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 Legend - Hand of God

Legend - Hand of God


Author: GARR.

From the start, head due west and check out the two red dots
shown on the map for some minor enemies and some hidden treasure
shown as a blinking white light. Continue up the path and
activate The Ruined Monastery teleport stone by left clicking
on it. Continue up to an injured Tiberius and talk to him. After
leaving the conversation, talk again and ask how to get to the
Northern Moor. Just screen left, enter the ruins to bash some
barrels, a small chest, and some hidden treasure.

Exit the ruins, go on up NE to the main road, then NW to the other
section of the ruins. Find a hidden treasure and fight a crow.
Exit the ruins, go SE to the small farm and say to Lana "Calm
down now, where could the lad be?" and "Don't worry...". There's
two hidden treasures on the farm (one in the wheat field). There's
a hidden treasure outside the fence to the west.

TIP: Some enemies you fight will drop portal stones, so be sure to
pick them up. You can use them to go to any location marked on map,
then return to original location by clicking the portal rune again.
Then you no longer have it.

Just east of the farm is Lana's Farm teleport stone you should
activate by left clicking on it. When you restore a saved game, you
appear at the last teleport stone you activated.

Speak to Lado about his wagon and agree to get him a wheel. Just to
the right, head north on the path toward the Northern Moor to The
Cave teleport stone. Directly north off road, through some fighting
to a cave and enter. Kill all inside the cave, including the shaman.
Then release the boy.

Go back to Lana's farm and talk to her. Head back up the north road
and continually work your way north to cross the small stone bridge
and talk to the scared thief. Activate The Howling Ravine teleport.
Head west through The Howling Ravine. Continue NW on the main road
and activate The Northern Moor teleport stone.

Continue NW to the stream, then SW quite a way staying along the
rocks and activating The Bank of The Moor teleport. Continue SW along
the cliff a long way and activate Ramus's House teleport, then tell
Ramus "Good, I'll set off...".

Go south on the road and kill the Minotaur. Back north to Ramus and
swear to his request. Use the nearby stone and return to Lana's Farm
portal, then head east. Talk to the men at the tree across the road, 
then fight them. Go back west and head north on the road, back across
the stream and head east.

You can fight the tollkeeper or just pay 100 to cross. Head SE a long
way, activate The Southern Plains teleport stone, and fight through
lots of bandits, then the road turns back west to an intersection, and
south to the main road. Continue east towards a farm. On the south
side of the road, tell Minka "Yes, certainly" and "Really" about a
location you will go to much later.

On the north side of the road, speak to the woman Franja. Continue
east and talk to the guards. Go across to Turint. Just inside at the
map yellow dot to the right, tell Jurek "I need the key...". Activate
the Turint teleport stone.

Next yellow dot, up to the left, speak to Georg and say "The true
reason?" about the Blood Baron. Over on the right, buy a wagon wheel
for 25 and say "Good...." Go down and use the teleport stone back to
Lana's Farm. Give the wheel to Lado. Teleport back to Turint and Lado
is there already, so talk to him. After the conversation, talk again
to store your goods in his wagon if you want. He always appears at any
major location that you go to.

Continue north to the first green dot and talk to Bodowin the smithy.
On north to the second green dot and talk to Darius. Continue north to
Bogdan lying against the stone wall and say to him "Why can't you...",
"Tell me...", "What exactly happened", "And then?...", "Your wife is
alive...". Straight east, speak with Kalia. Down and around her house,
find a hidden item. Now make a quick teleport back to Lana's farm and
speak with Bogdan to get your choice of armor or weapon items. Teleport
to Turint.

Head north past the straight east path and to the boy Radek and say
"Shall I bring her...". Over to the right talk to young Haym
"Why are you...", "Come on...", "Go on...", "You want me to lie...",
"All right...". 

Continue north and tell the guard "But I have to...". Cross into the
graveyard. Continue NE up the road to the grave, shown on map as a grey
dot. Click on the headstone to drop the flowers on it.

Continue up the main road and kill the sorcerer. You'll hear success
music. Back down across the bridge and talk to the boy Radek. In town,
left of the wellbox, tell Hanka "He tried to rescue me...", "I think he
needs...". On down a little and to the right speak to Jurek for the key.

North to where the boy Radek stands. To the right at the fat man Ranko,
again speak to Haym. Continue north to the graveyard. At the first left
turn, go up and through the gate to the inner cemetery. Continue through
the left or right large side path to The Inner Cemetery teleport stone
and activate it.

***Now pause the game and consider this; in dungeons and catacombs,
most creatures don't see very well in the dark. If you use a spell,
such as the meteor shower, there's lots of light and all enemies can
see you and come at you all at once.

Continue north up steps and enter the crypt.

TIP: Move your cursor over the mini-map to make it viewable and you can
often see where the next exit is. Dungeons are randomly generated each
new game, so making maps are useless.

On the second level, thoroughly explore, killing and opening graves.
You eventually see a large human ghost, the baron, so kill it. Keep
check on the lower-right map icon for  "The old curse" till it says
"I have put the baron out of his misery...."

Once you've made it to the Fourth level, activate The Crypt teleport
stone. Find and defeat the Lich, then pick up its items. Go back to the
teleport and use it to Turint.

Down slightly and to the right talk to Jurek. To the left of the well
box, talk to Georg (?). Just over to the right at the east exit, talk
to Ramus. Continue east across the wood bridge. Talk to the guard about
a messenger. Continue uphill on the road and go south to the yellow
spot on the mini map and talk to the injured town guard. Return to the
guard at the east entrance of Turint and talk.

Go back up to the road and continue east. At the intersection, head
south  and follow the path to a teleport stone you should activate, and
Witch Klara. Tell her "You really should seek....", "But your life...."
Agree to get her the toadstools. Go back north to the main intersection,
head NE on the road, and continue due north to the intersection with a
diamond shaped loop.

Head west to the next intersection. Go south all the way to the end of
the road to find 4 toadstools shown as grey dots on the mini-map. 

TIP: If you can't pick them up, fight some more or teleport somewhere
else and come back again to pick them up. This tactic can also be used
when someone can't be talked to. It seems to be a minor game bug.

Back up just a little, go just left to the other side of the rock
barrier, then south to find one more toadstool.

Back around the road and south to Witch Klara and give the toadstools.
The potion gives you 3 attribute points. Up to the main intersection
and continue the path north to the diamond shaped loop intersection.
Go west, then north through another intersection to The Highlands
teleport stone and activate it. Continue east then SE a long way,
then NE, W, NE to The Dwarves Camp teleport stone and activate it.

Continue east and try to kill most or all the orcs. Go back to the
teleport, then down screen, talk to Ovendelon and go Orc hunting with
him. He might die, but reappears somewhere else later on. If Ovendelon
does not die, go back to his camp just west and talk again to complete
the quest.

Go NE and cross the suspended bridge. Go SE to the orcs, then head
north through the Orc camp, then east to The Mountain Peak teleport
stone and activate it. Enter the cave and make your way to the far SE
and east up steps to the Land of Ice teleport stone and activate it.
Go NE a little and talk to Kaduk. 

Now start north till you can go east, then continue east to the
rocks. Head north and continuously bear back around east and south to
the first Giant camp and kill the giant. Now head north till you can
go east. Continue east on the paths till you can go north. Continue
north and continuously bear around left to the second Giant's camp.

Now go back down and around the paths to the west. Continue west to
The Icy Pass teleport and activate it. Continue west, then NE to the
third Giant's camp. Once all three Giants are dead, teleport to The
Land of Ice or travel back down to Kaduk and collect the 1,000. Now
teleport back to The Icy Pass. Head east again on the paths, working
your way north, west, then north across the ice bridge.

Straight ahead, talk to the guard. To the left give the letter to
Ned. Straight up and talk to Lado. Over to the left talk to Goro.
Down and activate The Dwarves Village teleport stone. Straight up
and talk to Krum. Down and to left talk to Marto. Down to the big
statue and head east, NE, and due east on the winding roads to the
wide north path up to the traitor camp. Kill the traitors that
attack and tell the traitor in front of the tent "If that's the
case...", then kill the traitor.

Go down and continue due east, NE, and east to the Crossroads
teleport stone and activate it, and teleport back to the Dwarves
Village and eventually tell Goro "No problem...". Teleport back to
The Crossroads and go north and follow the winding path. A huge
dragon flies overhead. Continue the winding path and cross the stone
bridge. Continue on and witness Kaskaras talking to an Orc. The Orc
is killed. Talk to Kaskaras, then kill the dragon.

Come back down the winding path to the teleport stone. Go east, south
and east and help kill all the orcs. Go east and talk to Ovendelon,
who didn't die after all. To the right talk to Goro and he teleports
you to the Oasis Region. Activate The Western Desert teleport stone.
Head SE, then east along the south border, past a big rock, as far
as you can go, then north along the border and east to The Dust
Plains teleport stone and activate it. Not very far ESE is a thirsty
man. Tell him "Here, drink one of ...".

Go east to the barrier, then north and east to find a lot of tracks
and follow them all the way north and check out lots of hidden
treasure at the destroyed caravan in the NW corner of the area.. Go
back south, staying to the east then south till you see a lot of
tracks. Follow them on down and east to the oasis and speak to Lado.
Activate the nearby Oasis of Thieves teleport stone.

Next to the stone, speak with Karim in front of the first tent. The
next guy is Yamal. Further to the right, talk to Uthman, standing
beside the Sultan. Tell Uthman "No", then "No, tell me about it"
and listen to his story. Next tell the Sultan "Agreed". He wants
scarab eggs. Just north, talk to Yusuf.

Go north, NE, then north, kill the huge scarab. You automatically
get the eggs, but they won't show in inventory. Go back to the
tents and give the eggs to the Sultan. The Sultan wants a red ruby
so tell him "Oh, very well...". Go west to the rocks and follow the
trail down till it swings east, then go due NE all the way, then
east downhill to The Forgotten Valley teleport stone outside the
Snake Temple.

Inside the temple, once you make it to the fourth level, activate
the teleport stone. Go right and kill the monster to automatically
get the ruby.

Return to the Oasis of Thieves and give the ruby to the Sultan. You
arrive at the teleport stone in Turint. Just up and to the right,
at the east exit, speak with Ramus. Over left speak to Georg.

Head south, past the teleport and south out of Turint. Continue
down, cross the stone bridge and enter the cave. Go SW all the way,
west all the way, north all the way and follow the long snaking path
to the far SW and up steps to The Barren Ridge. Activate the
teleport stone. Head west and south to the invisible bridge
intersection, "I can't go there", and continue SW a long
way to the ruined fishing village.

At the south end, near the water, you find the broken blue globe.
Click on it to get a piece of globe. Go back north and NE to the
path leading just south to the bridge and it is visible under your
cursor. Cross it and activate The Forest of Time teleport stone.
Continue on down the trail and help Naeria fight the enemy, then
talk to her. Continue on down to the entrance to the camp
and talk to the elf guard Nardilia to hear elven speech.

Nearby, activate The Shrine of Tathren teleport stone. Straight up
screen talk to Aranis. To the right talk to the blue clothed
Vardachil. Just to the right talk to Athiel and Nevrast if you need
anything. Continue SE to the two guards and talk to the upper guard
Aranis and use the elven speech on him.

Continue on into the swamp and ignore the elf (do not talk). 

Just east and south to the first low point in the swamp path. Kill
any huge swamp spiders, but quickly make your way due east to the
third low point where you'll find a blue colored cure lying there.
Click on it and make sure the map icon at lower right is flashing
(you only get a small piece). Check the lower right map icon to see
if you have the "Plague of The Undead" option (it must say "I've
found the herbs....").

If you don't get the "found herbs" message, kill a few more of the
big spidery looking things, then come back and click on the cure
again. When you have the "I've found the herbs" message, quickly
return it to the elven camp and talk to Aranis.

Now return to the swamp and tell Angriel "I've never heard...",
and finally "Good, I'm in".  Start looking for the giant spider
Amarthiel. Head north from the third (east) low point of the swamp.
In the most north area , at the west clearing, you should find the
giant spider. When you've killed it, you get the usual quest success
music and your quest list on the world map will say you've done it.
Return to Angriel just outside the swamp and claim his powerful
bow as a reward.

Now return to the swamp. Your destination is to the far northeast.
Start by going fairly straight east, past the third low point, then
go quite a way all the way north, then go east past the Great Tree
as far as possible, then south all the way, then northeast all the
way to the entrance of the Center of Destruction and it's teleport
stone. Go inside the Center.

Once you reach the fourth level, activate Kaskaras's Hall teleport.
Find and kill Kaskaras and pick up his items.

Go teleport back to The Ruined Monastery and talk to Tiberius. He
disappears into a portal. First activate The Demon Portal teleport
stone. Now SAVE/Exit, then Quit Legend.

"C:\Documents and Settings\your name\My Documents\Legend - Hand
of God\Game1", copy the Exploring_fog file and paste it to the

Now start the game again. Just west of the monastery and slightly
NW is the portal shown on the big map, M, as a yellow dot. Work
your way through each level's red mirror and activate The Hall of
Deciding teleport. Then follow the skulls and witness Tiberius
getting killed. Kill the beast, then hit A or hold Alt and click
on the items.

Time counts down and the game ending plays. Be sure you watch the
credits the first playthrough.

Then in the new difficulty level game, save again and quit. Now
move the old Exploring_fog file, that you pasted to the desktop,
into the "C:\Documents and Settings\your name\My Documents\Legend
- Hand of God\Game1" directory, replacing the most recent one. You
can play the new difficulty game with previous portions of the
map uncovered.

Author: GARR

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