The Lord of the Rings - The Battle for Middle Earth 2 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 The Lord of the Rings - The Battle for Middle Earth 2

The Lord of the Rings - The Battle for Middle Earth 2
        _______ _            ____        _   _   _         __           
       |__   __| |          |  _ \      | | | | | |       / _|          
          | |  | |__   ___  | |_) | __ _| |_| |_| | ___  | |_ ___  _ __ 
          | |  | '_ \ / _ \ |  _ < / _` | __| __| |/ _ \ |  _/ _ \| '__|
          | |  | | | |  __/ | |_) | (_| | |_| |_| |  __/ | || (_) | |   
          |_|  |_| |_|\___| |____/ \__,_|\__|\__|_|\___| |_| \___/|_|   
        __  __ _     _     _ _        ______           _   _       ___  
       |  \/  (_)   | |   | | |      |  ____|         | | | |     |__ \ 
       | \  / |_  __| | __| | | ___  | |__   __ _ _ __| |_| |__      ) |
       | |\/| | |/ _` |/ _` | |/ _ \ |  __| / _` | '__| __| '_ \    / / 
       | |  | | | (_| | (_| | |  __/ | |___| (_| | |  | |_| | | |  / /_ 
       |_|  |_|_|\__,_|\__,_|_|\___| |______\__,_|_|   \__|_| |_| |____|
<>The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth 2<>
<>Good side campaign walkthrough                      <>
<>By Michael Consolvo                                 <>
<>Started: 3/24/07 Finished: 4/11/07                  <>
<>Contact:                         <>
Copyright (C) 2008 (Michael Consolvo)

<>               TABLE OF CONTENTS          <>
|1..............INTRODUCTION...............  |
|2..............VERSION HISTORY............  |
|3..............WALKTHROUGH................  |
| 3.1 Rivendell                              |
| 3.2 The High Pass                          |
| 3.3 The Ettenmoors                         |
| 3.4 The Blue Mountains                     |
| 3.5 The Grey Havens                        |
| 3.6 Celduin                                |
| 3.7 Erebor                                 |
| 3.8 Dol Guldur                             |
|4..............CLOSING....................  |

1                INTRODUCTION                1
Hello, my name is Michael Consolvo. I hope you find this guide
useful during the time you play The Battle for Middle Earth 2.
I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it and
I sincerely hope you enjoy the game.

2                VERSION HISTORY             2
Put in all the beginning stuff. Finished the first
and second campaign levels.

Finished the third mission for the good guys.

Started on the fourth mission, The Blue Moutains, for the good campaign.

Finished the fourth mission and started on the fifth, the Grey Havens.

Finished the Grey Havens mission. Talk about a lot of writing and note 
taking. I had to try out a few different strategies before I found one
that worked. Also finished mission 6, Celduin.

Finished mission 7, Erebor. Only one more to go.
Finished the walkthrough.

Decided for some strange reason to come back,
completely edit the guide and submit it.

3                           WALKTHROUGH                    3

3.1 Rivendell
Letís get started shall we? You start off this good campaign with
the Elven Lord Glorfindel and a battalion of Lorien Warriors in
a heavily wooded area. Peaceful right? WellÖ..not really as you 
soon encounter some goblins who are eager to have some Elven 
entrails for a snack. Your first objective is to get Glorfindel 
and his buddies to Rivendell to warn Elrond and the inhabitants 
of the incoming goblin army.
Move your battalion, with Glorfindel at the head, forward and 
you should meet the first goblin battalion you will encounter. 
You should be able to waste these beasts easily, since Lorien 
Warriors are stronger than the typical goblin swordsmen, and 
your Lorien Warrior battalion is level 2 to boot. After they 
are killed, continue on through the forest.

Now youíll encounter some more Lorien Warriors, fighting while 
outnumbered against two goblin battalions. The goblins have 
already been weakened by your friends in need of aid and you 
have the element of surprise, so hit them from behind and 
slaughter them.
A new objective will come up requiring you to purchase a power 
from your Evenstar. Go ahead and click the Evenstar. The best 
power for you to get at this point is Heal or Elven Gifts. 
Either one helps you in beneficial ways. Now move your battalions 
and your hero forward and you will come upon a Mallorn Tree 
being attacked by some more goblins. Theyíll end up destroying 
it before you can do anything, and then you clash with them.
Along with the single goblin battalion you are engaging, you 
will be attacked by a battalion of goblin archers. Use the 
Heal power on your troops, since the elves you rescued before 
are weak to begin with and probably wonít make it through 
this clash without the help of Heal. Fight through the goblin 
swordsmen to reach the enemy archers, who should die quickly, 
and continue through the woods. You meet another battalion 
of goblin archers. Hack through them, and even more goblins 
spring on you, these being the swordsmen type.

Once all the goblins in this area are dead, you should have 
taken some heavy losses. The battalion you saved before should 
be decimated, if not wiped out completely, and your remaining 
forces are weak. But you are about to be strengthened as you reach 
the foot of the bridge leading up to Rivendellís front gate and 
find two Lorien Warrior battalions fighting a goblin force of 
about equal number. After destroying these goblins, the two 
battalions you aided should be in fair shape.
Move your forces over the bridge. Stop and enjoy the scenery 
for a while also. The graphical excellence of those waterfalls 
on your right is simply breathtaking, a fine way to capture 
the peace and tranquility of a place like Rivendell. Alright, 
now get your head back into the game. Move Glorfindel and 
company up to Rivendellís gate, which should open for you. 
You now receive a new objective; find Elrond and warn him 
about the goblins. Youíll find him in the very back of the 
Elven city, in front of his house (which would make Bill 
Gates stammer), conversing with his Dwarven buddy, Gloin, 
who you will get to know very well throughout the campaign. 
Now move your troops over to the two.

A little scene will ensue in which Glorfindel gives warning. 
Now, you must train some more Lorien Warriors, since your 
current forces just arenít going to cut it. Click on the 
nearest Elven Barracks and train three or four Lorien Warrior 
battalions, which should be more than enough. A new bonus 
objective will come up, tasking you to get Gloin to level 3. 
This is pretty easy, as long as you keep him in front of your 
army and in the thick of the action.
By the time you get at least one Lorien Warrior battalion 
trained, the first wave of goblins will strike (after some 
of those creepy drums sound in the distance). Meet them 
with your current troops. Despite the enemyís greater 
numbers, you should kill them with ease. After they are 
defeated, some Lorien Archers will show up to aid you, 
two battalions of them. Place them behind your three 
heroes and your Lorien Warriors and wait for the next 
attack. Donít forget to transfer your freshly trained 
Lorien Warriors from the front of the barracks they 
were made at to the front lines for fighting. And now 
that Lorien Archers have become available, build three 
or four battalions of them as well.

After a few seconds, a few more goblin battalions 
will attack, bringing with them a Mountain Giant. The 
Mountain Giant will throw rocks at your Elven Barracks 
that youíve been fighting close to. After the attacking 
goblins are dead, get all your elves and take down the 
Mountain Giant. Heíll probably destroy your barracks just 
before you kill him. After he is dead, two cave trolls 
join the fun. Take care of these guys any way you can, 
but they should die pretty quickly, since they are going 
after buildings, not your units.

Arwen joins you now, leading two battalions of Rivendell 
Lancers. You can leave her mounted once she and her troops 
have joined with your defenders or you can dismount her 
and have her fight with your swordsmen. Either way works 
fine. Upon arrival, she informs you of a goblin encampment 
that has been established across the river. Gather your full 
forces, heroes in front, and head for the bridge. Long before 
you reach the bridge however, a goblin battalion enters 
Rivendell through the front gate. You should be able to slaughter 
them pretty darn quickly with your nice sized army.

Once youíve gotten your army across the bridge, youíll find a 
lumber camp first. Destroy it and kill the orc laborers. Now 
you can start your assault on the goblin camp. The Eagles that 
you were informed of earlier show up now, making your attack 
force even more intimidating.

There really is no huge strategy for this attack, just clean 
the camp of goblins, giants, and trolls and then take down the 
buildings. Trash the enemy with your Eagles in various ways, 
having them attack buildings, where they do tons of damage, or 
enemy units. Destroy the camp and you get to have a final 
showdown with the boss of this level.

You should have lost a little over half of your attack force 
during the destruction of the goblin encampment and you will 
probably lose the rest of it during this final battle. A giant 
worm pops out of the ground and it seems pretty pissed. If 
thereís nothing in sight for it to kill immediately, itíll 
burrow underground and emerge in the middle of your units. 
Its flame attack should do in most of your units in the 
area pretty quickly. Use the Eagles and heroes to take 
this thing down pretty quick. The Eagles take off huge 
chunks of damage each time, so this beast should be no 
problem. After it is defeated, you have officially won the 
level. Good job! :)

3.2 The High Pass

You start this mission out with Glorfindel and Gloin who 
are leading three battalions of Lorien Warriors. You 
have a Fortress and two Builders and your first objective 
is to build up a suitable base before facing the dangers 
of the High Pass. First, you need to build a Mallorn Tree, 
and then a barracks. After you have built those, you need 
to construct a Green Pasture, and then a Battle Tower. Hold 
on, we arenít done building yet. Click on one of the 
building foundations surrounding your fortress and choose 
to build a watch tower. Once that is done, you are required 
to build some Rivendell Lancers and Lorien Archers.

After you have a battalion of Rivendell Lancers and one or 
two battalions of Lorien Archers, your base should be well 
established. It will cut to a brief glimpse of the goblin 
bases and their forces and task you to destroy them. Gather 
your forces and head into the High Passes. You will come upon 
two goblin caves with goblins swarming everywhere. They 
still donít outnumber you, though. Make quick work of them, 
and destroy the two goblin caves. Afterwards, your troops 
should be in good shape, but use Heal on them to get them 
revitalized for more fighting.

Now, you can choose to take the right path or the left path 
from here. Choose the left and you will meet three goblin 
battalions and a Mountain Giant. You will also receive a new 
objective, requiring you to kill all the Mountain Giants in 
the High Passes. Right as you are about to attack the beast, 
a flimsy ice tower falls in front of you, forcing you to find 
an alternative route.
Take the right path back at the intersecting entrance to 
the passes. You will stumble upon a goblin cave. Go ahead 
and destroy it. This will trigger three goblin archer 
battalions to come out and attack you. Make quick work of 
them, and get ready for a big fight. A crapload of goblins 
will start to pour down the mountain pass towards you, 
accompanied by a Mountain Giant. You are going to take some 
heavy losses if you go toe to toe with them, but you 
should come out victorious. 

Use Heal as soon as the last enemy falls. 
After all of the goblins are dead and you have used Heal 
continue and destroy the wild goblin cave in your way, 
gathering the riches that it leaves behind. Farther on 
down the path, you will come to another intersection. 
I suggest taking the path to the right to destroy the 
goblin foothold there, which consists of a few goblin 
battalions, a goblin watch tower, a wild goblin cave, 
and a wild troll cave. You shouldnít take too many 
casualties, as long as you take care of the troll 
quickly, before it can trash your swordsmen. 

At this point, just keep your troops in this small 
area, to let the banners bring units back. Also, if 
you have lost enough troops, you may have room to build 
more. Go ahead and take any freshly made units and meet 
them up with your current forces in the pass. Now, head 
back to the intersection and go left this time. Kill the 
Mountain Giant in your way, who shouldnít be much of a 
problem, and the camera immediately switches to an elf in 
fancy armor, surrounded by goblins with only a few soldiers 
left fighting for him. Thatís Haldir and heís in need of 
some aid. His health canít decline while you are on your 
way to save him, only when you actually get there. 
Continue on down the path and after dealing with two 
goblin battalions in your way, turn left and rescue Haldir, 
slaughtering his attackers. Destroy the goblin cave in that 
location too. There is another goblin cave, farther to 
the left, so sweep it up before heading back to the intersection 
you just fought the two goblin battalions in. You should 
find a newly arrived goblin archer battalion and goblin 
swordsmen battalions, kill them, and take the path to the 
left. Your forces should be much larger and stronger now 
that Haldir has joined you, but we donít want to go right 
and assault the goblin camp just yet.
To the left, destroy the wild goblins and their cave standing 
in your way. Go on up the path, and you come to two watch towers 
on each side of the entrance to this small camp. Destroy them, 
and any goblins that spawn from the goblin cave just inside the 
entrance, then destroy the cave. Go deeper into the camp and 
destroy the Giant Fissure before any giants can spawn from it. 
You should be fine in terms of troops and health for them, but 
Heal all your units one more time before assaulting the goblin camp. 

This attack really shouldnít cause you to break a sweat. First, 
take down the two watch towers lining each side of the path into 
the goblin camp. You meet new enemies here called Spider Riders, 
but they arenít really anything special. Get them out of your 
way for good and start attacking the camp. 

Destroy the Giant Fissure, the watch tower, and the goblin cave.
OK, now time to assault the inner part of the camp. But wait! 
The foe has summoned The Watcher AKA the giant, ugly octopus 
looking creature that attacked the Fellowship in front of the 
entrance to Moria in the first LOTR movie. Move your forces 
out of its range as quickly as possible, to avoid having them 
completely wiped out. Let your heroes do the primary damage, 
with your archers firing arrows safely from a distance. The 
creature should be taken down relatively quick, but you 
will probably take a few losses if you didnít move your 
troops out in enough time, but no biggie, as you wonít 
need them very much after the Watcher is dead.

After The Watcher is killed, destroy the watch tower to 
your right and attack the goblin cave ahead of you. All 
you have to deal with is one battalion of goblins. Once 
they have been killed, destroy the goblin cave, and 
victory is yours!

3.3 The Ettenmoors

You start out this mission commanding our three heroes
and two Lorien Warrior battalions sporting nice Heavy
Armor and Forged Blades upgrades. Some distressed villagers
come and tell you about an elven settlement up the road
that needs aid because they are being overrun by some
major goblin forces. Haldir leaves to go get some

Move your forces forward, staying true to the path, then
turn left and meet some Lorien Archers. These guys
have an upgrade called Silverthorn Arrows which as
you'll find out can yield some pretty devastating results
for your foe. You'll get to use them right away because
some goblins will attack you. Kill them, and you'll
stumble on a tunnel that the enemy uses to transport 
their forces around the map. Many goblins are
guarding it, so you won't destroy it without taking
some losses.

If your battalions need it, use Heal and continue to
meet some goblin archers and some spiders. The spiders
are weaker than your normal goblin soldier, so they
shouldn't be much of a problem. 

The land is clear between you and the besieged Elven
camp. The Elves there are outnumbered but once you join
in, you should kill the goblins pretty quick. When they
are defeated, Haldir arrives with reinforcements
and you get a new objective.

Now you must travel through land infested with
nasty goblins and awaken a dormant Ent Moot and the
large wooden giants who reside in it. They are really
good against buildings, so you can use them
to break down the walls of this Goblin King's
fortress that you are assaulting later on.

Haldir brings two battalions of the powerful
Mirkwood Archers, who are pretty tough, especially
with the Silverthorn upgrade. Let your
battalions regenerate while fending off enemy
attacks on your fortress. Once they are fully
regenerated, move your forces forward. Don't bother
to leave any behind at the base. Your fortress
will survive longer than it takes you to take
down the Goblin King.

Kill the cave troll that gets in your way as
you keep moving forward, then head left and
kill the troll up the hill and destroy his lair.
Then make your way to the big drum that is
apparently supposed to call Mountain Giants and
destroy it before it can. 

Head back down the hill and get back on the line
you were on, razing the enemy tunnel in your way.
Keep going and you should meet some goblin
swordsmen and spiders, as well as be ambushed by
some goblin archers. Kill all of these, and you
should be able to pretty quickly, and turn right
once you reach the top left half of the map. The 
Ent Moot is in sight! You'll need to fight for it,
because some goblin archers and hideous spiders
appear. They should give you too much trouble.
Now head for the Ent Moot and kill the troll
guarding it to gain control of it.

Build Treebeard at your Ent Moot, and while you
are waiting for your battalions to regenerate,
use Heal on all your warriors to get them ready
for the assualt on the enemy camp. Once all
your battalions have regenerated and Treebeard
has been created, it's time to kill the Goblin King!

Move your full force forward and the walls of the
Goblin King's fortress should become visible.
Have Treebeard batter the wall with rocks while
your heroes and units guard him and also destroy
the other enemy buildings outside the wall. 
You will be attacked by some spiders and a lot
of goblin archer battalions, but they should 
prove no match for you. 

Once the wall is broken down, swarm the base
with all your strength. Have your heroes focus
on the Goblin King, who should be dead pretty
quick if you fight him with all three heroes
and then turn your attention to his soldiers
and eventually his fortress.

The Goblin King dead and his forces crushed,
all you need to do is take down his fortress
and victory is yours. Use Gloin's Shake Foundation
special ability to weaken the building
considerably, then destroy the rest of the way
with your remaining troops and you've
completed mission! Good job! 

3.4 The Blue Mountains

This is the first mission in which you get to
play the as the Dwarves in the whole campaign.
Their units have very good defense, but they
aren't that great in terms of the damage they
dish out, so keep the Elves that you start out
alive so you can get a needed boost when 
attacking the enemy. 

You start with Gloin and Glorfindel with two
battalions of Mirkwood Archers and one battalion
of Lorien Warriors, and join up with the Dwarves
at their base outside of a cave, who have two
battalions of Axe Throwers and one battalion
of Guardians. 

The dragon will come and start destroying
everything while your troops flee into the
cave. Move your forces a little more into it
and you should meet a bunch of spiders and
about three Spider Lairs. Kill all of these
ugly beasts, destroy their lairs, and build
a Fortress on the captured land. Now you've
got a base away from that physco dragon.

Along with your Fortress, build an Archery Range,
Mine Shaft, and Hall of Warriors. Make sure
your Mine Shaft is in a good spot to produce maximum
resources. If you can manage to build another Mine
Shaft without getting it too far away from the 
area, do so. That way you won't have to worry
about saving up resources for unit production.

I had room in CP limit for two more battalions of
Axe Throwers, so build them if you have room. You'll
need ranged units when taking on the dragon, so
make sure you have plenty of Axe Throwers, and that
you have a Dwarven Forge Works, where you can purchase
upgrades. Get the Banner Carrier upgrade, Forged Blades,
and Mithril Mail. The Banner upgrade is at your
Hall of Warriors. Once you have all these upgrades,
upgrade your battalions, and it's time to find that
dragon lair.

Move your army around the bend to the right and into
the open, where you should find two Goblin Tunnels.
Destroy these and the goblins in your way. The dragon
will come and attack, and probably kill a good chunk 
of your forces, but you can't do anything about that,
so just take the losses, and cross the bridge to 
demolish the Goblin Cave, Spider Pit, and the Goblin
Tunnel there. Deal with anything that gets in your way.
Capture the signal fire building with one of your heroes.

After this area is cleaned up, be aware of the wall cracking
open over by the signal fire, and some spiders pouring out of
it. Deal with these little pests, and don't go into
the area they came out of. You don't need to worry about it.
Now, a scene will ensue in which some Spider Riders come out
of these big double doors across the next bridge, which
open up into the cave containing the dragon lair. They
should go down relatively easily. 

Now you recieve a new objective. Very simple. destroy the
door guarding the caves into the dragon's lair. Gloin should
be able to level it with Shake Foundation, and if that
doesn't demolish it, use his Slam, which should bring it the
rest of the way down. Hurry your forces into the caves
because that insane dragon is back and he'll be ripping
up your forces if you dont get them out of harm's way.

There should be a few enemies at the entrance right when
you get in, but they shouldn't a problem for your army.
Kill them, and then bring a Builder all the way to the
area. Build a Mine Shaft here, so you can transport units
from your base to here very quickly. Also, if your units
need some revitalization, use Heal on them. Don't forget
that if you have CP room for another battalion or another
few battalions, to build them, and send them by the Mine
Shaft, if it's built already, or on foot.

Once you're done making preparations, move your army through
the archway to the right of them. Keep moving forward and you
should be surprised by some Spider Riders from behind and from
the right. Protect your ranged units, since you will need them
most of all up ahead, and make Gloin and Glorfindel take the
brunt of the fighting. They should take down both companies with
ease, along with the pesky mini spiders that come from all
directions. Lastly, take down the Mountain Giant farther 
down the path. OK, you've got that obstacle out of the way.
You're getting closer to the lair.

Move your forces forward and you should see a left bend coming
up. Send forth only Glorfindel and Gloin, because a Fire Drake
wull attack, and they will probably wipe out your
infantry with one fire blast, so keep them out of there. 
It should go down pretty quickly with both heroes on it.
Once it's dead, take that Builder that built the first
Mine Shaft back at the cave entrance and have him construct
one here.

Take the left turn and you should come upon a small gate a
little ways up that path. Use Gloin's Shake Foundation to
get it out of the way and rush your heroes and infantry in
first, to take the full charge of a few battalions of Spider
Riders. There are also some goblin archers battalions, so
take them out too. If you are low in terms of units from
this battle, create more and transport them to the area
via the Mine Shaft you built a little ways back.

OK, once all these enemies in your way are dead, we come
at last to the dragon lair. The dragon doesn't appear at
first, but he's lurking somewhere inside. A gate is in
blocking your way in. Use Gloin to destroy it and place
Glorfindel and the rest of your melee forces in front of
your ranged units. Before the gate is destroyed, some 
spiders should jump over the walls and start attacking.
They aren't that difficult to deal with, so take them down.
Once the gate is destroyed, rush in your melee forces and
fight the Spider Riders inside. Make sure none of the enemy
reach your ranged units during the attack.

The dragon will now show his ugly face. Let your Axe Throwers
and Mirkwood Archers concentrate on him while your heroes and
melee units deal with his army. Those scales don't do him
much good, because he should be dead soon, as long as you
keep your ranged units away from the battle raging inside
his lair. Once his health bar reaches zero, you've
completed your mission and saved the Blue Mountains!

3.5 The Grey Havens

You start out with Gloin and Glorfindel of course, along
with three battalions of Mithlond Sentries, two battalions
of Lorien Archers, a battalion of Guardians, who Gloin
sends back to the Blue Mountains to call for aid. 

Your first objcetive is to clear the Grey Havens of 
Corsairs, which is relatively easy. Move your troops
towards the port city, commanding your Lorien
Archers to take down the Corsairs running down the
path to their right. Move your heroes and Mithlond
Sentries into the city and deal with the first 
battalion of Corsairs you encounter in melee combat.
They shouldn't be that hard to deal with. 

Once they are out of the way, head down the
causeway leading to the shipyards and defeat
the Corsairs battalion coming from there.
Ignore the battalion attacking that Fortress
because the arrows coming from the Fortress
should take care of it. 

Now that the Corsairs attacking the city have been
destroyed, you must capture the two shipyards
in the city and create your own fleet. Send Glorfindel
to capture one and Gloin to capture the other.
Once they are in your hands, build five Elven Warships
These ships will make up the backbone of your navy.
Once all five are created, select them all at
the same time and buy their two avaliable
upgrades to increase armor and health ratings.

Now you can destroy the first line of Corsair
battle ships. They should equal you in number,
and since your ships are stronger, they should
be no match for you. Move your ships a little ways
out of the harbor to clash with them.

I lost two ships and had one moderately damaged
in this fight, but that won't matter, because once
you've broken through the first line of five Corsair
ships, six more come and attack you. Your weakened
ships are pretty much no match for them, so immediately
start creating more ships at your shipyard.

Build two Elven Storm Ships along with three
Elven Warships. Send both of your Storm Ships
to attack the six Corsairs, who have made
a naval blockade across the mouth of your
harbor, and have them focus on two different
ships, so you don't miss killing any of them.
Once the Storm ship is destroyed it will make
a whirlpool that will engulf all the ships in
its path, even your own, so keep your
Warships out of this battle. 

After the blockade is destroyed, your
next objective is to find the shipyards where
the Corsairs are massing their fleets and 
capture them. Build one or two more Warships
and two transports. Make sure to repel
any Corsair ships that try to attack the harbor.
Also, keep your ships upgraded, so they
are a more formidable escort for your transports.

Once the transports are finished and the Warships
are upgraded, load up your battalions into the
transports and start out across the water
towards the exposed location of the Corsair
shipyards. If there are Corsair ships
stationed at the mouth of the harbor,
destroy them and continue, but make
sure your transports don't get mixed up
in the fighting. The transports are
a lot slower than the Warships, so you
may need to stop and let them catch
up a few times. Save your game as soon
as you make it into the open water, because
you may have to try the next part over and
over again so you don't lose any transports.

Once you get close to the opposite shore,
where the Corsair shipyards are
stationed, back your transports out and
away from the shore and send forth
your Warships. There are quite a bit of Corsair
ships guarding the shipyards, so destroy 
all of them before sending the transports in.
Make sure the transports have safe passage
to the shore, and once you drop off your
battalions and your two heroes, get the 
transports back and surround them with your

There should be two or three Corsair battalions
guarding the shipyards. If you get all your battalions
safely to the shore, you should deal with them
no problem. Use Glorfindel and Gloin
to capture the Corsair shipyards, and hurriedly
pack them and half of your battalions back into
the transports. Leave one or two battalions
to deal with Corsair battalions that will occasionally
attack you, trying to capture their shipyards.

Send your two heroes and company back across the water,
and make it quick. Keep Warships to the front and back
of the transports, because now the enemy will launch
a huge fleet that will try to attack you. Save at this point
also, so you can load it back if you lose any
transports. They probably won't catch up to you
by the time you have your troops safely across the water. 
Move your heroes and troops to the entrance of the city, where
the grass turns into the cobblestoned streets
of Mithlond, and use the Elven Barracks right next to them
to make some fresh units. Use Heal on your current
units, because the enemy will drop off a whole bunch
of goblins and Half Troll Marauders, that will try to get
past you and burn the port city to the ground. 

You may also want to build a few more Mallorn Trees and an
Eregion Forge, to upgrade newly produced units and
produce extra resources that you will need. 
After producing more units, you should have
two battalions of Lorien Warriors, three battalions
of Mithlond sentries and two battalions of Lorien
Archers. Along with Glorfindel and Gloin,
this will be more than enough to repel the first

While fighting, keep your Evenstar powers
in mind. I haven't really talked about them
much, mostly because they are yours to use
as you please, and are self explanatory, but
if you find yourself losing this first battle,
you should summon Tom Bombadil, which
you should have purchased over the course
of the first four missions. He's pretty badass,
and and his one ability can turn the tide of the
battle immediately.

If you don't need Bombadil, save him for the
last two attacks, just in case you do need him.
He won't kill tons of units but all of his attacks
take an enemy's health down a lot, making them
easy prey for your troops. 

Once the first wave is taken care of, your 
army should be in bad shape, you have a few minutes
before the next wave comes, so build up your forces
and upgrade guys where they need them. If you want to,
you can build defensive structures around the
battlefield, like Battle Towers and Heroic
Statues, to give your troops a boost, but
it's not recommended, and usually will waste resources
that you could use to upgrade your troops.

Horns sound and surprise! The dwarves from the
Blue Mountains come to your aid. Two battalions
of Guardians and two battalions of Axe Throwers, along
with two Battlewagons and three Builders is
a welcome boost. Add them to your current forces and wait 
for the next attack wave to sweep over you. 

The second wave will consist of more Troll Marauders
and goblins, both archer type and swordsmen type.
Nothing you can't handle. You may lose some dwarven
battalions, but if you have your elves upgraded 
all the way with armor upgrades and weapon upgrades,
along with Silverthorn Arrows, you should have minimal
losses to your Elven troops.

Once the second attack wave is wiped out, you better
get ready for the third, because the enemy will
be bringing it hard. Not only do they have Half Troll
Marauders and goblins, they also have some nasty 
Spider Riders. Make sure your ranged units are
guarded by your melee units, which you should have
upgraded all the way, and build plenty of units, until
you've reached your cap. Even if you can't upgrade
all your battalions in enough time, just get
as many soldiers possible on the front lines. 

Keep Glorfindel and Gloin up front, and if they get hurt, 
use Heal on them, which should be regenerated by now.
Try to kill all the Spider Riders first, as they will
give you the most grief. Before or during the battle,
some Corsairs should sneak attack your base from behind.
Ignore them. While attacking the Fortress, they should
all be killed before they can manage to destroy it. 
Concentrate on your large battle. 

If Gloin or Glorfindel gets killed, hurriedly revive them
at your Fortress. Other than that, the enemy should be 
defeated, even if you lost three quarters of your troops
in the process. Once the last enemy in the third attack wave
falls, you've won a long mission and saved the Elven port of
Mithlond. Good job! :)

3.6 Celduin
You start out this mission in a city pretty much built 
on the water. King Dain and some of his troops will
be fighting some orcs close to a small base, when
the bridge is destroyed, courtesy of a well aimed
flaming catapult projectile from the enemy, and
you are forced to fight your through the city and
meet up with your troops back at the base. You take
control of King Dain and two battalions of Guardians.

Start by moving forward, where you will meet a battalion
of orc archers and a battalion of orc swordsmen. The
orcs are pretty weak and should go down quick.
Once the swordsmen are dead, the archers will flee
deeper into the city. Give chase and you should
come to an intersection where you find some
Men of Dale and another battalion of Guardians
fighting off some more orcs. Kill the orc
archer battalion and hurry to help the Men of
Dale archers, who are in need of it the most. 
The Guardians should be able to deal with the
attackers themselves.

To your right, another battle rages, this 
consisting of more Men of Dale and Guardians
clashing with some orcs. While they are
fighting, an Attack Troll will run past them
and attack King Dain and company. Unlike the
first game, melee units can actually deal
some nice damage to trolls, if their weapons
are upgraded, so use your Guardians and 
King Dain to take this troll down. 

Once you've defeated the Attack Troll, 
meet up with the Guardians and Men of
Dale that were fighting to your right
and kill the orc battalion that is attacking
innocent civilians to your left. Then, continue
down the path to your right, and then cut back
to your left once you come to a clearing or 
square type thing, whatever you want to
call it. Go forward and you should meet
some Men of Dale trading fire with 
some orc archers, and firing at some
orc swordsmen. There are some Corsairs 
there too, but they are concentrating
on killing civilians, so don't worry
about them until you've taken care of
the rest of the foe in this area.

Have King Dain's forces attack one of the
orc archer battalions, while you have the
Men of Dale take care of the other, along 
with the orc swordsmen. Once they are all
dead, move your Guardians in front of your
Men of Dale so you can protect it from them
from the incoming Attack Troll. Have Dain and
your Guardians bring the beast down, gather up
your forces, joining the Men of Dale archers
with them, and move forward down the path.

Here you will find a whole bunch of Corsairs,
orcs, Harad Archers, and two or three
catapults attacking some Dwarven Phalanxes.
Have your forces attack the Harad Archers and 
Corsairs from behind. Use the Bombadil
power, if you have it, and the fog of war 
power. They will give your troops a boost
and clear the area up. It also doesn't 
hurt to use Dain's Mighty Rage ability
to rejuvenate and make a group of dwarves
fight better and be healed. 

With all of these powers, the massive
force should be defeated, and the Phalanxes
saved. Join them with your current forces,
use Heal if you need it, and continue straight,
the same direction you were going in before
you entered the battle.

Now some Axe Throwers and Guardians are being
attacked, a little ways down the path. They
should kill their attackers by the time
you get there, so join the survivers in with
your troops and march into your base to 
reunite yourself with your kin. 

Clear the base of enemies and now you will
need to orchestrate a counterattack. Use
your battalions individually as well as King
Dain to capture any inns surrounding your base.
Also, capture the dock to the south of your
base. Build some more Guardians, and upgrade
them with Mithril Mail and Seige Hammers, the
only two avaliable upgrades. 

In the middle of this process, you will be
approached by a giant Mumakil. Send forth all
your units to take this beast down. Some of your
dwarves will get trampled, but the losses are
not too bad. Bring your injured battalions back 
to be healed by your well, and make sure you've
finished building all the Guardians you can,
and that you've upgraded them.

Now you can start your campaign across the 
shallows. The enemy's base is on the other side
and you'll have to cross this already bloody
water to have a chance at destroying it. 
Move across the shallows with your forces,
and a little before reaching the middle of
the shallows, you should meet a huge enemy
force consisting of everything. Corsairs, orcs,
Harad Archers, two Mumakils, and five or six
catapults. It looks intimidating, but you have
an army of your own and a hero at your side,
so crash headfirst into these guys, keeping
your Axe Throwers out of harm.

The catapults should deal you plenty of
damage, and it hurts mentally to see fiery
balls of death land in the midst of your 
troops, but there is nothing you can do
about those until you destroy the enemy
forces guarding them. Have King Dain and
a few battalions of Guardians deal with the
Mumakils while the rest of your troops fight
off the enemy infantry and archers. The orcs
and Corsairs are relatively weak, and should go
down fast. The Harad Archers are more of an
annoyance then a real challenge. Once the
Mumakil are down, have Dain and his Guardians
rush up to each enemy catapult and dismantle them.
It may take some dividing of your forces to take
these catapults down, as they are spread throughout
the shallows, but you will eventually get the job done.

While you are going around and destroying the
numerous enemy catapults, head back to your base
and produce a bunch of new Guardian battalions.
Make sure to upgrade them too. Have all of your forces
meet up in the middle of the shallows, and then move
your rejuvenated force forward, towards the enemy

As your forces reach dry land, you are met by an
old foe. Another one of those fire-breathing
worms with the pissy attitude is back, and it's
eager to cook your dwarves medium rare. Gather
up all your forces and surround it. Keep attacking
with King Dain, who deals good damage to the
beast, and your Guardians. It should only have
time to toast one or two of your battalions 
before you destroy it.

That's not the only obstacle standing between
you and the enemy base. More enemies
will come in a large wave to try and sweep
you off the beach. With Dain in front, fight
through the numerous Corsairs, orcs, and
Harad Archers. Your forces should be
enough to wipe out the enemy no problem.
The only huge problem is an Attack Troll
who joins the fight after a while. Have Dain
and a few Guardians take care of him. Make
sure to kill him before he can do that much
damage to your forces.

While you are fighting here, don't forget
to head back to your base and produce some
fresh units, in case you need reinforcements
before attacking the enemy camp, and don't
forget to upgrade them with Mithril Mail
and Seige Hammers. 

OK, once you've cleared the enemy off the
beach, think if you were facing the beach.
Take a left as you go forward into the enemy
tents, which you can't destroy, and you
should find the enemy camp. Get your Evenstar
powers ready, because you will need them.
I recommed using Barrage, which you should
target directly on top of the enemy Fortress.
Barrage will destroy the catapult add-ons to
the Fortress and deal a good amount of 
damage to the Fortress itself. 

Once your units have clashed with the foe,
which consists of two Attack Trolls, two Nazgul
on horseback, Rhun soldiers, and a bunch of
Corsairs, you should use Tom Bombadil. Spawn him
right in front of the enemy Fortress, and if
he is not surrounded by enemies and being 
attacked, have him deal damage in increments
to the Fortress. He will take down very small
amounts of the building's health, but it is
a start.

Have King Dain and a few Guardian battalions
focus on the Attack Trolls, and make sure you 
surround the Nazgul and have them attacked from
all sides. They die very quickly if you
do that, so they aren't as intimidating as they
seem. The Attack Trolls will probably deal
you a good deal of damage, since they are
pretty tough, but as long as you keep King
Dain in there hacking away at them, you're good.
Make sure you use Heal if your dwarves
are getting tired or are weakening.

Once the enemy forces in your way have
been crushed, attack the Fortress with 
your full force. Ignore the seige works
buildings to either side of you. All you 
need to destroy is the Fortress. If you
can't manage to get it down before it's arrows
kill all your forces, move your reinforcements
all the way from your base to the enemy's
base and finish it off. Once it falls, you've
saved Dale and completed the mission! 
Congratulations! :p 

3.7 Erebor
OK, time to get to work. The enemy is
assaulting Dale again, but this time with
a much greater attack force. Well, they
messed with the wrong guy here, and you'll
prove that. You start with King Dain and
a large army made up of Axe Throwers
and Guardians. The first thing you
should do is delete every mine in Erebor.
They are only at 50% when it comes to
prodcution rate, which is half of what
they are capable of. As you continue to
build Mine Shafts to get more resources,
they will actually hurt your economy
more than help it, so get rid of them.

To start off, move your army to the
lower left corner of the map. Send
someone to the lower right corner to
capture the signal fire there. Upgrade
an archery range to level 2 and one Forge
Work to level 3, so you can produce Men
of Dale and upgrade all your units with
the maximum amount of beef. When
researching upgrades at the Seige Works,
don't buy the Seige Hammers upgrade, which
increases a melee units damage to enemy
buildings. The enemy does not establish a
base, so you won't need it. Make sure
to buy all of your armor and weapon 
upgrades before you do anything else.
Fortifications will be the main expense
in this mission, but no matter how many 
walls or fortresses you have, the units that
you upgrade will be doing the heavy
fighting, and it is the outcome of
that fighting that will decide whether
you pass this mission or not. 

Once all the upgrades are purchased,
and the battalions you have now are upgraded,
it's time to build up your defenses. You
should first strengthen your army. Create
three phalanx battalions, three groups
of Men of Dale, and three Dwarven catapults.
The catapults are a first in this campaign,
but they are useful, as you will find out
later in the mission. Upgrade these
battalions with all the avaliable improvements,
and place them on the front lines
in front of Dale. The Men of Dale archers 
offer range, which you don't have with Axe Throwers
and the Phalanx are a good counter for Attack
Trolls, which can be a royal pain in the ass at
times. Don't forget the various Mumakil
that the enemy will send at you. Your Men of Dale
make quick work of them too, as long
as you protect them. Fill up the rest
of the extra Command Points as you see fit.
I created another Men of Dale battalion and a
Guardian battalion. 

Put King Dain and his army up there
with your Phalanx and Men of Dale. Now
it's time to start building our defensive
structures. You don't even need to build 
walls in this mission, suprisingly enough.
I built six fortresses and had them lined
up in front of Dale in a row, leaving space
in between to pack in my battalions. It's
basically a death trap for the enemy. Granted, 
you will lose a fortress or two with each attack
wave the foe sends at you, but with the
various new mine shafts you should have built,
the rapid influx of resources should allow you
to rebuild the after each wave is wiped out.
Also, the enemy will send attack waves at you
while you are building up. These forces are 
much smaller than the forces you will see
when the main attack waves come, but they
shouldn't be a problem at all for your
fully upgraded war machine. Also, make
sure you build fortresses in front of the
right and left entrances to Erebor, and 
post a fully upgraded phalanx battalion at
each one of them. Make sure you build catapults
on the Fortress building foundations on both of them.

OK, with the minor attack waves repelled and your
defenses ready, the first wave will sweep down upon you.
Yeah, it's a bunch of orcs, both archers and swordsmen,
along with rams. Get to the rams first, and take them down,
because they will use those to try and destroy all of
your Fortresses. You may lose a Fortress as I 
warned above in this attack, but just rebuild it.
The first attack wave should really stand no chance if
you have catapults on the foundations of some of your 
Fortresses and have King Dain and his men pushing them
back. Those orcs can't go toe to toe with your upgraded
Guardian battalions, especially with large stones
from the Fortress catapults raining down on them.
After a little fighting, the first attack wave should be
dispatched with ease. After the first attacke wave
is destroyed, the right entrance to Erebor is sneak attacked
by a bunch of trolls. One phalanx battalion, which you should
have already pulled over to the Fortress built there, should
hold, along with the Fortress and its catapult additions.
Also, make sure when you do build your Fortress, build
it close enough to the edge of the map so that when the trolls
attack and first enter the map, they will be too close to use
their throwing attack, which would have your Fortress down quick.

Keep upgrading all your Fortresses in front of Dale by
upgrading wall armor and all that stuff. Also, build
catapult additions on every one of the building foundations
for every Fortress. This should make your defense almost 
impenetrable, combined with the Fortress arrow fire and
your brave units in the gaps of the Fortresses. Also, add in
a few hearths behind your Fortresses. The enemy will probably
not destroy these, even if they do manage to attack them,
as the Fortresses and your units will protect them. Also,
replenish any losses to your troops, and make sure they are
upgraded. Lastly, after the trolls are killed, demolish the
Fortress on the side of the map where the trolls attacked, and
pull the phalanxes in front of deal amongst the rest of your 
troops. Make sure you demolish the Fortress extension before you
actually take down the Fortress, to get their refund as well as
that of the Fortress. The enemy will not attack there again,
so no need to defend it. 

The second attack wave is tougher than the first, and not
only because of it's sheer size. You'll probably lose a few
Fortresses, but the other Fortresses will be able to dish out
damage while those are being destroyed. So, this attack wave, is
much like the first in the damage it deals. You may lose
more units and possibly one more Fortress than before, but
you can easily replace the units and your lost Fortresses.
Remember to protect your Men of Dale archers! 

The enemy will launch another sneak attack, this time
at your left entrance. This one consists of tons of
Corsairs. They should destroy the Phalanx battalion there, 
but the rest will die when they are trying to destroy your
Fortress. After they are eliminated, destroy the Fortress
there and pull any Phalanxes that may have survived to
the front lines in Dale. Like the right entrance, the
enemy will not attack here again. 

The final wave is much like the first two, except
it's effectiveness should be non-existent. There is
virtually no point you can have this final wave break
through unless you failed to replenish your armies or
didn't rebuild your destroyed Fortresses from the last
wave. After the final wave is defeated, a sneak attack,
this one a lot smaller than the previous two, will take
place. Just build a Fortress in front of Erebor, and upgrade
as much as you can before the sneak attack reaches it. After
that, you've saved Dale once again, and came through in another
successful mission! Mordor is looking nervous now. 

3.8 Dol Guldur
Now it is time to strike the final blow, and end the
Dark Lord's campaign in the East. Dol Guldur is one
of Sauron's centers of power, and it must be
destroyed if his influence in Middle Earth is to
be ended forever. You start out with a combined 
Dwarven-Elven army consisting mostly of Elves. You
have two Rivendell Lancer battalions, about three
Elven Warrior battalions and two Axe Thrower battalions
along with Elrond, King Dain, and three Elven builders.

Start off by building a Fortress. Build it in the area
you start out in. Don't go wandering far from this
area with a Builder because most of the land around 
you is covered in Spider Nests, and you'll need
to remove them with your army after you get done
constructing your base. First, I built
four Mallorn Trees, not too far from my Fortress
as to be vulnerable to the Spider Nests, but enough
to make them produce in the upper ninety percentile.

After your Mallorn Trees are done, make an Elven 
Barracks, a Green Pasture, and a Eregion Forge, 
for unit producing and upgrading. Your first objective
is to capture the two signal fires to the left
and right sides of the map so they can signal
help from the Dwarves and then the Elves. Leave
your Rivendell Lancers at the base for defense
and move the rest of your army to the right and
keep on towards the signal fire. I met some 
battalions of orcs and the Spider Nests I told
you about earlier. Destroy the Spider Nests and
kill anything in your way. The enemy has a small
camp around the signal fire, and some troops. 
I can recall a few battalions of orcs, an Attack
Troll, which you should worry about before anything
else, and two catapults. Take care of the troll and
the catapults first, since they will deal you the
most casualties, and then use 1/2 of your army
to destroy the enemy defense towers and buildings,
and the other 1/2 to take care of the orcs.

Once the enemy is cleared out, your army should be
beat up pretty badly, so group them together
and use Heal. Capture the signal fire and a countdown
for the Dwarven reinforcements to appear will commence. 
I think it is three minutes until they get there. Take
your army back and build as many battalions of Lorien
Warriors and Lorien Archers as you can before the
countdown is over, because the arriving reinforcements
will probably fill up the population cap, and you want
as many units as you can get. 

The Dwarven reinforcements consist of some Guardians, 
Axe Throwers, and four catapults, which you want
to protect because they are very useful when attacking
Dol Guldur. You will also recieve two Dwarven builders.
Construct a Fortress in the area that the reinforcements
enter the map at, and work on clearing out the
Spider Nests around you, because, unlike the
construction of the Elven base, they will
give you problems when choosing where to build
your structures. I made a Hall of Warriors,
a Forge Works, an Archery Range, and two
or three Mine Shafts to increase resource
output. Now it is time to capture the next
signal fire. Combine your Elven and Dwarven
armies and make sure to leave behind one or two
battalions at both bases so you aren't
completely helpless if your attack fails.

All the Spider Nests should have been mopped
up when the Dwarven army arrived, but if
you missed one, take it out and continue to
the signal fire. It's quite a long way to
this one once you think about it, and you
will probably encounter a few orc battalions 
on the way. With your combined, fully upgraded
force, destroying the enemy camp and troops 
guarding the signal fire shouldn't be too hard.
Just destroy the catapults first and then kill the
trolls, probably all Drummer Trolls and then
kill everything else. Capture the signal fire
after the enemy is vanquished and a countdown 
for the Elven army's arrival will begin. 

If you lost enough forces to make room in the
population cap, build some more Dwarven Phalanxes
and upgrade them. Once the Elven reinforcements
arrive, your unit cap should be through the roof,
so forget about any unit producing for a while, at
least until you are a little into the assualt
on the enemy Fortress.

The incoming Elven reinforcements come with lots
of Mirkwood Archers, who are pretty good, and 
three heroes who are Glorfindel, Gloin, and Arwen.
Combine them with your main army and you should
be ready for a seige. But wait! The enemy is
launching a counter attack. A countdown until their
attack force arrives will begin, about seven or eight
minutes. Prepare your base, and split your army into
two seperate forces. Situate one of the forces
where the Dwarven reinforcements came out from
and another a little way away from the signal fire
on your right. Put most of your heroes on the left side,
because that is the greatest force you will deal with
of the two you will face. They will have Mumakil 
and a Nazgul, along with a bunch of orcs. Once the countdown
is over, two seperate forces will attack, and if you
put your forces where I told you, you should meet them
as soon as they come out. Make sure Arwen is with the 
force on the left.

For the force on the left, use Arwen's Flood Power
as soon as they come out in order to take down a good
chunk of them. For the force on the right, use Elrond's
giant tornado ability and have it wreak havoc there.
Both fights should be over quick. The attack on your right
flank may be a little difficult, but if you take the
Mumakil down as quickly as you can, you should be fine.
Use your powers also, if need be.

Alright, once the counterattack is defeated, bring
your battered forces back to the Elven base and
start rebuilding your army. If you lost any catapults
make sure you build those again, because they will be 
instrumental during the siege of Dol Guldur. Build a 
few battalions of Dwarven Phalanxes and a few of 
Mirkwood Archers if you can. Your resources should be 
very high at this point if you protected your two
bases effectively, so go to your two Fortresses and
upgrade them with everything. Build catapults on all
the building foundations for your Dwarven Fortress
and Battle Towers on all the building foundations 
for your Elven Fortress. 

At your Elven Fortress, you should have bought
Encasing Vines and then the Eagle's Nest. Now
you can build a Giant Eagle, which will be very
useful for taking out catapults and swooping down
on enemy troops. It can accompany your attack force
into battle and be very effective for taking out
enemy towers and catapults, which it destroys
in two swoops. Now, once your forces are fully healed
and rebuilt, start toward the enemy base. Stop at
the foot of the bridge and send your catapults forward,
ahead of the rest of your troops. You should have two
enemy catapults stationed on wall hubs at the end 
of the bridge, flanking the entrance to inner
Dul Guldur. With protection from the rest of your
army, have your catapults destroy the enemy catapults
watch towers built on the wall. The watch towers line
the walls all the way around the base, but you don't
have to worry about the ones way far down the wall yet.
Just concentrate on the ones that are in range to
fire at you. Once all of the enemy catapults in your
range are destroyed, continue forward and up the stairs
onto a platform. Now you should split your forces in half,
and go down each set of stairs to your right and left.

Their will be clusters of buildings, and troops in both
areas that you moved your forces into. Deal with the
wall hub catapults and enemy towers with your
two catapults, which you should have split up evenly
amongst your two forces, and concentrate on the
enemy troops and structures. Once the two areas you are
in are completely empty of any free standing structures,
including gates, catapults, enemy towers built into
the walls and normal buildings like orc pits and troll
cages, meet back up in the middle of the base. Now, you 
must assault the middle of the base and destroy the two 
enemy Fortresses there to win. Send your forces down the
left side of the stairs and curve around, past the
area where you destroyed all the enemy structures, and
up the path. There you will come to two clusters
of buildings. If your forces weren't too messed up
from the seperate attacks, this shouldn't be a problem,
but if you need some help to keep from getting defeated,
use your powers from your Evenstar or use some of the
hero abilities you have.

Once you've taken down all the enemies and enemy
buildings in this area, destroy the Fortress built
across from them, and continue to the gate leading 
to the last Fortress. Destroy the gate, and use 
Barrage on the enemy Fortress inside before attacking.
There should be some trolls and some orcs in there, 
so kill them quickly. Have your archers deal with
the Nazgul. Once all the enemy units are killed, 
destroy the buildings and the large enemy castle
standing there. 

Now you've just about crippled the foe. They don't
have any unit producing buildings left, so
just take care of any wall catapults and built 
in battle towers to win. Remember, you have
to destroy everything built on the walls
surrounding Dol Guldur and inside of
Dol Guldur to win. Once you do, you have 
officially won the good campaign.

Now you can jump up in the air and hug
yourself intimately because you have just
saved the Elven and Dwarven races, and beaten
the game!

4          CLOSING         4
Well before I call it a guide I'd like to give thanks
to EA games for making such a wonderful game for us
to play. I'd also like to thank everyone who read this
and my parents for giving me such a nice computer.

Thanks for reading and look out for my future guides.

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