Monkey Island 1 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Monkey Island 1

Monkey Island 1

Submitted by: ankush mahajan

Monkey Island 1 walkthrough

Part One: The Three Trials 

From the clifftop proceed to the Scumm Bar and start talking to the pirates, 
you need to talk to Mancomb Seepgood, Estevan and the Loom Pirate. Then talk 
to the dog, then walk to the east and talk to the Three Important Looking 
Pirates. Keep talking until you have asked them about everything, then wait 
next to the kitchen door until the cook comes out. When the cook has exited 
the screen to the left, open the door and sneak inside. Get the pot and the 
hunk of meat. Cook the meat in the pot. Open the door and go outside onto 
the dock. If you walk to the end of the dock you will kick a loose board. 
Keep doing this until the seagull flies away for long enough for you to 
grab the fish. Walk back outside. When the cut scene has finished you're 
ready to begin the first trial. 

Trial One: Beating the SwordMaster 

Head back to the clifftop and talk to the lookout. Walk to the path then 
go to the clearing with the lights. Go into the circus tent and agree to 
be fired from the cannon by the Fettucini Brothers. Tell them that you 
have a helmet and when they ask to see it, show them the pot. Exit the 
circus and go back past the Scumm Bar and into the town. Head north under 
the clock and go into the shop. Buy a sword. Go back to the clifftop and 
then head to the bridge. Give the troll the red herring and then go past 
the lights to the house in the SouthEast corner of the island. Train with 
Captain Smirk and then hit the island for some swordfighting action. Click 
on the wandering pirates and then fight with them. You need to get as many 
insults and comebacks as you can so that you can defeat the swordmaster. 
There are about 16 insults and 16 corresponding comebacks. When you're told 
you're good enough to beat the swordmaster, go back to the store and get the 
store keeper to lead you to the! swordmaster. The swordmaster will abuse you 
with all new insults. You must use the comebacks you have learned to combat 
her. When you win take your prize back to the Pirate Leaders. 

Trial Two: Obtaining the Idol of Many Hands 

From the Scumm Bar head to the fork in the track and pick the yellow flowers. 
Then go to the Governor's Mansion. Use the yellow flowers with the meat and 
feed it to the dogs. Enter the mansion, pick up the vase and open the door. 
After the cut scene, go to the jail and talk to Otis. Go to the Men of Low 
Moral Fibre and agree to take a copy of the PTA minutes, if they'll give you 
two pieces of eight. Go to the shop and buy the grog-o-mint breathmints. 
Return to the jail and give the grog-o-mints to Otis. When you finish 
talking give him the anti-gopher spray and get the carrot cake from him. 
Look at and then use the cake to get the file. Go back to the mansion and 
walk to the hole in the wall. Talk to Fester, then Elaine and then Fester 
again. When you're under the water, simply pick up the idol (or wait ten 
minutes to see Guybrush turn many different colours). After the cut scene 
with Elaine, take the idol to the Pirate Leaders. 

Trial Three: Finding the Treasure of Melee Island 

Go to the store and buy a shovel. Walk back into town and buy a treasure 
map from the Melee Island citizen standing on the corner opposite the 
three men of low moral fiber. Go to the fork in the track. Look at the 
treasure map. The dancing steps are actually the directions to the treasure. 
Head to the path at the back of the screen, then, go left, right, left, 
right, back, right, left, back and right. The treasure is marked with an 
X. Read the signs then start digging. Take your treasure back to the Pirate 

Map, Ship, Crew 

After watching the ghost ship sail off, go and talk to the lookout. Go to 
the Voodoo shop, get the rubber chicken and talk to the Voodoo Priestess. 
Visit the Swordmaster and show her the note - she'll join your crew. Then 
go to Hook Isle. Use the rubber chicken on the flying fox to get across. 
Talk to Meathook and show your courage by poking the parrot. That's two 
crew members. You need to get Otis out of jail to be your final crew member. 
Go to the Scumm Bar and talk to the Cook. Pick up as many platinum mugs as 
you can and go into the kitchen. Fill up a mug with grog and begin walking 
towards the jail. The mug will start to melt. As you walk you need to use 
the melting mug with the other mugs so that you can use the grog on the 
lock to Otis' cell. Now go and visit Stan at Stan's Used Ships. You want 
to buy the cheapest ship - The Mad Monkey. Ask Stan about credit and then 
go to the shopkeeper and ask for a credit note. Note the combination the 
shopkeeper uses to unlock the! safe (ie. count how many turns to the left 
and right). When he refuses you credit, tell him that you want to talk to 
the swordmaster, then open the safe and get the letter of credit. Return 
to Stan (he knew you'd be back) and follow this bidding routine. 

- Ask how much the ship is 
- Make an offer (start at $1000 and work up $1000 at a time) 
- Walk away 
- Be persuaded to come back 

Do this until you have the ship, then go to the dock where Stan will be waiting. 

Part Two: The Journey 

You start out in the Captain's cabin. Get the feather and the ink from on top 
of the desk, then open the desk drawer and read the log. Climb the mast and get 
the Jolly Roger. Talk to the crew to discover that they will be of absolutely 
no use. Then go below deck into the galley. Open the cupboard and get a box of 
cereal which you should use to get the small key. Get the small pot, then go 
right down to the bottom of the shop and get the gunpowder, the rope and the 
fine wine. Go back to the Captain's quarters and open the locked cupboard. Get 
the chest and get the cinnamon sticks and the recipe. The recipe constitutes 
the map you need to get to Monkey Island. Go back to the galley and put the 
breath mints, the rubber chicken :(, the ink, the gunpowder, the jolly roger, 
the cereal, the cinnamon sticks and the wine into the pot. When you regain 
consciousness put the business cards into the fire to create a flaming mass. 
Get some more gunpowder then return to the deck. Use the g!
unpowder in the cannon, use the rope to create a fuse, light the fuse then 
use the pot. 

Part Three: Under Monkey Island 

Once you pull your head out of the sand, pick up the banana and the note 
(every time you see a note pick it up and read it - there are notes at 
every location on the island). Walk northwest and go to the beach then go 
to the fort on the rim of the volcano. Pick up the spyglass then pull the 
cannon. Take the cannonball, rope and the gunpowder. Head east to the fork 
in the river, pick up the memo and the noteworthy rock. Look at the rock 
then cross the bridge and climb up the footholds. Pull the native art twice 
then climb to the top of the mountain. Use the spyglass and then push the 
rock. It should crash into the banana tree (if it doesn't then I've forgotten 
how many time to pull/push the native art. Just adjust it until it works) SAVE 
YOUR GAME. Walk over to the extreme right of the mountain. Climb back down the 
mountain and place the gunpowder on top of the dam. Use the flint with the 
cannonball and then run like the wind. Walk east to the pond and get the rope. 
Go south !
to the canyon and use your ropes to get to the oars at the bottom. Go to the 
beach where you landed, pick up the bananas and then use the oars with the 
boat. Row to the north of the island and then go into the Cannibals village. 
Get the bananas and then try to leave. The Cannibals will stop you and lock 
you in the hut. Pick up the small skull to reveal the loose floorboard. Escape 
from the village and row south. Go to the monkey in the forrest and give him 
all the bananas. Go to the Giant monkey head and pull the nose of the totem 
pole nearest the gate. Go into the monkey grounds and pick up the wimpy idol. 
Return to the Cannibal's village and give them the idol. Then go into the hut 
and get the banana picker, then return it to Herman, who will be waiting 
outside. Exit the village then walk back in and talk to the Cannibals. After 
they talk about the head of the navigator, give them the leaflet. Return to 
the Giant monkey head and use the key in the Giant monkey ear. Walk th!
rough the mouth and then use the head. Follow the direction of the navigator's 
nose - he will lead you to the ghost ship. On the ledge above the ghost ship 
talk to the head. Keep threatening the head (or saying please) until he gives 
you the necklace. Use the necklace then board the ship, go west into LeChuck's 
cabin and use the compass with the key. Head east and down the hatch, then go 
east again. Pick up the ghost chicken, then go west and use it on the sleeping 
crewman until he drops his grog. Go east and use the key in the hatch, then 
use the grog in the bowl and get the grease. Return to the deck and use the 
grease on the door. Open the door, get the ghost tools, then return below deck 
and get the voodoo antiroot. Take the root back to the cannibals, get the 
seltzer and then leave the village. 

Last Part: Guybrush Kicks Butt 

The next cutscene has several possibilities - you can zap Bob if you really 
want, or you can leave him be. After you finish talking with Bob, either 
your crew or Herman will come in, depending on whether or not you sunk your 
own ship. When you get back to Melee, make your way to the church, using the 
seltzer bottle on any ghosts you encounter. After the next little cut scene 
ends you'll eventually find yourself stuck in the grog machine at Stan's. 
Pick up the root beer bottle lying on the ground and use it on LeChuck.


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