LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham


    ____________________   ______
   |                    | |  __  \
   |                    | | |  |  |    __    ______  __  __    __    __  __
   |   _    __  ____ __ | | |  |  |   /  \  |      ||  \/  |  /  \  |  \|  |
   |  / /  / _//___//  /| | |__| /   /    \ |_    _||      | /    \ |   |  |
   | / /_ / _///  ///// | |  __ |   |  ||  |  |  |  |      ||  ||  ||   |  |
   |/___//__//___//__/  | | |  | \  |      |  |  |  |  ||  ||      ||      |
   |                    | | |  |  | |  ||  |  |  |  |  ||  ||  ||  ||  |   |
   |                    | | |__|  | |  ||  |  |  |  |  ||  ||  ||  ||  |   |
   |____________________| |______/  |__||__|  |__|  |__||__||__||__||__|\__|

        =   L E G O   B A T M A N   3:   B E Y O N D   G O T H A M   =

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (PC Version)
A FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ
Version 1.0
E-mail: cyricz42 at

1. Introduction
2. FAQ
3. Basics
   3A. Controls
   3B. Menus/Displays
   3C. Abilities and Suits
   3D. Hints/Tips
4. Watchtower Hub
5. Story Walkthrough
   5A. Pursuers in the Sewers
   5B. Breaking BATS!
   5C. Space suits you, Sir!
   5D. Space Station Infestation
   5E. The Big Grapple
   5F. The Lantern Menace
   5G. Europe Against It
   5H. Big Trouble in Little Gotham
   5I. Power of Love
   5J. A Blue Hope
   5K. Jailhouse Nok
   5L. All the Rage
   5M. Need for Greed
   5N. Aw-Qward Situation
   5O. Breaking the Ice
   5P. Bonus Level: Same Bat-time, Same Bat-channel!
   5Q. DLC 1: Man of Steel
   5R. DLC 2: 75th Batman Anniversary
   5S. DLC 3: Dark Knight Trilogy
6. Free-Play Runthroughs
   6A. Pursuers in the Sewers
   6B. Breaking BATS!
   6C. Space suits you, Sir!
   6D. Space Station Infestation
   6E. The Big Grapple
   6F. The Lantern Menace
   6G. Europe Against It
   6H. Big Trouble in Little Gotham
   6I. Power of Love
   6J. A Blue Hope
   6K. Jailhouse Nok
   6L. All the Rage
   6M. Need for Greed
   6N. Aw-Qward Situation
   6O. Breaking the Ice
   6Q. DLC 1: Man of Steel
   6R. DLC 2: 75th Batman Anniversary
   6S. DLC 3: Dark Knight Trilogy
7. Hub Exploration
   7A. Batcave
   7B. Hall of Justice
   7C. Watchtower
   7D. Moon Base
   7E. Zamaron
   7F. Odym
   7G. Nok
   7H. Ysmault
   7I. Okaara
   7J. Qward
   7K. Oa
   7L. VR Missions
8. Characters
   8A. Characters   
   8B. DLC Characters
   8C. Ground Vehicles
   8D. Air Vehicles
9. Secrets/Unlockables
   9A. How To Get 100%
   9B. Extras
   9C. Notes on Trophies/Achievements
   9D. Secret Codes
10. Standard Guide Stuff
   10A. Legal
   10B. E-mail Guidelines
   10C. Credits
   10D. Version Updates
   10E. The Final Word


Heeeey, everyone!  Welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for LEGO Batman 3: Beyond 
Gotham!  In this guide, you'll find a complete exploration through the game, 
including walkthroughs on how to get through each story mission, the means 
to find all the hidden collectible stuff, and how to navigate the open 
worlds you'll find in this game!  So let's put on our Bat-pants and go save 
the universe!

2. FAQ

Q: What is LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham?

A: This is a LEGO-styled action game released in 2014 based around the 
 DC Comics superheroes, with Batman at the fore.

Q: What is the ESRB rating of this game?

A: This game is rated E10+, with the added descriptor of Cartoon Violence.

Q: Would this game be good for my kids?

A: All violence is done towards LEGO bricks, so there's no blood.  Any 
 references to the grim and gritty nature of the Batman mythos is toned down, 
 without being TOO campy.  As far as positive aspects of the game towards 
 kids, the gameplay is focused on exploration, discovery, and critical 
 thinking.  The co-operative gameplay style and forgiving difficulty is also a 

Q: Are there really voice actors in this game?  Who plays who?

A: Yes there are.  The game is fully voiced, although you still get a little 
 bit of grumbling a few times for old time's sake.  Here's an abbreviated cast 
 Troy Baker - Batman
 Charlie Schlatter - Robin, The Flash
 Clancy Brown - Lex Luthor
 Travis Willingham - Superman
 Laura Bailey - Wonder Woman, others
 Tara Strong - Harley Quinn
 Christopher Corey Smith - The Joker
 Olivia d'Abo - Star Sapphire
 Gilbert Gottfried - Mr. Mxyzptlk
 Adam West - Himself
 Kevin Smith - Himself
 Conan O'Brien - Himself
 Stephen Amell - Green Arrow
 Joe Alaskey - Green Loontern

Q: How many people can play?  Is there online play?

A: Two, and no.

Q: What's new about this game compared to the recent LEGO games?

A: This game incorporates a considerable amount of the open world stuff 
 that has become more common in LEGO games.  That said, the hub areas are 
 still largely self-contained.  Also, suit switching is a lot simpler in 
 this game and there are more characters in the game with suits than just 
 Batman and Robin.

Q: What part of the Batman mythos does this cover?

A: This game is its own continuity.  It doesn't operate under any specific 
 Batman stories in comics, movies, television, or animation.  Still, several 
 of the designs will seem familiar to the animations, plenty of references 
 are made to past works, and as for music, Danny Elfman's theme from the 
 Batman movie and John Williams' Superman theme are in full play, as is 
 Wonder Woman's TV theme.

Q: Can I save in the middle of a Story Mission?

A: Yes!  At several points throughout missions, there are things called 
 "Save Switches", which will save your progress within the mission, allowing 
 you to quit and return to that spot.

Q: I'm at the spot you say that a collectible is, but there's nothing there!

A: Sometimes collectibles, particularly quests, appear in a certain order.  
 If a quest isn't where I list it as being, you will likely have to return 
 there later after beating more quests.

Q: I'm getting vehicle tokens!  Where do I use them?

A: Go to Oa.  There are a bunch of races there set up to work with the 

Q: How do I get to the Lantern Planets outside of the story?

A: Once you beat one Lantern Planet mission, go to the center of the main 
 room of the Watchtower and speak to the Green Loontern.  He'll let you 
 open the gate to the Moon Base and from there you can go to the Lantern 

3A. Controls =

These controls are based around using an XBOX 360 controller on the PC.  
Most other consoles have similar controls based on button positioning.

Left Thumbstick: Move your character.
Right Thumbstick: Move the camera.
A Button: Jump.
 - Press again in the air and flight characters will fly.
X Button: Attack.
 - If a character is holding a projectile weapon, like a bow, hold down 
  X, and you can target the throw.
B Button: Action.
 - Hold B near LEGO piles to build them.
 - B is also used for switches, cranks, and other character-specific 
 - Several characters have a special move that can be done by pressing or 
  holding down B.
Y Button: Shift Focus.
 - Tap Y to switch to the nearest playable character.
 - Hold down Y while playing as a suit character to bring up the suit 
 - Also hold down Y to go to the character menu to easily pick a character to 
  select in free play or in the hub.
LB and RB Buttons: Used during Free Play to change characters on the fly.
RB Button: Centers the camera behind your character when exploring 
 Lantern Planets.
LT and RT Buttons: For suit characters, cycle through the available suits.
Back Button: Brings up the Watchtower computer allowing you to travel 
 between areas in the hub or to select missions.
Start Button: Brings up Pause Menu.

3B. Menus/Displays =

Main Menu

New Game: Start a new game.
Load Game: Load a previously saved game.
Options: View the Options Menu.
Quit to Windows: Brings you back to Windows.


Pause Menu

Resume: Get back to the game.
Options: Opens Options Menu.
View Map: Used in the hubs to view the map.  Can also be accessed by pressing 
 the Back button.
Extras: Opens Extras menu, where you can select any extras you've purchased 
 as well as enter secret codes.
Quit: Return to the Main Menu or exit missions depending on where you are.


Options Menu

Vibration: Sets the vibration on the controller.
Audio Volume: Adjust the general volume of the audio, if you can't be 
 bothered to find your TV remote.
Music: Toggle music on/off.
Subtitles: Turns the cutscene subtitles on/off.
Splitscreen Mode: "Dynamic" changes the splitscreen as the two characters 
 get closer.  "Fixed Vertical" means they will always be separated by a 
 vertical line.
Controller Axis Setup: Allows you to change the camera and Y-axis settings.
Safe Zone Settings: Allows you to adjust how the game is displayed on 
 your monitor.
Control Setup: Allows you to adjust the button inputs for commands on 
 your controller.
Video Settings: Allows you to change your graphics settings for performance.
Effect Settings: Allows you to change effects for performance.

3C. Abilities and Suits =

Like every other LEGO game, each character will have a specific set of 
skills that they can use throughout the game.  Some of these skills will 
be tied to innate abilites, others to the items they carry.  Here's a 
breakdown of what you can use in this game.


Abilities -

Projectile Weapon -
 This is basically any kind of thing you can throw or shoot.  The most 
 common types are Batarangs or guns.  You can target any of these by 
 holding down X and passing the aiming reticle over objects that can 
 be broken.  These will be used, among other things, for hitting red and 
 yellow circular targets.  It should also be noted that guns shoot straight, 
 whereas Batarangs home in on the targets.
 Examples: Batman, Robin, Cyborg

Grapple -
 Many characters have the ability through tools, powers, or their natural 
 ability, to grapple an orange hook.  This will either allow them to 
 ride up to an upper level or pull it off which will open or dislodge 
 Examples: Batman, Robin, Cyborg, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, 
  Wonder Woman

Glide -
 Certain characters have the ability to glide using their cape.  It's 
 not flight, of course, but it gives you a little extra horizontal 
 carry to your jump.
 Examples: Batman

Shield -
 Some characters have the ability to block with shields or other objects.  
 Not only will this protect against attacks, but this can also be used 
 to cross flames and block lasers by standing on a shield pad.
 Examples: Alfred, Wonder Woman

Flight -
 Beyond gliding is the ability to just take off and soar through the air.  
 Jump and then jump in the air to start flying.  Once in the air, you can 
 press A to rise and B to lower.  Double tap B to disengage flying and 
 drop.  Also, as you move, double tap A to boost speed for a little while.
 Examples: Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Superman, Wonder Woman

Flight with Fuel -
 A secondary kind of flight, basically for characters who have Space 
 Suits.  They'll need to charge up their fuel at a dispenser so they can 
 fly, and will only be able to do so for a limited time.
 Examples: Space Suit (Batman, Cyborg, Lex Luthor)

Sense -
 If anywhere you see bats swarming around some green sparkles, you'll 
 know you need to use Sense there.  Tap B and you'll find something that 
 was invisible and unusable before.  Detectives and telepaths tend to have 
 this skill.
 Examples: Sensor Suit (Batman), Martian Manhunter

Stealth -
 This is the ability to avoid cameras with green laser sights.  If tripped, 
 the cameras will usually shut something down.  Usually, the character 
 will have to hold down B to initiate the stealth.
 Examples: Sensor Suit (Batman), Stealth Suit (Lex Luthor, Cyborg)

X-Ray Vision -
 This is the ability to see through walls.  It's mostly used for green 
 walls that have mechanisms behind them to manipulate.
 Examples: Sensor Suit (Batman), Superman

Explosives -
 This is the ability to fire explosives which will cause major damage 
 to enemies and destroy anything made out of silver LEGO bricks.
 Examples: Power Suit (Batman), Demolition Suit (Cyborg)

Sonic -
 With this ability, you can shoot or scream sonic waves that can shatter 
 glass.  Usually you'll have to hold down the button to apply a steady 
 stream of sonic waves.
 Examples: Sonar Suit (Batman, Cyborg)

Laser -
 This ability is a constant beam of heat energy.  In addition to being a 
 good room clearer, it will also melt gold LEGO bricks, and can also cut 
 through gold LEGO walls by carving out a pattern.  For the sake of 
 simplicity, I call any kind of heat vision or fire blast a laser, as they 
 will all have the same basic function.
 Examples: Superman, Martian Manhunter, Cyborg

Beam -
 This is decidedly different than a laser.  This is a focused beam of 
 energy, but not heat-related.  It will clear out normal objects and 
 enemies, but will NOT work on gold LEGO objects.
 Examples: Green Lantern, Star Sapphire, Indigo-1

Ice -
 This is a beam or cloud that can freeze things.  It can freeze and 
 immobilize enemies, or it can also be trained on spouts of LEGO water to 
 freeze them into ice blocks.  Note that the water has to be specifically 
 LEGO pieces in nature.  You can also use this to put out LEGO fires.
 Examples: Arctic Suit (Batman), Mr. Freeze

Electric -
 This is the ability to utilize electricity.  If you find a generator with 
 an electric charge, you can absorb it, and can then fire electric blasts 
 with X or a constant stream by holding down B.  You can also spend this 
 electric charge into a generator without a charge in it to power up some 
 mechanism.  It's worth pointing out that characters that are inherently 
 electric (like Shazam, for example), have no need to draw a charge in 
 order to use it.
 Examples: Electricity Suit (Batman, Cyborg, The Joker)

Underwater -
 With this ability, you can sink underwater and manipulate things down 
 there.  Useful for when there are bricks that need to be smashed that 
 you can't reach.
 Examples: Scuba Suit (Batman), Dive Suit (Robin), Killer Croc

Toxic Immunity -
 This is the ability to walk through green toxic sludge unimpeded.
 Examples: Hazard Suit (Robin, Lex Luthor), The Joker

Vacuum -
 The Hazard Suit comes with the ability to suck up loose pieces that are 
 red, green, and yellow.  They can then be placed in a large container with 
 a number on it which will deposit a useful item.
 Example: Hazard Suit (Robin, Lex Luthor)

Tech -
 Having a "tech" ability means you can adjust blue panels with red blinking 
 lights on them.  Press B, then hold down X in front of them to start the 
 Example: Techno Suit (Robin, Lex Luthor), Cyborg

Mini-Toy -
 This is specific to the Techno Suits of Robin and Lex Luthor.  Press B to 
 deploy a little remote control version of yourself.  This little guy can 
 go through doors marked with an "R" and they can also manipulate consoles 
 with a hole on the front by pressing X at the right time.  Robin and Lex 
 can also use these consoles on their own without needing the toy, but no 
 one else with standard tech abilities can use them.
 Example: Techno Suit (Robin, Lex Luthor)

Light -
 There are some areas shrouded in darkness.  To enter them, you need the 
 ability to shine bright light.  Press B to shine and you will be able to 
 see the items inside the dark area.  You won't need to keep the light on, 
 fortunately.  Also light, like fuel, is a limited resource that you have 
 to charge up at a kiosk.
 Example: Illumiation Suit (Robin, The Joker)

Mind Control -
 In very specific areas, you'll see a character cut off via a window or 
 bars or something, but you can see them, and certain characters with 
 mind control can take them over and manipulate them to pulling levers.
 Examples: Martian Manhunter, Helmet Suit (Robin), Flower Suit (The Joker)

Magnet -
 This is the ability to use magnets to manipulate shiny blue LEGO bricks.  
 Also, the magnets on one's feet can be used to walk up blue shiny walls.
 Example: Magnet Suit (Robin, Cyborg, The Joker)

Sphere -
 Press B and you can put a sphere around you.  This can be used for specific 
 switches that require spheres to be rotated in them.
 Examples: Sphere Suit (Robin, The Joker), Green Lantern

Lantern Pad -
 Every Lantern has the ability to stand on a clear Lantern Pad and hold down 
 B to make a construct that will be used to clear something in the area.
 Examples: Green Lantern, Star Sapphire, Saint Walker, etc.

Transform -
 This is the ability to change form by holding down Y while standing still.  
 Most often, this will change you into a giant form, which will have Giant 
 powers.  That said, some characters will simply change into their alter-
 egos, like Superman.
 Examples: Martian Manhunter, Superman

Regeneration -
 With this ability, you will regain hearts one every few seconds.
 Examples: Martian Manhunter

Invulnerability -
 Your hearts turn gray and you take no damage.  Not a bit.
 Examples: Superman

Phase -
 This is a Martian specific ability that allows them to travel between two 
 points marked by a green portal with red dots on it.
 Example: Martian Manhunter

Vent -
 There are red and yellow vents that connect two points.  The red and yellow 
 makes the most sense for Plastic Man, but other characters can also use 
 these, which I will enumerate below:
 Examples: Plastic Man, Martian Manhunter, The Atom

Plastic Pad -
 These are red and yellow pads that can only be used by Plastic Man.  Press 
 B on them and he will contort into an impossible shape, usually for the 
 purpose of getting a Red Brick.
 Example: Plastic Man

Flash Pad -
 Not to be confused with Plastic Pads, Flash Pads have the lightning bolt 
 insignia on them.  Press B on them, then move the cross hair over all the 
 highlighted objects in the environment and press X to quickly assemble 
 something in the environment.  Only speedsters and Kryptonians can use 
 Examples: The Flash, Superman

Treadmill -
 This is another object associated with speedsters.  Press B to start it 
 up, then hold down X to run roughshod on it, which will usually power 
 something up.
 Examples: The Flash, Superman

Smash -
 This is the ability to break down walls.  All giants have this ability, 
 but some smaller characters do as well.  These characters *cannot* pick 
 up rocks or green handled items.
 Examples: Superman, Harley Quinn

Giant -
 This is the ability to smash cracked walls and also to pick up objects 
 with green handles.  Also, these characters, when standing on rock, can 
 hold down B to lift up rocks and throw them.  Giants do have some 
 liabilities, though.  They cannot build, and also they cannot use a 
 grapple (like most Lanterns can).
 Examples: Killer Croc, Solomon Grundy

Dig -
 Certain characters have the ability to dig up dirt piles on the ground.  
 There are two distinct types in this regard: any character with claws and 
 all Lanterns.  Also Alfred for some reason.
 Examples: Alfred, Cheetah, Green Lantern

Swamp Pad -
 There are large patches of swamp (brown pads) that can be used to kick 
 out an item.  Press B over it to activate it.
 Example: Solomon Grundy

Shrink -
 This is the ability to shrink down and enter small areas.  Not required 
 for the story, but will be required for some collectibles once you unlock 
 The Atom.
 Example: The Atom

Flower Pad -
 This is the ability to use a pad of plant growth to travel between two 
 points.  It's REALLY rare to find, but you need one specific character to 
 be able to use it.
 Example: Poison Ivy

Shrink Ray -
 When you see black shiny LEGO bricks, you can use Brainiac's ray gun to 
 shrink them.  Since you don't get Brainiac until you complete the game, 
 this is used for collectibles.
 Example: Brainiac


Suits -

NOTE: Suits will need to be unlocked before you can use them in the 
 course of the story.  Note that some characters will have previously 
 found suits despite not picking it up themselves.  For example, Cyborg 
 will have a Techno Suit despite Robin picking up the icon.  The five 
 characters with suits are Batman, Robin, Cyborg, Lex Luthor, and the Joker.

Hazard Suit -
 Found in Mission 1
 Robin and Luthor have this suit, which allows Toxic Immunity and comes 
 with a Vacuum.

Sensor Suit -
 Found in Mission 1
 Batman's green Sensor Suit has the abilities of Sense, Stealth, and 
 X-Ray Vision.

Power Suit, Demolition Suit - 
 Found before Mission 2
 Batman has the Power Suit, Cyborg and the Joker have Demolition Suits.  
 They all serve the same purpose, though.  Press X to fire missiles, 
 target by holding down X, and you can leave a large bomb by holding down B.  
 All these attacks are Explosive.

Techno Suit -
 Found before Mission 2
 Robin and Luthor have this suit, which gives the Tech ability and also gives 
 them access to a Mini-Toy that can access pinhole panels.

Illumination Suit -
 Found in Mission 2
 Robin and the Joker have this suit.  After charging up at a light 
 battery station, they get the Light ability.

Sonar Suit -
 Found in Mission 3
 Batman and Cyborg can use this suit with Sonic ability.  You can shoot sonic 
 shots or hold down X for a constant blast.  You can also shoot an area 
 effect blast with B.  Batman can also hold B to summon bats.

Space Suit -
 Found in Mission 3
 Batman, Cyborg, and Lex Luthor all have this suit with has the power of 
 Flight with Fuel and a Laser.

Magnet Suit -
 Found in Mission 3
 Robin, Cyborg, and the Joker have the ability to use the Magnet power 
 with this suit.

Stealth Suit -
 Found in Mission 3 (with Cyborg)
 Unlike Batman's Sensor Suit, all you get with the Stealth Suit is 
 the Stealth ability.

Sphere Suit -
 Found before Mission 4
 With this suit, Robin and Joker have the Sphere ability.

Giant Suit -
 Found before Mission 4
 Cyborg and Luthor get the Giant Suit, which gives the Giant power.

Electricity Suit -
 Found in Mission 4
 This suit gives straight up Electric powers.  It can be found with 
 Batman, Cyborg, and the Joker.

Decoy Suit -
 Found in Mission 5
 You don't find this one, but gain access to it the minute you get 
 control of Luthor and Joker.  Press B to drop off either some chattering 
 teeth or a couple of Lexbots (three guesses as to who gets who).  All 
 they'll do is fight enemies on their own.

Arctic Suit -
 Found in Mission 5
 Batman basically channels Mr. Freeze.  He'll gain Ice powers with this 

Flower Suit -
 Found in Mission 5
 This gives Joker the power of Mind Control.

Shield Suit -
 Found in Mission 6
 This simply gives Luthor the Shield power.

Helmet Suit -
 Found in Mission 6
 Robin somehow gets a hold of Doctor Fate's Helment of Nabu, giving him 
 Mind Control Powers.

Scuba Suit -
 Found in Mission 7
 Batman's Scuba suit gives him the Underwater power along with a spear gun, 
 which serves as a normal projectile.

Dive Suit -
 Found in Mission 8
 This suit gives Robin Underwater ability and also gives him a Laser 
 for good measure.


Power Sets -

NOTE: I mostly use these for simplicity.  Fun as it is to list the 
 same powers for every Kryptonian, I'd prefer to keep each entry in the 
 Kryptonians simple.

Kryptonian Power Set -
 Due to exposure to Earth's yellow sun, Superman and his kin get the 
 following powers: Flight, Freeze Breath (hold X), Laser (hold B), X-Ray 
 Vision, and the ability to smash.  They can also use Flash Pads and 
 Treadmills.  To top it all off, they're invulnerable.

Speedster Power Set -
 The Flash and his Flash family have the ability to run faster than 
 other characters, and they can also use Flash Pads and Treadmills.  
 Furthermore, they get a cool spin move by tapping B.

Lantern Power Set -
 Lanterns of any kind can fire shots by tapping X, fire a constant Beam 
 by holding B, have Flight, and can use a Lantern Pad.  They can also use 
 their rings to Dig and use them to Grapple, as well as using them for a 

3D. Hints/Tips =

My first advice is to go through the story before you seriously attempt to 
collect things.  A lot of stuff you will need to collect requires late-
game characters, so just relax and enjoy and worry about collecting stuff 

Smash freakin' everything.  Lay waste to any LEGO objects in the area and 
rack up that stud total.  Use your projectiles and lasers to demolish 
areas quickly.

Keep collecting studs.  Collecting a specified number in each mission will 
give you "True Hero" status at the conclusion of it.  Once you hit the 
threshold, you cannot lose it, no matter how low your studs gets afterwards.

Explore everywhere.  Run into walls and behind them to look for any areas 
you might be missing.  Big value studs are hidden in places where you can't 
normally see them.

Look out for visual cues to see how you can progress in a mission.  Look for 
soft glows next to dirt piles, for example, or shiny bricks for explosives, 
lasers, or magnets.

Collect Minikit canisters to assemble a little piece of the DC universe.  
While you can't use these, they can be viewed in Trophy Rooms.  For 
completing a Minikit, you'll get 50,000 studs, except for the last one, 
which gives you 1,000,000.

Don't be afraid to buy the Extras after you complete the Story.  This game 
gets a lot less frustrating if you're using the multipliers to rack up 
the stud count or the detectors to find collectibles.


The orbital Watchtower serves as the Justice League's home where they can 
observe the Earth and the stars for any threats to peace.  While it's not 
the first hub area you go to in the game, it is without a doubt the 
central hub.  The Batcave also serves as an early temporary hub.

Early on in the game, slideways teleporters will open on the Watchtower 
allowing travel between the Watchtower and the Batcave, the Hall of Justice, 
and the Moon Base, which opens up as you progress through the game.  From 
the Moon Base, you can then move on to the Lantern Planets, but we'll 
cover that more in Section 7 of the guide.


The Batcave

In your very first visit to the Batcave, you start in the Laboratory, but 
later on you'll get access to the entire cave.

The main Batcave is a large open cave with the teleporter at the center.  
Above and in the back is the Batcomputer.  While Conan suggests that you 
can use it to access missions, it seems to me that you can't access it at 
all, but that's not really important, since you can hit the Back button at 
any time to access the computer anyway.

To the left of the computer is an elevator to the Trophy Room, which contains 
a lot of Batman's stuff.  Here is where you purchase Red Bricks and you can 
input Secret Codes (although you can also do that through the Extras 
menu).  On the far right of that room is access to the bonus level, which 
opens up after you beat the Story.

To the right of the teleporter is a door flanked by costumes.  Go through 
that to find one of the Character Customizers (the other being on the 
Watchtower).  You can use that area to create your own custom characters 
which will be available for Free Play.

To the further right of the door to the Customizer is the elevator to the 
Laboratory.  This is the area you first go to in the transition between 
early missions.  At the top of this room is a door leading back to VR 
Missions, which are expanded upon in Section 7.


The Watchtower

The main area of the Watchtower is the one with all the slideways 
teleporters, and the doorways leading to other areas.  Let's take them in 
from left to right.

Farthest left is the door to the Containment Cells.  There's little going 
on here other than story stuff and some extras.

Next on the right is the door to the Laboratory.  This area contains both 
the Character Customizer on the Watchtower and access to VR Missions.

The middle back door, between the two slideways teleporters, leads to the 
Control Room, where the main computer is that allows you to select 
missions.  To the right of that main computer is a door to the meeting room, 
where the Stud Fountain will show up once you get 100%.

The next door on the right is the Trophy Room.  Like the trophy room in the 
Batcave, you can buy Extras and input secret codes here.

The farthest door on the right is the Hangar, where there's not much to do, 
but there are some extra things there.


Hall of Justice

The ground-based embassy of the Justice League.  This area is mostly for 
extra bricks, tokens, what have you.  Basically a flavor area for more 
challenges.  Also, there's a rumor that there's a secret passage to the 
Hall of Doom around here.


As you begin the game, you'll immediately be tossed into the first story 
mission.  Let's join our caped crusaders, already in progress.

5A. Pursuers in the Sewers =

True Hero at 70,000

Characters: Batman, Robin


Sewer Tunnels -
 The Dynamic Duo drops into an open sewer area, hot on the trail of Killer 
 Croc.  You probably are feeling like smashing some stuff, so go ahead and 
 smash all the breakables in the area, but what you need is to go to that 
 white circle on the left and press B to grapple up to the upper area.  
 Hop over to the switch and press B to throw it to drain the water in the 
 room.  You can now smash all the breakables.  Once individual bricks start 
 bouncing, hold B to assemble them into a colored container.  Now, switch 
 to Robin using Y and walk into the token in front of the container to get 

 Once in the suit, hold down X or B and pass the cursor over all the loose 
 red, yellow, and green pieces lying around.  You want to suck up at least 
 25, then stand in front of the container (on the white target) and hold 
 down B to dump your pieces into the container which will then spit out a 
 neato rocket launcher.  Activate it by pressing B to attach your grapple 
 to the orange hook and then mash B to tug the hook off, which will fire 
 rockets that will destroy the wall on the right.

 Head to the right and switch to Batman to pick up the token and you'll get 
 the SENSOR SUIT.  Note those bats and green sparkles.  Tap B while standing 
 inside them to make an orange hook appear.  Pull it down and you'll find a 
 large green wall behind it.  Tap B in front of it to use the Sensor Suit's 
 X-Ray Vision.  Move the cursor and tap the pipes so they make a complete 
 left-to-right pipe, then hold down X at the left and right ends to start 
 up the water which lifts the bridge so you can cross.

 Continue down the path until you reach a split in the path.  To the back is 
 fire.  To the front is green toxic gunk.  Switch to Robin, who can walk
 through that gunk in his Hazard Suit.  On the other side, note the four 
 objects that have light on them.  Fling Robin's staff at the four objects 
 to drop a panel.  Smash that panel, then build a little motor that drops 
 the ladder.  Climb up and head back to the left.  Note the two big red 
 buttons.  Step on the left one so Batman can pass the first fire jet, then 
 step on the right one to complete the reunion.  Head back to the right and 
 use Sense on the bats, which will make an orange hook appear.  Pull it down 
 to drop the subway car.

 Climb up the car and head into the other one and out the near side.  Head 
 across the gap.  If your partner is shy, you can smash the box to build a 
 rope he can cross.  Have Robin walk into the muck in the back and flip the 
 switch which opens some hatches.  Hop across them and pull down the hook to 
 drop a ladder, then continue to the right until you reach a large area.  The
 door on the back wall is where you need to go, so smash the nearby lit-up
 crates to find pieces for a hook.  Pull it down, then proceed through the 

Sewer Outflow -
 It's now time to face Croc himself.  Head up to the middle of the area and 
 start smashing things.  Head to either side and use Sense to find a button.  
 Step on that button and Croc will jump out with a bunch of colored pieces.  
 The same will happen on the other side, but you have to step on the button 
 when Croc jumps down so he leaps out to scare up the pieces.  Assemble the 
 colored container and start filling it up with pieces.  Once it's done, 
 hop in the launcher you created using Y and then fire using X.


New Characters: Batman, Robin
New Suits: Sensor Suit, Hazard Suit


Batcave Interlude:

New Character: Alfred

Welcome to a little bit of the cave.  Use the Sensor Suit on the green wall 
in the back.  Tap X when you're over the red and yellow... parts.  Not 
quite sure what they are, but once they're all in place, hit the red button 
and you'll power up the nearby pod.  Grapple down the hook to spit out the 
token for the POWER SUIT for Batman.  This suit allows you to demolish 
silver objects with explosives, so blast the silver boxes nearby and 
assemble the rotator switch.  Push it to extend the walkway to the right.

Now, switch to the Sensor Suit (hold Y) for Batman and hold down B to turn 
invisible.  Enter the enclosed glass room underneath the camera.  Once 
inside you can switch back to the Power Suit and blast the silver box to 
uncover a switch will turn of the camera when pulled.  This allows Robin to 
get inside and collect the token for the TECHNO SUIT.  Head to the back of 
the room and have Robin use the blue panel, which will start up a hacking 
minigame.  Press X on each series of lights when the center light matches 
the small ones on either side, so red-blue-green, and you'll be able to 
enter the nearby elevator and get to the next mission.

5B. Breaking BATS! =

True Hero at 170,000

Characters: Robin, Alfred


Batcave -
 Batman has gone plumb loco.  You'll need to knock some sense into him.  
 Head to the left over towards him and hold down X to target Robin's staff.  
 Fling it at the red and green colored hole to latch it on, then jump on 
 to flip up towards Batman.  Mash X to shoo away the bats.  Now, Batman 
 will hop to the other end of the cave.  Switch to Alfred and tap B to 
 have him use his tray as a shield.  You can walk through the flames on the 
 right.  Smash up the objects on the other side to get pieces for a sprinkler 
 system which will remove the flames, allowing Robin to go to the right.  
 Assemble the pinhole panel on the right and then press B in front of it, 
 then press X at the right time to turn the planetary model so you can
 grapple up to the ledge and head over to Batman.

 After you drop down, assemble the big computer and use the Tech Panel.  
 Press the X button on the yellow and black striped objects and you'll 
 extend the bridge to the back.  Grab the token for the ILLUMINATION SUIT 
 on the way, then charge up at the nearby vending machine.  You can now 
 tap B to shine super bright, so head inside the dark cave and pull the 
 orange hook down inside.

Vehicle Bay -
 Head down to the right and charge up the Illumination Suit, then head back 
 to the left and light up the dark cave to find some stuff to smash.  
 Assemble them into a pinhole console and use Robin to bring up the Batboat.  
 Hop in and start firing missiles at the Batmobile.  Once it starts rising 
 up, head back to the left and go up the area that used to be blocked by 
 bricks, now blocked by fire.  Have Alfred go through and assemble the 
 fire extinguisher, then hop in the elevator to ride up.

 Smash all the objects in the immediate area and assemble the Batcycle.  
 Just like before, hop in and fire missiles at the Batmobile.  Now, you 
 can climb up to the next level where you can assemble a small door with an 
 "R" on it.  Tap B in Techno Suit to drop "Wonder Toy".  Head the little 
 guy through the door.  The toy can also use pinhole panels, so use it to 
 create a bridge.  Cross and assemble the colored container, then collect 
 all the colored pieces in the area to produce the backup computer and hop 

 Whooooa!  Where the heck are we?  We're hacking!  Move your little computer 
 avatar over to the button in back and step on it, then the button on the 
 right.  The Batwing will now be deployed, so hop in and continue your 
 assault on the Batmobile.

 Okay, this last part is a little weird.  Apparently, one of Batman's powers 
 is turning into a giant Bat-golem?  Simply dodge all his attacks until one 
 occurs in slow motion.  It will drop pieces that you can assemble into a 
 Bat Signal.  Use the hook to pull it.  You just need to do this two more 
 times and you'll finish the mission.  The second time you push a rotator 
 switch to turn the signal.  For the last, you just assemble the radio and 
 the music will take care of the rest.


New Suit: Illumination Suit


Watchtower Interlude -

New Characters: Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern

For a change of pace, you're now in control of two green guys that can fly.  
So, whereas Batman had to switch suits, Martian Manhunter has the Sense 
power natively, so fly to those bats in the back and Sense to uncover a 
gold lock.  MM also has heat vision, so hold down B and direct it towards 
the lock to break it open and find a green wall.  Have MM use X-Ray Vision 
on it, then press X on three wire clamps to switch them on, which will raise 
up three of the statues to find stuff underneath.  For the left one, use 
Sense, then have Green Lantern grapple the orange hook.  For the right one, 
simply push the rotator switch.  For the center one, assemble the clear 
plastic Lantern Pad, then stand GL on it and hold down B.  This will cancel 
the alert and start the next mission. 

5C. Space suits you, Sir! =

True Hero at 170,000

Characters: Batman, Robin, Cyborg, Flash


Batcave -
 With the Watchtower under attack by villains, Batman and Robin will need 
 to rocket up to orbit quickly in order to assist.  Head to the right and 
 up the stairs, then use the Power Suit to blow up the silver parts of the 
 laser defense grid.  Now you'll need something to get rid of that glass.  
 Head to the left and blast more silver objects to find pieces for a 
 pinhole panel that Robin can use his Tech Suit on (note that if you press 
 B while standing near a suit-based object, you'll automatically switch to 
 that suit).  This will extend a dock that has a silver part to blast which 
 has a grapple point underneath.  Grapple up and use the Tech Panel.  This 
 will attach the first rocket part.

 Now head back down and to the right.  Grab the SONIC SUIT token for 
 Batman.  Either hold down X or just tap B to unleash sonic waves that 
 will wreck the glass.  Underneath is an R door for Robin to send his toy 
 through and use a pinhole panel on the other side, which will extend a 
 bridge to cross.  Have Robin use the Tech Panel to raise a container, 
 then fill it with the colored objects in the glass nearby.  After it spits 
 out a fan, use Sense to find an orange hook to pull to start it up.  Float 
 up to the next area and use the green wall with X-Ray Vision, then set the 
 pipes into place.  This will extend a lever that you can jump onto to fuel 
 up the rocket.

 Now, go back right and use Sense to uncover the glass on the big green 
 canister, then sonic it away.  Cross the green goop with Robin's Hazard 
 Suit, then pull down the orange hook so both heroes can cross.  In the 
 far right area, use Sense to reveal some silver rocks, then blast them to 
 uncover a dark cave.  Have Robin charge up his light on the right, then 
 enter to uncover a rover thing.  Hop in to enter a little digging course.  
 Use A to move forward and hold down X to dig.  Make sure you dig over 
 obvious dig piles.  The last pile will produce the token for the SPACE SUIT.

 Since you now have a laser, use it to melt the gold box nearby as well as 
 the other objects so you can assemble a Fuel dispenser.  Fuel up, then 
 fly to the top of the toxic waste canister and laser the gold part on top 
 so Robin can join you.  Now fly to the back left where the gold wall is 
 and hold B to fire on it, then use the Left Stick to cut a shape out of the 
 wall.  Assemble the computer, then use Sense to reveal some poles for 
 Robin to cross over (he'll use his staff for the last one).  Use the Tech 
 panel to enter the computer.

 Follow the maze to the number box and smash it, then follow the jump 
 course to the second box, then follow the wavy floor to the last box.  
 This will place the last part of the rocket on.

Watchtower Dogfight -
 Well this is exciting.  Joker has taken over the Watchtower in rather 
 short order and is sending a lot of nastiness after you.  Shoot with 
 X to take down anything in your way.  Watch for powerups to pick up.  
 First you need to take down a bunch of teeth missiles, then more teeth 
 along with bombs, then more bombs along with turrets on the tower 
 itself.  To take down those turrets, pick up missiles and fire with B.  
 Next, you'll fight a weird laughing rocket.  Shoot it up and when the 
 blue targeting reticle appears, fire a missile at it.  Continue in this 
 way until it's destroyed.

Climbing the Tower -
 More excitement!  Crawling around on the outside of the Watchtower!  Also, 
 you have Batman, Cyborg, and Flash to do it with.  Note that Cyborg has 
 suits as well.  He'll currently have Demoltion, Sonar, and Space.  Head 
 straight back from where you start and laser the gold hatch to reveal a 
 token for the MAGNET SUIT.  Cyborg can grab it and use it on the blue 
 shiny part of the rotating section.  Continue on and use Cyborg's Demo 
 Suit to blast the silver parts of the next rotating section.  Once you 
 get all four, you remove the shield and can continue on.  At the very 
 end, Superman will redirect a missile into the side of the tower.  Laser 
 away the gold part of the missile and assemble the Flash Pad.  Switch to 
 flash, and press B on the pad, then hold down X and pass the cursor over 
 the three lit-up objects to do a Speed Build.  Hop in the slingshot to 
 get blasted up.

Hangar Bay -
 You made it inside, now to open the way in for the other heroes.  Head to 
 the left and magnet the blue shiny stuff, then laser the gold wall.  Assemble 
 the pieces that pop out into a Fuel dispenser and charge Cyborg up.  Fly 
 up to the upper level and magnet the blue stuff to open a door with a 
 button.  Stand on the button and switch to Batman so he can laser the gold 
 part that just appeared.  That's one side of the door taken care of, so 
 fly to the right and magnet the blue locks on the floor.  Push the rotator 
 switch that pops up so Flash can reach the other side, then blast the 
 silver parts and assemble them into a treadmill.  Have Flash use the 
 treadmill to power open the door.  This will allow Wonder Woman's jet in 
 to finish the mission.


New Characters: Cyborg, Flash
New Suits: Sonar Suit, Space Suit, Stealth Suit, Magnet Suit


Watchtower Interlude -

New Character: Wonder Woman

With Batman and Superman working on the doors, it's up to Diana, Robin, 
Cyborg, and Flash to get to the control room.  Head to the left and smash 
the lasers blocking the door, only to find the door itself is locked.  Head 
to the back and up the stairs to the left to find a blue shiny floor.  
Magnet it to reveal an odd mounting.  Blast the silver object nearby and 
assemble the pieces into a Tech Panel.  Use it to reveal a token.  Sonic 
the glass around it and have Robin pick up the SPHERE SUIT.  Use the sphere 
with B and roll into the mounting to open the door so you can leave.

On your right in the main room is another silver object to blast.  Use the 
pieces to make another Tech Panel.  Use it and click on the token, then 
watch to see which box it ends up in as they switch around.  Pick the right 
box to get the token for Cyborg's GIANT SUIT.  With this, Cyborg has Giant 
Strength, so he can go to the back of this big room, then lift up the object 
with green handles blocking the way to the back wall.  Pick it up and toss 
it, then smash down the wall leading to the Control Room.

NOTE: At this point, you can use the teleporters to either side of the 
door to the control room to warp back to the Batcave or to the Hall of 
Justice.  That said, you can only do a few things there and nothing 
particularly important, so for this story's sake, we'll just go right on 
to the next mission.

5D. Space Station Infestation =

True Hero at 155,000

 Team 1 - Wonder Woman, Flash
 Team 2 - Robin, Cyborg
 Team 3 - Batman, Superman


Firefly and Cheetah -
 Time to clear the bad guys out of this place.  First up is Diana and 
 Flash.  Wait for Firefly to blast the objects on either side of him to 
 get pieces for a Flash Pad.  Use it to build a water cannon.  Shoot that 
 cannon at Firefly to wear down his health and put him out.  Once he's 
 down, aim at the center fires to uncover and orange hook.  Use Diana to 
 pull that hook down and remove the rubble.  Head up the stairs.

 Cheetah largely fights with minions and by jumping on your character.  
 Switch to the other character when one becomes immobilized.  Once you 
 wear down her health, she'll hop to the upper area.  Assemble the Shield 
 Pad and put Wonder Woman on it to reflect the laser beam towards the gold 
 piece that Cheetah is standing on.  Continue fighting her until her 
 health depletes.

Croc and Grundy -
 Robin and Cyborg are now taking on the big guys.  First, to get up that 
 elevator they just rode up.  Head to the left and blast the silver objects 
 to put together a Sphere mount.  Use it to make a Fuel dispenser accessible 
 on the upper level.  Ride up the fan, fuel up, then fly to the upper right.  
 Use the Giant Suit to pull open the handles on the wall, then laser the 
 gold section.  Now, climb up the blue wall as Magnet Robin and use his 
 Techno Suit on the pinhole panel.  The elevator will now lower, so ride 
 it up by stepping on the two buttons.

 At the top, switch to Illumination Suit and power up your light at the 
 nearby dispenser, then light up near the crates and assemble the lamp to 
 illuminate a gold wall.  Laser it down, then smash the cracked wall with 
 the Giant Suit and engage Grundy.  Follow the button prompts to put him 

 Next, illuminate the back area to find shiny silver pieces to blast.  
 Smash the objects that get coughed up and assemble them into a pump.  Step 
 on the pump multiple times to bust Croc out of his hidey hole, then repeat 
 the smashing process as you did on Grundy.

Joker and Luthor -
 Lastly, let's join the brawl of the Big Four.  For the first round, smash 
 up all the Lexbots.  For the second, all the thugs.  Lastly, you'll deal 
 with Giant Luthor.  Train Superman's heat vision on him to wear down his 
 health, and deal with any thugs and bots that pop up.  Once his health 
 gets low, you'll get pieces for a Flash Pad.  Use it with Superman to 
 put together an EMP generator.  You'll have to charge it up, though.  
 Use Superman's vision to get rid of the gold boxes and assemble them into 
 a ladder so Batman can climb up, sonic the glass, and take the token for 
 the ELECTRICITY SUIT.  Take a charge at the generator in the very back, 
 then use that charge on the generator in the center of the room to finish 
 Luthor off.


New Character: Superman
New Suit: Electricity Suit


Watchtower Interlude -

Oh noes!  Just after having cleaned up the villains, Brainiac shows up!  
Follow the ghost stud trail to the weapons lab.  Frankly, I'm amazed the 
Joker made this much of a mess this quickly.  Head to the sparking thing 
in the center while wearing an Electric Suit and smash it to uncover a 
Phase Pad for Martian Manhunter.  Press B on it to phase to another part 
of the room.  From there, go to the guy behind the window with the icon 
above his head and press B to use MM's mind control on him.  Steer the guy 
and have him pull the switch in back.  This removes the force field and 
now everyone else can access the back.  Have Batman or Cyborg go to the 
very back and blast the silver boxes, then laser through the gold wall, 
then proceed to the next area for the next mission.

5E. The Big Grapple =

True Hero at 170,000

 Beginning - Batman, Robin, Martian Manhunter, Cyborg, The Flash
 Team 1 - Wonder Woman, Cheetah, The Flash
 Team 2 - Batman, The Joker, Cyborg
 Team 3 - Robin, Lex Luthor, Killer Croc


The Bubble -
 First thing to do is get out of this bubble.  Head to the left and Sense 
 to find a blue handle.  Magnet it and the janitor will move closer.  Mind 
 Control him, then send him to the right to the Tech Panel.  To hack into 
 the computer you'll need to match up the colors on the three wheels.  For 
 the first wheel, move the outer ring twice, and the inner ring once.  For 
 the second wheel, outer ring twice, inner ring once, center twice.  For the 
 third wheel, do the same thing as the second wheel.  You're now in the 
 system.  You can play around with whatever you want in here, but the 
 objective is to hit the big door icon in the center to close them.

Villain Team-Up: Wonder Woman -
 First up, head up the hallway and use Cheetah to dig up the dirt pile.  
 Assemble and use the Flash Pad to get rid of the tentacles, then hop on 
 the buttons on the elevator to ride up.  Continue down the path, up the 
 ladder, and to the right.  Have Diana pull down the orange hook and you'll 
 be able to enter the lower room.  Smash all the things inside to put 
 together a treadmill.  This will start up lasers so Diana can reflect 
 them into the gold parts of the tentacles.  With them out of the way, 
 head up to the console, repair the switch, then flip both of them to 
 set things up for Batman.

Villain Team-Up: Batman -
 Head down the green wall and use X-Ray Vision.  Match the colors on the 
 sides, then activate the center.  Send Cyborg up the stairs in Stealth 
 Suit to avoid the camera, then head through the pistons.  Have Batman 
 hit the object in the center of the green wall to switch those pistons so 
 Cyborg can continue to the right.  Use the Tech Panel in the next room 
 to move the panels so Batman and Joker can cross to the right.  Use the 
 laser in Batman's Space Suit to carve out the gold wall, then switch to 
 Joker, who has his own suits, including a Magnet Suit, which he can use 
 to pull the blue shiny object.  This will reconnect you with Cyborg, who 
 can use his Giant Suit to pull open the green handles on the right wall 
 so you can proceed.

 There are tentacles in the next area.  First, blast the silver cap on 
 the water, then go to the green wall on the right and use X-Ray.  Adjust 
 the objects inside to make a straight line, then grapple the box that 
 pops up to get the ARCTIC SUIT.  Hold down B to freeze the water, then 
 use Cyborg's Giant Suit to smash the ice and the tentacles.  Continue up 
 the stairs and magnet the blue shiny blocks to reveal a switch.  Pull it 
 and have Joker take his FLOWER SUIT.  This allows him to mind control.  
 Use it on the left hand guy to have him throw the switch.  This will 
 open the way for the last team.

Villain Team-Up: Robin -
 Robin got a sour draw here with Croc and Luthor.  Still, head to the 
 right and smash up all the lit-up objects to assemble a Fuel dispenser.  
 Switch to Luthor, who also has suits, specifically Giant, Hazard, Space, 
 Stealth, and Techno.  Have him fuel up then fly to the upper right.  He 
 can use the Techno Suit on the Tech Panel.  Hit the buttons blue, green, 
 yellow, then red to open up a pinhole panel below.  Drop down and use it, 
 then have Croc drop into the water on the left and yank the green handles, 
 revealing another pinhole panel, but you can't get in there without light.  
 Go to the right end of the upper part as Luthor and laser the gold panel 
 to uncover a hook Robin can use to grapple up, then have Robin magnet 
 the blue panel to uncover the Battery dispenser.  Hop down and head over 
 to the darkened area and assemble the light, then use the pinhole panel 
 to move the grapple arms into position.  Now, step on the button in the 
 back to ride the elevator up to the controls.  Use the Tech Panel, then 
 aim the crosshairs at Brainiac's ship and fire.


New Characters: Lex Luthor, The Joker, Cheetah, Killer Croc, Solomon Grundy
New Suits: Arctic Suit, Flower Suit


Watchtower Interlude:

You're back in the main room in the Watchtower.  Head to the right and 
speak to Plastic Man to start the first of many quests in the hub area.  
Plastic Man will want you to take down Mr. Freeze who just showed up.  To 
do so, switch to Batman's Sensor Suit, turn invisible, and pop him three 

New Character: Plastic Man

Now to get through that door.  First, use Sense near the ice to find some 
stalactites above.  Throw a Batarang at them to drop pieces for a Plastic 
Pad.  Switch to Plastic Man and press B while standing on the pad to break 
through the ice.  Head into the hangar, then up and to the right.  Defeat 
the thugs in the area, then use Arctic Batman to put out the fires.  Assemble 
the chair so you can hack into the computer.

Another computer run!  Run along the maze that appears gradually, then hop 
over the platforms that might kill you, then run along the moving platforms, 
so you can hit all three boxes that contain the code.  You will now enter the 
next mission.

NOTE: Now that you have Plastic Man, it may behoove you to go back into 
some missions to get Red Bricks, which require Plastic Man to get.  The 
multipliers are in the first five missions.

5F. The Lantern Menace =

True Hero at 170,000

 Team 1 - Batman, Lex Luthor, Solomon Grundy, The Flash
 Team 2 - Robin, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, The Joker
 Team 3 - Robin, Wonder Woman, Batman, Solomon Grundy


Ship Entryway -
 You're now assaulting Brainiac's Skull Ship.  Head to the right and grapple 
 the ladder down, then climb up as Stealth Lex and hit the switch to shut 
 down the camera.  Switch to Hazard and head right through the goop, then 
 switch back to Stealth to hit the other switch.  This clears the way for 
 everyone to move right.

 Use sonic to clear away the glass and build a Swamp Pad.  Switch to Grundy 
 and press B while he's on top of it to pull out a buzzsaw truck.  Hop in 
 as a normal sized person to clear the way.  In the next area, head to the 
 back and sonic the glass to find a token to give Lex Luthor the SHIELD SUIT.  
 Use an Electric Suit Batman to go to the right and pull the charge from 
 the generator, then move him to the left side and deposit the charge in 
 that generator.  This will remove both sets of tentacles.  On the right, 
 blast the silver wall, then cut open the gold line on it.  On the left, 
 use Lex's Shield to get through the fires, then Tech open the panel and 
 laser that gold line as well.  You can now assemble the Flash Pad and 
 use it to make a screen.  Robin will open the wrong door, so fight the 
 thugs, then head to the right.

 NOTE: It might be tough cutting the gold lines in this area.  I suggest 
 aiming your laser for the top and going straight down, which seems to 
 work for me.

 Team two takes over here.  Head to the back left and have Tech Robin use 
 the pinhole panel, which will reveal a blue wall.  Switch to Magnet Cyborg 
 and walk up the wall, then grapple the orange hook and build the pieces 
 into a Fuel dispenser so he can fly up to the generator and get an electric 
 charge for it.  Fly to the right and put the charge in the other generator 
 to uncover another magnet wall.  Walk up either as Robin or Joker and head 
 into the goop and throw the switch.  This will open the door further into 
 the ship.

Ship Innards -
 This is a trapped hallway.  First, use Magnet to remove the tentacles, 
 then hop across the platforms as they appear.  The last one will make 
 two silver boxes appear, so blast those to open the way forward.

 Inside this next area, head up the stairs until you reach the green lasers.  
 Push both rotator switches on either side to align the side lasers, then 
 smash the stuff near the middle laser and assemble a Shield Pad so Diana 
 can reflect the beam into the last red light to open the door.  Proceed 
 into the next room.

Brainiac Battle -
 You'll only have Robin for the moment.  Simply fight off the thugs that 
 pop up and then you'll try to wrest control of Wonder Woman by mashing B.  
 Once you have her, more thugs, then Batman, then more thugs, then Grundy.  
 Once you have all the guys back, simply punch Brainiac.


New Suit: Shield Suit


Watchtower Interlude -

You're back in control of J'onn and Hal again.  There are actually a lot 
more things you can do in the Watchtower now, including access Super Free 
Play switches that let you play as other characters, but for now, let's 
just follow the stud trail up to the control room.  Go to the big blue 
glowy globe and you can select the next mission.

5G. Europe Against It =

True Hero at 250,000

Characters: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman


Mini-Paris -
 Funny thing.  These European areas are actually quite accurate in terms of 
 street layout and landmark placement.  Kudos to the devs for that.  So, 
 head to the back right and smash the paper stand, and head under the Eiffel 
 Tower.  When the boat smashes the bridge, go to the left and laser the 
 truck to find a SCUBA SUIT inside for Batman.  Hop in the water and use 
 the spear gun to smash the orange supports of the bridge so Batman can 
 cross to the Trocadero Gardens.  Blast the tanker truck on the right so 
 you can continue up the street.  Halfway down, you'll fight some more 
 thugs.  Sense and pull the orange hook off the blockade, then continue 
 down to the end of the street.  At the Arc de Triomphe, simply smash 20 
 bad guys.

Mini-London -
 Hop in the River Thames and head right.  As Scuba Batman, head down into 
 the water and pull the orange hook at the end.  Batman will be able to 
 swim up to the bridge and proceed down the street.  Right around Big Ben, 
 a bus will be placed in your path.  Use Sense, then laser the gold part of 
 it, and you'll be able to continue down the street to the left.  At the 
 fountain, a large phone box will be placed in your way.  Sonic the glass 
 covering it, then assemble the generator, then use Electric Suit on it, then 
 Sense, then grapple to pull it down.  Phew.

 Continue to Trafalgar Square, then right, then down to the water.  
 Brainiac will spill green sludge in the Thames, so fly over as Superman and 
 laser the gold supports on the bridge.  This allows everyone to get to the 
 electric fence.  Smash the items in the area to assemble a generator that 
 Batman can put the electric charge into, then proceed up to Buckingham 
 Palace.  Fight off twenty more minions.

Mini-Pisa -
 Welcome to the Piazza del Duomo, home of that tower.  Fight off eight 
 minions then wait until Brainiac drops a truck on you.  Assemble a mirror 
 from that truck, then lead his shrink beam to the mirror to bounce it back.  
 Once he's stunned, Batarang or laser him.  He'll move and then it will be 
 more of the same: fight bad guys, wait for pieces, assemble a mirror, hit 
 him while he's down.


New Suit: Scuba Suit


Watchtower Interlude -

Not much to do here except return to the computer for the next mission.  
That said, there is some hacking to do.  Follow the path leading around 
to Brainiac.  The first two areas are pretty standard, but in the third, 
you'll have to avoid patrolling enemy avatars to get all the way back to 
Brainiac.  Avoid their line of sight to stay safe.

5H. Big Trouble in Little Gotham =

True Hero at 170,000

 Team 1 - Lex Luthor, Cyborg
 Team 2 - The Joker, The Flash
 Team 3 - Robin, Solomon Grundy, Cheetah
 Team 4 - Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman


Mini Ace Chemicals -
 Hey, we do get to return to Gotham in this game!  Sort of.  First thing, 
 smash the canisters in front of the factory and assemble them into a 
 rotator switch.  Push it to release the canister for the Hazard Suit.  Now 
 all you have to do is collect pieces for it.  There are some on the roof 
 to the right; sonic the glass, then ride up the fan.  There are some in 
 the tanks on the left that you'll have to use a Magnet to open.  Also 
 there are some behind the truck on the left that's silver; break it down 
 with explosives.  Dump the pieces once you're done and switch to Giant to 
 toss the big canister at Brainiac.

Mini Fairground -
 Now let's see how Laughing Boy and Speedy Boy are doing at the fair.  
 Head to the ride on the back left and use Electric Joker to take the 
 charge, which will break the ride, so assemble the pieces into a Sphere 
 Mount.  Change into Sphere Joker and roll in the mount to open the back.  
 Have Flash jump up the walls to the top, then run all the way over to the 
 right to find a Ferris wheel.  Smash the stuff nearby and assemble the 
 treadmill, then run on it to break the Ferris wheel and release the 
 pieces for a Flash Pad.  Assemble it, then use it to make a roller coaster 
 track.  Have Joker use his Electric charge on the nearby generator to 
 send the cars rolling.

Mini Botanical Gardens -
 Robin is enjoying some local flora with Grundy and Cheetah.  The idea here 
 is to find three dig spots and dig them up with Cheetah to remove the roots 
 in front of the main greenhouse in the center.

 First, go to the left as Grundy and climb up the steps to the top.  Smash 
 the cracked floor to find the first dirt pile.

 The second is just to the left of the greenhouse under a few leaves.

 The last is on the right.  First, grapple down a ladder to climb up to the 
 top of the structure and grab the DIVE SUIT.  Drop down into the water in 
 the tank and laser the two gold caps to remove the water covering the 
 dirt pile.

 Once Cheetah digs up all three spots, have Robin laser the gold buds.  
 You'll be able to get into the main greenhouse where you'll find a Swamp 
 Pad for Grundy.  Use it to get a launcher.  Have Robin pull the orange 

Big Skull Ship -
 When fighting Brainiac's ship, avoid his big arms and wait for them to 
 burrow.  When one pops up after burrowing, throw a Batarang or Diana's 
 tiara at the glowing spot at the end.  Once you hit that, you'll see silver 
 on the arm's end, so blast it with Batman's Power Suit.  Once both arms 
 are busted, a laser will fire, so use Sense to spot pieces to a Shield Pad 
 and assemble it so Wonder Woman can reflect it at the ship's red teeth.  
 Once those are busted, put together a Flash Pad and have Flash use it to 
 finally put the kibosh on Brainiac.


New Suit: Dive Suit


Watchtower Interlude -

So here's something new to the LEGO series.  From here on out the game 
opens up a bit.  Your next mission is to go to each of the other six 
Lantern Planets and either convince the bearer to help, or in the case of 
the bad guys, to steal their Power Batteries.  You can pick any of five 
right now: Zamaron, Odym, Nok, Ysmault, or Okaara.  For the sake of argument, 
I've arranged the missions in the order the game lists them.

5I. Power of Love =

True Hero at 50,000

Characters: Martian Manhunter, The Flash, Cyborg


Zamaron Surface -
 First stop, rocky and crystalline Zamaron, home of the Star Sapphire 
 Corps.  Take out the Zamaron Warriors that are attacking, then you'll 
 realize that they're going to keep coming through a portal up on a ledge, 
 so you'll need to shut it.  Sonic the glass crystals and assemble the 
 Flash Pad beneath them.  Use it to make platforms to the upper ledge, 
 then send Cyborg up and take the electric charge from the generator.  
 With the portal closed, head to the right and smash some rocks to find 
 another generator.  Power this one up and the way forward will open.

Purple Domes -
 Smash a nearby rock to find a green Phase pad for MM.  Phase through and 
 then transform so you can pick up the green handled rock so the force field 
 dissipates.  Now, magnet the blue stuff, then laser the gold stuff, then 
 assemble the pieces to make a treadmill.  This will turn the statue and 
 remove the blockage to the right, so proceed.

 Run all the way through the next area until you get to another blue shiny 
 object on the ground.  Magnet it to find pieces that make a Fuel dispenser 
 for Cyborg.  You can get up to the dome on the left now with both Cyborg 
 and MM.  Have MM mind control one of the Zamarons inside the dome and smash 
 the controls in the center to lower it.  Then, have Cyborg sonic the glass 
 crystals and take the electric charge on the generator to close the nearby 
 portal.  Cyborg can now fly back to the right and drop off the charge at 
 the generator over here, which will open the path.

Purple Power Battery -
 Yikes.  The Predator Entity looks to be in an ugly mood.  Smash the objects 
 in this dome and assemble the harp to calm the Predator, then laser the 
 harp.  Now, head to the left and you'll find some bats.  Sense near them to 
 find a Phase Pad for MM.  Warp through and laser the rocks on the ceiling.  
 This will allow Cyborg to hop up to the upper left area where there are 
 silver flowers.  Blast them with explosives, then assemble and use the 
 Flash Pad to make a romantic dinner.  Magnet the serving tray.  Now, for 
 the last phase of the battle.  Go back towards the portal and let the 
 Predator smash stuff until you get enough pieces.  Assemble them into a 
 valentine, then pick it up with MM or Cyborg giants and toss it at the 
 Predator to finish it.


New Character: Star Sapphire

5J. A Blue Hope =

True Hero at 100,000

Characters: Martian Manhunter, Cyborg, The Flash, Saint Walker


Odym Orbit -
 Jiminy jillickers!  The Reach got here before we did!  Fighting the Reach 
 ship is pretty simple.  Blast all the flying ships, then when the arm 
 pops out, target it with a missile.  There are three waves of enemies 
 between arms.  The last wave has large worm things that you need to destroy 
 with a missile.

Odym Surface -
 High cliffs and lots of water on Odym for your enjoyment.  Head straight 
 down and smash up the bugs and the Reach Warriors.  Under a central 
 flower is a Flash Pad.  Use it to make a wood chipper that hollows out a 
 tree.  Sense inside to find a Phase Pad.  Travel through it, then laser 
 the gold spot on the worm to move it.  Move further up the hill and Sense 
 to find a silver rock.  Move Cyborg closer and fire a rocket at it.  This 
 will drop a vine that will allow Flash and Cyborg to join MM.  Head right 
 and fire another rocket at the Reach ship blocking the way across the 
 tree bridge, then continue on.

 At the end of the bridge is a bunch of bugs.  Smash them, then assemble a
 Flash Pad.  This will create a flytrap plant that will eat the bug on the 
 back wall, also removing it.  Blast the silver rocks inside to uncover a 
 Phase Pad.  Phase through it as MM, then switch back to Cyborg.  Go to the 
 right and find the blue shiny part on the worm and Magnet it.  This 
 doesn't seem like it does much, but MM will automatically move right so he 
 will be in position to laser the gold part on the worm, moving it away 
 from blocking your path.  Continue on down to the right.

 You'll find Saint Walker being held by a big blue beetle.  Magnet the shiny 
 blue parts to release him, then Sense to find a dirt pile.  Have Saint 
 Walker dig it up and assemble the Lantern Pad.  Use it to remove the 
 beetle and end this mission.


New Character: Saint Walker

5K. Jailhouse Nok =

True Hero at 160,000

Characters: Martian Manhunter, Cyborg, The Flash


Nok Caverns -
 Welcome to gloomy old Nok, home to a big prison.  Zap the gold flower on 
 the right to uncover some blue bars.  Magnet them away, then head inside.  
 Fly to the right and use Sense to find a gold part on the big spider, 
 then laser it.  Smash the undergrowth on the back wall, then use X-Ray 
 Vision on the wall.  Rotate all three blocks until they show the Indigo 
 insignia, which will extend the bridge so the other two can join.  Head 
 further right and have Cyborg magnet the door away.

 Head inside the main hall.  Use explosives on the shackles on the purple 
 skeleton in the back, then assemble the pieces to make a statue of Abin 
 Sur.  Stand on the nearby button and the statue will zap the three gates: 
 left, right, middle.  Go through those gates in the same order and you'll 
 proceed onto the next area.

Nok Cell Block -
 Continue to the right until you spot bats that you can Sense near.  Smash 
 the cracked wall, then assemble the blue bars so Cyborg can Magnet walk up 
 the wall, then take the charge on the generator to the right so everyone 
 can cross the bridge.  Smash the boxes on the far end and assemble the 
 treadmill so Flash can run on it which will start up the elevator.  Ride 
 up and head to the right.  Grapple the box with the Indigo insignia on it 
 and assemble the pieces into a generator.  Charge it up with Cyborg, then 
 head into the hall.  Smash the plants to uncover the two buttons, then have 
 two characters stand on them to do another Abin Sur statue thing.  Go to 
 the gates in the order: far left, far right, near right, near left to 
 move on to the next area.

Indigo Power Battery -
 Now it's time to reassemble that Power Battery and bring some compassion 
 back to this planet.  Alternate between shooting and punching Indigo-1.  
 Once she hops on a cage, Sense near it, then Magnet it down.  After more 
 punching, she'll hop on the left cage.  Sense and Magnet again, then 
 assemble the Flash Pad and use it to reassemble the Battery.


New Character: Indigo-1

5L. All the Rage =

True Hero at 40,000

Characters: Batman (Joker Disguise), Wonder Woman (Cheetah Disguise), 
 Robin (Lex Luthor Disguise), Green Lantern, Solomon Grundy


Ysmault Surface -
 Ah Ysmault.  This first appeared in a story where Abin Sur met the Five 
 Inversions.  Turns out one of them ended up running the Red Lantern Corps.  
 Not much of a vacation spot.  Anyway, note that while you have Batman and 
 Robin, they cannot change suits, so you're stuck with their base abilities.

 Anyhoo, head up the path and fight the Red Lanterns that show up.  Use 
 GL to dig up the dirt pile to find parts for a Lantern Pad.  Use it to pry 
 of the control box on the gate, then blast the core to get through.  
 Continue down the path and you'll be stopped by a laser.  Use GL or Diana 
 to shield it and point it at the small gold parts on the little ship in 
 front of you.  After that, head up to the cracked wall and smash it down, 
 then grapple the two hooks and assemble the pieces into a Lantern Pad in the 
 muck so you can use it to create a bridge over to the next gate.  At this 
 gate, have Grundy throw the rock with green handles against the big skulls 
 to reveal one with an orange hook.  Grapple it, then assemble the pieces 
 into a rotator switch.  Push it, then use the Swamp Pad with Grundy to 
 pull up a drill machine.  Ride it to remove the gate and proceed.

Red Power Battery - 
 As you close in on your target, head right across the rocks, then grapple 
 the last one to pull it closer and keep moving.  Smash the vines blocking 
 the cracked wall, then smash that wall.  Build a Lantern Pad and use it 
 to cross the lava, then head up the path, avoiding rolling rocks.  At the 
 top, you'll need to remove the lava jets blocking your path.  To do so, 
 first smash the lit-up spires in front, then assemble the parts into an 
 anvil and have Grundy throw it on the wall to the left, then grapple the 
 hook down.  On the right, dig up some pieces and assemble them into a 
 hatch that closes off the flow.  Now you can proceed up to the Battery 

The Butcher -
 Atrocitus is sending the Butcher Entity after you (or a construct based 
 on it at least).  You need to wait until slow motion happens and hop on it, 
 then match the button prompts to tame it.  You'll need to do it three 
 times total.


New Characters: Batman (Joker Disguise), Wonder Woman (Cheetah Disguise), 
 Robin (Lex Luthor Disguise)

5M. Need for Greed =

True Hero at 50,000

Characters: Batman (Joker Disguise), Wonder Woman (Cheetah Disguise), 
 Robin (Lex Luthor Disguise), Green Lantern, Solomon Grundy


Okaara Surface -
 And here we are on Okaara, jungle world of the Orange Light and where the 
 only Orange Lantern in existence lives (otherwise there'd be infighting 
 over who gets what).

 Head to the right and pull down the vines to proceed.  Smash the constructs 
 and pull down the pillar in the distance to continue.  Continue all the 
 way up the steps until you get stopped by a large orange shield.  Head to 
 the left to find a Swamp Pad for Grundy, which will give you a water 
 cannon.  Fire at the rocks to wear them down to cracks, which Grundy can 
 smash.  This will let you further in.  Go to the back of the room and clear 
 the brush to find an orange hook that you can pull into steps.  You now 
 need to find three flowers and remove them in order to open the door into 
 the temple.

 Blue Flower: Go to the left of the door and smash the vines blocking the 
 flower, then assemble the Lantern Pad and use it to reveal the flower to 
 pull down.

 Yellow Flower: Simply pull it down where it sits on the door.

 Orange Flower: Head off to the right to find water.  Hit a purple flower 
 for it to sit in the water so you can cross further right to find a Swamp 
 Pad.  It will spit out a missile launcher.  Step on the button to break the 
 rocks blocking the orange flower.  Pull it down.

 This will give you pieces for a rotator switch that will open the temple 

Okaara Temple -
 To proceed in this temple, you need to open the statue's hands, then bribe 
 it.  First, let's go to the left.  Not a hard left, but a short left to 
 some brush concealing a Lantern Pad.  Use it to make a fan up to a little 
 shrine where a bunch of Lantern insignias are on the wall.  Have Grundy 
 pull the wall down to shine a beam of light, then assemble the Shield Pad 
 and reflect that light in the order: purple, orange, green, red.

 Now, head right and smash the lit up blocks to find pieces for another 
 Lantern Pad which will create a bridge.  Grundy can smash the wall here.  
 Build the pieces inside for a Sphere Mount, then tap B as Green Lantern to 
 make a sphere for it.  Use it to push the others to the upper level, 
 particularly Grundy, who needs to pull down another wall for another 
 beam of light.  This time the beam puzzle is: blue, orange, indigo, red.

 Both statue hands are now open, so head into its mouth and pull down the 
 hook to release gold into the hands, which will make a switch appear that 
 will open the door further inside.

Larfleeze -
 Time to face Captain MINE.  The fight is pretty simple, though.  Beat his 
 constructs, then punch him when he comes after you.  He'll make himself a 
 giant construct, so wait until he reveals a Swamp Pad, then use it to 
 make a box appear, then pull the box open.  Punch Larfleeze some more, 
 then avoid his construct again until you see Lantern Pad pieces on the left.  
 Assemble them and use it to bust the construct.  Punch Larfleeze a few 
 more times to win.

5N. Aw-Qward Situation =

NOTE: This mission will only open once you complete all other Lantern 
 Planet missions.

True Hero at 65,000

Characters: Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman, Solomon Grundy


Yellow Power Battery -
 Finally we go to the industry world of Qward, full of factories and 
 pollution.  Note that the disguises have been disposed of, so suits are 
 now a thing again for Batman.  You'll begin with another orbiting dogfight.  
 Blast all the ships, the missile the yellow train construct that shows up 
 four times.

Qward Factory -
 Proceed up the path, smashing Thunderers and Sinestro Corps members alike.  
 You'll eventually reach rubble that you can't smash.  Look to the left to 
 find a drill that has a silver part.  Blast it, then assemble the green 
 handles so Grundy can move the rock.  Continue further up the path to the 

 Arkillo will show up here to electrify things.  Switch to Electric Batman 
 and head through the fence and wait until the pistons drop.  Immediately 
 after that happens, start walking up the lifts to the other side, then 
 hop off quickly.  Go to the back and grapple up, then turn invisible to 
 pass by the cameras through the gate, then go left and use Electric on 
 the generator to stop the pistons, allowing the others to catch up.

 Bait Arkillo into lasering the gold object, then use the Shield Pad with 
 Wonder Woman to reflect the laser back at him.  Grundy will then take over 
 for the beatdown, so follow the button prompts.  Use Sense in the area to 
 find a crack in the floor, then have Grundy smash it to drop down.  Head 
 to the right.

 Follow the prompts to free Hal, then take control of him and have him smash 
 the objects on the right to get pieces for a Lantern Pad.  Use it to start 
 up the conveyor belt, which will move boxes allowing Batman to get over to 
 the right side of the area.  Use the Sensor Suit to get by the camera and 
 into the elevator.  Ride up and jump and glide to the left, avoiding the 
 flames.  Once you reach the other side, charge up the generator to drop 
 another elevator so Grundy can join you.  Head to the left.

 Now to fight Sinestro.  Have Grundy grab the nearby green handle item 
 to uncover pieces to a Lantern Pad.  Use it to break Sinestro's wall, then 
 duel beams with him by mashing X to finish him.


Watchtower Interlude:

You now have all the Lantern powers at your disposal.  Time to head to the 
Fortress of Solitude so you can restore Earth to its rightful size.  Also, 
let's fix everyone's personalities while we're at it.  Instead of using 
the computer, head to the Hangar and hop in the Javelin in the upper left 

5O. Breaking the Ice =

True Hero at 30,000

Characters: Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, The Flash


Fortress Statue Hall -
 Head to the back and fight some of Larfleeze's Constructs.  Once they're 
 all down, lead Larfleeze's beam towards the center.  Now, you'll have to 
 fight Red Lanterns, then follow the prompts for Grundy to finish 

Giant Superman -
 Now for the finale.  After a series of smashes, some crystals will drop.  
 Smash them then assemble a switch.  Wait for some more crystals, then 
 smash and assemble them into some kind of sonic weapon.  Hop in and 
 fire it at Superman.  Once that's done, beat up a bunch of Minions, then 
 a bunch more crystals will appear.  Smash the smaller ground ones to build 
 a Flash Pad, then use it on the bigger crystals.  Finally, have Flash run 
 on the treadmill.


New Character: Brainiac


Congratulations!  You've saved the Earth and completed the main story!  
Ah, but note that you still have a stud trail to follow in the hub.  Follow 
it down to the Batcave and then to the Trophy Room.  Head to the far right 
of the room to find an old TV filming set.  At the back, hit the statue 
near the bookcase to find a hook on it.  Pull it and you'll open the 
bookcase.  Now slide down those poles!

5P. Bonus Level: Same Bat-time, Same Bat-channel! =

True Hero at 100,000

Characters: Batman (1966), Robin (1966), Batgirl (1966)


Batcave -
 We need to build ourselves a flashy Batmobile before we head out.  First, 
 head to the right and smash the blue pieces to make a magnet wall.  This 
 Robin automatically comes with Magnet power, so climb up the wall and step 
 on the red switch to break the water pipes, allowing Batman to ride up to 
 the ledge.  Head to the left and take the charge from the generator.  This 
 will reveal some parts for the Batmobile.

 Now head to the left and use the electric charge on the generator near the 
 conveyor belt to get more parts.  Lastly, go to the back and use Batman's 
 Sense to reveal a hook to pull down a ladder.  Climb up and use the green 
 wall to hit three wire clamps and drop a box that will make a Tech Panel.  
 This Robin also innately has Tech abilities, so use the panel to make some 
 silver boxes appear.  Hold down B as Batman to pull out a Bat-Bomb which 
 will blow them up, then assemble the pieces to finish the Batmobile, then 
 hop in.

Batmobile Pursuit - 
 Batgirl has joined you in a Whirly-Bat.  You can alternate between the 
 two, with Batgirl firing stuff at the Joker, and the Batmobile holding down 
 X to fire its laser.  Fire the laser at the gold part of the steamroller to 
 expose a hook.  Robin will jump off, so switch to him and mash B to 
 pull on the steamroller to disable it.

Groovy Diner -
 We now join our heroes in this fancy eatery.  First, tag Catwoman twice 
 with a Batarang, then Sense near her to find a silver block and throw a 
 Bat-Bomb at it to knock her down to the floor.  Assemble the pieces left 

 Now, the Joker will show up.  If you try to attack him, he'll zap you, so 
 switch to another character and punch him during that time.  Once you knock 
 off his health, he'll hop behind the counter.  Penguin shows up at this 
 point, so use Sense on the left and hop up to the upper level using 
 the pole and flip the switch.  This will drop the stairs.  Now, head up 
 with Batman and tap B to activate his cape shield.  Close in to the 
 Penguin and sock him one, then Sense and pull down the hook to drop a 
 bunch of pieces on the ground floor.  Assemble them.

 Lastly, the Riddler will show up.  Use the X-Ray wall to make him pop up, 
 then punch him to knock him out.  Lastly, the Joker will pop out with a 
 bumper car.  As he rides about, punch out a bunch of thugs until he 
 crashes, then assemble the final pieces to this mystery and have Robin 
 use his Magnet on it.


New Characters: Batman (1966), Robin (1966), Batgirl (1966), The Joker (1966)

5Q. DLC 1: Man of Steel =

True Hero at 42,000

Characters: Jor-El, Kelex, Lara Lor-Van


House of El Citadel -
 Y'know... that might not be Russell Crowe.  Anyway, beat up all the nearby 
 bad guys and assemble the Tech Panel.  Have Kelex use the panel and tap the 
 buttons in the same order they light up.  Enter and run down the hallway.  
 You'll be stopped partway down by more Zod Agents.  Once they're down, 
 laser the gold parts of the wreckage, then punch the rest.  Continue down 
 and more wreckage will fall.  Laser the fountain head and assemble a water 
 cannon.  Fire it at all the fires, then smash what's left of the wreckage 
 to proceed.

Birthing Room -
 Laser the gold thing to find the first batch of pieces, then fight Tor-An 
 simply by punching him.  Faora will show up and can be taken down by 
 projectile shots.  Once they're both down, you can build the pieces on 
 the right to finish the cradle.  Have Lara place her son in there and have 
 Kelex use the nearby Tech Panel (similar puzzle as before) and Zod will 
 show up.  Wait for his gun to jam, then hit him to knock his hearts down 
 to finish the mission.

5R. DLC 2: 75th Batman Anniversary =

True Hero at 70,000

Characters: Harley Quinn, The Joker


Party Central -
 Time to crash this party, Joker and Harley style!  You'll need to mess up 
 five elements of the party in order to properly Joker-fy it.

 First, smash all the tables and assemble them into a dance floor.  Have 
 both characters stand on the red squares and start the dance game, where 
 you have to hop on the colored panels in order.

 Next, let's take care of that cake.  Go behind it and use Joker's Demo 
 Suit to remove the silver part, then have Harley smash the wall to find a 
 generator.  Use Electric Joker to take the charge, then flip the switch.

 Now the left spotlight.  Hang from the nearby switch to lower the light, 
 then smash it.  Use Grapple on the nearby boxes and then smash them to 
 find pieces for the new light.

 For the right spotlight, use the same kind of switch to smash the light, 
 then blow up the balloons with the silver holder.  Assemble the hook and 
 pull the presents down, then reassemble the light.

 For the car, you have to smash all four speakers, as well as the silver 
 Batman statues.  Now, go to the back left and grapple up the top of the 
 buliding, then step on the switch to rotate the buildings.  Have Harley 
 hop up the center gap between the buildings and push both rotator 
 switches to lower the disco balls.  Blast both of them with explosives and 
 you'll finally have all the pieces you need to remodel the car.  Put the 
 charge in the nearby generator to finish.

5S. DLC 3: Dark Knight Trilogy =

True Hero at 70,000

Characters: The Joker (Nurse), Joker Clown Henchman, Batman (Dark Knight 
 Trilogy), Commissioner Gordon


Tunnel Chase -
 Oh yes, you're in charge of the Joker right now.  Head to the left and 
 smash the boxes to find pieces for a gumball launcher.  Fire it at the 
 police cars.  Once they're all gone, a truck shows up with some cops on 
 it.  Smash the boxes on the truck to find a rocket launcher.  Grab it 
 and hop back.  Now you can smash three more cop cars, which is easy with 
 the launcher.  Blast them up and any other cop cars that show up.  
 Eventually, another truck will show up with silver boxes on it.  Blast 
 those and assemble a missile launcher.  Hop in and fire it.

Gotham Streets -
 Now you're Batman and Gordon.  Smash the nearby lit up objects to assemble 
 part of a crane.  Next, some goons will pop up out of the sewer, so punch 
 them and assemble an orange hook.  Pull it down and assemble more of the
 crane.  Now go back into the alley and you'll find a few pieces for a 
 handle so you can pull down the ladder.  Climb up, then glide across to 
 the right.  Bounce off the awning to the Tech Panel and use it to open 
 the doors below.  Smash the boxes and assemble the last part of the crane, 
 then hop in and hold down X to move towards the truck, then press B to 
 lift it.


Okay, in this section we go mission by mission and list all fifteen 
objects you can pick up during the Free Play run.  Like in so many past 
LEGO games, how Free Play works is that you select your characters from 
whoever you've unlocked, and then you're given several more from your stable 
so you can access all the secrets.

Also, if you don't get the character you need in the selection that is 
picked for you, you can always hold down Y and access the full menu 
whenever you want.

6A. Pursuers in the Sewers =

Part 1 -

Character #1 - Croc Henchman
 (Free Play) At the beginning, go down the ladder in the foreground to the 
 water and hop into the duck boat.  Ride it into the four smaller ducks in 
 the water.

Minikit #1 -
 (Laser) In the first area are five golden toilets.  Melt them all.  One 
 is early on in the path, two are in the area with the fire jets.  The 
 fourth is in the water near the large toxic pile, and the last is in an 
 upper area above the lids you bounce off of.

Minikit #2 -
 (Laser, Magnet) In the area with the two fire jets, go to the upper level 
 and use a laser on the golden hatch, then use magnet on the blue pipe to 
 uncover the canister.

Minikit #3 -
 (Flight) You need to put another twenty-five pieces into the container 
 at the very beginning.  The trick is finding all the pieces.  There are 
 an extra five at the beginning, and others are spread all around the first 
 area, five to a cart holding them.

Minikit #4 -
 (Mind Control) In the area where you bounce off the lids, fly up to the 
 upper catwalk and mind control the goon behind the water so he can get the 

Red Brick - Score x2
 (Plastic Man) At the end of the first area, fly up to the upper level 
 before the exit and use the plastic pad.

Adam West in Peril -
 (Solomon Grundy) At the end of the first area, use the swamp pad to 
 pull out some shark repellent, then jump onto it.


Part 2 -

Character #2 - Bane
 (Freeze) At the beginning of the second area, freeze the puddle of water 
 into a Killer Croc statue, then melt it with a laser.

Minikit #5 -
 (Laser) After Croc shows up, melt the four gold lanterns above him.

Minikit #6 -
 (Flight) Go to the right of the area and behind a pipe to find a canister.

Minikit #7 -
 (Explosives, Flight) Go to the left of the area and blast a silver hatch on 
 the pipe, then fly up to it.

Minikit #8 -
 (Magnet) On the right side of the second area is a pipe with blue pipes 
 blocking it.  Magnet those away to find a secret room, then go to the 
 right inside to find a little magnet ball and a pipe course.  Move the 
 ball through the course and step on the buttons to unblock the way.

Minikit #9 -
 (Solomon Grundy) In the secret room on the right side, use the swamp pad 
 with Grundy to find a silver object.  Blast it.

Minikit #10 -
 (Magnet, Laser) In the secret room on the right side, use a laser on the 
 gold wall to reveal the canister.  Same area as #9.

Character #3 - Black Manta
 (Magnet) In the beginning of the second area, talk with Bat-Mite and he'll 
 ask for some pants.  On the right side of the area are some blue pipes to 
 magnet away.  Enter the secret area and use magnet on the washing machine 
 to find the pants.

6B. Breaking BATS! =

Red Brick - Score x4
 (Plastic Man) In the very beginning, use Sensor near the bats to find a 
 plastic panel.  Use it to pull up the brick.

Minikit #1 -
 There are three globes in the Batcave to smash.  One is to the left of 
 where you start.  The second is further to the right, and on a slightly 
 raised platform, near the fire, and the last is 

Minikit #2 -
 (Laser) On the right side of the first area, fly up and laser the gold 
 thing on the wall to uncover a hole with the canister inside.

Minikit #3 -
 (Explosives) At the top of the area, blast the silver cap on the ceiling.

Character #1 - Man-Bat
 (Electricity) On the left side is some electricity to pick up.  Go to the 
 far right and use the Tech panel to drop some bats that you can Sensor 
 into pieces.  Assemble them into a place to deposit electricity, which 
 blows up the sun in the planetary model.  Fly to get the token.

Adam West in Peril -
 (Lantern) In the upper part of the first area, use a laser on the gold box 
 then assemble the pieces into a Lantern pad.  Use it to save Adam.


Part 2 -

Minikit #4 -
 In the second area, use the Illumination Suit to enter the darkness in 
 the front left, then smash up all the junk and dig up the dirt to build the 

Character #2 - Hush
 (Flight, Sonic) In the second area, fly over to the right and sonic away 
 the glass on the right side.

Minikit #5 -
 Drop down into the water and swim over to the dirt piles and have Alfred 
 dig them up.  Assemble the bird.

Minikit #6 -
 (Magnet) After going up the first elevator, pull open the blue door with 
 a magnet to find a canister.

Minikit #7 -
 (Free Play) To the left of the motorcycle pad is a Sensor wall.  Attach 
 all the gears behind it to open the nearby door.

Minikit #8 -
 (Martian Manhunter) To the right of the motorcycle pad is an area with 
 costumes.  Use Sensor there, then pass through the Martian panel to the 

Minikit #9 -
 (Explosives) You need to blast five silver stalactites in the area.  Three 
 are on the far right side near the costumes and two are up by the main 

Minikit #10 -
 After using the colored pieces to make the Bat-computer, throw another 25 
 pieces into the machine to have it spit out the canister.

Character #3 - Red Hood
 (Sonic) Near the Bat-computer at the end, sonic the glass on the left and 
 take the item down to the area with the costumes and give it to Bat-mite.

6C. Space suits you, Sir! =

Part 1 -

Minikit #1 -
 Find an extra 25 pieces for the Hazard Suit and put them in the same 
 container that you get the fan from.

Character #1 - Shazam
 While hacking the Batcomputer, step on all three red buttons in a short 
 amount of time to make a box appear with this token inside it.

Minikit #2 -
 (Magnet) You need to find three chests with what I think is Kryptonite 
 inside.  The first is to the left of the starting point.  The second is 
 further up near the costume area.  The last is near the gold wall at the 

Minikit #3 -
 (Lantern) On the far right side of the area is a gold object against the 
 wall.  Melt it, then assemble the pieces into a Lantern pad.  Use the pad, 
 then fly to the canister.

Minikit #4 -
 (Plastic Man) In front of the rover area, smash the computers to uncover a 
 vent.  Slip through as Plastic Man, then switch to Robin and use 
 Illumination to reveal some planets.  Hit them all and assemble a phone 
 booth.  Smash the booth.

Character #2 - Hawkgirl
 (Plastic Man) Talk to Bat-mite at the beginning of the area, then fly up 
 to the top platform with the gold wall on the back.  Once you laser it 
 open, use Sensor twice, once to get the poles visible, and the second 
 time to make a vent appear so Plastic Man can go through and get the 
 cowl for Bat-mite.


Part 2 -

Minikit #5 -
 During the flight around the Watchtower, look for this one amidst a ring 
 of studs.


Part 3 -

Adam West in Peril -
 In the first stage of clinging to the outside of the Watchtower, you'll 
 find Mr. West stranded on a gold satellite if you look properly.  Zap it 
 with a heat beam to free him.

Minikit #6 -
 While walking around the surface of the Watchtower, run around to the 
 opposite side and run straight towards the camera to find this canister 
 at the bottom end.

Minikit #7 -
 While climbing the tower, you'll find five Joker jack-in-the-boxes.  There 
 are two on the first stage (before using the Magnet Suit), one on the second 
 stage, and two on the third stage.  You'll have to explore a bit to find 
 them, but being green and purple, they're pretty obvious.

Minikit #8 -
 (Freeze) At the very end of the tower, at the opposite side of where the 
 missile crashes, put out the fires near the wreckage and smash it.

Minikit #9 -
 Inside the hangar bay are five purple presents to smash.  Three of them 
 are on walkways: right next to you as you start, and two more on the upper 
 walkway.  The last two float up on green balloons, so keep an eye open for 

Minikit #10 -
 (Brainiac, The Atom) Inside the hangar bay, go to the upper left corner 
 and shrink the black shiny stuff on the back wall, then shrink down as 
 The Atom and enter the pipe.  Push the stuff out of the way to expel it, 
 then assemble the canister.

Character #3 - Miss Martian
 Inside the hangar bay, once you cut the bat symbol out of the gold wall, 
 further melt the gold behind it to get the token.

Red Brick - 
 (Plastic Man) In the hangar bay, go to the far right and throw the lever 
 so you can smash the nearby Javelin and make it into a Plastic pad.  Use 

6D. Space Station Infestation =

Part 1 -

Character #1 - John Stewart
 (Free Play) Go to the left from the beginning and use a Magnet to pull open 
 the blue wall.

Minikit #1 - 
 (Freeze) There are six floating presents to knock down in the first area.  
 The first two are in the first part of the fight, the last four are in the 
 latter area.  You'll need to get to the back of the control room, so put 
 out the fires on the left side, the ones that are obviously LEGO.

Minikit #2 -
 (Freeze) Get to the back of the control room as described above, then use 
 the Tech panel on the left side of the room.

Minikit #3 -
 (Freeze) Get to the back of the control room as described above, then use 
 a Tech suit to call out a Toy and send it through the R door on the right 
 side, which will then go outside to the canister.


Part 2 - 

Minikit #4 - 
 Once you switch to Cyborg and Robin, go to the right side of the area and 
 use Magnet power on a blue bin to find this one.

Minikit #5 -
 Destroy five hazard signs on the walls.  Two are in the lower area, on 
 either side of the room.  The other three are on the upper level, the last 
 one on the upper catwalk, which you can hit from the lower floor if you 
 aim properly.

Minikit #6 -
 (Mind Control) In the lower area, go to the right and use mind control on 
 the janitor inside the room and have him throw the switch, then laser the 
 gold part inside.

Minikit #7 -
 (Free Play) In the upper area, fly up to the back left corner of the room 
 to find this canister floating.

Character #2 - Reverse Flash
 (Brainiac) In the upper area, fly up to the upper right catwalk and 
 shrink the black torpedo, then blast the silver box behind it.

Character #3 - Green Arrow
 (Electricity) Go to the upper level floors and talk to Bat-mite on the 
 left and he'll ask you to get a bat-staff.  Head along to the right and 
 find some electricity, then drop down to the generator and charge it up.  
 Bring the staff back to Bat-mite.


Part 3 -

Minikit #8 -
 (Free Play) In the last room go to the front right area to find a Tech 
 panel.  Use it to open a small room with a gold box.  Melt it with a Laser.

Minikit #9 -
 (Free Play) Drop down to the door below the center platform then use the 
 Tech panel.  Take the canister inside the door.

Minikit #10 -
 (Free Play) On the left side of the last room and find the blue metal 
 panels to magnetize which will drop you down to the glass room below with 
 the canister.

Adam West in Peril -
 (Plastic Man) Near the center of the room is a vent that Plastic Man can 
 pass through.  Smash the nearby boxes and assemble the Lantern pad.  Use 
 the pad to get Adam out.

Red Brick - Score x8
 (Plastic Man) From the Adam West, go to the right behind the back of the 
 room to a camera.  Stealth past it to the lever so Plastic Man can use the 
 Plastic pad.

6E. The Big Grapple =

Part 1 -

Minikit #1 -
 Once you get control of the janitor and steer him towards the computer, 
 access the minikit function on the right side before closing the doors.  
 You can play a little puzzle that you'll need to make a picture of a 
 minikit canister to get it.

Minikit #2 -
 (Plastic Man) Use the vent inside the bubble to head outside and you'll 
 automatically get this one.

Minikit #3 -
 (Plastic Man) Once outside, go to the far right and use Sensor on the 
 bats, then assemble the Lantern pad, then use Sensor on the wall and zap 
 all four wires.

Minikit #4 -
 (Plastic Man) Once outside, go to the back left and use a grapple to pull 
 down the big arm.  Put out the fires on the left to find the canister.

Adam West in Peril -
 (Plastic Man) Once you pull down the arm in the back left, put out the 
 fires to free Adam.

Character #1 - Beast Boy
 (Plastic Man) Just to the right of the bubble, talk to Bat-Mite and he'll 
 tell you to find a little console.  Go to the Tech panel on the right 
 platform and open it to get the console.

Character #2 - The Atom
 (Plastic Man) Once you pull down the arm down, a little floaty cart will 
 drop down.  Hop in and hover over the green puddles to suck them up.  
 After that, go to the right and blast the silver boxes and assemble the 
 computer, then place the cart there and pull both levers.


Part 2 -

Minikit #5 -
 After turning the first two tentacles into sushi, smash all four sushi 

Minikit #6 -
 (Free Play) Just after the first elevator, use the X-Ray wall and tip the 
 three dishes to get a canister.

Minikit #7 -
 (Free Play) After going past the Sensor wall, have Robin use the connector 
 at the top of the ladder, which raises up a gold box.  Melt it.

Red Brick - Score x10
 (Plastic Man) At the dual laser guns, smash some nearby stuff and assemble 
 a Plastic pad, then use it.

Minikit #8 -
 Once you get control of Batman and Cyborg, get Cyborg to the back of 
 a hallway where you need to use the Electricity Suit to gain a charge.  
 Nearby is a button that you can use to drop a glass case with the 
 canister inside.

Minikit #9 -
 In the final room, use electricity on the generator near the entrance to 
 fire up the robot, giving you a canister.

Character #3 - Stargirl
 (Free Play) In the final room, go to the right and use Magnet to pull down 
 the box on the ceiling, then use Sonic to break the glass.

Minikit #10 -
 (Free Play) In the final room, drop down into the water on the right side 
 and flip the switch to drain it, then blast the silver box at the bottom.

6F. The Lantern Menace =

Red Brick - Disguises
 (Free Play) At the beginning, use a magnet on the blue pillar on the back 
 wall, then assemble the pieces into a Plastic pad.  Use it, then assemble 
 the pump and jump on it three times to inflate the brick.

Adam West in Peril -
 (Free Play) Dig up the dirt pile at the beginning, then assemble the pieces 
 into a rotator switch and push it, then melt the gold lock on the cylinder.

Minikit #1 -
 (Free Play) Once you get rid of the blue beam blocking the bridge, the 
 teeth will close up.  Magnet them open to get the canister.

Minikit #2 -
 (Free Play) Once you reach the larger area, use the Tech socket to get 
 a bottle with a gold city inside.  Sonic away the glass, then melt the 

Character #1 - Brainiac Minion
 (Free Play) After powering up the TV, use a Magnet on the antenna on the 
 right side to make the token appear in front of the TV.

Minikit #3 - 
 (Free Play) Before finishing the TV, use the Phase Pad underneath it to 
 travel up and grab the canister.

Minikit #4 - 
 Once you switch to Robin, have Cyborg go to the far right and blast open 
 the silver wall to uncover this.

Minikit #5 - 
 (Free Play) After the switch to this room, go to the right side and use 
 Sensor to make green handles appear for a Strength character to open.

Minikit #6 -
 (Free Play) Once you enter the trapped hallway, you'll need to start 
 destroying five mini skull ships.  Two are in the hallway itself, and the 
 other three are in the next room.

Character #2 - Orion
 (Free Play) Bat-mite needs what appears to be Skeets to proceed.  At the 
 end of the trapped hallway, use Sensor to reveal a button.  Stand on it, 
 then Sensor through the wall that appears.  Move the pipes to make a 
 straight line, then take Skeets back to Bat-mite at the beginning of the 

Minikit #7 - 
 After you bring Team 2 past the trapped hallway, go to the right in the next 
 room and use sonic to break the glass over the green goo.  Assemble the 
 canister in the goo.

Minikit #8 -
 (Free Play) On the left side of the room after the trapped hallway is a 
 glass tank.  Shatter it, then use Sensor to reveal a dirt pile.  Dig it 


Part 2 -

Minikit #9 -
 During the fight with Brainiac, switch Batman over to Power Suit and fire 
 rockets at all five hanging silver jars at the back.

Character #3 - Doctor Fate
 Fly behind Brainiac's throne to find this.


Part 3 -

Minikit #10 -
 This is found while plummeting.  Keep your eye on the center of the 
 screen and a little above and to the right.  It should float up a few 
 seconds into the fall.  Crash into it.

6G. Europe Against It =

Part 1 -

Minikit #1 -
 (Free Play) In the beginning, Magnet all four blue parts near the center 
 to raise a stage, then grab either rope on the sides.

Minikit #2 - 
 In the area in Paris with the big fountain in the center (the Trocadero 
 Gardens), use Batman to grapple all four ducks swimming inside it.  You may 
 need to target your grapple to do so.

Minikit #3 -
 (Electricity) You need either Unlimited Elec unlocked or a character that 
 has constant electricity.  Near the lower left corner of the gardens is 
 a yellow crane.  Dig up the two dirt piles near the crane, then assemble 
 the generator and power it up.

Minikit #4 - On the road towards the Arc de Triomphe, use Batman to pull 
 up five awnings lining the street.  The last one is to the right of the 

Character #1 - Cheshire
 (Free Play) Around the Arc de Triomphe, dig up five dirt piles and grapple 
 all the cannons you pull up as a result.


Part 2 -

Minikit #5 -
 (Free Play) Just as you begin in London, use Solomon Grundy on the Swamp 
 Pad, then dig up the dirt pile that appears.

Character #2 - Lobo
 (Brainiac) At the bridge near Big Ben, use Brainiac's ray on the yellow 
 crane off to the right, then pick up the token.

Minikit #6 -
 Just before Trafalgar Square, after you smash the big red phone booth, 
 hop up on the building to the left and smash the billboard.  Assemble 
 the pieces into a helicopter, which will pull up the fountain.

Red Brick - Gold Brick Detector
 (Free Play) Once you reach Trafalgar Square (the part with the column 
 with lions around it), laser the gold part of the back wall, then assemble 
 and use the Plastic Pad.

Adam West in Peril -
 (Free Play) After Trafalgar Square, you'll hit the Thames again.  Use the 
 Tech panel on the left to activate the nearby TV.  Click on each of the 
 boats and they'll make a bridge for Mr. West.

Minikit #7 -
 (The Atom) Just a warning.  If you're using the Detector, this arrow will 
 be pointing at the water.  Once you reach Buckingham Palace, shrink down 
 and hop into the hole in the corner of the garden.  Run around the 
 underground path to find the canister.


Part 3 -

Minikit #8 -
 (Brainiac) Just to the left of the round building (the Baptistery of St.
 John) is a shiny black crypt.  Use Brainiac's ray on it to make it grow, 
 then assemble the lights inside.

Minikit #9 -
 All around the Piazza del Duomo are five Italian flags with gold flagpoles.  
 Melt all of them with Superman.

Minikit #10 -
 (Free Play) Behind the round building is a vent for Plastic Man.  Pass 
 through to get inside a building with the canister.

Character #3 - Manchester Black
 (Free Play) Near the tower is a Tech panel.  Use it and hit the red 
 arrows until all three lights on the tower are yellow.  Take the little 
 computer thing over to Bat-mite in the left corner.

6H. Big Trouble in Little Gotham =

Part 1 -

Minikit #1 - 
 In the Ace Chemicals area, go to the far right and blast the silver railings 
 on the building above you.  Pull down the hook to reveal this canister.

Minikit #2 -
 (Free Play) At the Ace Chemicals area, once you float up the fan to the 
 roofs, use Sensor to the right, then use Strength to pull off the green 
 handles on the water tower.

Minikit #3 -
 Use a Laser on the tanker truck in the foreground to break it in half, and 
 them smash all the pieces and assemble the canister.

Minikit #4 -
 (Free Play) On the left side of the Ace Chemicals area, use a Sensor on the 
 bats to find a gold pipe.  Laser it away.

Character #1 - Deadshot
 In the carnival area, climb onto the dunk tank and fire at the target that 
 pops up to fall in the water.

Character #2 - Deathstroke
 In the carnival area, have Joker pull on all five firework wheels, then 
 shoot them to blow them up.

Minikit #5 -
 (Free Play) In the carnival area, assemble the Tech panel near the bumper 
 cars and start them up.

Minikit #6 -
 (Free Play) In the carnival area, go to the top part and Laser the gold 
 Bat-signal, then assemble the strongman test and step on it.

Minikit #7 -
 In the garden area, destroy all three large purple leafed plants.

Minikit #8 -
 (Free Play) In the garden area, use Sonic on the glass greenhouse and 
 assemble the pieces inside into a fountain.  Step on the switch to start 
 the water and get the canister.

Minikit #9 -
 (Poison Ivy) In the garden area, behind the greenhouse on the right is a
 plant panel.  Use Ivy on it to travel to the canister.

Adam West in Peril -
 (Free Play) In the Garden, use Explosives to blow up the silver statue of 
 Poison Ivy, then assemble the Lantern panel and use it to rescue Adam.

Character #3 - Mad Hatter
 (Free Play) In the garden area, use Grundy to smash the cracked back wall, 
 then use a Magnet to open the blue box.  Take the item inside to Bat-mite 
 on the right side of the area.


Part 2 -

Red Brick - Minikit Detector
 (Free Play) Go to the far right during the Skull Ship battle to find a 
 dirt pile.  Dig it up to find pieces for a Plastic Pad.  Use Plastic Man 
 on it to uncover the brick.

Minikit #10 -
 (Free Play) Freeze the fires in the back of the area near the ship to find 
 a small enclosure with the canister inside.

6I. Power of Love =

Part 1 -

Minikit #1 -
 In the first area on Zamaron are five silver crystals.  Blast all five 
 of them.  They're pretty easy to find.

Character #1 - Parasite
 (Free Play) Using an Illumination Suit, head into the cave below the 
 purple gate to find this token.

Adam West in Peril -
 (Free Play) Similar to above, use an Illumination Suit to head in the 
 dark cave on the left.


Part 2 -

Minikit #2 -
 (Free Play) In the second area, go all the way to the left up the cliff to 
 find a Lantern Pad.  Use it to break open a wall.

Minikit #3 -
 In the area with the purple domes, go to the second one and smash away 
 the rocks behind it.  Assemble them into a phone booth which calls in a 
 missile and reveals the canister.

Minikit #4 -
 (Free Play) There are three dirt piles in the second area.  Dig them up, 
 then smash the plants.

Minikit #5 -
 Once you get jet fuel, fly up to a glass crystal on a ledge in the middle 
 of the area and sonic it.

Character #2 - Zamaron Warrior
 (Free Play) Inside the module you magnet open, freeze the fires and take 
 the little car inside, then bring it over Bat-mite by the entrance to the 


Part 3 -

Character #3 - Vibe
 After chasing off the purple beast for the first time, pull down the 
 nearby hook and assemble the pieces to uncover the token.

Minikit #6 -
 (Brainiac) There's an obvious canister near the center of the area.  Use 
 Brainiac's ray to shrink the growth around it.

Minikit #7 -
 (Free Play) To the right of the gate on the back wall is a dirt pile.  Dig 
 it up to get the canister.

Minikit #8 -
 Near the Purple Power Battery is a wall that needs to be knocked down.  
 Assemble the oven inside so a cake pops out, then smash it.

Minikit #9 -
 At the second bout with the purple beast, smash the beehive on the wall.  
 You can assemble the pieces into a gramaphone, but the canister will have 
 already appeared.

Minikit #10 -
 (Free Play) In the lower area that Martian Manhunter can teleport to, use 
 a Magnet to remove the blue pipes blocking the canister.

Red Brick - Quest Detector
 (Free Play) Fly up to the Purple Power Battery and use the Swamp Pad with 
 Grundy to pull out a Plastic Pad for Plastic Man.

6J. A Blue Hope =

Part 1 -

Minikit #1 - 
 Near the Reach ship is a silver asteroid.  Blast it with a missile.

Minikit #2 - 
 Around the Reach ship are five satellites.  Blast all of them.  It may help 
 to shift back and forth directions in order to hit them as they're slightly 
 further outside your movement area.


Part 2 -

Minikit #3 -
 (Free Play) Drop into the water to the left of the bridge from the Javelin 
 to find this.  You'll need someone who can go underwater.

Minikit #4 -
 (Free Play) Go past the water on the right from the beginning and head 
 to the dark cave.  Light it up with Illumination, then use a Laser on the 
 gold wall.

Minikit #5 -
 (Brainiac) Fly up from the start to find a black shiny rock.  Shrink it, 
 then blast the beast that pops out of it.  Enter the cave using 
 Illumination, then laser the gold egg inside.

Character #1 - Blue Beetle
 (Free Play) Drop down into the water to the right of the Javelin to 
 find a chest with a rock on it.  Smash the rock, then grapple the chest.  
 Take the gun thing inside to Bat-mite on the left.

Adam West in Peril -
 (Brainiac) About halfway through the jungle, you'll see Adam trapped in 
 a pterodactyl nest.  Use Brainiac's shrink ray on the rock above to drop 
 the next rock onto the next, then assemble it into stairs.

Minikit #6 -
 Once you create the giant plant that clears a web, look at the ceiling of 
 the cave to find three bugs with blue plates.  Use a ray to knock them to 
 the ground, then magnet each one into the plant.

Minikit #7 -
 You need to destroy five silver flowers in the jungle.  The first one is 
 above where you start, on a high ledge.  The next two are right after you 
 move the worm monster, and the next one's near the big blue beetle.  The 
 last is on the ledges down below the beetle.

Minikit #8 -
 (Free Play) Behind the big blue beetle is a cracked wall.  Smash it down, 
 then climb up the vine inside to the canister.

Minikit #9 -
 (Free Play) To the right of the big blue beetle is a Swamp Pad.  Use it 
 with Solomon Grundy to toss out a shower.  Step on the shower to make a 
 plant grow.  Use a Laser on the gold bulb.

Minikit #10 -
 Around the big blue beetle are three pterodactyls in nests.  Blast all 
 three nests.

Character #2 - Captain Cold
 (Free Play) Fly down below the big blue beetle to find some ledges.  
 Use a Magnet on the blue flower to release this.

Character #3 - Reach Warrior
 (Brainiac) Fly down below the big blue beetle to find some ledges.  Shrink 
 the black rock in front of the R door and use Tech Suit's Toy Wonder to 
 go through the door and reach the token.

Red Brick - Adam West in Peril Detector
 (Brainiac) Once you get to the big blue beetle, use Brainiac on the black 
 rock to shrink it, then use the Plastic Pad underneath.  Sonic the glasses 
 on the resulting topiary.

6K. Jailhouse Nok =

Part 1 -

Minikit #1 - 
 At the very beginning, shoot or ray blast the green symbol on the back 
 wall.  Shoot its arrows until the colors change to indigo.

Adam West in Peril -
 (Free Play) Just before crossing the first gap, smash up the area to 
 find a dirt pile.  Dig it up to release a little drone that will free 

Minikit #2 - 
 Just after extending the bridge, go to the gate with the Indigo symbol on 
 it and fly up to the tree branches to find an obscured canister.

Character #1 - Indigo Tribe Warrior
 (Free Play) After the bridge is a dark cave, use an Illumination Suit to 
 enter the cave and knock down all three purple spiders to get to the 

Minikit #3 - 
 (Free Play) In the area with all the doors, once you knock down the big 
 purple skeleton, go into the vent as Plastic Man, then keep going through 
 vents until you hit the canister.


Part 2 -

Minikit #4 - 
 In the beginning of the second area, pull down the orange hook on the back 
 wall, then laser away the gold box.

Minikit #5 - 
 (Brainiac) There are five chained up skeletons to smash.  The first is 
 right next to Minikit #4.  The second is in the central platform a few 
 feet to the right.  The third is up the magnet wall.  The fourth is 
 on the far right of the ground floor where you get the key to Bat-mite's 

Character #2 - Black Hand
 Drop down in front of the main platform to find a Tribesman in an 
 enclosed area.  Mind control him to pull the lever and stop the electricity, 
 then blast the silver box.

Character #3 - Ultra-Humanite
 (Brainiac) Bat-mite is in a cell in this area and wants a key to get out.  
 Go to the far right and use Brainiac to shrink the wall on the right, then 
 make yourself invisible to get the key.

Minikit #6 -
 (Free Play) After going up the elevator, blast the silver gate to your 
 left (partially obscured by the wall), then fly in and use a Magnet to 
 remove the blue cage.

Minikit #7 -
 (Brainiac) Above the closed gate on the second floor is a black shiny 
 rock.  Shrink it with Brainiac.

Minikit #8 -
 (Free Play) In the second area with all the gates, fly up to the Lantern 
 Pad and use it, then go to the other open area, smash up the brick and 
 assemble the pieces to make the canister appear.


Part 3 -

Minikit #9 -
 During the fight with Indigo-1, drop down the front of the area to find 
 a cage.  Use Sensor to make the lock gold, then melt it with a laser.

Minikit #10 -
 (Free Play) Near the left side are some dirt piles.  Dig them up and 
 assemble the R door, then use the Tech Suit to send a toy through it.

Red Brick - Attract Studs
 (Free Play) Right in front of the Power Battery is a Plastic Pad under 
 some debris.  Use it with Plastic Man.

6L. All the Rage =

Part 1 -

Character #1 - Bleez
 In the very beginning, go to the right to find what seems to be a bug hive 
 hanging from a tree.  Grapple it down.

Minikit #1 -
 (Free Play) There are five gold things in the first area to zap with a 
 laser.  The first is next to the invisible jet.  The second is to the 
 right of the green light door.  The third is next to the laser that you 
 have to reflect.  The fourth is near the exit on a ledge, next to another 
 gold object that doesn't apply to this.  The last is further right from 
 the exit, near Adam West.

Minikit #2 -
 At the big green light door, start flying and fly up to the left to 
 find a canister at the top of a lava flow.

Minikit #3 -
 (Free Play) After the laser you have to reflect, sonic away the glass on 
 the cockpit left behind.

Minikit #4 -
 (Free Play) To the right of the breakable wall is a dark cave.  Fly into 
 it, then switch to Illumination and enter the cave to find a silver rock.  
 Switch to Explosives and blow it up.

Minikit #5 -
 (Free Play) There's a sixth golden object near the exit and lasering it 
 will give you pieces to make a ship.  Hop into it and hold down A to 
 float towards the gate to get the canister.

Adam West in Peril -
 (Free Play) To the right of the exit is a laser cage protected by a 
 camera.  Fly there, then switch to a character that can stealth, then pull 
 the lever.


Part 2 -

Red Brick - Festive Hats
 (Free Play) At the very beginning of the second area, go to the left and 
 find a Tech Panel.  Use it to get pieces for a Plastic Pad.  Use Plastic 
 Man on it, then blast the silver rock that appears.

Minikit #6 -
 (Free Play) At the big lava pool, fly to the back and smash down the 
 cracked wall, then dig up the dirt pile.

Character #2 - Red Lantern Warrior
 (Free Play) After the big pool of lava, throw Robin's staff at the hole 
 then swing from it to knock down the token.

Character #3 - Atrocitus
 (Free Play) Speak to Bat-mite after the lava pool and he'll mention a 
 helmet.  Use Sensor nearby to find a dirt pile, then dig it up and bring 
 him the helmet.

Minikit #7 -
 (Free Play) After passing the green ship, use Illumination to enter the 
 dark cave, then use Sensor, then laser the gold thing.

Minikit #8 -
 Just before the jets of red fluid is a spot that Hal can dig up.  Assemble 
 the pieces to make a big skull, then smash it.

Minikit #9 -
 Fly to the right of the jets of fluid to find a dirt pile.  Use Green 
 Lantern on it to uncover a canister.

Minikit #10 -
 In the fight with the Butcher Entity, smash three piles of cow skulls in 
 the area.

6M. Need for Greed =

Part 1 -

Minikit #1 -
 From the beginning, head to the left and use the Lantern panel to pull up 
 this canister.

Minikit #2 -
 (Free Play) After passing under the first arch, laser the back gold flower, 
 then fly across, Illuminate inside to find the canister.

Minikit #3 -
 When you reach the grapple point that's across a gap in the distance, 
 go to the right to find a dirt pile to dig up.  Once you dig up the flower, 
 blast the bee that shows up.

Character #1 - Kilowog
 After passing over the fallen pillar look up to the rocks and you'll see a
 nest on the wall.  Hit it a few times and blast the big bird inside to 
 get the token.

Minikit #4 -
 (Free Play) Once you enter past the orange shield, smash the foliage 
 around the glass cockpit and sonic it.

Minikit #5 -
 (Brainiac) In the flower area, drop down to the lower water area and 
 use a laser to cut open the gold wall, then enter and use Brainiac on 
 the black shiny rock, then head further in and use the Lantern Pad to 
 reveal a canister.

Character #2 - Orange Construct Warrior
 (Free Play) Bat-mite is in the flower area.  Once you speak to him, 
 hop back across the stream and use Sensor to uncover a part machine.  
 Parts are strewn all around the area under plants.  Find thirty and place 
 them in the part machine.


Part 2 -

Minikit #6 -
 (Free Play) As you enter the second area, go to the left and laser the 
 gold wall to reveal a banana, which will ultimately give you a canister.

Minikit #7 -
 (Free Play) Continue to the left corner of the room, smash down the 
 cracked wall and laser the statue inside three times.

Minikit #8 -
 (Free Play) Fly to the far right to find another gold wall.  Trace the 
 complicated symbol to knock it down and find another canister.

Character #3 - Larfleeze
 In the temple area go down towards the screen to the front of the temple, 
 where you'll find four buttons.  Do a jump attack on each of these buttons 
 to raise up a tower of boxes that spill out studs.  Smash the tower once 
 it falls over.

Red Brick - Character Token Detector
 (Free Play) In the back of the second area, blast the silver grate and 
 assemble the Plastic Pad underneath.  Use it to make the brick appear.

Adam West in Peril -
 In the second room, fly high up and to the right to find Adam behind some 
 teeth, then fly further left to a Lantern Pad and use it to free him.


Part 3 -

Minikit #9 -
 (Free Play) On the left side of the Larfleeze fight is silver on top of 
 gold.  Blast it with rockets, then laser it.

Minikit #10 -
 (Free Play) On the right side, grapple the flower, then assemble the 
 rotator switch and push it to raise up the pillar.  Blast the bottom of 
 the pillar with explosives.

6N. Aw-Qward Situation =

Part 1 -

Minikit #1 - During the dogfight, blast five rocks found around the battery.

Minikit #2 - During the dogfight, grab a missile and fire it at the silver 
 satellite near the battery.


Part 2 -

Minikit #3 -
 (Free Play) Use the Tech panel in the beginning of the second area, then 
 assemble the Flash panel and use it to make a crane to pull up the 

Minikit #4 -
 You need to find five ropes to pull on to release steam.  The first is 
 next to the drill.  The second is next to the laser grid in the back.  The 
 third is up at the generator that shuts off the pistons.  The fourth is 
 next to the boss fight with Arkillo.  The last is just before the Sinestro 

Adam West in Peril -
 (Free Play) Adam is in the back of the second area, behind a laser grid.  
 Use mind control to throw the lever.

Minikit #5 -
 (Free Play) In the back of the second area near the laser grid is a bunch 
 of dirt piles.  Dig them all up, then assemble the pieces.

Minikit #6 -
 (The Atom) Just across the first bridge is a little hole that drops down.  
 Shrink as the Atom and drop into the hole.

Character #1 - Arkillo
 (Free Play) Once you get to the pistons, use Magnet on the blue parts to 
 drop some parts.  Assemble them and use the Tech panel to open the box.

Minikit #7 -
 (Free Play) Once you turn off the pistons, fly underneath the last one to 
 find the canister.

Character #2 - Sinestro
 (Brainiac) Nearby the Arkillo fight is a black rock.  Shrink it, then 
 use the socket with Robin's Tech suit to get the token.

Minikit #8 -
 (Free Play) Near the Arkillo fight is a Plastic Man vent.  Step through 
 it, then dig at the other side.

Minikit #9 -
 After dropping down the hole after the Arkillo fight, smash the object 
 on the back wall and assemble the Lantern Pad.  Use it to break the 

Minikit #10 -
 (Free Play) After dropping down the hole, laser the statue on the 

Character #3 - Sinestro Corps Warrior
 (Free Play) You'll find Bat-mite after you drop down the hole.  After 
 talking to him, fly back up to the upper area, then fly up to the alcove 
 with the bats inside.  Sensor to find the staff you need.

Red Brick - Fast Build
 (Free Play) During the Sinestro fight, use the Plastic Pad.

6O. Breaking the Ice =

Part 2 -

Minikit #1 -
 (Free Play) Yes, everything's in the second part, because for ALL of 
 these you need to be Green Lantern, go to the right side of the 
 foreground and use the Lantern Pad to uncover a Plastic Man vent.  Once 
 you do so, you also uncover the first canister.  Pass through the vent 
 to access the rest of the area.

Minikit #2 -
 (Free Play) Sonic five glass statues.  They're dotted around the area 
 and are all pretty easy to find.

Minikit #3 -
 (Free Play) Near the cow pen is an R door.  Send Toy Wonder through it 
 and have it use the socket inside.

Minikit #4 -
 (Free Play) Take the three Bat-cows in the area and jump them into the pen.

Minikit #5 -
 (Free Play) Go to the large shield thing with the grapple point on it.  
 Pull it open to discover it's a Valentine's card.  Laser out the model 
 of Metropolis and assemble what I think is a Krypton rose, then smash it.

Minikit #6 -
 (Free Play) In the back left, pull electricity from the arm to release a 
 little robot, which I think might be Kelex (not from Man of Steel).  
 Follow it around, then slap it when it stops and it will raise up a 
 canister it finds.

Minikit #7 -
 (Free Play) Next to the miniature house is a silver crystal.  Explode 
 it, then assemble the pieces for a rotator switch.  Use it to raise up 
 a glass container, then sonic it.

Minikit #8 -
 (Free Play) Behind Bat-mite, fly up to a pillar with water on it.  
 Freeze the water and you'll make what appears to be a pig with a tutu 
 holding an umbrella.  Not sure what that's a reference to, if it is one, 
 but it reveals a canister.

Minikit #9 -
 (Free Play) On the far back right is Superman's old ship, with blue 
 doors.  Magnet them open.

Minikit #10 -
 (Free Play) Beneath Superman's ship is a darkened cave.  Illuminate it 
 to find a canister at the bottom.

Character #1 - Superman (Solar Suit)
 (Free Play) Go to the back of the room and use the Tech panel.  Choose 
 the correct parts of Superman's key to the fortress and you'll get the 

Character #2 - Composite Superman
 (Free Play) Bat-mite's to the right and he wants a little Batman doll. 
 Below him is an area with a camera, so sneak in invisible, then use 
 Sensor to find a gold lock on the dresser.  Zap it to reveal the doll.

Character #3 - Cyborg Superman
 (Free Play) Go to the back right where the shapes are and sonic the 
 glass crystals.  Assemble the pieces into a disco ball, then step on 
 the star to start the sequence.  Step on each platform that pops up on 
 the screen until you get the token.

Red Brick - Collect Ghost Studs
 (Free Play) In the back right area, use the obvious Plastic Pad.  The 
 Phantom Zone projector will turn an ordinary brick red.

Adam West in Peril -
 (Free Play) In the center of the area, smash all the crystals and the 
 parts connected to the shrunk house in the bottle and assemble them to 
 unshrink Mr. West.

6P. Bonus Level: Same Bat-time, Same Bat-channel! =

Part 1 -

Minikit #1 -
 From the beginning, walk to the left to the poles on the back wall and hop 
 off the base of one to reach the canister.

Minikit #2 -
 There are three red phones in the cave.  Smash all three.

Minikit #3 -
 (Free Play) On the left side of the area is the conveyor belt that 
 spits out some crates.  Once you move the crates, use Sensor to detect 
 a dirt pile, then dig it up, assemble the rotator switch, and push it.

Minikit #4 -
 (Free Play) Once you open the garage on the right, use Plastic Man to 
 go through the vent inside.

Minikit #5 -
 (Free Play) In the back left of the cave is a socket that you need Tech 
 Suit Robin or Lex to use.  Assemble the mini-Batmobile inside and run it 
 through the three gates.

Character #1 - The Penguin (1966)
 (Free Play) Bat-mite wants some shark repellent.  Go to the back desk of 
 the cave to find it easily.

Character #2 - Catwoman (1966)
 (Free Play) Near the front of the cave is a pile of computers.  Smash 
 them and assemble a Lantern Pad.  Use it.


Part 2 -

Minikit #6 -
 During the pursuit, have Batgirl fly into this one.

Minikit #7 -
 During the pursuit, have the Batmobile drive into this one.


Part 3 -

Minikit #8 -
 In the upstairs area of the diner where the Penguin is, throw a Batarang 
 at the teeth hanging on the wall so they drop a canister.

Minikit #9 -
 (Free Play) In the upstairs area, go to the back right, knock open the 
 refridgerator and laser the ice inside.

Minikit #10 -
 (Free Play) In the diner, fly to the right and behind a set of teeth on 
 the wall to get this one.

Character #3 - The Riddler (1966)
 Head to the right side of the ground floor to find a potted plant.  Smash 
 it, then dig up underneath it.  You can use Batgirl for this.

Red Brick - Bat-fight Captions
 (Free Play) In the upstairs area, smash one of the tables whose top is a
 Plastic Pad.  Use it.

Adam West in Peril -
 (Free Play) Once the Joker crashes into the diner, laser the gold part 
 of his steamroller.

6Q. DLC 1: Man of Steel =

Minikit #1 -
 (Free Play) Use a magnet on the statue with a blue base at the beginning.

Minikit #2 -
 You need to shoot down three bugs near the El household.  One is in the 
 beginning on the right.  The second is found once you go down the hall 
 and some guys burst in from outside, the bug will be in that outside 
 area.  The last is outside the left-hand door in the birthing room, 
 after Zod breaks in.

Minikit #3 -
 (Free Play) In the beginning, smash the plants in the foreground to find 
 a dirt pile, then dig it up.

Minikit #4 -
 After unlocking the door into the house, access the Tech panel again to 
 put together a minikit.

Minikit #5 -
 (Free Play) In the beginning, shoot an explosive at the silver pile on 
 the right.

Minikit #6 -
 (Free Play) Smash three vials containing Kryptonite.  You need to sonic 
 the glass, then smash the rock.  One is in the first part of the hallway, 
 and the other two are in the latter part.

Minikit #7 -
 After going inside the house and finding the two gold objects, go to the 
 right to find this canister just outside.

Minikit #8 -
 Smash three pods to find suits inside.  They're all pretty easily found 
 on the right side of the hallway.

Minikit #9 -
 (Free Play) In the birthing room, go to the foreground and pull on the 
 orange hook to open the box with the minikit inside.

Minikit #10 -
 (Free Play) Once Zod breaks in, go outside and extinguish all the fires, 
 then smash the wreckage left behind.

Adam West in Peril -
 (Free Play) Once you enter the birthing room, blast the cage Adam's in.

6R. DLC 2: 75th Batman Anniversary =

Minikit #1 -
 Smash all five tables in the dining area.

Minikit #2 -
 Shoot down six banners along the walls.

Minikit #3 -
 Smash the four speakers in the back area.

Minikit #4 -
 Once you bounce up to the back buildings, drop down the front of the 
 right building to grab this visible one.

Minikit #5 -
 Once you bounce up to the back buildings, go left and flip up the poles 
 along the left wall.

Minikit #6 -
 (Free Play) After completing the dance floor, use Sensor to see another 
 pattern on the floor.  Step it to get the canister.

Minikit #7 -
 (Free Play) Laser all four statues on the ground floor.

Minikit #8 -
 (Free Play) Once you blast the balloons with the silver base on the right, 
 fly up to the minikit.

Minikit #9 -
 (Free Play) Once you make the Joker car, use sonic on the windshield.

Minikit #10 -
 (Free Play) On the back buildings, step on the helipad on the left side 
 and use Sensor to turn the helipad blue.  Use a magnet on it, then drop 
 down into the hole.

Adam West in Peril -
 In the back right of the area is a bouncing purple box with Adam inside 

6S. DLC 3: Dark Knight Trilogy =

Minikit #1 -
 (Free Play) Fly over to the front of the flatbed truck and take the 

Minikit #2 -
 When the second flatbed of police comes around, hop onto it and grab the 

Minikit #3 -
 (Free Play) Laser open the box on the right side of the flatbed.

Minikit #4 -
 (Free Play) Go to the left side and sonic the windshield on the car in 
 the second area.

Minikit #5 -
 Partially obscured behind the crashed vehicles in the second area.

Minikit #6 -
 (Free Play) Under the fires behind the truck is a Lantern Pad.  Use it 
 to break open the truck to find another one.

Minikit #7 -
 (Free Play) Magnet three blue fire hydrants in the second area, then 
 freeze the water.  They're all easy to find.

Minikit #8 -
 (Free Play) Fly up to the ledge on the side of the building in the 
 second area to find this one floating.

Minikit #9 -
 (Free Play) Go in the alley and use Plastic Man on the vent.  The one 
 on the ground, that is.  For some reason, if you fly up and use the one 
 on the ledge, the minikit won't appear.

Minikit #10 -
 (Free Play) Fire an explosive at the flower box made out of silver 
 on a window ledge, then dig up the dirt pile on the ground beneath it 
 and assemble the minikit.

Adam West in Peril -
 (Free Play) In the second area, freeze the fire on the left side near 


All right.  Let's have some fun.  I've separated these into their 
respective areas, and made VR Missions their own thing since they can 
be accessed either from the Batcave or the Watchtower.  I've further 
separated the locations into Quests, Gold Bricks, Character Tokens, and 
Adam West in Peril.

Right off the bat, you will not be able to do all of these before you 
beat the game.  In fact, you may be able to only do a few until you 
beat the game.  I'm not sure of exactly when certain Quests, for 
example, become available.  Just keep your eyes open later on.  Furthermore, 
certain Quests unlock in a certain order, so if you can't find a Quest 
that I've listed, beat others in the area (or in other areas), then come 

Next, I want to make a point about the Lantern Planets.  Once you open up 
the Moon Base, you can then proceed to the Lantern Planets.  They are 
largely small spherical places.  This makes it incredibly tough to orient 
yourself or even find things on there.  To help with that, there are 
shafts of light that come out of the ground that mark where you'll find 
special events of all the varieties.  To that end, I didn't indicate 
where exactly you'll find things on each Lantern Planet, because it'd be 
impossible, or at least way too complicated.  What you should do instead is 
find the shafts of light, and when you reach something, note how I describe 
the challenge and refer to it if you're having trouble.

7A. Batcave =

Quests -

(Unnamed Bat-cow Quest) -
 Location: The Laboratory near the VR Missions
 Go up the elevator on the right side of the cave to get to the 
  Laboratory area from the story.  Fly up to Bat-cow and talk to him using 
  a custom character with a cow hat and cow body.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Bear-Fisted Beatdown -
 Location: The Laboratory near the VR Missions
 You must beat both Churning As We Go and A Polarizing Decision to get 
  Kevin Smith over by the VR Missions.  Talk to him and then head into 
  the VR Mission of the same name.  Once inside, Super"man" needs to win, 
  so hop over to the platform he's targeting.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Churning As We Go -
 Location: The Laboratory near the VR Missions (must beat (Bat-cow))
 After talking to Bat-cow, head into the VR Mission and select the 
  "Churning" mission.  In the first part, you basically have to do "Ring 
  Master" and knock the enemies into the holes.  In the second part, you 
  have to punch the guys that appear while avoiding their shockwave stomp.  
  In the third part, hop up the shifting floor to the top.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Dot and Bothered -
 Location: The main cave on the left side
 After completing "Virtual Insanity", head back to the main cave to find 
  Kevin Smith.  He'll call up Polka Dot Man, so fight him and his thugs.
 Reward: Polka Dot Man, Gold Brick

Everyone's a Critic -
 Location: The main cave on the left side
 You must beat Bear-Fisted Beatdown for this to appear.  Talk to Kevin 
  Smith here and you'll have to find his film reel.  Use Sensor nearby 
  and follow the stud trail to a pile of trash.  Smash it and Catwoman 
  will show up.  Sensor again and find another pile of trash.  Keep doing 
  this until you can find the reel and bring it back.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Lost in Translation -
 Location: The right side of the main cave.
 Speak to Ace and Batgirl.  Follow Ace and fight enemies on the way until 
  you're done.
 Reward: Batgirl, Gold Brick

Manta Encounter -
 Location: The main cave down by the water
 You must beat Rose-tinted Rumble.  Talk to Aquaman and Black Manta will 
  show up.  To stop him, freeze the LEGO water droplets in the water.  
  Once he hits an ice block, he'll jump out and attack.  On his third 
  attack, he'll stay out and you can knock off a heart.  Continue in this 
  way until he's defeated.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Mxyzptlk in a Fix -
 Location: The Trophy Room near the center
 Talk to Mxy and the Riddler to get a riddle.  The answer to that riddle 
  is the hourglass in the back left from where you are.  Pull the switch 
  near it.
 Reward: Gold Brick

A Polarizing Decision -
 Location: Center of the Bat-cave (must beat (Bat-cow))
 Talk to Kevin Smith and then go buy the polar bear hat and body from the 
  Character Customizer and set a custom having both those items.
 Reward: Kevin Smith, Gold Brick

Rose-tinted Rumble -
 Location: Center of the Bat-cave (must beat Dot and Bothered)
 Talk to Nightwing and fight some bad guys.
 Reward: Nightwing, Gold Brick

The Secret of Chimpanzees -
 Location: The Laboratory near the elevator
 After "Churning As We Go", return to the lab to find Mxy and Detective 
  Chimp.  Now, go to the bats and use Sensor and follow the path over to 
  the gold box.  Laser it to get the brick and token.
 Reward: Detective Chimp, Gold Brick

Sleep Well -
 Location: In front of the Bat-computer
 Ace wants you to help "Timmy" out of the well.  Smash the nearby wooden 
  box and assemble the rotator switch.  Push it to release Mr. Mxyzptlk.
 Reward: Ace the Bat-hound, Gold Brick

Virtual Insanity -
 Location: The Laboratory near the VR Missions
 You must complete "Everyone's a Critic", then talk to Kevin Smith and 
  hop in the VR Missions and select Virtual Insanity.  Once inside, 
  head along the path escorting the kids and smash all the bad guys in the 
  way.  Once you reach the end, you'll face five super bad guys that you'll 
  have to knock off the edge.
 Reward: Toyman, Gold Brick


Gold Bricks -

- Switch to a water character and drop down into the water at the bottom 
  of the cave.  There's a rough grouping of five rocks underwater.  Shoot 
  all five while underwater.

- In the Character Customizer room, go all the way to the right and find 
  a glass case.  Sonic it open, then use the Tech panel behind it to 
  open a box with a brick inside.

- In the Trophy Room, there are five stand-up placards on the floor.  Three 
  are near the Batmobile, one is to the left of that area near the chess 
  pieces, and the last is to the right.


Character Tokens -

Alfred (1966) -
 You need the Atom for this one.  Drop down to the water at the bottom of 
 the cave and use the Atom to shrink and enter the right part of the 
 tunnel.  Push buttons in the tunnel to clear the way to the token.

Batman (Darkest Knight) -
 In the lower left corner of the main cave, turn invisible and pass under 
 the camera to get the token.

Batman (Zur-En-Arrh) -
 In the Trophy Room, go to the back right near the red brick console to 
 find a little vault.  The first switch for it is in the boxes nearby on 
 the right.  The second switch is further up and to the right under a 
 silver rock.  The last is beneath the stairs leading to this platform.

The Batmobile (1989) -
 In the Trophy Room, punch up the Tumbler sitting in the center of the 
 vehicle platform, then reassemble it.

Bruce Wayne - 
 Drop down into the water at the bottom of the cave and sonic the glass 
 on the rocks.  Next, use Sensor to make a gold rock appear, then laser it.

Catwoman -
 Just as you enter the trophy room, smash the box and the chess pieces near 
 the board (not on the board).  Assemble the two pieces to make checkmate 
 and get the token.

The Gray Ghost -
 Right next to the Character Customizer is a laser grid.  To deactivate it, 
 walk around and find five small blue consoles with yellow on them.  Smash 
 them all to remove the lasers, then smash the container inside.

Grayson -
 Go up to the Bat-computer area and use Electricity to charge the generator 
 to the right of the computer itself.  A box will open with the token 

Joker Clown Henchman -
 In the lower left corner of the main cave, find five bluish Batman flags 
 on the walls and rocks.  Easiest if you fly around.  Smash them all.


Adam West in Peril -

- In the main cave, go to the costumes display on the right and sonic 
  the glass away to free Adam.

- In the Trophy Room, go over to the old Batman set and note the portrait 
  of Adam on the wall.  Smash all the stuff nearby to find pieces for an 
  orange hook, then pull it down.

7B. Hall of Justice =

Just a quick note: the Hall of Justice is more than the one area.  You 
get to the swamp outside the Hall of Doom by having someone smash the 
cracked floor to the right of the teleporter.  Drop down and you'll get 
to the swamp, then you can cross the drawbridge to enter the hall 


Quests -

Anger Meow-nagement -
 Location: Hall of Justice, upper left side
 Talk to Dex-Starr.  He'll ask you to keep bad guys off him until he can 
  count to ten.  This seems really difficult, but all you really have to do 
  is switch to Batman's Arctic Suit and just use the B attack repeatedly to 
  freeze everyone in the area.  Should get to ten quickly enough.
 Reward: Gold Brick

The Best Laid Plans of Bats and Men -
 Location: Hall of Doom, right side of the room
 Talk to Batgirl and she'll mention finding blueprints.  Smash the small 
  five small filing cabinets that popped up.  Four of them are scattered on 
  the ground floor, and one is up on the right.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Five Studs, Please -
 Location: Hall of Doom (Must beat Think Bike)
 Talk to Harley at her little booth and she'll ask for you get her some 
  patients.  Go around the room and lead Booster Gold, Killer Moth, and 
  Nightwing over to her.
 Reward: Harley Quinn, Gold Brick

The Garden of Love -
 Location: The swamp (must beat I, Penguin)
 Talk to Poison Ivy and she'll ask you to lead her to Swamp Thing.  Use 
  freeze powers to remove the fires in the way.
 Reward: Swamp Thing, Gold Brick

Hat Trick -
 Location: Hall of Justice (must beat Best Laid Plans)
 Talk to Batgirl, then head up to the right to the hat shop area.  Hit 
  everyone to knock their hats off.
 Reward: Gold Brick

I, Penguin -
 Location: The swamp, near the drawbridge (must beat Not-so-scared Crows)
 Talk to Penguin and he'll ask you to get three penguin bots.  Go up the 
  bridge and magnet the barrier away, then head to the left and blast the 
  silver hammer, then switch to Electricity, go to the right and take the 
  charge from the generator.  Press B near each penguin to get them to 
  follow you, then lead the back to the Penguin
 Reward: The Penguin, Gold Brick

Love Stinks -
 Location: The swamp (must beat Garden of Love)
 Talk to Ivy again and she'll want to dump Swamp Thing.  Go to the left 
  and use the lab setup.  Use a magnet on the left side, then step on the 
  red button on the left to cook the antidote, then use the magnet on the 
  right side to mix it up.  Hand it over to Ivy.
 Reward: Poison Ivy, Gold Brick

Misguided Tour -
 Location: Hall of Justice (must beat Super Club)
 Talk to Supergirl and she'll ask you to find four people in trouble.  Two 
  are on each of the fountains, so freeze those.  Superboy is another one.  
  He's in the back left buried under some blue statues, so magnet those 
  away.  The last one is in the port-a-potties in the back right.  Go to 
  the nearby Tech Panel and use it to open the middle one.
 Reward: Superboy, Gold Brick

Nightwing of Fire - 
 Location: Hall of Justice (must beat Five Studs, Please)
 Talk to Nightwing and he'll challenge you to a circus race.  Either run the 
  course as Robin or just fly through everything to the end.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Not-so-scared Crows -
 Location: The swamp, near the drawbridge (must beat The Pain Man)
 Mxy now wants you to beat up fifteen little penguins showing up.
 Reward: Mr. Mxyzptlk, Gold Brick

The Pain Man -
 Location: The swamp, near the drawbridge
 Mr. Mxyzptlk wants you to beat up Lobo.  Smack him, then the Red Lantern 
  Corps guys he summons.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Proof Is In the Pummelling -
 Location: Hall of Justice, near the hat shop (must beat Hat Trick)
 Talk to Bat-mite and beat up all the bad guys that show up.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Super Club -
 Location: Hall of Justice in the upper right
 Superboy and Supergirl want you to dress up in the Superman 52 body, so 
  get one from the Character Customizer and put it on a custom character.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Think Bike -
 Location: Hall of Doom (must complete Best Laid Plans)
 Talk to Harley Quinn.  She'll need a crash test dummy, so buy the Crash 
  Test Dummy hat and body from the character customizer and put them both 
  on a character, then talk to Harley again.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Tricky Tour Guide -
 Location: Hall of Justice (must complete other quests)
 Talk to Kevin Smith and he'll mention Trickster traps.  You need to disable 
  all eight of them.  Two are big gold yo-yos that need to be lasered.  
  Three are bear traps that need to be grappled, and the last three are boxes 
  that you have to hit with Batarangs and assemble the lock.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Triple Riddle -
 Location: Hall of Justice (must complete other quests)
 Talk to the Riddler and he'll challenge you.  Step on the blue switch and 
  pull on the orange hook first, then watch the bouncing circles.  You need 
  to have them stay on the top, so step on them in the order yellow, blue, 
  then red.  It's tough to explain and easier to do in practice.  The last 
  task is to flip the boxes so they're green on the front, so step on the 
  switches until they all flip to green, then to purple, then orange-pink-
 Reward: Gold Brick


Gold Bricks -

- In the Hall of Justice, laser all six gold statues.

- In the Hall of Justice, ride the little rocket on the right side.

- In the swamp, smash all five blue dragonflies quickly.

- In the Hall of Doom, use Batarangs on five red targets in the area to 
  remove the laser field protecting a gold statue.  Laser it.


Character Tokens -

Hawkman -
 In the upper left part of the Hall of Justice is a parrot.  Speak to it 
 and follow it through the rings like a race.

Doomsday -
 In the swamp area is a purple race marker (which will likely appear after 
 you finish all the quests.  Go through to hop on the mushrooms and get 
 through all the rings.

Etrigan -
 In the Hall of Doom, go to the upper left walkway and clear the boxes to 
 find a silver statue.  Blast it.

Firestorm -
 In the back left of the upper level is a large chunk of ice.  Melt it 
 with a laser and the smash the chest inside.

Frankenstein -
 In the swamp, go to the left of the door into the Hall of Doom and 
 laser the gold box.  Assemble the switch and pull it to get a generator.  
 Take the charge from it with Electricity to get a token.

Joker Mime Henchman -
 On the right side of the hall is a laughing Joker box.  Toss a batarang 
 at the target on it to reveal the token.

Lexbot -
 In the swamp, go to the right of the door to the Hall of Doom.  Sonic 
 the glass to stop the camera, then use the Tech Panel to reveal the token.

Lex Luthor (Hawkman Disguise) -
 At the far left is a gray vault near a laser field.  Assemble the lever 
 on the right of the vault and pull it, then Batarang the two targets on 
 the left to remove the field and throw that lever.

Metallo -
 In the Hall of Doom, smash the five computers around the main table quickly.

Red Tornado -
 In the Hall of Doom, go to the back of the main floor and smash the 
 box near the vault to build a generator.  Take the charge from it with 
 electricity to get the token.

Thunderer -
 From the portal, go to the left and to a trophy case on the wall.  Smash 
 it to find a cracked wall.  Break it down with a big person, then laser 
 the gold chest.

Wonder Girl -
 You need the Atom for this one.  To the right of the portal is a little 
 mini maze.  Blast the silver statue blocking the entrance, then shrink 
 down and climb inside it to get up to the token.


Adam West in Peril -

- On the left side of the Hall of Justice are a few silver statues.  One 
  of them is classic Batman.  Blast it to free Adam West trapped inside.

- In the upper level on the right side is a fuel station with a generator 
  on the side.  Use an Electric Suit to take the charge off the generator.

- In the swamp, go to the right of the door to find Adam being savaged by 
  crocs.  Smash all ten of them.  This may not appear until you complete 
  other tasks in the area, then leave and come back.

- In the Hall of Doom, go to the right and assemble the Tech Panel, then 
  use it and input the code yellow, blue, orange.

7C. Watchtower =

Quests -

(Untitled Plastic Man Quest) -
 Location: Right side of the main room.
 This is required for progressing through the story, so it's described up 
 Reward: Plastic Man, Gold Brick

Birds of a Feather -
 Location: Laboratory, center (must beat Going For Gold)
 Just as you made a fake Booster Gold outfit, you'll have to do the same for 
  a Penguin outfit for Penguin here.  Buy the Penguin hat and body from the 
  Character Customizer and talk to him again with both on.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Canary Cure -
 Location: Main Watchtower area, right side
 Aquaman wants you to find an oyster for Black Canary.  Go to the left to 
  find a silver box.  Blast it open, the sonic open the glass inside.
 Reward: Black Canary, Gold Brick

Cat That Got The Gleam -
 Location: Trophy Room, left side
 Catwoman wants a cat statuette.  Head up the stairs and blast the silver 
  box, then throw the switch behind it to remove the laser field.  Bring 
  the statuette back to her.
 Reward: Catwoman (Pre-52), Gold Brick

Formula Fiasco -
 Location: Hangar, upper left side
 Man-Bat wants a green flask.  Head to the left and make sure you pick 
  up the correct thing (which is to say NOT the banana) and bring it back.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Going for Gold -
 Location: Laboratory, left side
 Talk to Booster Gold and he'll task you with making yourself the costume 
  that appears on his left.  Go to the Character Creator nearby and buy 
  both the hat and the body that are named "Booster Gold...?" and place 
  them both on a custom.  Talk to Booster again using that custom.
 Reward: Gold Brick

No Gold, No Glory -
 Location: Main Watchtower Area (must beat Going For Gold)
 Talk to Booster Gold and he'll mention the sign in the background.  
  Smash up the objects nearby and assemble the blue pieces, then use a 
  Magnet to move them into place.
 Reward: Booster Gold, Gold Brick

Permission to Launch -
 Location: Center of the main room.
 You'll need to beat at least one Lantern Planet story mission for this.  
  Simply speak to Green Loontern and assemble the gate and you're good to 
  go on to the Moon Base!
 Reward: Gold Brick

Protective Insect -
 Location: Containment Cells
 Killer Moth is heading to his Moth safe, and you need to guide him 
  there.  Watch as he steps on a switch to light up a bulb.  The trick is 
  to continue lighting bulbs to guide him.  Head to the right, then up 
  the stairs, then around the back of the room, stepping on switches as 
  you go.
 Reward: Killer Moth, Gold Brick

Saucy Showdown -
 Location: Containment Cells
 Talk to Kevin Smith and he'll mention Condiment King.  Now you have to 
  fight him.  Beat the Red Lanterns he has, then shoot him from long range 
  to stun him, then punch him.  Do that two more times.
 Reward: Condiment King, Gold Brick

You Don't Know Jack-in-the-Box -
 Location: Hangar
 I think you need to beat Batgirl's other missions for this to appear.  
  Batgirl wants to free some civilains stuck in boxes.  Fly around the 
  hangar and smash the boxes.  Careful, some have thugs.  Once you find 
  a person, press B to make them follow you and lead them back to Batgirl.  
  You're done once you rescue all four.
 Reward: Gold Brick


Gold Bricks -

- In the main Watchtower area, shoot or blast the five glowing orange 
  placards above each of the main doors.

- In the Containment Cells area, in the front right of the room are 
  three penguins in stasis fields.  Shut them off in the order left, right, 
  and center, and do it quickly.

- In the Laboratory, go to the Tech Panel to the left of the character 
  creator and use it, then drop down to the glass jar and sonic it.


Character Tokens -

Black Adam -
 In the Trophy Room, go to the upper right and use Brainiac on the two 
 black shiny statues to shrink them and get the token.

Joker Space Henchman -
 In the Containment Cells, go to the back left and laser the gold lock on 
 a little box to open it.

Kid Flash -
 In the main Watchtower area, use Explosives to blow up five silver Flash 
 statues in the area.  They're mostly obvious, except perhaps the one in 
 the far left corner.  While you're timed, it should be no problem to do 
 this with Batman.

Music Meister -
 In the main Watchtower area, in the very center is a series of colored 
 lines leading to small globes.  Throw the nearby switch and match the 
 order of colors that appear by stepping on the switches.

Platinum -
 In the Trophy Room, blast the silver statues in the upper area with 
 explosives, then fly up and use Sensor.  Blast the silver box that 

The Question -
 In the main Watchtower area, go to the far left of the room to find 
 some bats.  Use Sensor to make a blue box appear, then magnet it.

Tim Drake -
 In the Hangar area, fly up to the upper right part and switch to Robin.  
 Use Tech Suit Robin's Toy Wonder on the right hand R door to get to the 
 switch to unlock the crate, then go back and use the left R door to get 
 the token itself.


Adam West in Peril -

- In the Containment Cells, Adam is encased in a weird field in the 
  back.  Use Electricity on the nearby generator to shut it off.

- In the Laboratory area, freeze the fire surrounding Adam West.

7D. Moon Base =

Surprise!  There are no collectibles at all on the Moon Base!

To actually even get here, you need to go to the central slideways 
teleporter.  Throughout the story, it will remain deactivated, but once 
you visit a Lantern Planet in the story (any one of the missions), you'll 
find Green Loontern hanging out nearby.  He'll tell you to open the way to 
the Moon Base (and give you a Gold Brick, which is counted among the 
Watchtower's set), and you'll be able to head there.

There's really not much to do when you're actually on the Moon.  You can 
go outside and explore, but there's not much apart from some studs.  The 
main reason the Moon's here is gateways to the Lantern Planets.  Each 
Lantern Planet requires a certain amount of Gold Bricks collected for 
access as well as having beaten that planet's story mission.  Here's the 
quick list:

Zamaron - 26 Gold Bricks and beat "The Power of Love"
Odym - Less than 25 Gold Bricks and beat "A Blue Hope"
Nok - 30 Gold Bricks and beat "Jailhouse Nok"
Ysmault - Less than 20 Gold Bricks and beat "All the Rage"
Okaara - Less than 21 Gold Bricks and beat "Need for Greed"
Qward - 40 Gold Bricks and beat "Aw-Qward Situation"

Also, the gateway to Oa is outside the complex, more or less on the 
other side of the Moon.  You need 30 Gold Bricks to get there, but no 
particular story mission, apart from at least one of the Planet missions 

7E. Zamaron =

Quests -

NOTE: All these quests are done in order, so I didn't alphabetize them.

Welcome to Zamaron! -
 Follow Green Loontern around and help him fight Zamaron Warriors.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Lovers and Fighters -
 Help Green Loontern fight off a bunch of warriors.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Smitten Sapphires -
 There are three Zamaron Warriors that are talking to villains.  Smash 
  each of the villains and lead the warrior back to Green Loontern.  Two 
  are pretty close, but the third (with a Lexbot) is to the right of the 
  structure that Loontern is standing in front of.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Lovestruck Loontern -
 Green Loontern wants you to find a crystal that's NOT pink.  There's a 
  hint nearby suggesting you look for a spot to seek with sensors.  I'll 
  just cut the tension and tell you that you need to go near the Power 
  Battery and go in front and to the left of it to find the Sensor spot.  
  Arrows will point to where you need to go.  The destination is a field 
  with several blue crystals.  Sonic them away until you find the small 
  one to take back to Loontern.
 Reward: Gold Brick

(Unnamed Krypto Quest) -
 Get in a race with Krypto and follow him around.
 Reward: Krypto the Superdog, Gold Brick


Gold Bricks -

- There's a ground race ring on Zamaron near some goop.  Press B to start 
  the race and fly through all the rings.

- There's an air race ring above a rock.  Fly through the race.

- There's a second air race above the Power Battery.

- There's a little crater marked by glass crystals and some bats swarming 
  around.  Use Sensor and blast the silver box that appears.

- A tower has a red vault at the top.  At the bottom is a cracked floor.  
  Smash it with super strength to open the vault.

- There are nine Batman flags around a hazy Gold Brick on the ground.  
  Best to make sure you've spotted them all before triggering the first one, 
  because you have limited time.  The detector won't help you here either.  
  They're all relatively close to the brick itself, though.

- There's a statue of Star Sapphire with gold in her hand.  Laser it.


Character Tokens -

Bat-Rocket (Robin Pod) -
 There are eight chickens on Zamaron, and detectors won't point you 
 towards them.  Several of them are perched on crystals so they shouldn't 
 be hard to spot.

Green Lantern Jet -
 There's a tower with a green Martian portal on the wall.  Use Brainiac to 
 shrink the statue in front of it, then travel through.

The Joker Helicopter -
 There's a sunken area with a bunch of rocks that are hiding dirt piles.  
 Dig up the dirt piles to find this token.


Adam West in Peril -

- Adam is being held behind some glass crystals.  Sonic them away.

7F. Odym =

Quests -

Welcome to Odym! -
 Speak to Green Loontern for your tour of Odym.  Follow him around and 
  fight the blue beetles.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Croc My Heart -
 Speak to Aquaman and follow him and the croc.  If the croc stops to 
  terrorize a human, smack it.
 Reward: Aquaman, Gold Brick

Ohh, Banana! -
 Speak to Gorilla Grodd and he'll ask for a banana.  This is a seeking 
  mission.  Fly to the top of the Power Battery, face out towards the 
  front of it, then look 90 degrees to the left.  Fly out towards the 
  floating rocks and you'll find a small LEGO tree in the middle of a 
  rock.  Use Sensor to find a dirt pile, then dig up a hook and place 
  it on the tree, then pull the banana down and bring it back.
 Reward: Gold Brick

My Super-Sized Ex-Girlfriend -
 Speak to Grodd to trigger Giganta showing up.  Hop into the banana 
  cannon and shoot Giganta over and over with it.
 Reward: Gorilla Grodd, Gold Brick

Getting Over Groddy-Poos -
 Speak to Giganta and she'll want to go smash bugs.  Go with.
 Reward: Giganta, Gold Brick


Gold Bricks -

- In the village area are Batman flags, fourteen of them.  Most of them 
  are around the huts.  Destroy them all quickly to get the brick.

- Near the village is a race ring on the ground.  Run the course to get the 

- There's an air race ring near the rocks.  Fly through the course.

- There's a second air race in front of the Power Battery.  Fly through 
  the course.

- A rock platform has a dirt pile on it (you can find it using a light 
  pillar).  Dig it up to find a brick.

- There are a series of silver rocks in one spot.  Blast the highest one 
  to find a switch that opens a rock vault.

- In the crashed spaceship is a gold brick.  Smash six rotating blue 
  turbines.  You can find them easy by tracking their sound, but they're 
  all around the ship.


Character Tokens -

The Bat -
 There are ten gold statues scattered around Odym.  Laser them all.

The Batmobile -
 Near the village is a series of boxes.  One of them has an orange hook on 
 it.  Pull it open.

Catwoman's Motorcycle -
 There's a large house with two targets on top.  Hit both and the door 
 will open.

Swamp Thing (New 52) -
 There's a hut with a silver lock on it.  Blast it to find the token inside.


Adam West in Peril -

- Inside the smaller part of the crashed ship is a generator.  Charge 
  it, then throw the switch that appears.

7G. Nok =

Quests -

Welcome to Nok! -
 Speak to Green Loontern and follow him on the tour.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Who Let the Thugs Out? -
 Speak to Supergirl in the temple and she'll release some thugs.  Punch 
  them all.
 Reward: Supergirl, Gold Brick

Nok Nok Nok-ing on Prison's Door -
 Speak to Green Loontern and you'll go down into the temple to beat up 
  bad guys.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Bug Eat Bug -
 Talk to Ambush Bug and beat up all the bugs that show up.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Walking the Bug -
 Talk to Ambush Bug and you'll have to round up five bugs.  Hit each of 
  them and press B near them to get them to follow you.  Bring them all 
  back to Ambush Bug.
 Reward: Ambush Bug, Gold Brick


Gold Bricks -

- There's a ground race right near the end of Loontern's tour.  Run down 
  the course into the caves.

- There's an air race above one of the ruin structures.

- There's another air race above the Power Battery.

- In the caves beneath the surface, find and laser five gold statues.

- There's a structure with a stone vault next to it.  Use Sensor near the 
  bats to find a target.  Hit it to open the vault.

- In the temple where you find Supergirl is a vault which needs to be 
  charged up to open via three generators.  One is on the wall high up 
  in the outer room.  The second is inside the inner room on the 
  right, and the last is beneath a cracked floor in the outer room.

- There's a tower covered in Batman flags.  Smash all eleven of them 


Character Tokens -

Bronze Tiger -
 There's a small clump of trees with black shiny statues around.  Zap 
 them with Brainiac's ray to shrink them and you'll uncover an orange 
 hook.  Pull on it to open the vault.

Classic TV Batmobile -
 There's a diamond stone gate.  To its left is a stone vault and you can 
 follow the yellow line over to a rock which has a switch underneath which 
 will open it.

Kalibak -
 In the caves beneath the surface, find some purple-ish rocks and smash 
 them to find a dirt pile.  Dig it up to get the token.


Adam West in Peril -

- Adam is stuck in a tree in a nest.  Use a grapple to bring him down.

7H. Ysmault =

Quests -

Welcome to Ysmault! -
 Talk to Green Loontern for your tour of Ysmault.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Seeing Red -
 Talk to Green Loontern and beat up some Red Lanterns.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Ysmault Lava -
 Green Loontern wants you to lower a geyser.  There are three rocks 
  to remove on neighboring geysers to lower it.  One just needs to be 
  smashed, one needs to be pulled on, and the last is silver and needs 
 Reward: Gold Brick

Roast Duck -
 Green Loontern wants a popsicle.  You'll have to find a spot with bats.  
  It can be found in a slightly recessed area.  Follow the arrow to 
  eventually find a crashed ice cream truck with stuff in a crater.  Smash 
  the stuff in the crater to find the popsicle.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Territory Trouble -
 Catwoman and Dex-Starr are having a disagreement.  You'll have to lure 
  Dex away.  Use Sensor nearby to find a crate of fish.  Continue finding 
  the crates as you move away from the area.  Once you do five crates, 
  you'll reach a ribcage.  Once both Dex and Catwoman are there, you'll be 
 Reward: Dex-Starr, Gold Brick


Gold Bricks -

- There's a stone crypt that has glass crystals nearby.  Sonic the crystals 
  to find a switch.  Also, use Sensor and dig up a dirt pile to find 
  another switch, and have Robin use his Hazard Suit to enter the green 
  goo and flip a third switch, which reveals the brick.

- Near the big ruined temple is a silver rock in a crater.  Blast the 
  rocks, then use a giant to smash the floor.

- There's an air race above a rock on the planet.  Fly through all the 

- There's another air race on top of a stone structure.

- There's a ground race that starts among some trees.

- At the end of a giant ribcage, laser the gold part at the end.

- On top of a temple with a ramp is a vault.  Drop down to ground level 
  to find a switch.  Throw it, then fly up to the brick.


Character Tokens -

Batcopter -
 There's a field with seven Batman flags.  Smash them all quickly to 
 get the token.  They're all pretty spread out, so you may want to eyeball 
 all of them before you start.

Brainiac Skull Ship -
 There's a structure with a cracked floor.  Smash it with a giant.

Heat Wave -
 On the side of a big temple is a fire.  Freeze it and take the token.


Adam West in Peril -

- You'll find Adam on a fire jet.  Blast the silver rock nearby to drop 

7I. Okaara =

Quests -

Welcome to Okaara! -
 Talk to Green Loontern.  Take the tour.  See the sights.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Need or Greed -
 Green Loontern wants your help beating up Orange Constructs, so do so.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Greedings from Okaara -
 Green Loontern needs a statue for his Eager Young Space Cadet.  You can 
  use arrows to find it, or I can just tell you that it's in the circular 
  tower.  Laser the gold rocks blocking a hole to find it inside.
 Reward: Gold Brick

The Greedy Loontern -
 Hey, it's Green Loontern you guys.  Chase after him and punch him a few 
  times to get him to surrender...
 Reward: Gold Brick

The Cow Jumped Over the Moon -
 Bat-cow?  Follow her to Mr. Mxyzptlk, taking out Constructs on the way.
 Reward: Bat-cow, Gold Brick


Gold Bricks -

- There's a ground race ring near the water.  Most of the rings are in the 
  water itself.

- There's an air race near one of the temples.  Finish it.

- There's a second ground race on a cliff that goes over mushrooms.

- There's a circular tower with a vault at the top.  Lower down is an 
  orange hook.  Pull it to reveal a switch beneath.  This opens the vault 
  at the top.

- There's a large temple with a cracked wall.  Smash it with a giant, then 
  enter and blast the silver box, then laser the gold box inside.

- There's a temple with a door that's partially underwater.  Use a Scuba 
  Suit to step on a button in the water which opens the door.  Head inside 
  and smash up Orange Constructs until the torches light and the stone 
  vault opens.

- There's a structure with a glass door.  Sonic it down, smash all the 
  stuff inside to find a dirt pile, then dig up the pieces for the switch, 
  put it together and flip it.


Character Tokens -

Cyborg's Sports Car -
 Near the water is a small stone vault.  Smash the brush nearby to find 
 a dirt pile.  Dig it up to find an orange hook.  Pull it off.

The Fierce Flame -
 There's a small temple with a stone vault on top.  Cross the water to find 
 a fire on top of a switch and freeze it, then step on the switch.

Orange Lantern Spacecraft -
 There's a pool of water with ten Batman flags in and around it.  Smash all 
 of them quickly to get the token.

Robin's Redbird Cycle -
 In the middle of a large pool of water is a chest.  Drop down as someone 
 in a Scuba Suit and smash it.


Adam West in Peril -

- Adam's on a stone building inside an unassuming silver rock.  Blast it 

7J. Qward =

Quests -

Welcome to Qward! -
 And yes, once more the first quest is a dethpicable guided tour of the 
  planet, complete with punching.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Planetary Pest Control -
 Green Loontern needs help with a bunch of yellow rats.  Slap them all 
 Reward: Gold Brick

It's a Qward Knock Life -
 Green Loontern wants help finding some Thunderer slaves.  There are 
  five working somewhere on Qward
 Reward: Gold Brick

Qwad-ruped Quandry -
 Loontern now wants you to tame some nearby animals chasing each other.  
  They're right nearby, so hit all four of them and lead them back to 
 Reward: Green Loontern, Gold Brick

Thaw Subject -
 First, blast the silver lock on the garage on this factory, then speak 
  to Mr. Freeze to learn he needs a fuel cell.  The place you need to get 
  it from is a factory with a glass wall.  Sonic it down and smash the 
  turbine inside to get the cell, then bring it back.
 Reward: Mr. Freeze, Gold Brick


Gold Bricks -

- One of the factories has glass jars around it.  Sonic one near a ladder 
  to uncover a switch.  Flip it, then fly up to the generator and take 
  the charge from, removing a laser barrier blocking a brick.  Sonic the 
  jar that the brick is in.

- One of the factories has a lot of Plastic Man vents on it.  The one you 
  want to get the brick is under a cracked floor on a chimney.  It's the 
  one closer to Green Loontern when he has his quest for you from there.

- A smaller factory has a gold rock jammed in the chimney.  Laser it.

- One of the races is a ground race on a bridge which leads around factories.

- A second race that starts on a circular platform looks like a ground race 
  but is actually an air race, so stay alert.

- The third race takes place entirely in an enclosed area and there's a 
  button in the middle that switches the walls.  You'll need to use this 
  button to hit all the rings.

- A factory has an orange garage door.  Fly up to the top and charge a 
  generator that's on the roof hidden under some boxes, then drop down 
  and find the switch to open the vault.


Character Tokens -

The Batwing -
 One factory has nine Batman flags around the outside of it.  Hit them 
 all quickly.

Firefly -
 There's a factory with a cracked wall surrounded by a green line.  
 Smash the wall with super strength, then laser the gold box.

Zatanna -
 There's a factor with an orange garage with a glass lock on it.  Sonic 
 it, then once inside, either use Plastic Man to get to the upper ledge, 
 or just fly up there.


Adam West in Peril -

- A factory has a short glass tunnel at the top that the Atom has to pass
  through to hit the button at the other end, which will release Adam.

7K. Oa =

NOTE: Oa is unique from other Lantern Planets for a couple of reasons.  
 For one, it's not a spherical thing like the rest.  For two, most of the 
 Gold Bricks you'll find here are races.  Right in front of you are the 
 vehicles you can use.  Yes, they put vehicles in this game, but only let 
 you drive/fly them on Oa.  Go figure.

 I'll just give you a quick tip and suggest that while ground vehicles may 
 be decent for the ground races, for air races you're better off just using 
 flying characters.  Getting the big air vehicles through tight squeezes 
 is a pain in the butt.


Gold Bricks -

- There are six ground races scattered about.

- There are also six air races in the area.

- Starting from the teleporter, look left and fly to a thin tall green 
  obelisk.  There are switches and Tech Panels here that lead up to a 

- Going behind the teleporter, there's a stone vault high up on some 
  rocks.  Laser the gold lock and enter to find a pin switch for Tech 
  Robin.  Use it to open the brick.

- Fly straight out from the teleporter across the bridges to find a 
  smaller obelisk with the GL insignia.  Nearby is a little course.  
  Use a giant to smash the cracked floor to get to the first button, 
  drain the generator with Electricity to get the second, and use 
  stealth to sneak to the third one so you're not seen by the camera.

- Behind the teleporter is a vault.  Sonic the glass crystals and dig 
  the dirt pile beneath them to find pieces for a rotator switch that 
  will open the vault.

- Far out from the teleporter is a giant Lantern insignia.  In addition 
  to the races on top and inside it, there's also a small maze for the 
  Atom.  Shrink inside the maze and make your way to the other end.

Character Tokens -

Bane's Tumbler -
 From the central teleporter, go forward and drop off the bridges to the 
 lower path.  There are five chickens on the walls here.  Smash them all.

Bruce Wayne's Compact Sports Car -
 This is in the back left of the region, on top of a crystal spire.  There 
 will be bats to Sense, then flip the switch, then blast the silver box, 
 then assemble and use the rotator switch.

Cheetah (Robin Disguise) -
 To the right of the teleporter, among some rocks is a vault with three 
 lit torches.  Use freeze breath on all of them, then enter the vault and 
 slam the floor to find a button which opens the vault.

The Joker (Batman Disguise) -
 From the teleporter, go to the back area to find a vault among some 
 rocks surrounded by three torches.  Hit three targets in the area to 
 open the vault and take the token.

Lex Luthor (Wonder Woman Disguise) -
 Go forward from the teleporter until you hit rocks and you'll find a 
 vault with a little pad nearby and some bats.  Use Sensor and follow the 
 path of bats around to a dirt pile.  Dig up the Tech Panel and use it to 
 open the vault.

7L. VR Missions =

VR Missions can be found either in the Laboratory of the Batcave or the 
Laboratory of the Watchtower.  Head to the back to find a chair you can 
hop into.  So, the basic idea is that you get thrown in as a computer 
Avatar, much like when you hacked in the main game.  In situations where 
you're the human type avatar, you have no abilities other than punching 
and jumping, so they arrayed some challenges to put your skills to the 

Spaceship Shooter 1 -
 This puts you in a UFO against a group of attacking bad guys.  Hold down 
  X to fire a steady stream of lasers.  Red enemies don't move.  Yellow 
  enemies move towards you.  Blue enemies move faster.  Shoot them all down 
  without getting hit.  After a certain amount of time, the Javelin token 
  will appear, so float over that to collect it.
 Reward: Javelin, Gold Brick

Spaceship Shooter 2 -
 Prerequisite: Complete Story Mission 2 and Spaceship Shooter 1
 Similar to the first with more enemy types.  Green enemies will move 
  laterally back and forth around the board.  Purple enemies will move in 
  circles towards you.  The big blue enemy is a boss that rolls slowly 
  towards you and must be shot multiple times.  Don't forget to get the 
  token that appears.
 Reward: Bane's Mole Machine, Gold Brick

Spaceship Shooter 3 -
 Prerequisite: Complete Story Mission 3 and Spaceship Shooter 2
 More of the same, only you're now on a ring platform, which may make 
  dealing with green guys harder.
 Reward: The Flash Mobile, Gold Brick

Ring Master 1 -
 Prerequisite: Complete Story Mission 4 
 The objective of this is to push all the enemies off the ring.  After a  
  little while, the platform will get smaller, so work fast.  Also, a token 
  will appear in the center, so be sure to grab it.  Defeat ten enemies to 
 Reward: Banana Truck, Gold Brick

Ring Master 2 -
 Prerequisite: Complete Story Mission 5 and Ring Master 1
 Same as above, only you're fighting on a ring.  The token will appear at 
  the back, so get there to get it before the platform falls.
 Reward: Jim Lee, Gold Brick

Ring Master 3 -
 Prerequisite: Complete Story Mission 6 and Ring Master 2
 Same as the first, only you have to fight around Killer Croc, who cannot 
  be beaten.
 Reward: Invisible Ship, Gold Brick

Race Track -
 Prerequisite: Complete Story Mission 7
 This is a cute little race that requires you to maneuver a course for 
  two laps.  The first is with walls and the second without.  Watch for the 
  token that appears at the top of a jump.
 Reward: Supergirl (Classic), Gold Brick

Snake 1 -
 Prerequisite: Complete Story Mission 8
 This is a LEGO version of the classic Snake game you can find on just 
  about everything.  You will automatically move forward and can turn 90 
  degrees, but you fail if you run into a wall or over yourself.  The idea 
  here is to collect all the tokens that appear.  Also, don't forget to pick 
  up the character token in the lower right corner.
 Reward: Invisible Jet, Gold Brick

Snake 2 -
 Prerequisite: Complete Story Mission 9 and Snake 1
 Similar to the first, only now there are enemies and a new course.  With 
  luck, some enemies might destroy each other.
 Reward: Batman's Buggy, Gold Brick

Snake 3 -
 Prerequisite: Complete Story Mission 10 and Snake 2
 In this challenge, after you collect the first token, little areas open 
  above with more.  Collect all those tokens to open a large area with lots 
  of enemies and a few more tokens.
 Reward: White Lantern, Gold Brick

Stud Maze -
 Prerequisite: Complete Story Mission 11
 Basically Pac-Man in LEGO form.  Run around the maze collecting all the 
  studs while avoiding the red bad guys.  If you have "Attract Studs", this 
  becomes a lot easier.
 Reward: Classic TV Mini Batmobile

Stealth Collector 1 -
 Prerequisite: Complete Story Mission 12
 This challenge has you collecting tokens, but you must avoid being seen 
  by the enemies.  Their fields of vision are the lit squares on the 
  ground, so avoid them.  In this challenge, the two enemies march back and 
  forth on their prescribed pattern.  The character token will appear in the 
 Reward: The Batcycle, Gold Brick

Stealth Collector 2 -
 Prerequisite: Complete Story Mission 13 and Stealth Collector 1
 The second version of this challenge has four guards and a similar back 
  and forth pathing that the first had, only covering corners.
 Reward: The Joker Steam Roller, Gold Brick

Stealth Collector 3 -
 Prerequisite: Complete Story Mission 14 and Stealth Collector 2
 The final stealth challenge has four guards walking back and forth 
  horizontally.  Make sure you stay in the gaps as they pass.
 Reward: Batman's Whirly-Bat, Gold Brick

Survival -
 Prerequisite: Complete Story
 This challenge is simply collecting studs on a conveyor belt while not 
  dying.  Watch the columns that turn red, because that means a laser is 
  coming.  The token will appear near the top in the center.  Keep collecting 
  until the simulation stops.
 Reward: Geoff Johns

Block Hopper 1 -
 Prerequisite: Complete Story
 This challenge, much like those points in the story where you're in the 
  computer, is about hopping across blocks to the endpoint.  Follow the 
  rising blocks.  Yellow blocks will not sink so you can stay there.  
  Follow paths that form as you travel around to the exit.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Block Hopper 2 -
 Prerequisite: Complete Block Hopper 1
 This challenge needs you to move a bit faster, as it will bring up blocks 
  in groups of two.  Head for the back left, then circle back towards the 
  front right.  The path shouldn't be too complicated to figure out.
 Reward: Gold Brick

Block Hopper 3 -
 Prerequisite: Complete Block Hopper 2
 The path's pretty obvious in this one, but you'll have to make some 
  diagonal jumps, so be sure to jump from the very corner.

Block Hopper 4 -
 Prerequisite: Complete Block Hopper 3
 For the last challenge, take the left path.  Everything else should be 

Shooting Range 1 -
 Prerequisite: Complete Bonus Mission
 In this challenge, aim your laser at the red bad guys.  You need to 
  zap them while avoiding the civilians.  You can zap the fast chickens 
  for a bonus, but it won't count towards the number you need to finish.  
  Also, shoot the life preserver on the top left to get the token.
 Reward: Bat-Rocket (Batman-Pod), Gold Brick

Shooting Range 2 -
 Prerequisite: Complete Bonus Mission and Shooting Range 1
 This is more of the same.  A few more bad guys and some of them pop out 
  of walls in the back.
 Reward: Gold Brick

The last three VR missions are specific to Batcave Quests, so I won't go 
into them here.  They're in the Batcave section up above.


There are 138 characters in this game, 18 of which you get during the 
course of the Story, including the bonus mission, while the other 120 you 
pick up as Character Tokens either in missions or in the hubs, or for a 
select few, after completing specific challenges.

There are also ten Custom Characters you can modify via the eponymous 
Character Customizers.

Lastly, each of the currently existing three DLCs have characters:
Man of Steel has eight.
75th Batman Anniversary has eight.
Dark Knight Trilogy has nine.

8A. Characters =

* Batman * - Available from the beginning

The Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader, the Protector of Gotham City.  Batman's 
fight against crime began in tragedy when he personally saw his parents 
murdered at the age of 8 by a simple mugger.  After years of extensive 
physical and mental training, Batman donned a black costume with a bat 
motif in order to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies.

 Projectile Weapon (Batarangs)

 Sensor Suit
 Power Suit
 Sonic Suit
 Space Suit
 Arctic Suit
 Electricity Suit
 Scuba Suit


* Robin * - Available from the beginning

The Boy Wonder, Robin is Batman's partner/sidekick.  Throughout history 
there have been multiple Robins, but the Robin in this game is the third to 
bear the name: Tim Drake.

 Projectile Weapon (Staff, can also be used to flip on poles)

 Hazard Suit
 Techno Suit
 Illumination Suit
 Dive Suit
 Helmet Suit
 Magnet Suit
 Sphere Suit


* Alfred * - After Mission 1

Alfred Pennyworth is the long-time butler of Wayne Manor, also serving as 
Batman's assistant, confidant, and surrogate father figure.  Always quick 
with a wry comment, Alfred is nonetheless a capable member of Batman's 
team, constantly keeping Master Bruce in line.

 Projectile Weapon (Tray)
 Shield: Alfred's tray can be used as a shield


* Green Lantern * - After Mission 2

Hal Jordan is the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 of the galaxy, the sector that 
includes Earth.  He is a member of the Green Lantern Corps, a galactic peace-
keeping force.  Each Lantern has a Power Ring that allows them to shape their 
thoughts into glowing green matter.

 Lantern Power Set


* Martian Manhunter * - After Mission 2

J'onn J'onnz is one of the last living Martians, and a founding member of 
the Justice League.  He largely maintains the Watchtower.  He is an 
extremely powerful telepath and has other considerable powers besides.

 X-Ray Vision
 Mind Control


* Cyborg * - After Mission 3

After a horrible accident at STAR Labs, Victor Stone had much of his body 
replaced with cybernetic ware that gave him incredible powers of strength, as 
well as a variety of weaponry and the ability to interface with electronics.  
He has been both a member of the Teen Titans and the Justice League.

 Projectile Weapon (Blaster Gun)

 Demolition Suit
 Sonar Suit
 Space Suit
 Stealth Suit
 Magnet Suit
 Giant Suit
 Electricity Suit


* The Flash * - After Mission 3

Barry Allen is the Fastest Man Alive.  A chemical accident combined with a 
lightning strike gave him the ability of super speed and agility.  He's a 
long-time member of the Justice League.

 Speedster Power Set


* Superman * - After Mission 4

The Man of Steel, the Last Son of Krypton, the Man of Tomorrow, the original 
Flying Brick.  Kal-El was born on Krypton, son of Jor-El, at a time when the 
planet was about to be destroyed.  Jor-El sent his only son to Earth, where 
he learned of the incredible abilities granted to him by the Earth's yellow 
sun.  Under the guise of mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent, Superman protects 
the city of Metropolis, and indeed the entire Earth.

 Kryptonian Power Set


* Wonder Woman * - After Mission 3

Diana is the princess (or perhaps queen) of the Amazons on Themyscira.  
Combined with the strength and longevity of the Amazon warriors, she also 
possesses armor forged by the gods and a Lasso of Truth.

 Projectile Weapon (Tiara)
 Mind Control


* Killer Croc * - After Mission 5

Waylon Jones was born with the condition "epidermolytic hyperkeratosis" (say 
that three times fast) which caused his skin to adopt a hard scaly surface 
and for him to resemble a human reptile.  Adopting the name "Killer Croc", 
he used his abilities for crime in retaliation for the ridicule he suffered 
due to his condition.



* The Joker * - After Mission 5

The Clown Prince of Crime, the Comedy to Batman's Tragedy, the Joker is 
Batman's greatest and most unpredictable nemesis.  Driven insane after a 
chemical accident made him look like a clown, the Joker's crimes focus 
around a clown's antics, and his schemes always come with a punchline, 
either to his intended target, or Batman himself, whom he claims he couldn't 
exist without.

 Projectile Weapon (Machine Gun)
 Toxic Immunity

 Decoy Suit
 Demolition Suit
 Electric Suit
 Flower Suit
 Illumination Suit
 Magnet Suit
 Sphere Suit


* Lex Luthor * - After Mission 5

Alexander Luthor is a billionaire industrialist and business man.  He's also 
a genius inventor.  Unfortunately, this is coupled with a severe inferiority 
complex as he worked so hard through his life to get where he was, and yet a 
man in red and blue swoops in with incredible powers and gets all the 


 Giant Suit
 Hazard Suit
 Decoy Suit
 Shield Suit
 Space Suit
 Stealth Suit
 Techno Suit


* Plastic Man * - After Mission 5

Patrick "Eel" O'Brien was a petty criminal until exposure to those wacky
chemicals gave him superpowers.  He his a superhero that can contort 
himself into any shape imaginable.  ANY shape.  He made himself into a 
toilet on more than one occasion, for example.

 Plastic Pad
 He can also turn into a bouncy ball by holding down B, but this doesn't 
  seem to count as a Sphere


* Cheetah * - After Mission 5

Barbara Minerva is a super villain that is part cheetah.  How she came 
about this ability is different depending on the continuity, but it 
usually involves some kind of genetic mumbo-jumbo.  She is a constant 
villain to Wonder Woman.



* Firefly * - Token on Qward (25,000)

Garfield Lynns is a supervillain obsessed with fire and an enemy of 
Batman, typically.  He wears a special suit to prevent the heat from 
affecting him, flies around, and has a flamethrowing gun.



* Solomon Grundy * - After Mission 5

Formerly a criminal named Cyrus Gold, who was murdered, cursed, and dumped 
into a swamp.  A lot of bad magic combined together to make the giant 
zombie known as Solomon Grundy.  He's super strong and super resilient.

 Swamp Pad


* Ace the Bat-hound * - Quest "Sleep Well" (25,000)

Ace has been Batman's faithful canine companion back in the old days.  Yes, 
he even had a cape and cowl.  He doesn't show up much these days, but my 
personal favorite is the Ace that appeared in Batman Beyond.



* Adam West * - Find all Adam Wests in Peril

An actor of some renown.  He has starred in such roles as the mayor in 
Family Guy, or The Gray Ghost in Batman: The Animated Series.

 Projectile Weapon (Batarangs)


* Alfred (1966) * - Token in Batcave (45,000)

Same Alfred as before, only played by Alan Napier's likeness.

 Projectile Weapon (Tray)


* Ambush Bug * - Quest "Walking the Bug" (25,000)

Irwin Schwab is the Ambush Bug, a superhero of sorts who is actually 
not very good at it.  Apparently his dumb luck is his best power, as is 
his awareness of the fourth wall.

 Toxic Immunity


* Aquaman * - Quest "Croc My Heart" (250,000)

Orin, also known as Arthur Curry, is the king of the seas.  He rules over 
Atlantis, is a founding member of the Justice League, and has many ocean-
related powers, including the ability to communicate telepathically with 
ocean life.

 Projectile Weapon (Water)


* Arkillo * - Token in Mission 14 (200,000)

Arkillo is a Vornian and a member of the Sinestro Corps.  A rather big 
fellow, he has been matched up against the Green Lantern Kilowog because 
making the big guys fight is fun.

 Lantern Power Set


* The Atom * - Token in Mission 5 (25,000)

Ray Palmer is a genius scientist who has mastered the technology of shrinking 
in size.  He's a member of the Justice League.



* Atrocitus * - Token in Mission 12 (1,000,000)

The leader of the Red Lantern Corps, Atrocitus spent thousands of years 
imprisoned on Ysmault, as the leader of the Five Inversions.  After being 
freed, he killed the other Inversions and used their blood to realize the 
Red Light of Rage.

 Lantern Power Set


* Bane * - Token in Mission 1 (100,000)

Despite his appearance of being a muscle-bound strongman, with a dependency 
on the experimental drug: Venom, Bane is actually one of Batman's most 
intelligent foes, employing expert combat techniques and strategy against 
the Dark Knight, even defeating him on more than one occasion.



* Bat-cow * - Quest "The Cow Jumped Over the Moon" (50,000)

So...  Batcow is a thing.  Batman and Robin rescued it from a slaughterhouse 
and Robin (Damian Wayne) named it and declared himself a vegetarian in the 



* Batgirl * - Quest "Lost In Translation" (225,000)

As there have been multiple Robins, there have also been multiple Batgirls.  
Given the red hair, and the style of the costume, the one used in this game 
is apparently the New 52 Barbara Gordon, daughter of Commissioner Gordon, who 
became Batgirl as a result of thwarting a kidnapping while wearing a costume.

 Projectile Weapon (Batarang)


* Batgirl (1966) * - After Bonus Mission

This is Batgirl as portrayed by Yvonne Craig in the series.  This is also 
the first place where the notion was pitched that Batgirl would be Barbara 
Gordon.  Furthermore, the red hair was a wig to help the disguise.

 Projectile Weapon (Batarang)


* Batman (1966) * - After Bonus Mission

Ah, the quintessential Batman, portrayed by um... the name escapes me.  
That Bat-Bomb he pulls out is a reference to the Batman movie, where he 
runs around with a giant spherical bomb trying to get rid of it.

 Projectile Weapon (Batarang)
 Explosives (hold down B for Bat-Bomb)
 X-Ray Vision


* Batman (Darkest Knight) * - Token in Batcave (150,000)

In an Elseworlds sidestory called "Darkest Knight", Batman gets the Green 
Lantern ring instead of Hal Jordan.  Needless to say, he's pretty good 
at using it.

 Lantern Power Set


* Batman (Joker Disguise) * - After Mission 12

Who better to disguise himself as the Joker than Batman, I ask you?  Batman 
doesn't have access to his suits in this getup.

 Projectile Weapon (Batarangs)


* Batman (Zurr-En-Arrh) * - Token in Batcave (25,000)

Here's another thing of... questionable quality.  The original ZEA Batman 
was a being from another planet who was inspired by Batman and adopted an 
identity similar to him, but that was way back in the Silver Age.  ZEA 
actually appeared in a Modern Age story, where it was a persona Batman 
adopted after being exposed to psychological trauma, goofy costume and all.  
Bat-mite even followed this Batman around (who didn't exist and was just a 

 Projectile Weapon (Batarangs)


* Bat-mite * - Complete all Bat-mite character challenges in missions

A being from the 5th dimension, Bat-mite is a mysterious imp who idolizes 
Batman and pops up to try to assist him, but usually makes things worse.

 Projectile Weapon (Batarangs)


* Beast Boy * - Token in Mission 5 (150,000)

Garfield Logan is a shapeshifter with the ability to transform into animals 
of various kinds.  He is a regular member of the Doom Patrol and the Teen 



* Black Adam * - Token in Watchtower (250,000)

The nemesis of Shazam, Teth-Adam is an ancient Egyptian Prince with powers 
similar to Billy Batson.  The two of them got the powers from the same 
wizard, only Black Adam uses them for villainy.

 Projectile Weapon (Energy)


* Black Canary * - Quest "Canary Cure" (20,000)

Dinah Lance is a superhero and member of the Justice League.  In addition to 
her powers of a sonic scream, she is also by far one of the finest martial 
artists in the League, rivalling even Batman for ability.  She's often used 
to train heroes in combat.


* Black Hand * - Token in Mission 11 (500,000)

William Hand was originally a not-too-scary villain who could drain the 
power of a Green Lantern ring.  This ability was then realized to be the 
ability to drain life force, and Black Hand became the leader of the Black 
Lantern Corps and a serious threat when he led an army of undead heroes 
against the universe.

 Lantern Power Set


* Black Manta * - Token in Mission 1 (50,000)

Black Manta is one of the few supervillains whose identity and story we 
don't know.  All we know is that he wears a high tech suit for fighting 
underwater, and that he's a constant foe of Aquaman.

 Projectile Weapon (Blaster)


* Bleez * - Token in Mission 12 (120,000)

Bleez was once a princess on Havania before suffering tragedy at the hands 
of the Sinestro Corps.  Her rage at that pain made her a prime candidate 
to be a Red Lantern, and she often serves as a sort of lieutenant to 

 Lantern Power Set


* Blue Beetle * - Token in Mission 10 (150,000)

A legacy superhero.  Blue Beetle has been Dan Garrett, Ted Kord, and Jaime 
Reyes.  The Blue Beetle is focused around using martial arts and high tech 
gadgets to fight crime, all based around the Blue Beetle Scarab, an artifact 
that once belonged to the Reach.

 Projectile Weapon (Energy)


* Booster Gold * - Quest "No Gold, No Glory" (1,250,000)

Michael Jon Carter is a time traveling superhero from the 25th century.  
He traveled back to our time... basically to get rich because he was a 
nobody in the future.  Despite his egotistical attitude, he can still be 
a worthy hero when he needs to be.  He's often accompanied by his robot 
companion, Skeets.

 Projectile Weapon (Energy)


* Brainiac * - After Story Complete

Vril Dox is a brilliant Coluan scientist and an enemy of Superman.  In some 
continuities, he's considered a collector of worlds and knowledge.  He has 
incredible powers.

 Projectile Weapon (Blaster)
 Shrink Ray


* Brainiac Minion * - Token in Mission 6 (15,000)

These minions of Brainiac are little more than robots, but Brainiac will 
throw them at the heroes anyway to slow them down.

 Projectile Weapon (Blaster)


* Bronze Tiger * - Token on Nok (75,000)

Ben Turner is a fantastic martial artist who has worked as a hero and a 
villain.  As might be expected, he works with claws and a tiger motif.  
Sometimes he wears a tiger mask, like in this game.



* Bruce Wayne * - Token in Batcave (25,000)

It is often discussed who truly is the secret identity; if Batman is an 
identity Bruce Wayne takes on to fight crime, or if he's truly been Batman 
throughout his career, and "Bruce Wayne" is just a facade he puts on for the 
public.  Bruce Wayne characterizes himself as the playboy billionaire to 
deter suspicion that he's Batman.



* Captain Cold * - Token in Mission 10 (150,000)

Leonard Snart is one of Flash's most deadly villains.  Like other ice-based 
foes, he has a weapon that can be used to freeze things.



* Catwoman * - Token in Batcave (350,000)
* Catwoman (1966) * - Token in Bonus Mission (125,000)
* Catwoman (Pre-52) * - Quest "Cat That Got The Gleam" (50,000)

Selina Kyle is a cat burglar who is often portrayed more of an anti-heroine 
than an outright super-villainess.  Using a cat costume and mannerisms, 
she portrays a lithe and nimble adversary.  She adores jewelry, but is also 
obsessed with marks of a cat-like nature.  She has an infatuation with 
Batman, and the two have sometimes worked together.

Selina has three costumes in this game.  The first is her current New 52 
costume.  The second is Julie Newmar's costume from the Batman TV show, and 
the third is her previous costume.



* Cheetah (Robin Disguise) * - Token on Oa (5,000)

Even in Robin's snazzy reds, Cheetah still has her claws.



* Cheshire * - Token in Mission 7 (10,000)

An enemy of the Teen Titans, Jade Nguyen is a ruthless assassin with 
incredible skill in martial arts, various weapons, and particularly 



* Composite Superman * - Token in Mission 15 (1,500,000)

You want a bad time, try being Joseph Meach, who was struck by lightning and 
got all the powers of the Legion of Superheroes from the year 3000.  What a 
mess that must have been.  The costume is something he thought of on the 

 Kryptonian Power Set


* Condiment King * - Quest "Saucy Showdown" (50,000)

Mitchell Mayo is largely a villain nobody cares about.  His high tech 
weaponry is entirely designed to spray people with condiments like ketchup 
and mustard.

 Projectile Weapon (Ketchup and Mustard)


* Croc Henchman * - Token in Mission 1 (10,000)

Croc never struck me as a people person, but apparently he's got some goons 
willing to dress up and punch people, despite being perfectly capable of 
punching really hard on his own.



* Cyborg Superman * - Token in Mission 15 (2,500,000)

Hank Henshaw was an astronaut who was exposed to severe radiation and was 
helped by Superman into a computer to become a digital being.  Following 
Superman's apparent death, he took control of a cybernetic Superman, claiming 
to be Superman reborn.  He was revealed as a villain following Superman's 
return, and has remained as such.

 Kryptonian Power Set


* Deadshot * - Token in Mission 8 (750,000)

Floyd Lawton is a gun for hire.  He's one of the finest marksmen alive, 
known for rarely missing his target, unless it's Batman, who he has run 
into more than once.  He's also a frequent member of Amanda Waller's Suicide 

 Projectile Weapon (Guns)


* Deathstroke * - Token in Mission 8 (450,000)

Slade Wilson is also known as Deathstroke the Terminator.  A mercenary 
and soldier, Deathstroke is a fantastic combatant with swords and guns.  
He's also a tactical genius and is a constant antagonist of the Teen 

 Projectile Weapon (Guns)


* Detective Chimp * - Quest "Churning As We Go" (65,000)

Also known as Bobo T. Chimpanzee, Detective Chimp has an above-average 
human level intelligence.  He solves crimes, often alongside other 
superheroes such as Batman.



* Dex-Starr * - Quest "Territory Trouble" (85,000)

A simple cat from Earth, Dex-Starr became a Red Lantern after a series 
of tragic events.

 Lantern Power Set


* Doctor Fate * - Token in Mission 6 (350,000)

One of the finest magician heroes, Kent Nelson gains much of his powers 
from the Helmet of Nabu, which was owned by an even greater ancient 

 Projectile Weapon (Energy)


* Doomsday * - Token in Hall of Doom Swamp (1,250,000)

The universal cosmic destroyer, Doomsday is a monster whose only purpose 
is to destroy.  He is most famous for "killing" Superman, although this 
didn't stick.  He's insanely powerful and can regenerate from most 



* Etrigan * - Token in Hall of Doom (650,000)

A demon bound to the man Jason Blood, Etrigan originates in the time of 
Arthur.  For Jason Blood's crimes, Merlin bound him to the demon, and two 
can transform into the other as needed.  In addition to being quite 
strong, Etrigan has command of magic.

 Projectile Weapon (Flame)


* Firestorm * - Token in Hall of Justice (350,000)

The Firestorm Matrix is a composite of multiple people in a single 
nuclear-powered superbeing, mostly centered around Ronnie Raymond.  In 
addition to the ability to control fire he can also fly.

 Projectile Weapon (Flame)


* Frankenstein * - Token in Hall of Doom Swamp (135,000)

Mary Shelly's monster is actually a character in DC's comics.  He typically 
fights with a large sword and flintlock pistol.

 Projectile Weapon (Gun)


* Geoff Johns * - Token from VR Mission (25,000)

Mr. Johns is the current Chief Creative Officer of DC.  He's also a writer 
for comics and television.



* Jim Lee * - Token from VR Mission (25,000)

One of DC's preeminent artists, Jim Lee is known for his work in Marvel 
comics, Image, Wildstorm, and currently DC, which he joined in 1998.

 Projectile Weapon (Pencils)


* Giganta * - Quest "Getting Over Groddy-Poos" (1,250,000)

Giganta, also known as Dr. Doris Zeul, is a super villain with the ability 
to increase her size as needed, her strength increasing proportionally.  
She tends to have connections with Gorilla Grodd.



* Gorilla Grodd * - Quest "My Super-Sized Ex-Girlfriend" (250,000)

An incredibly intelligent citizen of Gorilla City, Grodd has the ability 
of mind manipulation.  He is a nemesis of the Flash.

 Mind Control


* The Gray Ghost * - Token in Batcave (500,000)

Simon Trent is an actor, and the Gray Ghost is a hero he played on TV.  
Batman grew up watching his program, and he styled his crimefighting around 
the Gray Ghost's methods.  Notably, in the animated series, Simon Trent was 
portrayed by Adam West.

 Projectile Weapon (Gun)


* Grayson * - Token in Batcave (130,000)

Richard Grayson was the first Robin and also Nightwing.  This version of 
him is after his identity was exposed and he now works as a government 
agent.  Agent 37 to be specific.

 Projectile Weapon (Gun)


* Green Arrow * - Token in Mission 4 (300,000)

Oliver Queen is a vigilante who fights with a bow and arrow.  He's a 
billionaire who ended up stranded on an island and had to survive for 
years with just a bow.  He became an incredibly talented archer in the 

 Projectile Weapon (Arrows)


* Green Loontern * - Quest "Qwad-ruped Quandry" (50,000)

The interstellar hero Duck Dodgers once got his laundry switched.  He 
found himself with a costume and a strange ring which gave him incredible 
powers.  He used this to the amount of effect you'd expect from him.

 Lantern Power Set


* Harley Quinn * - Quest "Five Studs, Please" (120,000)

Dr. Harlene Quinzell was a criminal psychologist working in Arkham Asylum 
when she met the Joker.  Developing a rapport with the maniac, she assisted 
in his escape on more than one occasion.  Following these numerous attempts, 
what was a rapport became an obsession, and she fled her former life to 
follow the Joker as his on-again/off-again girlfriend, a talented acrobat 
wearing a harlequin costume.

 Spin Attack (press B)


* Hawkgirl * - Token in Mission 3 (25,000)

Like Hawkman, Hawkgirl has had several identities and histories, usually 
inexorably tied to Hawkman.  She has the same powers as he does.  For the 
sake of argument, we'll call her the current Hawkgirl, Kendra Saunders.

 Projectile Weapon (Mace)


* Hawkman * - Token in Hall of Justice (50,000)

Carter Hall is Hawkman, a member of the Justice League.  He's also gone 
through several identities and changes over the years.  He has been an 
archaeologist, a reincarnated Egyptian prince, or a police officer from 
Thanagar.  His main points are his ability to fly with wings and a mace made 
out of Nth metal.

 Projectile Weapon (Mace)


* Heatwave * - Token on Ysmault (32,500)

An enemy to the Flash, Mick Rory is a pyromaniac super villain.  Although 
he has no powers, he does carry a flamethrower hot enough to melt Flash's 

 Projectile Weapon (Flame)


* Hush * - Token in Mission 2 (25,000)

Dr. Thomas Elliot is a surgeon who was once a childhood friend of Bruce 
Wayne.  A general despising of his own parents led to jealousy of Bruce 
Wayne's privileged early life.  This jealousy carried into his adulthood, 
where he swathed his head in bandages and took the name Hush as a criminal 

 Projectile Weapon (Guns)


* Indigo-1 * - After Mission 11

Originally named Iroque, Indigo-1 leads the Indigo Tribe.  She and her 
tribe appeared during the Blackest Night to supply their Indigo light to 
the cause against Black Hand.

 Lantern Power Set


* Indigo Tribe Warrior * - Token in Mission 11 (25,000)

The Indigo Tribe was once a violent people on the planet Nok, until Abin 
Sur arrived and gave them power of compassion.  They now wield the Indigo 



* John Stewart * - Token in Mission 4 (250,000)

Another Green Lantern from Earth, John Stewart is an architect and formerly 
a Marine sniper.  He earned a lot of popularity after his portrayal in the 
Justice League cartoon.

 Lantern Power Set


* The Joker (1966) * - After Bonus Mission

This is the Joker as portrayed by Cesar Romero, unshaven mustache and all.

 Projectile Weapon (Buzzer)


* The Joker (Batman Disguise) * - Token on Oa (5,000)

Joker as the Batman doesn't have his suits, but he's still packing his 
Tommy Gun.

 Projectile Weapon (Machine Gun)


* Joker Space Henchman * - Token in Watchtower (3,500)
* Joker Clown Henchman * - Token in Batcave (3,500)
* Joker Mime Henchman * - Token in Hall of Justice (3,500)

These thugs are just simple gun-wielders for the Joker.  They have little 
separating them, except the space one steps rather lightly.

 Projectile Weapon (Gun)


* Kalibak * - Token on Nok (125,000)

One of Darkseid's offspring, Kalibak is a legendary warrior in Darkseid's 
service.  He and Orion square off often in his fight against the New Gods.



* Kevin Smith * - Quest "A Polarizing Decision" (125,000)

A screenwriter, actor, director, and producer, Kevin Smith is also a big 
fan of comics.  He's often seen nowadays in a trademark orange and blue 



* Kid Flash * - Token in Watchtower (250,000)

Both Wally West and Bart Allen have served as Kid Flash.  They have the 
same powers as Barry Allen, but a different costume.

 Speedster Power Set


* Killer Moth * - Quest "Protective Insect" (15,000)

Drury Walker, sometimes known as Cameron van Cleer, is a small-time criminal 
with the gimmick of dressing up as a moth and using moth-related equipment 
to commit crimes.

 Projectile Weapon (Gun)


* Kilowog * - Token in Mission 13 (250,000)

Best known as the drill sergeant of the Green Lantern Corps, the Bolovaxian 
Kilowog is a large and strong fighter, but also a brilliant geneticist.

 Lantern Power Set


* Krypto the Superdog * - Quest on Zamaron (45,000)

Krypto was introduced as a canine companion for Superman.  He has many of 
Superman's powers.  He's a Kryptonian creature that resembles a dog.

 X-Ray Vision


* White Lantern * - Token from VR Mission (150,000)

This is Kyle Rayner as the White Lantern, wielding the White Light of Life, 
in direct opposition to the Black Light of Death.  He also spent time as 
a wielder of all seven colors of the emotional spectrum.  Not bad for a 
kid who used to be a graphic artist.

 Lantern Power Set


* Larfleeze * - Token in Mission 13 (1,000,000)

The leader of the Orange Lantern Corps, and often the only one, and also 
known as Agent Orange.  When he stole the Orange Light from the Guardians, 
he began hoarding things on the planet Okaara.  He is the wielder of the 
Orange Light of Avarice.

 Lantern Power Set


* Lexbot *  - Token in Hall of Doom Swamp (25,000)

These slick robots are employed by Lex as enforcers.

 Projectile Weapon (Gun)


* Lex Luthor (Hawkman Disguise) * - Token in Hall of Justice (5,000)
* Lex Luthor (Wonder Woman Disguise) * - Token on Oa (5,000)

The Hawkman disguise tends to work better for Lex than the Wonder Woman 

 Projectile Weapon (Blaster)


* Lobo * - Token in Mission 7 (300,000)

The last of the Czarnians, Lobo nuked his planet as a science project and 
gave himself an A.  The self-styled "Main Man", Lobo has often come 
across Superman in his travels as an intergalactic bounty hunter and biker 
bum.  He's mostly known for being super strong and ruthless.

 Projectile Weapon (Gun)


* Mad Hatter * - Token in Mission 8 (150,000)

Jervis Tetch is a delusional man obsessed with hats.  He uses a form of 
mind control through his hats in order to subdue people to his will and 
commit crimes.  He's also fascinated with the Lewis Carroll works on Alice 
and her adventures in Wonderland, and many of his crimes bear some 
resemblance to the concept.

 Projectile Weapon (Cards)
 Mind Control


* Man-Bat * - Token in Mission 2 (25,000)

Dr. Kirk Langstrom was a scientist studying bats, hoping to use a bat's 
sonar on humans as a cure for deafness.  In the process of his research, he 
tested his science on himself, mutating into a creature with a bat-like 
appearance, with superhuman strength, and the ability to fly.



* Manchester Black * - Token in Mission 7 (30,000)

Black is the leader of the superhero team known as the Elites.  He is of 
the philosophy that villains don't deserve to live for their crimes.  He 
faced off against Superman in this battle of ideals.  His powers are 
centered around telepathy and telekinetics.

 Projectile Weapon (Energy)
 Mind Control


* Metallo * - Token in Hall of Doom (325,000)

Formerly John Corben, Metallo became a cyborg intelligence that could 
only be powered by Kryptonite.  This put him at serious odds with Superman.

 Projectile Weapon (Energy)
 Toxic Immunity


* Miss Martian * - Token in Mission 3 (50,000)

M'gann M'orzz is the "niece" of the Martian Manhunter.  In actuality, she 
is a White Martian, the race that conquered the Green Martians so long 
ago.  She fights crime as a member of the Teen Titans.

 X-Ray Vision
 Mind Control


* Mr. Freeze * - Quest "Thaw Subject" (75,000)

Formerly known as Dr. Victor Fries, this scientist was attempting to 
cryogencially freeze his terminally ill wife when an accident corrupted his 
body, wherein he could not live unless under sub-zero temperatures at all 
times.  He bases his crimes around ice and cold, and carries a freeze ray 
as his main weapon.



* Mr. Mxyzptlk * - Quest "Not-so-scared Crows" (25,000)

A mischevious being from the 5th Dimension, Mxy is mostly out to cause 
trouble.  He has incredible aptitude for manipulating reality and just 
being an all around pest, especially to Superman.  He can apparently be 
sent back to his own dimension by forcing him to say "Kltpzyxm", his name 

 Projectile Weapon (Energy)


* Music Meister * - Token in Watchtower (45,000)

A character in the Batman: Brave and the Bold animated series, Music 
Meister can use his musical ability to hypnotize people.

 Projectile Weapon (Sound)
 Mind Control


* Nightwing * - Quest "Rose-Tinted Rumble" (275,000)

Dick Grayson, the first Robin, styled himself as Nightwing when he left 
Batman's tutelage.  As he was trained by Batman, he tends to fight in a 
similar manner.  The main difference between Nightwing and Batman is his 
incredible aptitude as a charismatic leader.  Oh, also he tends to fight 
with escrima sticks.

 Projectile Weapon (Escrima Sticks)


* Orange Construct Warrior * - Token in Mission 13 (20,000)

As there are no other Orange Lanterns, Larfleeze uses his ring to contruct 
warriors to fight for him.  They are little more than thugs.



* Orion * - Token in Mission 6 (750,000)

The son of Darkseid, Orion was given to Highfather of New Genesis as part of 
a peace argeement between New Genesis and Apokolips.  He serves Highfather 
and longs for the day he fulfills the prophecy where he ends his father.  
He has high strength and often rides upon a frame that lets him fly through 
space and battle with the weapons on it.

 Projectile Weapon (Energy)


* Parasite * - Token in Mission 9 (175,000)

One of Superman's villains, Rudy Jones was doused with chemicals (as that 
does) and became a monster that could steal powers and memories by touching 
other people.  He loves to feed on Superman as he wants his powers.

 Projectile Weapon (Energy)


* The Penguin * - Quest "I, Penguin" (135,000)
* The Penguin (1966) * - Token in Bonus Mission (200,000)

Oswald Cobblepot is a criminal obsessed with birds.  Billing himself as a 
high-society criminal, the Penguin tends to let others do his dirty work for 
him, content with simply being a mastermind.  In combat, though, he's known 
to employ one of several trick umbrellas which could be armed with a variety 
of weapons.  Penguin's second costume is based on Burgess Meredith's 
portrayal of him in the Batman TV show.

 Projectile Weapon (Umbrella)


* Platinum * - Token in Watchtower (225,000)

The only female program among the robot group known as the Metal Men, 
Platinum has the ability to stretch and spin herselef in many odd shapes.  
She was created by the the scientist Dr. Will Magnus, along with the other 
Metal Men.

 Toxic Immunity


* Poison Ivy * - Quest "Love Stinks" (25,000)

A super-villainess obsessed with plants, Pamela Isley was formerly a 
botanist and a genius chemist.  Through her criminal actions, she soon 
discovers she has an immunity to most toxins, and the ability to produce 
toxins from her own bloodstream.  She can also ensnare men with her 
pheromones.  Her crimes tend to be related to protecting plant-life and the 

 Flower Pad
 Mind Control
 Toxic Immunity


* Polka-Dot Man * - Quest "Dot and Bothered" (15,000)

Abner Krill was first realized in the Silver Age.  Yes, his powers are pretty 
silly, as he uses dots and spots in order to do crime.  He didn't really 
last long in the Modern Age.

 Projectile Weapon (Dots)


* The Question * - Token in Watchtower (8,500)

Vic Sage is a detective and vigilante who solves crimes wearing a mask that 
obscures the features of his face.  He tends to get involved in conspiracy 
theories, which lends people to dismiss him as a crackpot.



* Reach Warrior * - Token in Mission 10 (5,000)

The Reach are an alien race of conquerers.  They are the ones who sent a 
Blue Scarab to Earth, which led to the series of Blue Beetles throughout 

 Projectile Weapon (Gun)


* Red Hood * - Token in Mission 2 (250,000)

Jason Todd was the second Robin until the Joker apparently killed him.  
He was restored to life and became the lethal vigilante, Red Hood.  He's 
one of the few members of the Bat-family who have no problem using firearms.

 Projectile Weapon (Guns)


* Red Lantern Warrior * - Token in Mission 12 (10,000)

The Red Lanterns follow the Red Light of Rage.  They are all rather violent 
and nasty, and tend to be pretty angry.

 Projectile Weapon (Energy)


* Red Tornado * - Token in Hall of Doom (23,500)

Red Tornado is an android created by the super villain T.O. Morrow.  He 
rebelled against his creator and joined the Justice League.  He has 
considerable ability to manipulate the wind, which he can cast at his 
enemies, and use to fly as well.

 Projectile Weapon (Wind)


* Reverse Flash * - Token in Mission 4 (125,000)

Reverse Flash is the name of several supervillains, all conceived as being a
speedster opposite to the Flash.  The Rival, Professor Zoom, Zoom, and 
Daniel West have all borne the name.

 Speedster Power Set


* The Riddler * - (250,000)

Edward Nigma is a genius crime mastermind.  Obsessed with riddles, puzzles, 
and word games, the Riddler often leaves clues to his next crime as a 
challenge to his foes.  These clues usually end up being his downfall when 
he pairs off against the brilliant mind of Batman.

 Mind Control


* The Riddler (1966) * - Token in Bonus Mission (100,000)

This is the Riddler as portrayed by actor Frank Gorshin.

 Mind Control


* Robin (1966) * - After Bonus Mission

This is Robin as portrayed by actor Burt Ward.

 Projectile Weapon (Batarang)


* Robin (Lex Luthor Disguise) * - After Mission 12

I have no idea why Robin puts on a Southern accent to sound like Lex.

 Projectile Weapon (Staff)


* Saint Walker * - After Mission 10

The first Blue Lantern, Bro'Dee Walker is a being focused around the idea 
of the Blue Light of Hope.  He's not much of a fighter, but his ability to 
give hope to others has helped a lot, particularly in the Blackest Night.

 Lantern Power Set


* Shazam * - Token in Mission 3 (250,000)

Billy Batson is a foster child who was chosen by the wizard Shazam.  He was 
gifted the powers derived from the heroes Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, 
Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury.  By shouting "Shazam!" he changes into a magical 
caped hero with fantastic powers.  He was originally known as Captain 
Marvel, but confusion with Marvel comics led to him ultimately having his 
name changed to Shazam, officially.

 Projectile Weapon (Electricity)


* Sinestro * - Token in Mission 14 (250,000)

A former Green Lantern, Thaal Sinestro is the current leader of the Sinestro 
Corps.  Hailing from the planet Korugar, he was a ruthless Green Lantern.  
After his falling out with the Corps, he fled to Qward, where the Weaponers 
fashioned him a yellow power ring, which allowed him to control the emotion 
of fear.

 Lantern Power Set


* Sinestro Corps Warrior * - Token in Mission 14 (20,000)

Sinestro organized his corps around the Parralax entity and the idea of the 
Yellow Light of Fear.  He was originally the only wielder of the Yellow 
Light, but others came to his side and he eventually had enough to 
challenges the Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps.

 Projectile Weapon (Energy)


* Stargirl * - Token in Mission 5 (15,000)

Originally the Star-Spangled Kid, Courtney Whitmore adopted the name 
Stargirl after being given Skyman's flying belt and Starman's Cosmic 
Staff.  She is a junior member of the Justice Society of America and often 
fights alongsider her stepfather, S.T.R.I.P.E.

 Projectile Weapon (Energy)


* Star Sapphire * - After Mission 9

Several females have been called Star Sapphire, and indeed, the Star 
Sapphire Corps is the group that wields the Violet Light of Love.  This 
particular Star Sapphire is Carol Ferris, the one time girlfriend of Hal 
Jordan.  With the power of the Star Sapphire gem, she has powers similar 
to a Green Lantern.

 Lantern Power Set


* Superboy * - Quest "Misguided Tour" (325,000)

Also known as Kon-El and Conner Kent, Superboy is a clone of Superman, 
or his potential future son depending on the continuity.  He has the 
same powers that Superman has, but is young and has the cloning blues.

 Kryptonian Power Set


* Supergirl * - Quest "Who Let the Thugs Out?" (325,000)
* Supergirl (Classic) * - Token from VR Mission (115,000)

Kara Zor-El is Superman's cousin, and, while younger than him, has all of his 
powers.  She has two costumes in this game.  The first one is her current 
New 52 costume, and the second is her older costume from the previous 

 Kryptonian Power Set


* Superman (Solar Suit) * - Token in Mission 15 (1,000,000)

Not long after his apparent death, Superman was weakened and in need of 
extra energy.  He donned a special suit designed to absorb more sun 
energy, which had a distinct black color.

 Kryptonian Power Set


* Swamp Thing * - Quest "The Garden of Love" (275,000)
* Swamp Thing (New 52) * - Token on Odym (265,000)

Alec Holland became an elemental creature connected with all plant life in 
the world after dying in a swamp following the creation of a bio-restorative 
formula.  As the Swamp Thing, he silently seeks to protect all plant life, and 
tends to recuse himself from the more petty affairs of the world.

 Swamp Pad


* Thunderer * - Token in Hall of Justice (3,500)

The Thunderers are an ancient race that lives on Qward.  Sinestro enslaved 
the Thunderers when he took over Qward.

 Projectile Weapon (Gun)


* Tim Drake * - Token in Watchtower (35,000)

The third Robin to bear the name, Tim Drake sought out and learned Batman's 
secret identity.  This led to him becoming Robin and then later Red Robin.  
He's extremely intelligent, and the only other man besides Batman that 
Ra's al-Ghul has referred to as "detective".



* Toyman * - Quest "Virtual Insanity" (20,000)

There have been multiple people to bear the name Toyman.  This seems to be 
Winslow Schott, the villain who used toys in his crimes and was an enemy 
of both Superman and Lex Luthor.

 Projectile Weapon (Gun)


* Trickster * - (40,000)

There have been two people to use the name Trickster, the acrobat James 
Jesse and the teenage hoodlum Axel Walker.  The Trickster is an enemy of 
the Flash and lives to cause trouble and mischief, theming his gadgets 
around practical joke elements.

 Projectile Weapon (Rubber Chicken)


* Ultra-Humanite * - Token in Mission 11 (500,000)

That albino gorilla is not the UH's original body.  Inside that body is the 
mind of an evil genius who transferred his mind into the gorilla, and has 
also done so with a Tyrannosaur.  He combines his talents of brain and 
brawn to fight the Justice League.

 Mind Control


* Vibe * - Token in Mission 9 (75,000)

Paco Ramone was once a gang leader before he was recruited into the Justice 
League.  He is a metahuman with the ability to create vibrations.



* Wonder Girl * - Token in Hall of Justice (25,000)

Cassie Sandsmark is the current Wonder Girl who has very similar powers 
to Wonder Woman.  She is a member of the Teen Titans.

 Mind Control


* Wonder Woman (Cheetah Disguise) * - After Mission 12

You think the tiara and the black hair are a giveaway?  Nah.

 Projectile Weapon (Tiara)
 Mind Control


* Zamaron Warrior * - Token in Mission 9 (7,500)

The Zamarons are basically female Guardians, almost literally.  When the 
male Guardians created the Green Lantern Corps, the females branched off to 
form their own civilization, which would end up creating the Star Sapphire 

 Projectile Weapon (Spear)


* Zatanna * - Token on Qward (85,000)

Daughter of the legendary magician Zatara, Zatanna is one of the most 
talented living magicians.  She focuses her magic around speaking backwards, 
she's a member of the Justice League, and she's friends with Batman.

 Projectile Weapon (Magic)


* The Fierce Flame * - Token on Okaara (1,000)

This is a character created by a fan who one a contest.  The Fierce Flame 
is a female speedster who wields the power of flame to move fast.

 Speedster Power Set

8B. DLC Characters =

* Faora * -

Faora-Ul is Zod's sub-commander in the Man of Steel movie.



* General Zod * -

The military commander of Krypton, Zod was exiled to the Phantom Zone after 
his coup of the Krypton ruling council and killing Jor-El.  He escapes the 
Phantom Zone and goes to Earth to find the genetic codex in Clark's DNA.



* Jor-El * -

Superman's father is the planet Krypton's lead scientist.  He sent his son 
to Earth with the genetic information of his people.

 Projectile Weapon (Gun)


* Kelex * -

Kelex is Jor-El's robotic assistant.

 Projectile Weapon (Energy)


* Lara Lor-Van * -

Lara is Superman's mother, who reluctantly sent him to Earth.

 Projectile Weapon (Gun)


* Superman (Man of Steel) * -

This is the Man of Steel version of Superman, largely identical to the 
one we all know and love.

 Kryptonian Power Set


* Tor-An * -

Tor-An is an ally of General Zod in his fight to take over Krypton.



* Zod Agent * -

This is one of Zod's agents in his bit to rule Krypton.

 Projectile Weapon (Gun)


* Azrael (Batman) * -

This is Jean-Paul Valley, a man who Bruce Wayne left the Bat mantle to 
after he was crippled by Bane.  He ended up being too ruthless for the 
mantle, and later became Azrael.

 Projectile Weapon (Batarangs)


* Batman (Brave and the Bold) * - 

The Batman of the Brave and the Bold show was a throwback to the old Silver 
Age Batman, with goofy gadgets and goofier villains.

 Projectile Weapon (Batarangs)


* Batman (Dark Knight Returns) * -

The Batman of Frank Miller's seminal piece was older, more grim, and while 
not as big as this LEGO figure would make it seem, he was a large man, more 
wide than tall.

 Projectile Weapon (Batarangs)


* Batman (Detective Comics 27) * -

The very first Batman as he appeared in the comics.  Yes, he actually had 
a gun back then.

 Projectile Weapon (Gun)


* Batman (Gotham by Gaslight) * - 

Gotham by Gaslight is an Elseworlds story where Batman is situated in the 
late 1800s.  He deals with criminals such as Jack the Ripper.

 Projectile Weapon (Batarangs)


* Batman (Sinestro Corps) * - 

This is a concept that was explored when a Yellow Ring found its way to 
Batman.  He resisted, the but idea resurfaced in a costume in the game 
Arkham City.

 Lantern Power Set


* Vampire Batman * -

A couple of stories have put Batman as a vampire, having fallen prey to 
the animal he claims as his own.

 Projectile Weapon (Batarangs)
 Mind Control


* Zebra Batman * -

This Batman was a rather silly one who came into contact with Zebra-Man, 
who somehow caused him to have magnetic properties.

 Projectile Weapon (Batarangs)


* Bane (Dark Knight Rises) * -

Played by actor Tom Hardy, this Bane was not a slave to Venom, simply a 
muscular terrorist who claimed Gotham as his own.  He is revealed to be the 
field commander of the League of Shadows under Talia al Ghul's leadership.



* Batman (Dark Knight Trilogy) * -

Bruce Wayne as played by Christian Bale, having trained with Ra's al-Ghul 
in the League of Shadows, this Batman faced Ra's, the Scarecrow, the Joker, 
Two-Face, Bane, Catwoman, and Talia al-Ghul before retiring.

 Projectile Weapon (Batarangs)


* Commissioner Gordon * -

James Gordon as played by Gary Oldman.  One of the few straight cops in 
Gotham who rose to a position of prominence due in part to the help given 
by Batman.

 Projectile Weapon (Gun)


* The Joker (Nurse) * -

The Joker as played by Heath Ledger.  In the nurse costume he "disguises" 
himself in when he goes to visit Harvey Dent in the hospital.

 Explosives (Bazooka)


* Ra's al Ghul * -

Batman's greatest foe as portrayed by Liam Neeson.  Known originally as 
Henri Ducard, Ra's trained Bruce Wayne in the League of Shadows and wanted 
to make him his second, but Bruce fled the League.  Ra's tracked him and 
attempted to destroy Gotham to save it, but Batman stopped him.



* The Scarecrow (Batman Begins) * -

Jonathan Crane as portrayed by Cillian Murphy, a psychiatrist in Arkham 
Asylum who tested fear experiments on the inmates.  He became a villain 
in a mask following the exposure of his crimes.

 Projectile Weapon (Fear Gas Bombs)
 Mind Control


* Selina Kyle (Dark Knight Rises) * -

Anne Hathaway's portrayal of the cat burglar who is sometimes ally and 
sometimes enemy of Batman, who she meets as she tries to steal from him.



* S.W.A.T. Team Member * -

One of Gotham's finest.

 Projectile Weapon (Gun)


* Two-Face (Dark Knight) * -

Aaron Eckhart's portrayal of Harvey Dent.  Driven mad after the death of 
Rachel Dawes and his own injuries, he attempts to take revenge on all the 
mobsters who caused his downfall.

 Projectile Weapon (Gun)

8C. Ground Vehicles =

* Classic TV Batmobile * - Token on Nok (150,000)
* Classic TV Mini Batmobile * - Token from VR Mission (150,000)

The classic TV ride of Batman is, well, rather garish by today's standards, 
and looks for all the world like a slightly souped up normal car with a lot 
of red highlights.


* Banana Truck * - Token from VR Mission (25,000)

This number isn't really a Batman thing, but it IS featured in one of the 
LEGO playsets, specifically Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas.


* Bane's Mole Machine * - Token from VR Mission (100,000)

This is a fancy LEGO vehicle for Bane, apparently designed to burrow 


* Bane's Tumbler * - Token on Oa (150,000)

This is Bane's vehicle from The Dark Knight Rises, a Tumbler similar to 
Batman's own.


* Batman's Buggy * - Token from VR Mission (50,000)

This is a tiny version of the Batmobile designed for a small scale LEGO 


* The Batcycle * - Token from VR Mission (50,000)

Robin tends to ride this motorcycle into action.


* The Batmobile * - Token on Odym (200,000)

This game's interpretation of the world-famous Bat-ride.


* The Batmobile (1989) * - Token in Batcave (250,000)

This version of the Batmobile is specifically from the 1989 Batman movie, a 
design with a large turbine in the front and back.


* Catwoman's Motorcycle * - Token on Odym (75,000)

Catwoman's ride is a sporty motorcylce.


* Cyborg's Sports Car * - Token on Okaara (75,000)

Also known as the T Car in some circles, this is Cyborg's ride.


* The Flashmobile * - Token from VR Mission (75,000)

Why Flash needs a vehicle is anyone's guess, but this is his party van.


* The Joker Steam Roller * - Token from VR Mission (100,000)

When you cause as much property damage as the Joker, the choice of vehicle 
seems obvious, really.


* Bruce Wayne's Compact Sports Car * - Token on Oa (50,000)

In real life, this would be a real nice car.  In Batman world, this is 
rather pedestrian, if you ask me.


* Robin's Redbird Cycle * - Token on Okaara (75,000)

If Robin's not riding the Batcycle, he's on this two-wheeler.


* Batmobile (1944) * DLC

The very first Batmobile, complete with a giant bat face on the front for 
maximum ugliness.


* The Jokermobile * DLC

After a fresh coat of paint in the DLC mission, the Batmobile looks far 
more tasteful to the likes of the Joker and Harley.


* The Batpod * DLC

After being damaged by the Joker, Batman's Tumbler separates into this 
two-wheeled vehicle with a lot of movement options.


* The Tumbler * DLC

A military vehicle designed for urban combat, the Tumbler is Batman's ride 
during Batman Begins and the Dark Knight.

8D. Flight Vehicles =

* Batcopter * - Token on Ysmault (100,000)

Batman maintains a personal chopper for urban flight operations.


* Bat-rocket (Batman-Pod) * - Token from VR Mission (75,000)

This is Batman's part of the Bat-rocket that he uses on approach to the 


* Bat-rocket (Robin-Pod) * - Token on Zamaron (75,000)

This is Robin's part of the Bat-rocket that splits off from Batman's.


* The Batwing * - Token on Qward (250,000)

Batman's classic air fighter, shaped like a bat because of course it is.


* Brainiac Skull Ship * - Token on Ysmault (100,000)

Brainiac tends to cruise the galaxy in a ship shaped like a skull.  Maybe 
he thinks it looks more menacing.


* Green Lantern Jet * - Token on Zamaron (150,000)

Much like the Flashmobile, this seems kind of silly since GL can fly and 
travel comfortably, but here we are.


* Javelin * - Token from VR Mission (150,000)

The spaceworthy jets used by the Justice League, most often parked at the 


* Joker Helicopter * - Token on Zamaron (150,000)

Because Batman shouldn't be the only one to have a chopper with his 


* Orange Lantern Spacecraft * - Token on Okaara (150,000)

I really can't find evidence of this existing outside of this game, but 
I guess if you can have a Green Lantern Jet...


* The Bat * - Token on Odym (200,000)

Batman's ride in Dark Knight Rises.  This is a floating vehicle that 
Batman employs when dealing with Bane and Talia.


* Batman's Whirly-Bat * - Token from VR Mission (75,000)

This silly contraption harkens back to the Silver Age comics.


* Invisible Ship * - Token from VR Mission (125,000)

Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet becomes this after some building.


* Invisible Jet * - Token from VR Mission (150,000)

Wonder Woman's famed stealth jet from throughout her career.


* Black Zero Dropship * DLC

This is a small ship that comes out of the Black Zero, the spacecraft that 
Zod used to attack Earth.


Here's where I put all the stuff that's not a mission.  You'll find a quick 
list of basic unlocks, how all the Extras work, and a collection of codes 
you can enter to save yourself some studs.

9A. How to Get 100% =

For 100% in this game, you need all Gold Bricks, all Character Tokens, all 
Red Bricks purchased.  Y'know. Everything.

First priority is always the stud multipliers.  Once you can rack up a big 
stud count, everything is a cakewalk in comparison.  Fortunately, the stud 
multipliers are in the very first set of missions.  So, as soon as you get 
Plastic Man, go back to the first mission and get the Studs x2 Red Brick so 
you'll be ready to buy it once you hit a million studs, which can be as early 
as the sixth or seventh mission if you're diligent about collecting.  Get 
x4 next and so on.

Also, there are other Red Bricks to get to make things simpler, such as all 
the Detectors, the Unlimited Fuel/Light/Electricity bricks you don't have to 
find, and the Attract Studs brick.

After that, it's all exploration and enjoyment, so have a blast.

9B. Extras =

So the Red Brick Extras are simple in this game.  There's one in each 
mission, including the bonus mission, and there are four you can buy 
right off.  To get the Red Brick you will ALWAYS need Plastic Man.  You'll 
find a Plastic Pad somewhere in the mission and use it to get the brick.  
After you find the brick, you then need to buy it, so head to the Trophy 
Room in either Batcave or the Watchtower to find the console to purchase.

Score x2 - 
Cost: 1,000,000
Mission Found: Pursuers in the Sewers
Effect: Studs collected multiply by 2.  All multiplier bricks stack, 
 potentially giving you a multiplier of 3840.

Score x4 - 
Cost: 2,000,000
Mission Found: Breaking BATS!
Effect: Studs collected multiply by 4.

Score x6 - 
Cost: 3,000,000
Mission Found: Space suits you, sir!
Effect: Studs collected multiply by 6.

Score x8 - 
Cost: 4,000,000
Mission Found: Space Station Infestation
Effect: Studs collected multiply by 8.

Score x10 - 
Cost: 5,000,000
Mission Found: The Big Grapple
Effect: Studs collected multiply by 10.

Disguises - 
Cost: 300,000
Mission Found: The Lantern Menace
Effect: All characters will be wearing Groucho Marx glasses.

Gold Brick Detector - 
Cost: 200,000
Mission Found: Europe Against It
Effect: Yellow arrows will point towards any Gold Bricks that you can 
 collect in the hub areas.

Minikit Detector - 
Cost: 200,000
Mission Found: Big Trouble in Little Gotham
Effect: Yellow arrows will appear in missions to point towards stuff that 
 gets you minikit canisters.

Quest Detector - 
Cost: 100,000
Mission Found: The Power of Love
Effect: Blue arrows will point you towards any active quests, but not ones 
 that haven't appeared yet.

Adam West in Peril Detector - 
Cost: 100,000
Mission Found: A Blue Hope
Effect: A purple arrow will point towards Adam West, if for some reason you 
 can't hear him by his crowing.

Attract Studs - 
Cost: 100,000
Mission Found: Jailhouse Nok
Effect: Studs will now be collected from further away.

Festive Hats - 
Cost: 600,000
Mission Found: All the Rage
Effect: All characters will be wearing Santa hats.

Character Token Detector - 
Cost: 800,000
Mission Found: Need for Greed
Effect: White arrows will point towards anywhere you can get character 
 tokens, sometimes towards a quest that may not have appeared yet.

Fast Build - 
Cost: 100,000
Mission Found: Aw-Qward Situation
Effect: Build speed will be increased to Flash speed for everyone.

Collect Ghost Studs - 
Cost: 100,000
Mission Found: Breaking the Ice
Effect: The blue studs that point you around will give you actual studs.  
 Not very useful given how late in the game you get it.

Bat-Fight Captions - 
Cost: 100,000
Mission Found: Same Bat-time, Same Bat-channel!
Effect: This extra will have the fancy 60s captions when you punch the 
 bad guys.

Mini Characters - 
Cost: 100,000
Effect: Your characters will be fun-sized.  Well, more so.

Unlimited Light - 
Cost: 100,000
Effect: With this, you will not need to charge up at a Battery dispenser 
 for the Illumination Suit.

Unlimited Fuel - 
Cost: 100,000
Effect: Space Suits will no longer need to charge up at a Fuel Dispenser to 
 fly around.

Unlimited Electricity - 
Cost: 100,000
Effect: Characters with Electric Suits won't have to "pick up" a charge 
 at a generator and will always be ready to fill up a generator.

9C. Notes on Trophies/Achievements =

So in past guides I'd write every trophy and how to get it, but most of them 
are so self-explanatory that there's really little point, so this is just a 
short list of ones that may give you trouble.

The doughnut is on Zamaron, bounding around on a rock.

Bat's all, folks -
 You have to find the LEGO Stud Fountain once you get 100%, but you're not 
 told where it is.  Well, I'm here to tell you that it's in the Meeting 
 Room off to the right of the main computer on the Watchtower.  Not down 
 the stairs, mind.  Directly to the right.

Doughnut Discoverer -
 There's a doughnut hidden on every Lantern Planet, and you need to smash 
 one of them.  It's kinda a weird bouncy thing with eyes, but it's not very 
 big.  There's one in the cells in Nok, for example, another in a village 
 house on Odym, and another just hanging out on a tall rock on Zamaron.

Glide on Time -
 Best place to do this, I find, is in the Batcave.  Start from the 
 Batcomputer at the top, then float down towards the water.

Hey Diddle Diddle -
 This shouldn't take long to find.  Just scour the Moon as best you can.

Nok Nok! -
 This needs to be done on Nok itself, not the "Jailhouse Nok" mission.

Now THAT'S Impressive! -
 The hidden Riddler Trophy is in the Batcave's Trophy Room.  Go all the way 
 to the right past the old TV set, then smash the wall on the right down 
 with Strength to find it.

One Giant Leap for (Bat)Man-kind -
 You actually have to use each teleporter to get to the Lantern Planets.  
 It's actually possible to not quite get this if you instead assemble the 
 teleporter, then use the menu to fast travel there instead of walking 
 into the teleporter.

The Green Room -
 The hidden celebrity party is in the Meeting Room in the Watchtower

9D. Secret Codes =

You can enter these codes any time on the Extras Menu, right at the top.  Here 
are a set of codes I've found on GameFAQs.  People tend not to ask me to keep 
up to date on EVERY code, so if you see a code somewhere else, let me know and 
I'll update it.


V3GTHB - Aquaman
ZGCEAJ - Atrocitus
4LS32K - Batgirl
ZWQPJD - Batman (Zur-En-Arrh)
YC3KZZ - Beast Boy
APEKBV - Blue Beetle
5SW59X - Deathstroke
4HRERD - Doctor Fate
FQ4ESE - Frankenstein
95U7BM - Giganta
J6ANCT - Kevin Smith
B5ABPQ - Lobo
S7GSDE - Music Meister
N9CZ7S - Nightwing
H2VB8Z - Plastic Man
TRQTPS - Red Hood
QDQ3YL - Superboy
NQ46RC - The Fierce Flame
9WYGLP - The Joker


EWTPKA - Bat-Fight Captions
PHHGPH - Festive Hats
JYJAFX - Minikit Detector
KNJBD8 - Quest Detector
5MZ73E - Studs x2

10A. Legal =

This FAQ was made 100% by me, and is Copyright © 2014 Scott "CyricZ" 
Zdankiewicz.  You may not take it in whole or in part and claim it as your 
own.  You may not alter it in any way, even if you ask me first, and that 
includes putting it in HTML format.  Please donít post this on your site 
unless you have express consent by me.  Iíve put a lot of time into this.  
Give me some credit.

Currently, the following sites have permission to post my FAQ:

I'm not going to allow people with small personal sites to post this FAQ.  
They may post the link on GameFAQs with all the LEGO Batman 3 guides, but, 
trying to keep updates, well, updated, I'll only allow large committed sites 
that I trust.

10B. E-mail Guidelines =

If you wish to e-mail me, be sure to follow these guidelines...

- Make ABSOLUTELY sure I haven't already answered your question in the guide.
- Make sure it has something to do with LEGO Batman.  I don't want spam, 
chain letters, offers for friendship.  Compliment me on the FAQ all you want, 
- Make sure you say LEGO Batman at one point in your e-mail.  I have more than 
one LEGO FAQ, and asking a generic question such as "How do I beat the last 
level?" doesn't tell me much.
- Spell correctly and use proper grammar, please.  If I can't understand 
your e-mail, it'll go to the junk pile.

10C. Credits =

CJayC, SBAllen, and all respective webmasters for having this on their sites.

All the folks responsible for the Batman mythos.  Particular shoutouts go to 
Bob Kane, Frank Miller, Grant Morrison, Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, Kevin Conroy, 
Tim Burton, Christopher Nolan, and Mark Hamill.

10D. Version Updates =

Version 1.0 - 11/24/2014 - Merry Christmas, everybody.  Have a guide. :)

10E. The Final Word =

While the story was kind of limp, I feel this game did a good job of 
representing the DC Universe, even if it did miss some characters I'd rather 
it hadn't.  Where's Killer Frost?  Where's Darkseid?

Still, another good fun romp, and I love the old tributes it paid to the 
history of DC, especially with all the Adam West stuff.  So kudos on that.

See you folks on the next project!

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