Left 4 Dead - Expert Difficulty Guide Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Left 4 Dead - Expert Difficulty Guide

Left 4 Dead - Expert Difficulty Guide


by Jerryn Hur (feel free to e-mail me comments, suggestions, questions)
version 1.01(1/12/09)
Copyright 2009 Jerryn Hur

1. Introduction
2. Weapons
   a. Tier 1
   b. Tier 2
   c. Others
3. Teammates
4. Enemies
5. Maps
   a. No Mercy
   b. Death Toll
   c. Dead Air
   d. Blood Harvest
6. Etc
7. Conclusion
   a. Version History
   b. Credits

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-==========<1. Introduction>==========-

Hey, thanks for reading my guide. This guide has all the strategies that I have
learned over hours of playing in expert. I also spent a few hours in single
player with cheats to gather some data. I hope this guide helps you better
understand and survive Left 4 Dead in expert.

In Expert mode, the infected will do 20 damage from front and 10 damage from
behind. The special infected will incapacitate you from full health within
5 seconds when they get the chance to. The tank will incapacitate you with one
hit with any of his moves and the witch will kill you in one hit. Also,
friendly fire is EXTREMELY deadly as one hit will take off as little as about
10 health to as much as 100 health.

Regular infected have 4 times more health in expert than in easy.

The tank will die by fire in 40 seconds regardless of how much damage he took
(I tested it myself using cheats). In easy, he dies in 30 seconds. In expert,
he took approximately 33 auto shotgun shells to die while in easy, he took
about 15 shots.

The witch will die in 15 seconds by fire regardless of difficulty.
The witch in easy died by about 30 submachine gun bullets while the witch in
expert took about 105 submachine gun bullets to die(All body shots). It's MUCH
easier to get cr0wnd in easy, but it still is possible in expert.

Difficulty does not seem to affect the health of special infected.

-==========<2. Weapons>==========-

The following link is a web page with really good information on the guns:

This web page has a more detailed information about the guns than my guide.
Every gun information in my guide was figured out by me unless I state it in
the credits. If having this link here is a problem, I will remove it right

>>All right, first of all, ALL GUNS pierce walls. Yes, even the shotguns. So
feel free to shoot through the wall with any gun you have if you have a feeling
something is right behind it. Also, you can't hit your teammates through the
wall so don't worry about it.

>>Pistols, assault rifle, and submachine gun pierce infected ONCE. The bullet
does the damage it should to the second infected. The hunting rifle and both
shotguns actually pierce infinite infected and does the damage it should to
all of them.

>>A head shot from any gun will kill a regular infected. I tested it many times
to be sure.

>>The guns will do less damage in range. The Hunting rifle is not affected by
range, The assault rifle is slightly affected, the submachine gun and pistol
are affected quite a bit, and both shotguns are severely affected by range.

The following section has information on the weapons. It will show number of
shots required to kill enemies, pros and cons (+ for pros, - for cons), a
general comment, and strategies for the weapons.

Here is a chart on number of shots required to kill enemies. These are from
close range.
 Head,Body,Leg |  Regular  |  Hunter   |  Smoker*  |  Boomer   |    Witch
Submachine Gun |  1,  6,  7|  4, 11,~18| ~4, 10,~30|  1,  3,  3|~55,~105,~105
Pump Shotgun   |  1,  1,  1|  1,  1,  2|  1,  1,  2|  1,  1,  1|  1,   2,   2
Assault Rifle  |  1,  4,  4|  2,  7,~12| ~3, ~8,~23|  1,  2,  2|~35, ~55, ~55
Auto Shotgun   |  1,  1,  1|  1,  1,  2|  1,  1,  2|  1,  1,  1|  1,   2,   2
Hunting Rifle**|  1,  1,  1|  1,  3,  4|  1,  3, ~6|  1,  1,  1| 12,  12,  12
Pistol(s)      |  1,  3,  4|  2,  6,  9|  2, ~7,~19|  1,  2,  2|~35, ~55, ~55
Melee***       |    1-6    |    4-5    |    4-5    |    4-5    |
Tank takes this many shots by these guns to die
450 submachine gun
37 pump shotgun
270 assault rifle
33 auto shotgun
90 hunting rifle
260 pistol(s)
His head does NOT take extra damage
*One thing I noticed is that smokers take about three times more damage while
they are tongue pulling. The data in the chart is NOT during tongue pulling.

**The 12 head shots with a hunting rifle to kill a witch is not a typo. It's
odd that head shot and body shot would do the same damage, but I tested a
couple of times and got the same results.

***Melee is separate from gun damage. It will take 4-5 to kill a special
infected regardless of how much gun damage they took. The 1-6 on regular
infected is not a typo. Some seem to die in 1 hit while others take up to 6.
I don't see a pattern on what makes them take more melee to die. Melee does NOT
do damage to the witch or the tank(Not a good idea to try anyways).


>Submachine Gun<
+Decent range
+Short reload delays
+Good moving accuracy(better than assault rifle)
+Decent against special infected
+Decent against horde(with headshots)
-Weakest damage per bullet out of all guns
-Runs out of ammo quickly if not used carefully
-Does not knock regular infected down

General Comment: I'd say it is a balanced gun. It is better than the
pump action shotgun against special infected but I hate the way I have to
conserve ammo. Not being able to knock regular infected down means you can't
slow them down if you happen to be running away trying to get to a good spot or
the safe house.

Strategies: Aim the head. It makes a lot of difference. And try not to spray
unless it's a horde. Conserve your ammo if you don't want to run out.

>Pump Action Shotgun<
+Great single bullet damage
+Very unlikely to run out of ammo
+Great moving accuracy
+Pierces infinite infected
+Decent against horde
+Knocks regular infected down
-Slow rate of fire
-Limited range
-Not very good against special infected

General Comment: A decent gun. It can kill multiple infected with one shot and
knock them down making it favorable for keeping distance while running away if
you happen to be in an open area. But it is weak against special infected. Its
slow rate of fire gives you only a few shots to take them out, usually about
2-3. You can still take them out if you are well aware of where they are and
have a good aim, but you will have an easier time taking them out with a
submachine gun. Its limited range also makes it weak against smokers that are
far away.

Strategies: RELOAD! Reload whenever you're not shooting! As long as you do
that, you will very rarely run out of bullets in your chamber. And DO NOT let
the chamber run out of ammo. If you let it go down to 0, you will do an extra
reloading animation that takes a whole second. Not only that, it also prevents
you from firing while reloading.


>Assault Rifle<
+Good range
+Short reload delays
+Best against special infected
+Good against horde(with headshots)
-Runs out of ammo quickly if not used carefully
-Does not knock regular infected down

General Comment: Pretty much a submachine gun with better accuracy and more
damage. Still doesn't knock regular infected down and tends to run out of
ammo quickly, but it is the best gun to use against special infected.

Strategies: Just like the submachine gun, aim for the head and don't spray
unless it's a horde. Conserve your ammo if you don't want to run out. Try not
to move while shooting as its moving accuracy is a bit lacking.

>Semi-auto Shotgun<
+Great single bullet damage
+Unlikely to run out of ammo
+Great moving accuracy
+Pierces infinite infected
+Best against horde
+Good against special infected
+Knocks regular infected down
-Limited range
-Not very good against far away smoker

General Comment: A huge upgrade from the pump action shotgun. The faster rate
of fire makes the okay shotgun to an awesome gun. This is the BEST gun against
horde. It takes out so many with just 2-3 shots. Its only weakness is its
limited range. It's not a problem most of the time except against smokers that
are far away(Ironically, it is still better than the hunting rifle at taking
smokers that are tongue pulling you from range).

Strategies: RELOAD OFTEN! As long as you do, you will rarely run out of bullets
in your chamber. And DO NOT let the chamber run out of ammo. If you
let it go down to 0, you will do an extra reloading animation that takes a
whole second. Not only that, it also prevents you from firing while reloading.

>Hunting Rifle<
+One shot kills an infected no matter what
+Pierces infinite infected
+Unlikely to run out of ammo
+Best range
+Head shot to witch makes her flinch for a few seconds
-HORRIBLE moving accuracy!
-Slow rate of fire
-Must reload often
-Worst against horde and special infected out of tier 2 weapons

General Comment: It's not a bad gun. It just really lacking compared to the
assault rifle and semi-auto shotgun. Its main problems are its 15 bullet
magazine, slow rate of fire, and HORRIBLE moving accuracy.

Its 15 bullet magazine means you have to reload often. Unlike the shotgun, it
does not take out a "whole bunch" with one bullet and it can't fire while
reloading. When a horde comes, you usually use up the magazine and reload a
couple of times while you melee the horde. It works, but you don't have to do
that if you use the other tier 2 weapons.

Its slow rate of fire makes it tough to kill special infected. You usually
only have 2-3 shots to kill them before they get you. To add to that, it takes
2-3 shots to kill them unless you headshot which is generally hard to do. You
will definitely have a harder time killing them with hunting rifle than with
the other tier 2 weapons.

Finally, its horrible moving accuracy just makes the gun unbearable. If you
are out in the open and a horde comes, good luck! It also means you can't run
and shoot hunters. If a smoker tongue pulls you, that counts as moving so
you're basically screwed.

Its range is nice, but range is not that important in this game. Taking out a
few infected in range will not do much. Trust me, I used this gun a lot at
first because no one else did making me feel unique and as if I'm trying to
prove a point to others that this gun is good. But once I got experience with
the other guns, I found that I was missing out on a lot.

Good god, longest general comment ever.... >.>

Strategies: Just remember that it kills infected in one shot no matter where
you shoot them. Try to listen carefully for special infected so you can take
them out quickly(Well you should always do that but it's especially crucial if
you use this gun). Try not to shoot special infected in the leg as it does less

If you shoot the witch in the head while she is still sitting, she will
flinch for a few seconds before chasing you down. There should be enough time
for your team to spray her to death before she ever gets to you.


+Unlimited ammo
+Okay range
-Low rate of fire
-15 ammo per magazine
-Poor against horde
-Poor against special infected

General Comment: Amazingly, the pistol actually does slightly more damage per
bullet than the assault rifle at close range. Its low rate of fire makes it
bad gun. You may need to use it to compensate the automatic weapons' lack of
ammo or the shotguns' lack of range.

Strategies: Shoot the head. This gun is very pathetic if you don't. Crouching
increases its accuracy quite a bit.

>Dual Pistols<
+Unlimited ammo
+Okay range
+High rate of fire(If you can click fast)
-30 ammo per magazine
-High recoil

General Comment: Much better. It now has some potential against special
infected and horde.

Strategies: Aim the head! Crouching helps reduce its recoil and increase its
accuracy quite a bit.

+Unlimited ammo
+Available at all times
+Pushes back infected AND special infected
+Affects most of the infected in front of you
+Good against horde
+Frees teammates from special infected
-Does not damage tank or witch
-Is separate from gun damage
-Point blank range
-Slow rate of fire

General Comment: Melee is ESSENTIAL in this game. If you're not sure what to do
or if things look bad, melee is most likely the answer. It doesn't do any
damage to the witch or the tank so don't bother(A dumb thing to do anyways).
It also instantly frees anyone who is smoker tongue pulled or hunter pounced.

Strategies: You see any infected nearby, melee it. It's as simple as that. If
a horde comes at you from all angles, get to a corner or a room and melee.

>Pipe Bomb<
+Wipes out most of the infected in the area
+Good to use on horde coming at a bad time
-Worthless against a tank
-Very small damage towards special infected(took 15 to kill a hunter, 5 to kill
a boomer)

General Comment: The pros and cons says it all.

Strategies: Not much to say except try to use it when there is a horde coming
at a really bad time.

>Molotov Cocktail<
+Best against tank(40 seconds for him to die in expert)
+Good in choke points
-Not as reliable as pipe bomb against horde
-REALLY dangerous to survivors

General Comment: This is THE way to kill a tank in expert. Just make sure you
don't accidentally kill your teammates.

Strategies: Try to throw it a bit in front of the tank instead of right at it.
I missed so many times trying to throw it right where the tank is. Once the
tank is on fire, JUST RUN! No point in shooting him since the fire is on a 
timer instead of actually doing damage to the tank.

You can also use it on choke points like doors when a horde comes, but it's
really not necessary in those situations since you can easily stop them from
coming through with your gun. It can also be used to stop infected from coming
from one side if they are coming from many sides. Still, you should try to save
these for tanks.

>Gas Can<
+Good for tanks
+Good in choke points
-Annoying to carry around

General Comment: In expert, if nobody has a Molotov cocktail, it's probably a
good idea to bring this along for the tank even if it's annoying.

Strategies: Usually used during horde events. Just place them in choke points.
Just make sure it's not too close. Bring it along for the tank if no one has a
Molotov cocktail.

>Explosive Tanks(Propane tank, Oxygen tank)<
+Good for horde
+Stuns special infected, tank, and witch
-VERY hard to use effectively
-Very minimal damage to special infected, tank, and witch(took 5 just to kill
a boomer)

General Comment: Worst weapon ever.... It's so inconvenient and really hard to
use properly. Oxygen tank is even worse since it sometimes takes awhile for it
to blow up. Contrary to what many believe, explosions barely do any damage to
special infected, tank, or the witch.

Strategies: I was never able to use these effectively.... I usually just forget
about them, but if you can, try to toss these in front of an oncoming horde and
blow them up.

+Unlimited ammo
+Good damage
-Charge up needed whenever you stop
-Only covers about 180 degrees
-Can't fire downwards(When on second floor)
-Located where you don't want to be in

General Comment: Great gun, horrible requirements. The person using this is not
up against the wall so someone has to cover him. This gun is not worth the

Strategies: If you must use this gun, which you shouldn't, there should be one
person ON the gunner and covering the area the gunner can't shoot.

-==========<3. Teammates>==========-

>>Try to be aware of where everyone is at all times. Make sure you know
everyone is sticking together and that no one is in trouble. If someone strays,
either tell him to come back or go cover his back.

>>Try not to shoot if any of your teammates are near your crosshair. It's just
not worth wasting a med pack by accidentally shooting your teammate to kill a 
few infected. If you're teammate is getting hit by an infected, just run up to
them and melee.

>>All right, if your teammate is tongued by a smoker or is pounced by a
hunter, they are invincible to your bullets so don't worry about hurting them
and focus on freeing them.

>>Do NOT run in front of others all of a sudden especially when infected are
nearby. If you want to pass someone, make sure that person is standing and
crouch by him.

>>When your team is fighting a horde at a choke point, crouch if you're in the
front lines.

>>For a horde event, if the trigger is far from the choke point your team is
planning to be at, have 2-3 people with lowest health wait at the choke point
and have 1-2 people with highest health trigger the event. If everyone is slow,
consider having the person activating the trigger use pills or even a med kit
if the trigger is really far. If not, wish him luck.

>>Do NOT get out of a choke point to save someone who got incapacitated outside
of the choke point during a horde event. The most likely result is you getting
incapacitated as well. The best thing to do is try to keep him alive until the
horde stops.

>>It is possible to shoot the tongue of the smoker to free your teammate.

>>Do NOT stray away from your teammates. Regular infected is not a problem, but
you and your teammates are screwed if you guys are alone when a special
infected gets you.

>>If there are a couple of incapacitated teammates, save the one with the
lowest health first.

>>When several teammates are dead, wait for all of them to spawn before opening
the door. If you don't, you might have to go further to save the rest(even if 
you close the door again).

>>Close the door after you save your teammates just in case that spawn point
becomes needed later.

-==========<4. Enemies>==========-

>Regular Infected<
Do not underestimate where these guys can come from. What you thought was a
wall might be climbable from behind meaning they would be able to attack from
behind. Also, a headshot from any gun will kill them in one hit(Trust me, I
tested it many times to make sure). It doesn't happen sometimes, because the
hit box for their head is sometimes a bit off when they are animating.

It is ABSOLUTELY essential to find a corner or a room. If not, hope to god
your team is reliable. Use a pipe bomb if the situation is bad. Try to save
your Molotov cocktail for the tank unless it's absolutely necessary to use it
on the horde.

If you're the only one alive and a horde comes, it is possible to survive it by
getting to a corner and using melee. Just hope to god a special infected
doesn't get you.

One of the easiest if you have good sound. Just shoot them if they are far away
or shove, run, then shoot if they are too close. If you think a boomer is
behind a wall, go ahead and shoot through the wall.

If your team is at a really good spot for a horde, you can have the boomer
vomit on you guys to clear the whole vicinity. Usually not needed, but it can
come in handy in those wooded areas where they can come from anywhere.

Best thing is to have good sound so you can be prepared to kill them before
they tongue you to the point where you're screwed. Do NOT shoot them in the
leg. They take very little damage from those. They also seem to take about
three times more damage while they are tongue pulling.

When you see someone be tongue pulled by a smoker, the best thing to do is
melee the one being pulled to free him then attempt to kill the smoker. If the
one being pulled is too far away for a melee, you can either try to kill the
smoker or shoot his tongue. Don't worry about shooting your teammate since he
is invincible to your shots while he is being tongue pulled.

You can actually avoid their lunges. Just keep jumping left or right while
facing them. Also watch out for their melee attacks which are extremely
damaging. Try to finish them off as soon as possible.

When someone is pounced by a hunter, the best thing to do is melee the
hunter off. If they're too far away, shoot the hunter. Don't worry about
hurting your teammate since he is invincible to your shots when he is pounced.

The best way to take these guys out is to set them on fire and just run. Don't
bother shooting him when he is on fire. He will die in a set amount of time 
regardless of how much damage he took.

If you are near a safe house, you can try to kill a tank using it. The
safe house door at the end of a level definitely can't be broken. The
safe house door at the beginning of a level requires a bit of luck. If you
hug the door, the tank will sometimes be unable to break the door. It doesn't
work all the time so this should be a last resort.

When avoiding the tank, try to get to higher ground. It takes the tank a few
seconds to climb up. It's also nice to have obstacles between you and the
tank as he is most likely going to waste time trying to climb it. Just make
sure the obstacle can't be tossed by the tank. If there is something big you
can circle around like a house or a circular hallway, just run from one corner
to the other. At one corner, see which way he is coming from and go the other

The stones the tank throws can be avoided in three ways. The best way is to be
behind something. If there is nothing to be behind, then strafe in one 
direction and right when he throws, run the other direction and it should miss.
The last way is to simply shoot and break the stone which is a bit risky.

Watch out for things like cars. When the tank tosses them, they will
incapacitate you even if they just touch you.

Keep in mind that the tank is programmed to chase whomever is closest to him.

ALL witches can be skipped. Even ones you have to touch can be skipped. All you
have to do is run through when she is completely calm. There are 3 ways to
disturb her: Shooting her, flashing light on her for awhile, and staying too
close for awhile. Walking is NOT a good idea. Running does not make her more
likely to be disturbed.

There are ways to kill her. One is to have someone shoot her from FAR away
while everyone else shoots her to death while she chases the shooter.

If someone has a hunting rifle, you can have that person shoot her in the head
from a close distance since she will flinch for a few seconds which should be
enough time to spray her to death.

Another way is to have the disturber run off a cliff so he is in an
incapacitated like state. The witch should just run off the cliff. The cliff
has to be high enough. If it's not, she'll simply climb back up. You can use
that time to kill her, though.

You can try to kill her with fire if you want. It will take 15 seconds for her
to die. She will chase whomever set her on fire even if it's by gas can. It's
probably faster and safer to have the others spray her to death instead of
using fire and waiting 15 seconds.

The hardest way to kill her is to shoot her in the head with any shotgun
(Yes, I tested it in expert) as she is getting up. A somewhat more reliable way
to do this is to shoot her in the face when she is standing and just about
to become hostile.

One thing to know is that she will only kill ONE survivor. After that, she
simply runs away so don't bother wasting ammo.

-==========<5. Maps>==========-


>>The horde event in the third level where you are outside activating a lift
can be skipped by using melee on the steel door underneath the roof all the way
to the left. It will eventually break after a bit of melee. It is considered
cheap to use in versus, though.

If you decide to do the horde event, a good place to be is the room next to the
gas station where you have to climb a bit.

>>There are two good spots for the horde event in the fourth level where you
call the elevator. One is inside a closet in the room to the right of the
elevator and the other is the room at the opposite end of the hall from the

>>I've had mixed results with all sorts of methods in the finale. I've tried
the closet, the stairs, the roof, the ledge behind the roof, under the steel
ramp, and in a lower level where some vents are at. 

The stairs are effective only when all four survivors are alive. When one dies,
the defense on one side weakens and it eventually seems to crumble. The roof
feels more like luck and unlucky smoker pulls mess it up. The ledge behind
the roof is great for horde but seems to lack when it come to the tank.
Same thing for the steel ramp. And the lower level where some vents are at
gets first tank instantly killed somehow but horde seem to peck at our health
to death.

The most simple seemed to be the closet near the weapons. It's great for horde
and you just get out to kill the tank and then just run back in. You have to
continuously move from one building roof to the other to make the tank waste
time climbing.


>>In the third level, there is a steel room with an unbreakable steel door in
the first room of the second floor of the building that lets you go over the
fence to the wooded area. It's a great place to kill the tank. Unfortunately,
the witch can swipe through the door.

>>On the horde event in the fourth level where you activate a forklift, a good
place to be is the bathroom inside the office you just came out of.

>>In the last level, there is always a med kit and pain pills inside the tiny
structure after you come out of the backyard fences.

>>There is a very good chance for pain pills inside the bathroom near the tables
right after you pass some wooded area of the last level.

>>There are about three ways to do the finale. The hard way on the second
floor, the easier way in the bathroom on the first floor, and the cheap way.
The cheap way is to go all the way right of the house past the dock to a stone
at the end at the shoreline. You can climb that stone by jump crouching onto it
where the cliff wall and the stone meets.

The horde is easy to take care of from there. You just need someone to take
care of smokers that should appear from the dock area. The tank can't climb
that rock so you just shoot him to death. Have everyone shoot the rock that the
tank throws to stop it. Sometimes the tank will get stuck somewhere and just
die automatically so that's probably what happened if the music stops all of a

If you're not doing the cheap way, you have to kite the tank around the house.


>>If everyone is at decent health(20 or above should do it), you can attempt to
skip the horde event in the second level where you activate a crane on the 
rooftop. You can do this by getting on the fence by 
climbing the vent thing, get to the part of the fence near 
the next rooftop, then with just a bit of running, jump toward the
electrical box thing. It's okay if you miss a little since you will be in the
incapacitated like state where the others can save you.

>>You can also skip the third level horde event where you are at a construction
area if everyone has 40 or more health. The barrier can be jumped over. You
get on the guard rail on the nearby stairs, jump onto the electrical boxes
on the wall, then jump crouch over the barrier. 

When someone drops down on the other side, make sure he does NOT move any
further as it will trigger a horde with special infected. At least one person
should stay on top of the barrier to cover people already over and people still
trying to get over.

If someone is having trouble jumping over, have him "Take a break" and keep
moving. He should teleport over after awhile. Make sure nobody looks towards
him. It sometimes doesn't seem to work though so this should be a last resort.

If you decide to do the horde event, the closet in the first floor is the
simplest place to be at.

>>There are two places you can be for the horde event in the fourth level where
you start a van. One is in the last room in the hallway you just came out of
and the other is through the door past the fence that the van eventually breaks

>>Do NOT go through any metal detectors in the fourth level! It will beep and
alert the horde.

>>There are a couple of places to be in the finale: the field, the wing, the
closet, and the plane.

The wing is the highest point of the tail of a plane near the minigun. It is
basically a choke point. The closet is behind the wing on the wall of the
building. Obviously another basic choke point.

The field is behind the plane that is being fueled. It's good for horde since
it's nowhere near a spawn point and it's great for tank, too. All you have to
do is kite him around the plane. If done right, the tank should be unable to
harm you. Just look under the plane to see which way he is coming from.

It is actually possible to get on top of the green plane that is being fueled
near the minigun. There is a glitch where if you melee the minigun, jumping 
while on top of it launches you into the air. The direction you are launched
seems to be in the opposite direction of where the minigun was hit. If you
melee it from behind, it launches you forward.

Get on top of the minigun and be on the left back side of it and melee it while
looking at the center of it about 20-30 times. After that, look at the plane
and jump while on top of the minigun and you should be launched toward it and
a little upward. If you can't get on, Adjust the aim of the launch
accordingly with melee.

The only thing that can get on top of the plane is the hunter. Watch out for
smokers, hunters, and the stones that the tank throws. The tank should die by
itself after awhile because of a script that makes them die if they can't
reach you. When the plane is done fueling, just drop down and get in


>>The best place for the horde event in the second level where you start it by
opening a door is the girder stuck to the wall in the upper level. No horde
can get you there. Just have to take care of smokers and hunters.

>>A good place for the horde event in the fourth level is the house you pass by.
Use the bathroom in that house.

>>When you get to the corn field in the last level, DO NOT jump down. Have the
person with the most health go down and alert the horde while the rest stay up
there and take care of the horde coming from behind without the corn reducing

>>Two places seems to be used for the finale. Most used is the bathroom and
sometimes the upper level of the barn on the thin platforms behind the ladder.
Just kite the tank around the house/barn when he comes.

-==========<6. ETC>==========-

>>Turning on closed captioning in the options will show subtitles that alerts
you when horde comes, special infected are nearby, and when a tank is up ahead.
You can know those through sound but sometimes there are other sounds that
muffle those important sounds so it's nice to have a back up that lets you
know for sure if something is going on.

>>Try to have your back against a wall as much as possible. When a horde comes,
try to get to a corner or a room.

>>Take advantage of the doors. If you are defending inside a room, close the
door and shoot through it. It's nice since you don't have to worry about them
hitting you and you don't have to waste time using melee. Also, after you pass
a doorway, close the door behind you. It will temporarly stop hordes that come
from behind giving you time to prepare as needed. Also, you'll know a special
infected is coming from behind when you hear them swipe the door open.

>>If your health is less than 50, it is wise to die inside the safe house at
the end of the level. If you do, everything that was on you will drop to the
floor and get transferred to the next level and you revive with 50 health and
3 lives. That means you also save a med pack.

You can suicide by typing   kill   in console.

>>Running speed slows down when health is <40, even slower when <20, and 
severely at 1. So running speed at 40 health is same as running speed at 100.

>>You should save med packs for black and white situations. Med packs replenish
lives back to 3 so it's best to use when you're on your last life.
Only other time to use it is when your the last one standing with low health
and no pills or if speed is absolutely necessary and no one has pills.

>>Even though pain pills eventually wear off, the fact that they can be used
instantly make them very good so don't waste them unless everyone already has
one. Even if you're at 1 health, try to save these for the tank so you can run
away. If you're on your last life with low life and no med pack, go ahead and
use it. Only other time to use it is when you are the only one left alive and
you have low health.

>>Try to save Molotov cocktails. Horde can be taken care of without a pipe bomb,
but a tank is really hard to take care of without a Molotov cocktail. If there
is none, bring a gas can along.

>>If you are near the safe house at the end, your main focus should be getting
there. If your team is about to get wiped near the end, rush to the safe house
so your team doesn't have to do the whole level again.

-==========<7. Conclusion>==========-

I hope you found my guide useful. If you have any comments, suggestions, or
questions, feel free to e-mail me at


-Revised gun information
-Added information on witch in Enemies section and hunting rifle in Weapons
section on killing witch with hunting rifle
-Added information in Teammates section about what to do if choke point is far
from trigger of a horde event
-Added information about the unbreakable steel door in third level of Death
-Added information on the horde event in the third level of Dead Air
-Added information on the finale of Dead Air including minigun jump method
-Added information in ETC section about what to do near the end of a level
-A few small fixes here and there



-What to do if choke point is far from trigger of horde event
-Horde event being triggered if barrier is passed in third level of Dead Air

Dan Putnam:
-Fixes on gun information and referred me to the web page with really good gun

-Shotguns and hunting rifle pierce infinite infected
-Range affects gun damage
-Regular infected has different health in different difficulty

-Unbreakable steel door in the third level of Death Toll

Mike Brenner:
-Rooms should be used when horde comes
-Minigun jump method for finale of Dead Air


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