Might and Magic 7 FAQ Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Might and Magic 7 FAQ

Might and Magic 7 FAQ

- For Blood and Honor

1. Introduction
2. Character Creation
3. Character Races
a. Dwarf
b. Elf
c. Goblin
d. Human
4. Characters Classes
a. Knight
b. Paladin
c. Monk
d. Ranger
e. Archer
f. Thief
g. Cleric
h. Druid
i. Sorcerer
5. Skills
a. Combat
b. Magic
c. Others
6. Walkthrough for the Start of the Game
a. Emerald Island
b. Temple of the Moon
c. Castle Harmondale
d. Stone City
e. The Red Dwarf Mines
f. The Rescue of Loren Steel
g. The Riverstride Plans
h. The Trumpet
i. Choose the Path
7. Path of the Dark
a. The Breeding Zone
b. Clanker's Laboratory
c. The Temple of Light
d. The Lich Jars of Nighon
e. Robert the Wise
f. Kill Xenofex
g. Retrieve the Oscillator from the Lincoln
8. Path of the Light
9. Side Quests
a. Emerald Island - Missing Adventurers
b. Harmondale - Missing Arcomage Player
c. Harmondale - Lantern of Light
d. Harmondale - The Signet Ring
e. Stone City - Troglodyte Infestation
f. Erathia - The Quill
g. Erathia - Arcomage Tournament
h. Tatalia - The Three Paintings
i. Tularean Forest - The Three Statuettes
j. Tularean Forest - The Pipes
k. Deyja - Slay the Griffins
l. Nighon - Retrieve the Remains
10. Promotion Quests
a. Cavalier
b. Rogue
c. Initiate
d. Crusader
e. Warrior Mage
f. Hunter
g. Priest
h. Great Druid
i. Wizard
j. Champion
k. Spy
l. Master
m. Hero
n. Master Archer
o. Ranger Lord
p. Priest of the Light
q. Arch Druid
r. Archmage
s. Black Knight
t. Assassin
u. Ninja
v. Villain
w. Sniper
x. Bounty Hunter
y. Priest of the Dark
z. Warlock
aa. Lich
11. Potion List
12. Frequently Asked Questions
13. Tips and Tricks
14. Credits

1. Introduction

This guide assumes that you explore each individual map on your own. I strongly 
recommend that you try to finish as many quest as you can on your own, because that is half 
the fun. But, it is inevitable that you will get stuck, and that is what this guide is for.
	This guide will be completed as I get farther into the game. I will try to update it as 
often as possible, but since I am playing the game at the same time, it may not be done as 
soon as you need it. For that reason, I would appreciate it if you wouldn't send anything about 
anything that you do not see here in the guide, besides locations about weapons, armour, 
monsters and the locations of masters.
	I will try to make this guide as complete as possible, but I am sure that there are a 
multitude of ways to go about completing the game, such as being evil or being good, as well 
as the path you may decide upon. While not all the quests are necessary to beat the game, they 
are useful for the experience and the treasure that you get. So without further ado, here goes 

July 16th - I will be gone for a week in Montreal, but will still be able to answer my mail. 
but not right away, since I'll have to be at a friend's house to do so. Then I am moving to 
Alberta, where I will start the Light Side and I'll update the FAQ after every quest that I do.
I hope this helps most of you out there, and I am sorry that I wasn't able to meet the deadline 
that I had set myself, because I had lots of overtime hours at the office this week!

								Lord Haart

Updates: 	-July 16th:	Finished the skill descriptions
		V 1.02		Finished the promotion quests for the dark side
				Finished all the side quests I found
				Added a few new sections

-July 6th: 	Added several promotion quests
		V 1.01		Updated skill teachers
				Finished walkthrough up until the choice between the light and 
				Changed the credits

Things to do: 	-Finish Promotion Quests
		-Describe Arcomage
		-Add weapons and armour
		-Descriptions of each area
		-Potions list
		-Obelisk locations
		-Monster Strategies
		-Cool tricks and hints + things to do for laughs

2. Character Creation

This is the most important part of the game! Any decisions you make here will have a 
lasting impact on the entire game! As a rule of thumb, if you want to access the cooler things 
in the game, as well as obtain all the useful skills, you should have at least a cleric and 
sorcerer. By taking the two, you have major access to all the spells in the game, including the 
schools of Light or Dark. The healing spells of a cleric are essential to your success, as are the 
damaging spells of the sorcerer (oozes anyone?). 
A strong and durable leader is also needed to take the brunt of the damage, and a 
knight is the perfect choice. A knight can equip everything and has more hit points than the 
paladin, monk or ranger has, but does not have the range of abilities that the others have. 
As for the final member of the party, anyone is suitable - it depends upon what your 
idea of the party is. Do you want another spell caster? Then take a druid or a ranger. If you 
want missile support then the ranger or archer is for you. Or you may want a strong second-
hand man and take a paladin or a monk. A thief is nice if you want to open any treasure chests 
without dying. It's up to you. 
One more important thing to consider is the voice that you pick for each character. 
Take one you like, or face the consequences! There is nothing more annoying than a whiny 
voice saying, "It's just a cut! But I want it fixed!" every time she gets hit in battle! 
Choose each of your classes and pick according races for them. Then give them each 
their skills, by choosing either the rarest ones for each, or by choosing the most expensive 
ones. For example any magic is a good choice, as is Armsmaster, since it is rare. Identify Item 
and Merchant are good abilities to start with since they are very useful. Remember that with 
each spell category you start with, you get the first two spells, and save up to 2000 gold! 
Choices like Disarm Trap or Leather Armour are bad choices since you can buy them in every 
town! So choose wisely! 
The last step is to distribute your bonus points to each of your four characters, 
reducing scores where they don't need them and increase their prime requisites where 
necessary. For example an elven sorcerer should have a 30 Intelligence, while a goblin knight 
should have a Might and Speed of 30. 
Just take a look at the following two sections and decide what you want and how you 
want them. Then name your heroes and start the quest!
3. Character Races
	a. Dwarves

	Short and stout, dwarves make excellent knights and monks due to their high Might 
and Endurance. They also make good paladins for those same reasons. They just are not that 
good as sorcerers, thieves, archers or rangers due to their low Accuracy and Speed scores. 
Anyway, those professions are just not dwarf-like. 

	b. Elves

Due to increased Intelligence and Accuracy, elves make excellent sorcerers, archers 
and druids. With a little help they can be excellent rangers, if you can bypass their decreased 
Might and Endurance scores. They are passable clerics and thieves, and make poor knights, 
paladins and monks.

 	c. Goblins

	Goblins are fast and strong little critters. They make excellent thieves and knights due 
to high Speed and Might scores. They make passable monks, and are rather poor at every 
other profession. Their low Intelligence and Personality scores make them very poor at 
spellcasting, as they are not known for that capability.

d. Humans

	Humans are good at any class, but from my experience, they are best as clerics, 
because, well, they just are. They have no problems advancing in any class and have several 
advantages. Foremost, they do not receive the prejudice that some heroes get when travelling 
through some of the lands of Erathia. Thus they make good leaders to have and doubly so as 
clerics with high personalities.

4. Character Classes

	a. Knights

	My favourite class in the game. Each knight is a walking arsenal, brimming with 
weapons. Able to use any weapon or armour in the game, they are very versatile. Their two 
weaknesses are their lack of magic and their vulnerability to magic. But on the other hand, 
knights have enough hit points to take all incoming damage, regardless of their source.
	It is recommended to acquire grandmaster status in at least the following areas: Sword, 
Plate Mail, Shield, Armsmaster, Repair Item and Bodybuilding. The additional grandmastery 
of the Spear is optional, but it gives you the choice of a second weapon. Other than those 
skills, expert Perception is a good thing to have, as well as all other weapon types, especially 
	As an end result, you have a character that almost automatically hits with any strike 
and that can ignore any blow coming his way. The knight will then have a large amount of hit 
points and will be able to survive a long time. He will be able to repair any item and will thus 
be invaluable to the success of the party, since you cannot trust the durability of any of your 
	A knight needs the following statistics as high as possible: Might, Endurance, 
Accuracy, and Speed. Luck is of minor importance, and Intelligence and Personality are 
useless. Just don't make him talk to other people!
	Upon advancing his class, a knight becomes a cavalier, and later must make the choice 
of becoming a champion or a black knight. The latter two have the exact same abilities, one is 
just evil, the other good, so choose wisely.

	b. Paladins

	The paladin is a holy warrior. A champion for justice that strives to rid the land of all 
evil. The paladin uses both spells and weapons to further the cause of good. They have less hit 
points than a knight, and less spell points than a cleric, but they still tend to survive.
	A paladin's strength lies in his ability to attack with the Mace and his ability to defend 
himself with the Shield. They can get up to grandmaster status in either discipline. Plate Mail 
finishes off the imagine of the holy warrior, but is unfortunately only attainable to master 
level. Other than that, paladins can use any weapons and armour, and should think about 
mastering the sword as a second weapon. Paladins can achieve up to master status in clerical 
magic, which makes them a good choice as a second healer. Other than that paladins would be 
good to get Repair Item, but only if they are the only one with it in the party! They have to 
spend enough skill points on other abilities that it would be a waste on this ability!
	A beginning paladin should ignore Intelligence and Luck and work on the other five 
abilities. A high personality finishes off the picture of the paladin as a radiant hero!
	Later the paladin get the chance to become a crusader and gets more access to spells. 
Then he get the choice to follow the light or dark paths. A hero gets to use basic Light magic, 
while a villain uses basic Dark magic.

	c. Monks

	The monk is one of game's coolest classes. Deadly with their fists or staves, and hard 
to hit even when they are not wearing armour, they are heavy hitters. At high levels they can 
also use magic, and they can combine their skills to make them even better. 
	Unarmed and Dodging are the staples of the monk. If those two skills are not good 
enough, then be amazed when you hear that they can grandmaster them, as well as the Staff. 
A grandmaster at the Staff can use both the Staff AND Unarmed in combat! A grandmaster at 
Dodging can use both Dodging and Leather Armour (albeit at only master level)! That is what 
makes him cool. Grandmastery should be obtained for Learning (only a 59% bonus to earned 
experience) and Bodybuilding. Mastery at Armsmaster just makes him better.
	A beginning Monk should have a high Might, Endurance, Speed and Accuracy. Luck 
and Personality should be moderate, while Intelligence is not needed.
	Upon obtaining the rank of Initiate, the monk can start using clerical spells, but only at 
beginner levels. Monks later face the choice of becoming Masters (good) or Ninjas (evil). 
Masters can cast spells up to Expert level from the Mind, Body and Spirit guilds, while the 
Ninjas can use Disarm Traps at the master level, as well as Stealing at the expert level. 

	d. Rangers

	Rangers are the protectors of the forest. They fight for the protection of the land, not 
for the land's people. They are one with the forest, as they were trained to survive in it.
	The ranger's weapon of choice is the Axe - which they grandmaster. They can also 
master the Bow. They prefer to armour themselves in Leather or Chain, both of which they 
can master, but one should be chosen from the start. They use both basic elemental and 
healing spells and should thus improve them when possible. They should also grandmaster 
Identify Monster and they should master Perception, if possible.
	The beginning ranger should concentrate on Intelligence and Personality to make sure 
that they get a lot of spell points. An above average Might and Endurance should be theirs, as 
well as a high Accuracy for their archery.
	The ranger gets a chance later to become a hunter. Hunters don't get any new abilities. 
Ranger Lords and Bounty Hunters, on the other hand, do. They get up to expert spells in all 
seven of their spell disciplines. 

	e. Archers

	Archers, well they shoot arrows from bows! What else did you think? Well, they cast 
spells, too. They can cast basic spells from the elemental schools of magic. They have sharp 
eyes and thus, they can spot things from afar, and are thus adept at finding traps and secret 
	Archers excel at the Bow. They can grandmaster it and Chain Mail as well. As a 
secondary weapon, the Spear is a good choice since it is the only weapon other than the Bow 
that they can master. They are the only class that can master Perception and should thus get it 
as soon as possible. Otherwise they should only concentrate on Learning, since they can 
master it.
	Archers should begin with an unnaturally high Intelligence, Accuracy and Speed. A 
high Might and Endurance is nice, but the other two abilities are not that necessary.
	When an archer attains the rank of Warrior Mage they gain the right to use expert 
elemental spells. Their next advancement is to either the Master Archer or the Sniper rank. In 
any case, they gain the right to use master elemental spells.

 f. Thieves

Thieves are fun to play with! Can't afford something? Then steal it! These characters 
are good to have if you like opening everything you see - their Disarm Trap skill is really 
useful. It makes me wish I had a thief in my party!
At the start thieves should split their time bringing up their weapons, their armour and 
their thieves skills. They should plan on wielding two weapons - a grandmastered Dagger and 
a mastered Sword in the other hand - and wearing Leather Armour at grandmaster level. As 
for skills, Disarm Trap and Stealing at grandmaster level are musts. Mastered Perception is 
another cool thing to have, as well as Armsmaster, Identify Item and Merchant. The latter two 
are needed if there are no sorcerers or clerics in the party, because those two class do it better 
than the thief could ever do.
	A starting thief should have a high Accuracy, Speed and Luck scores. Might and 
Intelligence follows, whiles the others are not really significant.
	Upon reaching the rank of Rogue, they can cast basic elemental spells, but never 
higher than that. A fork comes later when they get to choose whether they want to be a Spy or 
an Assassin, neither of which has advantages over the other.

 g. Clerics

Clerics are the devout of the gods. They call down their deity's magic to heal 
humanity's woes. They also command several destructive spells, mostly towards the undead. 
They are invaluable to the party, due to their ability to heal both physical damage and 
abnormal conditions, like poison and diseases.
	The cleric's strength is their healing magic. They should obtain up to grandmaster 
level in all three of their magical disciplines to insure that they get all the spells. The 
grandmaster in the Merchant skill is a good idea - it'll save you a lot of money when buying 
spells! Mastery of the Mace and being an expert in Chain Mail, make clerics a pretty powerful 
force for their gods. They can also master the Shield and should do so. Meditation is also a 
good skill for them to acquire.
	A beginning cleric needs a high Personality, Might and Endurance. Intelligence is 
useless, while the other four are pretty important, but are not prime requisites.
	Clerics are later promoted to priests and gain the ability to cast master healing spells. 
Later they face the choice of becoming Priests of the Light, or Priests of the Dark. They get to 
use their namesake schools, as well as all other healing spells.

	h. Druids

	Druids are also protectors of the forest, but on a much more intimate level - they 
worship the forest. They are adept magic users, but poor fighters. 
	Since druids start the game off able to attain expert levels in all seven magical 
disciplines (Light and Dark not included) they are best off spending all their points on their 
spells. They are poor fighters and are able to only get the Dagger to the master level and their 
next best is the Mace, which is limited to the expert level. For armour, they are limited to 
expert Chain and expert Shield. One plus that the druid does get is the grandmastery of 
Alchemy, as well as that of Meditation. In short, get their weapon and armour skills quickly, 
then spend all their points on their spells. That's the only possible way to play them.
	Give the beginning druid high Intelligence and high Personality scores. The rest don't 
really matter, so use your own judgement.
	The druid later becomes a greater druid and can use master spells. Then he has the 
choice of becoming an arch druid or a warlock, but doesn't get anything new other than the 
right to grandmaster stuff.

	i. Sorcerers

	Masters of magic, sorcerers are essential to your party's success. Able to smite many 
foes from afar with a single wave of their arms, they are quite powerful, and a mistake if you 
don't take them. Their spells also make your life a lot easier, allowing you to fly above 
everything, walk on water, enchant your items, even teleport from town to town and in and 
out of dungeons. Just these last few spells will save you hours when you are trying to find 
someone and you can't remember where he is!
	There are a few things that sorcerers should advance in. Simply put: Magic! 
Grandmastery should be obtained in the four elemental schools as well as in either the Light 
or Dark schools. Grandmastery should also be attained in Identify Monster and Identify Item. 
Mastery in Meditation is also a good idea for these characters. The Staff should be raised as 
their single weapon, and then only to master level. Their armour should be Leather, and that 
only to expert level. Alchemy is also attainable to master level, but should only be acquired at 
a later date - magic should come first, or you will find yourself having problems advancing, 
because the enemies get really hard, really fast!
	The optimal beginning sorcerer should have a high Intelligence to get more spell 
points. Endurance and Speed should be as high as possible so they can survive more than a hit 
or two. Personality is useless for them. The other three abilities are nice for them to have.
	After passing Thomas Grey's test, they get promoted to Wizards. Wizards get to use 
master elemental spells! Later they have the choice of becoming Lichs or Archmages. With 
the second promotion, they gain access to grandmaster elemental spells, as well as to either 
the Dark or Light schools, depending on the path you decide to take. Dark magic is more in 
character for wizards, if you ask for my opinion! Furthermore the Lich is immune to Mind 
and Body magic!

5. Skills

a. Combat

Expert: 	Erathia, Tatalia (2000 gold)
	Master:	Deyja (5000 gold)
	Grandmaster: 	In the southern part of Harmondale (8000 gold)

	A skill able to be brought to grandmaster level by either the Champion or the Black 
Knight, it is best left to those that are strong. Those who reach the final level in this skill are 
allowed to use a sword in their left hand and another weapon in their right, they get their a 
bonus to both their armour class and their chance to hit equal to their skill and the luxury of 
reduced recovery time.


	Expert:		Avlee, Harmondale Town (2000 gold)
	Master:	Northern corridor in Stone City (5000 gold)
	Grandmaster:	Tatalia (8000 gold)

	A skill most valuable to the Ranger Lord or the Bounty Hunter, the axe is useless in 
the hands of most of the other classes but the knights. Grandmasters get reduced recovery 
time, a bonus to their chance to hit and the damage they deal, and a chance to reduce their 
opponent's armour class by destroying their armour.


	Expert:		Avlee, Tatalia (2000 gold)
	Master:	Tularean Forest (5000 gold)
	Grandmaster:	Northern corridor in Stone City (8000 gold)

	The spear is the second weapon of choice for the knight class and for the archer class. 
Whereas the knight can attain the highest level for this skill, the spear is the best melee 
weapon for the archer. The master level in this skill allows the wielder to hold the weapon in 
one hand and gives the wielder a bonus to hit and to damage dealt equal to their skill level. 
The grandmaster also gets a bonus to their armour class.


	Expert:		Harmondale Town, Nighon (2000 gold)
	Master:	Bracada (5000 gold)
	Grandmaster:	Avlee (8000 gold)

	The monk is the only class to grandmaster in this skill. The staff is the best weapon for 
the sorcerer, even though they are limited to simple mastery of it. Masters get a chance to stun 
their opponents and get a bonus to hit and to their armour class. Grandmasters get to use the 
weapon in conjunction with the Unarmed skill.


	Expert:		Erathia, Stone City (2000 gold)
	Master:	Tatalia (5000 gold)
	Grandmaster: 	Deyja (8000 gold)

	The paladin's and cleric's best weapon, although only the paladin gets the 
grandmaster. Mastery gives the wielder a bonus to hit and to damage dealt, as well as a 
chance to stun the target. Grandmasters have a chance to PARALYZE their opponents!


	Expert:		Bracada Desert (2000 gold)
	Master:	Nighon (5000 gold)
	Grandmaster:	Erathian Sewers, In the poor section of Tatalia (8000 gold)

	The dagger can be grandmastered by the thief and mastered by the druid. Masters can 
put their dagger in their right hands and use another weapon in their other, get a bonus to hit 
equal to their skill level and have a chance of doing triple damage. Grandmasters receive a 
bonus to damage down.


	Expert:		Tularean Forest, Bracada Desert (2000 gold)
	Master:	Nighon (5000 gold)
	Grandmaster:	Harmondale Town (8000 gold)

	These weapons are usable by all characters, but only the archers specialise in their use. 
Grandmasters get a bonus to hit and to damage dealt, get to shoot twice at a time and attack 


	Expert:		Harmondale Town, Bracada Desert (2000 gold)
	Master:	Evermorn Island (5000 gold)
	Grandmaster:	Erathia (8000 gold)

	This speciality of the monk. At grandmaster level, they get a bonus of +2 to both their 
damage and their chance to hit per skill point, as well as the ability to dodge attacks entirely.
	Note: Level 10 Dodging is necessary to get grandmaster Unarmed!


	Expert:		The Pit, Celeste (0 gold)
	Master:	The Pit, Celeste (0 gold)
	Grandmaster:	The Pit, Celeste (0 gold)

	This skill lets you use Ancient Weapons, such as Blasters and Blaster Rifles. They are 
really fast weapons that have a long range. They do nice damage, and are my weapons of 
choice against Devils, Dragons and Titans. 
Everyone can grandmaster the Blaster. The higher your skill, the better your chance to 
hit. Grandmaster get a quintuple bonus to their chance to hit!


	Expert:		Harmondale Town (1000 gold)
	Master:	Nighon (3000 gold)
	Grandmaster:	Tularean Forest (7000 gold)

	The thief is the only class to perfect their use of the leather armour. At grandmaster 
level they get a double bonus to their amour class per skill point spent, as well as no penalty 
to their recovery time and a bonus to their elemental resistance equal to their skill level in 


	Expert:		Tularean Forest, Tatalia (1000 gold)
	Master:	Avlee (3000 gold)
	Grandmaster:	Deyja (7000 gold)

	The preferred armour if the archers. Grandmasters 	get a bonus equal to their skill 
level to their armour class, no recovery penalty and only two thirds of all physical damage 
done to them is actually received.


	Expert:		Tatalia, Stone City (1000 gold)
	Master:	Erathia (3000 gold)
	Grandmaster:	Bracada (7000 gold)

	Only knights can get wear this heavy armour and use it to optimum efficiency. 
Grandmasters have no recovery penalty for their armour, get a bonus to their armour class and 
take only half damage from all physical attacks.


	Expert:		Erathia (1000 gold)
	Master:	Tatalia (3000 gold)
	Grandmaster:	Evermorn Island (7000 gold)

	Shields are the providence of warriors. The knight and paladin classes are the only 
ones that can raise their shield scores to grandmaster level. Grandmasters add two to their 
armour class for every skill point in the Shield that they have, they have no recovery penalty 
and they receive the benefits of having the Shield spell cast on them when wearing a shield.


	Expert:		Harmondale Town, Bracada Desert (2000 gold)
	Master:	Evermorn Island (5000 gold)
	Grandmaster:	Erathia (8000 gold)

	The speciality of the monk. At grandmaster level, the Dodging ability bestows upon 
the user three points to his AC for every skill point in Dodging and the ability to wear Leather 
Armour at the same time! That just kicks ass!
	Note: Level 10 Unarmed is necessary to get grandmaster Dodging!

b. Magic

Expert magic allows you to cast a school's expert spells. Master lets you use master 
level spells. Grandmaster magic lets you use the strongest spells. For more information on the 
impact of skill levels on spells, look in the manual or in the spell section.


	Expert:		Tularean Forest, Tatalia (1000 gold)
	Master:	Avlee (4000 gold)
	Grandmaster:	Bracada Desert, in the Tower Bridge (8000 gold)


	Expert:		Stone City, Harmondale Town (1000 gold)
	Master:	Tularean Forest (4000 gold)
	Grandmaster:	Deyja (8000 gold)


	Expert:		Tularean Forest, Tatalia (1000 gold)
	Master:	Harmondale Town (4000 gold)
	Grandmaster:	South-west area of Erathia (8000 gold)


	Expert:		Avlee, Tularean Forest (1000 gold)
	Master:	Nighon (4000 gold)
	Grandmaster:	Harmondale Town (8000 gold)


	Expert:		Erathia, Harmondale Town (1000 gold)
	Master:	Tatalia (4000 gold)
	Grandmaster:	Avlee (8000 gold)


	Expert:		Erathia, Nighon (1000 gold)
	Master:	Avlee (4000 gold)
	Grandmaster:	Near the docks in Tatalia (8000 gold)


	Expert:		Tatalia, Harmondale Town (1000 gold)
	Master:	Erathia (4000 gold)
	Grandmaster:	(8000 gold)


	Expert:		Deyja (2000 gold)
	Master:	The Pit (4000 gold)
	Grandmaster:	From Archibald in the Pit (8000 gold)


	Expert:		Bracada Desert (2000 gold)
	Master:	Celeste (4000 gold)
	Grandmaster:	Celeste (8000 gold)

c. Others

   Disarm Trap

	Expert:		Erathian Sewers, Tatalia (500 gold)
	Master:	Harmondale Town (2500 gold)
	Grandmaster:	Nighon (6000 gold)

	The ability to open chest without triggering the traps is every adventurer's dream. That 
is why there are thieves. Thieves excel at opening locks and disarming the traps within. For 
every level of expertise gained, a thief has a better and better chance of disarming a trap. In 
fact at grandmaster level they can never fail.


	Expert:		Deyja, Tatalia (2000 gold)
	Master:	Avlee (5000 gold)
	Grandmaster:	The Land of the Giants (8000 gold)

	Armsmaster is a very useful skill if you want to change weapons from your normal 
one. It gives you rather high bonuses and is very useful for classes that can use multiple 
weapon types. Knights with grandmastered Armsmaster have better control of their weapons 
and get a bonus to their attack, chance to hit and a decreased recovery time. In fact all these 
bonuses are doubled at grandmaster level.


	Expert:		Avlee, Harmondale Town (500 gold)
	Master:	Tularean Forest (2500 gold)
	Grandmaster: 	Deyja (6000 gold)

	The ability to spot hidden doors and other secrets just by passing by, it also allows you 
to dodge traps and to prevent some damage from spells. Archers are the ones who use this 
skill as grandmasters. They get better and better at it until they reach grandmaster, which is 
when they get 100% benefit from the skill.


	Expert:		Stone City (2000 gold)
	Master:	Evermorn Island (5000 gold)
	Grandmaster:	Bracada (8000 gold)

	This skill reduces the prices of everything in the game short of training and fines. 
Clerics are the best at this skill and at grandmaster level they buy and sell at cost! For 
example, Armageddon normally costs 37500 gold. Grandmasters can get it for a mere 7500!
	Note: You need a Personality of 50 to get Master Merchant.


	Expert:		Deyja, Nighon (500 gold)
	Master:	Bracada Desert (2500 gold)
	Grandmaster:	Avlee (6000 gold)

	This skill adds spell points on to a character's a total amount. The higher the skill 
level, the more points that are added. For example, if a wizard's base spell points per level is 
6, they get 6 bonus spell points per point in Meditation. Experts get double, masters get triple 
and grandmasters get quintuple the spell points from this skill. Druids are the ones who can 
grandmaster this skill.


	Expert:		Stone City, Bracada Desert (500 gold)
	Master:	Deyja (2500 gold)
	Grandmaster:	Nighon (6000 gold)

	This skill adds hit points on to a character's a total amount. The higher the skill level, 
the more points that are added. For example, if a black knight's base hit points per level is 9, 
they get 9 bonus hit points per point in Bodybuilding. Experts get double, masters get triple 
and grandmasters get quintuple the spell points from this skill. Knights and Monks  are the 
ones who can grandmaster this skill.
	Note: You need an Endurance of 50 to get Master Bodybuilding.


	Expert:		Deyja (500 gold)
	Master:	Nighon (2500 gold)
	Grandmaster:	Evermorn Island (8000 gold)

	Learning gives you bonus experience points. You get a nine percent bonus plus your 
skill points in Learning to all experience gained. At higher levels of expertise you get bigger 
and bigger bonuses. Monks grandmaster this skill.
	Note: To get master and grandmaster Learning, you need an Intellect of 50.


	Expert:		Bracada Desert (500 gold)
	Master:	(gold)
	Grandmaster:	Avlee (6000 gold)

	The ability to make and mix potions. The higher the skill, the better the potions that 
can be made. This is the speciality of druids.

	Expert:		Harmondale Town, Nighon (500 gold)
	Master:	Deyja (2500 gold)
	Grandmaster:	In the poor section of Tatalia (6000 gold)

	Thieves are renowned for this skill. With it you can steal stuff from stores and people 
by holding control and by clicking on them. The higher the level, the better your chances of 

   Identify Item

	Expert:		Harmondale Town, Nighon (500 gold)
	Master:	(gold)
	Grandmaster:	Tularean Forest (6000 gold)

	A necessary skill insofar as to identify your stuff yourself without having to rely on a 
shop. The wizard grandmasters this ability. The higher the level, the more you can identify.

   Identify Monster

	Expert:		Nighon, (500 gold)
	Master:	Avlee (2500 gold)
	Grandmaster:	South of Harmondale Town (6000 gold)

	Useful to know how strong a monster is, but not that useful. The higher the level, the 
better your chances of success and the more information that you'll get. Sorcerers and rangers 
are the best at this skill and they can both grandmaster it.

   Repair Item

	Expert:		Stone City, Harmondale Town (500 gold)
	Master:	Tatalia (2500 gold)
	Grandmaster:	Erathia (6000 gold)

	Another useful skill that also saves you money. Ever had broken armour in the middle 
of a level? Remember Might and Magic 3, 4, or 5 where when your stuff is broken you had to 
return to town to get it repaired? This skill is a time, money and hair saver at critical 
moments, because it is usable during combat! Knights and paladins are the best at this skill, 
and at grandmaster level they can repair anything!

6. Walkthrough

	In this section there is only a list of what must be done to complete the game. All other 
quests are split into two sections: Side Quests and Promotion Quests. Those two types are 
displayed later in this FAQ. So here we go!

a. Emerald Island

The small little island that you start on is called Emerald Island. Your party has been 
entered in a scavenger hunt and they find several items; a wealthy hat, a sea shell, a longbow, 
a red potion, a tile from the floor of the Moon Temple and a musical instrument. These items 
are really easy to find and the whole island shouldn't be that hard to complete. 
	The red potion is the easiest thing to find. In a treasure chest on the northern beach is 
where it can be found. Just mix the red berries with an empty bottle to get the potion. Bring it 
to the judge. If you find a second red potion, you can bring it to the three adventurers atop the 
ridge in the centre of the island. They'll give you a wealthy hat for it.
	The shell can be found in one of two places. You can either buy one for 100 gold from 
Sally who wanders outside of the town hall, or you pick one up on the north-western corner of 
the island. The latter way is the better way, because in the process you can get a whole load of 
weapons, armour and gold from the treasure chests. But before you can get to these boxes you 
have to fight your way through a swarm of Dragonflies, not particularly hard, but very easy to 
die if you let them swarm you from all sides. Instead try to pick them off with bows from afar 
before they see you, or to inch along and force them to come at you in smaller groups. If you 
are in danger of dying, don't hesitate to run to the tavern... just remember that they'll follow 
you and attack the guards and peasants! Then come out of the tavern and pick their stuff up! 
In either case, bring the shell to the judge.
	The musical instrument should be your third goal in this level. Just outside of the 
tavern, there is a young woman who offers to sell her lute for 500 gold. Buy it, steal it, or 
murder her for it, I don't think it matters. In any case, bring it to the judge when you have it.
	The three remaining items are in the Temple of the Moon. You can reach the temple 
by climbing the hill with all the guilds and then by crossing the bridge. The entrance gives 
birth to a small stream leading to a waterfall. Heal and prepare before going in, because you 
are more than likely going to be swarmed.

	b. Emerald Island - Temple of the Moon

	This level is rather small and straightforward - just explore everywhere. Just watch out 
for the rats, bats and spiders that make the caverns their home. They should be rather easy to 
kill, even when in groups of ten or more. Down one of the side passages there is a large room 
guarded by spiders - and the wealthy hat that you are looking for. Leave it in your inventory 
and then head for the temple itself, readily apparent by the alter in the middle of the room and 
the two magical missiles shooting from opposite corridors. Take the left one first, avoiding 
the missiles, and follow the corridor until the end. Open the door and enter the library. Search 
all the shelves and store the scrolls and books that you find. Then head to the north-west 
corner of the room and open the secret panel that there is in the room. Another library lies at 
the end of the room and feel free to search the shelves and take the books and scrolls. Don't 
forget to take the tile lying on the floor! It is hard to see if you don't pay attention. Keep it and 
then go back to the altar. Take the right passage and open the door at the end. SAVE the game 
and attack the two soldiers, or try to steal the bow from Sar. In any case you NEED the bow 
to continue the game, and this is a hard battle. Throw everything you have at the two and you 
will win the long bow as your prize. Kill the other two guards in the library at your 
convenience. Then exit the temple and the caverns.
Head to the judge and give him the last three items. He will tell you to talk to his lord, 
who will give you a castle as your prize. After he gives you the deed, head over to the docks 
and board the ship. And get ready to sail to your destiny. 

	c. Castle Harmondale

	You start off in front of your castle. The gate is flanked by two guards. Don't be shy 
and walk to the gate and try to enter. The butler answers and tells you of the goblin infestation 
in your castle. This quest is as easy as it gets - go in and kill everything! It may take a few 
days to clear the place of it's occupants, but all in all it is not that hard. You just have to 
search each and every corner of the place and flush out every bat, rat and goblin in the place. 
And find the treasure of course...
	When that is done head to the tavern in town and find the butler. You'll get experience 
and then find out that you have to get someone to fix your castle. He suggests the dwarves of 
Stone City in the Barrow Downs.

d. Stone City

Head south to the border of Harmondale and leave for the Barrow Downs. Make sure 
you have at least five days of food. It may also have been useful to have explored the entire 
overworld area and to have completed the missing Arcomage player side quest. It is extremely 
useful to have talked to everyone, to have bought new stuff and spells and to have perhaps 
raised your levels and your skills to expert. 
To get back on track, head to the Barrow Downs and head to the bunch of buildings. 
Explore them and then head to the west until you reach a bridge. Cross it and look to the 
south-west. You should see a hill with a bridge leading to the south-east from it's peak. Climb 
the hill, cross the bridge, killing the spectres and shades you meet on the way. Ahead of you, 
you should see Stone City looming in the distance. Enter it.
Head to the central fountain in this dwarven city. Yell at anyone who gets in your way. 
Head east to the King's audience chamber and talk to him. He tells you that he'll only have 
his dwarves help you, if and only if, you clear the Bracada Mines and free the dwarven miners 
from their stone prisons. To this end he gives you a potion which must be used on the 
dwarven statues to revive them. 
>From here it is out of the castle and west to the border of the Barrow Downs where 
you get to travel to the Bracada Desert.

	e. The Red Dwarf Mines

	Enter the Bracada Desert and notice your hilly surroundings. You should be on a road. 
The mines themselves are located on the south side of the mountains on the south side of the 
road. The place is guarded by griffins and I suggest that you explore the entire map before 
you invade the mines - it is very tough in there. My least favourite enemies hide out in there - 
the oozes. Man, I hate them! They are immune to all weapons, except for those that deal extra 
elemental damage. Other than that, I suggest that you have the spell Blades from the Earth 
school. Three castings kills an ooze. If the oozes aren't enough, there are medusas on the 
lower floor!
	The oozes, as it turns out, can also be harmed by weapons enchanted with elemental 
properties - in other words, weapons that deal elemental damage as well. Spells also work 
well. The object is to find the six or seven dwarves and free them from their stony prisons. 
One is in the first room, by the entrance. The others are at the end of all the passages - so you 
have to explore them all. It is hard, but really worth it. Just ignore the elevator in the far 
northern chamber! It is too hard for you at this point to explore the Medusa Caverns! 
	When you have freed all the dwarves, go back to the Dwarven King and he will agree 
to fix your castle for you!

	f.  The Rescue of Loren Steel

	When you get back to your castle, you find it repaired and restored to its former glory 
- well sort of. If you walk up to the throne room, you will find that there are two new people 
sitting there. They are ambassadors from the realms of Avlee and  Erathia. Both want you to 
meet their monarchs. While it doesn't matter where you go first, or if you go there for that 
matter, I chose to go see Queen Catherine of Erathia first. 
	In Castle Gryphonheart, you meet the Queen for the first time. She asks you to rescue 
one of her spies that was captured by the elves of Avlee and imprisoned beneath the city of 
Pierpoint, in the Tularean Caves beneath the Tularean Forest. The catch - you have a month 
to get there, rescue Loren, and to return. Yet, it is not the hardest thing to do.
	Ravel as fast as possible to the city of Pierpoint. The entrance to the caves is on the top 
of a northern mountain. Upon entering the caves, you are attacked by a few wyverns. 
Concentrate on the Ancient Wyverns first, then the Horned Wyverns, then finally the normal 
Wyverns. The ancient ones tend to kill you in a single hit when lucky, so watch out. 
	The cell containing Loren is hard to find. At the start you have to head left and go up 
the hill. You should then jump to the ledge with the weird wall using the jump spell. This isn't 
the easiest way to the cell, just the fastest. It is also possible by navigating the caverns, it just 
takes longer. From the ledge, open the door and go straight down the passage. Jump the gap 
and explore the area beyond. You should find a switch. Flip it and it activates the teleporters. 
Head towards them (I forget where they are) and take the right one. It leads you to a large 
room. At the far side is the cell. Open it and rescue Loren Steel. Then make haste back to 
Castle Gryphonheart to accept your reward of 5000 gold.

	g. The Riverstride Plans
	If you choose to meet with the King of Avlee, he will tell you that he has plans to 
attack Steadwick directly. But he has a problem. The fortress at Riverstride. He has no way of 
crossing the river without having to go through the fort. Thus, he asks you to retrieve the 
plans to the fort, not caring if you make a head-on assault or if you sneak in. You once again 
have a month to complete this task.
	The fortress is in eastern Erathia, east of Steadwick. You can either enter it from the 
main entrance or by the hidden entrance beneath the bridge. By using the first entrance, you 
have to fight your way through many guards and elude traps till you find the secret staircase 
in the floor. Using the other way, you just have to walk in kill a few archers and enter the 
farthest door on the right. In the dining room, there is a picture of Queen Catherine. Click on 
it and a secret panel opens and the plans are there. Take them back to Pierpoint and give them 
to the king. He rewards you with 5000 gold.

	h. The Trumpet

	At one point or another when you enter the Tularean Forest, you are met by a 
messenger from Queen Catherine's Court, or that of the King of Avlee, depending on whom 
you helped. In any case, they report that the elves of Avlee are transporting an ancient artefact 
into the caves. There is also an Erathian war party sent to retrieve it. 
	Getting the Trumpet is easy enough. Just head to the entrance of the Tularean Caves 
and open the chest, and voila, there it is. You can watch an ensuing battle that takes place 
between the two sides, and the humans are victorious. While it is better to watch, you can also 
help either side in the battle. But do so at your own risk.
	After reclaiming the Trumpet, bring it to either the Queen of Erathia or the King of 
Avlee to get a reward of 5000 gold.

	i. Choose the Path

	When you get back to Harmondale, a messenger tells you that the Seer, Judge Grey, is 
dead. Although there are no reports of foul play, you can bet it is. Head to your throne room 
and meet the two ambassadors. One is from Deyja, the other is from Bracada. They both offer 
suggestions for who should be picked as the new judge. Of course they each want one from 
their own countries.
	This is a huge decision that will have a momentous impact on the game! This is where 
you choose which path you will walk. If you get the judge from Deyja, you will end up on the 
side of evil and if you take the judge from Bracada, you'll be on the good side. In any case, 
they are both waiting in the tavern of their country.
	When you have picked one up go back to Harmondale and to the Seer's house in the 
east. If you took the dark path, you will see that the judge is weak and can't put an end to the 
war. Harmondale is won by Erathia and the war is at a temporary truce. If you took the light 
path, the judge settles the war and Harmondale is given to Erathia.

7. The Path of the Dark

a. The Breeding Zone

The new Seer tells you to go see Archibald, Lord of the Pit. The Pit is in Deyja and is 
hidden under the ground. In the north-eastern corner of the map, there is the Hall of the Pit, 
which you should enter. Watch out for the gargoyles, especially the Obsidian Gargoyles. They 
have a tendency of paralysing you and they also have many hit points and deal lots of 
damage. The Hall is straightforward, just head due north, go down the lift and continue to the 
north until you reach the gate to the Pit. Go in.
The Pit is the capital city of the Necromancers of Deyja. It is the home of the Dark 
Guild, as well as the master Earth guild. There are two promotions to be received here, as well 
as everything else a town has. Your goal for the moment is Archie's palace, Castle Gloaming. 
Follow the catwalks to the south, then take a left and then head south again. At the southern 
end of the road, head east and go in the passage. You'll warp to another area, the Spellcaster's 
Ward. Head back down the path and you'll find yourself near the Temple of Dark. Going 
through the passage a third time brings you to the Castle Gloaming. A fourth trip through 
brings you back to the town proper. Just head to the castle for now.
	In the castle go straight till you reach a big room, and from there take the little passage 
on the left. At the end, go in the boat and use the rudder twice. Get off the boat and go down 
the stairs. Go in the room and you'll find Archibald. He says that to win his trust, you have to 
survive a trip through the Breeding Zone - not an easy task!
The Breeding Zone is in the town proper. There is a little staircase leading down with 
a gate below. Enter it and you will find yourself in the Breeding Zone. The place is littered 
with secret passages, most of which are necessary to find to successfully make your way 
through the Zone. You can also find a book of Divine Intervention in the Zone, a nice prize, 
but useless for those of evil heart. The only hard thing about this level is the abundance of 
Behemoths, that at this point in the game are really hard enemies that can take and deal a lot 
of punishment. The only consolation is that they are very big and thus get stuck in some of the 
hallways. They are then easy to shoot down from afar. All the behemoths hide in the 
waterways, in other words, in both places where you have to jump down to continue (once 
right by the entrance). If you keep a clear head, this place is not that hard to complete. The 
only difficulty is the second waterway. When you jump down, you should head left right 
away and hide in the small passage. From there you can heal and knock the Behemoths out 
one at a time, and at your leisure. The exit is down the other side of the waterway. When you 
leave the Zone from the bottom of the waterway, head back to see Archie and he'll reward 
you, and he'll tell you that his advisors wish to talk to you. Head next to that part of the city.
Just remember that  the monsters in the Breeding Zone always come back when you 
leave the place!

b. Clanker's Laboratory

One of Archibald's advisors wants you to clean out Clanker's Laboratory and 
deactivate the anti-teleportation shield. Clanker's Laboratory is in the Tularean Forest, north-
west of Pierpoint. It is on an island and therefore, you must fly or walk on water to get t0 the 
place. When you get to the entrance, enter it. 
The enemies here make the place very easy to die in. Most of the enemies (in fact all, 
if you exclude the flying eyeballs) explode when killed, usually taking some of your 
characters way under zero. If you head right from the entrance, you will find several golems 
and elementals. Kill them and push the switches so that you hear something from one of the 
top floors. Head back up the stairs and head up the next flight. Take a right and you will be in 
a room with several chests.
If you were to have taken a left you would find yourself at a door. Within you can find 
a large amount of potions. Take the white and black ones. Continue down the hall and you'll 
find yourself in a large library. Search the right bookshelves and the wall in the little nook to 
find a secret passage. This passage leads downstairs. On the left side there is another passage 
with the shield within. The shield is a huge machine. You just have to click on it to turn it off. 
You should then proceed to check the place for still living enemies. When they are all dead, 
head back to the pit to receive your reward.

c. The Temple of Light

An advisor asks you to retrieve the pieces of the Key from the Temple of Light and the 
Temple of Dark. So go to the Temple of Dark, which is in the Pit. Walk in, go straight to the 
back of the altar, and click on it. The altar will move and you will see a safe. Open it and take 
the piece. You don't even have to do anything else for it, although you can kill anyone you 
find, if you want. It is kind of fun...
The second piece is in the Temple of Light in Celeste. Go to Celeste by using the large 
teleporter on top of the largest plateau in Bracada. When in the capital city, follow the street 
to the fountain, then take the left road and go to the temple. Enter it. 
If I remember correctly, there is a large number of Clerics and Priests of the Sun 
walking the halls, but they are simply easy to kill! Go straight, then take a right and then 
straight again. Go down the stairs and enter the door behind the pillars. From inside go 
straight and down the stairs when you come to them. Head north and watch the walls for side 
passages. Take any one of them and head up. There are three sets of tiles. Starting from the 
east and ending in the west, make sure that only the sun tiles are down. When all three are 
down, go downstairs and click on the star. A door will open in the northern wall. The room 
beyond has a single chest. In it lies the altarpiece.
When you have both pieces, head back to the Pit and give the advisor both pieces. 

d. The Lich Jars of Nighon

One of Archibald's advisors asks you to go steal a crate of soul jars from the warlocks 
of Nighon. First head to Stone City and go down to the Troglodyte caverns. From here go 
north until you find the exit. You'll enter the Tunnels to Nighon. From here wander around 
aimlessly until you find another exit. I don't remember where it is, but I know that it is near to 
a couple of fireball traps. When you find the exit, go through it. 
You are now in Thunderfist Mountain. Watch out for the Minotaurs here, because they 
are really powerful at this point. Use Invisibility, if you have it. Follow the right wall until 
you get to an exit. Leave the caverns and you'll find yourself in Nighon. 
Head to Nighon town. Go to the temple and turn around. Look up and you'll see a few 
buildings. Now you need the Fly spell. If you don't have it, buy a scroll. Cast it and you'll be 
able to fly to the buildings, which turn out to be a store and the Master Fire Guild. Follow the 
northern mountain face until you come to another building. It is another entrance to 
Thunderfist Mountain. Enter it.
Follow the path until you hit a lift. Cast Featherfall and jump into the shaft. Go south, 
circle around the lava pit and enter the library. Go around the shelves and look for a secret 
room at the dead-end. There is a treasure chest within containing the soul jars. Take them 
back to the Pit for your reward.

e. Robert the Wise

The fourth quest you get from Archie's advisors is to kill one of the advisors of the 
Wizard King of Bracada. Robert the Wise is your target, and he is a powerful foe. Head to 
Celeste and walk to the fountain. At the fountain take the right path and take a left at the end. 
You'll see several buildings, they are the homes of the advisors. The far left one is your 
target. The door is now unlocked. Cast every protection spell you have, and make sure that 
you have Protection From Magic cast upon yourself, or you'll find yourself eradicated really 
	When in the house, just run straight ahead and you'll see the gunslinger soon enough. 
Attack him mercilessly, and you could kill him if properly prepared. Take his Blaster and the 
Cube he wears and head back to the Pit to deliver the Cube. When you get back you find that 
the necromancers have split into two factions, Archie's group that have moved off to 
Clanker's Laboratory, and Kastore's group that have taken control of the Pit and all of Deyja. 
You are asked to meet with Kastore in the throne room. After this quests you get the Blaster 
skill for free. You should bring it up to grandmaster level as soon as possible (I got the skill, 
then five minutes later I had it at level ten - so I saved a few hundred points!), it is very 

f. Kill Xenofex

After the revolution, you must meet with Kastore. He tells you that you have to travel 
to Eofol and slay the devil Xenofex in his lair in Colony Zod. This is very hard, and should 
only be undertaken by high level characters. Well anyway, make you way to Thunderfist 
Mountain and take the north-westernmost exit, to arrive in the tunnels to Eofol. Make sure 
you have Protection From Magic cast (to protect from eradication, instant death and 
petrification) and head in slowly. Behemoths and Medusas make their homes here. 
I can't really remember the tunnels, since it's been awhile since I've been there. All I 
remember is that the exit is in the north. Just head through the tunnels until you find a spot 
where the exit from the room is in a tunnel lower than you are. Take it until you find yourself 
on a little walkway through a huge room. On the right side, there is a passage leading out of 
the huge passageway and into a long hallway. Go down it and take a left, you will be at the 
exit. Leave for the Land of the Giants.
Eofol is a terrible place crawling with Titans, Dragons and Devils. All in large groups. 
Killable, but only with Blaster Rifles, which you don't have yet. Do what I do - Cast Fly and 
Invisibility and just go around undetected. If you don't have Town Portal, bring a scroll or a 
wand - You need the spell to leave the place. Lloyd's Beacon will also do the trick. Head to 
the north-east until you find a shrine. Avoid the dragons and use it - it opens the portal to 
Harmondale. You can then use it to warp to Eofol whenever you want. Go back to Eofol and 
head south-west.
If you watch the ground, you will see a large group of devils guarding some sort of 
system of pipes. Land and avoid them as you enter Colony Zod. The place is a system of 
pipes. Go straight then take a left. At the end there is a door, and you must enter it. There is a 
weird elevator. Take it up. In the first room there should be a set of three buttons. Be like me 
and press all three. Go through the door and open all the doors. Kill all the Devil Workers and 
in the far left most room search the cage to free King Roland Ironfist, brother to Archibald 
and husband to Queen Catherine of Erathia. He'll thank you and he'll give you a key. Go back 
down the elevator and head back to the entrance. 
On the left hand side of the hall there should now be a passage with a lift at the end. 
Take the lift up and be prepared for a tough fight. Kill the Devils and search the side rooms - 
in one there is another lift. Take it up and search all the new rooms. There is another lift and 
this one brings you to a locked door. Use the key. Beyond the door is Xenofex's lair. He is a 
normal Devil Captain, and as such Protection From Magic is a must against him, or he'll drain 
your spell points! Kill him and his accomplices and take all the stuff that is just lying around 
on the ground and in the chests. You should find two or three more Blasters. Awesome. Equip 
them. Head back to the Pit and talk to Kastore for your reward, and to see a few movies. You 
see Archie's exile and the truth behind the four advisors, as well as the advisors of the Wizard 

g. Retrieve the Oscillator from the Lincoln

Kastore tells you that to complete their plans of conquest, they need an Oscillator from 
their downed ship to power their Ancient Weapons Creation Machine (or whatever). He gives 
you four Wetsuits and tells you to travel to Avlee and explore the seas. Head to Avlee.
When in Avlee, travel to the western sea and equip the Wetsuits. Remember that you 
can't have anything else equipped at the same time, other than Blasters. Fine. Jump into the 
water and swim to the west. When prompted say yes to the Shoals. A day later you'll find 
yourself underwater. To get to the Lincoln, head west and you can find it at the bottom. Head 
tot he back and you can enter it by clicking on one of the "wings". Go on in. Keep clicking 1 
until you see your inventory. Change weapons and armour. 
When you are fully re-equipped, charge the stupid droids and kill the Assassin Droid 
first. Then take the second door out of the room. Go straight down the hall and use the 
teleporter. You should now be in a circular room. Use the console to put the power back on. If 
you can't find it, use the lift to go to a lower floor and activate it from there. Go back to the 
entrance and before the first teleporter, you see a door on the left. Open it and kill the droids 
within. When they are destroyed, use the consoles to open the doors. Go across the big room 
and open the chest. There are a few Blaster Rifles in there! Good weapons! Equip them to you 
weakest party members. Take the lift at the end of the and go through the door at the top. You 
will be in a room with a few droids. Kill them and activate the consoles. Then take the 
teleporter to the other side. Use the consoles there too. Go out through the door and you'll be 
in a large, well-guarded room. Kill the droids and go up the stairs. On the right side there is a 
armoury where you can pick up a few extra Blasters.
Head to the north and open the door. Follow the passage to the end and go through the 
door. You should now be in a room that looks like the bridge. Go to the left and search the 
little black pit thingy. You will find a small green crystal. That is the Oscillator. When you 
take it, the security system activates itself and you have to escape quickly or you will die. So 
just warp back to the Pit and give the Oscillator to Kastore. Congratulations! Sit back and 
enjoy the movie! You are done the game!

8. The Path of the Light

	This will be updated in a couple of weeks, after my vacation.

9. Side Quests

a. Emerald Island - Missing Adventurers

The lord of Emerald Island offers your party a reward of 1000 gold if you bring back 
proof of a previous party's demise. This is simple. Head to the dragon's lair on the east side of 
the island. Enter and pick up the scroll and shield. Ignore the dragon. You can only be his 
snack. You cannot kill him at this point! So don't even try! If you really feel adventurous you 
can try to run and grab everything on the ground, but that just seems suicidal. If you feel 
really courageous, there is a longbow lying on the ground. That can also be used for the 
contest. Bring the shield and scroll back to the lord of the castle.

	b. Harmondale - Missing Arcomage Player

	A man in a house near the stables is worried about his missing brother. His brother is a 
paranoid freak that is obsessed with a card game. He tells you that he went to practise his 
cheating in the White Cliff Caves (?) and he asks you to check on his brother. 
	You reach the White Cliff Caves via the southern road leading to the Barrow Downs. 
Follow the road till a little side path leads up the side of the hill and at the top you'll see a 
bridge crossing the river. Cross it and the cave entrance is right at the other end. Enter the 
	The body of the slain brother is in the north-west corner (?) of the cave and is easy to 
find. The problem is getting to him! There is a war going on between the troglodytes and the 
oozes here. The key is to kill any lone drones and to run from the almost-invincible-at-this-
point oozes. Basically, you only have to run around picking everything up and you will soon 
find the missing man's deck and his journal. Take them and bring them back to the man. 
You'll be well rewarded... with experience at least!

c. Harmondale - The Lantern of Light

There is a man in the temple who has lost his temple's holy symbol and needs it to 
retain the clergy's faith. Without the Lantern of Light he fears that the followers of his church 
will lose all faith in whatever god they worship. He humbly asks that you retrieve it. 
The Lantern was carried deep beneath the Barrow Downs into the dwarven crypts 
there. You simply have to travel to the barrows, which can be entered via a hill just south of 
where the cluster of buildings is located. 
The main trick to this level is to know where you are and how to move from place to 
place. In the first room that you enter you have to kill everything and search all the walls to 
find a chest with a key in it. When you have found it, you can open the plaque. On the plaque 
you'll see some Roman numerals and a tree. The tree means that by using the right doorway, 
you'll be brought back outside. The number in the middle, namely the IX means that you are 
in room 9. On the left, one slightly lower, the other a bit higher than the one in the middle, tell 
you which rooms you can warp to. There is a switch on the left side of the plaque. The 
wooden bar points at the room to which the teleporter is set. You should take your time 
searching the place and looking for secret doors - it is worth it, seeing as to how I picked up 
over 27 gold pieces in that one level. 
There are sixteen barrows, including the one denoted with an Ankh. Your goal is the 
one marked with a II. It is easy to get to and is guarded by a whole slew of skeletons, bats and 
rats! Kill them all and head to the left and go down the stairs and kill more monsters there. In 
the centre there should be a large pillar. On one side of it, there is a little button. Press it and a 
secret door shall open. There are then three chests. I believe the middle one was the one with 
the Lantern, but open all three - if you cleared the monsters out of the area, you can rest. 
Make sure you have had your fill of skeletons, wights and goglings and return to the church in 
Harrowdale to get a load of experience as well as a lot of gold for the Lantern! Yipee!

	d. Harmondale - The Signet Ring
	In Harmondale's tavern there is a man that offers you a reward if you bring back his 
signet ring. He needs the ring so he can continue his business. He tells you that an Erathian  
bandit gang were the ones that stole his ring. West to Erathia then. North of the road there is a 
valley guarded by Robbers, Bandits and Raiders. In the valley there is also a cave.
	The cave is an easy enough place to clean out with very few difficulties. The ring is in 
a chest far into the dungeon, but should nevertheless take no more than ten, fifteen minutes to 
retrieve. When acquired, return to Davrik and he'll pay you for it's return. 

	e. Stone City - Troglodyte Infestation

	A dwarf on the east side of Stone City asks that you clean out the lower mines so that 
the dwarves could continue to mine their ore down there. Simple enough. Head to the western 
side of town, near the temple. There is an elevator there that goes down two levels. Take it to 
the bottom level and get ready to fight. There are no tricks to this place, and there are no 
secrets. Just wander the halls and slay everything that you see. Just be careful not to leave the 
caves via a door - that exit go to Thunderfist Mountain, a place where big things live, 
provided the Magogs and Gogs in the first series of caverns don't kill you first! When you are 
sure that every last stinking troglodyte is dead, head back to the dwarf who asked you to clear 
the area for your reward. An easy way to get about this level is to simply follow the left wall. 
It makes it easier to navigate the halls and helps you make sure all the invaders are dead.

f. Erathia - The Quill

In the city of Steadwick, south-east of the town hall, a man asks you to bring a letter to 
Lord Markham. Travel to Tatalia and go visit Lord Markham. Give him the letter and you'll 
get the Quill. Bring the Quill back to Erathia and give it to the man for your reward.

g. Erathia - Arcomage Championship

A man living near the Erathian harbour asks you to win the Arcomage Championships. 
In order to win, you have to beat someone in all thirteen taverns across the continent. But first 
you need a deck. The taverns are in Harmondale, Erathia, the Bracada Desert, the Barrow 
Downs, Stone City, Nighon, Deyja, Avlee, the Tularean Forest, Tatalia, Evermorn Island, the 
Pit and Celeste. Your reward for winning the championships is 100000 gold and several relics 
and artefacts. The game itself is described in another section of this FAQ.

h. Tatalia - The Three Paintings

A man in Tatalia wants you to get a collection of paintings for him - one of Roland, 
one of Archibald and one of an Angel. The first two are hidden away in Castle Gryphonheart. 
The one of Archibald is in the east wing, and the one of Roland is in Queen Catherine's room 
in the western wing. To get there you have to go up the stairs and through the chapel. The 
third painting is hidden in the eastern wing of the Haunted Mansion in the Barrow Downs. 
When you have collected all of them, head back to Tatalia to collect 50000 gold and 

i. The Tularean Forest - The Three Statuettes

A man in the city of Pierpoint asks you to retrieve three statuettes. These are to be 
placed in the shrines in Tatalia, Avlee and the Bracada Desert. Two are found on Evermorn 
Island, while the third is hidden away in the Maze, in northern Nighon.
The first is found in the Grand Temple of the Sun. It is in a treasure chest in a secret 
passage. The second is in a treasure chest in the Grand Temple of the Moon. It is also in a 
secret room. Both of these are not that hard to find. The one in the Maze is a little harder to 
find. Follow the left wall until you reach the caverns in the north. The statuette is in one of the 
The first statuette is placed in the north of Avlee. The shrine is on an island in the far 
north-west. The island is guarded by a lot of water elementals and sylphs. The second 
statuette is placed in southwestern Tatalia. It is easy to see, and is right on the coast. The third 
one belongs on the pedestal in northern Bracada. It'll take a little searching to find, because it 
is in a valley.
When all three have been placed, return to the Tularean Forest and report to the man. 
He'll reward you really well!

j. The Tularean Forest - The Faerie Pipes

A man in Pierpoint wants you to deliver a message to the Faerie King. Go to the Hall 
Under the Hill in Avlee and walk around the mound three times counter-clockwise and talk to 
the King when the door opens. He'll trade you the Faerie Pipes for all your food. Leave the 
hall, buy food then head back to Pierpoint. You'll get experience and a key for a reward. To 
use the key, head back to the Hall Under the Hill, enter the mound and fight your way to the 
end. Use the key to open up the treasure vault.

k. Deyja - Griffins must die

A man in northern Deyja wants you to kill all the griffins in Bracada and Erathia. He is 
simply trying to stop a war from starting. This means that you have to explore both maps 
entirely and kill all the griffins, including those that are acting as guards in Erathia. They all 
must be dead before you are allowed to collect your reward. When done, head back to Deyja 
and talk to the man. 
This quest is only available if you are on the dark path.

l. Nighon - Haldar's Remains

A man living near the training hall in Nighon asks you to bring back his brother's 
remains from the Maze. The Maze is in north-west Nighon and is crawling with Minotaurs 
and Hydras, all of which are pretty easy. You just have to head north until you find the 
caverns and the remains are hidden in a treasure chest. Just bring them back to the worried 
man. He'll reward your bravery.

10. Promotion Quests

a. Cavalier

In Erathia, in the city of Steadwick, there is a cavalier near the town hall. He tells you 
that to become a cavalier, you must travel to the Barrow Downs and clear out the Haunted 
Mansion. Pretty easy, really. The Haunted Mansion is in the north-western corner of the area. 
	The mansion is filled with spectres, shades and wraiths. None of them are particularly 
hard alone - only when in groups. Well, anyway, upstairs there is a library, which you 
shouldn't enter until later. On the main floor there is a passage leading to a lower section of 
the mansion. On this floor there are a few enemies to kill, just nothing really serious. Open all 
the doors and kill all the ghouls, ghasts and revenants. Then head upstairs to the library and 
clear it out as well. On the left side of the room, there is a bookshelf with a book sticking out 
of it. Put it back in place by clicking on it and a secret passage on the north wall will open up. 
Kill the wraiths and wights that pour from the new passage and flip the switch before you. I 
don't know what it does - but it didn't kill me. To the west there is a spiral staircase heading 
down. Take it slowly - there are enemies posted at regular intervals along the way. At the 
bottom, there are two passages heading to the left and right. Enemies come from both 
passages and will attempt to swarm you. Run up the stairs and take them on as they come 
around the corner, just watch out for the Barrow Wights. They are more powerful versions of 
their cousins and tend to paralyse your cleric, if you have one. They just take a little planning 
to kill. Strong weapons are good, fire spells work well and courage is the most important 
thing to have against them. Clearing out and exploring the rest of the mansion is easy thing to 
do, and when you are sure that all the undead have been slain, head back to Erathia and Talk 
to the Cavalier. He will promote you to the rank of Cavalier and Honorary Cavaliers!

b. Rogue

In the Erathia sewers, talk to the Master Thief, Bill Lasker. He will offer to promote 
you to the rank of Rogue, if you can steal the vase from atop Lord Markham's mantle and 
bring it back to him. Easy enough right?
First head to Tatalia and enter Lord Markham's Manor. Kill the two Initiates of the 
Sword and heal. Then enter the room on the right and slay the guard within. Wait for the 
guards to come out one at a time from the opposite room. Kill them all and when they are all 
dead, prepare for the hardest battle yet. Around the corner there is a Champion of the Sword 
who is very powerful! Hit him hard and with all you got, because he is the last enemy in the 
place. When he is dead, take his armour and search the fire to obtain your prize. Return to Bill 
Lasker with it and he will promote you to the rank of Rogue and Honorary Rogues.

c.  Initiate

In Harmondale go to the group of buildings in the south-western corner. In one of the 
houses there is a man who tells you how to become an Initiate, as well as how to become 
Honorary Initiates. It is a very simple task. Go to the Barrow Downs and find the secret 
meditation spot in the dwarven crypts. There you have to pray. This is a very easy task to 
Head to the Barrow Downs via the southern road. In the Barrow Downs travel to the 
south until you find a hill with a road circling it to the top. Climb the hill and enter the 
Barrows. Head to room with the Ankh instead of a number as it's marking (the way to move 
about this place is discussed in the Lantern of Light side quest) and clear out all the monsters 
while heading to the main room with four branching rooms behind closed doors and a 
fountain in the middle. Pray before the fountain and achieve your goal in the form of a 
promotion. Note: this promotion allows monks to cast spells! Go buy some!

d. Crusader

The hardest of the first round of promotion quests. In the city of Steadwick on the 
opposite side of the building where the cavalier is found, you find the crusader. He tells you 
that to become Crusaders and Honorary Crusaders, you have to kill a dragon - a specific 
dragon. Its name is Wromthrax the Heartless, and it lives in the northern mountains in Tatalia, 
directly west of the Mercenary Guild. 
	Make sure you are at least level 30 before attacking this beast. Use everything you 
have, including your strongest weapons and spells. Acid Burst seems to be quite effective 
against him. Don't be disappointed if a few of your characters die, since they'll get the 
experience for the quest anyway. In fact, the quest is complete as soon as you kill the dragon, 
and the crusader leaves your party.

e. Warrior Mage

In Avlee, there lives the Warrior Mage. He tells you that he will train your party to the 
rank of Warrior Mages or Honorary Warrior Mages, if you complete his quest. He requests 
that you stem the flow of medusas into the Red Dwarf Mines. All that means is that you have 
to go back to that hell hole.
Travel to the Bracada Desert and enter the Red Dwarf Mines. Go back to the lift you 
saw and press the switch. Make sure you are ready for the magic-proof medusas that are 
found below. In the first room on the right, there are two or three medusas. Just run towards 
them and hack at them and they shouldn't be any problem unless they paralyse one of your 
characters. Just be warned that they are archers and are better than you in that regard. Now 
head down the left passage and kill every other medusa you find. The corridors are long and 
are rather empty of inhabitants. The medusas are pretty easy to kill and shouldn't be too big a 
problem since they suck at melee combat. There is a single exception - the Medusa Empress. 
She hides in the upper left portion of the mines and can turn your characters to stone. She is 
hard to kill due to massive amounts of hit points and hard to get to, because of the four or five 
other medusas in the room. When dead, she offers up an amulet that protects a single party 
member from being transformed into a statue. 
Somewhere in the northern part of the caves, there is a weird machine that makes a 
terrible racket. Kill the guards and use the band by clicking on it. Run for all you are worth, 
because if not, you have one hour to live. Just run to the lift and go to the upper floor. Then 
exit the mines and return to the Warrior Mage in Avlee. He will reward you well for this 
service you have done.

f. Hunter

In the Tularean Forest, an elf offers to train your rangers. He tells you to infiltrate the 
Hall of the Faeries and talk to their king. It is a very easy quest. Head to Avlee and go to the 
Hall of the Faeries. There is a large mound in the middle. Walk around it thrice counter 
clockwise and a door will open. Just go to the door and talk to the king. He'll upgrade your 
rangers to hunters!

g.   Priest

	A man in the northernmost settlement in Deyja offers to train your clerics if you return 
with the map to Evermorn Island. The map was stolen by pirates and hidden away in their 
headquarters in the Tidewater Caverns. The Tidewater Caverns are logically situated near the 
city of Tidewater, which is the capital of Tatalia. The caves themselves are on an island west 
of the harbour and thus, you must use the Walk on Water spell to get there. That means that 
you either have to have expert water magic to learn the spell, or that you have to find or buy a 
	The caves themselves are not that exceptional. There should be no new enemies, and 
they should all be easy to kill. There are only a couple of things to remember here. When you 
enter the caves you are in a large cave-like room - well, ok, maybe it is a cave. Enemies will 
try to swarm you, but they are so weak that you shouldn't care. Just kill them and head into 
the next room where there is a staircase. Just look for a secret passage on the left side of the 
stairs. There is a treasure chest in there. If you go up the stairs, you will be in another room. 
Head out on to the deck of the "ship" (I found it kind of looked that way!) and take the stairs 
up to the top deck. From there go down into the hold and kill everything. Near the stairs going 
down to another cave, search the walls. A secret passage containing several chests should 
open up. In one of them there is the map. Exit the caverns and bring the map to the priest in 
Deyja. You will be promoted and you will also be allowed to travel via ship to Evermorn 
Note: Travel to Evermorn Island is possible only on Sundays from the port in Tatalia!

h.   Great Druid

In the Tularean Forest, near the stables, you meet someone who will train you in the 
ways of the great druid if you pray at the three circle of stones in Avlee, Tatalia and Evermorn 
Island. All three are easy to find and when you find them all, just go back and talk to him. In 
Tatalia, the circle is in the lower right, on Evermorn Island, it is on an eastern isle and in 
Avlee it is west of the town and guarded by a horde of wyverns.

i. Wizard

In order to achieve the title of Wizard you must visit Thomas Grey in the School of 
Sorcery in the Bracada Desert. To get there you have to take a teleporter from the main 
square. Thomas Grey tells you that you have to assemble a golem to become a Wizard. You 
need a head, a torso, and the four limbs. He sends a golem with you to carry the parts that you 
have found.
The head is in a treasure chest right in the town square. It is not hard to find. Inside the 
chest there is also a Bill of Sale which tells you where all the parts can be found. The second 
head is on the hill below the Tower Bridge (like in London!). 
The torso can be found in the Barrow Downs. From Stone City, take the south-western 
bridge and it will take you to plateau with several gargoyles on it. Kill them and take the 
prize. Now you should have the second part.
Another part is on the western island in Avlee. It is guarded by many water elementals 
and other creatures like them. It is in a treasure chest near the obelisk. All I did was run over 
there and grab it, leaving the guardians to themselves!
The right arm is on a western island in Tatalia. It is in a chest near the Tidewater 
The right leg is in Deyja. On the hilltop to the north-east of the northernmost 
settlement in a chest overlooking the coast.
The final part is also in Deyja. It is in a chest along the northern coast, atop the hill. 
Beware - it is heavily guarded by Harpies.
Once you have all six pieces, head back to Bracada and talk to Thomas Grey. He will 
then proceed to train you and he will also give you the golem to guard your keep!

j. Champion

A man on a ridge in Bracada has the right to teach you the ways of this class. You 
must be good for him to make the offer, though.

k. Spy

Bill Lasker, the master thief of the Erathian Sewers can train all good rogues in the 
way of the spy.

l. Master

Bartholomew Hume can train all Initiates to the rank of Master, but only if they follow 
the light. He lives in Harmondale.

m. Hero

The Erathian Crusader also teaches the way of the Hero, but one must be good to 
receive the training.

n. Master Archer

The Master Archer lives in Harmondale on a ridge overlooking the town. He teaches 
only those of good alignment.

o. Ranger Lord

The Ranger Lord teaches good hunters. He lives in the Bracada Desert, north of the docks.

p. Priest of the Light

The priest in charge of training the Priest of the Light lives in Celeste. He teaches only 
good people.

q. Arch Druid

Somewhere in the Tularean Forest!

r. Archmage

Thomas Grey of the School of Sorcery in the Bracada Desert offers this rank to those 
of good alignment.

s. Black Knight

The Black Knight lives in the city of Steadwick, near the town hall. He'll train those of 
evil inclination, if they pass his test. He wants to wreak havoc on the elves and asks you to rob 
their treasury blind. A really easy task.
Go to Pierpoint and enter Castle Navan. From the entrance go straight to the lift and 
go down. Take the right path and ignore the warnings. At the end of the hall, search the 
ground and a hidden staircase will become available. Take it down and kill all those within 
the new room. Then take everything and head back to Erathia and get your reward.

t. Assassin

The Assassin lives in the northern settlement in Deyja. He will train those rogues who 
follow the dark. He asks you to murder the Lady Carmine of the Celestial Court, and bring 
proof back to him. He will then promote you to the rank of Assassin.
	This quest is easy. Go to the city of Celeste and walk to the Temple of Light. Lady 
Carmine is walking around the entrance, atop the steps. You only have to right click on all the 
peasants till one is named Lady Carmine. When you find her, kill her and take her dagger. 
Take the dagger back to the assassin in Deyja to get your reward.

u. Ninja

In the Pit you can find the Ninja. He offers to train those Initiates of evil disposition. 
His quest is a complex one - you have to steal the Scroll of Waves from the School of Sorcery 
and use it to decode the cipher he gives you. Then you have to find the tomb and open it. 
Then you have to find an artefact and bring it back to the Ninja.
The Scroll of Waves is your first goal. Go to the School of Sorcery and enter it. Head 
right into the bookshop. Kill the wizard there and open up the cupboard at his feet and push 
the switch. The door across the entrance opens up. Go in there and at the hallway watch out 
for the trap. Head right and search all the shelves until you find the Scroll of Waves. Then 
leave the place. The third word is pattern and you have to use it to decipher the cipher by 
subtracting pattern from the cipher. You get the message "I have found the tomb of Master 
Kelwin and have deduced the code from his notes. It is north east south west and centre. My 
job is done and the debt is paid. Good luck." 
The tomb is in south-eastern Erathia along the river. It is very hard to see. At the door 
there is a panel with five buttons. Press the top one, then the right one, then the bottom one, 
then the left one and finally the middle one. The door opens and you must enter it. The tomb 
is a very small place and the artefact is in a sarcophagus in the room on the right.
Once you get the artefact, head back to the pit and talk to the Ninja. He allows you to 
keep the artefact as a reward and promotes you to the rank of Ninja.

v. Villain

The one who teaches you to be a villain lives in southern Deyja in a rather large 
house/tower place. If you are evil, he will tell you to capture a noble lady from Castle 
Gryphonheart and bring her back to be imprisoned in his house/tower thing.
When in Castle Gryphonheart go straight and take a left at the throne room. Go 
straight down the hall and search the rooms at the end of the hall. In one there is the lady and 
you capture her automatically. Just leave and take her back to Deyja to get the promotion.

w. Sniper

The sniper lives in Avlee. He will offer to train you if you are on the dark path. All he 
wants is for you to recover the Perfect Bow from the Titan's Stronghold. This quest requires a 
lot of cowardice, or at least at the level I am now! Go to the Titan's Stronghold and go up the 
stairs and take a left, then a right, then straight at the next interchange, and finally a right. At 
the end is a treasure chest with the bow in it. Take it back to the Sniper to get your promotion. 
Note: Due to panic at seeing dragons and titans attacking me from all signs, I am not 
sure of the path described here. Please correct me if I am wrong, or I'll do it when I am 

x. Bounty Hunter

In the Tularean Forest you find the Bounty Hunter. He offers to train all evil Hunters 
to his rank if you finish his quest for him. The easiest promotion quest. All you have to do is 
gather up 10000 gold from bounties and talk to him to become a Bounty Hunter yourselves. 

y. Priest of the Dark

In the northernmost settlement in Deyja a Priest of the Dark offers to train your evil 
Priests. All you have to do is defile the Altar of the Sun in the Grand Temple of the Sun. The 
temple is on one of the western isles near to Evermorn Island. So head there.
The temple still has an active clergy and these you have to kill. The temple is rather 
straight forward and pretty easy to complete. You just have to walk north and you come to an 
altar. Just click on it and your characters should flash and get experience. When you are sure 
that the altar had been defiled, head back to Deyja and get your reward. This is one of the 
game's easiest promotion quests.

z. Warlock

The Warlock lives in Nighon and trains evil Great Druids. You have to find a dragon 
egg, and hatch the egg to get your animal familiar. Fortunately, you just have to bring the egg 
to the Warlock and he does the rest. The egg is in Eofol.
	Warp to Eofol from the Shrine in Harmondale. Make sure you are invisible and can 
fly, or you will have to fight many Titans and Dragons. They can and will kill you. Head up 
the nearest mountain slope, and on the side you'll find a cave. Enter it and avoid all the 
dragons and run to the egg and pick it up. Get back to Nighon and talk to the Warlock. The 
egg hatches and a baby dragon joins your party. All you then have to do is feed it and it gives 
your Warlocks bonus points to many of their skills.

aa. Lich

The Lich lives in the Pit and trains evil Wizards. All you have to do is obtain four lich 
jars from the Walls of Mist in the city of Celeste. In theory not that hard - in practise it is very 
hard since all the enemies come back to life if you leave! The enemies don't supply you with 
any experience, so you might as well not kill anything here.
In the middle of the first room there are three arches. Go through the right one and 
you'll warp to the eastern pillar. Head north and through two teleporters then go down the lift. 
Go straight then take a right up the stairs. You'll walk into a larger room where there are 
several arches to either side. You must go to both the left and right sides of the room and 
activate the switches by all four little pools. This drains the larger pool at the northern wall of 
the central chamber. Head there and jump in. Open the chest and take your reward - the East 
Pillar Key. Head back to the main room via the arch. 
Now take the middle arch. You should now be atop a large tower in the middle of the 
northern pillar. Look at the map and notice the four rooms branching off from the main room. 
Go down all four paths and click on all four of the little "pedestals". Then head back to the 
main tower and look at the map again. There is a platform in the bottom right corner that 
when you step upon will take you to the top. Take the platform and open the chest at the top 
to get the Northern Pillar Key. Head back to main hall. 
>From here take the left arch and you will end up in the west pillar. You just have to 
head north until you hit some stairs and go up the left ones. Head to the end and you'll see 
three buttons and a level. Make sure that only the right button is sticking out and then pull the 
lever. That will lower a part of the floor, and in that area you can find a chest with the West 
Pillar Key. Take the three keys and go back to where the three arches are. Go to the northern 
part of the room to find three locks. Make sure that all the buttons are depressed by using the 
appropriate keys on them (West Pillar Key on the western one, and so on so forth). When all 
are unlocked, a hidden room opens up and a chest therein contains the four lich jars. Take 
these back to Lich in the Pit and he'll turn all your Wizards into members of the undead and 
the rest to Honorary Liches.

11. Potions List

	Thanks to the Master Alchemist, I now have a list of potions! Thanks Shane!

Normal Level Potions ... 
Red Potion = Cure Wounds
Yellow Potion = Cure Weekness
Blue Potion = Magic Potion 
Red + Yellow = Cure Disease (Orange)
Red + Blue = Cure Poison (Purple)
Yellow + Blue = Awaken (Green) 

Expert Level Potions ... 
Green + Blue = Recharge Item (Green/Blue)
Green + Yellow = Harden Item (Green/Yellow)
Green + Red = Bless (Green/Red)
Green + Orange = Cure Insanity (Green/Orange)
Green + Purple = Remove Curse (Green/Purple)
Orange + Red = Haste (Orange/Red)
Orange + Yellow = Stone Skin (Orange/Yellow)
Orange + Blue = Preservation (Orange/Blue)
Orange + Purple = Remove Fear (Orange/Purple)
Purple + Red = Heroism (Purple/Red)
Purple + Yellow = Water Breathing (Purple/Yellow)
Purple + Blue = Shield (Purple/Blue) 

Master Level Potions ... 
Green/Blue + Orange = Noxious Potion (White)
Green/Blue + Green = Personality Boost (White)
Green/Blue + Purple = Swift Potion (White)
Green/Blue + Green/Yellow = Divine Power (White)
Green/Blue + Orange/Red = Divine Restoration (White)
Green/Blue + Orange/Yellow = Body Resistance (White)
Green/Blue + Purple/Red = Mind Resistance (White)
Green/Yellow + Orange = Cure Paralysis (White)
Green/Yellow + Green = Intellect Boost (White)
Green/Yellow + Purple = Noxious Potion (White)
Green/Yellow + Orange/Red = Fire Resistance (White)
Green/Yellow + Purple/Red = Divine Restoration (White)
Green/Yellow + Purple/Blue = Water Resistance (White)
Orange/Red + Orange = Speed Boost (White)
Orange/Red + Green = Flaming Potion (White)
Orange/Red + Purple = Shocking Potion (White)
Orange/Red + Orange/Yellow = Divine Cure (White)
Orange/Red + Purple/Blue = Air Resistance (White)
Orange/Yellow + Orange = Accuracy Boost (White)
Orange/Yellow + Green = Cure Paralysis (White)
Orange/Yellow + Purple = Flaming Potion (White)
Orange/Yellow + Purple/Red = Earth Resistance (White)
Orange/Yellow + Purple/Blue = Divine Restoration (White)
Purple/Red + Orange = Shocking Potion (White)
Purple/Red + Green = Freezing Potion (White)
Purple/Red + Purple = Might Boost (White)
Purple/Red + Purple/Blue = Luck Boost (White)
Purple/Blue + Orange = Freezing Potion (White)
Purple/Blue + Green = Swift Potion (White)
Purple/Blue + Purple = Endurance Boost (White) 

Grand Master Level Potions ... 
Orange/Yellow + Orange + Green = Pure Accuracy (Black)
Green/blue + Green + Purple = Pure Personality (Black)
Green/Yellow + Green + Orange = Pure Intellect (Black)
Orange/Red + Orange + Purple = Pure Speed (Black)
Purple/Red + Purple + Orange = Pure Might (Black)
Purple/Red + Purple/Blue + ??? = Pure Luck (Black)
Purple/Blue + Purple + Green = Pure Endurance (Black)

12. Frequently Asked Questions

Why do the lords keep on throwing me in jail? 
You have a fine to pay. You probably stole something and were caught, or you killed a 
peasant at one point or another. Check your awards screen, and it'll show how many fines you 
have to pay. You can pay them at any Town Hall.

I have all the golem parts, but Thomas Grey won't promote me to Wizard! Help!
You have to talk to the golem he sends with you. The golem is with your hirelings and 
can be reached by shifting to the left and right through them. Talk to him once for every piece 
that you have. Then talk to Thomas Grey.

What do I use the ore for?
	Bring it to the weapon, armour or itemsmiths in Erathia. The better the ore, the better 
the reward.

What are the apples for?
	Use them on a character to get +1 food.

What are the horseshoes for?
	Use them on a character to get 2 extra skill points. You find them outside of the stables 
throughout the world. When the monsters respawn in an area, so do the horseshoes.

How do I steal stuff?
	Hold control while clicking on the item you wish to steal. You may take a reputation 
drop or get a fine for your behaviour. 

How can I die and have a nice laugh at the same time?
	Bring Loren Steel to the King of the Elves and take Loren as a choice of conversation.

Where are the Light quests?
	I haven't played the good guy's quest yet. Sorry, but I'm too evil for that to happen 
until after my trip.

13. Tips and Tricks


	When you get the Arcomage deck (see side quests) you get the chance to play 
Arcomage in every tavern across the land. Arcomage is a fun game with many ways to win. 
The best suggestion that I can give you is to watch your opponent's ressources, my only loss 
was due to that. You should also try to smash his wall and tower down at the start of each 
duel, so use sll your damaging effects at the start and build up your tower later. You should 
also make sure that you keep a ressource advantsge at all times - use your ressource bonus 
cards when you get them. The game is only hard if you don't pay attention to what is 
happening. Watch and learn the cards!


	Use the Invisibilty spell to get close to spell casters or to avoid big monsters, like 
behemoths. Other good spells to have on at all all times are Protection From Magic and 

The Obelisks:
	In every area there is an obelisk. There are fourteen in all. They can be found in 
Harmondale, Erathia, Bracada, Celeste, the Barrow Downs, Tatalia, The Tularen Forest, 
Avlee, Deyja, The Pit, Evermorn Island, Nighon and Eofol. I can't remember where the last 
one is. When you find all fourteen, you can solve the puzzle:
				Pirates Five
				One Survive
				Hide the Gold
				Under the Sand
				White Flower
				Witching Hour
				Bloom Upon
				A Haunted Land
	Go to Evermorn Island and on one of the western islands there is a circle of stone. 
Wait there until midnight and pick the flower to get some awesome relics.

14. Credits

I wrote this of my own free will, with my time and have taken this from no one else's work, 
excluding Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honour, of course. This walkthrough can be 
shown on anyone's page who has my permission, and nobody but myself have the right to 
take credit for this work, or edit this work in any way. 
If you feel that I have missed something or that I am slightly wrong in an assumption that I 
made, please e-mail me at . Please write the corresponding area of the 
game for which it takes part so I can be sure that I have got that far, since I have had the game 
for about a week. Please feel free to tell me if I should improve this FAQ in any way, or if I 
should pay more attention to a certain area. Please send comments and tell me if this helps 
you or not! And ask questions! If I don't answer them directly, they will be answered in this 

I am looking for someone who has a list of enchantments for both weapons and armour and 
what they add to them (in ranges for elemental bonuses or ability bonuses). That would be 
very helpful since I don't have the time to do this.

Finally, a list of monsters and their stats can be used. I humbly ask anyone with grandmaster 
ID Monster to check some out for me! Thanks!

The first Credit goes to.... Justine Komine! He told me of alternate paths to finish the 
Scavenger Hunt!

Second credit goes to Craig for telling me how to finish the Hunter quest.

Third Credit is for the Potions list that Shane sent me.

Copyright 1999 Lord Haart.


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