Mega Lo Mania Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Mega Lo Mania

Mega Lo Mania

Pick a starting sector with the best elements for the inventions you wish to 
make this time round. 

Note the components and sector of any Ergonomically Terrific designs. This is 
probably the best way to design that object and reduces design time by half. 
If you see another sector later in the game with the same elements available 
you'll know this design can be knocked out in next to no time. 

Look out for sectors with a plentiful supply of gatherable elements. These are 
often the best places to quickly produce a Surprise Attack! During the later 
stages, especially in Epoch three, its advisable to find a sector with more 
sophisticated elements. 

Eventually you should be able to pick the best seams to mine and know the ones 
to leave alone. 

It's always best to check the design menu whenever a new seam is mined. A new 
design may have just become available. 

What should you do if a seam or element is totally used up when designing an 
object? Bin the design on the blueprints menu and there's a chance you may be 
able to redesign it with the elements you have left. 

Shields and building weapons can sometimes increase your tech level and reveal 
an element which could lead to the designs you require. 

Inventions made from gatherable elements save valuable time and manpower. 
Always wait until the clocks have ticked down to zero before changing the 
factory to produce a new object. 

Knowledge of the different elements in each sector can help you figure out 
what the computer opponents are likely to arm themselves with. 

Try to keep your men balanced between tasks to maximise efficiency. Only throw 
all your men into a single task during an emergency. 

If time is on your side, try to leave as many men as possible to reproduce in 
the tower. Men are your currency, bank wisely. There are no overdrafts in 

Designing shields from just gatherables can be a lifesaver if you're under 
fire but with some spare time. 

Play sensibly. Don't send unarmed men to attack buildings as they will have no 
effect. Play sneaky. Send one or two lambs to the slaughter as a tester to see 
what sort of armies your opponents have hidden away. Use the map to see what 
your enemies are up to. 

Remember a building weapon man is twice as strong as an armed man on the 
ground from the same area. 

If an opponent is too close for comfort at the beginning of a game, try to 
ally with him before he starts attacking you. 

What should you do if your back is against the wall and you're about to die? 
Try allying with your aggressor! You have nothing left to lose. Use as few men 
as possible. See how low you can go... 


Rock, Wood and Bones: 

Bow + Arrow
Rock Weapon

Slate, Moonlite Planetarium: 

Giant Catapult
Stick Weapon 

Bethlium, Solarium Araldite: 

Boiling Oil

Herbirite Yeridium: 

Giant Catapult

Valium Parasite: 

Boiling Oil
Bow + Arrow

Aquarium Paladium: 

Giant Catapult 


Usually a good bet for a quick alliance but prone to infidelity. Tends to 
attack frequently and with unpredictable armies can be quite easily tempted 
into a battle in order to divert her men away from duties at home. Try to 
avoid picking a starting sector next to her or she could cause trouble. She 
likes designing army weapons. 

OBERON (Yellow): 
Likes to offer himself in alliance more than most and unsurprisingly veers 
towards the less reliable side of remaining faithful. Oberon is prone to 
erratic retaliation attacks but is a useful ally in battle. Puts his hand 
towards any weapon design. 

CAESAR (Green): 
Not so easy to persuade to ally, but worthwhile and fairly reliable. Seems to 
have the best balance between defence and attack. Prefers building weapons. 
You should attempt to limit his territory. 

MEDCAP (Blue): 
A real tough cookie to turn into an ally but faithful as the day is long. A 
careful tactician he rarely makes a false move. Hit Medcap early to put him 
off balance. He likes designing building shields. Tends to throw the 
occasional but devastating attacks.

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