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Flash Game - Hints for levels:
Level 1  - Click and hold the yellow one until they all go in.
Level 2  - Click and hold the right yellow one until they all go in
Level 3  - Click the blue one for continuously for short periods of 
           time until they are in. The blue one will never go in.
Level 4  - Hold down either one of the right two yellow ones until 
           they are all in.
Level 5  - Hold down the blue one until they are all in.
Level 6  - Hold down the yellow one for short periods of time to ease 
           them over the wall. Don't let them fall off the stage!
Level 7  - Hold down the blue one until the orange one is about halfway
           across the screen, then let go.
Level 8  - Hold down the yellow one until they are in.
Level 9  - Use the blue one to nudge them gently over the edge. Don't 
           let more than one of them fall!
Level 10 - Hold down the blue one to make them fall. If they don't fall, 
           or if only some of them do, let go of the blue one and click 
Level 11 - Hold down the red one until the wall is gone. Hold the yellow
           one until they are all in.
Level 12 - Hold down the red one to get rid of the blockage.
Level 13 - Hold down the yellow one just enough to pull the red one down 
           the chute. Then use the red one to get rid of the log, and hold
           the yellow one to get them all in.
Level 14 - Use the red one to dig into the tunnel. Then use the right 
           yellow one to pull the left two into the tunnel. Now quickly
           grab the yellow that is now in the tunnel and pull the rest in.
Level 15 - Use the floating yellow one to pull the majority off the shelf.
           (with enough force for them to hit the wall and bounce back) 
           Then use other yellow ones to eventually pull them back to the
Level 16 - This one is tricky. Click the 3 green ones, then use the left 
           yellow one to GENTLY pull the orange ones off the shelf. Then 
           use the blue one to shoot the to the exit. This level kinda 
           relies on luck, so stick with it!
Level 17 - QUICKLY press the green one, then use the blue one at the bottom
           of the heap to shoot them back up.
Level 18 - For this level, I can't give you anything specific, but here's 
           some general instructions: Use the blue ones to puss them onto a
           lower shelf, and the yellow ones to get any that didn't come. 
           Repeat until you reach the exit.
Level 19 - For this level, you just have to keep PRESSING, not holding, the
           blue ones in order to hop them along the ground. If they gain 
           much hight, the fans will suck them up.
Level 20 - Press the green one, then use the the right-most yellow one to 
           pull them DOWN THE CHUTE, not over the edge, and into the exit.
Level 21 - Use the yellow one to pull them all over to the other side. 
           Press the pink one. Use the yellow one to pull them in.
Level 22 - Wait for the pink one to stop moving, then click on it. Then repeat.
Level 23 - Click the pink one, then the right-most yellow one. Then use a 
           combination of blue and yellows to get them into the exit.
Level 24 - Use a blue to force a yellow one down, and then using that yellow
           one and other blue ones, force the rest of them down.
Level 25 - Click the gray one. now burn a hole in both chambers using the red 
           ones. Using the blue and yellow ones, get at least 40 in the pit of
           fans and press the gray one.
Level 26 - Continuously use the pink one to flip gravity and move across the
Level 27 - Use the yellow and blue ones to move the orange ones through the 
           tunnel and into the exit. When that's done, use the red one to free
           the blue and yellow ones.
Level 28 - Throughout this level, remember that the fans are blowing OUTWARDS,
           not inwards. Click the middle-most blue one, and then quickly grab 
           the yellow one next to it, to push them out over the rim, and pull 
           them back in. Once you get a yellow one down there, use that to pull
           the rest of them in, and use them to push each other to the exit.
Level 29 - Lightly press the blue one, and when the green one sticks down, 
           click on it. Then use the yellow one to pull the rest off the shelf.   
           Use the blue one to push them into the exit.
Level 34 - I got a blue meebling stuck on the first pink sticky tile, then got
           a yellow meebling stuck in one of the last sticky tiles. Then it was
           just a matter of using the pink anti-grav meebling to get 4 or 5 
           yellows on the platform above the sticky tiles upside down, and 
           pushing and pulling the using the stuck meebling until they got to 
           the finish line. I repeated this 5 or 6 times to beat the level.
Level 42 - The key to this level is the blue meebling by the first fan. Use 
           the yellow meebling on the right of the barrier to pull other yellow
           meeblings onto the first fan. Then use the blue meebling by the first
           fan to push the flying yellow meeblings over the top of the barrier. 
           As above, the key is the first fan, which is the most powerful, and 
           blue meebling.

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