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 Lego Racers Guide

Lego Racers Guide
.____                          __________
|    |    ____   ____   ____   \______   \_____    ____  ___________  ______
|    |  _/ __ \ / ___\ /  _ \   |       _/\__  \ _/ ___\/ __ \_  __ \/  ___/
|    |__\  ___// /_/  >  <_> )  |    |   \ / __ \\  \__\  ___/|  | \/\___ \
|_______ \___  >___  / \____/   |____|_  /(____  /\___  >___  >__|  /____  >
        \/   \/_____/                  \/      \/     \/    \/           \/

Lego Racers Guide                                           version 1.2a
Last updated: 30th of September 2000
Created by: Clement Chan Zhi Li
e-mail address:

Table of Contents

     <1> Introduction <1>
         [1.1] About Lego Racers [1.2] Copyright Info
         [1.3] How to Best View this Guide [1.4] Review

     <2> Bricks Guide <2>
         [2.1] White Bricks [2.2] Yellow Bricks [2.3] Blue Bricks
         [2.4] Red Bricks [2.5] Green Bricks

     <3> Lego Racers Circuit Guide <3>
         [3.1] Circuit No. 1 [3.1A] Imperial Grand Prix
         [3.1B] Dark Forest Dash [3.1C] Magma Moon Marathon
         [3.1D] Desert Adventure Dragway [3.2] Circuit No. 2
         [3.2A] Tribal Island Adventure [3.2B] Royal Knights Raceway
         [3.2C] Ice Planet Pathway [3.2D] Amazon Adventure Alley
         [3.3] Circuit No. 3 [3.3A] Knightmare Athon
         [3.3B] Pirate Skull Pass [3.3C] Adventure Temple Trial
         [3.3D] Alien Alley Asteroid [3.4] Circuit No. 4
         [3.4A] Desert Adventure Dragway [3.4B] Magma Moon Marathon
         [3.4C] Dark Forest Dash [3.4D] Imperial Grand Prix
         [3.5] Circuit No. 5 [3.5A] Amazon Adventure Alley
         [3.5B] Ice Planet Pathway [3.5C] Royal Knights Raceway
         [3.5D] Tribal Island Adventure [3.6] Circuit No. 6
         [3.6A] Alien Race Asteroid [3.6B] Adventure Temple Trial
         [3.6C] Pirate Skull Pass [3.6D] Knightmare Athon
         [3.7] Circuit No. 7 [3.7A] Rocket Racer Run

      <4> Cheats and Tricks <4>
          [4.1] Turbo Boost [4.2] Flying Car [4.3] Without Slow Down

      <5> Credits <5>

      <6> History <6>

<1> Introduction <1>

Hi! Welcome to Lego Racers Guide. This guide is designed for Lego Racers for
the PC. So, I hope this guide is useful for those who need it.

If you want to e-mail to me, feel free to do so at or my
younger brother at

[1.1] About Lego Racers

Lego Racers is a game designed for the PC by Lego Media. This racing game has
an excellent feature and that is the Build option.

With this option, a player can create its own car, design the driver and as
well the driver's license where you put you own name there.

There is also some coloured Lego Bricks in all tracks that can help to make you
the winner.

All together, there are 7 tracks to reveal which, of course, some are quite

[1.2] Copyright Info

This FAQ is Copyright 2000 Clement Chan Zhi Li. You can distribute this FAQ as
long as its contents are not changed.

Only Clement Chan Zhi Li can make changes and updates to this FAQ. Any
unauthorized changes and updates without my permission is prohibited by law.

[1.3] How to Best View this Guide

If you view this guide of the Internet and noticed that some words are filled
in with spaces and etc., it's because your browser did not view it at the right
width. Save the guide and open it up with WordPad (recommended).

Click File, then Page Setup. At the section where they put Margins (inches),
look for Right and type 0.8" in it. That way, you could view this guide neatly
as it is meant to be!

[1.4] Review

Lego Racers. When someone mentioned the word, 'Lego', instantly, their mind
will say, ''Ah, it's only for kids.'' Yes, it's almost true what they had said
but even some of the interactive games created don't even appeal most users
much, like one of the game Lego Loco. But fortunately, Lego Racers is not one
of the games that will die easily. As the name suggests, Lego Racers is a
racing game but a totally different matter that makes this game interesting and
fun to play.

Graphics - 9

The whole scenes are created with nice and detailed 3D graphics that pushes out
the 3D card capabilities. The tracks in the game are quite nice with great
backgrounds that you can see. The various colours scattered out to each and
every single thing makes the game look bright and attractive. That also
includes the lighting system which are used correctly that sometimes give an
eerie feel when the car you play enters dark places.

Furthermore, the car models are rendered nicely enough and every single car
give its own personalities feel to it. As how the intense graphics are built,
you'll know that the great graphics that are shown on your computer are also
based on how fast your computer is, whether you have a good 3D card or not and
other points that may lower down the graphics quality.

Music - 9

The internal music that comes together is really pleasant to here. I don't know
how I'm going to describe the music in this game but they're just really cool.
What makes me feel that the game is good enough is the sound effects. The funny
talks by the Lego characters are really comical and other real-to-life sound
effects are like the boost sound when you use it, leave a trap behind, and
almost every single thing that should give out some are not left out.

Gameplay - 9

You'll be happy to know that the game has lots of features that will last Lego
Racers for quite a long time. The best mode of all is the build mode which you
can create your own license (put your name on it), put your picture by
selecting various Lego characters and change their looks and emotions and
lastly, how many trophies that you successfully get by winning all the tracks
(get first, obviously).

There are usual modes that you might find in other racing games similar to
this. The main one-player mode allows you to unlock other tracks together with
winning your track's enemy's car set (cool!) and collect your rightful trophies
if you get first. The incredibly fun two-player mode allows you to race against
your friends and your friends can also create their own license and build their
own car (there is the automatic option if you're too lazy to build one

Then, the time-attack mode allows you to race against Veronica Voltage, some
sort of 'ghost' (not real ghost, mind you) that will race together with you and
you must try to win against her. There are also shortcuts for you to find so
that you can actually get ahead past your enemies. Not only good control as
well as good speed allows you to win, but good shortcuts will make you triumph
through. These shortcuts are all very well hidden and sometimes, you need to
shoot your weapon in order to access through.

One unique kind of thing in this race is that you can collect five kind of
different coloured bricks that can help you together in the race. The first
one, red brick allows you to shoot your opponent, the yellow brick will let you
leave a trap behind so that opponents behind you will get a good taste of it.
The blue brick will activate a blue force shield that will protect you against
enemies' red brick attack and the traps left by your opponents. The green brick
will give you a boost of speed for a short time so you can get ahead of your
enemies (if you succeed). Lastly, the white bricks are used to 'upgrade' your
other coloured bricks and the maximum of white bricks that your coloured bricks
can be upgraded are three.

Example, if you have a red brick and you collect three white bricks later on,
instead of having a normal shoot power-up, you'll have two guided-missiles that
will target and shoot enemies ahead of you. This is an extreme collection of
items but while collecting white bricks, if you accidentally take other
coloured bricks like green, your red brick will be 'kicked out' immediately.

There are also lots of hidden shortcuts which allows you to get past one point
quickly. Every characters that you fight against have their own personalities
and favourite. Example, King Kahuka (a tribesman) may use red-brick always to
shoot the opponents (you!) and if you're bright enough, you'll spot their
weakness and abilities. Always keep a strategy running in your mind and you'll
find yourselves getting past one hard track!

Replay Value - 8

Racing games don't fancy me really, as I don't like racing games at all. But
this one is really fun to play with and will give you excitement running down
for months! Heed my warning: After you had unlocked all tracks, you'll find
this game a real bore to you because it will be the same always but use the
multi-player mode and it'll hooked you up the screen with your friends!

Overall - 9

Lego Racers is simply a unique racing game and a totally different matter than
boring games like Sega Rally Championship and a couple of others as you, as the
player, will have to race through boring tracks with nothing to do except to
win the whole championship level. Boring, isn't it? So take Lego Racers as a
new change to your life, once and for all.

- Unique with the coloured bricks system!
- You can build your own car!
- Lots of tracks to race in!

- Boring to play if you don't use the multi-player mode.
- Play too much and this game is a bore.
- Some tracks are too hard!

<2> Bricks Guide <2>

In all races, you'll see coloured bricks scattered everywhere. Each one
contains power to make you win the race. I'll explain more below.

[2.1] White Bricks

White bricks has the power to make the other coloured bricks much more
powerful. Example, if you take a red coloured brick and then the white brick,
you'll notice that the picture (bottom-left) has changed.

That's the power. The more white bricks you get, the more powerful the other
bricks will be. Below is the chart of what the white bricks can do.


Yellow Brick = A slippery oil is left behind.

Yellow Brick + 1 White Brick = Bomb Barrel is left behind.

Yellow Brick + 2 White Bricks = A yellow and green thing is left behind to
prevent opponents to move forward for a while.

Yellow Brick + 3 White Bricks = A mummy will be left behind to confuse and slow
down the opponent for a while. If you are confused by the mummy, your control
will be the opposite. Pressing left will make you move right and so on.


Blue Brick = A shield on you for a while.

Blue Brick + 1 White Brick = A slightly powerful shield for a while.

Blue Brick + 2 White Bricks = A powerful shield for a bit longer.

Blue Brick + 3 White Bricks = A more powerful shield for a longer time.


Red Brick = Shoot a bomb at an opponent.

Red Brick + 1 White Brick = A rope is used to attach at the opponent.

Reb Brick + 2 White Bricks = An electric is used for a while to short-circuit
at the opponent.

Red Brick + 3 White Bricks = Three guided missiles is used at the opponent.


Green Brick = A small turbo boost.

Green Brick + 1 White Brick = A slightly longer turbo boost.

Green Brick + 2 White Bricks = A longer turbo boost.

Green Brick + 3 White Bricks = A powerful warp is used to warp to another

[2.2] Yellow Bricks

This unique brick is used to leave a trap behind. The mummy is espeacially
powerful but be careful yourself, you may end up confused too!

[2.3] Blue Bricks

This blue brick is used to protect yourself from any weapon shot from an enemy
or a trap. If you get it, use it immediately to protect yourself.

[2.4] Red Bricks

If you have an opponent in front, use this chance to shoot at an opponent. This
will slow it down.

[2.5] Green Bricks

Behold, the ultimate brick, Green! This brick can boost you in front for a
short while. The Warp 'Brick' is especially useful to make yourself boost in
front of an enemy.

<3> Lego Racers Circuit Guide <3>

When you start up your Lego Racers, you'll see an FMV on Lego Racers. After
that, you'll see a few menus.

The first option, Build, is used to create your driver, license and car. After
creating, you may choose any menus to race.

If you play the first time, you may noticed that only one track is available to
you, whether it is Circuit, Single Race and etc.

In order to get the other 6 tracks, you must get first, second and third in the
Circuit Race.

Also, if you get first in the Circuit Race, you can get the host's car set. If
you go to Build option, you'll see a new car set is available to you.

[3.1] Circuit No. 1

Captain Redbeard likes to use the red bricks to shoot you if you're in front of
him. So, try not to get always the green bricks.

[3.1A] Imperial Grand Prix

This track is easy. Collect green bricks and white bricks on your way. Don't
take any unnecessary white bricks that may be located at a muddy place to slow
you down.

There is one shortcut here. When you take a red brick, keep it for a while
until you enter a tunnel. There will be barrels on your right. Shoot it and the
barrels will explode. This will reveal a shortcut.

[3.1B] Dark Forest Dash

Try and collect as many white bricks and green bricks if you can. Again, don't
take any unnecessary white bricks.

There is also a shortcut here. Once you see a waterfall (even a little of it),
look left and there will a grey coloured shack and a big tree beside it. Near
at the tree will be a small tunnel. Enter it.

[3.1C] Magma Moon Marathon

Collect as many green and white bricks as you can. You must beware of the
volcanoes scattered at a certain place.

A shortcut here is available. Right after the volcanoes will be the coloured
lights, red and blue. After it, you'll see a blue closed door. Beside it on
your right will be colours of red and blue.

At the next lap, go to the coloured lights according to the sequence and that
should open the door. Quickly go in or it will close after a while.

If you want to open the door again at the next lap, you might not be successful
as the colours will change randomly each time you play and each time you open
the door.

Here's what said:

"In Magma Moon Marathon, right after the volcano place, if you have sheilds use
them and the wall directly in front of you will become staticy.

Go through it with your sheilds and you will skip the blue and red lights and
come out in front of the clear doors. In that shortcut, there are almost enough
white blocks for a warp and a green block to top it off."

[3.1D] Desert Adventue Dragway

This place is has mud almost everywhere so you better be careful. Just get as
many green and white blocks as you can as there are quite a lot here.

There are two shortcuts here. The first one is the major one which connects to
the second shortcut.

Prepare yourself with a red brick and look at your left. There will be a door
with two Egyptians picture on it. Shoot it and that should reveal the shortcut.

The second one is after the first shortcut. Continue and you'll see a wall in
front of you which is slightly different because there is an Egyptian on top of
it. Shoot it and that should reveal it.

Once you get first, second or third in this track, you can continue with the
second track.

[3.2] Circuit No. 2

Now, you'll have to race against King Kahuka. He also likes to use red brick so
prepare yourself at all times.

[3.2A] Tribal Island Adventure

There is a shortcut here. At the beginning, get ready and look on your left.
There should be a small opening for you go through.

[3.2B] Royal Knights Raceway

Just get green and white bricks as usual. There is also a shortcut here.
Before the waterfall, head left and you'll enter a tunnel with white bricks.

[3.2C] Ice Planet Pathway

This place may slow you down at certain place and there are many white bricks
scattered all over.

There is one shortcut here. You'll see a tunnel on your left on the way. It's
easy to see.

[3.2D] Amazon Adventure Alley

This place is quite easy if you use the shortcut. At the beginning, there will
be a waterfall. Go inside it and you'll find yourself in a secret tunnel.

[3.3] Circuit No. 3

At this track, you'll have to fight with Basil the Batlord. If you go in front
of him, be sure to collect a blue brick to shield yourself because he likes to
use the red brick.

[3.3A] Knightmare Athon

This place is a bit tough. You have to beware of traps and obstacles on your
way. Try to use the green brick you get whenever possible. Don't wait until the
warp 'brick'.

If you are good and want to use warp, you can but there is a risk that you may

Unfortunately, there isn't a shortcut here. I tried to find it but I failed.

[3.3B] Pirate Skull Pass

There will be quite a lot of mud to slow you down. At one part, there will be
two white bricks. One of them is located at a mud, so don't take it or it will
slow you down.

There isn't a shortcut here, either.

[3.3C] Adventure Temple Trial

This place is the toughest place that I thought the first time I play. If you
want to warp quickly, try and take the green brick first and when you reach the
electrical-shooting place, steer carefully and take all white bricks (don't get
shot by the electric).

If you failed, you will have to corner a few times. A shortcut here is
available. At the beginning, you'll see two stone statues. Behind the
right-hand statue, there will be a tunnel.

At the end, choose the correct path so that you won't meet with the mummy!

[3.3D] Alien Rally Asteroid

At the beginning, use the blue brick to avoid being slow down by the flying
UFOs. Try and use 'Warp' brick whenever possible. There is also a shortcut here

When you see the electrical-shooting place, steer to the red brick and wait
until you see a wall with a picture on it. Shoot it to reveal a shortcut.

[3.4] Circuit No. 4

Now, you have to race against Johnny Thunder. This circuit will be the opposite
version of Circuit No. 1.

Example, in Circuit No.1, if you have to turn left, now you have to turn right.

Johnny Thunder likes to use the red brick so use the blue shield whenever you
are ahead of him.

[3.4A] Desert Adventure Dragway

Okay. This place will be quite easy if you win Circuit No. 1. The shortcuts are
also the opposite too.

Now, collect a red brick and look at your RIGHT this time. Shoot the door with
two Egyptians to reveal a shortcut.

Another shortcut is available too. After that first shortcut, wait until you
see a strange wall with a picture of an Egyptian and shoot it.

[3.4B] Magma Moon Marathon

Again, the shortcut is opposite. Just look carefully at the coloured panal next
to the closed blue door. Then, at the second lap, take coloured lights in the
correct order as the coloured panal to open te door.

Here's what said:

"In Magma Moon Marathon, right after the volcano place, if you have sheilds use
them and the wall directly in front of you will become staticy.

Go through it with your sheilds and you will skip the blue and red lights and
come out in front of the clear doors. In that shortcut, there are almost enough
white blocks for a warp and a green block to top it off."

[3.4C] Dark Forest Dash

Instead of heading left, you must head right. This time, just look out for a
waterfall. Once you see it, look on your right and take the secret tunnel.

[3.4D] Imperial Grand Prix

To look for the shortcut, look on your left. Prepare a red brick and shoot the
barrels when you see it. That should reveal shortcut.

[3.5] Circuit No. 5

Baron von Barron uses shield everytime. So, it is unwise if you use the red
brick at him. Just concentrate on getting the green bricks and white bricks.

Again, this circuit is the opposite version of Circuit No. 2.

[3.5A] Amazon Adventure Alley

The shortcut is simple too. At the beginning, you'll see a waterfall. Go
through it to reveal a secret tunnel.

[3.5B] Ice Planet Pathway

The shortcut now is located on the right-side. It's easy to look. You'll see a
secret path on your right.

[3.5C] Royal Knights Raceway

To use the shortcut, look out for a waterfall. Once you see it, look at your
right and enter a tunnel to use the shortcut.

[3.5D] Tribal Island Adventure

The shortcut is located at the right-side now. Just look for a small path on
the right.

[3.6] Circuit No. 6

Now, prepare for the second-hardest race against Gypsy Moth. It likes to use
red brick so try and use shield whenever you get it.

Don't waste your time too finding for green and white bricks. Once you get the
green brick, use it. If you get a green brick and there is a row of white
bricks in front of you, then use warp.

Also, Circuit No. 6 is the opposite version of Circuit No. 3.

[3.6A] Alien Rally Asteroid

The shortcut remains the same too. Just get ready a red brick after the
electrical-shooting place and shoot at a door with a picture to reveal a

[3.6B] Adventure Temple Trial

This place may be the hardest place of all in Circuit No. 6. The shortcut is
located at the left on the beginning behind the statue.

[3.6C] Pirate Skull Pass

Try not to be tricked with the white brick on the mud. Use the green brick
whenever possible.

[3.6D] Knightmare Athon

Just use green brick whenever possible. You must master this place first in
order to win this circuit.

[3.7] Circuit No. 7

As you start the race, your driver will laugh about happily as you are the
champion. Veronika Voltage will say that someone will want to meet you.

Now, you have to race against Rocket Racer on his own track! Rocket Racer
simply likes to use warp so you need to be fast too.

[3.7A] Rocket Racer Run

At the beginning just when it is about to say 'GO!', press the accelerate
button to get a boost of speed. When you did not get first or second at the
beginning, reset and try again.

You must have a really good control here to collect all green and white bricks.
You must use warp a few times before you can win.

There is a shortcut here but I recommend you not to use it. It will just slow
you down.

Anyway, take a red brick and there will be a place where you must choose
whether to go left or right. In the middle will be a door. Shoot it to reveal a
warp. Once you go in, the door will close and you have to shoot the door again
if you want to use it.

Once you get first in this place, you will win the game by getting Rocket
Racer's car set and credits showed.

Also, Rocket Racer's type of car is the best type as the car as very good
acceleration and turning.

<4> Cheats and Tricks <4>

There are several tricks and cheats hidden in Lego Racers. I have listed a few
cheats and tricks that I found.

Also, the cheats cannot be played in Circuit mode and Time Trial. It can only
be used in Single Race and Versus Race.

[4.1] Turbo Boost

At the beginning, when it is about to say 'GO!', press the accelerate button to
get a boost of speed.

[4.2] Flying Car

This cheat will allow the car to fly forever. Just edit or build a driver. In
the driver's license, type the name as FLYSKYHGH.

[4.3] Without Slow Down

This cheat will allow the car not to slow down, whether you drive it on the mud
or grass or etc. Just edit or build a driver. In the driver's license, type the
name as NSLWJ.

<5> Credits <5>

Clement Chan - (
I made this walkthrough!

Eugene Chan - (
He helped me with some of the shortcuts in this walkthrough.

NateRocky -
Thanks to him for the additional Magma Moon Marathon shortcut! Thanks again!

<6> History <6>

Version 1.0 - 13th of January 2000
This walkthrough is created.

Version 1.1 - 9th of February 2000
Changed e-mail address.

Version 1.2 - 24th of March 2000
Changed my younger brother's e-mail address.

Added Magma Moom Marathon shortcut.

Version 1.2a - 30th of September 2000
Added [1.3] How to Best View this Guide

Added [1.4] Review

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