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 Men In Black - The Game

Men In Black - The Game


Men In Black: The Game (c) 1997 SouthPeak Int.
walkthru by BONeHeAD aka Agent B, part time MiB operative (and huge fan)
First off, to completely spoil your enjoyment, the cheats.
During the game, press ESC to get the main menu, then type DOUGMATIC
until it drops you back into the game and plays some music.
It means the cheats are now activated.
Press ESC again and type:
AGENTX - change your agent
GIVEME - all weapons
LOADME - infinite ammo
HEALME - full health
MOVEME - gives saved games of all levels
PROTECTME - invulnerable
KILLEM - kills all enemies
HQ - sends back to MiB HQ.
About that agent selection part - I'm not sure if this works as ppl at
Southpeak promised that the way you complete a level will depend on the
agent you choose. I haven't had time tocheck this out, but after playing
Arctic part with 2 different agents and finfing absolutely the same, I
assume that the storylins is pretty linear and the way you solve the most
common problems is always the same.
}From this point on L=left, R=right, F=forward and B=backward. Also, when I
say L or R I mean L or R side of your monitor. F means far perspective and
B means closer perspective.

1. New York.
Now you're just a new-jack-city cop, who's on a burglar case. Step off the
elevator, open and enter 1'st door on the L. Room on the L, kill burglar.
Get the bomb (red light), to disconnect it wait until the biggest red button
in a circle is lit for a couple of seconds and click on the wire contact.
Exit, kill creep, R, one more (armed, so you may use your gun). Search the
body for bullets (if left). Exit thru the window.
Drop one stairway down, then approach the edge of the balcony and jump (not
drop!) into the trash crate. Yuk! Shoot the gyus fast, use medikit if
needed, break the crate wall and exit. Kill one more dude.
A to the dead-end. Hey! Who the hell is this guy?! Kill 2 creepers, search,
kick the big blue door open.
Kill one more. Jump up the boxes, use the staircase. On the rooftop kill
2 more guys, proceed A and jump A onto the next roof. Repeat.
Now the showdown. You cant get this guy with bullets, so it's a fistfight.
Advice: stay in the corner, so that the guy won't be able to run around
you, and deliver hits fast one by one, so he won't have time to react. Easy
stuff, actually.
After this one's finished, search the body, get this-thing-what's-the-name?
oh, nevermind, just pick it up and eventually Agent K appears, normalizes
you and... well, you know the story.

2. MiB HQ.
You're standing near the Shooting Gallery. This is the cool place where
you can put any type of MiB weaponry to the test (remember Noisy Cricket?
it's here!). Equip yourself in the armoury on the L, open the door with the
console to your R. Enjoy.
After you've tested the stuff, run A, L, R. This is the briefing room,
where you can select an agent you want to do the job. I preferred the gal,
Agent L, for she performs the coolest kick of all and spreads her legs
widely when shooting. Uhmmmmm.
After making the selection run around to the Transportation Room.

3. Arctic.
Run into the house. In the first room read all the stuff, look at all the
photographs, try to operate the console. Enter the brown door.
In the locker (under the PC table) pick up flare. Watch and use everything,
listen to the recording. Exit.
Proceed A to the dog house. Pick up dorm key on the floor. Exit and run A
to the dormitory.
Visit 1st door R. There's health pack and ice axe on the floor. Read the
scientist's letter.
1st door A - there's one of those mad scientists lurking behind the door.
He's a piece of cake. Look at the fridge, open the hatch in the floor.
Drop down.
Lights on!.. brss.. who needs a fridge room in the center of Arctic? Use
ice axe to get a piece of meat. Proceed A and kill one more of those guys.
Enter the engine room, there's a switch on the wall - turn it on (it reads
Reserve). Exit.

Enter the next door (in the corridor), proceed A and get the shotgun. Now
you can explore the locker safely.
Exit outside and proceed to another section of the station. Enter the left door
first. There you'll find a radio, use it to send a disstress signal. Also put
meat in the bowl and the dog will move away, revealing healthpack and some ammo.
The opposite door is stuck, so you'll have to kick it open. As you explore the
room the mad doctor will come after, finish him. Pick up blood and injector.
Exit outside and kill that creature. Enter the main house - oops! Use injector
to stop the action of gas. Enter brown door, power up the computer, the pass
is Daisy. Turn on the surveillance system. Exit. Use the security console again
and click CH 3 - aha! Return all the way to the power generator room and take
the new passage.

4. Underground.
Move all the way A, killing alien scumbags and collecting the stuff until you
reach a big round hall with sort of tubes everywhere. Here is the missing
station personnel and one MiB agent also - and there's a spare tube for you.
Kill all of the flying suckers and proceed A - use flare to get rid of that
annoying plant or whatever that hangs from above the door.
Thru the corridor and into another hall - this one has a sort of huge tube
hanging from the ceiling. Turn L and to the door.
Walk straight L and enter the door. The alien obviously got something on his
mind, so he triggers the station self-destruction system. Kill him (tricky
one) and get alien red key (or, to put it simple, his palm). Exit.
Open the first door with red key. Kill alien, get alien container and blue
key (this is a hell of a pixel hunt, it took me 2 evenings to figure out
where the hell the bue key is! It's on the dead alien's body I think).
Open the next door, kill alien and operate the console. Click on the small
round hall up there on the map - it'll become yellow. Now run all the way
back to that hall with the tube on the ceiling and stand just under said

5. MiB HQ.
Select another agent and proceed to Transportation. (I picked up Will
Smith's character).

6. Amazon.
Do not attempt to kill those guys! Just pass along to the gates and they
will let you in.
Proceed all the way ahead to the church. Show talisman to the priest -
he will turn out to be one of those things you saw in the video! 8) After
he disappears don't forget to pick up his weapon.
Exit the church and visit the local doctor R. He'll get angry with your
disturbance so you'll have to kill him. Search him and get a credit card.
Time for some carding. 8) Return to the ferry and use card on bancomat in
the far corner to get a ticket. Now back to the town, enter tavern L, go
upstairs. You'll have to get rid of the annoying local citizens along
the way and may get some extra ammo. Show the ticket to the man behind the
second closed door (I mean just use the ticket on door). Now exit, return
to the doctor's house and walk along the narrow path R of the house.
A secret door in the wall, just where the weird animal graffiti is, has
revealed. Open it.
Kill the guard - you can this time. Go upstairs and jump onto the opposite
balcony. Use stairs. Kill another guard and get his roofkey. Go down the
roof hatch.
Pick up the face plating and the instructions. In the other part of the
room there are some papers and a mine key. Exit now and go to the mine
Run along the R wall to avoid being spotted. Open the gates.

7. Mines.
Explore the 3 mines from the L, killing baddies and collecting the stuff -
you must find figure plating. Enter the 4th mine.
This IS DREADFUL! Jumping over huge chasms using small moving platforms
makes me sick since the times of Alone In The Dark! Patience and time,
and you will obviuosly get on the other side.
Pick up panther plating and proceed into the cave.
Yuk! A puzzle! Well, almost. Put face plating into the center of the stone
ring, then follow the instrutions you picked up and walk the stones that
are marked black on the first picture. Then put panther plating in the
center - now it's a bit trickier. Each stone activates the stone opposite
to it - so to push those 4 stones you should walk on the stones that are
unmarked (white) on the second picture. Then it's time for figure plating.
Now each stone activates a stone which is a pair to it. So, for example,
upper-right stone activates lower-right one, left-central stone activates
lower-central one and so on. After this is done a passage will open for
Kill baddies and get some ammo and health in the hall. Proceed downstairs
until you are in the small round hall. Now walk upstairs and you'll hear a
roar behind you. Soon you'll be attacked by the invisible alien - waste him
as soon as he lets you know where he is. After that a secret wall will open
in the square room upstairs.
Kill one more creature and get an idol. Put idol into the center of the
scheme. Exit downstairs to the round hall.
Pick up all 5 idols and put them into the round slots on the floor. They go
(starting from the top of the picture, clockwards) black, blue, red,
white, green. When all are set step into the center and go down and
into the new adventure.

8. MiB HQ.
Another agent selection.

9. Frales House.
This one is action-action-action!
Kill guard and doggy, push blue button and rush into the elevator. On the
next 2 floors it's the same.
Ascend the stairs to the building and kill the alien. Enter the big door A.
Go down the stairs to the hall and clear the room af alien presence. Now
this is tricky. I didn't quite get the idea of this puzzle but i just 
someheow managed to solve it in 3 minutes, so I think it should be no problem
for you too. There's a blue buton on the floor and the 4 plates around it are
controlling the round mirrors on the ceiling. Arrange the mirrors so that
the light coming from the left eye of a statue goes into its right eye (you
must push the blue button to activate the light ray). When you're successful
the statue moves away. 
Walk L and kill the baddies. Get red key from on of the aliens. Now all the
way R and thru the door.
Push the button in the beginning of the corridor once to make it show the 
right direction (}). The same with the another lock, then open the door.
Repeat with 2 next doors. Kill guard and alien and get full health from one
of them - you're gonna need it. Walk A and down the stairs.
Kill the guy who runs at you - oops! Here's The Bug, the one from the movie!
Waste him, and approach the stairs. Now it's time for another boss - Skip
Frales, the psycho PC tycoon, in his robotic biosuit or something. Kill him
(hope you have enough medikts ready).

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