibit, take note of the Rosetta Stone text, CAREFULLY. 
Then, look carefully at the blood and medallion on the floor next to the mummy 
case. Pick up the medallion which belongs to Ptahsheptut Smith. A dainty 
footprint has stepped in the blood. Open the right hand mummy case and 
discover a dead body. Remove the notepad from Pippin Carter's dead body.



 8:15 P.M.: Detective O'Riley interrogates the possible witnesses to the 

 10:00 p.m.: Ernie Leach tells Laura that the doors are now locked. When she 
wants to leave, she should find Ernie downstairs but to watch out for Wolf 
Heimlich who will object to her exploring downstairs. Riley and Heimlich 
haven't got any information for Laura, so she has to continue the theft -- and 
now murder -- investigations herself.


 Check out the Armor in the middle of the corridor carefully. Dr. Pippin 
Carter's body is inside!


 Return to the Mastodon room and walk through the Old Master's gallery. Listen 
at Yvette's office door using the empty water glass. Go into Olympia's office, 
(at the bottom of the screen). Look carefully at the other half of the Rosetta 
Stone. Check out the snake oil on the desk. Olympia will enter and take the 
snake repellent oil with her. DON'T TOUCH the skull of the Horned Rhesus on 
Olympia's desk until you have a lamp. Leave Olympia's office and watch her use 
the secret way downstairs.


 Touch the front of the statue's head. This will open the secret panel. Walk 
down the corridor to the top of the stairs. Don't go down the stairs until you 
find a new light bulb!

 Go into Yvette's office and turn off the desk lamp.

 While waiting for both light bulbs to cool, enter Carrington's office which 
leads off Yvette's office. Listen at the door with the glass to another of 
Yvette's amorous conversations. Pick up the charcoal in the fireplace and use 
it on Pippin Carter's notebook. Look carefully at the intercom on the desk and 
push the buttons. You should hear at least two conversations. If you return to 
the intercom later on, you may be able to listen in on other private 

 Return to Yvette's Office. Remove the light bulb from the desk lamp and the 
carbon paper from the trash can next to the desk. Go back to the top of stairs 
and insert the working light bulb. Look at the carbon paper under the light. 
Walk downstairs.


 Break the glass with the bone and take the lamp. If Heimlich stops you, keep 
trying. You must have the lamp to finish the game.

 Walk through the door on the right to the lab. Listen at Ernie's office door, 
on the right, to yet another of Yvette's amorous conversations.

 Walk to the door at the far end of the Lab and enter the room where Olympia 
has lost her ferret. Olympia will chat for a short while and then chuck you 

 Enter Ernie's office, witness an amorous encounter, and get chucked out.


 Return upstairs and enter Yvette's office. Witness yet another amorous 
encounter and get chucked out. Visit the Egyptian Room. You may arrive at the 
right time to question "Tut" Smith further.

 10:15 p.m.: On returning to the Pterodactyl Room, Laura finds another dead 
body. Note that the headless corpse has been killed recently and that the 
tuxedo is a poor fit. This is not the body of a wealthy man, but a man wearing 
a rented tux.

 11:15 p.m.: Walk to the Life Mask room. Look at the gray face on the top 
right of the world map. Look carefully and you will recognize Ziggy. O'Riley 
and Heimlich arrive, discuss the murder with Laura, and leave to investigate. 
Heimlich seems to suspect Laura!


 Return to Carrington's Office and find yet another dead body, the body of 
Archibald Carrington.

 12:15 p.m.: Note that the initials C.P. are drawn in blood on the desk. Check 
the time on the clock -- the time of death. Read the note pad. Look at the 
list of phone numbers. Open the safe behind the picture above the fireplace. 
Use one of the phone numbers as the combination -- that of B. Sayf. In the 
safe is the diary of the former museum president, Sterling Waldorf-Carlton. He 
expresses that he fears his wife and that Yvette fears her too.

 Return to Yvette's office and note that the paper cutter looks rather bloody.

 Return to Carrington's office and listen at the door with the glass. You hear 
Yvette asking for Smith's help to move the desk to cover a stain on the floor. 


 Go downstairs and visit Ernie's office. If you find Ernie there. chat with 
him about the topics in your reporter's notebook. Go to Heimlich's office. 
Olympia will leave a message for Heimlich over the intercom. Return to Ernie's 
office and listen to another intercom message from Olympia asking Ernie to 
check release valve 13. Pick up the snake lasso and fetch the wire cutters 
from the toolbox. Look at the Alcohol Vat book, if you have time; otherwise, 
look at it later. Note that Warthogs are stored in vat 13. Ernie will come in 
and chuck you out. Return to Heimlich's office. Use the snake lasso to trigger 
the ferret trap and pick up the cheese. DON'T TOUCH the button behind the 
framed medals on Heimlich's office wall until you have a lamp.


 Go upstairs and enter the Old Masters Gallery. Look very carefully at the 
painting by Anonymous Bosch. Remove the skeleton key from the painting with 
the wire cutters. Walk on to the Pterodactyl Room. Look at the dead body once 
again. Cut off a piece of wire with the wire cutters. Go to the Medieval Armor 
room and hide behind the tapestry.

 1:00 a.m.: Countess Waldorf-Carlton will appear with two paintings under her 
arm. Confront her and she will give you information about the Art Burglary 

 Go to the office at the end of the lab. If you touched the button on Ernie's 
office wall make sure you have the lamp if you decide to explore the dark 
tunnel. Get the meat out of the locker and watch Olympia's ferret. Open the
trunk with the skeleton key. QUICKLY, put the meat in the trunk and watch the 
flesh eating ants walk away with the meat. Look in the trunk and find the 

 Look carefully at the pocket watch. The pocket watch belongs to Archibald 
Carrington. You conclude the skeleton must be that of Archibald Carrington. 
Who, then, was the Archibald Carrington killed upstairs? Keep the pocket 

 1:45 a.m.: Pick up the bottle of snake oil.

 Return to Ernie's office and witness another amorous encounter.


 Go back upstairs and listen at Yvette's office door. Yvette accuses O'Riley 
of stealing the dagger and suspects him of murder.

 Go to the Medieval Armor and hide behind the tapestry.

 2:00 a.m.: Listen to Heimlich and Olympia's conversation.
 Return to the Mastodon Room and discover Ernie's dead body.
 2:15 a.m.: Inspect the body closely. Ernie has been in an alcohol vat and 
has hairs from an animal (a warthog, perhaps?) on his body. Keep the hairs. 
Report Ernie's murder to O'Riley and Heimlich in the Old Masters Gallery.


 It's about time you investigated vat 13. Go downstairs. Break the mirror with 
the bone and take the lamp, if you haven't done so yet. Watch the ants and 
ferret sequence. Go into the lab. Don't stay too long in here -- the alcohol 
fumes are strong! Look for vat 13 and take a look inside. It's the Dagger of 
Amon Ra!


 Note: The sequence of events is very important in this act. The act can end 
before Laura has collected all the essential evidence and equipment to 
complete the game successfully. Follow the documented sequence as closely as 


 Return to Yvette's office and talk with Yvette. Yvette gives you some leads 
as to why Ernie might have been killed. Leave Yvette's office and encounter 
Steve and Olympia outside. Olympia leaves and Steve tells you that some of 
the old masters have wet paint. Steve is called into Yvette's office and 
leaves Laura outside.

 2:45 a.m.: Laura listens at the door, goes in and then leaves again, very 
disappointed in Steve.

 Go to the Lab.

 3:00 a.m.: Disappointed, you find that Yvette and Heimlich have not met here 
as arranged. Return to Yvette's office. There are signs of a struggle. Note 
the evidence, particularly the red hairs.

 Return to the Old Masters Gallery and break the new statue with the bone. 
Look carefully at Yvette's dead body. Take the red hairs and bifocals. The 
bifocals belong to Countess Waldorf-Carlton. Notice the scarf around Yvette's 
neck: it is her hosiery and it looks as if she was strangled with it. Note 
that her fingernails are broken. 

 Go to the Medieval Armor room and pick up Steve's boot.


 Go to Olympia's office. Watch Countess Waldorf-Carlton and Olympia sequence. 
The Countess is tied up and very unwell. She mentions O'Riley. Olympia leaves 
to find O'Riley and quickly informs Laura of Countess Waldorf-Carlton's state.

 Enter Olympia's office. The snake is out of its cage and after you. Use the 
snake repellent oil three times, then lasso the snake and put it back in its 
cage. Do NOT inspect the countess' body yet.

 Replenish the snake oil from the container in the lab.

 Return to Carrington's office. Remove the book, "Crime & Punishment," from 
the right-hand side of the middle shelf of the bookcase. Find and read the 
police file of Watney Little, which is inside the book, and keep it.

 Return to Olympia's office. Inspect Countess Waldorf-Carlton's body. Take 
the grapes. (O'Riley is said to eat grapes!) Take the smelling salts. Note the 
cobra fang in Countess Waldorf-Carlton's ankle.


 Warning: Act 5 starts with the murderer only a few seconds behind you and 
he's right behind you throughout the whole act. One wrong move or delay and 
you've had it!


 The murderer knows you have identified him and is after YOU now! Run to the 
Pterodactyl Room and wire the doors shut to delay the murderer. Run to the 
door of the storage room, climb up on the chair, and smash the window above 
the door. This will confuse the murderer. Run to the Egyptian Exhibit, try 
hiding in the nearer mummy case first, but actually hide in the far mummy 

 Run to the storage room and enter. Block the door with the case by pushing it
into position and then cutting the rope with the wire cutters.

 Go through the secret door at the back of the room and enter the elevator. 
Push the lever and the elevator will take you down. Exit the elevator and 
enter a room full of mummy cases. The elevator immediately goes up. 

 Remove a mummy from the case on the floor and prop the mummy against the 
elevator doors to delay the murderer. Snag the snake hook on the top of the 
left-hand mummy case with the snake lasso and open the mummy case. Walk into 
the mummy case.


 You enter the temple of the sun worshipers of Amon Ra and are immediately 
captured by the high priest, Rameses Najeer. You must be able to answer the 
two riddles Najeer puts to you to go free. The answer to the first riddle is 
WOMB. The answer to the second riddle is TOMB. Answer the riddles by using the 
hieroglyphs which you learned from the Rosetta stones.

 If you respond correctly, the sun worshipers set you free, and you find 
yourself in the furnace room.


 A man is laying unconscious in the coal. Move the coal from the man's face 
and you will recognize Steve. Use the smelling salts to revive Steve and hand 
him his boot, QUICKLY.

 Slide the Egyptian panel back to reveal a secret passage. Enter the passage 
with Steve. Turn on the lamp in your inventory to use it. Get out the snake 
repellent oil and use it on the snakes. Crawl through the tunnel until you 
come across the rats. Throw the cheese into the nearest (left most) rectangle 
and watch the rats jump to their deaths in the furnace. Walk out through Rex's 
mouth. The murderer will follow you through Rex's mouth, so make Rex talk by 
pushing the metal button to trap the murderer in Rex's teeth.


 The coroner asks you a series of questions. Those questions and the correct 
responses follow:

 Who murdered Pippin Carter? O'Riley. Motive? Financial gain.
 Who murdered Ziggy? O'Riley. Motive? Cover another crime.
 Who murdered Ernie Leach? O'Riley. Motive? Cover another crime.
 Who murdered Yvette? O'Riley. Motive? Jealousy.
 Who murdered Countess W-C? O'Riley. Motive? Cover another crime.
 Who was the skeleton? Carrington.
 Who murdered Carrington? Watney Little.
 Who impersonated Carrington? Watney Little.
 Who murdered Watney Little? O'Riley. Motive? Cover another crime.
 Who stole the dagger? Watney Little.
 Who manipulated Little? O'Riley.
 Who was the woman responsible for stealing paintings? Countess W-C.
 Who was the man responsible for stealing paintings? Watney Little.
 Who was the art theft middle man? Ziggy.
 Who is the High Priest of the Sun Worshipers?	Rameses Najeer.
 Who was in the fencing business? Ernie Leach.

 Now, watch the successful conclusion end sequences.


 If Laura does not answer all the questions correctly or is missing some of 
the supporting evidence required at the inquest, there are two alternate end 
sequences: partial success (incorrectly identify thief), and failure. These 
are worth watching.

 THE DAGGER OF AMON RA: A LAURA BOW MYSTERY is published and distributed by 
Sierra On-Line, Inc.

This walkthru is copyright (c) 1993 by D. Griffiths. All rights reserved.

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