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Level 1
The Jim Dandy, Earth Orbit, 8:59 AM

Level 1 starts you off by controlling Kurt, and if any of you
remember the first MDK, this level starts off like all those
from the first MDK. You are falling towards the earth. While
the Alien Minecrawler is firing lasers and homing missles. If
you get hit but once you have to start this section over.

The easiest way to pass this section is travel the outsides of
the screen in a clockwise/counter clockwise motion until you
reach the Minecrawler.

Aboard the Alien Minecrawler, Edmonton 9:05 AM

Checkpoint A

This first room you arrive in services as a tutorial on how to
use all of 'the Coil Suits' nifty features.

You don't have to if you don't want (even though I recommend
it, because you get grenades and sniper grenades). To exit the
room you must shoot the center globe on the door (the lock).
The only way you can shoot it though is by going into sniper
mode. To do this press down on the D-pad. Move in and shoot the
globe in the center of the door (looks like it is spinning and
has electricity running over it).

Once threw the door you walk down a hall till it comes to a
drop off. Jump off it (not far enough to hurt you), then into
the next room there will be an alien behind a glass wall. You
can break the glass wall, so to get passed it you must go into
sniper mode and shoot the target the alien is holding. He is
waving the sign back and forth passed a hole in the glass.
Shoot it when the alien stops it right in front of the hole.
The glass will break once you hit the target. Now kill the
alien and continue to the next room.

In this room, you will see two floating platforms. Don't worry
about them. Walk to the edge of the platform that you are on
and pick up the DECOY. Before jumping down look for the 'Alien
Creation device.' It should be to the left of the platform and
looks like a metal pot of some sort. You can shoot it from
here, so you don't have to worry about the enemies that are
already on the ground. Once you have shot the 'Alien creation
device' jump down to the ground, but use your 'Ribbon Chute' to
slow your decent. Once on the ground kill the Aliens. Now if
you want you can hitch a ride on one of the platforms (both
will take you to the top of the room) to get the items up
there. But the items are nothing to stress over, it is just 3
25% health gains (there a 50% health gain as you leave the
room) and some grenades. From the ground find the platform that
has the door on it, and just under it is another lock. Go into
sniper and shoot it. Once the door has been unlocked float up
on the fan and exit the room, don't forget the 50% health on
your way out.

As you run down the next hallway you find two white globes, you
can either shoot them down or run passed them. Once you get
passed the two white globes, you will come to another drop-off.

Checkpoint B

Right as you drop the door in front of you will open to reveal
two aliens and one white globe. The easiest way I found to kill
them is by strafing left and right while continuing to fire
till are were dead. Once all three are dead and enter the room
to find 10 grenades and 2 25% health. The grenades are towards
the side you enter in the corner, and the health is the
opposite corners. Now enter sniper mode and shoot the lock.
Leave the room.

Upon entering the next hallway you find that there are 2
security guns firing at you. Run past and jump to one of the
corners. Enter sniper mode and shoot both from the corner. Once
that is done you can pick up the 25% health and sniper

Once you enter the next room. Do not go running around, you can
pick up the cloak but continue to hide behind the post. Inside
this room there are two Bif aliens. Now these buggers can be
hard your first time playing against them. For the first circle
around him by strafing left or right while shooting him. His
homing blast should pass you right by. You may also use your
decoy if you still have it or use the cloak, but if possible
save them. As for the next one he is hiding behind one of the
pillars at the end of the room. The easiest way I have found to
killing him was to use the pillar as protection, and strafing
to the right in between his shots while firing. Once he is
dead, pick up the chaingun (DO NOT USE), then run up the ramp
to left. Follow it all the way around to find a 50% health, on
your way back walking around you should see a hole in the wall.
Inside the hole is the lock for the door. Get back far enough
so you can snipe the lock. Once that is done exit the room.

In the next hallway you find another white globe, you should be
able to kill it easy. As you continue there is a security right
above the door to the next room. Run passed it into the next
room. In this room you find some more white globes, kill them
while staying on the upper path. Once they are killed you can
turn around and get the gun on the doorway. Now slowly walk
down the path, because right under the platform is another
security gun. Once that gun is gone go down to the bottom of
the room. At the very bottom you will find 2 homing sniper
grenades, and a lock shoot it. As you continue back you
shooting all the locks on your way. Once you have shot all 6
locks, the fan in the center of the room will start.

You will float a VERY long tube to Checkpoint C

Checkpoint C

Once at the top you will find yourself on a platform with some
Sniper Mortar and a 25% health. There will be planes firing at
you while you are standing on these platforms, don't worry
about them. You can try to shoot them down, but they just keep
coming back. Now to make it to the next platform you must break
the glass surrounding it. The easiest way is make it to the
edge towards the side closest to the next platform. Enter
sniper mode, now select the sniper mortar, and shoot it towards
the center of next platform as high as you can. It might take a
few tries, if you run out of mortar, more will appear. Once the
glass has been blown away, jump and float to the next platform.
Once on the next platform 2 aliens will drop down. The easiest
way to kill them both is to strafe left and right while
shooting. Once they are dead, pick up the grenades. Now to
destroy the next glass around the next platform you do the same
the thing you did to destroy the last one. Get as close as you
can to the edge of the platform, enter sniper mode, aim towards
the center of the next platform, and aim as high you can. If
you run out of mortar you can always you the fan to carry you
back to the first platform to get some more. Once you have
destroyed the glass around the next platform, use the fan and
the ribbon chute to carry you to the next platform. There 2
more aliens will drop down, kill them the same way you killed
the last 2. Now again to destroy the glass on the last
platform, use the same technique as you did to destroy the last
two. Again use the fan to carry you to the next platform. This
no aliens will jump down, and all you have to do is make it to
the platform. Do this by jumping and gliding with the ribbon

Now make your way around to the opening. Inside you will find a
25% health gain. Follow the path, you with find 2 security
guns, just run past. Once on the other side you will find
another 25% health. Grab it and leave to find yet another
floating platform. Jump and glide using your ribbon chute to
the platform.

On this last floating platform you will find a fan that will
take to the boss of the stage and Checkpoint D.

Checkpoint D

The boss. The pilot of the Minecrawler. Once there you will
find 2 50 % health gains. There will also be 2 floating alien
creation devices. As for the health I would save it till you
need it. And for the alien creation devices, don't bother with

Now as for the boss. The fist thing the boss does is hide
himself behind a protective barrier in which you have to snipe
out 3 locks just to open the first of the 2 barriers. The 4
locks are located in the center, you should see them if you
zoom in close enough. Again the easiest way to shoot all four
of locks is while in sniper mode, strafe left and right in
between shots. Once those 4 locks have been shot out, one layer
will open up. Now you have to shoot out only one lock this
time, but it is down inside a hole, so you kind of have to be
directly in front of it to get a good shot. Once that lock has
been shot out it will finally open to reveal the pilot. Now
again you'll have to snipe the pilot, he takes approx. 5-10
shots. Once you have shot him enough times, he will jump from
his seat out to fight you man to alien.

Once the boss jumps down to the ground to fight you he'll have
2 different attacks: His gun and also pounds on the ground for
a shockwave. The easiest way I have found to beating him is to
save the chain you found earlier, and use it now. Wait for him
to be on the top level, now you be on the bottom, and while
strafing left and right pound him with the super chain gun.
Once he fires strafe the opposite way you were going to avoid
the most of his shots. Also if you stay far enough away he
shouldn't try to use his shockwave attack.
Kick his ass and enjoy the finale!


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