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 Mad Paradox

Mad Paradox

                               * MAD PARADOX *

Walkthrough and some other information for Mad Paradox
By RPG-Man (a.k.a. Psychic)  -- Version 1.1
Spanish version also available from me / Versión en español también disponible


1. Legal stuff
2. Version history
3. Mad Paradox : The game
4. The walkthrough


1. Legal stuff

This document may be freely distributed for non-commercial (and commercial)
purposes, as as long you don't change any part of it and give me credit for 
it (and for commercial purposes, if you give me some money :) .

You can freely put this file in a web page, cdrom, or whatever. You can also
print it, delete it, eat it, or whatever you think this file is worth of,
but please RESPECT the copyright.

If there is something you want to discuss with me about this document, such
as new additions, grammar, orthography, strage-looking English usage, the
game itself, etc, please do not doubt emailing me.

2. Version history

v1.0 => 05-Jul-00 => first version (duh...)
v1.1 => 12-Apr-01 => modified "legal stuff" section, added "The game"
                     section, other minor changes

3. Mad Paradox : The game

Mad Paradox was programmed by Queen Soft, and Samourai translated it
to English in 1994. Being a hentai-rpg game with a 2nd-person view,
you play the role of a young boy who has to avenge the death of his
father fighting all type of demons.

The graphics of this ms-dos game are ok, and so is the music. The
battle system is turn-based, as usual in RPGs. Overall, I'd give this
game (considering the passed time!) a 6 over 10 in puntuation.

As a final note, I'll tell you some abandonware sites where you can
download an entire copy of the game, in case you lost the original
copy you bought (you bought it time ago, RIGHT?). Try this site:

          paradox.htm => the web page is in Spanish, but I think everything
          is understandable :) . Anyway, the game is in English.

If this link doesn't work, please don't blame me, I am *not* responsible!
If I am reported so, I'll try, however, to find new links (also, you can
tell me some links).

4. The walkthrough

You begin in your town of born, Dorah. When you gain control over your
character, head north to enter a house. Your old friend Samos, who has
taken care of you since you were a child, explains you your quest in the
game: to look for Gorgus, the man who killed your father years ago, making 
you an orphan (of course you're not going to salute him when you find him).
Samos tells you about a girl you also should look for, and finally order you 
to go to the castle ruins near the town in search of your father's sword. 
Exit the house.

Explore the town if you want and go to the northern area. There're two ways
of exiting this town, one path in the northeast and another one left of
that one. Use this as the other is closed for now. Head north crossing the
bridges and finally enter the castle ruins.

Make your way to the end and recover your father's sword. Don't forget to
equip it, and return to town (you should raise some levels in order to 
survive the next fights).

Back in Dorah again, rest in the house with the blue roof, which is next
to the path where you're returning now to the town. Go gack with ol' Samos,
who will congratulate you and will also open the other path (the northeast
one, blocked before). Now you must leave town that way (before that, there's
a pretty girl in the northwest corner you may want to meet X-).

You're now in a canyon. Make your way to the top, and go through a passage
to enter a town. Explore the place, rest in the inn, buy new equipment and 
finally go to the northern part of the town. You should see a girl, who's 
chained. Talk to the beauty one and she'll tell you she's a sacrifice for 
Gorgus. You promise her to get the key to free her (if you go talk to her 
again, she'll show you some... things :-). 

Talk to everyone in town, then go to nortwest to find the path which leads
out. Go north, talk to the sentinels guarding the entrance to the fort, then
return to town and talk to everyone again (the merchant now, when talked 
a second time, should be surprised that you've met Lizza). Go to the 
bartender, but he's gone, way to go to the basement. 

Inside you'll meet a pretty girlie named Mary. Apparently, the bartender
obligues her to stay here. She has the key to free Lizza, but before giving
to you she's going to... err... 'reward' you.

Leave the place and go free Lizza. You've been told before that granma Miller
would help you in your journey, and Lizza seems to know her. She tells you
she's going with her, to a cave to the west of town. She'll open the 
invisible wall that blocks the west path for you to pass.

Ok, leave town following the west path. You'll reach a cave, enter and meet
granma Miller. She'll give you some information and you'll know that Gorgus
has three underlings. Gidd, one of them, lives in a fort to the north of
town (if you went to that place before you know where it is, and that you
are not allowed to enter). Return to town. 

If you talk to the townspeople they will tell you that there's no way to
enter the fort, but if you go visit Mary (the girl in the bartender's
basement) she'll tell you of some kind of emblem to show to the guards. Now
go talk to the merchant to know about the 'Eternity Mirror', and head west
to arrive at granma Miller's place again. 

After the speech with the two women (make sure you talked to the merchant 
about the 'Eternity Mirror') go visit that man again. He agrees exchanging
his mirror for a rare statue. Return to granma Miller once again, for she
has that statue. Back to the merchant, get the mirror, go back to the cave,
and show the mirror to the Lizza's emblem. 

Return to town and go talk to the blacksmith. He'll do the emblem from the
mirror, but looks like you must do some time meanwhile. Go to Rene's house
to discover Elle's finally back. She'll agree to join you, and you tell her 
to meet at the fort's gates. Return to the blacksmith, who has finished the 
work. He won't ask you any money (he seems to hate Gorgus), so head north
to exit the town and reach the fort. Elle will join you at this point, and
you two can enter the place now.

Make your way to Gidd (the bartender is with him), defeat him and find the
path that leads north, to another town.

Go see Lita first, in the building to the southeast. She'll tell you that the 
master won't see you. Go to the bartender Gelt (building to the west). Return 
to see Lita, now that you say you're sent by Gelt you'll be able to meet 
master Geiko.

After the speech, Elle will go by herself to seek clues about Gorgus, and
you'll have to go to the cave behind to find a Plaque. So enter, get the
Plaque and return to see master Geiko. He'll tell you that you should see
'The Wise One' in Aquapolis (Elle's gone there too). So get going to that
place (to the north of town is the entrance to Aquapolis).

Buy in this area whatever needed and leave using the western path, that
leads to the other part of Aquapolis. Go visit 'The Wise One', he's in a
building located in the bottom-centre. He'll decipher the Plaque and tell
you where is Elle (in the waterfall to the north). Go find her.

Hmmm... Looks like she has met some female friend or something... Elle will
rejoin you. Return to see master Geiko to tell him about the Plaque, then
take the northeast path (it's to the right of the Aquapolis path) to go to 

Visit the bartender Seila (east), who will tell you to go to Sherry's place
in order to meet Fugg (to the west). He'll join your party (he'll only
stay with you some time in the game, though). Leave this area to the 
northwest to enter Foxfire.

Here you must find the three buildings where three girls are, and rescue
them (the last one will be Lora, Sherry's sister). Then, rest in Blessfire
and return to Foxfire to find the northern cave entrance. Enter, of course.

Here Geir (one of the Gorgus' underlings) is waiting for you somewhere. Make 
your way to him and defeat him. Get the Great Crystal and return to Blessfire.
Talk to the bartender (here are the rescued girls) and Fugg will stay
(you'll have to continue your journey without his help). Get back to the
'Wise One'.

The old man will tell you to go find the Crystal (nothing more). That item
is located to the west of this area of Aquapolis (over the bridge or whatever
it is), simply approach to get it. Return to the Wise One to be given more
information and then head to the northern waterfall. From there you'll be
transported to Heavens.

Go free two girls in two nearby buildings, and finally head east to reach 
the entrance to the castle of Goses (the last Gorgus' underling alive).

Make your way to Goses, and defeat him. Then return to the Wise One and talk
to him twice to recieve the maximum of information. Seems like you must look
for a place called 'The Sanctum'. Now go see the priest in the church, who'll
tell you what to do and where to go. So, head to the northwest corner in 
Aquapolis to see a break in the surrounding wall. Here you have to say a
spell to open the path to the Sanctum... but you note something is going 
wrong. Head back to the priest.

The priest will now give you some kind of scroll with the spell to open
the path. Return to the break in Aquapolis and now a path appears at last...

Make your way inside to the end. Oh, surprise, Gorgus himself is here! 
However, you can't think on defeating him without a reasonably powerful
sword, so get back to town. Visit master Geiko and Lita, to tell them the
news. When you say you should seek the aid of a new Plaque, Lita seems to
want to say something, but Geiko shuts her up. Even when you talk to her
again, she looks restless for some reason.

Leave the place and go visit the Wise One again. Now return to see master
Geiko. This time you don't see Lita around. Geiko says Lita is gone. He
asks you to find her (seems she have a Plaque and intends to give her
life for you to have a great sword or something like that, I don't remember
exactly...). So, go find her before it's too late.

Head to the church and talk to the priest (you must do this), then head to
the west of town to enter a mountain path that leads to the top of it
(of the mountain, of course). Here's Lita, but it's too late. She transforms
into a Saint Sword, a superb weapon (it increases your attack points by 1000 
or so, so don't ever think you could kill Gorgus without this sword!). Ok, 
it's time to get ride of the bad person that is Gorgus :-)

Head to the Sanctum (remember, northwest of Aquapolis) and make your way again
to the end. Again too, here's Gorgus. But this time you own a poweful sword
and are able to kill him. However, if at this point of the game you're not
level 36 or higher you should forget facing Gorgus - he will kill you quickly
for sure. Even at the maximum permitted level (lv. 40) of the game it's 
kind of difficult to defeat him. But of course you'll do, will you?

Well, after killing Gorgus the end of the game is very near. You find
the girl who ol' Samos back in Dorah told you to look for, she was
kidnapped by Gorgus when she was but a mere child, but actually you were the 
one who had to be taken away... (it's a long history that's told in the
epilogue, so don't think I'm going to tell you anything more >:-).

When the credits finish you can run the game again to find a new item in the 
main menu: the C. G. Gallery. Here you can watch the anime art shown in the
game (actually the girls, 'course :-). And that's all, the game is over.

(c) 2000-01 by RPG-Man (a.k.a. Psychic) 


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