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 Mega Fortress

Mega Fortress

At the mission start get into the air as fast as you can. Put
your wheel brakes on while throttling up to 100% or get caught
in the hangar doors. When the doors are open release the brakes
and take off quickly following normal procedure. Mountains
surround the base so head north once off the ground keeping a
steady climb rate. Go to offensive weapons station and switch
in attack radar. Decrease range to 5-10 km. Select the red
batwing-shaped enemy fighter and while lock is established set
the bomb control panel to 'unlatch' and 'auto'. Select an
AIM-120 and launch. If this doesn't remove the enemy repeat
the process until he's shot down. Shut off attack radar and
switch to camera. General Elliot commands you to head west
so maintain a steady climb rate over the mountains. Select
time compression (warp 5) to reach the next screen. Evade
friendly radar contact and simulate a crash in the ocean.
Set time compression to normal (warp 1) and turn attack
radar off.

At the pilot station set your TAC to less than 380 feet but
don't turn it on. Set throttle to 70% and go through the
normal identification process when contacted by Seattle. When
Elliot tells you to put on the show go into a steep dive until
the analog altimeter or flight level shows -59. Air control
asks if you're losing control and when you altimeter reads
between 10500 and11500 switch on the TAC. Level off at around
500 feet to evade the radar. Change heading until you receive a
confirmation that you've evaded radar contact. Elliot orders
you to head west. Leave the TAC on but stay in camera mode on
the EVS and do not switch the radar on.

If you get this right you go to the next screen where you
refuel. Switch the TAC off and gain altitude. Go to the
offensive weapons station and use the camera mode to lock on to
the KC 130 refuelling tanker. Go to the pilot station and click
on 'C' in the air refuel panel. The tanker refuses so switch on
attack radar and try again. You can now refuel. Switch to
autopilot set throttle to 100% and go through the in-flight
refuelling procedure. Set the EVS back to camera mode. You now
have a full load of fuel and can go on to Kamchatka to blow up
the Kavaznya radar. Remember not to use the default weapon
load - remove all weapons and use a mix of AGM-136 AGM-88A
AGM-84E and AGM-130s. Don't go straight for the laser but for
laser radar and save some long-range missiles for it.


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