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 Monkey Island 3 [solve]

Monkey Island 3 [solve]


    Monkey Island III
The Curse Of Monkey Island (LucasArts)

There's  a concise, complete walkthrough for the third helping  of
Guybrush  Threepwood's adventure. We get straight to the point  so
that  you  can  get  straight  to  the  end.  So  step  ashore  me

Part 1
Pick  up  the  ramrod which you'll find on the wall. Talk  to  the
pirate until he starts crying then nick his hook. Use the hook  on
the  Zramrod. Fire at the pirate's boats with the cannon, then  go
through  the window and take the floating arm with the gaff.  Come
back  inside. Use the cutlass with the cannon restraint rope, then
use  the cannon again. Take the bag and the ring from the hold and
use the ring with the porthole.

Part 2
Pick up the ember. Get the pin from the weird floaty thing in  the
swamp  to  the right. Use the bag of nickels with the gum machine.
Use the tongue of the crocodile and talk to the Voodoo lady.
Amble over to the village to collect the flyer near the drainpipe.
Go to the theatre and take the magic hand, use it on the magic hat
and  a  book appears for you to pick up. In the coat is a pair  of
gloves;  take these and the lice near the coat. Look on  the  worn
trunk  and  you'll see a Blood Island label. Speak  to  the  actor
who's onstage and leave the theatre.
On  the floor of the barber shop you'll find a jawbreaker. Use the
lice  on  the comb that the barber uses and then use the  barber's
chair. Wind the handle to get the paperweight and then keep  using
the handle to get up to the scissors.
Use  the  glove on the green pirate. To win the duel play  exactly
the same as him. When it's over shoot his banjo with a gun.
Cut  the undergrowth near the lemonade shop with the scissors from
the  barber's. Take everything in the snake. Now use  the  pancake
syrup  on the flower. Use the head of the snake with the syrup  of
ipecac.  Use  the balloon and the paperweight to get  out  of  the
quicksand and then pick up the thorny plant and the reed  and  use
them together. Shoot the balloon with it.
Time  for  a  nice  fancy meal? You must  be  joking!  Go  to  the
restaurant in the village, take the membership card, then push the
dead captain to get a knife. Give the jawbreaker, then the chewing
gum  to the bloke there. Pop the bubble he blows with your pin and
take the gold tooth.
Visit the cabana at the far right and give the membership card  to
the  boy. Take three towels, use them with the ice and in turn use
that on the boy to get some oil. Use the towels on the sand to get
across the beach and then pick up the mud.
Go  back to the lemonade shop in the village. Order some lemonade,
take  the pitcher, use the red dye in the pitcher and go  back  to
the  beach. Give the weirdo the mud he wants. Use the pitcher with
the  mud and wow! The map. Use the oil on the map and then you can
take it.
Nip  off  to  the field of honour and use the knife on  the  thing
under the keg of rum. Then use the ember stick with the rum.
Head  back to the barber shop and use the gold tooth on the middle
pirate. See if the barber wants to join your crew. If you agree to
the  caber-toss he'll join, meaning you have a full crew  and  the
map!  Go back to the ship, climb aboard and use the knife  on  the
plank you walked, then go back to the restaurant.
Back in the ship use the book on the monkey, then take the map and
go  to  the  theatre,  go upstairs, use the  handle  and  go  back
downstairs.  Use the chicken grease with the cannon balls  located
in the worn trunk. And finally dig up the stage to find Elaine.

Part 3
You  have to attack each ship one by one: you do this by answering
each  of their odd little rhymes correctly (answers listed below).
After  each  battle go back to the port and buy a  better  cannon.
Repeat this process until you have the best one. Once you've got a
real stonker, you can take on the Captain himself.

Died Formaldehyde
Homicide Fungicide
Perforated Infuriated
Cremated Fumigated
Negligee Fiancee
Monster ever created Dated
Annihilated Suffocated
Buffet Fillet
Night and day Stay
Celebrated Fabricated
Mortified Identified
Exterminated Decaffeinated
Undignified Identified

Part 4
Avast ye land lubbers! First you have to find the bottle and  take
out  the  cork using the pin. Wander around and you'll see Elaine.
Go  to the beach and you'll see an egg. Go to the middle hotel and
head  for the bar (well you've got to, haven't you?). Pick up  the
cushion and read page eight of the recipe book.
Take  a  meander  through the cemetery and on the  left-hand  side
you'll  find a load of dog treats; pick these up and use  them  on
the dog to get some dog hair. Also take the mallet and the chisel.
Head  up  to the top-left of the map and you'll discover a  lovely
windmill  with some pepper near by - take this and return  to  the
egg  on  the  beach. To get the egg first use the cushion  on  the
rocks and then the mallet on the tree.
Give  the bartender in the hotel the pepper, egg and hair  of  the
dog.  Ask for a glass so you can collect the umbrella. Go upstairs
with  the  jar,  open the first door and use the mallet  with  the
nail.  Leave  the room and take the nail from the other  side.  Go
through  the  back door downstairs and pick up the fridge  magnet;
use  that  on  the cork followed by the chisel on the  cheese.  Go
north to collect a block of tofu, the auger and the measuring cup.
The only thing that works on the tofu is the chisel.
Now it's time to assist in a native ceremony! Head right and speak
to the native. Use the mask and the cheese on the volcano. Go back
to  the hotel - they're having a bit of a barbie outside, so chuck
your cheese into the cauldron to help out.
Go over to the shipwreck and ask the barber for the potion - he'll
tell  you  he  needs some tar. Go back to the hotel and  take  the
Use  the measuring cup followed by the jar on the keg in the mill,
and then the cork with the measuring cup. Go to Elaine and use the
jar with the stump. Use the shovel with the lid, then the jar, and
use the potion with Elaine's ring. Phew.
Now  for a bit of mystery. Talk to the fortune teller at the hotel
and  then  steal her cards. Whack the chisel with the Head-B-Clean
and ask for a drink. Use the Head-B-Clean with the grog... Oops...
To get out of here use the chisel. Once out take the nails off the
casket and use the chisel on the middle casket. Go upstairs in the
hotel  and  use the bed. To get the book you'll need  to  use  the
nails  with  the  bed.  Once you've read  the  book  talk  to  the
A  cemetery's not normally the place to get life insurance, but of
course it is here. Get some and head back to the bar in the hotel.
It's time for a drink: use the Head-B-Clean with the grog again...
and  die once more! Have a chat with the skeleton. Go over to your
right to catch Murray and crowbar the lid off the casket to reveal
a  crack  in  the wall. Look through it and speak to this  deathly
character.  Use  the lantern with the skeleton arm  then  use  the
lantern with the lid of the casket.
Once  out, head back to the hotel. Go to the place with the  giant
cheese,  where you'll find your death certificate -  you  need  to
take  it  to  Stan.  Go  south  and  leave  your  lantern  at  the
lighthouse. Go to the beach and then to Skull Island. Speak to the
guy here; you will suddenly start falling, so use your umbrella to
slow  yourself down and use your Tarot cards to strike a deal with
King Andr‚. This gives you the diamond.
Better go back to the hotel on Blood Island... Upstairs force  the
crowbar into the hole in the wall, and then use the crowbar on the
bed  to  reveal  the wedding band. Use the diamond  on  that,  and
Elaine will be very pleased to see you...

Part 5
After  hearing the wise words of LeChuck, open the door  and  play
with the dog a couple of times. Take the anchor and use it on  the
pies. Chat with the bloke and he'll fire the cannon. Open the gate
and look through the hole. Go and play with the dog again until he
bites you. Go right and pick up the pepper mill and snow cone. Use
the  pepper and the meringue with the cone. This breaks the  curse
and means you can ride the roller coaster!

Part 6
Your  first stop is to take the rope. Second: take the keg. Third:
take the right oil lamp. Now use the keg with the ice monkey,  and
the  rope  with the oil lamp, then the keg. Go down and  wait  for
LeChuck to appear. When he does use the pepper on him.
And  that's it! All you need to do now is relax. How about  taking
Elaine on a lovely two week cruise?


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