Mechwarrior 4 - Vengeance - FAQ Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Mechwarrior 4 - Vengeance - FAQ

Mechwarrior 4 - Vengeance - FAQ

V: 0.1
Written by: Black Matrix

Copyright Material: This article is protected under US Copyright laws and 
cannot be reprinted without my permission; the only sites with permission to 
post this FAQ are and Any other site with 
this FAQ on it without permission from me will be prosecuted to the fullest 
extent of the law. This article may only be printed for private use, it may 
not be published nor may it be used in any other way, shape, or form. It's 
not hard to send an email. Thank you for your understanding!

	Now that we got that out of the way, lets get on to the good stuff!
12/9/00 V0.1
	Started Working on the FAQ today, after beating the game I figured I'd 
write about it, plus nobody else had a FAQ up for such a great game! I just 
finished the Light Mechs and the Medium Mechs, but I'll have the rest up 
soon, as well as the later missions.

I: Intro to the Game

II:   The Mechs
-Type of Chassis

III:  The Pilots
-Ian Dressaries
-Casey Nolan
-Jules Gonzales
-Jen McQuarrie
-Terra Risner
-Damon Squire

IV:  The Missions
-Instant Action
-Lunar Missions 1-4
-Artic Mission 1-4
-Alpine 1-3
-Desert 1-6
-Swamp 1-3
-Urban 1-5

V: Other Information 

I: Intro to the game
	Well, if you watched the opening cinema you learned that your family 
was attacked and that nobody survived, BUT YOU! (You also got to see computer 
animation at its fullest) You in the first mission that you just got back 
from the clan wars, to find that your family is dead. The only member of your 
family that remains is your Uncle Peter.  He takes you under his wing, and 
helps you with your cause to retake your home planet and "Regain Your 
BirthRight."  Are you ready?

II: The Mechs
	What's Mechwarrior without the Mechs!? Well here you are a list of the 
mechs, weapons, and equipment that you'll encounter in this great game!

The MechLab: You can't blow stuff up without a Mech, so your first stop is 
the MechLab. The first thing you want to do is click on "NEW" and pick your 
chassis and the name for it.  Then click on the "weapons" tab up top, I 
recommend hitting "strip" to take off all the weapons and start from scratch. 
Now your able to add weapons, after that you may want to look at the "armor" 
tab and check out the armor on your mech. The default setting is pretty good 
but you may want to up the armor. Each point of Armor weights .10 Ton.
-Ports: There are four kinds of ports:
Beam Port- Only Beam weapons such as Lasers may be added
Ballistic Port- Only Ballistic weapons such as Gauss Rifles may be 
Missile Port- Do you get it yet?
Omni Port- Any of the three types of weapons may be added
-Chassis: There are Four Classes of Mechs
	Light Mechs (30-35): Raven
	Medium Mechs (40-55):   Uziel
	Big Mechs (60-75): Thor
Super Size Mechs (80-100):  Awesome
                                                            MadCat MKII

Light Mechs:
	Raven: Weight-35 Ton
                         From: Inner Sphere
                         Jump Jets: No
This is a fairly good Mech for Capture the Flag on Multi-Player. Its speed is 
the one of the fastest Mechs only matched by the Osiris. Use it for a 
"runner" but other than that it rarely used.
Cougar: Weight-35 Ton
		   From: Clan    
                           Jump Jets: Yes
This is my favorite light Mech; its speed can match that of a Raven, and it 
has more ports, this is also a good "kamikaze" Mech, due to the fact that you 
can fit two high explosives on the arms and have a very high top speed. This 
also makes a good chase or runner. The addition of jump jets also allows for 
better movement.

	Osiris: Weight-30 Ton
		From: Inner Sphere
		Jump Jets- Yes
A good Mech, the fastest around, but it lacks the weight for many decent 
weapons, I don't use this Mech often, but it has a medium size ballistic port 
on its torso.  Another very good runner Mech.

Medium Mechs:
	Uziel: Weight-50 Ton
	From: Inner Sphere
	Jump Jets: Yes
I gotta say that I love this Mech, it is great for the campaign, but its not 
my favorite mech for multi-player.  I think that for the first few mission 
you may want to try the Scat, but then I'd recommend using this one.  But 
TAKE OFF THE ERPPC's! The only people who should keep them on are the most 
experienced Mechwarriors, you will over heat FAST.

	Chimera: Weight-40 Ton
	From: Inner Sphere
	Jump Jets: Yes
To be honest, I've never used this mech, to me it looks very strange, and it 
only has three ports, one missile, one beam, and one ballistic.  I prefer the 
Scat over this mech, but if the shoe fits wear it!

	Bushwacker: Weight-55 Ton
	From: Inner Sphere
	Jump Jets: No
This is my one of my favorite mech, and the only reason it's not number one 
is the lack of jump jets.  All in all it's a very good mech, you can fit many 
good weapons on this mech, and its shape makes it rather hard to hit. All in 
all one of the best Mechs out there!

	ShadowCat: Weight-45 Ton
	From: Clan
	Jump Jets: Yes
This is defiantly my favorite mech, its speed, size, and abilities make it a 
very deadly mech, the stock version of this mech is pretty bad.  But I've 
found that I can fit a nice assortment of great weapons on this mech.  Its 
Jump Jets allow it to go many places other Mechs can't.

	Hellspawn: Weight-45 Ton
	From Inner Sphere
	Jump Jets: Yes
Another well-designed medium mech, many online players are very agile in this 
small mech, although its small it packs quite a punch. Think of it as a small 
Thor or Loki.

Big Mechs:

Super Sized Mechs:

III: The Pilots:

Ian Dressaries: Hey that's you! Yes in MW4 you take the role of Ian, he's as 
good as you make him, and whatever you do, don't get him killed ;-).  You'll 
learn more about him as the game goes along.

Casey Nolan: (Selectable lance mate: Always) Casey is your uncles right hand 
man, he's with you from the start (he's even a lance mate on your first 
mission) But I really don't recommend bringing him in the field with you 
until you have the choice of three lance mates. His skills are all average. 

Jules Gonzales: (Selectable lance mate: 2-4). This guy is a very cool guy, 
he's your lance mate for the first few missions, but he's your commander.  
He's also a very good gunner, I personally use him whenever there are two 
lance mate slots, he being the second one.

Jen McQuarrie: (Selectable lance mate: 2-1) I ALWAYS bring Jen, he's not only 
a good pilot she also knows what she's doing.  By the end of the game all of 
her stats were fully green, BRING her along, and whatever you do DON'T get 
her killed, she is your best pilot!

Terra Risner: (Selectable lance mate: 4-6) After freeing her she will become 
accessible, She's a very good pilot, by this time you have the option of a 
third lance mate, I usually ditch Casey and add Terra.  I usually put her in 
a mauler or another large mech, but with such a big mech she sometimes lags 

Damon Squire: (Selectable lance mate: 6-3) He is a very good Mechwarrior, but 
he only plays for one mission. I put him in instead of Terra, but he is a 
good pilot.  He is a very good pilot in any Mech.

IV: The Missions:
Training: This is HIGHLY recommend for the new players to the Mechwarrior 
Series.  I did it anyways to see how the game differed, and I recommend it 
for everyone.  Listen and do as the instructor says there is no reward for 
this, and its totally optional. You can also set up your controls through 
this, which is what I did.

Instant Action: Through this option you can play any level within the game 
without even beating it!  That is besides the final battle, this is good for 
practice, and to beat these levels just refer to the rest of this 

Lunar 1: For this mission you're stuck with a ShadowCat, which isn't to bad, 
you will have two lance mates (which you cannot order around, yet).  Your 
main objective is to take out the communications station.  This is located at 
the far end of the map, but the first thing you want to do is to take out the 
Missile Turrets.  Run around the inside of the crater looking for them, once 
you've made a complete circle take out all the red dots on radar. Once this 
is done you'll receive a radio call from Uncle Peter telling you to take out 
the comms towers. Keep shooting it with the pulse lasers until your Clan ER 
Large laser is charged, then shoot it with that, also followed by some 
missiles.  But keep fire on it, and don't get discouraged it takes a while to 
do this with a stock scat.

Lunar 2: ShadowCat again, here you will take out three SCUD launchers, why, I 
have no idea.  But you get your first shot at enemy Mechs in this level.  You 
will run into an "Osiris" it should be to much of a problem, but take both of 
them out as well at attacking the three launchers, try to take out the 
Bulldogs, for a few fireworks blow up the fuel trucks from a distance away, 
the explosion will hurt surrounding vehicles so if an Osiris is around one 
try to concentrate fire on the fuel trucks.  Gonzales will help you out on 
this mission, but he cannot win it for you.  Take them out and head to the 
next waypoint. (Check training).

Lunar 3: By now I believe you've picked up an Uziel.  I recommend sticking 
with the Scat.  The speed will help you avoid enemy Mechs, and if your slow 
the Dropship's weapons.  What you want to do on this mission is attack the 
"APC's" around the Dropships. There are three for everyone Dropship, take 
them out then take out the Dropship itself.  Ignore all other enemies; your 
lance mates will take care of them.  There are three, so it shouldn't be that 
hard, just keep moving and concentrate on those APC's and the Dropships.

Lunar 4: Now you're learning, but this mission may discourage you.  You need 
to protect the base, and it's not easy.  I recommend bringing the Uziel, your 
going to need some power too. The first thing you should do is to take out 
any LRM launchers on your screen, then go after the Mechs closest to the base 
as well as the Dropship. You're on defense this time if you're not ready then 
try this mission through Instant Action with larger Mechs to get used to 
where and when you have to be.

Other Missions Coming SOON!

V: Other
Your Questions:
This being the first version, I have no questions from you yet, if you do 
have questions please feel free to email me at 

Black Matrix, me of course! I wrote this thing when I should be working on 
Pre-Cal or Chem., heck or even playing the game! 

Clan Ghost Bear (Of Mechreg): CLAN GHOST BEAR FOREVER! The Inner Sphere will 
fall to the clans! Jimeni, Twist, We gotta play soon! Everyone else GET the 
game! Heh

Idiots 1&3: Tyler, you gotta find another Mech besides that Loki, and Jon, I 
gotta help you out!

That's it for now! It's been fun, and Mechwarrior 4 is GREAT! See you online 
AIM: Shigma 2002
Zone Friends: CGBxBlackMatrix
GameFaqs: Black_Matrix or Shigma

Mechwarrior 4: Vengeance is property of Microsoft and FASA. The Mecca Series 
property of BattleTech. 
c All rights reserved 2000


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