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 Mandrake 1

Mandrake 1

* You will notice a spiral staircase going up. 
* Go up the staircase.
* Scroll to the right and you will notice two planks of wood underneath a
  picture with a dragon. 
* Take the wood.
* Scroll left. Behind the chair on the floor is another plank of wood. 
* Take it.
* In the window above the chair is another plank of wood. 
* Take it. You should now have 4 planks.
* Click on the telescope to look. 
* Pan around and you will notice a funky looking bird carrying a scroll in 
  its talons.
* Back up and go back down the stairs to the ground floor.

-=Ground Floor=-
* To the left of the staircase is a lab table. 
* Click on it for a close up.
* Take the broken wand lying on top of the table.
* Open the upper right drawer and take the cup.
* Back up and scroll left until you see a staircase going down with a window 
  above it.
* Click on the window for a close up. Gee, a dragon. 
* Take the bone on the windowsill.
* Back up and scroll left until you see an end table with teeth. 
* Click on the table for a close up.
* Nice end table! 
* Take the sprayer of poison from the table top and back up.
* Scroll left until you see a wooden chair. 
* Click on the chair for a close up and take the screwdriver.
* Back up and scroll left until you see a crossbow set-up in the window. 
* Click on it for a close up.
* Okay, no ammo for the crossbow yet. 
* Back up.
* Scroll left until you see the down staircase again. 
* Go down the stairs.

-=Basement 1=-
* Left of the stairs is a doorway. 
* Click on it to go through.
* Aww, the dragon looks unhappy. 
* Back up.
* Scroll left again to see another doorway. 
* Go through the doorway, it leads to a gap and what looks like the rock that 
  the crossbow is aiming at. 
* Back up.
* Scroll left past the pit with the rope and you will see an outhouse door. 
* Click on the door.
* Take the plunger from the outhouse (and the toilet paper, if you want). 
* Back up.
* Scroll right to the pit with the rope. 
* Click on the pit to go down.

-=Basement 2=-
* To the left of the rope is a lovely axe in a display case. 
* We can't get that right now.
* To the right of the rope are two windows with some sort of wall thing below them. 
* Click on the round thing just below the window. You should now have rope.
* Further to the left is a doorway. Click on the doorway to go through.
* Pick up the planks and place them on the rope bridge to complete it.
* Click on the spooky doorway to go across.
* You are now in a circular room. Just to the right of the doorway is a hole in 
  the wall. 
* At the bottom of the hole is a crust of bread. 
* Take it.
* Back up and scroll to the right. 
* What a lovely picture of the couple in happier times.
* Keep scrolling right until you see a doorway.
* Nice doorway with lots of symbols on it. 
* Nothing we can do yet, so keep scrolling right.
* Nice skeleton! Click on the skeleton for a close up.
* Nice demanding skeleton. 
* Since he is asking so nicely give the bone to the skeleton.
* Aww, now he wants to share a drink.
* Pick up the cup from your inventory and click it on the bottle that the   
  skeleton is holding.
* Enjoy the drink! 
* Also notice that color washes into the scene and that there are four colored
  gems on the bottom of the bottle. 
* This color combination changes every time you play the game.
* Back up
* Go back across the rope bridge to the basement.
* Go up the rope to basement 1, then go up the stairs to the Ground Floor.

-=Ground Floor=-
* Scroll to the right of the up staircase and you will see a door. 
* Click on the door for a close up.
* Use the broken wand on the door. Wanton destruction!
* Go out the door. Yikes, what is that?
* You are now facing a doorway that looks like a face.
* Underneath the eyes are a row of six buttons. 
* Randomly push the buttons until the door knocks you out.
* Look closely! When you regain consciousness for a moment the door 
  (and the buttons) will be in color.
* Quickly note the color and position of the buttons. 
* If you have to, get yourself knocked out again to make sure you have 
  them right.
* Now you need to push the buttons in the order of the colored gems on 
  the skeleton's bottle. 
* This color code changes every time you play, so I can't give you the 
  exact order.
* If you do this correctly the "mouth" will spit out a code. 
* Write down the code, this also changes every time you play the game.
* Back up to the Ground Floor.
* Scroll to the down staircase and head down to basement 1. 
* Once there, go down the rope to basement 2.

-=Basement 2=-
* Go back across the rope bridge to the room with the happy skeleton.
* Scroll around until you see the doorway with all the symbols. 
* Click on the door for a close up.
* Click on the symbols to match the note you got from the punching door. 
* Click quickly or you will have to start over.
* If you put in the code correctly the door will open. 
* Go through.
* Scroll slowly to the right. 
* Between two plants you will notice a closet with a broken door. 
* Click on the closet for a close up and take the ladder. 
* Back up.
* Keep scrolling to the right and you will see a bin with a glass top. 
* Click on the bin for a close up.
* Nice, snapping, angry plants!
* Get the poison out of your inventory and spray the plants.
* Once the plants are unconscious (or dead) look at the plant on the right. 
* Just above its head are two things that look like chili peppers. 
* Take the chili pepper things and back up.
* Scroll until you reach the doorway you came in. 
* Go out the doorway back to the happy skeleton.
* Head back out across the rope bridge to basement 2.
* Climb up the rope to basement 1.

-=Basement 1=-
* Scroll to the right to the doorway that leads to the gap. 
* Go through the doorway.
* Put the ladder across the gap. Cross the ladder.
* Due to the presence of feathers and...other things, let's presume this is 
  where that funky looking bird lives. 
* Place the crust of bread on the shelf.
* Back up to the basement and go up the stairs.
* Combine the rope and the plunger in your inventory.
* Gee, that looks like something we could use in the crossbow.
* Click on the crossbow for a close up. 
* Put the combined plunger/rope into the crossbow.
* Click on the crossbow sight and look for the bird. 
* Once you have him in your sights shoot!
* Back up from the crossbow and go back down the stairs.
* Go back out through the doorway to the gap and cross the ladder.
* Look, a scroll!
* Take the scroll and go back to basement 1.

* Go down the rope to basement 2.
* Click on the display case for a close up.
* Hmmm, four screws and a button at the bottom.
* Pull up the scroll from your inventory.
* Hey, that looks like a plan for setting the screws!
* But, if you look closely, the button on the scroll is on the left, 
  not on the bottom.
* To get the solution for setting the screws you have to imagine the scroll 
  rotated 90 degrees to the left, so that the button is on the bottom.
* Again, this solution changes every time you play, so I can't give you 
  the precise answer.
* Use the screwdriver to set the corner screws to the correct position.
* Put the screwdriver back into your inventory and push the button. 
* If the screws are in the right place the force field will shut off.
* Take the axe.
* Back up and go up the rope to basement 1.
* Let's go visit the depressed dragon, shall we?
* Go through the doorway just to the left of the stairs.
* Click on the dragon for a close up.
* Aww, he wants loose!
* Let's try breaking the chain with the axe.
* Ooops!
* Looks like all that's left is the handle.
* But wait, there's an axe right here!
* We can't take it, though.
* Maybe the dragon can help?
* Stick the chili peppers in the dragon's nose.
* Now that the dragon has incinerated the other axe, all that's left is 
  the axe head.
* Pick up the handle, pick up the axe head, and then combine the two.
* Use the new axe to break the chain.
* Oh happy day!
* Wait a minute, all that just to get custody of the family pet?
* To be continued...?

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