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 Mega Man X

Mega Man X

Submitted by: Mega-Fred

First of all, you need to know this: you need all the 
weapons, hearts, and subtanks to can execute this cheat. 
Go to Armored Arnmadillo stage , and stop before the 
gate to go with the boss, and jump to the clif above 
you, get the energy and jump to the pit to lose a life.
Repeat this five times, and when yo go to the cliff you 
will see a capsule, there Dr. Light will give to you the 
FIREBALL (You NEED to have the energy bar full to can 
execute this attack, it`s very, very powerfull, can kill 
a Maverick boss with only one hit). 
1-Chill Penguin stage: 
When you are in a part of the stage that you can't pass 
whit the armor, leave it and climb the wall, then turn 
and jump to the cliff there is before you, use the fire 
wave to destroy the cave-like machines, in the second 
you will find the heart. 
2-Flame Mammoth stage: 
First of all you need to beat Chill Penguin, then come 
to this stage to find it, you can't miss it, really. =) 
3-Spark Mandrill Stage: 
After the part of the fire flys, before the stairs, 
climb the wall. Use the Boomerang Cutter or the Dash-Jump. 
4-Boomer Kuanger Stage: You can't miss it, only use the 
Boomerang Cutter. 
5-Launcher Octopus Stage: You need to defeat the robotic 
whale-like think in the zone of the water tornados (the 
ones who lift you when you step on it). 
Fall with the wale and enter to the cave (A Cave?... 
Yes!!! a cave!), defeat the Enemy (I don't know what's 
that) and advance to find it in a tunnel on the wall). 
6-Sting Chamaleon Stage:First of all beat Launcher 
octopus, after that search on a bottomles pit (the one 
before the falling rocks zone), you will enter in some 
water and find a wall, if you have the boots module.. 
you can break them, enter and do a dash jump. 
7-Armored Armadillo Stage: when the second mole borer 
starts to break the way, destroy him faster before he 
destroy the wall needed to can reach the heart. 
8-Storm Eagle stage: at the begining of the stage stand 
on the elevators and reach the top, then do a dash-jump 
to the left side. 
1-(ARMORED ARMADILLO): when the first mole borer starts 
running, go inside of where he came from 
2-(SPARK MANDRILL): Search over the stairs, find him and 
use the boomerang cutter 
3-(STORM EAGLE): When you find a flametrower on a plataform 
that goes up and down destroy it and step on the plataform, 
break the entrance of the control tower and go on to find him 
(you must defeat a robot and the entire tower will blow up). 
4-(FLAME MAMOOTH): In the part where you take the heart, 
climb all the plataforms to the left, you will find one 
with to robots and one energy capsule, do a dash-jump to 
the very left and destroy the blocks with the legs. 
LEGS-Chill Penguin stage, you can't miss them. 
HELMET-Storm Eagle stage, find a little hole in midle 
of one tower and some floor, before the part where you 
find a life protected by a miner, do a dash-jump to 
reach the cliff, destroy the cilindric things and go 
on to find it 
X-BUSTER-Flame mammot stage, before the part of the 
freeze lava (Chill penguin beated), can you see the 
cliff maded with breakable blocks?, you need the legs 
and helmet parts to reach, break and climb the blocks 
(you can also obtain the par on sigma's base, if you 
beat Vava, Zero Will Give that to you. 
ARMOR-Sting Camaleon Stage Climb the wall before the 
part ob the falling rocks, you have to defeat the robot, 
after that the capsule will blow up. 
2656-6488-3248 - ALL 


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