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 Miracle Witch

Miracle Witch


First 3 spells:
First you want to grab the boots which is north of the starting position 
along the west wall. After that head east across the bridge and find a 
double gray circle on the ground. The fire spell is here. Next go back 
to the beginning and find a tree along a wall and burn it. Go into the 
cave and kill the guards for a key. Take the key north of the starting 
position to the tower and go inside. Work your way up, kill the stone 
head on the ground on 3rd floor to get ice book. Make sure to kill the
first and 4th tower mobs to get items. 

The Cave:
Go to the location north of the double gray circles and start killing 
mobs randomly 3 things can happen. 1) Killing blue knights will drop the
stone wall blocking the bridge. 2) Kobolds will spawn a treasure increasing 
fire power 3)Mobs by sea shore will give another treasure. Also if you walk
into the grave a water giant will spawn. Seems immune to all spells.

After doing these things, head across the bridge and grab the treasure to 
the south. Enter the cave and head west. You will find a miniature zone 
with only a grave, kill the grave with ice. Go back west and head immediately
north through the devils and grab the treasure for the lightning spell. Now 
head as north as you can go and you will find a grave along the northmost wall
surrounded by 3 devils. Grave is killable, but can't find its purpose.

The Ocean:
Head back to the water giant and use lightning on it. He appears to be immune,
but his hp is just ridiculously high that it doesn't show it being hurt at 
first. Be persistent. Once giant dies the water level will drop. Now head back
to the starting area, head toward the bridge but instead of walking across head
north. There is a slight ramp into the dirt "used to be lake" with a ice treasure.
Pick it up and the head to the obvious cliff drop in the double gray circle zone.
Once down head west and go inside the cave. Head north and pick up the hp item.

Mobs and their immunities:
Blue knight: Ice
Red Knight: Fire
Wizard/Sorcs: Water/Fire
Water Giant: Water/Fire/Ice/Lightning

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