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 Mafia FAQ

Mafia FAQ

     __    __     __     ______   _     __
    |  \  /  |   /  \   |  ____| |_|   /  \
    |   \/   |  /    \  | |____   _   /    \
    |        | |  []  | |  ____| | | |  []  |
    |  |\/|  | |  __  | | |      | | |  __  |
    |  |  |  | | |  | | | |      | | | |  | |
    |__|  |__| |_|  |_| |_|      |_| |_|  |_| [] [] [] []

    Welcome to la Famiglia.......

(C) 2002 Gathering of Developers / Illusion Softworks / Talonsoft

Created on 5 September 2002
By Kevin Mario Oscar Hartono A.K.A [CrescentSaber]
  |                    |

I.   | Introduction ( Keyword : INTRODUCTA )
II.  | Revision / Updates ( Keyword : VERSIONA )
III. | Gameplay / Controls ( Keyword : CONTROLLATA )
IV.  | Walktrough ( Keyword : CONTENTA )
V.   | Weapons known to be exist ( Keyword : BIGGUNS )
VI.  | Character Informations ( Keyword : CHARACTERA )
VII.  |  REALLY  frequent  asked questions...  >_<   (  Keyword  :
VIII.| Bug Jar ( Keyword : BUGGIEZ )
IX.  | Credits ( Keyword : BLABLABLAs )

  |                    |

Well  first... this is a walktrough for the game called Mafia  for
the  PC, which requires a lot of harddisk space ( Almost 2 GB) and
a  hell  of computer to run ( Mine's Pentium 4 2 Ghz 256 DDR  with
GeForce 4MX and it -STILL- lags sometimes ). I haven't beaten  the
game  yet but I decided to make this TXT file just for fun  (  I'm
damn  bored  and  I  have  to wait for a  month  to  get  into  my
University  ) so if there's something thats not to your  liking  (
either its not complete or completely wrong ) please mail me  WITH
corrections, again, WITH corrections !!

           -= IMPORTANT STUFF ! =-
--------------If any of you happens to live in Perth  /  Australia
or  study in Curtin University, please send me a note because  I'm
going  to move there and I do need some directions and few  tips..
thanks !
           -= END of IMPORTANT STUFF ! =-

Humm, lets get to the next part..

  |                    |
  |     REVISIONS      | "VERSIONA"

18 Sept 2002
Version 1.4
-Added more alternative ways to complete some missions.
-Added the "Bug Jar"

14 Sept 2002
Version 1.3
-Added some sites to disclaimer
-Added the Racing FAQ (by
-Added tips for some missions

13 Sept 2002
Version 1.2c
-Corrected a misplaced Addition (The Running Man) tip.
-Added another additions.

13 Sept 2002
Version 1.2b
-Added the disclaimers for some site.
-Added Mission "Running Man" tip to Salieri's Bar.
-If  there's  anything  you think I should add  to  my  Walktrough
please mail me OK.

11 Sept 2002
Version 1.2a
-Added some FAQs
-Corrected the walktrough
-Added  disclaimer (ABOVE)

10 Sept 2002
Version 1.2
-I'm still trying the Free Rides.
-Added ANOTHER mirror site.
-Added some tips from readers >_< (Thanks guys)

09 Sept 2002
Version 1.1
-Finished the game and now I'm trying the Free Rides.
-Almost finished the walktrough...
_Added mirror site for the file.
-Added some FAQs.
-Some typing errors corrected.

08 Sept 2002
Version 1.0c
-Wrote walktrough until chapter 12.
-Answered some mails.

07 Sept 2002
Version 1.0b
Hotmail limit >_<
-Uploaded the SAVE GAME after the RACE to my WEBSITE. Further info
please read the walkthrough.
-Added  the  walktrough up to chapter 09 and the  most  irritating
harbor mission, chapter 15.

06 Sept 2002
Version 1.0a
-Added Characters section
-Written the walktrough up to Chapter 6
-Added some new weapons

05 Sept 2002
Version 1.0 ( Original version )

Ehm... anything else I should add here... ?

  |                     |
  | Gameplay / Controls | "CONTROLLATA"

MAFIA  is a 3rd person shooting / driving and other mixed up game.
The control is fairly easy ( I remapped the controls to usual WSAD
control ). I just list down some of 'em :

-= ( My Custom Controls ) =-

X / Y Mouse Axis - Look Around
Left Mouse - Shoot
Right Mouse - Action ( Talk, Lockpick, Open Doors, Collect Weapons
double click Right Mouse - Enters Car ( When near a car )
Mouse Scroll - Cycle Weapons

R - Reload
T - Sniper Mode
H - Hide Weapon
I - Inventory
W S A D - Directions
F1 - Objectives
BackSpace - Drop Weapon
LeftCtrl - Duck
LeftAlt - Whistle ( Calls Tram and Taxis )
Space - Jump
TAB - City Map
CapsLock - Enable / Disable always run
Esc - Menu


Left Mouse - Shoot / Arm Weapon ( weapon ready )
           - Look Around ( no weapon ready )
Right Mouse - Center view after -Left Click-
            - Disarm weapon
Mouse Scroll - Cycle Weapons

M - Toggle Manual / Automatic Steering
Q - Switch gear down ( Manual Steering )
E - Switch gear up ( Manual Steering )
F5 - Speed Limiter ( 60 Kmh )
, - Look Left
. - Look Right
Both   .  and  ,  button  -  Look  Behind  (  Thanks  to  hardk4re
[] )
LeftAlt - Horn
Space - HandBrake
TAB - City Map

Well, I guess that all for the controls..
Now  we  go  down to business. In the game, you'll  encounter  two
types of police
(  Car  / Walk ), therefore there's also two types of punishments,
whether :

01.  You get a fine - Theres an icon like a notebook in top center
of screen
02. You get arrested -  HandCuffs icon

There's  also  another  icon, the "Gun"  icon  and  its  gonna  be
displayed  when you're in a gunfight with the cops or someone  and
the cops see you. (Thanks to Ask Me at

I'll list down the law-breaking behaviours :

PS  : This will only happen if there's a police within an area  of

You'll get a fine if you :
- Running across Red Lights
- Crashes into someone's car ( light damage )
- Crashes into someone ( hurt )
- Speeding over 60 Kmh

You'll get arrested if you :
- Runaway from the police with the "fine icon"
- Show weapon when police is around
- Shoot / Crash into Police / Police Car
- Crashes into someone's car ( heavy damage )
- Crashes into someone ( dead )
- Speeding over 120 Kmh

If  you get a fine icon and you stopped, the police will only  ask
some  dough  from you but if you get a handcuffs icon, you'll  get
arrested and the mission you're in will be considered fail.  So  I
reccomend  to stop while the icon is still the "fine" icon  before
it changes to handcuffs.

  |                    |
  |     Walktrough     | "CONTENTA"

OK ! This is the Walktrough !
I'm  not gonna explain step by step 'coz its gonna spoil the  game
and the excitement off, so I just gonna spurt the brief walktrough
(  as  I'm  also too lazy to explain it step by step ) if  there's
something you want to ask or confused with, feel free to mail me.

MAFIA  consists of 20 Chapters ( minus the lousy first and  second
chapter ), each of them are similiar and connected to each  other.
The timespan is around 1930 to 1938 and the place is somewhere  in
America ( I'm not sure its real or fiction,
I  never  been  there  before.. ). The main  character  is  Thomas
Angelo, Tommy, for short.

"An offer you can't refuse"
Mission Difficulty : 7 / 10

Autumn 1938

After the intro cutscene, a man come out of a train and to a small
cafe. There he meets someone and he told him about his past.

You are controlling a Taxi right now, so don't expect that you can
outrun  your  chasers just by going straight. If you notice,  they
will crash into your car from the LEFT side, so if you stay at the
right  side of the road and give them some space, they  will  bump
you  and kill you. So instead, stay at the LEFT side of the  road,
search for some kind of roadlight or traffic light. You can outrun
them by making them crash into traffic light or roadlight or maybe
some  cars. Remember that they will bump you from the LEFT so when
they  are  at  your  LEFT just bump into  them  so  they  hit  the
roadlight or the traffic light.

Whoa, pretty confusing huh.. ?
Well  anyway, luck really have an important role in this  mission.
My friend can outrun those bastards easily because -of some reason-
they  [unfortunately] crashed into a tram and flipped off, so they
cannot chase him.

I  got  several emails asking where is Salieri's bar because  when
they followed the compass it always heads to the sea.
Of  course  the compass always heads to the sea because  Salieri's
bar  IS across the sea, pass Giuliano Bridge and over and it  only
tell you where to head so don't expect a smart compass to show you
the bar's location.
For  those ppls who're about to ask this question, please, please,
PLEASE press your "TAB" button ?!

"The Running Man"
Mission Difficulty : 0.5 / 10   ( oh please.... )

Hell,  this is another lousy chapter. You just go around  carrying
passengers  (  daily taxi driver work ) but at  the  end  of  this
chapter  you'll get bullied by the guys from last  night.  To  get
trough this mission just activate your Speed Limiter (F5) and  try
not  to  bump into people. I can't even think why they  make  such
mission...  This  kind  of  mission should  be  converted  into  a
cutscene >_<

* Additions *

I  just  noticed that a lot of readers cannot get past this  level
(its  actually  confusing) because the lack of arrow  pointers  to
guide them to Salieri's... Well this is the directions : (Remember
to  run in Zig-Zag directions so they can't aim at you or at least
some bullets will miss)

First after the cutscene go straight ahead and see the arrow. Turn
Right. Follow the alley to the end and after you see the main road
at the end of the alley and a bar with the billboard "Rose Bar" in
your  left  go to that direction. You will see another  arrow  and
enter the alley with a man standing in front of it.
Immidiately  AFTER you go past the man TURN LEFT (this  is  tricky
since a lot of ppls don't see this stairs) and go up to the stairs
and  go straightttt (Zig Zag Zig Zag). At the FIRST turn go  right
and  left,  you will see a man in a white - blue suit standing  in
front of you. Go to his  direction but turn right downstairs.  You
will  see  the main street again (its the end of the alley)  after
you  exits the alley IMMIDIATELY turn LEFT and you'll see  another
ARROW.  Enter  that  alley and you will see  a  guy  standing  and
another guy is doing something to a car, head RIGHT and you'll see
some  kind  of  tunnel. Enter the tunnel and  you'll  see  a  girl
waiting for her boyfriend and in front of you is the tunnel  exit,
exit the tunnel and head LEFT and you SHALL see the Salieri's  Bar
because its just right ahead)

"Molotov Party"
Mission Difficulty : 5 / 10

Congrats ! Welcome de la Famiglia !
In this mission you'll execute your first job as a Salieri. First,
get into Morello's area and park beside his garage.
You  should  be able to enter the garage from BEHIND (  There's  a
small  alley ) and lockpick the small gate ( Right Click ).  Knock
Down  the guard at the main gate with that brand new Baseball  Bat
of  yours. Then damage one of the cars with the bat,  and blow the
other two with the molotovs ( this mission reminds me of the Bonus
Stage in Street Fighter when you gotta  destroy that car with time
limit..  oh,  16  bit games.. ). Don't forget to check  the  small
wooden  house  to  get a Falconer. Then get back to  Salieri's....
Easy, eh ?

"Ordinary Routine"
Mission Difficulty : 7 / 10

Ah  !  Life as a mafioso ! This is your second mission, collecting
Protection Money from those protected by the Salieris.   The  Bank
and  the Restaurant should be easy, but when you arrive at the Gas

After Paulie is out, go left to circle the house and KILL the  dog
there.  At  my first try I'm too busy shooting the guys  from  the
window  and  I  got  killed by the #$^&*( dog  >_<  waaaaaah  that
embarasses  my  a  lot ! I almost spent an hour swearing  at  that
fluffy  thing  with  jaw.  Make sure you  don't  die  like  me....

Oh  yeah,  you should see some boxes arranged at the back  of  the
house. Press "JUMP" to climb those boxes and get inside the house.
After  you get inside, turn right and open the door to reveal  the
BATHROOM and a guy peeing there. Shoot him dead and prepare for  a
three men assault from the stairs. Hide behind the door or enter a
room and kill them one by one. There's two accessible rooms at the
second floor, one have the TommyGun on the bed and the other  room
have a medicine kit on the bathroom ( Its a yellow box with a  red
cross on it ).

Head  down  carefully, at the room with billiard tables there's  3
men,  one at the left armed with the Tommy Gun, finish him  later.
The  other  two  is equipped with some handgun  (  I  forgot  )  I
reccomend  to finish these two first. After killing all three  you
should see a big old man with white clothes - KILL him too  or  he
will punch you.

Enter  the room to see Sam, but after you got out prepare  for  an
one  on  one gunfight. This should be easy considering  you  still
have the Tommy Gun armed.

* The Chase *

First  of  all just go to your car and do your best to  tail  him.
It's  almost impossible to speed him out because his  car  is  way
better than yours. Just tail him and shoot him. Eventually he will
fell  down ( in my game he crashes to another car and incapitated,
so I can just got out of my car and shoot him ).

Another TIP from Adrian Becker (
Before  you enter the house, shoot the tires of the yellow car  so
when  you chase him down he'll be freakin' slow, slower than  your
first taxi.. huh ? Thanks Adrian !

Mission Difficulty : 3 / 10

This  time  the big boss wants you to steal some brand new  racing
car from Europe so the car won't win at the race tomorrow.
GO  to the place marked at the map ( it's at the edge of the town,
there's a label Lost Heaven Racing Arena so you should be able  to
find  it easily ). After ya got there, talk to the guard and he'll
open  the  gate for you. Go to the garage and take the  car.  When
you're  driving it in the city, remember to watch the radar screen
for  police because they'll chase you as soon as they see you. And
please DO NOT DAMAGE the car by bumping into someone / something.
Go  to  Luca Bertone's and wait for a moment. After he's  finished
you just drove back and put the car to where it was.

* The Race *
RACING difficulty : 15 / 10 --> [waaah can't they make it a little
easier ?]

Apparantly Salieri's racing guy has broke his arm so he  won't  be
driving for the race, soo..., guess who'll drive ?
There's  no  tips  or strategy to pass this race  thingy,  I  have
wandered  around Forums about Mafia and most of it  is  about  how
hard  the  racing was. I myself spent almost 2 and a half  hour  (
plus 2 bottles of Coke ) to pass this hell.

There's no kind of trick, but there's one bug ( I think )  to  get
the  first  and  the second car behind you. When the  race  starts
simply accelerate your car WITHOUT bumping into other cars and  at
the  first turn BUMP your car between the First and the Second car
( white and red, supposedly )and you should be on the first place.
I  did  this and I manage to -SAFELY- pass all the turns (just  be
patient and turn slowly, overspeeding will only flip your car)

Well that should work for you, it works like a charm for me tho.

I won't MAIL you the savegame since there're like a hundred people
queqeuing on my Inbox with the same topic, so please just go to my
website..  I  have uploaded it on the MAIN PAGE. Geez...  I  never
knew feedbacks could be like THIS ! Whoa !
I  have received mails from Germany, Vienna-AUSTRIA, ROMANIA  (  I
never thought my FAQ would be read internationally...
I  should really fix my grammar now.. ) , Northern Europe, USA and
Netherland ( how could they possibly get their hands on MAFIA ?  I
thought it's still unreleased there.. ? ) and I just want  to  say
that I really appreciate your mails ! Thanks for you readers !

ANOTHER CORRECTION if you find my website down please wait for  an
hour  to  access it again, this happens due to a lot of people  go
there  today  (1000 visitors) probably b'coz of that  cursed  save
game. DAMN I started to hate the race because
it gave me lots of problems..... >_<   Ack !

--------------------------RACE TIPS FAQ--------------------------
By :
Version 1.0

Okay  Most  people think that the race is the hardest  mission  in
this  game.  Well  I don't know whether they are  right  or  wrong
because I haven't finished this game yet. Okay the first thing  is
you  should  not be afraid of this mission. Because if before  you
start the race you are  already afraid then you have lost.

Here are the steps:

1. Change the control keys!
4=turn left
6=turn right
5=hand brake
This  way it would be much easier to stir your car. (Your car will
turn sharper, and will slid less often)

2.  Try to lead the race as soon as possible, when the race starts
take the left because the orange and green car
would  likely  turn right and smash most of the car in  the  right
(good for them)

3.  Use  brake! It is better to slow down a little then to slid  a
lose the race.

4. There are 4 deadly turns that cannot be handled even though you
have changed your control keys.
There are
01. In the beginning of the game
Slow  down  your  car until 60 and take the turn slowly.  Be  very
careful because in the beginning of the game there
would be a lot of cars making it harder.
02. The turn where you can read Aribo sign
Again  slow down your car until 60 and take the turn for the  left
03. The Slalom turn (right after the aribo turn)
This one is the deadliest! Slow down until 50-60, release the  gas
and take the turn slowly. Avoid hitting the side
road at any cost, because if you flip then you will be out of  the
04. The forest turn (right after the slalom turn)
This in is not too dangerous just slow down until 60

5.  Concentrate because the race consists of 5 laps and you cannot
save during the race if you screw up that you
must do the race all over again.

There  hope  this help you to finish the game! I made  this  guide
after playing the race for over than an hour so don't
copy  this! This can only be seen at (and  of  course
Crescent's walktrough)

---------------------END OF RACE TIPS FAQ-------------------------

If  you  customize your controls exactly like mine, then  you  can
steer with WSAD buttons and before a turn just
press  the  "Arrow Up" key ( its below the button  "End"  at  your
keyboard, just for newbies ) and somehow you'll get
a better / easier turn ( or thats how I think ). Good Luck !

Mission Difficulty : 7 / 10

Luigi  asked  you to accompany Sarah on her way home, because  the
night before some punks are flirting with her.
This  mission  almost look like a copy of Fighting  Force  with  a
Mafia skin... >_<  just punch 'em out with a
full power bar and get some weapons dropped.

Addition : If you noticed at the right side of the wall there's  a
wooden plank you can pick up and use as your
weapon. Its much much easier to beat the guys using this plank.

Watch Sarah's and your lifebar. There's not only 3 punks in there
but  almost  5  or  6  so better watch your back.  After  knocking
everybody off, escort her to her house and see
some adult scenes ( tee hee...... )

* Additions *
A guy emailed my last time saying that he cannot pass this mission
(maybe its only a bug) after he killed all the
punks  (he  said there were 6 punks) because Sarah  only  crouches
down and she won't move / follow you.
If  any  of you also get this problem please mail me, hmm this  is
one kind of a new glitch eh ?

*Another Additions *
This  problem is caused by using a trainer. Turn it  off,  and  it
proceeds as normal.
Thanks to : ThatGreenJesus (

The  solution is you need to at least chase the punks out  of  the
alleys - and into the main streets. You don't even
need  to  kill  them. If Sarah doesn;t do anything the  punks  are
still too close.
Then Sarah stands up and all is well.
Thanks to : Fallon (

Hello,  I read through your faq for Mafia, and noticed the bit  at
the bottom about not being able to use a trainer
for  the mission where you escort Sarah home. I was able to use  a
trainer during this mission. The key is to make sure
you  don't have one shot kills turned on. I believe this  is  what
was causing her to stand around. When normally
playing through that mission the attackers will run away after you
beat them up a bit. I'll double check this tonight
when I get home from work, just to make sure, and send you another
email to let you know.
Thanks to : Patrick Jarvi (

Another  guy  said  that this bug happens  because  he's  using  a
cracked version of the Game.ExE
You  can try it for yourself and download the No-CD EXE at one  of
my websites and the mirrors.
Cya [Crescent]

"Better Get Used To It"
Mission Difficulty : 7.5 / 10

Tommy  and Paulie reported about the punks to Don Salieri and  the
Don think they should be taken care of.
Go to Vincenzo's for some weapon ( Bat and Handgun ) and drive off
to see Big Biff for information.

After you reached the used Service Station, you'll encounter  some
meelee fightings and you'll be outnumbered.
Keep  an eye to Paulie's lifebar because it seems that he have  no
fear dealing with 5 guys at the same time.
If you manage to keep Paulie (and of course yourself) alive, carry
on to another area.
DO  NOT  SHOOT before THEY SHOOT at you or the mission WILL  fail.
Take care of the punks and go on to see another cutscene.

* The Chase *
Go  to  your car and start to drive as fast as you can, make  sure
you don't lose them and after some time they will
crash  into  a  wall  /  building ?  (forgot)  and  watch  another

"The Whore"
Mission Difficulty : 8 / 10

Apparently one little bastard in the car you chased before  manage
to survive... >_<
And  one  of  Salieri's protected customer have  changed  side  to
Morello's and he's not paying for his protection money
and  his  debts  to Salieri. We're gonna blow his brothel  down  !
WoohoooO !

Get into the Corleone Brothel, before you get there I suggest that
you HIDE your weapon away. The first thing you
oughta  do is to find the big-mouthed whore and knock her off.  Go
to the third floor and search the rooms there,
you should find her bathing and a cutscene.
(Extra : If you paid enough attention you'll hear some cool sounds
from inside the locked rooms, hehe)

Well  after dealing with the whore, go to the ground floor and  to
the restaurant. CLOSE the DOOR first and
kill the man in BLACK SUIT first before you kill the Manager ( Guy
in White Suit ). Finish off the other bodyguards.
Go  behind  the  receptionist's desk and collect the  Key  to  the
manager's office on the top floor.
open the door QUICKLY get your weapons ready !
( He's hiding to the right of the manager's office door ).

BOOM !  :D

* The Rooftops *

This is another one hell of a mission.
First climb out the stairs and open the two doors, climb the walls
and jump over the building to your right.
(  Hmm  now I know how it feels to be Peter Parker... ) Snipe  out
the polices here and watch out for one using the
US Army Springfield Rifle, he can kill you with one good shot.
PS  :  Watch  out  for  the police hiding at the  rooftop  of  the
building of which a lots of police came out from.
(  I  think there's 3 cops there ). When you feel it's kinda  safe
search the left side for a wooden stair and you
should see a cutscene.

* The Priest *

Hm,  another simple mission. Just dont forget to pickup the health
medicine on your way down the stairs.
Yet another cutscene and a crowded gunfight... There's no trick in
here, you can test your skills here.
Hide  behind the coffin and slaughter them one by one.  Watch  out
for the man using Tommy Gun from upstairs. After you kill
the  first  wave  of  hoods, there'll be a second  wave  of  hoods
equipped with shotguns. Be careful for them !
Well if you manage to kill them all safely, just walk out from the
church and lost the police.

"A Trip To The Country"
Mission Difficulty : 6.5 / 10

Waaah... Salieri has ordered you to go pick up some Canadian  Wine
from a farm outside of town and get them back to
his warehouse. Prepare for a real good fight !

After  you  arrive  at the farm, Paulie noticed  that  something's
fishy. There seemed to be no signs of people.
He  asked  Tom to go check it out. Go through the farm and  search
for a truck parked at the middle of the farm.
A  few  hoods will come out and shower you with shells from  their
pump action shotguns.
I  really suggest you avoid close range fights with these guys  if
you don't want to end up getting blew up..
Shot   them  from  a  distance  or  hide  behind  obstacles.  Your
destination is the truck and Paulie.

You'll  see another set of hoods firing at the trucks, finish  'em
off and Paulie will force you to find Sam together.
Go  around the farm a bit ( there's a few more hoods hiding inside
houses, be careful for them ).
After  some time Paulie will found some kind of tool to  open  the
locked Barn, where Sam was hid by the hoods. Arm your
guns  because after the door opened you'll encounter -yet- another
set of hoods. One with handgun and the other with
a  pump action s-gun. Go upstairs with full alert, there're  hoods
hiding everywhere !
PS: I manage to find a medicine kit inside the barn. Its some kind
of blurry and I can't see it clearly at first,
luckily I searched around...

You'll  find  Sam at the top floor of the barn, just laying  there
helpless. Paulie will then go get some help, but
before  he  manage  to get to the barn some crooked  cops  arrive.
Shooting them from the top floor of the barn should be
easy,  but remember the AI here is quite intelligent so  don't  be
surprised if one of the polices can go upstairs and
shoot you from the back.

After the gunfight, Paulie will carry Sam into the truck but  from
faraway Tom saw two cars heading to them !

*  The Tommy Gun Massacre * --> I made up this myself, cool huh  ?

Well,  you sit down at the trunk of a truck with a Tommy  Gun  and
Sam laying behind you. A few cars chasing from behind and
you're supposed to blow 'em off. Do not waste your ammo, limit 'em
so you can blow a car with less than 50 bullets each.
A few cutscenes come in and you'll dropped in the warehouse.

You can visit Luca Bertone for some side quests, this function  is
also available in some missions.
This  time, you'll have to warn Luca's friend that the  police  is
coming for him. You will have to speed up your car so
you can get to his house in time. After warning Luca's friend,  go
back to Luca and he'll teach you to steal an Ulver
Airstream Fordor down in Oakwood.
Go Back to Salieri's Bar - END of Mission.

Mission Difficulty : 8 / 10

Franks has betrayed the family !
Salieri  ordered you to liquidate Frank before he hand the account
books to the cops, because if the cops got the books,
Salieri would be finished !
Go  collect  information about Frank's whereabouts.  First  go  to
Chinatown and then the Art Gallery, after you get the
information  you should go to the small hut behind Luca  Bertone's
Service Station. Talk to the bald guy there for a few
times  and  when you think your patience have run out,  punch  him
right in the head for a few times >_< OUCH ! and you
will know where the cops hid Frank.

Before  you  continue, make sure you are driving a car  with  good
acceleration and a good speed. You'll need one to make
things  easier. At the time being I would really reccomend a  Bolt
V8 Roadster to do the job.

Go  to Oakwood and see a cutscene, then follow Frank's car to  the

After you arrive at the airport, you can shoot the guys hiding  at
the room one by one from outside, but I have found a
nice  way  to  finish them off clean and easy.  First  you  should
arrange the cars parked at the parking lot to be a barricade
so  you  can  hide  behind them, and then just drive  out  of  the
airport. The guys who hid at the airport will come out and
chase  you. Drive behind the barricade and shoot them one by  one.
This should be easier then to shoot them when they're
If you kill them all you'll see a cutscene of Frank running inside
the airport. Go after him but watchout for enemies.
Go  right and you'll se an empty hangar. In my game, when  you  go
near the hangar, a truck come and I kill the driver, then
I  drive the truck and kill all the hoodlums by crashing the truck
to them. With this method you don't have to waste a
single  bullet ( PS : Watch out for shotguns as they can blow  the
truck easily ).

Find  Frank  at another parking lot behind the empty  hangar  (  I
think its quite easy to find ) but be careful for a guy with
a Tommy Gun guarding Frank. Talk to Frank after you finish the guy
and he'll ask you to find his family. Go to the building
at the left side of the parking lot and kill two guys guarding the
building. Watch out for another one inside the building.
When  you enter the building you'll see a woman and a girl, that's
Frank's family. Talk to them and then talk to Frank again
and  bring Frank to them. When you're asked to search the  tickets
you can find the tickets at the very first room where you
encounter the cops guarding Frank. Go deliver the tickets to Frank
and see a cutscene.

This  time  Luca would like to send a "message" to someone  called
Big Stan at the Black Cats Bar near the Works Quarter.
Go  there  and punch him a few times until the runs from you,  but
don't kill him or Luca won't give you the hints to
steal the car. After he runs go back to Luca and you'll learn  how
to steal a Thor 810 down in Oak Hill.
Watch  out  for  the  guy  near  the  car,  he's  the  owner   and
unfortunately beside the car he also owns a gun >_<
Be careful if you're low on health here.
Go Back to Salieri's Bar - END of Mission.

"Visiting Rich People"
Mission Difficulty : 8.5 / 10

Well, this time Salieri ordered you to steal some pretty important
document from a villa in Oak Hills. The owner of
the  villa  is watching a play downtown and the villa is  empty  (
except for the guards, of course ). Pick up Salvatore
on your way to Oak Hills. Take the -small- almost unseen tiny gate
at the side of the villa. Ask Salvatore to pick the
locks and you can make your first step inside the Villa.

As  soon  as  the game finishes saving, go left to the statue  and
crouch. When crouching, click the action button on
Salvatore  to order him to wait for you. Arm yourself with  the  -
autographed- baseball bat, hehehe... and wait for a guard
that  will go pass your hiding place. Hit him hard from  the  back
and collect the PUMP ACTION SHOTGUN and the KEY from him.
Then  head  right to find a guy standing inside a gazebo  (  small
house ). Hit him in the back too and collect his shotgun.
If  you manage to disable these two guards fast, the guard at  the
front of the house should be walking around the stairs.
And again, hit him on the back ( you will have to move fast ).  Go
to Salvatore and order him to follow you. Go up the
stairs  and enter the dining room. If you happen to meet the  maid
you can just knock her off from behind too.

Remember,  when you're inside the house, DO NOT SWITCH ON  any  of
the light switches. I switched one to see what will happen
and  a  minute after a guard come and shoot me off with a shotgun.
>_< waah...

Find  the  stairs to the second floor and find the safe,  see  the
cutscene. After the cutscene ends, go back downstairs.
Tell Salvatore to wait inside the room with the stairs. Go to  the
dining room and prepare your baseball bat.
In  my  game I was able to disable the guard at the front  of  the
door at the dining room by knocking him off with the
trustworthy  baseball bat. Collect a Tommy Gun from him  and  then
order Salvatore to follow you and just walk outside the
villa ( make sure you do it with style, hehehe ! )

-=* ADDITION *=-
Hello.  Thought  you  might want this one for the  "Visiting  Rich
People" level. It's easier than your method, although
it does rely on the stupioity of the AI :)

As  soon  as  you enter the garden, turn left and  crouch  by  the
statue and get Salvatore to stay there. Run after the
guard  who  is  patrolling the left path (ahead  of  you  at  this
point). If you make sure you stay behind him, you can
run  as  fast and make as much noise as possible, as long  as  you
don't shoot your gun. Knock him out. Next to the bench
there is a power box. Use the box twice to turn off the lights. Go
and grab Salvetore. Run to the left part of the
garden,  and hug the wall whilst running. There is a side entrance
to the house, which leads directly to some stairs.
Get  Salvetore to open the door (I forgot to grab the key from the
guard, this will probably open the door no problems,
without Salvetore) and get him to wait when you get inside. Run up
to the first floor, then open the door in front of you.
It's  likely a guard will spot you. Then run to the right and open
the other door that leads to the hall. You can now
knock out the guard without him spotting you (he'll be waiting  at
the other door). Turn right and into the lit room
where  the Prosecuters wife is. Lay her out and run into the  next
room. Then out into the landing and left into the safe
room.  Follow  this  exact path on the  way  back  as  quickly  as
possible: stopping is a recipe for death. You're home and dry,
and  you  only need to knock out two, possibly three people.  Well

Thanks to : Chris Lewis (

* Alternative Ending *
Thanks to Robert A Means (
Just  a  quick suggestion on an alternative ending to Chapter  11:
"Visiting Rich People."  If you go out the front door
instead  (watch for the maid) and whack the one guy in  the  front
yard (He's to the left of the front door as you leave)
you  can steal the Silver Fletcher parked there.  When you try  to
open it, your character will tell Salvatore to open
the car.  Now you have a car that's fast, strong, and heavy enough
to do decent battle with other cars.
* End of Alternative Ending *

Drop  Salvatore at his house and you're free to go to Salieri  and
end this mission.

"A Great Deal !"
Mission Difficulty : 6.5 / 10

Hum,  after  the  failure  with  the  Canadian  Whiskey  shipment,
Salieri's pretty upset. But accidentally Paulie bump into
someone  named  William Gates from Kentucky who offered  Paulie  a
deal. You have to pick the whiskey from Kentucky at
a big parking lot.
When  you arrive at the parking lot, go to the top floor and  find
the guys waiting to exchange the whiskey with money.
But  it seems that Morello is trying to wage a war again. After  a
cutscene you'll confront Morello's guys, most of them
are  using Tommy Gun and Pump Action Shotguns so be extra careful.
And you'll have to watch Sam's and Paulie's health too.

At  the  top  level of the parking lot but BEFORE you trigger  the
cutscene between you and the guy from Kentucky, there
should  be some cars parked aroud. Make a barricade and close  the
entrance to the top level. Make sure you do it right
so there won't be any of the guys still pass through the barricade
and shoot at you.
When  the firefight started, simply shoot at the cars to blow them
and kill most of the guys, it should save you some
bullets and extra health for the next fight downstairs.

Go  downstairs and kill the hoodlums, pay attention when  you  see
two cars blocking your way at the 2nd level and when you
take  the emergency stairs. Some guys there have grenades and they
didn't mind to throw them at you. When you feel that
somebody  is throwing something at you, run like hell because  one
good blow can kill you right away.

After  you kill them all, go to the top level again and drive  the
truck with the goods to the bottom level. See a cutscene
and you'll have to drive the truck to the warehouse in Hoboken.

When  you  get to drive the truck, go out from the truck and  head
left to kill approximately 6 guys there and don't forget
to  blow those 2 black cars because they'll chase you down if  you
just drive the truck to the warehouse. But if you want
some  challenge you can just drive the truck to the warehouse  and
you can confront two cars on your way there.
Be  careful for the police, if you hear any sirens just load  your
game because your truck can't outrun police cars.

"Bon Apetit !"
Mission Difficulty : 9 / 10

This  is  one hell of a mission, you only armed with a  full  Colt
1911 (but even if it's full it can only carry 42 bullets)
and  Salieri  got  himself a S&W Magnum. When the mission  starts,
immidiately duck behind the table and shoot / kill the guy
at  the  rightmost of the screen. There should be two guys  there,
one with a handgun and another with a shotgun.
Snipe them from behind the table. After you killed those two guys,
go to the back of the restaurant and watch for the door
to  your  left (if you took spend a lot of time to kill the  first
two guys you will encounter 3 guys here, one with a Tommy
Gun, one with a handgun and the last one with a shotgun) when  you
enter the door you'll see a stair heading up, go
upstairs  but  watch out for a guy with a Tommy Gun here.  Collect
his Tommy Gun and snipe the guys downstairs from the
window. (REMEMBER to watch for Salieri's health).
Go  out  trough  the same door ( don't go out from the  door  that
leads to the streets ) and go out to the streets from a
small alley to your right. Watch out for a guy with a Tommy Gun  /
Shotgun. After you're out in the streets you can :
01. Steal a car and kill the remaining guys by driving them out.
02. Shooting the remaining guys from a distance.
Humm,  I think if you get things right you should be able to  kill
them easily but anyway I think I almost spent 1.5 hour
to -FINALLY- pass this one.

After  a  cutscene, go to Carlo's flat and chase him down  through
the fire-escape stairs. Watch out for punks here, they're
armed  with  baseball bats but you should be able to  finish  them
off. Just don't get too close to them.
Carlo  is the guy wearing polkadot shortskirt / underwear  and  he
got a handgun with him. There're two other guys with
handguns so watch your back. This the easiest part of the  mission
I think my grannie can pass this one... >_<

"Happy Birthday !"
Mission Difficulty : 7 / 10

Salieri's pissed off because of the assasination attempt at Pepe's
Restaurant, so he decided that it's time to wage a war
against  Morello ! He ordered you to kill a politician  when  he's
celebrating his Birthday at a SteamBoat.
Go  to  the  destination assigned at the map and to the steamboat,
but apparantly the guard won't let you in so...
Go  the  the  building with a door opened just  in  front  of  the
steamboat and find a sailor's suit there and a minute later
you'll transform into Sailor Moon ! (eh... bad joke ?)
Well  with  your new uniform just go pass the guard  (  geez..  he
didn't recognize your face ) and to the boat.
When you're in the boat find the men's room where Vicenzo smuggled
the gun to assasinate the politician.
First go to the men's room at the left side of the boat to find  a
bucket, take it. Then you'll have to find a room with
the label "SKIPPER HAS THE KEY" written on the door (it's a little
tricky, quite-hidden and near the stairs) then find
a  sailor with a white-blue line cloth and talk to him. He'll give
you the key and you can take the gun.
Then  assasinate the politician and escape the boat (search for  a
speedboat drove by Paulie) after that you can call it
a day !

"You Lucky Bastard !"
Mission Difficulty : 9 / 10

The  only  reason I give this mission a 9 outta 10  is  that  this
mission is the 2nd most frequently asked question.
First  of  all  go to the Italian Garden restaurant  and  see  the
cutscene, then escape to Salieri's bar. And then you should
head on to OakWood and stop in front of Morello's house. Wait  for
a second and the man guarding the car in the front
of  the  house should enter the house, that's when you  strap  the
TNTs below Morello's car.  See the cutscene and again
head back to Salieri's.
Paulie will have a bright idea to assasinate Morello so you go  to
the place Paulie pointed at the map, but then again
Paulie proved his clumsiness in a cutscene after. Escape from  the
chase and head to Salieri's again.
Wah,  Sergio  Morello  was truly a lucky  bastard.  You'll  see  a
cutscene and you'll know why. Chase Morello down (you dont'
have  to shoot his car) the most important thing is that you don't
lose him. Chase him down to the harbor.

* The HARBOR *
After  the  cutscene quickly crouch behind your car and  arm  your
Colt 1911, a guy will approach you from your right. Shoot
him  first and then shoot the guy with the Tommy Gun just in front
of your car. There will be another 2 guys with some
Pump  Actions, one will approach you from your front  and  one  is
hiding behind the branches at your left.
Get  into the Truck and go further into the harbor. Watch out  for
shotguns and Tommy Guns equipped guys, there're a lot
of  them  here.  Don't  let yourself to be  in  the  open  because
there're 3/4 Rifle using guys and they can shoot you from a
very  far  distance and it WILL hit you big time. With  the  truck
just go straight to the left end of the harbor and check
the houses there, a guy is armed with a rifle here but he won't be
a threat because you can go behind him and kill him.
Collect the rifle and use it to kill the 3/4 guys using the  rifle
at the top of the crate-mover (that red-tokyo-tower-like
building) just in front of the big ships.

This chapter seems to be another stuck point for people who passed
the race, huh.. ?
OK here's the tip !
You see Sergio Morello's car ? And the building behind it ?
There's where he's hiding !
You  have to arrange the railways / tracks so the train at the end
of the rail will crash into Morello's car.
(  you  have  to search for a train-like compartment which  has  a
brickstone under the wheels ) after you arrange
the  rails  just duck there, press right mouse and the  brickstone
will be removed, causing the train to crash into the car.

Enter the warehouse and be careful for shotgun users here, there's
a lot of them. You'll find Sergio Morello here and
you  can  finish  him off easily using a Tommy  Gun  like  I  did.
Congrats ! Now Sergio Morello is a Lucky but dead Bastard !

This  time  Luca  will ask you to pick up his  wounded  friend  in
ChinaTown and bring him to the doctor in Oakwood, FAST !
You  gotta need a fast, small car but make sure your car can carry
4 passengers. I suggest using a Thor 810 Sedan FWD !
This is a little hard but after 2 or 3 times trying you should  be
able to pass this one.

PS  :  Wait for the wounded guy to stand up and walk (he walk real
slow) up inside your car. Make sure you didn't move
your  car  away  from him. Just stay put until he get  inside  and
voila, you're on.

Back  to  Luca and he'll teach you how to steal a Bruno  Speedster
851 at the parking lot in Central Island. Watch out for
the  black-skinned man guarding the car. Ta-daaa !  You  got  your
first sportscar !
Go Back to Salieri's Bar - END of Mission.

"Creme De La Creme"
Mission Difficulty : 7.5 / 10

Woah ! At last you're assigned to kill THE MAN, Morello himself !
Go  to  the  Theatre at Central Island and find Morello  there  to
assasinate him. He will escape with his so called Bullet
Proof limousine.

-= addition =-
I  saw  a post in a forum that says it IS possible to kill Morello
here by ramming into his car a dozen of times until
his limo flipped out and Morello dead. I haven't got confirmations
about this but IMHO it is possible.
-= end =-

Chase  Morello into the airport and get out of the car immidiately
after the car broke down. Watch out for 2 guys with
standard  weapons when you walk inside the airport area. When  you
see a plane moving, search for your car somewhere around
the  middle of the airport and then you can chase the plane. Shoot
it down and Morello's history !

======= Addition ========
You  can  get Morello's car (Silver Fletcher) it in front  of  the
hangar, but I dunno if you can still chase him if you
spend your time lockpicking the car. Try it out yourself.
========== End ==========

Lots of ppls emailing me about another pathway to kill Morello.

Here's one from CyberGuy (
In  the  Creme  de la Creme mission, I followed Morello  past  the
airport and around the back roads.
After  awhile  you get to a fallen bridge and morello's  car  goes
half over the edge. You(as the character) stop
the  car,  then  rev the engine and knock morello over  the  side.
during the cutscene u see his car explode.
Just helpin you make a complete faqs.

And here's from Matt Crowe (
Also  in  Chapter 16 "Creme De La Creme"  Sometimes Morello  won't
turn at the airport and will go straight.
If you keep up with him you will eventually reach a bridge with an
alternate cutscene instead of him taking off
in  the  airplane.  It helps to have a fast car, like  the  Silver

Go  back to the bar to drop Sam and Paulie and you can get another
car -->
This  time  Luca will ask you to drop a car to the ocean somewhere
near the cliffs. If you already wander the town around
it  shouldn't  be hard to figure out that the only open  sea  with
cliffs was the one at the opening of the game, the one
who  has a lighthouse and its located just below OakHills, and  at
the right side of Oakwood.
Drove the car to the edge of the cliffs, steal another car and ram
it to the car so the car will fall off the cliffs and
to the sea. Mission Over ! Easy enough eh ?
Luca  will teach you how to steal a Celeste Marque 500. Go to  the
parking lot of Roy's Grill and kill the owner of the car
(you  didnt  have to kill him but he will shoot you  a  few  times
while you're lockpicking his car so killing him would be
one of the good options I chose ) and you'll have a nice, powerful
car !
Go Back to Salieri's Bar - END of Mission.

"Election Campaign"
Mission Difficulty : 7 / 10

My  favourite mission of all time ! I love sniping down ppls  from
distance, the feeling is just great knowing they cannot
do  anything because they didn't know you're aiming at them... And
it also give the victim painless death (always hit the
head to do that). Damn I miss my Steyr Scout >_<
So,  Salieri asked you again to assasinate a politician,  big  one
this time so you can't be seen in public. Vicenzo has come
up  with a plan AND a sniper rifle, so the only thing left  is  to
execute the plan.
Go to the abandoned jail but look for a man standing in front of a
sewer (you can kill him if you want because he will
give you problems on your way out) and enter the sewer. You'll get
inside the old prison.
When  you  get  inside the jail look for a stair  heading  up  and
prepare for a gunfight. I suggest to snipe a guy down first
from  the stairs (its also to practise your sniping skill).  Watch
out for shotgun users here.
Go  straight because the stairs is broken, after a door  you  will
find another stairs heading up, go upstairs and again,
prepare for a gunfight. If you have any heavy artillery you better
use one now (Pump Actions). Go right and go straight,
turn right at the end of the alley and you can find another set of
stairs (up and down) you can go the the bottom floor
and  finish the dogs so they won't get you on your way out. You'll
fight a lot of guys here at the stairs, and there're
no  hiding place so you have to be fast and efficient, shoot  them
in the head with Colt 1911.
After you reached the top floor, find the politician (toggle  your
sniper mode first) he's in a small island-like with
a  white  building on it. He's giving a speech  in  front  of  the
building. Be patient and cool, remember, you can only shoot
once  so  if you miss the guards will protect him and the  mission
will fail.
If  you  manage to kill the guy, go waaaaay down and get out  thru
the doors which being guarded by the dogs. The door/gate
have  a  lock so shoot the locks and you can get outta  the  jail.
Remember the guy standing in front of the sewer ? If you
didn't  kill him the last time, he'll point at you to  the  police
and the police will come after you. So now you know why
I suggest to kill him ?
This time Luca will ask you to pick his friend up around the Works
Quarter are. The police is after him but Luca think
that his friend didn't even have a clue he's going to be arrested.
You'll need fast car for this and I suggest to use
Thor  810  Sedan FWD, this car rocks big time. I can steer  better
with this thing and it's quite fast, surprisingly.
Pick him up and bring him to Luca, and you'll learn how to pick  a
Lassiter V16 Appolyon. Its a custom build car with
a  sweet color. Go to Oak Hills and see a parked Lassiter Appolyon
there. Just go there, ignore the two guys talking
about the car and pick the lock and leave the place like hell.
Go Back to Salieri's Bar - END of Mission.

"Just for Relaxation"
Mission Difficulty : 6 / 10

Hmmm....  Salieri seems to have something he hide  away  from  the
others, because he ordered the boys to hijack a truck
and steal a load of expensive cigars from the Harbor. First of all
you go to a place near the harbor where you'll drop
Sam  there to wait for you. Then go to the front of the harbor  to
wait for the truck. After the truck leaves the harbor,
follow  it  but don't hijack it now. Wait until the  truck  enters
some kind of warehouse and unload the crates, and when
the  truck  leave the harbor block its path and hijack the  papers
and the truck then you can drive to the harbor now.

* Harbor Mission *
After  you  arrive at the harbor, go to the warehouse with  a  man
standing in front of its gates. Talk to him and he'll
order  you to pick up the crates and put them inside the  Dispatch
Hall. Near the crates you'll see two guys talking, talk
to  them  and ask them to help you move the crates to the Dispatch
Hall. After all the crates are moved talk to the guy
who  ordered you to move the crates and trick him to go somewhere,
after he leaves quickly move the CIGARS CRATES behind
him to your truck.
   __                 |
 _/  |________        |  [][]
|____|_truck__|_______|_[][][] --> crates
  O        O   |warehouse

* Addition *
It is possible to load the crates to the truck after the guy asked
you to load the other crates to the dispatch hall if
you're  damn fast in carrying those crates. You can also kill  the
guy when he's taking a leak (waybe knock him off with
a  baseball  bat) and you can load the crates without  time  limit
(just watchout for the guards)
*End of Addition *

Position your truck like this to move the crates faster. After you
load all the crates quickly get out of the harbor and
head  to the place where Sam and Paulie is waiting. The place have
a small entrance so position your truck well, make a
barricade with your truck and make a way for one person so you can
kill one person at a time instead of facing them all.

[  Leave space for one person here  ]
-----/  / ------the entrance
    /  /0
   /__/  --> Your truck

This  mission  should be a breeze if you manage  to  make  a  good
barricade. After the threat is gone drive the truck to the
warehouse and see a cutscene there. End of mission.

When  I  got  to  the docks I drove in as written  and  showed  my
papers. After driving around a while inside, the people
started  to  shoot at me. I thought what the heck. You want  lead,
you got lead!!! :-) I drove over as many as I could,
then  I positioned myself in a good spot with cover of some  cars.
The soldiers came at me one at a time so it's wasn't
as  hard  as I thought. When all the soldiers were dead (and  some
civilians) I drove to the warehouse and loaded my truck.
Don't worry about the truck as long as it don't blow up. When  you
drive outside the docks it's as good as new again.
The  best  part is only one guy follow you to the meet. Sam  takes
care of him before you can get out of the truck!
It's  easier  to  stay  alive  by yourself  without  the  schmucks
assigned by salieri...

Thanks to Jonas Finnhult (

Mission Difficulty : 8 / 10

Tommy agreed to follow Paulie's last plan after he found out  that
Salieri's not exactly as good as he imagined. After the
cutscene at Paulie's house follow him to the train station to  the
First National Bank. After you get there Paulie will
tell  you  his plans and ask you to go to Yellow Pete  at  Central
Hoboken to get some ammunitions.

My reccomendation of what weapon to bring :
01. Colt 1911 (never leave your house without it)
02. Colt Detective Special
03. S&W Magnum
04. S&W M&P
05. Thompson 1928

You can also go to Luca Bertone to get some wheels to do this job.
He will ask you to go to Big Dick (eh.. ? Dick ?!)
just  below the bridge near downtown. Go there, see some cutscene,
prepare for a gunfight. Usual Routine huh ? remember to
make a barricade with your car. Barricades can get you trough  the
hardest mission without taking any shots just don't
bring  expensive cars here cause you'll ruin the car. Go  back  to
Luca and he'll teach you how to steal a Trautenberg
Model J somwhere around Oakwood.

After you got the wheelie go to Paulie's flat and sound your horn,
then your final destination awaits.. the Bank !

When you enter the bank quickly run past Paulie and enter the door
near the clerk. Watch out for a guard that will pop
up  outta nowhere from the door (or if you're fast enough he  will
still at the stairs). Get the keys from behind the Clerk
and  go  upstairs,  again, watch out for a guard  here.  Find  the
manager's room and threaten him to find the keys to the safe,
after  that  go waaaay downstairs and find the safe. At  the  room
before the safe you'll encounter two guards with a handgun
(that's  what I remember) so prepare your Thompson for a good  'ol
After  you finished collecting the cash go upstairs to find Paulie
and escape the bank. If you're pretty fast you wont
encounter any polices on your way to Palermo Club at Hoboken.  And
its the end of the mission.

"The Death of Art"
Mission Difficulty : 8.5 / 10
WARNING ! SPOILERS ARE EVERYWHERE in this chapter walktrough !

Ah  !  The Finale at last !!!!!! I never knew writing a walktrough
would be hard... at least not THIS hard... >_<
Hmm  I  better quit annoying you and carry on with the walktrough,
no ?

You'll see a cutscene and you'll find Paulie dead in pieces. (Most
likely with a Thompson, judging from the wound).
When  the cutscene ends quickly HIDE your weapons and get  out  of
Paulie's flat FAST. If you see 2 cops just ignore them
and  run like hell. In front of Paulie's flat you'll see two  cars
and I suggest you take the Police Car. Head to Hoboken
to Yellow Pete's shop and buy these heaters :

My reccomendation of what weapon to bring :
01.  Colt  1911 ( I have to thank the guy who invented this  sweet
piece of gun )
02. Colt Detective Special
03. S&W Magnum
04. S&W M&P
05. US Rifle M 1903 Springfield

You'll  need the rifle for the final battle and you don't have  to
bring Tommy Guns because you'll get a lot of them at
the scenes before the Final Battle.
Alternatively  you can visit Luca Bertone to acquire  a  Thor  812
wheelie. You will have to follow a whore that will get
out  from  Corleone brothel (the one that blows off at  The  Whore
mission) and follow her by WALKING. This is a walk in the
park  (seriously, you will cross a park on the way) and after  she
enters a building you can go back to Luca and he'll
tell  you  about the Thor. Its in the Used Cars Lot  somewhere  in
Chinatown. There're a lot of dogs guarding the cars so
I suggest killing all of them from outside before you enter to get
the car. Shoot the lock to open the door and get the
Thor  (orange  car) near the small house. Its quite  powerful  and

Well, seems that you already finished with everything...
Go the the Art Museum and prepare for the Grand Finale.

* Grand Finale *
After the cutscene ends quickly hide and arm your Colt. Shoot  the
two guys in the head so you dont waste any bullets.
Two  other guys will pop up from the yellow door in front of  you.
After you kill them watch your back for another guy
with a Colt 1911. Enter the far-yellow door and at the end of  the
alley turn left. Snipe the shotgun user near the door
and  at  the next room there's a Colt 1911 guy. When you exit  the
room there'll be a guy shooting you from far away with a
Tommy  Gun,  finish him off with the Rifle. Head right and  you'll
encounter 3 guys. Finish them all and head to the stairs
BUT  QUICKLY  (I mean REAL QUICK) turn around and  run  like  hell
because a grenade will be thrown from above. After the
explosion  two guys will go down, kill them and collect  the  guns
(don't forget the Tommy Gun you killed with rifle).
Go  upstairs  and see the cutscene. After the cutscene IMMIDIATELY
head downstairs and take cover. Aim for the balcony for
a shotgun user there and a Tommy Gun guy will appear from the left
stairs. Watch out for a Colt Detective at the Right
Side  of the balcony (you can snipe him from downstairs, just look
for an opening in the balcony.

After  these guys are off, quickly go upstairs and go to the  LEFT
stairs and take cover behind the stair's ornament.
Finish two guys at the other side of the stairs while taking cover
behind the stair ornament. Search the bodies here
and  eventually  you'll find a grenade in one of  the  bodies.  Go
upstairs and watch out for three guys at the square. One
handgun,  one Tommy gun and one Shotgun. If you're low  on  health
you can refill you health by going to the other side
of  the  square. You'll find two stairs with a health kit  at  the
middle of the two stairs. AGAIN, WATCH OUT FOR GRENADES
when you approach the health kit. If you hear a sound of something
being thrown quickly go upstairs and kill the guy there
when the grenade explodes downstair. Go downstairs to pick up  the
health kit.

Go  the  square again and open the doors surrounding  the  square,
you'll be able to open one of them but watch out for heavy
gun  users inside. After you open the door immidiately take  cover
and throw the grenade inside (aim carefully so you don't
waste  that  grenade) you can find another grenade at one  of  the
bodies of the guys in the square. Enter the door and just
follow the track (watch out for guys hiding behind the seats) even
if you see an empty room you should be careful as the
AI here is quite tricky.

Follow  Sam upstairs and to the door, enter the door and  see  the
cutscene. This is your final gunfight so use your rifle.
Hide  behind  the walls and let Sam shoot at the  walls.  When  he
reloads you can shoot him with the rifle (aim for HEAD)
or  the  other  alternative is to use a Thompson you collected.  A
Colt 1911 is also nice for this battle, you will only need
14 bullets from Colt to finish the gunfight. Make sure your health
is above 30 or 40 so try not to get shot here.
Follow the blood trails to find Sam ( PREPARE your Tommy Gun ) and
when he appear shoot him to finish him off......
After  the  cutscene the game will end and thats the end  of  this
walktrough... Damn I'm tired !

The  ending is pretty shocking (see for yourself) and the  credits
song is -frankly- standard. I was expecting a nice song
maybe a little bit of Orchestra or a mixed genre but.....

Well  this is the end all right, I'm going to play the Free  Rides
so look forward to my Free Ride FAQ (if I'm not too lazy
to make it, thats what)

Sayonara !

  |                    |
  |      WEAPONS       | "BIGGUNS"

Hum,  just exactly like the subtitle, I'll write down the  weapons
available in this game..
Usually  you'll get the "heaters" at Vincenzo's before a  mission,
but you can also rub dead bodies of enemies
( or polices ) to get new weapons. The weapons you get WILL NOT be
saved after a mission, so when you advance to
the next mission you'll be empty handed again. ( The most annoying
factor in the game.. )

O  yeah, some of the "Found In"s are blurry to me, so I fill those
exactly as I remember, the big prob is I don't
remember clearly tho.. please send me the corrections OK ?

           -= WEAPONS known to be exist =-

01. Baseball Bat ( either autographed or non-autographed... >_< )
    Efficiency : 4/10.
    Type : Meelee
     Found in : Almost every mission / sometimes car drivers bring
    Damage : Low.
    PROs : If you hit someone from the back with this thing,
           they'll be "out cold" for some time, good range.
     CONs  :  It  hits  high  and usually  miss,  cannot  be  used
    Comments : Why can't it bounce bullets off... ?

02. Crowbar
    Efficiency : 3/10.
    Type : Meelee
    Found in : Almost every mission / sometimes labors bring this.
    Damage : Low.
    PROs : No pros... I think..
    CONs : Usually miss, small range, cannot be used crouching.
    Comments : I hate this thing, use it only in desperations !

03. Knife
    Efficiency : 5/10.
    Type : Meelee
    Found in : Some mission.
    Damage : A litthe higher than Low.
    PROs : Just charge the power bar to full and
           you'll do a whooping 4 hit combo ! :D
    CONs : Usually miss, small range,
           cannot be used crouching. ( typical meelee Cons )
    Comments : Good when you're weaponless or bulletless
               ( which is very impossible to happen IMHO )

04. Knuckle Duster
    Efficiency : 4/10.
    Type : Meelee weapon
    Found in : Mission "Sarah" and some other mission.
    Damage : Low
     PROs  : Bah... The best thing is it's -a little bit- stronger
than your bare hands.
    CONs : Mmm... Its a meelee weapon.
    Comments : >_<      AAAAAAAAAAAAAA No freakin' comments !

05. Wooden Plank
    Efficiency : 7/10.
    Type : Meelee weapon
    Found in : Mission "Sarah"
    Damage : Low
    PROs : Good range, fast cooldown, very useful for this level.
    CONs : Mmm... Its a meelee weapon.
     Comments  :  This one sweet baby is very useful  when  you're
protecting Sarah. Last time I found
                this  weapon  I  only have to  take  around  30/35
damage. Its a little tricky to find tho.

06. Smith and Wesson model 10 M&P
    Efficiency : 6/10.
    Mag / Max Mag : 6 / 30
    Type : SmallGun / Range
    Found in : Almost every mission.
    Damage : Medium.
    PROs : Good stuff, can do good headshots.
    CONs : Unstable, bounces off after shoot.
    Comments : Good gun but I prefer Colt 1911

07. Smith and Wesson model 27 Magnum
    Efficiency : 8/10.
    Mag / Max Mag : 6 / 30
    Type : SmallGun / Range
    Found in : Missions up from mission 4 or 5
    Damage : High.
    PROs : Whoa, this is one of my faves. You only need to shot
           the head once to blow 'em off.
    CONs : Unstable, bounces off after shoot, long reload time.
    Comments : Use it from a long range, save your bullets with h-

08. Colt 1911
    Efficiency : 7/10.
    Mag / Max Mag : 7 / 35
    Type : Small Gun / Range
    Found in : Mission 2 I think.. ?
    Damage : A little higher than Medium.
     PROs : Ehehehe, this is my gun for all time. Very stable  and
    CONs : Nothing, I think...
    Comments : Use this from a range and the victory is yours.
               Remember, always hit the HEAD !

09. Colt Detective Special
    Efficiency : 7/10.
    Mag / Max Mag : 6 / 30
    Type : Small Gun / Range
    Found in : Mission "The Whore" and up
    Damage : High.
     PROs  :  Similiar  to the Magnum but ( I think  )  Magnum  is
    CONs : Unstable, bounces off after shoot, long reload time,
           unaccurate in long range fights.
     Comments : IMO, I'd rather use up all my S&W Magnum  after  I
use this one.

10. Pump Action Shotgun
    Efficiency : 7/10.
    Mag / Max Mag : 8 / 32
    Type : Shotgun / Range
    Found in : Forgot... >_<
    Damage : HIGH
    PROs : One shot with the perfect aiming and range = sayonara.
    CONs : Usual shotgun cons, the bullets spread.
    Comments : Use it for 1 on 1 fights or if lots of enemy are IN
               of you, never use it when surrounded.

11. Sawed off Shotgun
    Efficiency : 6/10.
    Mag / Max Mag : 2 / 32
    Type : Shotgun / Range
    Found in : Mission 4 ( I think... )
    Damage : HIGH
    PROs : Idem.
     CONs  : Range is shorter than PumpAction, low bullets  space,
reload time.
    Comments : This one only take up space, if you have PumpAction
               I suggest to put this one away,

12. Thompson 1928 / T-Gun / Tommy Gun/ or anything you call it
    Efficiency : 9/10.
    Mag / Max Mag : 50 / 200
    Type : AutoMachineGun / Range
    Found in : >_<
    Damage : Medium.
     PROs  : Whoa, the gun of the game ! Lots of bullets to  spend
           a good range to snipe out enemies.
    CONs : The reload time sucks real hard...
     Comments  :  Either 1 vs 1 or crowded use this one,  you  can
almost kill
               anyone without taking damage.

13. US Rifle M 1903 Springfield
    Efficiency : 7/10.
    Mag / Max Mag : 5 / ?
    Type : Rifle / Range
     Found in : Mission "The Whore", Mission "You Lucky Bastard !"
and up
    Damage : HIGH
     PROs  :  This one have one hell of a range ! Use it  to  kill
           from far away.
    CONs : Really hard to aim the head from far away, and again,
           reload time....
    Comments : Use it when the enemy is still unaware of you.

14. Mosin-Nagant 1891/30
    Efficiency : 8/10.
    Mag / Max Mag : 5 / ?
    Type : SniperRifle / Range
    Found in : Mission "Election Campaign"
    Damage : HIGH
    PROs : Hehehe, I really love this one.. Snipers at last !
    CONs : Waah, its soo damn hard to shoot someone in the head
           from a long range !
    Comments : No Comments... :D

15. Grenades
    Efficiency : 10/10. ( If used correctly, that is )
    Type : Thrown Projectile / Explosives
    Found in : Mission "You Lucky Bastard" \ "The Death of Art"
                (thanks to Francois Luneau
    Damage : HIGH
    PROs : You can kill enemies even before you see them.
    CONs : Hard to aim, you have to practise using this one.
     Comments  : Use grenades wisely, watch for walls because  one
wrong throw
               can be the cause of your own death.

16.    Molotov    Cocktails   (   thanks    to    Jussi    Suvanto
[] )
    Efficiency : 6/10.
    Type : Thrown Projectile / Explosives
    Found in : Mission "Molotov Party"
    Damage : HIGH
    PROs : Area Damage.
    CONs : Hard to aim, you have to practise using this one.
     Comments : I dunno more about Molotovs coz I only get to  use
this at Molotov Party mission..

  |                    |

In  this  section  I will explain the red line of  characters  and
their connections, and again, send me corrections please !

Thomas "Tommy" Angelo
The main character of the game, used to be a taxi driver before he
saved Paulie and Sam's life from Morello's men.
Detective Norman
He's the detective whom Tom share stories with. I dunno about  his
character but I think he's a type of person that
will stand up for justice... comments ?
Don Salieri
The big guy of Little Italy, he runs everything in and out. He was
once Morello's best friend before they split the
town in two and began to compete each other.
Salieri's right hand who runs the company from inside, handles all
book and accounts for Salieri.
Don Morello
The boss of New Ark, he runs his regime with blood and violence so
people were afraid of him rather than admire him.
He  have  some politician, the police and some town councellor  as
his friends so he's a little stronger then Salieri.
Sergio Morello Jr
Morello's  little brother who runs the export/import and  shipping
at the harbour. FYA he's a Lucky Bastard >_<
One  of  Salieri's boys (hitmen, anyway you call them) and Tommy's
best pal.
Just another Salieri's boys, but he's not so close with Tom.
Salieri's weapon expert, if you need any heaters just ask him  and
he'll prepare it.
Salieri's  car mechanic, apart from his superb skill in  cars  and
automobile, he's an idiot.

I've  been  reading  your FAQ at and  it's  great.  I
wanted to let you know about your character descriptions,
for  Ralph. He's not slow, stupid or retarded. He simply stutters.
Back in the 30's and even now to a degree, people
think  stutters  are slow, stupid or retarded.  Just  thought  you
might like to let readers know that the game is
pointing  this out, everyone calls him stupid, slow and  retarded,
because in that period people didn't understand that
was just a speech impediment.
Thanks  to  :  Brian  Lee  Jones  (  for
Don  Salieri's bodyguard and the one who betrayed him ( thanks  to for the corrections ! )
Salieri's bartender.
Tom's wife and Luigi's daughter.
Luca Bertone
He  runs  an  automobile repair / tune up shop downtown.  You  can
learn how to steal new cars from him,
usually after a mission ends.
Runs a native Sicilian restaurant, Salieri's Fave.
Big Biff
Paulie's informant who usually hangs out in Chinatown.
The  guy who helped you to open the safe in the politican's house.
He can also lockpick cars too, just for info.

  |                    |
  |       FAQ          | "QUESTIONA"


Q :
can I win the race.. ?
A :
hell yes you CAN if you try hard, and I really mean HARD ! But  if
you STILL CANT PASS the RACE go to my website
( URL provided below ) and download the savegame file there, OK ?

02. Why didn't you answer my email ?
Answer  : As long as I remember I had answered ALL emails sent  to
me, if I didn't reply your mail then it must've
been mistaken as a junk mail and have been deleted... sorry..

03. Where is Yellow Pete's Gunshop at Free Ride ?
Answer  : If you played the game until chapter 19 you should  know
this place but if you didn't well..
Its  somewhere  on Central Hoboken at the building with  "Twister"
written on its billboard.

04.  The  Sarah bug ? How can I escort Sarah home she  won't  even
move !!!
Answer  :  If  you use any trainers PLEASE CLOSE THEM because  its
confirmed you'll get this bug if you turn on trainers.
If  you didn't use trainers and STILL experience this bug go to my
website and DOWNLOAD the No CD EXE there.

05. Where's Sergio Morello at the 15th Mission, Lucky Bastard ?
Answer : Look at the walktrough for further information.

06. I cannot shoot Morello's plane down !
Answer : You see two engines at both side ?

07. Where can I get the full map of the town ?
Answer  : If you bought the original game you should have  it,  it
came in a package with the game.

08. I can't switch to sniper mode when I used my custom buttons !
Answer  :  Just  use MY custom remapping (at the gameplay  section
above) and you'll be fine.

09. My game LAGS big time, can I know how to make it smoother ?
Answer  :  If  you  happen to get this problem,  its  either  your
computer is too old or you need to buy a new VGA.
But  try to change the "shadows" at the Options to the LOWEST,  it
should help.
And change the Creative EAX ( or somthing like that ) at the Audio

10. What is your website URL ?
Answer  :  It's and I also put  some  rare

11. Are you cute ?
Answer : Well that depends from where you look me at, tee hee..

12. Are you still single ?
Answer  :  Hmm, I AM  single and looking for a soulmate

  |                    |
  |    THE BUG JAR     | "BUGGIEZ"

I'm  gonna list all of -known- bugs and glitches up to today (  18
Sept 2002 ) if you have encountered a glitch or bug
please  mail me in details so I can list it here. And  mailing  me
solutions to these bugs are very welcome indeed !!!

BUG 01 : The SARAH bug

See  the Frequently Asked Questions section just a few lines above

BUG 02 : Car frames ?

I can only see the car frame... What's wrong with this game ?
This  happens because of some abnormal VGA settings. I suggest  to
change some settings (not only in Options, but on the Mafia  Setup
Program  ["Setup.exe"] and of course in your Advanced  Video  Card


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