Meat Mansion Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Meat Mansion

Meat Mansion

-In the first room, find the key in the corner and the gun under carpet. 
 Now leave and go left to take a medkit.Enjoy.
-Go back and right and shoot your friends. Don't forget to reload. Go 
 further and beat up that nice girl.
-Go left and another 4 friendly guys to shoot down. Take a look at the 
 picture and take note.
-Go back and take iron bar to open the gate sperred with the wooden 
 boards. Go in and shoot the 4 grils, go further and betwee first and 
 second barrel, take key.Reload. Go in the winecellar and kill the 
 sommelier. Take from the middle left bottles and teh medkit. Go back.
-Go trough door. Hey another two nice looking fellows to shoot. Always 
 shoot the head. You dont need to many bullest, better for the envirement
 (global warming).
-Go trough the door and shoot creepy. Take M16 riffle bullets and pianokey
 from cupboard. click chain in the middle=stairs appear.
-Go up and look at daddy. take pliers at right down. Go back and cut chains.
 Now back upstairs and take M16. Here I changed gun. Go deeper ad shoot 
 daddy's teeth. Click piano and put pianokey.
-Play the first letters of thr note : 
 type them in this order
 (different ti's or it won't work).Remove keyboard and get key.
-3 times back and go to the door. Open door and shoot. Go upstairs. 
-Go left to window and take key. Forthe fun I shot the ghost also. 
 I was in the mood.
-Back and right. M16 very convenied here, take medkit.
-Go left and left and find the matches onyour left side. Go back. Go further
 and shoot 2 ghosts. put matches in fire and take key. Take razorblade at 
 the right side of painting.
-Go back and find the nurseryroom. Go in and shoot the nurse. 
 Take shotgun, ammo and key.
-Back to masters bedroom, shoot whatever you like and take ammo. 
 Watch clock.
-Back, back and left. Use rasorblade on sacks. Pick up gear and put it 
 in the clock in masters bedroom. Pick up key.
-Now back to the place with the fire and the painting. Go right and Oh 
 No, two more daddies to shoot their teeth.
-Click door and OUT.
-Now you can play a shootinggame if you want.

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