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 LOST - Via Domus

LOST - Via Domus

Walkthrough v1.1 
Written by JmeHatesYou 
This is a spoiler-free walkthrough.  I do not describe the cutscenes, plot, or 
discussions whenever avoidable.  This is a complete walkthrough of the game, 
including all 30 Xbox 360 Achievements.  This guide was written to be used for 
free, and is not to be duplicated for commercial means.    
Episode 1 [EP01] 
	-Flashback 1   [EP01A] 
	-Fuse Puzzle   [EP01B] 
Episode 2            [EP02] 
	-Flashback 2   [EP02A] 
	-Fuse Puzzle   [EP02B] 
Episode 3            [EP03] 
	-Flashback 3   [EP03A] 
Episode 4            [EP04] 
	-Flashback 4   [EP04A] 
	-Fuse Puzzle 4 [EP04B]  
	-Fuse Puzzle 5 [EP04C]  
	-Fuse Puzzle 6 [EP04D] 
	-Test 4/42     [EP04E] 
Episode 5            [EP05] 
	-Flashback 5   [EP05A] 
	-Test 12/42    [EP05B] 
Episode 6            [EP06] 
	-Flashback 6   [EP06A] 
	-Fuse Puzzle 7 [EP06B] 
Episode 7            [EP07] 
	-Flashback 7   [EP07A] 
	-Test 4/42     [EP07B] 
	-Fuse Puzzle 8 [EP07C] 
Just search for the name of the achievement and you will find how to do it in 
the walkthrough.  I've written them directly into the walkthrough so there will 
be no need to backtrack or replay episodes just to get 1 achievement. 
[EP01] Episode 1 - Force Majeure 
After the opening sequence you will wake up on the island.  In front of you 
stands a girl, walk toward her and she will disappear.  Continue along the 
path, and you will see her several times, then you will finally run into Kate.  
Ask the questions available and it will trigger a flashback. 
Take the photograph of the stewardess handing Kate the water bottle.  A 
cutscene will ensue, once it is complete you can look around. 
Look down and examine your backpack.  Look to your left and examine the  
photos. Look up slightly from here and examine the magazine. - Unlocked 
Achievement "815" 
Now you can speak to the stewardess to finish the flashback. 
Talk to Kate with the available dialog, she will tell you to follow the dog.  
Try to keep up, if you lose the call, stop and call him back to you.  
Eventually he will lead you to the beach.  Find Jack near the shoreline and he 
will tell you to fix a ruptured fuel line.  Go over to the plane and there will 
be a panel you can examine on the rear of the plane. 
[EP01B] This is your first Fuse Puzzle.  You have 3 fuse types. 2-prong, 
3-prong, and 4-prong.  Each fuse type subtracts a different amount of power 
from the circuit, the key for this is in your upper left part of the screen.  
The idea is to complete the circuit and carry enough voltage to the end, while 
staying within the range.  This puzzle is the easiest of them all.  The 
solution from left-to-right is: 2-prong (Left and Down), 2-prong (Up and 
Right), 4-prong, 4 prong. Unlocked Achievement "Save the castaways" 
There will be a cutscene after you solve the puzzle.  Talk to Jack and he will 
suggest you look for your luggage.  Walk around the beach and pick up as much 
as you can (Coconuts, Water Bottles, Etc.)  These items will be used in the 
games barter system, so think of them as money.  Your backpack is at the fart 
left of the beach.  Pick it up and watch the cutscene to finish the Chapter.  
Unlocked Achievement "Crash Survivor" 
[EP02] Episode 2 - A New Day 
Watch the opening cutscene.  Talk to Kate and she suggests that your camera 
might be at the cockpit but warns that Jack is not allowing anyone to leave the 
beach. Talk to Jack, and the woman from the jungle appears on the beach. Talk 
to her to trigger a flashback. 
Take a picture of the girl as she poses with the fisherman in 
the picture. This will trigger your memory and a cutscene. Afterwards you can 
walk around. Examine the newspaper, then the diary, and finally the recorder, 
all of which are found on the porch.  Unlocked Achievement "Sweet memory"  
Talk to the woman to finish the flashback. 
Talk to Jack again, then you can enter the jungle.  Here you will meet Locke 
who will tell you to follow a trail of wreckage. There will be some black smoke 
you should avoid as it will kill you.  Continue following the wreckage until 
you find Michael. Talk to him and he tells you to go through the cave, and 
gives you a lighter to light your path.  You can also trade with him.  Trade 
whatever you have for at least 2 or 3 torches.  Then enter the cave.  You can 
make due with using just your lighter for the beginning of the cave.  Follow 
the path and you will pass through 2 lighted areas.  There will be a tunnel on 
your right with some bats, you should extinguish your torch before going 
through the bats, as they will damage the torch. The black smoke is in the next 
section of paths so don't stay in the dark too long. There are also pits on 
either side of the cave entrance. Look down as you enter to avoid them. Use the 
torch in and follow the path, extinguishing it before passing through the 
waterfalls, but relight it immediately afterwards.  You will eventually reach 
the end and find your way to the cockpit. 
Enter the wreckage and walk toward the very front of the plane, turn around and 
there will be a wall with 2 panels.  The one on the right is full of fuses you 
can take.  The one on the left is the next fuse puzzle. 
[EP02B] There are several possible solutions for these puzzles, I will only 
provide one.   
Top row: none, none 
Middle row: 4-prong, 4-prong, 4-prong, 
Bottom row: 2-prong (Up and Right), 3-prong (No Down). 
Once activated you will be able to open the storage compartment on the left 
side of the plane to get your camera and laptop.  Exit the plane and watch the 
cutscene to finish the chapter.  Unlocked Achievement "Locate the cockpit" 
[EP03] Episode 3 - Via Domus 
Watch the opening cutscene.  Talk with Sayid and he informs you that he can fix 
your laptop if you can find a battery. Talk to Locke and say all of the 
available dialog to trigger a flashback. 
Take a picture of the woman speaking to the shop owner with 
the Rico's Shop sign in the picture. This will trigger a cutscene, and then you 
can walk around. 
Walk around and examine the article, a note and a recorder, all of which are in 
this room.  Unlocked Achievement "Behind the glass" 
Talk to Rico to finish the flashback. 
Talk to Locke and he will agree to help you. Unlocked Achievement "Blackmailer" 
Follow Locke into the Jungle and he will tell you to follow his markers on the 
trees and he will meet you at the other end. Just follow the markers and try to 
avoid being shot.  Once you finish you will stumble upon The Hatch.  Take a 
picture of the numbers on the hatch, they are on the side nearest you, to the 
left a bit.  Unlocked Achievement "4 8 15 16 23 42" Talk to Locke and ask for 
the battery and he says to follow him, this will transport you to a new area.  
Turn around and go back to The Hatch and take a picture of the beam of light.  
Unlocked Achievement "Beam of light" 
Now go back to Locke and follow him over 
a bridge and to the entrance of a cave. He explains that the cave contains 
answers and that he will meet you on the other side with the battery. You can 
trade with Locke just before entering the cave, he has 3 torches and 1 can of 
oil to use if you have an oil lantern at this point. Take at least 2 torches in 
with you, and remember if you are holding an old torch that was partially used, 
it will still only have the remaining amount of burn time, you'll want 2 "full" 
torches. Enter the cave and you will see Lisa directly in front of you toward 
the back. By the time you reach her you will need to light your torch, and she 
will then run around a corner to your left, continue to follow her through the 
narrow passage, there is only one way to go. Watch the floor once you reach a 
small opening as there is a pit on the left side. Just as you pass through this 
area be prepared for bats to appear. Continue forward and you will find a 
larger "room" and directly in front of you is a waterfall. Extinguish your 
torch and walk through the waterfall, then relight it. Follow the passage way 
until you reach a fork in the road, and go left. Continue along this passage 
way and you will come across another waterfall. Be careful when walking through 
the waterfall, there are pits on both sides, relight your torch as soon as you 
pass through the water. Hug the left wall and you will find a small down hill 
portion that leads to a small pool of water and you will see Lisa again, 
continue to follow her. You will eventually catch up at which point you can 
speak to her. She will tell you that "Everything that happens on this Island, 
happens for a reason." You can now jump down from a small cliff, walk until you 
find the corpse and take the object in her hand, and watch the cutscene. 
Unlocked Achievement "Via Domus" 
[EP04] Episode 4 - Forty-Two 
Watch the opening cutscene.  You will be on the beach.  Walk to the far right 
end of the beach, and along the shore line you will see some shells making the 
number 8 in the sand.  From here, turn to your left and walk up a bit until you 
find a suitcase you can examine.  Examine the suitcase, it has the number 4 on 
it.  Now walk back to the shells, and examine them, they make the number 8.  
Run to the opposite end of the beach, and you will find a shelter, on it's 
right side there is a piece of wreckage, examine it, it has the number 15 on 
it.  Turn around and walk over to the crate under the tarp, examine it, it has 
the number 16 on it.  Walk over to Hurley's tent and examine the food cart in 
front, it has the number 23 on it.  Walk over to Charlie's tent and examine the 
dominoes, they have the number 42.  You will now be prompted to visit the 
Medical Station, so go there. 
There's not much to do here, but go inside and you will see a large logo on the 
wall, take a picture of it.  Unlocked Achievement "Medical Station".  You can 
go in the Nursery to find an Apollo Bar ($50), and you will find another in the 
medical room at the end of the hallway.  You can leave this station now and 
return to the beach. 
Walk over to Kate and take a picture of the plane she is holding.  Then walk 
over to Charlie's tent and take a photo of his guitar.  From here walk directly 
up toward the woods, there will be a tree in your path, if you go around it you 
will find Locke's wheelchair in the grass, take a picture of it.  Unlocked 
Achievement "Castaway Treasures" 
Talk to people on the beach to find out where Sayid is.  You will be told he is 
at the hatch.  Enter the jungle and follow your compass from marker to marker 
until you reach the Swan Station.  Talk to Sayid, and he will not let you enter 
until he knows your name.  Head back to the beach camp and talk to Hurley to 
trigger a flashback. 
Take a picture of the folder on the counter in front of you 
while the hand is not covering it.  This will trigger your memory, in which you 
learn your name. You can now move around.  Examine the letter on the back 
shelf, then the recorder on the front shelf, and finally the folder on the 
counter.  Unlocked Achievement "Identity Crisis"  Talk to Rico to finish the 
Go back to The Swan and talk to Sayid.  He will let you in and you have to 
enter the numbers (4 8 15 16 23 42) on the console in the room on the right 
side of the hallway when you enter.  Unlocked Achievement "Button Pusher".  
Note that if you do not do this before the timer runs out, you will die. There 
are lots of items in here you can use for trading, so pick up as much as you 
can.  You will also want to search out as many fuses as you can, as there are 3 
fuse puzzles in here.  Locate the book "Turn Of The Screw" on the bookshelf in 
the living area and take a picture of it.  Unlocked Achievement "Turn of the 
screw"  Turn around and look up at the ceiling just above the lava lamp, and 
take a picture of the bloodstain.  Unlocked Achievement "Radzinsky".  On the 
wall you will see a medical cabinet, take a picture of it.  In the closet you 
will see a jumpsuit with the name "Kelvin" on it, take a picture of the name 
tag.  In the hallway you will see a large mural, take a picture of it. Unlocked 
Achievement "Past of Desmond" 
[EP04B] Now that all the pictures are out of the way, and you've collected all 
the items you can carry, head to the entry hallway. Examine the electrical 
panel and enter the fuses as such:  
Top row: 2-prong (Right and Down), 3-prong (No Right), 2-prong (Right and 
Down), 2-prong (Left and Up) 
Middle row: 4-prong, 3-prong (No Down), 3-prong (No Down)  
Bottom row: 4-prong, 2-prong (Left and Up) 
[EP04C] Now head over to the panel near the beds, and enter the fuses as such: 
Top row: 4-prong, 2-prong (Right and Down), 2-prong (Left and Down) 
Middle row: 4-prong, 2-prong (Left and Up), 2-prong (Right and Down), 2-prong 
(Up and Right) 
Bottom row: 2-prong (Up and Right, 3-prong (No Down), 4-prong 
[EP04D] Now head over to the panel near the laundry machines, and enter the 
fuses as such:  
Top row: 4-prong, 3-prong (No Up), 2-prong (Left and Down) 
Middle row: 3-prong (No Right)  
Bottom row: 4-prong, NONE, 2-prong (Up and Right) 
After completing all 3 circuit panels, you can enter the room with the console 
in it.  There is a switch along the back wall, activate it and you will be 
trapped in this room (as you should be).  Go back to the computer and enter 
"VIA DOMUS" and you will be given a menu.  Choose option "D" and it will bring 
up an IQ TEST. 
[EP04E] Test 4/42 
3 - 7 - 15 - 31 - (?)  - 63 (Pattern is x2+1)  
D - F - H - J - (?)  - L (Every Other Letter) 
Back at the menu screen, choose option A, then B, then C.  On the Blast Door 
Menu, choose option A.  Exit the console and take a photo of the map on the 
door (visible in blacklight) for 1/3 pictures.  Go back to the computer and 
choose B, leave through the open door that leads into the living area.  Take a 
photo of the other map (visible in blacklight) for 2/3 pictures for the 
"Mapping the island" achievement.  3/3 will come in Episode 6. It should be 
noted that these pictures can wait until Episode 5, as there is a time limit 
that will kill you if you fail, but it's totally do-able now. If you'd rather 
wait you can skip the steps above. Now go back to the computer and choose C, 
exit the door and watch the cutscene. Unlocked Achievement "Into the Hatch" 
[EP05] Episode 5 - Hotel Persephone 
Light your lighter.  Talk to Kate to trigger a flashback 
Walk behind the pillar on your left side in the hotel lobby 
and you should be behind Lisa working on her laptop.  Take a photo of her 
screen, but you have to be far enough away or she will close the laptop, so use 
your zoom.  This will trigger the memory cutscene. Now that you can walk, 
examine the folder next to Lisa, then the letter on the table next to Lisa, 
then walk away and you will find a recorder on a table, examine it.  Unlocked 
Achievement "Persephone". Talk to Lisa to finish the flashback. 
Talk to Kate again, and she will let you out.  Exit the Swan Station and in 
front of you will be two trees crossing each other making an "X", directly in 
front of them is a waterfall, walk through it and follow the path until you 
reach a door. Examine the door.  Head back and go to the beach.  Talk to 
Hurley.  Go back to the Hatch and find the flags on the left side.  Enter the 
Dark Territory. 
As soon as you enter, run directly into the Banyon tree in front of you and 
avoid the Black Smoke.  Get used to this practice, you'll be doing it any time 
you hear the noise this monster makes.  While in the tree, you can wait for it 
to stop circling you and start leaving.  Once you see it has left, exit the 
tree.  Walk toward the next marker, keep following this path to the left and 
you will come to a small fork, going left will have Elliot saying he should go 
back, if you go right you will find the VW Van in the trees on your left.  Take 
a picture of it.  Unlocked Achievement "Dharma Ride".  Note that this is pretty 
hard to describe but just follow what I said and you will find it.  Head back 
to the closest markers and follow the path appropriately from here on out, 
hiding from the monster as needed.  Once you have followed the flags you will 
be in another area with the Others shooting at you.  Just follow the path until 
you reach the Black Rock.  Enter it and walk to the back.  Take a photo of the 
skeleton. Unlocked Achievement "Slave" Turn to your left and grab the dynamite. 
You CAN NOT RUN with the dynamite.  You will die.  You also can not get shot, 
so take cover whenever possible.  Head back the exact way you came, and avoid 
the monster.  I find it helps best to stop at any Banyon trees and wait for the 
monster to come close so you can just walk right in without running and blowing 
up.  After it leaves make a straight path to your next marker.  Once you reach 
the Hatch, go back to that door behind the waterfall and use the dynamite.  Now 
go back to the beach and talk to Charlie.  Trade with him for a gun (no clip is 
needed it comes with bullets).  Go back to the door and stand a safe distance 
back and shoot the dynamite.  Unlocked Achievement "Boom Boom" Enter the  
and look around.  This is the first time this area has been seen (not seen on 
the show.)  Use the computer in here. 
[EP05B] Test 12/42  
26 - 17 - 20 - 11 - 14 - 5 - (?)  - 8 (Every other number is -6)  
Z - X - V - T - (?)  - R (Every other letter in reverse)  
GOD is to DOG as 394 is to ?  - 493 (reverse) 
You can now access the menu of the computer, choose whatever you want, then 
choose "Neutralize Reactor" to trigger a cutscene and finish the episode.  
Unlocked Achievement "Behind the wall" 
[EP06] Episode 6 - Whatever it Takes 
You start running.  Just keep running.  Jump and duck as necessary and don't 
mess up.  Once you finish this sequence, you will watch a cutscene.  You can 
now speak to Juliet.  Talk to her until you trigger the flashback 
Take a picture of the guard showing his gun to Lisa after the 
woman blocking your view moves.  This will trigger your memory cutscene. Now 
that you can walk around examine the Diary next to Lisa, the newspaper on the 
table in the lobby, and the guestbook computer screen on the reception desk. 
Talk to Lisa to finish the cutscene. 
Juliet will let you through the fence, if you walk to the right following the 
fence, then the treeline, away from Juliet you will find a blue object in the 
grass.  Take it to be transported to the Pearl Station.  Once inside, walk down 
the hallway and take a picture of the large logo mounted on the wall.  Unlocked 
Achievement "Pearl"  Like the Medical Station you can find some more Apollo 
Bars in the rooms.  Leave the station and go talk to Juliet.  Trade with her 
for some light sources.  If you don't have a lantern yet don't bother because 
you can find one in the upcoming area, but you should get some oil for it.  And 
a torch or 2 is always handy. Enter the Flame Station and use whatever light 
source you can to look around.  Pick up fuses wherever you can. You'll find a 
lantern in the large storage area if you follow the wall on your left straight 
ahead.  The door is on your right.  Now follow that wall until the end, and 
turn right to continue the hallway.  There will be a door on your right that 
leads to a living quarters, walk through here and exit the other door, continue 
along the path and you will eventually find some computer screens with static 
on them.  Head to the right of these and follow this until you can't go any 
further, then turn left, and you will find an electrical panel. 
[EP06B] Examine the panel and enter fuses thusly:  
Top row: 2-prong (Right and Down), 2-prong (Up and Right), 2-prong (Left and 
Middle row: 2-prong (Left and Down), 2-prong (Right and Down), 2-prong (Right 
and Down) 
Bottom row: 2-prong (Up and Right), 2-prong (Left and Up), 3-prong (No Down) 
Upon finishing the panel you will unlock a door.  Go through it and pick up the 
ammo.  You can access the computer if you want but do not choose "Mainland 
Communications" otherwise you will die.  Remember those 2 pictures of maps we 
took before?  Well finally we take the 3rd picture, there is a map on the 
table, take a picture of it.  Unlocked Achievement "Mapping the Island"  Walk 
through this area and you will see some people talking in the next room.  Open 
the door and use your gun. Unlocked Achievment "Showdown"  Watch the  
and finish the episode.  Unlocked Achievement "Through the Flame" 
[EP07] Episode 7 - Worth A Thousand Words 
Watch the opening, then talk to Tom to trigger a flashback. 
Walk around until you find a large room with a nice desk. On 
the left side of this room there is a closet sort of thing, enter it and you 
will be given the option to hide.  Do so.  Take the picture of the briefcase 
being handed off. There are no objects to find this time around.  Just watch 
the cutscene to end the flashback. 
Talk to Tom again.  Exit through the door, and go around searching for fuses.  
You can pick up other items but you won't be doing any trading so there's no 
point.  Walk around and you will eventually find a room with a large water tank 
in the floor, and you can walk over it via a bridge.  On the other side of the 
bridge there is a computer.  Use it. 
[EP07B] Test 4/42  
2 - 4 - 8 - 10 - 20 - 22 - (?)  - 44 (Pattern is +2, x2)  
A - B - D - E - G - (?)  - H (Skip every 3rd letter)  
Z - X - C - V - (?)  - B (Bottom row of keyboard) 
With access to the computer menu you can poke around, then choose to lift the 
platform.  Head over to the shark on the bridge and take the fuses.  Leave and 
you will find an electrical panel near the locked door.  Note that you NEED to 
have 6 x 3-prong fuses, and 3 x 4-prong fuses.  If you don't have these, keep 
looking around until you find them. (You can check your fuses on the inventory 
[EP07C] Examine the panel for your final fuse puzzle.  One of the solutions is: 
Top row: 3-prong (No Right), 4-prong, 3-prong (No Left), 4-prong  
Middle row: 3-prong (No Left), 4-prong, 3-prong (No Right)  
Bottom row: 3-prong (No Down), 3-prong (No Up) 
Completing the panel will open the door.  Walk through and talk to the people 
there.  Once the conversation is over you will be taken back to the beach. 
Find Jack at the far right end of the beach.  Talk to him.  Now head into the 
jungle and go to the Black Rock.  Talk to Jack.  Walk through the boat, taking 
the stairs up until you reach the deck.  Enter the room at the far end of the 
ship and watch the cutscene.  This will trigger a flashback, but this time it's 
just a cutscene.  Afterwards take the compass, then stand in front of Kate and 
use your gun on the dynamite.  Unlocked Achievement "Heros hero"  Watch the 
cutscene that follows. 
You will be doing another running bit, like the start of episode 6, but this 
time there is a short time limit.  Run as fast as you can jumping and ducking 
when necessary.  If you reach the goal within the limit you can watch the 
cutscene for the end of the game.  Enjoy.  Unlocked Achievement "The way home" 

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