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Brief Overview: 
The object of the game is to find and destroy the source of radiation, 
located at the bottom left of the island, at node C1 (see map below). In 
order to do this, you must first gather together all the necessary 
pieces which will give you access to the radiation archway. The required 
items are the three different types of alien keys and the translator, 
along with the translator codes.

The keys may be found at:

Key 1 : At node S5, B1, or J26. Key 2 : At node M1 (Old Mansion) only. 
Key 3 : At node J16, J12, or V2. 

You will know that a key is in the vicinity when the unidentified 
sensor/alarm starts sounding.

Hints and Tips 
At start, change game duration to 120 minutes.
Green LED's, on the edges of viewing screen, indicate which direction 
you may go.
You can only use certain weapons for some attacks.
Save your game often, especially before attacks.
For the attacks, fire early - you only have a few seconds in which to 
shoot the creature.
Once you have the Translator, head straight for the alien ship for the 
alien code. 
Once you have the code, it does no matter if the evil alien retrieves it 
from you.
Be extremely cautions while playing CD3 - you cannot save your game on 
this CD.

Basic Walkthru 
The easiest and quickest way to finish the game is to take the following 

1. Go forward once and change your weapon to Toxin. 
Keep going forward until you come to the first attack in J2. 
Aim just to the left of the fern tree to kill the creature. 

2. Go forward until your choice of travel are 
Turn right. 

3. Advance forward across the Airstrip until you get to the swamp (node 
Change weapon to "Missiles". 

4. Advancing forward twice takes you to the Swamp attack. 
The creature appears from the right. 
Shoot the monster. 

5. Go forward twice until the Admiral tells you "Not to follow that 
Listen to your guide and make a Left turn. 

6. Go forward until you arrive at the quicksand. 
If you are lucky, you may find Key 1 lying on the ground. 
If not, you will have to pay a visit to either B1 or J26 to get this 
Be quick, you only have 3 seconds before the sand starts to give way. 

6a. Turn back and head to the swamp area until you are faced with R/L/B. 
Turn left. 

6b. When you get to the wooden bridge, the admiral will warn you of the 
potential excessive weight danger. 
If you're a gambling person, take your chances and cross the bridge. 
If you survive to the other side, advance forward three times until 
you're faced with the directions R/L/B. 
Keep rotating round in a circle at this point until the Good alien 
materializes and throws you a Translator. 
Pick up the object. 

7. Continue advancing forward, traveling east along the top of the 
island, until you arrive at the Old Mansion (node M1). 

8. Turn left here. 
The unidentified alarm sound should be triggered, but you will not see 
any object until you turn back round. 
Once you have rotated , pick up Key 2. 

9. Turn back round so that you are facing the jungle area and go forward 
until you have to insert CD3. 
Save the game at this point. 
Be careful from now on, no saving on this CD! 

10. When you arrive at the fork point , turn left, then forward and then 
Ensure that your weapons is set to Toxin. 
You are about to encounter the most difficult attack - the spider 
Fire early and in the center of the screen - the spider is well 

11. Advance forward 4 times and then turn right, and forward into the 
alien ship. 

12. Once inside the ship, turn right. 
You will see a strange looking symbol on the screen. 
Turn to you analyzer and click on the symbol. 
Now look in your specimen storage and there will be a code consisting of 
circles and vertical lines. 
You need this code to finish the game. 
Revert back to the position (map) status. 

13. Exit the ship, turn right and then forward, then right. 
You should now be at node J12. 
Rotate once and if you are lucky, you may see the Key 3 and the alarm 
If not, you will have to go hunting in V2, the volcano area , situated 
in the bottom right hand corner for this key. 

14. Once you have all 3 Keys, head towards the Transporter, at node TP1. 

15. Outside the transporter, all the sensors and alarms will be 
In order to pass the magnetic barrier, it has to be first lifted. 
This is done by inserting the keys into the pad at the side of the 
transporter archway. 
Click on the pad and the keys will be inserted for you automatically. 
The field will disintegrate and you will be allowed access through. 
Note that if you do not insert the keys and try to go through, you will 
be teleported to a random location in CD3. 

16. Go through the archway. 

17. Change weapon to either Missile or Toxin for the final attack. 

18. Go forward and shoot at the head of the alien monster. 

19. Approach the sphere, the source of radiation, and click on it to 
open it. 

20. You will be faced with an alien code, consisting of five horizontal 
Click on any line. 

If you click on an incorrect code, the two hemisphere segments close up, 
and your timer clock speeds up. 
Repeat points 19 and 20 above until you see the arm appear and press the 
correct code. 

21. You will be faced with another set of codes. 
Click on the code that corresponds with the code in your specimen 

22. The source of radiation will explode and you will be left to view 
the cool closing video sequence.

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