Magic & Mayhem - Wizard Difficulty Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Magic & Mayhem - Wizard Difficulty

Magic & Mayhem - Wizard Difficulty

Magic & Mayhem at Wizard Difficulty

This guide is for those of you who want to complete wizard difficulty
level as fast as possible, with the least amount of frustration.

Few points I want to say first:

1. What is Magic and Mayhem?
Think Sacrifice + Diablo

2. My guide is useful for those who are playing the game. 
If you have not played the game, please read the other two FAQs.
As well as this one:

Thanks goes to those guys for those standalone faqs.

4. You MUST update to patch 1.1. It will fix game balances and issues.
And also fix the corrupted save file problem.

5. For MULTIPLAYER community, please visit these sites:

6. Magic mayhem has alot of problems in XP.
In particular, sound and video crashes.
For solution, visit the forum here:

7. For this guide, the game is played at WIZARD difficulty level.
You will get a special ending by doing that.

8. In wizard difficulty, the enemy wizard has more spells, mana and life.
This makes some of them extremely deadly with spells.
Furthermore, with longer life, it's much harder to kill them.
In normal mode, you can kill them by pausing and using fireballs/lightning.
In wizard difficulty, you'll barely injure them past the 50% mark.
Unless you have tons of mana sprites.

9. The biggest challenge is NOT the enemy wizard. It's your allies. 
You lose if your allies die. 
And they love to wander around, and get surrounded by monsters.
This is the biggest frustration in the game. Keeping your allies alive.

10. You can issue commands while the game is paused. 
This allows you to stack your magic, and kill enemy wizards easily.
Thanks to the other two FAQ writers for highlighting this.

11. How can I contact you?

12. Where can I get copies of this game?
The only place I know of is Ebay and Amazon.

Home of the Underdogs has a review on them, but the link they gave there for
purchase is for Magic and Mayhem 2, not the first one.

If you really cannot find any at all, then email me. 
But try amazon and ebay first.

Let's begin.


Realm One - Avalon


Avalon - Forest of Pain


Walk towards the Place of Power, summoning a zombie to pick up the 
apples and the fish in the nearby areas (if it's there).

Summon one more zombie, and take over the place of power you 
see. Get these to guard the Place of Power (POP)

Send one of the zombies to attack the enemies on the bridge.

Manage your zombies well. Don't let them stand there if the enemy is 
attacking them from a distance.

Summon brownies after that. 

While the zombies keep the enemy at bay, the brownies can pelt them.

While attacking the enemy on the bridge, it will collapse.
This saves you the trouble of guarding the POP from one direction.

Once your mana is full, walk northwest from your crashed airship.
You will find a hut.
Confront Comulus. Summon 2 zombies and lots of brownies.

If Comulus is not around at the hut, just take over the POP.
He will eventually show himself at one of the POP.

Summon around 2 zombies around Comulus, and attack him.
Summon also tons of brownies to pelt him with rocks.

Comulus will be wiped out soon.
Don't waste time searching the entire map to pick up food items. They
are not transferable to the next level.

Exit the portal.

Talk to comulus (10EXP)
Defeat comulus (40EXP)

total experience:


Avalon - Plains of Greenhedge


You do not have to rearrange any of your spells.
Spend all your current experience points towards increasing your mana.

You still have 3 talismans.

At the start of the level, pick up the mana sprite.
Then quickly rush out of the area. 
Otherwise, you risk getting zapped by the lightning storm that
appears, or getting trapped and burned by the fires that resulted.

Move northwest after that, and speak to the Unicorn named Regus.
Right here, save the game.

After that, move west, towards the Stonehedge like stones.
You will find Camulus there.
When approaching him, don't move in a straight line. Zigzag around
using waypoints, to avoid being injured massively by his barrage of 
magic spheres.

Once close enough to him, pause the game.
Make sure he's not moving around.

While the game is paused, unleash a bunch of fireballs at him.
Use the manasprite, and shoot more fireballs.

Once you unpause, the concentrated fireballs will kill him in one shot.
He wont even have time to eat his food items.

Comulus will also drop a magic item, Tincal.
Pick it up, before you leave.
Then, exit the portal immediately.

Talk to Regus (10Exp)
Get Tincal (40EXP)
Kill Comulus (60EXP)

Total Experience:


Avalon - Fiddler's Green


Again, channel all points to increasing mana.

You still have 3 talismans. Law, neutral, chaos

Rearrange your spells so that you get:

Chaos: 	Gorgon Stare
Neutral: 	Fireball
Lawful: 	Elf

Right in the beginning, you are ambushed by Red Hats.
Quickly leave the area.

Summon four elves to deal with the starting area redcaps. Group them as 2.
Constantly check on them, pulling the weakened ones back.
That way, you should only get one killed.

Do not enter the tavern first.

Scout the perimeter of the tavern.
At the back of the tavern, summon an elf into the window.
You'll get tons of food items.

Scout around for a POP around the tavern. Summon 2 elves to guard it.
Hopefully you will also find a manasprite.

If you dont find a POP around the tavern, restart the game.
Reason for this? If you search too long for the POP, Yeorik turns hostile.

Move your group 2 elves into the tavern. 
Park them to the side of yeorik.

Move your character into the door of the tavern. Do not move too far ahead.
You do not want to start conversation with Yeorik

Group your wizard as 1.

Save the game here.

Make sure you have at least 3/4 of your mana before proceeding.

Ask group 2 elves to start shooting at yeorik. 
He's not hostile yet, so you must use CTRL and right click on him.

Select your wizard and hover your cursor over him.
When the elves deal enough damage, yeorik turns hostile.
You will see the cursor as crossed swords.

Pause the game here, and fire multiple fireballs at him.
Since it is paused, the fireballs will stack.
Use the manasprites as well.

When you unpause the game, the fireball will kill yeorik instantly.
He wont be able to use one of the most irritating spells- iron skin

With yeorik dead, it's time to secure the tavern.

Your elves will get slaughtered by the fauns.
Summon more elves, but summon them ON TOP of the tables.

This way, the faun cannot attack them. Summon around 4.
THey will kill the fauns. Summon one more for the POP.

Take care of your wizard. 
Do not get surrounded by fauns, because they stun.
Use the food items to keep your life up.
In the event you do get surrounded, cast gorgon stare on yourself.

Once you secure the tavern, summon another 4-5 elves to accompany you.

With plenty of time, look for the final POP.
That's where the magic ingredient CLOVER is.
Take that POP with your group of elves.

Pick up the Charm Flute that yeorik drops before you leave the realm.

Charm flute (10EXP)
Kill Yeorik (60EXP)
Take Clover (30EXP)

Total Experience:


Avalon - Village of Joseph Arimathea


Put all points to increasing mana.

Arrangement of spells:

Chaos: Skeleton
Neutral: Bats
Lawful: Healing

You have to act fast.
The enemy wizard, Lutheron, will show up shortly.

Summon 2 bats.

Send both of them to look for the church.
It has a POP in it, and there's a graveyard outside of the church.

In the church, you will see an altar, with a scroll on the floor.
Command the two bats to attack each other on top of the altar.
WHen one dies, you will get a group of Grail Knights.

They're basically just skeletons, with Bloodlust cast on them.

At the same time, move your wizard out of the starting area.
Be careful of zombies.

Pick up any mana sprites you find.

When you see the brownie village, you'll ally with them.
Summon two skeletons, and move them to secure the brownie village POP.

After the grail knights, get the last bat to look for a small crypt with POP.

THat's where the enemy wizard will appear.
DO NOT go and take that POP. You'll trigger the enemy wizard.
Move your wizard and the grail skeletons to that place.

When you find the crypt, get the grail skeletons to guard one door.

Your wizard will guard the other door.

Save the game here.

Here comes the sneaky part. Summoning trick.

If you stand very close to the door, you can summon skeletons into the crypt.
You do this by summoning the skeletons into the wall.
Select the skeleton spell, and move the cursor around the wall.
Once it is green, try summoning there.
If done right, the skeletons will appear on the other side. In the crypt.

Try to find the sweet spot. If you fail, just reload again.

When you succeed, you would have summoned around 8 skeletons into there.
Before Lutheron appears.

You now have 2 POP. The brownie village and the crypt.
Do not bother taking the POP in the church. It's guarded by too many undeads.

When Lutheron appears, he will appear with a hellhound (lord status).
The doors to the crypt would also open.

Lutheron will immediately cast storm, which fries the area with lightning.
Normally this is fatal for your minions and yourself.

Luckily, you're protected by the crypt.
Move your wizard and your minions into the crypt.

COmmand the skeletons to attack Lutheron, and any other minions he summons.
DO NOT attack the hellhound if possible.
If the hellhound dies, it will explode, and kill off most of your skeletons.

Kill Lutheron first.
Once he is defeated, you can then focus on the hellhound.

Before you leave the level, go to the brownie village, and look for a chest.
You will get an artifact (a bell) that paralyzes undead when used.

THis will come useful in the Greek realm (more on this later)

summon the grail knights (10EXP)
Ally with Twikindle (10EXP)
Defeat Lutheron (40EXP)
Kill Urfang (10EXP)
Companiform bell (10EXP)

Total Experience:


Avalon - Apple Tree Orchard


As usual, upgrade mana with your experience points.


Chaos: Skeleton
Neutral: Magic Sphere
Lawful: Heal

This level is much more difficult compared to the earlier ones.
Because of these reasons:

(1)	Lightning
(2)	Iron skin
(3)	Ally

Lightning is extremely damaging to your wizard, because of your low hitpoints.
We only have one lawful talisman, and do not want to waste points for another.
We are not able to have both heal and iron skin.

Two bolts of lightning from Lutheron is enough to kill you.
You won't even be able to heal fast enough before getting the second bolt.
It's quite difficult to dodge lightning, because of its pinpoint accuracy.

Iron skin is the most irritating of skills for an enemy wizard to have.
It dramatically reduces damage. You'll take forever to kill Lutheron.

Because of the two reasons above, we cannot confront Lutheron initially.

The only way to win this level is to conquer the POPs, and cut off his mana.
Without mana, Lutheron cannot cast lightning and iron skin.

I hate this level because we have an ally, Percival.
Percival the knight MUST survive. If he dies, the game is over.
You must monitor his health, and rush to heal him if his life falls too much.

Fortunately, Percival can cast heal and iron skin.
THis makes him the least irritating of all your allies.

For this level, Lutheron summons elves and basilisk.
Elfs will be mincemeat for your skeletons.
But the basilisks are not. One bite will poison the skeleton to death.
(shouldn't undead be immune to poison?)
The basilisk will also greatly endanger your ally.

You start the level trapped in a cage.
Summon one skeleton, and have him trigger the cage.

After that, quickly move to the window.
Before reaching the window, hug closely to the left wall of the cottage.

We will use the summoning trick here again.
Save the game, and try to summon a skeleton through the wall.
Quickly get the skeleton to pick up the apples outside of the cottage.

You dont need them, because you have heal.
But the enemy wizard does not have heal. 
By hoarding the food items, you deprive his healing.

Move your wizard to the window, and summon TWO skeletons.
Move them to the direction of Percival.

WHen you reach there, quickly explore the huts there.
Take care to avoid the troll.
Your skeletons will automatically attack the troll if they come near it.
Monitor them continuously, and navigate them.

Have them explore all the huts, and pick up the breads in there.
Pick up any fish around the area, if you find them.
If you do this fast, you have successfully horded a huge chunk of the food.

Send one skeleton to open percival's trap.
Send the other to capture the POP there.
Hopefully it can stay alive long enough to recoup some mana for you.

Percy will be slowly coming to your locked cottage.

You have one skeleton inside your cottage.
And one more that you summoned through the wall.

Move the outside skeleton beside the well.

Percy will move into the cottage, opening the door for you.
Summon two more skeletons.
And instruct your 2 earlier skeletons to attack the troll.
Four to one, you'll win in no time.

Micromanage well. Pull any skeletons on the verge of death back.
WHen the troll switches target to a healthier one, attack him again.
Exit the cottage after that.

Here's what you will be doing most of the time.

You must AVOID meeting Lutheron now.
Failure to do so would result in lightning bolts, and your demise.

Move around the map, capturing the POPs.

Summon 3 skeletons for each POP.

WHen you see a basilisk approaching your skeletons at the POP, strike first.
Instruct them to attack the basilisk.
If you attack it fast enough, it will die before poisoning your skeletons.

Dont bother healing skeletons. Just summon new ones.
Unless they are higher level skeletons (lord and king).

If you see Lutheron at one of the POP, do not engage him for it.
Go for the other POP. He will eventually move away.

You can also use your magic sphere to kill the basilisks.
This will make Lutheron summon more, and waste his mana.
One sphere can kill a basic basilisk (and severely injure a lord basilisk).

Basically, you'll be running around the map slowly taking over the POP.
Micro your skeletons, and attack approaching basilisks before they attack.
Two skeletons attacking simultaneously can kill a basilisk immediately.
Go after any elves that are shooting at your POPs.

Eventually, Lutheron will run out of mana.
You can then approach him, without fear of lightning.

Surround him with skeletons, and whack away.
Without POPs and mana, he cannot cast iron skin, and will die quickly.
Once he dies, speak to Percival, then exit the portal.

Free yourself (10exp)
Free percival (20exp)
Kill lutheron (50exp)

Total Experience:


Avalon - Misty Marshes


Keep your experience points. Do not increase your mana, or create talismans.

Chaos:   Skeleton
Neutral: Bat
Lawful:  Heal

You must be careful of this level, because there are crocodiles.
Crocodiles are extremely powerful and tough.

Furthermore, you have two allies (that has to stay alive)

You start with percival. REMEMBER the location of this area.
You'll be racing back to it at the end of the level.

There are two mana sprites.
Grab one of them.

Summon six skeletons, and 1 bat.

Use the bat to scout for a POP northeast of the area you start.
It's a standalone POP.

DO NOT TAKE the POP near the grail. You will trigger the enemy wizard, Dagha.

Use the skeletons to clear the surrounding area of crocodiles.
Heal any lord or king skeletons.

Once the area is secured, kill off your own skeletons. Use force attack.
Keep only two of the highest ranking ones.
You need to free your creature limit, for fighting Dagha.

Take note of percy's health also. 
If he gets cornered by a croc, he'll get badly injured.

Head towards the POP mentioned by Percy.
Twinkindle is trapped in the hut.

When the area is secured, open the door to release Twig.
He'll spew crap, and then give you boots of speed.
On the way to the grail, there are levitation traps.
You need to use the boots to get past it.

Head towards the grail chest that hermes pointed out.
Halfway through the walkway, you'll fall through it (wizard difficulty)

After you climb back on the platform, use the boots.
Speed towards the grail chest.
Two pestilence totems will be summoned, infecting you.
Dont heal yourself first.

WHen you arrive near the chest, you get attacked by bats.
Summon 1 skeleton to deal with them.
With luck, the bats will get infected by the pestilence you're carrying.
Heal yourself after that.

Open the right chest, and get the Grail. 
If you open the wrong chest, you get apocalypse in your face.
Save the game here.

Dagda will appear. Move towards him.
He summons phoenix and redhats.

THere's a chance he might cast lightning on you.
Sometimes he doesn't, because he used all the mana for summoning creatures.

Here's the tricky part.
Dagha's on the platform.

Pause the game, and carefully summon skeletons on the platform, around him.
Do not accidentally summon them on the swamp below.

He doesn't have iron skin or heal.
He'll fall soon.

As soon as the skeletons surround him, move your wizard to the starting point.
Dagha will die quickly.

DO NOT attack any phoenix. just focus on killing Dagha.
If you attack phoenixes, they explode on death, and will kill your skeletons.

Once dagha dies, there's a timer.
You must get to the portal at the starting location, before the timer ends.
On wizard difficulty, that's less than 60 seconds.

If you start moving AFTER killing dagha, you'll have to waste the boots again.
If you start moving earlier, you can save the boots, and walk normally.

Dagha drops an item (hemlock). Use one of the skeletons to pick it up.

DO NOT pick up the item if you're currently caught in a trap, and levitated.
The item will vanish, without you taking it.
Forcing you to restart again.

Free Kindle (10exp)
Got Boots (10exp)
Took grail (30Exp)
kill dagha (50exp)
Got Hemlock (30exp)

Total experience:


Avalon - Woodsman's Hall


Create one chaos talisman.
Rest goes to increasing mana.

Chaos: Skeletons, pestilence
Neutral: Magic sphere
Lawful: Heal

This level will be a bit hard, because Blaise uses Hellhounds and unicorns.
And excalibur. (double damage sword)

Hellhounds will paralyze you with their stare.
And come close to damage you with excalibur.
Avoid hellhounds if possible. If trapped, kill them using magic spheres.

Unicorns and excalibur will make short work of your skeletons.
Thus, we will try to avoid the enemy, especially hellhounds.

You start at a hut.
When you exit, a group of elves are waiting for you.
cast pestilence among them. They will die fast.

Don't forget to heal yourself when necessary.

Your goal is simple.
Locate the four POP, and cast pestilence near them.

Two of the POPs are paired together, in some sort of chamber.
Use the summoning trick to summon skeletons in there.

The redhats guarding it should be dead from the pestilence nearby.

kill the elves in that chamber, and grab the pair of POPs.

Now, just wait until the guardians of the other POPs outside are dead.
Take over with your skeletons.

Reinforce your POPs when necessary.
If you see enemies approaching the POP, do not confront them with skeletons.
Retreat the skeletons, and wait for them to die.

Once you secure all four POPs, hunt for the enemy wizard Blaise.
He has no iron skin. Surround him with skeletons, and bash away.
He'll be dead quickly.

Once Blaise dies, elidor (king of the elves) will appear on the map.
Head towards the area where he is.
He's guarded by a group of lord elves.
Two pestilence will kill them quickly.

Once Elidor's dead, a portal will appear on the minimap.
Before going there, look for an area with four white stones.
There's a chest there.
Disarm the trap. The trigger chamber is nearby, and guarded by elves.
Pestilence the entrance, and the elves are dead.

Send a skeleton to disarm the trap.
Open the chest for glasses.

Before proceeding, kill off any extra skeletons, except the POP ones.
You need to free your creature limit.

Head for the portal.
WHen the door opens, the timer starts.
Save before entering.

It's a small maze, with a set of triggers.
Wipe out the redhats in there, using magic sphere.
Because of the enclosed room, the spheres will bounce around lethally.
Dont launch too many spheres at one go. You might end up killing yourself.

Summon one skeleton each, outside each trigger.

THere's an item there, but separated by a wall.
You can use the summoning trick if you want to grab the item faster.
It's quite tedious, because you might end up summoning through the roof.

Otherwise, just leave a skeleton near that item.
When you activate the first trigger, access is granted for the second trigger.
You can then use the skeleton summoned nearby earlier, to activate it quickly.

Meanwhile, move your wizard towards the portal.
But don't enter yet.

Once you activate all the triggers, you will have access to the item.
Grab it with your skeleton.
Ignore the redcaps. They're not strong enough to kill the skeleton that fast.

Grab the item, and exit the level.

Killed Blaise (50exp)
Killed Elidor (20exp)
Found Glasses (10 exp)
Found Alectorius (20exp)

Total experience:


Avalon - Joyous Garde


Create one lawful talisman.
Spend the rest to increase mana.

Chaos: Raise dead, Skeletons
Neutral: Bats
Lawful: Iron Skin, Fountain of Life

A few points here.
As you don't have the spell Heal, remember to watch your 
wizard's health.
Do not get into battles, or get poisoned.
Otherwise you will have to waste precious food items, or mana to 
summon the fountain of life earlier than expected.

At the start of the level, pick up all the mana sprites, before Percival.

Summon one skeleton, and use that to explore outside the castle.
You will find some food items.

Enter the castle, and summon 3 more skeletons.
Lure the trolls. out one by one.
Gang them with the skeletons, raise dead their corpse.

Repeat with the other two trolls.
When attacking with trolls, move them away once the enemy troll dies.
Otherwise they'll start eating the troll corpse before you raise dead.

You now have 3 trolls.

Walk your wizard north past the elves. 
You will lower the walls, and can now kill the elves.
Use your troll to kill them. Let them eat the elf corpses to regain health.

There's another troll, in the middle of the north passage.
Kill and raise dead again. You now have 4 trolls.

Continue north, passing the fireball traps.
Make sure your wizard dont eat too much fireballs.

There's another troll here. Kill and raise dead.
You now have 5 trolls.

Save here. There's a high chance of running into Bertilak.
Open the nearby chest, for food and mana.

If you do run into Bertilak, surround him with the trolls, and kill him.
Cast iron skin on all the trolls, using the mana sprite.

Be careful when you approach him, as he will cast Storm.
He also casts blob, which disables your party.
Together with storm, that's a very lethal combo.

Take care of your own health, because you dont have the healing
spell. Try not to get poisoned by basilisks.

If you see any basilisks, focus on killing them first, before they can
poison you or your creatures. Trolls work best for this.

Bertilak will be launching magic sphere like crazy.
Make sure your wizard is not near him.

If you do not encounter Bertilak here, continue southwards.

You will find a POP at one of the southwest corners.
Kill the troll at the POP, and raise dead.

Cast a fountain of life here to gradually heal your trolls.

Once the trolls are healed, hunt for Bertilak.
Put a skeleton to guard the POP you captured.

You might run into your uncle.
DO NOT release him now. More headache for you.

Kill Bertilak using the method above.

When his life is half, he will release four hellhounds.
Ignore them, kill him.

Once he is dead, the overlord will appear.
Save the game here.

Move your minions to the POP.

As for your wizard, move closer to the point where the Overlord first appears.
Do not let him see your creatures. Otherwise he kill your creatures instantly.

After he has left, collect the laurel item that Bertilak dropped.
Use the trolls to kill the hellhounds.

You can now free Lucan from his prison.

Be careful when opening the prison doors.
The only safe doors are:
Lucan's door, the door opposite Lucan's room, and the first room on the left.
The others contain enemies.

The safe rooms contains lucan, bread, and mana sprite.
Leave the mana sprite for Lucan. Take the bread.

Cast iron skin on yourself, and head for the exit.
Set the trolls to guard lucan.

Exit the portal

Congratulations on rescuing lucan. 
He'll be your source of agony for the next realm.

Killed Bertilak (50exp)
Confronted Overlord (20exp)
Took Laurel (30exp)
Freed Lucan (40exp)

Total experience:


End of Avalon


Welcome to Realm 2 Aegea

This realm will be hell, thanks to Lucan.
He's weak, and loves nothing more than to wander around to POPs.
Getting killed by the enemies guarding it.

And when he's fighting, he summons BATS.
What more could you ask for?


Aegea - Base of Olympus


Increase your mana further.

Chaos:	Skeletons, pestilence
Neutral: Bat
Lawful:	Iron skin, heal

This level is difficult because of two reasons.

1. The enemy wizard Oddeseus, has iron skin. 
Therefore, you must take away his mana, or it will take ages to kill him

2. The level is populated by fauns and basilisks
Lucan will get ambushed and stunned by fauns.
Or get poisoned by basilisks. You'll have to watch him closely.

You start near a POP.
Move away from it, and summon a pestilence on the POP.
Summon 2 skeletons to guard it.

Summon 1 bat, and scout the map for the other 3 POPs.

One of the POP will be guarded in a temple-like structure.
The two statues at the entrance are traps.
They shoot lightning bolts at you and your minions.

Once you located the POPs, proceed to them, and cast pestilence on each one.
Cast it as close as possible to the POPs.

For each POP, summon two skeletons and park them near the POP.

Two of the POPs will be guarded by trolls.
It will take some time for them to get killed by pestilence.

Move your skeletons to take the POPs once the guardians are dead.

Pestilence are effective in this level, because Odesseus summons basilisks.
Which are quickly killed by it.

After that, proceed to reinforce the POPs if Odesseus attacks it.

Also remember to monitor Lucan, and cast iron skin and heal on him if needed.

Odesseus will get weakened by the pestilence, when he goes near the POP.
Once his life falls below half, he'll retreat to the temple POP.

Go there and confront him. Cast iron skin before approaching temple.
Otherwise the lightning trap is very damaging.

Surround him with skeletons, and whack away.

Exit the level after that.

Kill Odesseus (50exp)

Total experience:


Aegea - Thessaly


Increase your mana further.

Chaos:	Skeletons, pestilence
Neutral: Meteor
Lawful:	Iron skin, heal

This level is quite hard, because of Lucan and centaurs.
Centaurs will follow him, and continually attack him.

You must keep a close eye on his health.

You start near a structure with a POP, and two fountains of life. Save here.
Cast meteor on the POP. Hopefully it will destroy the two fountains.
If not, reload again.

Once the area is cleared, cast pestilence, and set two skeletons to guard it.

Near the POP, twikindle is held captive.
DO NOT free him yet. Otherwise he might get killed by roaming centaurs.
And by your pestilence totems.

Travel around the map, casting pestilence on the POPs.
Set two skeletons near it, and wait for the centaurs guarding it to die.
Once they die, capture the POPs.

There's one POP that's surrounded by a ring of grass.
It's behind the structure where you destroyed the fountains.

Once you put two skeletons on that POP, a trap is sprung.
THe whole place catches fire.

Guard lucan carefully with iron skin and heal if necessary.
If he gets attacked, make sure you move fast to meet him.
If you delay, he'll get killed before you get to him.

Use meteor to destroy any fountains.

Aeolus the enemy wizard will be accompanies by a group of centaurs.
Cast meteor on them. It's quite effective in killing the centaurs.

Approach Aeolus and cast pestilence near him.
Summon skeletons and surround him. He'll go down fast.

Before you exit the level, there are two things you need to do.

1. Retrieve belladona.
Look for a structure with white and brown roof, and a chest.
The belladona's in the chest.
You must navigate the roof carefully.
Save first.

The trick is to walk only on the WHITE colored roof tile.
If you step on any other tile, the roof collapses.
You only have one chance. Screw it up, and you lose the chance.
Hence the save game.

2. Rescue twikindle
ONLY after killing Aeolus and taking belladonna.

Remember your pestilence totem near the starting POP?
Twikindle might get killed by it if you release him too early.

Exit the level after that.

THe good news is, lucan will NOT be following you after this for some levels.
The game gets so much easier after this.

Plus you got one of the best item for disabling wizards, belladonna.
It allows you to cast levitate on allies and enemies at great distance.
It can also be used to stop lucan and adrianne from stealing mana sprites.

Killed Aeolus (50exp)
Belladonna (30exp)
Twikindle (10exp)

total experience:


Aegea - Elysium Fields


Create a neutral talisman.

Chaos:	Redcaps, tangle vine
Neutral: fireball, levitate
Lawful:	Iron skin, unicorn

Thank God lucan is not here.
THis level is populated by wraiths. He would wander around, and get killed.

Some points about this level.
1. There are no POPs.
But there are alot of mana sprites.
The computer has unfair advantage, because they know all the sprites location.

2. There are two wizards.
Dinosius and Adriane.
Adriane is in the big house in the middle of the map.
The one with mana sprites in it. She will only show up if you open the door.
Therefore, stay away until you're ready.

3. Dinosius is extremely dangerous.
He has 3 killer spells. tangle vine, inferno, and lightning.
Since he's computer AI, he'll be having far more mana sprites that you.

That's the reason we are using fireball in this level, instead of lightning.

Fireball and ligthning both do the same damage per mana. 
But lightning has shorter range, which puts you in the range of his lightning.
Furthermore, you'll end up eating a few infernos trying to get close to him.
It's better to stay farther away, and avoid his lightning and infernos.

Iron skin is more useful compared to heal, since it reduces lightning damage.
Plus lightning can't be used on an enemy wizard when he's levitated or moving.

Inferno is very damaging to you and your creatures. 
The burning damage is not reduced by iron skin.

There is no fixed strategy for this level, because there's no POP.

When you start the game, summon two unicorns.
Walk around, collecting mana. 
Make sure you also collect food items, since you dont have heal.

Be careful of wraiths. If you are attacked, cast iron skin on yourself.

Eventually, Hermes the bird will alert you of an area rich in mana.
Go there, trigger the door, and the bridge is now accessible.

The bridge will collapse if a wizard walks on it.
Thus, make sure your unicorns go first.

Followed by your wizard.

In the centre, pick up the runestone, and mana sprites there.
You can rest here, and wait for the mana sprites to regenerate.

Once you get around 15 mana sprites, it's time to hunt Dinosious.

Here's the irritating part. He doesn't stay put in one place.
Instead, he moves around the map, collecting mana sprites.

However, there's one way to search for him.

Dinosius frequently cast tangle vine, for no apparent reason.
If you pan around the map, you will hear rustling sound.
That's where he'll be.

Head in that general direction.

By the time you confront him, you should have more than 15 mana sprites.

save the game before fighting him.

Cast levitate on him the moment you're in range.
But dont get too close, unless you like eating lightning.

When you levitate him, he'll float around.
When he drops to the ground, he will be stunned.

Pause the game here. 
Channel all your fireballs at him. Use all your mana sprites too.

When you unpause, your stacked fireballs will hit him, killing him instantly.
Since he wont have time to retaliate, you'll get all his unused mana sprites.

Now, time for Adriane.

Before approaching her house, wander around the map with your unicorns.
Kill enemies, until one of them reaches King status.
Now you're ready to fight her.

Approach the house.
Before going in, you can summon one redcap into the area of the manasprites.
This allows you to see inside the house.
Get your levitage spell ready.

THe moment you open the door, she appears.
Pause the game, and cast levitate on her.
It's important to levitate her immediately.

This prevents her from getting more mana.
She will cast magic sphere if she has mana, severely injuring your creatures.

Cast iron skin on the King unicorn and your wizard.
Move inside.

Grab all the mana sprites before she does.
DO NOT levitate her a second time.
If you levitate her too often, she might get stuck on the roof.
You'll be in trouble when that happens. The exit portal appears where she is.

So if she's on the roof, and you defeat her, you cannot exit the level.

The king unicorn will subvert all her other unicorns.
She will also cast excalibur on her unicorns (soon to be yours).

As usual, move next to her, pause the game, and go crazy with the fireballs.

Exit the level.

Got runestone (10exp)
Killed Dinosius (50exp)
Defeat Adriane (30exp)

Total experience:


Aegea - Parnassus


Increase your mana

Chaos: pestilence, skeleton
neutral: meteor, levitate
lawful: healing, iron skin

This is one of my favorite levels.
Because you get to collect one of the coolest spell items here.

Some pointers about this level.

You will be fighting two wizards.
They both summon ALOT of brownies, and cast stygian bow.

Basically, you'll be attacked by a huge number of arrows and rocks.
To avoid getting damaged by stygian bow, do not stand still. Keep moving.

This is the first level where you fight two wizards AT THE SAME TIME.

It used to be one of the hardest levels for me.

THe enemies uses lucifer's farewell, iron skin, and storm.
And a horde of rock throwing, arrow shooting brownies.
What more can you ask for.

However, it is now extremely easy, thanks to one spell.

When you start the game, quickly look for a tree with apples.
You must pick up at least one apple.
Otherwise you will not be able to complete one of the subquests.

If you fail to find the tree in time, the brownies will grab all the apples.
Restart the level.

Once you find your apples, move around the map.

There are four POPs.
Your goal is to cast pestilence on all four of them.

You can also cast pestilence on the two pathways leading towards the temple.
This will prevent any brownies from reaching the temple and retaking the POPs.

When you face a large group of brownies, simply toss a pestilence at them.
This is the most mana efficient way to kill the horde of brownies.

On wizard difficulty, one of the POPs is guarded by a lord griffin.
Pestilence will kill it eventually.

Soon, Philotetes and Mobus will run out of mana.
No more brownies. No more irritating spells.

You can then hunt them at leisure.
Use levitate to disable them so you can surround them with skeletons.

One of them drops an invisibility cloak when dying.
The other only talks crap.

There are several places of interest before you exit the game.
THe first is an altar with a scroll.

If you drop an apple at the altar, you complete one of the subquests.
And get a group of ironskin fauns.
The ironskin will run out after some time.

ALso, there's a square surrounded by four vases.
If you put a creature, or yourself there, you will get a stygian bow.

Head towards the temple. Get ready your levitate spell.

Move towards the chest. Levitate anything that attacks you.
Be careful not to accidentally levitate yourself.

After that, exit the level.
Congratulations, you have obtained the phosphorus.
Now the game gets very interesting.

Philotetes (50exp)
Mobus (20exp)
Invi cloak (10exp)
Faun (10exp)
Phosphorus (30exp)

Total experience:


Aegea - Delphi


Increase your mana

Chaos: lucifer, skeleton
neutral: bat, levitate
lawful: healing, iron skin

Remember phosphorus? You have an uber cool spell now.
Lucifer's farewell.
with this spell, you can easily kill most undeads and low level creatures.

When you cast it on your creatures, they become a time bomb.
When they explode, they damage everyone, including you.

You will need to have iron skin when using this spell, to reduce self damage.

Lucifer is best used with bats. It makes them into mobile bombs.

In this level, you have NO MANA at the start.
There's no mana sprites.

There are five POP, but two are currently locked.
Two more are guarded by feuding redcaps and centaurs.
One more is in the river, and guarded by a crocodile.

Look for the redcap POP.
You will see a skull item.
Once you're done talking, activate the invi. cloak and steal the skull.

Use the invi. cloak BEFORE taking the skull. Not after.
For some reason, if you use the cloak AFTER, they can see you.

Now, find the centaur POP.
Drop the skull near the king centaur. You will gain him as an ally.

Stand on the POP for a short while. Recharge until you can summon a skeleton.
Set him to guard the POP, and leave.
Pick up the wishbone item before leaving.

Now, head back to the redcap POP.
They'll attack you. Ignore them, and quickly drop the wishbone.
You'll gain redcap allies. Summon a skeleton to take the POP.

Make sure you do not accidentally injure any of the redcaps or centaurs.
Otherwise they'll turn hostile.

Halfway through your diplomatic mission, the enemy wizard, Gaea, will appear.
He summons crocodiles and phoenixes.

Try your best to avoid them, and secure the two POPs first.
Once you are done, look for the POP in the river.
Summon four skeletons to kill the crocodile, and take over the POP.

Here comes the fun part.
Look for the pair of POPs that was locked.

It will normally be guarded by phoenixes and crocs.
Send two or three bats, and make them hover above the POPs.
Make sure there's no redcaps or centaurs nearby. 
You dont want to accidentally hurt them.

Here's how you use lucifer.
Pause the game.
Select lucifer, and simultaneously cast it on all three bats.

Unpause the game.

Basically, that's how you should use lucifer.
Cast while pausing.
If you dont do that, some bats will explode first.

When all three bats explode at the same time, they will clear the POPs.
If the crocs are still alive, send one more bats.
Cast skeleton to take the POPs.

Now you have control of all five POPs.

Gaea uses iron skin, and magic sphere.
There's a chance that he'll wipe out the redcaps POP first.
Reinforce when needed.

Attack him using skeletons.
Not lucifer. Otherwise you'll damage your allies and they turn hostile.

Here's the twister.
When Gaea's life is at 50%, the centaurs and redcaps will ally with him.

Now you can use lucifer and slaughter everyone.

After Gaea dies, the oracle's chamber will be unlocked.
Approach and talk to her.

Lucan shows up after that.

Exit the level.

Unfortunately, Lucan will be with you for the next level.

For added lutz, you can try lucifer on the oracle.
She'll turn hostile and slaughter you.
SHe's tougher than the overlord. 
I detonated 10 bats at the same time, and she was barely injured.

Allied centaur (10exp)
Allied redcaps (10Exp)
Killed Gaea (50exp)
Spoke to oracle (20exp)

Total experience:


Aegea - Styx


Do not increase your mana for now.
Save the points.

Chaos: lucifer, skeleton
neutral: bat, levitate
lawful: healing, iron skin

This area is populated by undead.

Interesting enough, the two enemy wizards are classified as undead.
The companiform bell can actually stun them.

Lucan will be with you.

To kill undead, use the combo of lucifer and bat.
make sure you have iron skin on yourself.

Monitor lucan's health.
if he gets surrounded, iron skin him, and lucifer the undead.

The enemy witch Pangea, cast tornado alot. 
Your skeletons at your POPs will get sucked into it.
Reinforce when necessary.

Pangea does not have heal or iron skin.
After a steady barrage of lucifer bats, she'll die.

Once she dies, a zombie will appear.
Look for him in the general location where he appeared and kill him.

He drops the other runestone. like the one you picked up in elysium.

Lucan will ask you to investigate the centre of the map.
That's where charon is.
There's a structure in the middle of two bridges.
If you go in there, you get FLIGHT.

If you stand there too long, the bridge will collapse.
You will then get surrounded by wraiths.

Fly around the river, and pick up the holy water.

Confront charon at the middle of the lake.
DO not delay too long. You might get stuck or drown when flight runs out.

Make sure you have iron skin. Charon uses lightning and wraiths.
Counter with lucifer bats.

Make sure you heal and iron skin often.
Lightning is still quite damaging, even with iron skin.

You can surround him with skeletons.
But one by one, they will get sucked into the portal in the middle, and explode.

DO NOT levitate charon. If he falls in the pit, you cannot retrieve his item.
Take care not to levitate yourself or fly over the hole. 
If you fall in there, you're dead.

WHen charon dies, he drops an item, valerian. Pick it up.

Exit the level, and prepare to cry at the next level.

Kill pangea (20exp)
Runestone (10exp)
Holy water (10exp)
Kill charon (50exp)
Valerian (30exp)

Total experience:


Aegea - Thebes


Create a lawful talisman
Max out your mana. It will be 200 now.

Chaos: skeleton, tangle vine
neutral: haste, levitate
lawful: healing, iron skin, phoenix

God I hate Lucan so much.
This level is one of the hardest in the game.

Because of:

Flying manticores
Flying centaurs
Flying enemy wizard
Swordmaster Percival
Lucan as wandering bait
Escape from LA starring lucan, yourself, and overlord

You will be restarting the level at least once, thanks to Lucan.
Make sure you constantly save the game, because you never know when he'll die.

The POPs are located on a multi storey structure.
3 POPs on the ground level. One inaccessible and locked away.
3 more on the second level.

The enemy can fly. You cannot.
Thus, we need haste to rush around, and reinforce the POP. And heal lucan.

We also need phoenixes, to quickly capture the POPs.
Phoenix burst into flames when they die. This kills off centaurs and manticores.

When the game starts, summon as many phoenixes as possible.
Explore, and capture all the POPs possible.

A group of phoenixes can easily kill off the POP guardians.

Percival will engage you shortly.
He is very damaging on wizard dificulty.
Three melee blows from him is enough to kill you if you're unarmored.
Luckily, he's slow.
We will avoid him for now.

Focus on capturing and reinforcing the POPs.
Build up your army of phoenixes.
Do not let the enemy control the POPs for too long.
He will summon more and more manticores.

Try to kill manticores with your Phoenixes, especially on ground level.
This greatly reduces the risk of lucan getting killed by stray manticores.

You will have to keep a close eye on lucan. 
If he gets ambushed by manticores, he dies quickly.

Once your mana is stable, you can kill percival. 
Surround him with skeletons.
After he dies, he drops a very useful item, galactides. Take it.

WIth your phoenixes, hunt for the enemy wizard, cadmus.
He is flying, so use levitate to immobilize him when possible.

Once his life drops below half, a door will open (northwest of starting point)
Here comes the tough part.

ALOT of fauns will slowly start pouring out.
Since there's a POP in there, Lucan is sure to go there, and get killed.
You have to take out cadmus quickly.

Once he is killed, the overlord appears.

Now, you have to escape from Thebes.
Cast haste on lucan and yourself, and follow him.

Levitate all enemies that blocks your way.
You can also cast levitate on the overlord, if he gets too close.
He uses chain lightning, and summons wraiths with excalibur.

There's a high chance you and lucan will get ambushed by wraiths.
Save the game, and use holy water to dispel them.
Reload and try if unsuccessful.

Once you get past the wraiths, things are easier.
Repeatedly cast tangle vine behind you, to hold the overlord off.

You can then take your sweet time to escape.


Instead of using phoenixes, you can also use skeletons.
This depends on where the two ground level POPs spawn.

If those POPs spawn relatively close to the walls, use skeletons.
Your wizard will be on the 1st floor, reinforcing the upper three POPs.

If you need to reinforce the lower POPs, move to the balcony near it.
Use haste to speed things up.
You can then cast skeletons from the 1st level down onto the ground.

This approach is easier than using phoenixes.
Because skeletons cost far less mana, and deal more damage in a group.

But again, this depends on where the lower POPs spawn.
You cant use skeletons if the POps spawn far away from the walls.

Kill percival (20exp)
Kill cadmus (50exp)
Galactides (30exp)

Total experience:


Aegea - Colchis


Chaos: lucifer, tangle vine
neutral: seeing eye, levitate
lawful: healing, iron skin, phoenix

Thanks to the galactides you picked up, you can now summon a seeing eye.
What's so great about the eye? Apart from seeing invisible creatures?

Here's why. Lucifer's farewell.
The seeing eye is far superior when used as a bomb.
It has a life of 125. That's several times more than the bat.
More life means more damage.

Enough about the eye. On to the level.
This level is harder that the last one, if you do not exploit certain flaws.

You face two wizards, Aeetes and Medea.

Thankfully, you do not face both of them at the same time.

They are both very powerful.

Aeetes summons manticores, cast stygian bow, and chain lightning.
Medea summons griffin, cast storm.

You also cannot claim the POPs, or the enemy will turn hostile immediately.
To make things worse, there are griffins and minotaurs roaming the land.

Thankfully, lucan is safely locked away, and will not be a nuisance.

You start the game outside of Aeetes palace.
Walk in, and you'll start conversation with Aeetes, followed by Medea.

Medea will give you the dragon's teeth. 
You can use this to summon up to 6 skeletons.

After that, move to the room opposite Medea's.
Lucan is imprisoned there.
Talk to him, and get two manasprites.
Do not release him.

Go to the right side of the area outside of Aeetes's palace.
You will find the fleece, and the dragon there.
Save the game here.

Approach the dragon carefully.
Summon six skeletons using the teeth. 
Try to surround the dragon quickly, to deal more damage.
It will die, and drop four manasprites.

Normally, you would pick up the fleece here.
Aeetes would turn hostile.
You will have a hard time killing him, exhausting all your mana.
And after that, you get to fight Medea.
It will be tough. We wont be going that path.

Instead, keep the surviving skeletons near the fleece. But do not pick it up.

Return to the palace. You will find Aeetes near the throneroom.
If you attack him directly, he will turn hostile.

How can you damage him without retaliation? By using phoenix.

Immediately summon two phoenix.
Cast tangle vine on the tile just BEFORE the wooden area of the throne.
Do not cast tangle vine on the wooden area.

Fly your two phoenix next to Aeetes.
Save the game here.

Get the two phoenix to attack each other.
Soon, one will die, and explode.
If you do this correctly, Aeetes will be trapped in the inferno.
He will stand there and burn, losing MORE than half of his life.
If he managed to escape, reload again.

Repeat as necessary, until he only has a tiny amount of life left.

Leave the throneroom, but put 1 phoenix next to him.

Look for medea. She will be in her temple, with a POP.
On WIZARD difficulty setting, a KING griffin will be flying around there.
Save the game here.

You'll need to pause the game often, because you'll be doing multiple things.
First, cast tangle vine and trap medea in her temple.
Second, instruct the skeleton to take the fleece.
Aeetes will turn hostile, and kill your phoenix.

The moment the phoenix dies, it explodes, and kills Aeetes.
Save the game here.

Medea and all the griffin turns hostile. Including the KING griffin.
Move next to the king griffin, and use the charm flute to subvert it.
Reload if necessary.

Use the king griffin, use it to attack two of the POPs at the lake.
The king griffin will subvert those griffins.

Do the same for the other griffins lurking around medea's temple.
Keep medea imprisoned with tangle vine until you're done.

DO NOT cast tangle vine twice on the same spot.
There's a flaw where your wizard might not be able to move past that spot.
This is bad because you cannot reach the portal later.

If you want, you can return to Aeetes palace and take the POPs.
Just throw three spying eyes in there, and lucifer them.
All the manticores will die.

Once you control most of the griffin, wait for the tangle vine to wear off.
Use the king griffin, and take control of the griffins in the temple.
Medea will get surrounded, and die.

If she somehow escapes the temple, use levitate to keep her in place.

Be careful of her storm spell.
If she cast that, move your griffins away from the temple.
Your wizard can seek shelter by staying close in the temple.
The griffins cannot.

Once medea is defeated, free lucan before you leave the level.

You can release Lucan without opening the switch.
Simply suicide a phoenix near his prison door.
It will burn down, and he'll come out wandering about.
And best of all, it will not turn Aeetes hostile.
But you'll still need to step on the switch later to get exp.

You can also kill Aeetes right in the beginning.
Get as close as possible to him, without initializing speech.
Launch ten spying eyes near him, and lucifer them.
He will not move from the spot, until he speaks to you.
And will die when the eyes detonate.
However, this is harder, because Medea will be released and hostile.
And she's not trapped in her temple.

When subverting with a king, you dont have to attack the enemy creature.
Just park your king near them, and they'll get subverted automatically.
If you attack them, sometimes the subversion fails.

Get D.Teeth (10exp)
Killed dragon (10exp)
Got Fleece (30exp)
Killed Aeetes (30exp)
Defeat Medea (30exp)
Free Lucan (10exp)

Total Experience:


Aegea - Attica


Chaos: bloodlust, tangle vine
neutral: crocodile, levitate
lawful: healing, iron skin, fountain

You start in a small arena.
There's two POPs there.

No way out of here. Flying creatures will get anchored if they try to leave.
The only way out is to cast tornado and get thrown out.
Unfortunately, you might not be able to come back in.
You could try tornado on your creatures, so they'll be outside.
You can then explore and pick up items.

However, in wizard difficulty, there are hostile centaurs and fauns outside.
Your creatures won't last long.
Because of that, I choose not to use tornado.

Immediately when the game starts, summon two crocs on the POPs.
After that, proceed to cast tanglevine on each of the doors.

After a short speech by adriane, one of the doors will open.
Because of tangle vine, the enemy wizard is trapped inside.

However, he might chain lightning you. Make sure you have iron skin.
The crocs are tough enough to survive it.
Cast two fountains near the POPs.

Eventually, Heracles runs out of mana after casting multiple chain lightnings.
Keep the tangle vine up, and build your mana.
Summon two more crocs.

Let the tangle vine fall. 
Heracles will come out, and get attacked by your crocs.

It takes some time to kill him, even without iron skin.
Keep summoning more crocs.
When mana permits, bloodlust your attacking crocs.

When Heracles dies, make sure you quickly cast tangle vine on the other doors.
After a speech by adriane, you get to fight two wizards.
Maintain the tangle vine for one of the wizards. Let the other fall.

Let him come out, before surrounding him with your horde of crocs.

The enemy wizards cast lure and levitate, respectively.

If he cast lure, cast iron skin on the lure target.
Cast levitate on the target wizard, so he cannot take the POPs.

If he cast levitate on your crocs, simply cast levitate on the same croc.
It will cancel out his levitate.

Using divide and conquer, you will easily kill both wizards.
After they die, Lucan shows up.

Exit the level.

You can explore the outside city now, if you like.
You might be able to find some creature summon items.

Kill Heracles (30exp)
Kill Sisyphus (30exp)
Kill Ixion (30exp)

Total experience:


Aegea - Mount Erymanthos


Chaos: skeleton, wraith
neutral: haste, levitate
lawful: healing, iron skin, phoenix

This level is very easy, due to flaws you can exploit.

Summon one wraith, and waypoint it to explore the whole map.
Look for an ally wizard.

Be careful of trolls. They will attack you.
Once you find the ally wizard, do not approach him yet.

Instead, take note of the temple, and the magic item.
The place is locked. But notice the windows are made of wood.

Summon one phoenix.
Use your wraith to attack the phoenix.
When it dies, it will set fire to the wooden window.

After it burns away, you can easily cast a skeleton through the hole.
Grab the item, and the front wall will collapse.

Alternatively, if you're even lazier, just use the summoning trick.
Summon a skeleton through the wall.

After retrieving item, approach the ally wizard.

He will ask you to follow him to his house.
Cast haste on both of you, and follow him.

Try to avoid any trolls.

After a dialog, he will give you mana sprites and food items.
Because he has helped you, the trolls are hostile to him now.
He must not die before you exit the level.

Go back to the temple entrance, and move towards the portal.
Cast iron skin and haste on yourself.
Use levitate to take care of any monsters blocking your path.

Exit the level by reaching the portal.

Got Bloodstone (30exp)
Talk to Theseus (20exp)

Total experience:


Aegea - Sparta


Create a lawful talisman.

Chaos: lucifer, wraith
neutral: bat, levitate
lawful: healing, iron skin, fountain, excalibur

DO NOT rescue adriane and lucan until you defeat medea.

Summon a wraith and explore the whole map.

Move around the whole map, securing the POPs with one fountain and one wraith.
Cast excalibur on the wraith.

Micro the wraiths well.
If a large attacking force approach the POP, retreat the wraiths nearby.

Wait till the large force is gone.
If the wraiths are injured, retreat temporarily. 
Let the fountain heal it. Then fight again.

Medea uses hellhounds and basilisks.
Just use bat bombs to kill them. 
Make sure you have iron skin when using bat bombs.

When fighting hellhounds with wraiths, make sure your wraiths have 3/4 of life.
Otherwise your wraith will die in the explosion.

Try not to get ambushed by hellhounds and basilisks.
Medea casts stygian bow, a lethal combination with hellhounds.
Furthermore, she also cast haste, especially on her basilisks.

There are two POPs, with one basilisk on it.
The basilisks are permanently stoned, which means you cannot damage them.
Or levitate them.
The only way to kill them is to shatter them.
You can use lucifer to shatter them. Simply detonate a bat bomb nearby.

Eventually, you'll take over all the POPs.
Hunt for medea after that, using bat bombs.

Do not take the item mistletoe, until you defeat medea.
otherwise you'll trigger a large bunch of basilisks.

After defeating medea, collect the mistletoe, and rescue adrianne and lucan.

Exit the level.

Defeated medea (30exp)
Took mistletoe (30exp)
Rescue lucan and adriane (10exp)

Total experience:


Aegea - Knossos


Chaos: lucifer, wraith
neutral: bat, levitate
lawful: healing, iron skin, fountain, excalibur

This level is a heavily trapped labyrinth.
It is randomly generated, and contains some of the following traps:

Zombie Snack cage
-a cage with lotsa food items in there, and two zombies
-no way for creatures to get in
-i guess you have to mind control them to get the food

Lightning sprite room
-two mana sprites at the walls.
-if you step into the room to take it, you're get zapped by lightning
-one lightning every 5 seconds, until you exit the room

King hellhound
-an area with four items. If you take it, a hellhound appears
-if you do not kill it fast, it VERY QUICKLY promotes to king

Apocalypse hall
-area with four holes in the floor, with some food items
-the four holes launches apocalypse spell in turn

Bury room
-cast the spell bury, which might instantly kill undead
-this is actually beneficial for you. you can camp here, and recharge mana.

Mana drain
-chequered tile floor
-if you stand on it, you lose all your mana

Speed crocs
-an area at the bottom of stairs, with food
-if you take it, two compartments open, releasing 2 crocs with haste

Judgement room
-any creature that passes this room explodes

Blob archers
-elves in a cage
-if you step into the room, a spell gooey blob is launched at you
-you are stuck, and get peppered by arrows
-because the room is small, it takes FOREVER for the blob to end

Skeleton pathways
-an area full of skeletons
-as you pass through the corridors, they crowd around you and attack

Skeleton basement
-a basement area with food, and mana chest
-four skeletons guarding it. one bat bomb should take care of them

Crocodile pit
-the pit is filled with crocs
-the walkway has chaos and law symbols.
-if you step on the symbols, you get teleported down the pit
-you can climb out, using the stairs, if you get past the crocs

Fire pit
-when you go near the area, the whole pit goes aflame
-there are two walkways, one law and one chaos, shown by the symbol
-if a creature of corresponding alignment passes through, it collapses
-eg if wraiths try to pass through chaos path, the walkway collapse
-you burn to death

Lucifer generator
-there are two triggers here
-one summons a brownie
-the other detonates him
-you can use this, to cast lucifer and kill enemies following you

Prison troll king
-a prison area
-redcaps will ask you to free them
-one of them will give you a manasprite
-one of the cage contains a king troll. subvert with the pipes if you want

Wraith trap
-an area with four food items in the middle of room
-if you take it, four lord wraiths appear, and gang on you

magic sphere room
-mana sprites here. if you take it, the whole room files with magic sphere

magic sphere corridor
-there's food nearby. 
-when you pass through the corridor, magic sphere fills the corridor

Auto lord promotion
-a room with two cages
-law cage and chaos cage (shown on the floor)
-if you put a similarly aligned creature there, it becomes lord level
-put the wrong alignment, it explodes

Apart from the traps, the level constantly generates zombies and wraiths.
The hordes will attack you endlessly. This can be a drain on your mana.
The most mana efficient way is to use iron skin and bat bombs.
You can actually get a mana surplus if wait for a large crowd of enemies.

There are four POPs. 

Two POPs are trapped. 
You need to use the runestones to disarm it.

Two are inaccessible until you unlock the central chamber.
Medea is in that chamber, with alot of manticores, hellhounds, and wraiths.

To unlock the central chamber, you need to activate three globes.
Once you activate three globes, the central chamber unlocks, releasing medea.

You start the level with adriane and lucan.
they will stay where they are, until you unlock the central chamber.
Cast a fountain between lucan and adriane.

Use a bat to scout the dungeon quickly.
You must find the POPs fast.
Otherwise you risk running out of mana.
Most of the mana sprites are in trapped areas.

Once you locate the POPs, head there.

The chaos POP shoots four fireballs continually if you approach it.
Disarm it using the chaos runestone.
Summon a wraith there. They make good POP guardians, since they're invisible.
They will not attract wandering enemies.

The law POP instanty explodes any creature on it, ala judgement spell.
Disarm it using the law runestone.
When you enter the law POP, a wall opens, revealing lord zombies.
Kill them using bat bombs.

Once you establish the two POPs, the game gets easier.
You no longer have a mana deficit.

DO NOT activate the three globes.
If you do, medea will flood out with hordes of creatures.
Lucan and adrianne will start moving around, and getting killed.
Keep the central chamber locked.

Look for one of the corners of the central chamber.
If you move close to the wall, you can summon bats on the other side.

Cast a fountain here.
You will be using this spot, to launch bat bombs at medea and her creatures.
Cast excalibur on yourself. 
This allows you to kill undeads chasing you, without bat bombs.
You will be saving your mana for bat bombs against medea.
The fountain will heal you. You only need to cast iron skin on yourself.

When doing bat bombs, you should summon three bat bombs at one time.
Launch them at the various corners of the central chamber.
Three bat bombs will kill the hellhounds before medea can heal them.

There are guardian totems in there. Take care not to fly too close to them.
Otherwise they'll set off your bat bombs prematurely.
Occasionally, Medea will throw an apocalypse at the bat.
Make sure the bats are hovering off the ground, and not at ground level.

Your first nine bat bombs will kill the wraiths and most of the hellhounds.
Slowly grind her down, sending bat bombs to kill her manticores.
Once they are dead, medea will stay parked at one of the POPs.

Summon a wraith through the wall. 
Cast excalibur on it, and use it to take one of the POPs.
You will not be able to use bat bombs to kill medea, because she has healing.
Furthermore, you will kill your own wraith if you do that.

If your wraith get attacked and injured, retreat it close to you, and heal it.

With three POPs, you can summon around four wraiths in the chamber.
Cast excalibur and iron skin on them.
Use them to attack medea.
Make sure you retreat the injured wraith and heal it.

She will soon fall, because she only has one POP, and cannot heal fast.

Once she dies, the portal to exit will appear outside the central chamber.
You can now leave the level.

Because you did not open the central chamber, the level is so much easier.
Especially with adrianne and lucan staying put.

Used chaos stone (10exp)
Used law stone (10exp)
Killed medea (60exp)

Total Experience:


End of Realm 2 Aegea


Realm 3 Albion

You get to have both Adriane and Lucan to babysit. Hooray.
The good news is, lucan will not be with you for that long.


Albion - Carbonek


To make the game more challenging, we will try not to upgrade ourselves.

Chaos: wraith, lucifer
Neutral: bat, levitate
lawful: heal, iron skin, excalibur, fountain

The enemy wizard has heal and iron skin. Thus, we need to cut off his mana.
There are four POPs.

Two are outside the castle.
Two are inside the castle. You cannot access castle now.

The enemy wizard, gurgurant, will be summoning elves and wraiths.
He also cast iron skin, heal, and stygian bow.

We will be using wraith, excalibur and fountain to capture the POPs outside.
Let Lucan's bat scout the map. 
Once you see the POPs outside, summon a wraith and fountain near it.
To conserve mana, we will only excalibur the wraith if enemy approach it.

There are many mana sprites lying around.
Try to grab as many as you can.
Unfortunately, adriane with haste will be taking most of it.
As well as the enemy, gurgurant.

To kill the hordes of elves that accompanies gurgurant, we use bat bombs.
Dont forget to iron skin.

After conquering the POPs outside, it's time to take the ones inside.
One of the POPs will be in back of castle, near throne.
Move your wizard as close as possible to the stream near the stained glass.
Summon a wraith through the glass.
Iron skin it, and excalibur it.
Use it to kill the wraith guarding the POP.

Summon another wraith to replace the first one.
Use the first wraith to conquer the other POP also.
Retreat it if injured, for healing.

You now have all four POPs.
Gurgurant will soon run out of mana, and wont be able to iron skin and heal.

Before killing him outside, summon eight more wraiths into the castle.
Camp them to the side of the throne POP. Excalibur them.
Use the wraiths to clean out the inside of the castle.

When Gurgurant loses half his life outside, he will teleport away.
Into the castle. Fully healed.

When he is teleporting into the castle, DO NOT ATTACK HIM.
If you attack and interrupt his healing, it will affect the game script.
The gate of the bridge WILL NOT OPEN.
You must wait for him to say his piece INSIDE the castle.

Only after that can you gang and kill him.

THe castle is still locked, but the bridge is now unlocked.
You can only enter the castle after defeating the bridge guardians.

The first section is guarded by lawful lord unicorn.
When you approach the bridge, two guardian totems will be summoned behind you.
To prevent that, summon two skeletons at the position where they would appear.
Kill the lord unicorn using bat bombs.

The middle section is neutral guardian. It's a king croc.
A horde of skeletons will take him down.
WHen the croc dies, the ceiling of bridge collapse.
Be careful, and iron skin all the time.

Last one is king wraith, chaos guardian.
When you reach there, disenchant is cast before it appears.
Do not lucifer yet, otherwise disenchant takes it away.
After king wraith appear, five bat bombs will kill him.

Enter the castle and exit the level.

Killed Gurgurant (50exp)
Killed lawful guard (10exp)
Killed neutral guard (10exp)
Killed chaos guard (10exp)

Total experience:


Albion - Forest of Alben


Chaos: tangle vine, lucifer
Neutral: spying eye, levitate
lawful: heal, iron skin, fountain, lure

There is a timer for this level, so you cannot delay much.
You get another person to babysit, Lancelot. A king knight.
Thankfully, he's powerful, and fully controlled by you.

There is only one POP here.
And enemies are constantly spawned in the castle.
THere are two totems here.
Lorelei and fear totem.
They both have mana sprites nearby.
Hence making them perferct lucan and adrianne bait.

At the start of a level, after some melodrama, it is decided that:

Lucan will be rescued first
Followed by Adrianne
Then Lancelot and you

Once the dialogue finish, immediately head south.
Let adrianne or lucan's bat get there first.
You will find a POP there.
If you DO NOT find a POP south of where you started (rare), restart.
Most of the time, I always find the POP south of the starting point.
Only once in my many times of playing, did I find the POP west.

As soon as any of your creatures (including allies) approach the POP,
a bunch of iron skinned skeletons will appear, as well as the enemy.

The enemy wizard, Akeron, thankfully hovers near the POP.
He uses ALOT of fear spell. Which makes everyone run away.

Save the game.
Summon a bunch of spying eye as close as possible to the POP.
Use half of your mana for this. Not more than that.

Pause the game, and use the other half of mana to lucifer the eyes.
Akeron will launch fear spells at the eye. But they cannot move.

Depending on proximity of Akeron, he will die when all the eyes explode.
Reload if he is too far away to get fatally injured.

Once he dies, summon an eye on the POP.

Get lancelot to walk with you.
Keep heading south.
First strike all basilisks you see.
Kill the hellhounds and phoenixes too.

If you get surrounded, use lure to shake them off.
However, lancelot will be affected by lure. So use it sparingly.

Once you get to the castle, walk past the bridge.
You will be standing at a crossroad.

Seal off the left and right passages with tangle vine.
This prevents further enemies from coming out and harassing you.
The enemies (hellhounds, basilisks, phoenixes) are spawned at the top.
By keeping their pathways blocked,  Lucan and adrianne has smooth passage.

Save the game here.
Keep the passageway sealed with tanglevine.
Lucan, followed by Adrianne will escape.
However, sometimes either one of them might get trapped at the love fountain.

Reload if they get trapped until time runs out.

Exit the level ONLY AFTER Lucan, Adrianne and Lancelot.

Killed Ackerhan (20exp)
Escaped forest (40exp)
Total experience:


Albion - Valley of Owain


Create one chaos talisman

Chaos: wraith, pestilence, lucifer
Neutral: bat, levitate
lawful: heal, iron skin, lure, excalibur

This used to be one of the most irritating levels.

The enemy wizard, Eviares, uses phoenixes and griffins.
And cast disenchant, stygian bow and storm.

Most of the time, Adrianne ends up getting killed by griffins.

You start the level in a castle.
Move to the northwest of the castle.
There is a chest there.

As you are about to reach the chest, dont stop.
The ceiling collapses.

Adrianne will probably cast excalibur on you.
Making it easy for you to kill the undeads.
You can cast iron skin on yourself once.
If you get swarmed, use a bat bomb.

After getting the mana sprite, there's another chest near there.
Open it, to get another companiform bell.

You will now notice the castle is locked.

Normally, you need to find the gatekeeper upstairs.
When you appraoch the brownie, undead creatures will spawn.
You will need to protect him, while he gets down and open the gate.
That itself is difficult enough.
However, after he opens the gate, and Adrianne roams free, it's harder.

Therefore, we will not open the gate.
There is another way to escape the castle, just you alone.

Approach the chamber at the top of the castle.
Do not get too close to the brownie, or undeads will spawn.
If the brownie is killed, you lose the game immediately.

Go to the RIGHT of the room where the brownie stays in.
Hug close to the southeat edge of the castle.
Save the game here.

Here's the sneaky part.
At one of the locations, you can LEVITATE YOURSELF OUT of the castle.

But you have to test the locations.
Some locations you wont make it past the moat, and will fall in and drown.
But there's one location there where you will fall OUTSIDE the castle.
Reload until successful.

When you do that, Eviares will appear, as if you unlocked the castle.
But Adrianne will be safely trapped inside the castle.

However, there is a chance that a flying enemy creature may find her.
Save the game often, and monitor her health.
If she gets attacked, you'll have to reload, because you cant help her.

The game gets easy from here on, without Adrianne.

Use a wraith to scout the whole map.
SImply proceed to cast pestilence on all the POPs.
It will effectively kill the phoenix, and the griffins too.

If you do not do this fast, eviares will summon more griffins.
Cast wraiths to take over the POPs. But micro them well.
If you see a griffin or phoenix appear, retreat them nearby.
Do no engage the enemy. If eviares see your wraiths, he'll use storm.

Eventually, you'll control all the POPs.
You can hunt for eviares leisurely.
You can either use a group of wraiths, or bat bombs. I prefer bat bombs.

Once you kill him, you must find the hidden exit portal.
It is near the structure north of where eviares appeared.
If you go near it, you get zapped by lightning.
Save the game.

Once you go near it, you will see the portal.
Exit the level.

In the grimoire, the wizard enemy for this level is Elergia.
But in the victory page, it is Eviares instead.

Killed Eviares (50exp)
Total Experience:


Albion - Altaripa


Chaos: wraith, skeleton, lucifer
Neutral: bat, levitate
lawful: heal, iron skin, fountain, excalibur

Here's the problem. You have Adrianne.

And the enemy wizard, Gwion, uses one of the best set of spells:
Lucifer, heal, magic mist, blob, disenchant, lorelei
He also summons vampires and bats

Because of lucifer and mist, you will not be able to gang him with creatures.
Because of disenchant and heal, you can't swarm him with bat bombs.
FYI, disenchant removes lucifer.

And he might cast lorelei, which makes you and your creatures stuck around it.

He also summons vampires, which can kill adrianne easily.
You will have to monitor her health carefully.
And go to her aid if she's ambushed.

To beat gwion, you'll have to cut off his mana.

There are four POPs on the map.
Three are in the open. One more is locked.

THe locked POP is unlocked after you speak to the hermit.
We wont do that. If the POP is unlocked, gwion will try to conquer it.

Use the summoning trick to get a skeleton in the locked POP.
Take the holy water, then the POP.

For the other POPs, conquer them with a combo of fountain, wraith, excalibur.
As usual, micro your wraiths well.
Do no engage the enemy at all, retreat.
Because if gwion sees your wraiths, he'll bat bomb them.
Furthermore, wraiths are no match for vampires.

Reinforce your POPs when needed.
To kill the herds of wandering undeads, use bat bombs and iron skin.

After you conquer all the POP, you can hunt for gwion.
Gwion will have picked up some mana sprites.
When you go near him, let him waste mana by summoning creatures first.
Bat bomb the creatures.

After that, surround him with skeletons and bash away. He'll fall.
After he dies, kill off the excess skeletons using lucifer.

Hermes the bird will tell you the location of the hermit.
Speak to him, and  you'll be teleported to the just unlocked POP.

Head towards the black castle.
If you toggle the map view, you'll see a set of triggers on each floor.
Use the summoning trick to get skeletons through the wall.
Trigger all the switches.

Once you are done, enter the castle.
You will be trapped in there with adrianne.
Mordred appears, mocking you, and teleport away.

He will summon hordes of fauns and redcaps, and conquer your POPs.

In the castle, vampires will be constantly generated to attack you.
Since you've already activated the triggers, you can get to the portal fast.

Had you not triggered it, you would be worn down by vampires.
While mordred takes your POPs and deprive you of mana.

Just make sure you take the ingredient IRON, before you exit the level.

Killed gwion (50exp)
Talked to hermit (10exp)
Found iron (30exp)
Total experience:


Albion - St Michael's Mount


Create one neutral talisman

Chaos: wraith, skeleton, tornado
Neutral: haste, anchor, meteor
Lawful: heal, iron skin, fountain

We wont be using bat bombs in this level.
The enemy crocodiles are too tough, and it's not mana efficient to kill them.
Furthermore, you may end up injuring your troll allies, turning them hostile.

The enemy wizard, Evrain, is quite impressive, with spells like:
Apocalypse, flight, mind control, healing, fireball, fear totem
Evrain also summons alot of hellhounds and crocodiles.

The most problematic is his mind control.
Trolls have low resistance against mind control.
Worse case, he might end up controlling the king of trolls, your ally.
Who will then subvert the rest of the trolls.
Therefore, save the game periodically. Reload if that happens.

He also uses apocalypse, which can easily wipe out your POP setup.
There's a chance that you'll be struggling to catch up, manawise.

If you engage him, he will launch a steady stream of fireballs at you.
And he can heal at the same time. Which is cheating (heal AND fireball?)
Also, he casts flight on his hellhounds and crocodiles.

Because of all this, we will not engage him before conquering the POPs.

This is where tornado comes in.
If you see Evrain approaching your POP, haste there, and tornado the POP.
But make sure you cast anchor on your wraith before doing so.

You start the game near a troll village.
Quickly head north of the POP. Talk to gargantua, the king of trolls.
They'll ally with you, and adrianne will stop attacking them.
Gargantua will also give you a cool item, a flying war hammer.
If you launch it, keep track of where it lands, so you can retrieve it.

Take the POP with wraith and fountain.

There are a total of five POPs. Three are out in the open.
Two more are locked in evrain's fort.

There are also wandering redcaps and skeletons, apart from Evrain's minions.

It's likely that Adrianne might get ambushed and killed.
Keep a close eye on her. If she's trapped, haste yourself and rush to her.
Cast tornado on the whole group, including her, to disperse them.

Micro your wraiths well.
Since we used meteor, we do not have excalibur here.
Thus, do not engage the enemy with your wraiths.
Use your wizard to do that.
If you engage, and evrain sees the wraith, he might mind control it.
Or launch apocalypse at it, destroying your fountain there.

Evrain also uses fear totem. If he cast it near a POP, destroy it with meteor.

The last two POPs are in evrain's fort.
There's a fear totem, and plenty of redcaps. 
Clear them with meteors.
Use two wraiths and two fountains to take the POPs.

If evrain loses 50% of his life, he'll try to flee back to his fort.
If he does make it back, he'll release a horde of lord redcaps.
You can scatter them using tornado.

Eventually, you'll conquer all the POPs, and deprive Evrain of mana.
Without mana, he wont be able to launch deadly spells at you.
Surround him with skeletons, and gang him.
Use anchor to prevent him from escaping.

Once he dies, exit the level.

Allied Gargantua (10exp)
Got thor's hammer (10exp)
Kille evrain (50exp)
Total experience:


Albion - Brocileine


Chaos: wraith, terror, skeleton
Neutral: haste, levitate, chain lightning
lawful: heal, iron skin, fountain, excalibur

This level is one of the hardest in the game originally.
Because you have to fight two enemy wizards at the same time.
Apart from that, you have to babysit adrianne.

The enemy wizards:
He cast storm, guardian totem, excalibur
Summons ghouls, skeletons
Storm can decimate your costly fountain wraith excalibur setup.
Do not attack with your wraiths if he's nearby. He'll attack the wraith.

Mange (servant of esclados)
This guy is far more deadly
He cast healing, lightning, and mind control.
And summons fauns and unicorns

This level is abundant in mana sprites.
Thus, Mange is far more dangerous with his lightning.
And he heals himself, making it a chore to kill him.
Apart from that, his unicorns are deadly against your wraiths.

There is a script in the level.
Both enemy wizards start as ally status. Non hostile.
Escalados will always keep moving towards you.
When he gets close enough, a dialogue will start.
He will tell you how to enter Merlin's tower.

After he talks to you, he will now constantly move towards Adrianne.
WHen he encounters adrianne, he insults her, and both wizards turn hostile.

That's where things get hairy.
Because of the many mana sprites, they can summon alot of creatures.
There's two wizards, so adrianne has double the chance of getting ganged.

It will be a frantic game, trying to conquer and reinforce your POPs.
While protecting adriane at the same time.

Because of the script in the game, we can take advantage of it.
Notice that Esclados has to meet you and adrianne, before both turn hostile.
Thus, you can make this game ridiculously simple by AVOIDING esclados.
Yes, that's right. As long as he doesn't meet you, things are a breeze.

Either wizards will also turn hostile if you damage them or their creatures.
Thus, be careful with your chain lightning.

Summon a wraith to explore the map.
Once you find the four POPs, summon four more wraiths for each of it.

Two of the POPs are guarded by hostile elves on elevated platforms.
Hence we use wraiths to take the POP. Tyey are invisible, and wont get shot.

Use the fifth wraith to locate esclados and escort him
He is the wizard in the blue robe.
This way, you will always know where he is.
Move away from him. Thankfully he doesn't have haste.
If he gets too close, use levitate on him.

You can now go around the map, and reinforce your POPs.
Cast two fountains on each POP, and excalibur on the wraiths.

For the two POPs with the elves guardians, just summon skeleton near them.
They will start firing at the skeleton, and you will be able to see them.
Use chain lightning on them. Two chain lightning will kill them easily.
Make sure you dont hit the creatures that belongs to the two wizards.
The elves are fair game. They're neutral hostiles.

Setup your POP defence (wraith, 2 fountains, excalibur).

After that, summon around 8 wraiths.
Excalibur all of them.
Wait till your mana is full.

Now it's time to take down Esclados.
Go forth with the group of wraiths, and surround him.
Cast iron skin on all your wraiths.
After talking with him, force attack him.
He will immediately launch storm.
You can summon a fountain near the battle scene, to heal your wraiths.
Cast terror to chase away any undead he summons.

Note that ONLY Esclados will turn hostile.
Mange is still friendly, because you did not damage him or his creatures.

Since esclados does not have iron skin and heal, he will fall quite fast.

Recharge, heal your wraiths. Reinforce your POPs.
Esclados' undead forces might have attacked your POPs.

Time to go after Mange.
Save the game first.

Repeat the above with Mange.
When fighting Mange, make sure your wizard always have iron skin, and heal.
Otherwise you will die quite abruptly from his multiple lightnings.

The moment you attack him, he will spam lightning and mind control.
Reload if he ends up taking over too many of your wraiths.
Remember to keep healing yourself.

Use terror to chase away any unicorns he summons.

Mange has healing, so it will take some time to kill him.
But without iron skin, he too will fall.

After he is dead, look for merlin's tower.
You can choose to enter it, and read all the scrolls.
If you're too lazy for it, simply move near the ingredient item.
Summon a skeleton and grab the item.
A lord dragon will appear, and kill your skeleton.
You can kill it with chain lightning if you want.

After retriving the ingredient, exit the level.
Hooray, Adrianne is relatively unharmed.

Killed Esclados (50exp)
Killed Mange (20exp)
Got salamander feather (30exp)
Total experience:


Albion - Enchanted Garden


Chaos: inferno, skeleton, lucifer
Neutral: bat, levitate, spying eye
lawful: heal, iron skin, fountain, stygian bow

There are a total of seven POPs in this level.
Three are outside.
Four are locked inside the garden compound.

There are two enemy wizards. One outside and one inside.

The outside one, Spinoza uses apocalypse, bury, and fear totem
He also summons elves and fauns.

Because of the fear totem, you need to use spying eyes to occupy the POP.
THe totem will be useless against it.
After summoning the eye, throw a fountain near it.

For defense, cast stygian bow on the eye, only if enemy approaches.

To quickly kill groups of elves and fauns, use inferno.
Spinoza is usually found at one of the POPs.

Once you locate him, inferno the POP.
Levitate him off the POP, to cut off his mana.
You have two choices of killing him.

Either surround him with skeletons. But make sure his mana is cut off.
Otherwise he'll cast bury at your group of skeletons.

Or if he's camped near a fear totem, throw 9 eye bombs around him.
You can use levitate to make sure he is stuck near the eye bombs.
Make sure you iron skin yourself, to avoid getting killed by the bombs.

You can also use the old bat bombs to kill him, if you cannot trap him.
He doesn't have heal, and will eventually die.

Once he dies, it's time to hunt for the mistress of the gardens, Felerina.

Felerina casts invisibility, haste, guardian totem
She summons hellhounds and skeletons.

Here's the problem.
If you open the garden gate, she'll come pouring out with her minions.
Because of her invisibility, it's gonna be quite hard to hunt her down.
Especially if she escapes outside.

Thus, we need to block the entrace of the garden.
Move towards the switch.
But do not touch it.

Summon a few bats to kill the elves on top of the walls of the garden.
Summon a ROW of syping eyes behind your wizard.
Seal off the pathway out of the garden at the most narrow point.
You should set fire to the area, before summoning the eyes.
This is to avoid the eyes getting stuck in the trees.

After you summon the row of eyes, summon four fountains behind the eyes.
Wait for your mana to recharge.
Cast stygian bow on all the eyes.

Now, there's no way for felerina to sneak past the eyes with invisibility.

Open the garden now.

Go in there, and hunt her.
Clear the four POPs in there by using bat bombs.
Be careful not to cast it too close to the centre prison.
You dont wanna damage the knights, and turn them hostile.

Take over the POPs using spying eyes.
Use bat bombs to kill off the elves guarding the wall, and the prison roof.

Occupy the POPs in there using a combo of spying eye and two fountains.
Why two fountains? The eyes are constantly blasted by the guardian totem.

Either you kill felerina in the garden, using skeletons.
Or she will die getting shot at in front of the spying eyes.

Once she is dead, use inferno to burn open the prison.
Get the ingredient and exit the level.
Congratulations, you've gotten one of the best items for defending POPs.

Killed spinoza (20exp)
Killed felerina (50exp)
Freed knights (10exp)
Found colondrius (30exp)
Total experience:


Albion - Salisbury Plains


Create one chaos talisman

Chaos: fear totem, wraith, lucifer, tangle vine
Neutral: bat, levitate, storm
lawful: heal, iron skin, fountain, lure

There is only one enemy here, but what a handful he is.
Gwilliam casts disenchant, iron skin, heal, meteor
And summons manticore, basilisk, phoenix

Apart from that, there are wandering unicorns.
Keeping adriane alive will be your priority.

Using your ingredient from the last level, you have a fear totem.
There are five POPs. Quickly scout the whole map using a bat.

Your priority is to summon a fear totem at every POP.
After doing that, capture it with wraiths.
When you have enough mana, plant a fountain at each POP.
Micro your wraiths and do not engage the enemy.
Wait for the totem to chase them off.

Use bat bombs to kill unicorns, phoenix, and basilisk.
If you see gwilliam with manticores as well, fry him with storm.

While he still has mana, he can disenchant.
Forget about sending a horde of bat bombs at him.

Once he runs out of mana, he wont be able to cast iron skin and heal.
You can take him down fast by surrounding him with wraiths.

After he dies, keep your higher level wraiths to guard the POPs.
Lucifer the rest.
Now, it's time for the climax of the game.
For lucan to die, and be gone from your life. No more babysitting him.

Go to the structure at the centre of the map. Save here.
Before speaking to lucan, use tangle vine to block all 3 exits of the prison.
After that, speak to him.

The overlord will appear and cast FOUR judgement spells.
Forget about ambushing him with units in the prison.

He will then turn lucan into a lightning rod.
You can cast iron skin on lucan, to prolong his life.
He will still die, but will scamper around and get zapped before expiring.

After he dies, lancelot appears.
You now have to guide lancelot to the portal.
Once he exits, another appears, and adriane goes there.

In the meantime, you must keep the prison exits sealed with tangle vine.
Otherwise, the overlord and his horde of wraiths will pour out.

After adriane escapes, the final portal appears.
Cast your last round of tangle vine, and move towards the portal.
In the middle of the lake (setting for lady of the lake)
Exit the level.

Extra lulz.
Lucan is supposed to die, correct?
If you want, cast gorgon stare on him. He will never die.

Killed Gwilliam (50exp)
Escaped (20exp)
Total experience:


Albion - Pendragon


Increase your creature limit to 20.

Chaos: fear totem, wraith, lucifer, terror
Neutral: bat, levitate, anchor
lawful: heal, iron skin, fountain, flight

I love this level.
This level is one of the easiest level if you know what you're doing.
However, take the wrong approach, and it will be the hardest.

Apart from that, this is where you get your MOST IMPORTANT spell ingredient.

Let me show you how this level was intended to be.

There are nearly 10 POPs in this level. Insane.
You start with adriane and lancelot in the middle of an enclosure.
You have no mana.

Malduc will appear, and challenge you to fight to the death.
Both of you will get an army (5 fauns, 5 elves).

After you wipe out marduc's army, you attack him.
If you reduce his life to 50%, he fully heals.
Cast flight and haste, and escapes from the enclosure.

At the same time, his assistant Bagrif appears outside the enclosure.
The enclosure opens, and you can go out now.

Unfortunately, you have 0 mana. So the enemy is ahead of you.
THey will conquer the 10 POPs first.
With 10 POPs in their hands, your life is a living nightmare.
Since you're dragging baggage along as well (adrianne and lancelot)

The enemy will be throwing everything including the sink at you.
Apocalypse, storm, vampires, trolls, meteor storm.
You name it, you got it.

Needless to say, you'll be reloading many times.

However, we wont be doing that.
There is a feature that we will be taking advantage of.

You get mana EVERYTIME you kill something.
Whether its your own creatures, or the enemy.
This is what we will be exploiting.

Select all your given army, and command it to attack one enemy at a time.
By doing this, you will swiftly overwhelm the enemy.

DO NOT attack malduc at all.
After you wipe out the other army, instruct your army to kill each other.
Use lancelot to quickly wipe them out as well.

Now you are down to lancelot, adrianne, and yourself.
And you have mana.

Summon 1 bat, and explore outside the enclosure.
At the same time, make sure you move yourself and lancelot away from malduc.

Once you get enough mana, summon more bats, and take over the other POPs.
Cast flight on all three of you. Adrianne will go out the enclosure.
Move your wizard and lancelot out.

malduc is now alone in the enclosure.
Replace all your bats with the setup of wraith, fear totem, and fountain.
Lucifer the bats to reduce creature count.

Once you are done, summon around 10 wraiths.
Adrianne will slowly excalibur most of them.

Bagrif will only appear if you damage malduc enough.
We will attack malduc using bat bombs, since he's in the enclosure.
Cast flight on yourself.

Station your wraiths close to straight line fence.
Bagrif will appear on the left side of the straight fence.

Once you injure malduc sufficiently, he will heal and cast flight.

Here comes the tricky part.
You must keep Malduc occupied by using anchor and levitate repeatedly.

In the meantime, you must also surround Bagrif with your wraiths.
You also need to cast terror to drive away the creatures he summons.
Bagrif can also launch terror at your wraiths.
Hotkey your group of wraiths, to easily regroup and attack him again.

Dont forget to levitate bagrif to prevent him from running away.
Using a combination of terror and wraiths, you'll easily kill bagrif.
Remember to also keep malduc occupied.

After that, repeat the same with malduc.
He will soon fall.

Pick up the ingredient he drops, before you exit the level.

Killed Bagrif (20exp)
Killed Malduc (50exp)
Got Sardonix (30exp)
Total experience:


Albion - Bedegreine


Using the item you picked up last level, you will have unlimited mana here.

Chaos: fear totem, wraith, inferno, terror
Neutral: chain lightning, levitate, unsummon
Lawful: heal, iron skin, flight, mind control

The ingredient sardonix allows you to use the spell unsummon.
For just 2 mana, you can unsummon any of your creatures, and get back mana.
As a result, this means you can use your creatures as a manabank.
Just keep summoning creatures everytime your mana is full.

In this level, adrianne and lancelot is gone. Hooray.

You can recruit sir galahad here.
At the start of the game, send out a wraith to scout the map.

Look for two areas of interest.
The first is a prison area, with a knight in there.
That's sir galahad.

The second is a tower, with a POP on top.
The king of vampires, dragula, resides up there.
This is the key to our unlimited mana.

Quickly head towards sir galahad.
After a brief conversation, he becomes an undead.
From now on, you must be careful when using the spell bury.
Otherwise you'll end up killing galahad too.

Once galahad becomes undead, quickly rush to dragula.
Save the game when you're about to enter the blood pact with him.

Immediately after he drains your blood, wait for 1 second.
The map will open up, due to his vampires.
Pause the game here, and cast as many mind control as possible at dragula.
If you fail to control him, reload again.

Once he is under your control, move him near the stone vampire statues.
An unlimited amount of enemy vampires will be generated.
Dragula, as king vampire, will subvert all of them, up to your creature limit.

Hotkey dragula as number 2.
Now. you can hunt down bresitas.
Whenever you need mana, just unsummon any vampires but dragula.
Your mana fills up 50% per vampire.

If you get stuck on top of the vampire tower, levitate yourself down.

Proceed to go around the map, and cast two fear totems for each POP.
Eventually, you'll find bresitas at one of the POPs.
Go crazy with the chain lightning.

Once he dies, move next to the portal. Do not enter yet.
Unsummon dragula to kill him. You have successfully recruited galahad.

Exit the level.

Allied Dragula (10exp)
Killed Besitas (50exp)
Recruit Galahad (10exp)
total experience:


Albion - Tanglewood


Chaos: pestilence, wraith, lucifer, skeleton
Neutral: anchor, levitate, unsummon
Lawful: heal, iron skin, flight, lorelei

With the spell unsummon, you can use your creatures as mana batteries.
You can also teleport your creatures. Unsummon has unlimited range. 
Unsummon a creature, and summon it again instantly next to you.

This level has six POPs.
Four of the POPs are in the castle.

The other two are randomly placed.
They could be on the castle roof, or somewhere outside.

There is another knight here to recruit. Sir Kay.
The previous recruit, Galahad, has undead status.
He takes 1/3 damage from living creatures. And deal full damage to undeads.

The latest recruit, sir kay, has permanent bloodlust on him.
To recruit him, you need to find a bottle of wine, and give it to him.

You start the game outside the castle.
There are four POPs in the castle.

ALOT of monsters will be gathering there.
Some are permanently invisible monsters.

Normally, you will have fight valerin for control of the POPs outside.
Since you cannot conquer the POPs inside with so many monsters.

However, there's a way to easily wipe out all the gathering monsters.

Move into the castle quickly.
Before that, you MUST talk to sir kay.
If not, he will park himself at the castle entrance, and get attacked.
After speaking to you, he will retreat to his room at a safer corner.

At the centre of the castle, you see four POPs.
Here's what you do.
Cast FOUR lorelei totem at the inner corners of the POPs.
After that, drop a single pestilence totem in the middle of the room.

Retreat to a remote corner, and wait for the monsters to die.
The lorelei will attract the monsters, infecting them with pestilence.

All non-undead creatures will eventually die.
As they die, your mana increases steadily.
Make sure you keep summoning wraiths, to avoid wasting surplus mana.

After a long while, send a wraith to scout the situation.
There should be only vampires and chaos champions left.

Send skeleton bombs to kill them.
You haver now wiped out all of the monsters at the castle.

SUmmon four more pestilence totems at each POPs there.
Assign one wraith to guard it.

Now it's time to hunt for valerin.
Scout for the other two totems using one of your wraiths.

Cast pestilence near the two POPs.
Use wraiths to capture it.

valerin will travel the map looking for manasprites.
You will use this to trap him.

Wait near a mana sprite.
Eventually he'll come near you.

When he doesn, levitate him.
Unsummon your extra wraiths, and resummon them around valerin.
If he tries to fly away, use levitate, followed by anchor.

Surround him and kill him.
He drops an ingredient, zircon. Take it.

Before exiting the level, look for a chest.
it contains wine.

Bring that to sir kay, to recruit him.

Exit the level.

Recruit sir kay (10exp)
Killed valerin (50exp)
Found zircon (30exp)
Total experience:


Albion - Gaste Forest


Create a lawful talisman

Chaos: fear totem, wraith, lucifer, skeleton
Neutral: bat, levitate, unsummon
Lawful: heal, iron skin, fountain, excalibur, disenchant

This level is infested with champions of law and chaos.
They will fight each other.
But the champions are not made equally.
The chaos champions are undead.
Therefore, in a straight fight, the law champion will lose.
Thus, try to kill more chaos champions, to balance the scale.

Be careful when using disenchant.
Make sure your knights are not in range.
Otherwise you'll end up removing their permanent enchantments.

In the beginning, scout quickly with four wraiths.
You need to find the prison of the king dragon, and heal him fast.
Otherwise, he might end up getting killed by champions.
Thus denying you of the EXP of freeing him.

There are five POPs. One is locked.
Summon four wraiths to capture the other four.
But be careful of chaos champions. They can kill undead quickly.
If you see them approaching the POP, retreat your wraiths.

Shortly after starting the level, the knight Pellinoire approach.
He ask your help to hunt a unicorn.
This unicorn is extremely difficult to kill.
It has permanent haste, and iron skin.
And it runs away.

To kill it easily, levitate it when you see it.
When it drops to the ground, disenchant it.
It will lose the haste and iron skin.
You can now easily kill it with your knights and levitate.

You will recruit pellionoire by killing it.
He has permanent haste.

There is a dragon trapped in a small cell.
Look for him quickly, before the champions kill him.
Heal him fully to release him.

Once your mana permits, cast excalibur on the wraiths.
After that, summon a fountain near each POP.

By now, morgause would appear.
If you play your cards right, she'll only have one POP in the middle.
You control the other four.

Attack the centre POP, and take control of it.
The standard setup applies (wraith, excalibur, fountain).

Hunt for morgause after that.
Dont bother disenchanting her image.
You might end up disenchanting the traits of the knights.

Surround her with knights and skeletons. Bash away.
Pick up the diamond she drops before exiting.

Some of you might be wondering.
Why not the spell bury?
Because the chaos champions have very high resistance.
Bury fails most of the time. Plus you might bury Galahad (undead)

Aided Pelinore (10exp)
Released Talos (10exp)
Killed morgause (50exp)
Found diamond (30exp)
Total experience:


Albion - Camelot


Chaos: fear totem, wraith, lucifer, skeleton
Neutral: storm, levitate, unsummon
Lawful: heal, iron skin, fountain, excalibur, disenchant

There are nine POPs in this level.
Two at the sewer level.
And seven at the top level.

Out of the seven, five are sealed, and are occupied by champions.
Only the camelot knights can unlock it (except lancelot)
However, when you use the knights to unlock, they become statues.

we wont be doing that. We will be using the summoning trick.
This way we capture the POPs without opening it to attack.

There are two more POPs near adrianne.

At the start of the level, adrianne is constantly poisoned.
Her life will gradually go down. Watch her carefully.

Look for the five locked POPs.
Summon wraiths through them.
Equip the wraith with excalibur and iron skin.

The locked POPs are guarded by chaos and law champions.
Fighting the law champions are easier. They do less damage to undeads.
Your wraiths will have a fighting chance, with iron skin.

However, fighting chaos champions are a different matter.
As they are undeads, they deal full damage to other undeads.
They can easily kill your wraiths. Heal if life below 50%.

After conquering the five locked POPs, things are easier.
Proceed to conquer the POPs near Adrianne.
When you are there, launch a fountain next to adriane.
This will keep her alive indefinitely.

Enemies will keep trying to retake the POPs near adrianne.
To prevent this, summon a line of fear totems on both the walkways.
You cannot summon fountains too close to the POPs.

You now control 7 of the POPs.

Go down the sewer, and find the last two POPs.
Chances are, modred and the other wizard is around there.
If they're not, you'll have to search the level.

Modred dies easily, because he doesnt have iron skin.

You can choose whether you wanna kill the other wizard.
You get no experience for doing so.

The other wizard sometimes cast lorelei. And blob at the same time.
Destroy it with storm. Otherwise you'll be stuck for some time.

It is not compulsory to destroy the second wizard.
But if you do wanna fight him, use iron skin.
He uses magic sphere, and down in the sewer, that's deadly.

Be careful when freeing Adrianne.
When you open her prison, a gate is also opened, releasing crocs.
It's best for you to lucifer the crocs in the area near the switch.
After rescuiing Adrianne and lancelot, move to the round table.

Along the way, you can also recruit two more knights if you desire.
Which is again not compulsory.
Just move lancelot near an area that looks like a cage.
Two more knights will appear.
One has permanent excalibur. The other has permanent iron skin.

When you reach the round table, open the gates.
Approach the table, and get the tablet.

Exit the level.

Defeated Mordred (50exp)
Freed Adriane (20exp)
Retrieved Emerald Table (30exp)
Total experience:


Albion - Carleon


Chaos: fear totem, wraith, inferno, terror
Neutral: haste, levitate, unsummon
Lawful: heal, iron skin, fountain, excalibur, disenchant

There are five POPs in this level.
Two are in the church, guarded by fauns.
Use the summoning trick to get to them.

The rest of the POPs, secure with wraith, fear and fountain
Cast excalibur when mana permits.

Shortly after beginning, mordred will appear.
DO NOT attemp to rush him with units.
He will cast judgement, and kill most of your creatures.
Including lancelot, if he's there.

Instead, let him summon creatures and waste his mana.
Without a surplus amount of mana, he cant throw judgement at us.

Mordred uses griffins and trolls.
He also cast illusion, storm, and heal.

But all that is nothing once you secure the POPs.
Keep a close eye on adrianne, in case she gets attacked by griffins.

Once you have enough mana, summon a bunch of wraiths.
Have them surround and attack mordred.
You dont even have to excalibur them.

While the wraiths are bashing mordred, cast inferno on them.
Wraiths are immune to fire. Mordred is not.
He will soon fall, and drop the ingredient silver.
Pick it up.

We dont use lucifer here, to avoid damaging the brownies.
You need one of them to tell you the password to the church.
You can burn down the church doors with inferno.
But you will still need the password for the game script to continue.

Finding the password is the hardest part of the game.
Every brownie you talk to ask you to talk to someone else.
Soon you will lose track of who you spoke to.

What I did was simple.
After speaking to one brownie, i set fire to their house.
This is a very easy way to mark your progress.

Eventually you'll find the brownie with the password.
Reward him with an inferno.

Progress to the church to cure adrianne.
You can watch the fireworks before you exit the level.

Killed mordred (60exp)
Found Silver (30exp)
Cured Adrianne (40exp)
Total experience:


Albion - Angsley


Neutral: haste, invisibility, teleport
Lawful: heal, iron skin, flight

This level is quite simple. You dont even have to use all your spells.
Your mission is to grab a drum.

There are no POPs here.
But the room you start in, the mana sprites regenerate quickly.
Grab as much as you can.

DO NOT unlock the gates. Stay away from the gate, or you'll unlock it.
We need to keep adrianne safely locked in here.
This place is crawling with champions and dragons.

Teleport outside the room.
Cast invisibility, haste and flight.
You can use teleport exclusively, but I prefer to save mana.

Look for a tower with a chest.
Teleport instantly there, instead of going through the teleport puzzle.
Grab the drum, and teleport out.

Look for the exit portal at a castle.
Getting into the castle is a problem. 
It's guarded by fireball spewing sentries.
Cast iron skin, and heal yourself as you fly into the castle.

The portal is guarded by four guardian totems.
Cast iron skin and teleport into it.
Exit the level.

Found drum of convocation (30exp)
Total experience:


Albion - Dinas Emrys


You have found the drum of convocation.
Time for you to graduate.

I got you this far. You'll be killing the Overlord on your own.
Have fun.

Total experience:

Surprisingly, you dont get any experience when you complete this level.


End of Albion


Other Questions.

1. For many challenging levels, some of you suggested mind control.

The problem with mind control is that it is not 100% successful.
Because of that, many of you will save and reload, to make it 100%.

If you use that strategy, you can win any level easily.
However, by doing that, the game becomes extremely easy. And boring.
Meaning once you get phosphorus, the entire game after that is a reload fest.

In my guide, I only reload if necessary.
And I use mind control only if there's no other way to win.
Or if it will make the level extremely interesting.

2. The final level is incredibly hard at wizard difficulty.
How can I win, other that using mind control and reloading?
When will you be writing the final level guide?

I wont be writing the final level guide anytime soon.
I've showed you a bunch of dirty tricks in this FAQ.
Compile them, and use the accordingly.

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