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 London C.I.T.Y. 2000

London C.I.T.Y. 2000


The date is January 1st of the year 2000. You're just trying to 
get some rest after completing Mission Idaho successfully, when 
the phone rings and some illustrious contact from British 
Intelligence asks you to come over to London. Used to having your 
guts in the line of fire, you get up and take the next flight to 
the English capital. You arrive at Heathrow at o-ninehundred hours
sharp and then it up to you! 

Walking around the airport the speaker calls for you and asks you 
to come to the information desk. This desk is near the escalator. 
Man of the world as you are, you flirt with the cute girl before 
getting serious. Well... if this is how it's gonna be like all the 
time in London...?
You pick up the phone and listen to the instructions given. 
A reservation for the Hilton has been made for you. The girl behind 
the info desk gives you the envelope which contains money and a 
message (yellow corner) that says you'll have to be at 10 Curzon 
Street in Mayfair at 8 p.m. for dinner. It's signed with an X. 

Walk around the airport and find the photoboot. Use this boot and 
you'll have a picture of yourself. Also find the restaurant and 
the dirty coffee mug that's in front of it. Then go to the trains 
and use your money to buy a tube ticket. Take the train to down 
town London. Walk in a northeast direction to the Hilton hotel and 
get your room keys from reception desk. Look around in the foyer 
and find the large map of London. 
As there are no messages for you, you go to Mayfair to meet Agent 
X. North of your hotel you'll find this place. Find the doorbell 
and press it. The door opens and a handsome girl let's you in: 
"Hello, I'm Kate. Agent X had to fly to Paris, so I've been sent 
to replace him. Please sit down. There's a dangerous criminal, a 
Mr. Rooter, at work in London. He plans to take over the capital 
by a chemical. British agents tried to apprehend him but they 
failed in their attempt. Your mission is to find the hidden 
laboratory and obtain the chemical formula. Your next contact will 
be Agent Y, who is in Madame Tussaud's. He's disguised as a wax-
model. He likes to chop and change."
When you stopped drooling, goldielocks will give you a credit 
card and a decoder. Then you should hurry to Madame Tussaud's. 

In the museum you'll have to find the wax model of Henry VIII. He 
(or she) is Agent X. Use the following line: 
"How a man could possibly want six wives, is beyond me."
Henry will give you a message (red corner). It's encrypted but, 
hey, being a better agent then 007 himself, there's no problem! 
Just take a letter from the message and for the translation of 
this one you just take the next letter in the alphabet. Example: 
A in message is actually B, C is D, etc. The message from Agent X 
"S. Rooter drug laboratory Los Locos Soho Square - heavily guarded 
- beware - agent Y".
Go to Soho and find the lab. This lab is at the green dot nearest 
to the S in Soho. Turn north and use the doorbell. To get access 
to the lab use the following lines during the conversation: 

1. "I'm looking for Los Locos"
2. "I've come about the job as the replacement guard."
3. "Oh dear, have I put my foot in it!"

On the steps there'll be a package of cigarettes. Snatch it away  
while the guard is checking you're ID. Then you'll get a message 
(pink corner) from a lab technician to pick up something. Leave 
the lab (right, right, forward) and when you're outside, you 
examine this order. It says: 
"Collection address 123 Pont Street off Sloane Street".
Examine the cigarette case and you'll find a note (orange corner) 
with the word "Songbird" on it. Go to the pick up address. This is  
in the V-like street corner between Sloane Street and Brompton Road. 
Look north and find the doorbell. When conversation is necessary, 
you'll give the codeword: songbird. 
Pick up the backpack with the chemicals and return to the lab in
Los Locos. On the steps you'll find an ID-card of some Dr. Murphy. 
Get it. 

Leave the lab and examine the ID-card. This Dr. Murphy lives on 
119 Ennismore Street, Kensington Gore. Before you start running 
to Murphy's house, take a break and go to Mayfair. Use the door
bell and you'll hear a message which tells you your contact is at 
The Garden. This is Covent Garden and that'll be your destination 
now. Find a cosy corner (from the center of The Garden, turn north- 
east) and meet your contact. She'll make a photo of the ID-card and 
she will give you a skeleton key. Conversation's like this: 
Kate: "Let me see the ID-card you got. Hmm. Not bad! I assume you 
intend to use this to get into the lab. Well, don't dispose of Dr. 
Murphy too permanently, will you."
John: " Don't want him turning up at the lab and spoiling things"
Kate: "Well, make sure he doesn't. You'll have to find a way to 
keep him prisoner during all this. He's a traitor after all. Oh, 
I nearly forgot... Fits most locks. Got to dash. Bye."
Now go to The Tower Of London and find a rope near Traitor's Gate. 
Now go to Murphy's house. Just go to the Science Museum and take the 
road that's between this museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum, to 
the right between two green fields and then a right turn, followed 
by a left turn. Use the skeleton key to get in. Once you're in, get 
the cane. Now Dr. Murphy will enter and you'll just knock him down. 
Get the keys and use the ansaphone. There's a message on it: 
"Visions of a new world. Hello, Dr. Murphy. This is Mary, from the 
lab. I noticed that you've collected your pass. I'm afraid you also  
have to collect your lab coat. It was lent to an artist friend of 
mine. He said he'd leave it somewhere where you could find it easily. 
Looking forward to meeting you...."
Now, at last, use the rope you found to tie up Murphy. Leave the 
house and go to Tate Gallery. Turn north to the brown building with 
a row of green dots (on the map) and you'll find the labcoat on the 
steps. Return to Covent Garden and meet your contact again. 
Kate: "How did you get with our friend Murphy?" 
John: "We needn't worry about him for a while." 
Kate: "So what's next?" 
John: "We'll go to the lab and try to get the formula. As far as I 
can gather, they haven't met Dr. Murphy yet. So I should be able 
to block my way through, as long as they don't ask any tricky 
Kate: "We'll need to know procedures as well as the formula for 
the drug. That's a lot of information to take in and remember. 
You may need to steel the file. If you're lucky, it will all be 
on computer. But for goodness sake, don't mess up on this one. 
Be prepared before you go. If they catch you, they'll have your 
guts for garter's."
John: "Don't worry. I'll think of something." 
Kate: "Yes. Over a pint in the Lord Nelson's Tavern, most likely."

Go to King's Road. On the other side of the road from the purple 
'Public House'-sign, there's a pub called 'The Trafalgar'. It's 
not easy to spot! Enter this pub, have a beer and find a blank 
disk from the table and leave. 
Now use the photo of yourself; Murphy's ID-card will become yours. 
Now wear the labcoat (it's just your size!). Then go to Los Locos. 
Use the doorbell and give the right password: 'visions of a new 
world' (you got this from the ansaphone, remember?). You're in 
the lab now and Mary will tell you all about the lab. After her
story you can find the medkit and the penknife.  
Now it's time to get to work. You have little time so you should 
be very careful and quick at the same time! It might take you a 
few times before it works, so it's best you'll save the game here. 
Click on the mix icon, put the skeleton key in your inventory on
a spot you can grab it immediately, now mix the green tube and 
the mauve tube and you'll see a chemical reaction, now the 
technicians will leave the lab, use the skeleton key on the table 
and then use the table which has a drawer that contains three 
disks, get disk number 2 which you'll swap with the blank one. 
Leave the lab and go to Madame Tussaud's. There's a computer over
there. Turn to it and you'll use a computer to scan the disk you 
just got from the lab. The computer can read the files on this 
disk but you'll need an expert to hack them! Leave this place and
outside you'll find a crossword. Get it and use it. Now solve it: 

1 = elephant, 2 = hat, 6 = elected, 9 = boxer, 10 = own, 
11 = arrests, 12 = zn, 13 = one, 15 = weeps, 16 = always. 

1 = envelope, 2 = ante, 4 = throwing, 5 = we, 
7 = trance, 8 = dirt, 9 = between, 14 = new. 

When you've filled in all words, use the decoder and you'll get 
the following message: 
Marcus Brennan. Ace computer hacker/ code breaker. 135 Tooley 
Street. Near Tower Bridge. Don't forget to get the beers in!
Go to this address which, on the map, is below the purple PH-
sign near Traitor's Gate. At the door you'll have to give the 
'you get the beers in?'-password. You talk to Marcus and the 
main parts of this conversation are: 
"...I replaced the drug formula with the one British Intelligence 
gave me, it's non potent ... get back to the lab and replace the 
disk before they miss it ... then go to the Natural History Museum
to meet Agent Z ... he'll be on the 2nd floor ... codename; 
cigarette ..."
In Brennan's house you'll find a diamond ring. If you examine 
this, you'll hear "you found one of a number of secret rings, 
why not note the location?" You're now on Tooley Street but the 
address on the screentop says London Wall & Moorgate. Strange. 
Anyway, there's no use for this ring or the address in this 
Go back to the lab in Soho and mix the yellow and mauve tube. 
Go through the switch disk scene again and leave the lab. 

Go to the Natural History Museum and find the fire-extinguisher 
on the 2nd floor and use the cigarettes. Your contact, Agent Z, 
will come to you to tell you there's no smoking in the museum. 
Tell him that these English brands don't suit you anyway and 
this conversation will follow: 
Z: "We've managed to find out when and where the plane is due 
to take off. You swapped the formula?"
John: "Yeah."
Z: "Good. Then I suggest you get down to Heathrow and try to 
get in contact with Rooter's men."
John: "And what about Rooter?"
Z: "He's too slippery for us. We still don't even know his 
where-abouts but he needs to be stopped. And soon."
John: "I'll get on to it."

Go back to Heathrow and find the restaurant. There you'll find 
Rooter's men talking: 
A: "Let's talk about tonight, when the plan will really start rolling."
B: "Did Mr. Rooter say he'd be coming to see the planes take off?"
A: "No, you know how he's like about security; hardly never leaves 
    his house, except to go to one of them anti-police..."
B: "I heard he never sets foot outside the lab. And half the scientists 
   that work there don't even now what he looks like."
A: "Doesn't surprise me!"
B: "Fancy another cup of tea before we start loading?"

After this conversation you can talk to the men yourself. There are 
several options but these lines will surely lead you through: 
1. "Visions of a new world."
2. "Dr. Murphy, senior chemist."
3. "I've been sent out here to give you a message."
4. "The planes must not fly tonight."
5. "Because the drug has been contaminated and won't work."

After this you'll talk to Rooter himself. Again you'll have to find 
the right answers and again there are several good and bad ways to 
do this. Try: 
1. "I know Sir and I'm extremely sorry about it."
2. "There was an accident with a Bunsen burner and some bleach."
3. "I'm afraid so."
4. "We can get it done soon."

Rooter is satisfied with the things you've said and gives you these
"Make sure you do! Incidentally, we haven't met yet, have we? Meet 
me tonight at the National Theater. Pick up your ticket for 'Who 
wants to rule the world' and meet me outside after the show."
Go to the national Theater. Go across Westminster Bridge and then 
left alongside the Thames. Just before a gray building (on the map) 
you turn right and then take the first turn left. You'll receive a 
ticket to the show and you'll meet Stanislav himself afterwards. 
You're blindfolded in the car and finally arrive at Rooters place.
Try these lines is conversation with the bad guy himself: 
1. "There was a mix up between specimens."
2. "One of the young technicians had a hang-over."
3. "I have dealt with the man in question."
4. "We are back on course now."
5. "We can have a new batch ready by tomorrow."

(Note: if you're the morbid kind of adventurer you might try to give 
some witty answers. Just see what Clarence does to you!)  
Hum. Now, Rooter tells you he'll meet you later on Leicester Square. 
Clarence will drop you off at Murphy's house, well... your house in 
his opinion, of course. Fool Clarence and go in the house. 
Then leave again. 

Go back to your hotel and pick up the message (green corner) at 
reception desk. it's from your contact and she asks you to meet 
her at Marble Arch. This location is north of the hotel. Go there 
and meet Kate again. 
Kate: "Thanks for coming. How are you getting along?"
John: "I think it's all coming together. I've managed to substitute 
the disk and delay the planes. I've met Mr. Rooter but they blind
folded me in the car, so I'm not sure where he lives. It's about 
ten minutes drive from the National Theater. Anyway, I'm supposed 
to be meeting him at Leicester Square later. So I'll try to work 
out some kind of plan to bring him down by then."
Kate: "But... But that's great! We've got enough evidence to send 
him down for many years, now. And it's only a matter of tracking 
him down. If I arrange for undercover agents to be at Leicester 
Square, we should be able to get him."
John: "He's very paranoid about security. He'll probably have a 
bunch of heavies with him, and they'll all be armed."
Kate: "Listen. I'm going to give you this micro-transmitter. 
This is really new and is undetectable in any ordinary security 
search. You swallow it. Now we can track you. Whatever happens, 
stick to Rooter, so that wherever you are, Rooter will be. We 
will follow you and at the right moment we'll come in and get him.
Dead or alive... Oh, John... About the micro-transmitter... It's 
very expensive... So, we'll be needing it back, afterwards."
John: "Yeah... But... but... I might have known!"

You swallow the transmitter right away. Now go to Leicester Square. 
This location you can find on the map; a square between 4 roads 
left of Covent Garden, besides the subway sign. Before you go you 
should SAVE the game here. Let me explain why. 
When you've found the right spot on Leicester Square, someone will 
come up to you and tell you that there's been a change of venue. 
Mr. Rooter wants to meet you at Parliaments Square. Before you meet,
they want to search you for security. What you've got to do now, is 
follow the girl to a less crowded location where she can search you.
If you lose the girl, you're stuck. 
This is why you had to save the game: you can't save it during the 
next part of the game. There's only one right move to make and 
every other thing you do (as saving the game) will make you lose 
the girl... and the game. So be sure you saved the game before you
go to Leicester Square. 
When the girl leaves, follow here by these movements: 
One step forward (new movie clip), one step forward again 
(new movie clip), turn left and take one step forward (new movie clip)
and turn left again with another step forward: last movie clip of you 
being searched. 
Now go to Parliaments Square which is near the orange Information 
sign west of Westminster Bridge. Turn east there. Rooter is getting 
really suspicious now because he's changed venue again. He now wants
to meet you in St. James' Park. Go there and turn around to face the
park itself. When you're on the right spot, a movie clip will come 
up in which you see the arrest of Rooter. Thanks to the transmitter
you'll have some agents to help you getting rid of Rooter's goons.  
Thanks to John Daring, London has been protected from the evil plans!


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