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 Manga Fighter

Manga Fighter


     		o     o       o      o     o   o o o        o 
        	oo   oo      o o     o o   o  o            o o
        	o o o o     o   o    o   o o  o    o o    o   o
        	o  o  o    o o o o   o    oo  o      o   o o o o
        	o     o   o       o  o     o   o o o    o       o

       	 o o o o  o o o   o o o   o     o   o o o o   o o o o  o o o  
       	 o          o    o        o     o      o      o        o     o
       	 o o o o    o    o   o o  o o o o      o      o o o o  o o o 
         o          o    o     o  o     o      o      o        o  o
         o        o o o   o o o   o     o      o      o o o o  o    o

| 	     		Manga Fighter General Guide 		             |

\ Version 1.0 \


>Table of Contents<

01. Introduction - What's in a game?
 L 01A. Characters
 L 01B. Understanding Level Blocks
02. Control - How to move, whack, shoot, throw grenade...
03. Shop items
 L 03A. Melee 
 L 03B. Guns
 L 03C. Launchers
 L 03D. Grenades
 L 03E. Accessory
 L 03F. Clothes
04. Join a Game
 L 04A. Game Modes
 L 04B. Maps
 L 04C. To Start a Game
05. In Game Tips
 L 05A. Supplies
 L 05B. Skill 
    L 05B1. Battery Man
    L 05B2. Giant Beast
    L 05B3. Last Weapon
 L 05C. Strategies
 L 05D. Map Tips
    L 05D1. Doll House
    L 05D2. City Front
    L 05D3. Ossyria
    L 05D4. Diorama
    L 05D5. Flying Castle
    L 05D6. Garden
    L 05D7. Zero Ground
 L 05E. Quitting an On-going Game
06. Titles
07. Credits


 [01. Introduction - What's in a game? ]

Manga Fighter is a third-person-shooter online game, and I assumed that you 
know this already. My assumption is that whoever read my guide has successfully
downloaded and installed the game. Therefore no guide is needed for this.
The purpose of this guide is just simple: giving you information to be
a better player. I, as an experienced player, will write down all the tips and
tricks I learned while playing from level one to level 17. As for those who
are better of a player than I am, please contribute to this guide. :)

First thing off, Manga Fighter has a good tutorial so you should do it before
anything else. Every player will be given four start off weapons: Satellite 
Canon, Killing Field (gun), Home-Run King (melee weapon), and Dynamite
(grenade). Unfortunately, not all characters and equip all of them, so read on
to the characters and see why. 

 \ Character \
 - Ken -
_ A male human character
_ Health:   100
_ Strength: 4
_ Speed:    5
_ Pros: His strength is relative good, he can use almost any weapon in the 
game. The speed of 5 is fast, and you can recover stamina easily. Also you can
jump higher than any of the characters except MiuMiu.
_ Cons: With only 100 health (HP) you'll die really quick.
_ Notes: He won't be able to use 'Satellite Canon', which is the first free 
weapon every user will be given to.

 - Hana -
_ A female human character
_ Health:   100
_ Strength: 3
_ Speed:    5
_ Pros: She is as fast as Ken. Also this character has some cute looking
clothes as she is the only female in Manga Fighter. 
_ Cons: If you don't care about "being cute", choose Ken instead. This girl is
weaker than Ken in strength. She can only use some of the good guns in the
game. Even worse, she won't jump as high as Ken, which can be a disadvantage in
some map. Oh, she dies fast also.
_ Notes: She won't be able to use 'Satellite Canon', which is the first free 
weapon every user will be given to.

 - Kuma -
_ A bear
_ Health:   200
_ Strength: 8
_ Speed:    3
_ Pros: Look at his health, 200! He lives long. Obviously, with 8 strength,
he can equip all weapons in Manga Fighter.
_ Cons: Really slow. Lose a lot of stamina and recovery speed is slow; not to
mention his jump's's sad.
_ Notes: He is good as a starting character since he can equips all the already
given items.
 - Miumiu -
_ A cat animal character.
_ Health:   90
_ Strength: 2
_ Speed:    7
_ Pros: He is a cat therefore he jumps high. Really high. His speed is the 
fastest in the game, so he can chase enemy around easily.
_ Cons: 90 health is just fragile, he'll die if reckless. With 2 strength, 
the weapons he can equip is limited.
_ Notes: He won't be able to use the free items 'Satellite Canon' and 
'Home-Run King' because of his strength. So I don't recommend to start off with
this guy until you have a pretty good amount of money (DON) to buy items. 

 - Sai -
_ An alien character.
_ Health:   130
_ Strength: 4
_ Speed:    4
_ Pros: So so speed, so so health. He can "play dead". Play dead maybe useful;
you can act dead and shoot the enemy from behind  when his back is at you :)
Sai lives a little longer than Ken, Hana, and MiuMiu. He is able to equip
many good guns, just like Ken.
_ Cons: Slower than Ken, and MiuMiu, that means they can chase you and whack
you before you can kill them. 
_ Notes: He won't be able to use 'Satellite Canon', so again, I don't recommend
to start off with this character.

 - Dr.Uru -
_ An obese alien character.
_ Health:   150
_ Strength: 5
_ Speed:    4
_ Pros: So so speed, so so health. He can also "play dead". Dr.Uru's health is
remarkable. He is able to use better weapon than any other characters, except
for bear.
_ Cons: Slower than Ken, and MiuMiu, that means they can chase you and whack
you before you can kill them. He jumps low too.
_ Notes: He will be able to equip all the weapons that are already given to you
so he is good as a starting character if you don't like the "fat n slow" bear.

 \  Levels  \

Yes, every single game has levels. This game is no exception. The blocks 
indicate your level; it changes shape and color every time you level up. You
can see yours in the Info. window; you can see others' blocks next to their in
game name (IGN).
Here is the order of the block from low to high:
* Dark Block 	        (From level 1 - 4)
* Pink Block            (From level 5 - 8)
* Brown Block           (From level 9 - 12)
* Purple Block 	        (From level 13 - 16)
* Dark Blue Block       (From level 17 - 20)
* Light Blue Block      (From level 21 - 24)
* Green Block 	        (From level 25 - 28)
* Yellow Block 	        (From level 29 - 32)
As for the experience for each level, I'm unclear about it. But obviously it 
gets a whole lot harder every level.
From Purple Block, you'll experience a honor feeling. Everybody starts to 
consider you as a pro.

 [02. Control]

In this game, you will use W A S D to move.
W - Move Forward
S - Move Backward
A - Move Left
D - Move Right
Space bar - Jump
Ctrl - Duck (Ducking will increase your accuracy)
F - Cling to the ladder. W to move up and S to climb down. Usually just press 
    jump to jump off a ladder

The mouse will be your "eyes" to look around
[ - Increase the sensitive of the mouse (only work in an On-going game and will
    be reset after each game.
] - Decrease the sensitive of the mouse (only work in an On-going game and will
    be reset after each game.
Left click - shoot/attack
Right click - use skill card

Wondering how to change weapon? Here are the keys: (press the number key on 
your keyboard and it won't work on the numpad)
1 - Change to melee weapon
2 - Change Gun
3 - Change Launcher
4 - Change Grenade

R - Reload
Q - Change Skill Card's order
E - Change Skill Card's order 
Z - Only used to throw essence in 'Keeping the Essence Mode'. 
Tab   - View history - including players' names, their connections, kills, 
        deaths and points
Shift - Press to switch to Sniping mode when equips the Sniping Canon

There are special actions where you'll lose your stamina: 
W + W - Press W key twice to do the forward roll. (Applies for all characters)
A + A - Press A key twice to do the left roll. (Only Ken and Hana)
D + D - Press D key to do the right roll. (Only Ken and Hana)
S + S - Press S key twice to tease. (For Ken and Hana)
      - Press S key twice to play dead. (Only for Dr.Uru and Sai)
Space bar - Press Space Bar twice to jump 2 steps. (Only for MiuMiu)
Left Shift + Left Click - To whack consecutively, will kill one hit if hit from
			  behind. Only works with Melee Weapon

 [03. Shop Items ]
The Card Shop can be reach by clicking on the CardShop icon at the bottom of
the screen.
The currency is DON. You will gain little Don from each game. The alternative
way is very time you level up or gain a good title they'll reward you a good
amount of Don.
Some of the items are "Cash" item which means only Real Dollars can buy them :P

/ 03A. Melee /

Home-Run King -
Its damage is high, but at the same time slow speed. So try to be sneaky when
you use it; a hit from behind will kill one enemy easily.
Special Feature: Freeze - slows down enemy

Bamboo Sword -
It is made of Bamboo. It is a fast weapon but is weak compare to Homerun King.
Special Feature: bamboo? 

Fly Swatter -
It is even faster than Bamboo Sword, but also weaker. It's not a popular
melee weapon because you'll mostly die before you can kill someone.
Special Feature: Turn - turns the enemy around.

/ 03B. Guns  /

Killing Field -
It is mostly used as a basic weapon, damage is low but reloading and shooting
speed are fast. It is good to aim at enemy's head. 	
Require: 1 STR

Shot Gun -
It fires 6 bullets at once. It has a slow shooting speed but the damage is high.
It lives up to its name, "short gun", the closer you are, the stronger the 
damage. So it's not wise to use this gun in long combat area maps.
Special Feature: Down - stops the movements of enemy for some seconds
Require: 2 STR

Pulse Gun -
An electric gun with fast shooting speed. It has low damage but it reloads fast.
However, using this gun can be frustrating since it fires one bullet at once.
Special feature: Stun - enemy won't be able to use weapons at you at all.
Require: 1 STR

Bow Gun -
A weapon which shoots toy bows. It has really low damage, but is fast in  
reloading and has a high hit rating. The arrow will stay in the enemy's body,
which covered their view somewhat. 	
Require: 1 STR

Ps-01 -
A gun with green paint bullet. Damage is low but easy to use. It allows you to
change weapons and reload the gun quickly. With little kick back, you can aim 
accurately at enemy's head.
Require: 1 STR

PI-15 -
A gun with pink paint bullets. It has the average damage with high hit rating
and less kick. Speed is, of course, fast :)
Require: 2 STR

PI-33 -
"A gun with paint bullets. It has high kick and less number of bullets but 
has high damage" which is the reason for its popularity. 
Require: 4 STR

Magnifier -
Burn your enemies and objects with it. (Can shoot through thin walls). The
speed of this gun is as incredible as its bullets.
Require: 0 STR

Little Tommy -
"Dual sub-machine gun powerful and rapid shooting speed but accuracy is 
sacrificed". A pretty useless gun to me x)
Require: 1 STR

/ 03C. Launchers  /

Satellite Canon
It is really slow, but has high level of damage with Splash damage which 
allows a wide range attack.
Require: 5 STR - Only Kuma and Dr.Uru can equip.

Gravity Canon
It has a wide range of damage. 
Special Feature: Vacuum - sucks all players into the center. 	
Require: 4 STR - Hana and MiuMiu won't be able to use

Poisonous Mushroom Canon
It will shoot poisonous mushrooms which will poison a player within a certain
range. Under the Poisoned status, players' HP will be consumed 5HP per second
for 5 seconds. This is a really useful gun to my opinion.
Require: 3 STR - For all characters except MiuMiu

Sniper Canon
It allows you to snipe at the enemy by pressing Left Shift button. Usually one
headshot will surely kill MiuMiu (90HP), 2 hits to kill Ken and Hana, 3 hits 
to kill Dr.Uru and Sai. I don't think anyone would want to use this to snipe 
the 200HP Bear Kuma...
Require: 2 STR - For all characters

Multi Rockets
Mass kill launcher. It's strong, usually will one hit kill everything in its
Require: 7 STR - Obviously, on Kuma can use it.

Mega Beam
Very powerful launcher with a laser beam. Shoot through enemies and hit others
behind them (only in straight line)
Require: 4 STR - Only MiuMiu and Hana can't use.

/ 03D. Grenades /

It allows you to attack a large number of enemies by using the Splash Damage.
It is useful for guerilla attacks.

Flash Bang
It is a specialized weapon which can paralyze the sight and hearing of players
near the bomb (including you and your teammate). It doesn't deal any damage.	

Coffee table
It is a really unpopular throwing weapon since it's hard to use and hard to 

Board Eraser
It will blind the enemy's sight for a certain period of time and deal some
damage too.

Jumping Mine
A disguised mine (looks like octopus), it has the power to blow both the enemy
and you away. 
Usually people use it to jump to high places. You should usually place them in
a pile, because once the enemy steps on it, he'll die right away.

Flying D
It's simply a flying grenade. It's hard to control though.

/ 03E. Accessory /
Coming Soon!

/ 03F. Clothes /
Coming Soon!


 [04. Join a Game ]

When you joined a channel, a list of game rooms will be available for you.
Just simple double click on a room and you'll be in one. Some rooms have 
password where you can't join, so leave them out. The maximum digits and
letters you can enter for the password are 4.

/ 04A. Game Modes /

For all the modes, enemy's name will appear in RED. Your teammate's name will
be visible to you and is white colored. It's embarrassing to be mistaken.
The reason I'm saying this is because I saw many new comers ran around and shot
teammates (which deals no damage but is annoying).

Death match point mode 
_ As its name suggests, this mode is like you versus all. The maximum number of
players in a room would be 16. Therefore, you'll fight against other 15 players
in a full room. It's tough ;). 
_ The maximum of points are 40; each time you kill a person you'll gain one
_ There must be 2 players to start this mode.

Death match Time Mode
_ Same as Death match, the only difference time acts as the limit. By the time
ends, the person with the most kills win. 
_ The maximum minutes are 40 minutes, minimum is 5 minutes.
_ There must be 2 players to start this mode.

Team Death Match Point Mode
_ This mode is "Team" mode, where you'll gang up with 7 other players to fight
again 8 others in a full room. 
_ The maximum of points are 40; each time you or your teammate kill a person
your team will gain one point.
_ There must be 4 players to start this mode.

Team Death Match Time Mode
_ The maximum of points are 40; each time you or your teammate kill a person
your team will gain one point.
_ There must be 4 players to start this mode.

Essence Mode (Time only)
_ This is a mission type mode where your mission is to KEEP the essence for as
LONG as you can. At the beginning of the game, you'll have to get the essence
locates in the middle of the map. You'll gain the essence when you run through
it. Likewise, you'll lose the essence when you die :)
_ The maximum of time is 40 minutes; you will gain 1 point per second. This
means you might lose if you don't have enough time to gain more points than the
opposite team. 
_ There must be 4 players to start this mode.

VIP Mode
_ Another mission type mode, but instead of keeping the essence, you'll have to
protect your "VIP" who will be assigned to be one randomly. It might be you!
You'll see the enemy's VIP by the red and huge VIP letters. Don't mistake the
White colored VIP, it's your teammate.
_ The maximum of time is 40 minutes. Each time you or your teammate kill a VIP
your team will gain one point. Unfortunately or fortunately, you will neither
lose or gain point when you kill or killed.
_ There must be 4 players to start this mode.

/ 04B. Maps /

Upon entering a room, you'll see what map is there. There are seven types of 
map so far:

_ Doll House - the map is relative small with two levels, the basement below
               the first floor, a game with 16 people will be so fun and lag.
_ City Front - the size is the same as doll house, but there is the sewer
               instead of basement. 
_ Ossyria    - It's a maze if you don't know your way around. There are many
               traps that kill you instantly. 
_ Diorama    - Huge map (usually good for sniping) so it's a good size for 16
               people, there will be many jumping and climbing.
_ Garden     - This map is also big but it's FLAT, there is no higher ground
               like in Diorama.
_ Zero Ground- This map isn't anywhere close to "fantasy", it's like a real
               battle field. 
_ Flying Castle - Yes, you can fly in this map. This map has a big castle in
                  the middle! Where you can jump up there and snipe. 

If you're the room master you can choose a map of your choice, but if you're
not you can't. However, there is this option - to ask the room master to 
change the map. Good luck to you :)

/ 04C. To Start a Game /

Again, if you're the room master, you'll have to wait for (1) all the players
to be ready and (2) the teams are balanced unless you uncheck the "Team
Balancing button". 
If you're just joining the room, just click Ready.
You can join a already "STARTED" game if there is still time. You can not join
a game that is almost finish (obvious).

 [05. In Game Tips]

Once you joins a game, you start shooting... but what will you do if you...
1. Run out of ammunition
2. Lose health (HP)
3. Wonder why you keep on dying
If you don't know how to response to those situation, keep reading :)

/ 05A. Supplies /
Sadly, the only way you can get more supplies is from the items that randomly
appears in some locations. 
_ Red Medic Kit will heal you by 50-HP
_ Green Medic Kit will heal you and your teammate by 50-HP
_ Ammo will recharge your weapons only if you're equipping it. This means if
you run out of bullets, you should equip a gun. It won't recharge other weapons
So if you run out of ammo, the option you have (if you're alive) is to use
Melee weapon to fight or just hide (which isn't a good idea). 
Be happy, you'll have full amount of ammo once you Revived :)

/ 05B. Skills /
Skill Cards can be obtain from CardShop or inside a game. Let's talk about 
Skill Cards. They're useful. 
Every player will have 4 card slots when you are in a game. You can use skills
when your Skill Gauge reach a certain level. The Skill Gauge fills up quick
when you kills or gets killed.
The first 3 slots dedicate to skills that you buy from CardShop.
I recommend to buy some (once you're rich enough) and use them in game.
Many of them are useful as some are useless. My favorites are Pocket Size,
Stunt Up, Replay, and Absorb.
_Stunt Up, I believe, is the most useful one because it decreases the damage
you receive by 25% which unquestionable keeps you alive real long.
_Pocket Size increases your health by 50% and your speed as it decreases your
size making it harder for the enemy to kill you. This card comes in handy 
if you have an essence with you or when you needed to run away (it'll recover
your health by full if you're having low health)
_Absorb is only helpful if you're in a team, with this your teammate will be
invulnerable for a period of time. I prefer to use this when we're in essence
Mode. I just puff up a teammate so he or she can run to the enemy's base and
steal back the essence.
_Replay is really good when you're in an essence mode, because once you die by
protecting the essence, you can revive quickly to help out the team.
The last slot is for whatever Card you obtain in a game. Once you have a card
in hand, you can replace it by taking another card. The Card you can get is
random. Sometimes if you're lucky enough you'll gain a Rainbow Card. Rainbow
Cards will transform you into cool machines, enable you to be a killing machine

*** 05B1. Battery Man Card ***
This Card will transform you into a Battery Man and you'll be able to control
electricity at will! You can then shock the enemy away! Honestly, everybody
freaks out when they see one :) 
Pros: This guy has a lot of ammo and health
Cons: Unable to fire if weapon is blocked. My idea is if someone has a Pulse
Gun, keeps shooting at Battery Man.
Weakness: If you happens to see a player who is in the process of transforming,
shoot the person. Deal as much damage as fast as you can! The transformer is
weak during this stage because he is busy spelling out the transforming spell.
_ If you're in a team, all members should bring up courage to aim and shoot at
the Battery Man. This would kill him quickly.
_ Also I notice that he deals less damage in close range. I'll be thankful if
someone confirms this for me.

*** 05B2. Giant Beast Card ***
The Card transform a player into a cutie beast. However, this green beast is
poisonous so avoid touching its spit at all cost! Yah, you'll die from
poisonous (even if you're a teammate) if the beast hit you. 
Pros: Cute, mass killing, victims have cool color.
Cons: Has only 3 bullets
Weakness: ShortGun, yups, some shots from a ShortGun will kill this guy good.

*** 05B3. Missile Silo Card ***
When a player use this card, he or she will transform into a machine. The area
of effect is wide. It's made for MultiKill!
Pros: Multi Kills, powerful, high health like 1000 or so.
Cons: Unable to walk once you're transformed, only has 3 bullets :(
Weakness: Melee weapon, one hit from a melee weapon will deal him a good
100HP. This means your team should gang up on him :)

/ 05C. Strategies /
With good strategies, you'll win the game easier. I don't have as much 
experiences or strategies as the highest level in game but I'll share some
of my thoughts and experiences.

*essence Mode*
It is a good idea to keep the essence in your spawn area. One thing to note is
that don't keep the essence in high area as you'll lose them easily. The point
is to keep the essence as close to other members as possible. Everybody will
dies in a game, but the deaths won't hurt your points, so don't be afraid of
dying in essence Mode. So when you die, teammates will keep on protecting the
essence; this is why you keep the essence in their reach. Once you drop the
essence, it'll relocate to the middle of the map within seconds if no one
inherits it. 
Also take advantage of the fact that this is an essence mode and only the
person with essence's location will be shown. People mostly will care only 
about getting the essence back (if they don't have it). So if you are not
carrying the essence, just hide somewhere behind a door or closet against the
essence's location to kill (sneak attack) :)
If you have mines, spread them around the base where you keep the essence,
that way, the enemy will most likely step on them and die!
*Team Match mode*
I'm inexperience in this mode because I spent most of my time playing essence.
However the main goal is to LIVE and KILL as much as possible before you die.
I think, the chance for you to win is high when you go in team because more
people will kill faster, and you'll have a lesser chance of dying if your team
encounter a single enemy.
It is advantageous to keep some of the cards like Stunt Up, Invisble, and
Pocket Size with you. Finding a place to hide could be tricky since people's
objective is to kill (not to get the essence back). 
I'll be thankful and giving you credit if you tell me strategies for this and
Death Match :)

/ 05D. Map Tips /

*** 05D1. Doll House ***
Here's the floor plan

First Floor
|<<<<<<<<<<                                |
|Stair to basement                        p|
|                                         p|
|        Office                           p|
|                                       >>p|
|                                          |
|--|                                       |
|  |  <-- Girl      Kitchen                | -- This is where the baby is
|--|                                       |          located
|___________                               |
|                                         ^|
| Area to jump                            ^|-Stair to basement
| to the baby                             ^|
|             LOBBY                       ^|
|                                          |
|                                          |
|                     |                    |
|                                          |
|   Bedroom           |   Bathroom         |
|                     |---                 |
|-----                | P |<< Stair        | P - Platform
| P   |               |---                 | D - Door
|_____|_______________|____________________| H - Good hiding spot (in essence)

|    <<<<<<<<<<<               |___________|
|         Stair from office    |___________|
|                              |___________|
|                              |___________|
|                              |___________|
|_____________                 |___________|
|_____________|                |___________|
|_____________|                |___________|
|_____________|                |___________|
|_____________|                |___________|
|_____________|                |___________|
|_____________|                |___________|
|_____________|                |___________|
|_____________|              ^^|
|_____________|              ^^|-- Stair from lobby 
|_____________|              ^^|
|_____________|              ^^|
|_____________|               H|___________|
|_____________|                |___________|
|_____________|                |___________|
|_____________|                |___________|  H - Good hiding spot (in essence)
|_____________|                |___________|
|_____________|                |___________|
|_____________|                            |
|_____________|                        <<<<|- Stair from bathroom
|_____________|                            |

In this map you'll either spawn at the bathroom or office area depend on your
team (In Team matches). You'll spawn randomly in a Death Match.
The essence will be in the Lobby.
**How to get to the baby
This is not a glitch (as far as I know). It's not a high level skill either to
get on the baby. The baby is located in the kitchen room. She looks down on
you!!! So you just need to look up and you'll see her! 
Requirement: Jumping mine (the pink octopi), good aiming skill, and legs.
From the kitchen, you'll see a Red Fridge, get up there by jumping up to the
range next to the fridge. When you're on the right edge of the fridge, facing
toward the baby, aim at the nearest burner and throw the Mine. It'll then
hit the platform in from of you and bounce back if you did it correctly. The
Mine will be on the further burner, so all you need to do is run to it and 
you'll fly toward the baby's hand. Simple. To get onto the head, just wait
until the baby looked away then run toward her ears, you'll be on her head
in no time. Just a quick note; if your mine didn't bounce back, just keep
changing the aim until you can.

*** 05D2. City Front ***
|    2	| |      |h	  h|	  | |  1    |			
|h   	| |     [|_	  _|]	  | |      h| 		
|       | |	 |_|h   h|_|	  | |	    | 			
|_______| |     [|  _   _  |]     | |_______| 				
|_________|      |_|_|_|_|_|	  |_________| 
|		      O			    | 
|    _____	  ________	   _____    |     _			
|   |/////|   	 |////////|	  |/////|   |    |_|		
|_ ________     ___      ___      __________|   |__| :stair	
|_|////////|___|///|	|///|____|//////////|  |___|
|__|  		   |	|		    |   _
|___|		~  |____|	    ~	   _|  |_|
|	~	   |	|  ~		  |_|  |__|  :stair
|__________________|	|_______________ |__|  |___|
|\\\\\\\\\\|   |\\\|	|\\\|    |\\\\\\|___|				
|    _____	  ________	   _____    |			
|h  |\\\\\|	 |\\\\\\\\|	  |\\\\\|   |
|		      O			    |  h : hiding spot
|_________	  _ _ _ _ _	   _________|  1 : spawn spot
|________ |      | |_| |_| |      |  _______|  2 : spawn spot 
|	| |     [|_ h   h _|]     | |       |  o : hole       
|h  	| |      |_|     |_|      | |      h|  [ : ladder            
|   2	| |     [|h       h|]     | |  2    |  ] : ladder	 
|_______|_|______|_________|______|_|_______|  ~ : water 

Notice: Spawn spots are for team matches, essence mode, and VIP.
You'll spawn randomly in death mach mode.
The essence will be at the middle of the bridge.

*** 05D3. Ossyria ***
Working on it (It'll be helpful if someone provide me a map of this)

*** 05D4. Diorama ***
Working on it (It'll be helpful if someone provide me a map of this)

*** 05D5. Flying Castle ***
Working on it (It'll be helpful if someone provide me a map of this)

*** 05D6. Garden ***
Working on it (It'll be helpful if someone provide me a map of this)

*** 05D7. Zero Ground ***
Working on it (It'll be helpful if someone provide me a map of this)

/ 05E. Quitting an On-going Game /

To quit the game just press the ESC button on your keyboard. You'll lose 30 
experiences if you choose to quit a game once you joined it. Also you'll 
receive a "Slacker" point. Once you gain a good enough Slacker point, your 
name will change color. To everybody, beware of those who has high Slacker
points because they'll quit the game a lot and may make your team lose. I'm not
trying to be a hater, this is my experiences.

 [ 06. Titles ]
Name		      | Requirement                            | DON
Tutorial              |  Finish the tutorial                   | N/A
Fighter               |   1,000 Kills                          | 30,000
Warrior               |   5,000 Kills                          | 50,000
Slayer                |  10,000 Kills                          |
Champion              |  20,000 Kills                          |
Warlord               |  50,000 Kills                          |
Need Practice         |   1,000 Deaths                         | N/A
Lover                 |   5,000 Deaths                         | N/A
Meat Wall             |  10,000 Deaths                         | N/A
Bullet Magnet         |  20,000 Deaths                         | N/A
I like to Die         |  50,000 Deaths                         | N/A
DarkHorse             |  Being 1st in 100 Death Matches        | 30,000
Elite                 |  Being 1st in 200 Death Matches        |
Striker               |  Being 1st in 500 Death Matches        |
Specialist            |  Being 1st in 1,000 Death Matches      |
Legendary             |  Being 1st in 10,000 Death Matches     |
Low Level             |  Being last in 100 Death Matches       | N/A
Easy Target           |  Being last in 200 Death Matches       | N/A
Sandbagger            |  Being last in 500 Death Matches       | N/A
Peaceful              |  Being last in 1,000 Death Matches     | N/A
WhimpWarrior          |  Being last in 10,000 Death Matches    | N/A
Chief                 |    100 Wins in Team Deathmatch         | 30,000
Boss                  |    200 Wins in Team Deathmatch         | 50,000
Leader                |    500 Wins in Team Deathmatch         |
Hero                  |  1,000 Wins in Team Deathmatch         |
Hall of Fame          |  2.000 Wins in Team Deathmatch         |
Tumbling              |    100 Losses in Team Deathmatch       | N/A
Keep Trying           |    200 Losses in Team Deathmatch       | N/A
SingleMinded          |    500 Losses in Team Deathmatch       | N/A
IronWill              |  1,000 Losses in Team Deathmatch       | N/A
SuperNoob             |  2,000 Losses in Team Deathmatch       | N/A
Tricky                |    100 Wins Mission                    | 30,000
Smart                 |    200 Wins Mission                    | 50,000
Analyst               |    500 Wins Mission                    |
Strategist            |  1,000 Wins Mission                    |
Mastermind            |  2,000 Wins Misssion                   |
Endeavor              |    100 Losses Mission                  | N/A
Challenger            |    200 Losses Mission                  | N/A
MsLose500             |    500 Losses Mission                  | N/A
MsLose1000            |  1,000 Losses Mission                  | N/A
Transcendent          |  2.000 Losses Mission                  | N/A
Soldier               |  1,000 Kills with Gun                  | N/A
Demolitioner          |  1,000 kills with Cannon               |
Bomber                |  1,000 kills with Grenades             |
MeleeMaster           |  1,000 kill with Melee Weapon          |
SharpShooter          |    ??? HeadShot Kills                  |
BullsEye              |   100? HeadShot Deaths?                | N/A
Immortal              |   ?                                    |
Bird Gun              |   Make a 10-Kill Combo (Kill 10 people | 10,000
                      |           consecutively without dying) |
Pistol                |   Make a 20-Kill Combo                 | 15,000
Rifle                 |   Make a 30-Kill Combo                 | 20,000
Machine Gun           |   Make a 40-Kill Combo                 |
Nuclear               |   Make a 50-Kill Combo                 |
LuckyHand             |   1 Shot 2 Kill (Multi Kill)           | 10,000
BrassHand             |   1 Shot 3 Kills                       | 15,000
SilverHand            |   1 Shot 5 Kills                       |
GoldenHand            |   1 Shot 10 Kills                      |
GodsHand              |   1 Shot 15 Kills                      |
Traitor               |   Kill 100? teammates                  |
Suspect               |   Killed by teammates                  |
Wizard                |   ?                                    |
Marmotte              |   ?                                    |
WeaponsSpecialist     |   ?                                    |
Pierrot               |   ?                                    |
It is unrealistic to win some of the title, however there is way.
_ I want to mention the multikill ones especially the GodsHand title. The only
way to get them is through a Death Match where 15 players will be your enemy.
However, there's no way 15 people would let you kill them unless... they're
your friend. That's right, try to get nice people or your friends in a room,
and use a Last Weapon Card to transform into the Last Weapon to  kill off
all 15 of them at once (Make sure they're in one spot)
_ Combos? Are you kidding me? 50-Kill???? There's not even enough ammo in one
game to kill that much. Unless it's melee! The best way is to get your friend
from one friend to many friends in a Death Match/ Team Death Match or anything
as long as you can kill. Set the minute to maybe 25 min or 40 min depend on 
how many people are willing to help you. All you friends need to do is to let
you kill them. Make sure you friends aren't jerks that kill you in the middle
of your way to get the title :)
_ As for the Traitor title, just equip yourself a Mushroom Canon to poison 
them. Usually poison won't deal much damage on teammate so watch for those who
are going to die. I recommend to do this in an essence match or VIP on the 
normal players since you won't lose points. If you was to kill your teammate in
a Team Match mode, they'll eat you alive.
_ Some of the titles are mysterious so I'll be thankful (again) if you give me
the information.
 [ 07. Legal   ] Copyright 2008 Tin
This guide is written by me. My IGN is MoneyPl0x. 
My e-mail is tinmap2005(at) Email me if you notice any errors, or 
just simply want to contribute. Any contribute will be credit on this page once
I update it, so don't worry about me taking your credit.
The email's title should be something related to Manga Fighter or else I'll
think of it as an advertisement email and never touch it!
Do not plagiarize my work, feel free to paraphrase though. Anything else, just
email me for permission, I'm an easy going person :)
This guide will be hosted on
** Credits **
------------- -  For the game
manga fighter help sites - For research information
Onigirix3       -  Some tips and City Front map.

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