Les Manley Lost in L.A. Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Les Manley Lost in L.A.

Les Manley Lost in L.A.


Your friend, the smallest man in the world, Helmut was kidnapped.
Your mission is to rescue him. But first you need to find who is behind
all this.


You can access a few places by clicking on the map. (You need to leave
your current location first). The few places you can access are:

1. Beach
2. Theatre (can't remember the street name)
3. Paramount Studio
4. Lamp post. (Tony Leoni's Office)
5. Street (Shop)


The Beach

    The game begin with you standing near two body builder. Talk to them.
They will ask you to look for someone they know. So, walk to the left to
the next screen. Click on the news stand at the middle of the screen. Open
it and read the headlines. Walk left to look for the life guard. Talk to
him, mention the eclipse. Take the red bandanna when the eclipse occurs.
He will ask you to talk to the two girls again. Talk to the girls one more
time and they will tell you about their police friend.


    Walk to the left to find the traffic police. Talk to him. Talk to the
two tourists. Get the extra map from them. Walk to next screen. Talk to
those bullies. Walk to the right until you find the hotel. Enter hotel,
talk to man. Get film and ticket. Exit hotel. Talk to Blade. Call him 
peace child and he will tell you about the bullies. Walk to photo shop,
give film to girl. Take picture with LaFonda Turner. Get photo. Talk to 
bullies again.  Give them the red bandanna. They will let you enter the 
shop. Enter shop. Trade photo with laptop.  


    Click on pigeon. Use credit card to get pigeon spoo. 

Lamp post

    Walk to the right. Talk to man standing outside studio. Give him the
spare map in exchange for the phone.


    Talk to Blade again. Give him the phone. He'll tell you the password.
Enter the mud club with ticket.

On bed

    After the orgy in the club, you'll will end up on bed with two girls.
Talk to them. Get bootable disk. Boot laptop. Track database. Use the
password ELVIS.

Paramount studio

    Talk to man standing outside. Enter. Open hanger and enter. Use 
pigeon spoo on boat to enforce it. Use boat. Talk to Mason. Get axe.
Enter stage door. Watch what happen, you'll get famous for this.

Lamp post

    Open office door. Enter. Talk to Tony. He'll tell you to get a
portforlio. Exit. Walk to the right. Enter studio. Talk to Luther. 
Exit. Look for Nick's place. Talk to him. Get wax nose. See Luther again,
use the wax nose this time. Get portfolio. Talk to Tony. Have lunch with

Lunch with Abe

    Talk to him. Refuse offer. He'll invite you to a party.


    Talk to Abe and Maladonna. Watch what happened.

Wax Musuem

    Break door with axe. Enter museum. Walk to the right. Get torch.
Touch statue with hand to get wax. Walk to Conan statue. Use torch
to get sword. Drop sword. Use torch on Helmut. Watch what happened.


    When Les is being captured, Helmut is free. Get torch. Get sword.
Use sword on stand to get wax. Use wax on Alien statue to get the
cup o' drool. Use sword to get loin cloth from Tarzan statue. Open
coffin with sword. Use loin cloth to float down. Helmut will land
on Les Manley. Use cup o' drool to free Les.


    Talk to them. Use credit card to kill them.

Bell Tower

    Open trap door to go out. Talk to man (or should i called it
monster?). Use credit card. When he pull out his gun, pull the rope
below the bell. Use wax as ear plug. Pull rope again. This will
sound the bell and Abe will drop his gun. Get revolver. Helmut will
prepare himself. Use your hand to push Abe. 

    That's it. The game is completed. Kinda short isn't it.


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