Monkey Island II - LeChuck's Revenge Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Monkey Island II - LeChuck's Revenge

Monkey Island II - LeChuck's Revenge
 @@@@@@.        @@@@   .@@@@@.  @@@@@@  @@@@@  @@    @@@ @@@@@@@@ @@@    @@@    
  @@   @       @'  @  @       @  @    @  @ @  @ @   @ @  @      @ @  @  @  @    
   @@  @.     .@   @ @   @@@@  @ @     @ @ @  @ @  @ @   @ @@@@@@ @@ @  @ @@    
   @@  '@.    @'   @@   @   @@ @ @  @   @@ @  @ @ @ @    @ @       @. @@ .@     
    @   '@   .@    @@  @     @ @ @  @@   @ @  @ @@  @    @ @@@     '@    @'     
    @    @.  @'    @@  @     @ @ @  @ @    @  @ @ @  @   @ @@@      '@  @'      
    @    '@ @@     @@  @    @@ @ @  @  @   @  @ @  @  @  @ @         @  @       
    @     @@@      @@@  @@@@@  @ @  @   @  @  @ @  @@  @ @ @@@@@@@   @  @       
    @      @@      @@@        @  @  @    @ @  @@@   @  @ @       @   @  @       
    @   @      @   @ @@@    @@  @@@@@@    @@        @@@@ @@@@@@@@@   @  @       
    @   @      @   @  @@@@@@         @@@@          @@                @  @       
    @   @@    @@   @    @@    @@@@@  @  @         @  @                @@@@      
    @   @@   .@@   @  @@@@  @  @@@ @ @  @         @  @   @@@@@@  @@@@@          
    @   @@@  @'@   @ @@@ @ @@ @   @@ @  @        @    @   @    @  @ @ @@@@.     
    @   @ @@.@ @   @ @   @ @@  @@    @  @       @  @@  @  @     @ @ @  @  '@    
    @   @  @@@ @   @ @   @ @@    @@  @  @       @ @  @ @  @  @   @@ @  @ @. @   
    @   @   @  @   @ @   @  @@@    @ @  @    @ @  @@@@  @ @  @@   @ @  @ @'@ @  
    @   @      @   @ @   @    @@@  @ @  @   @@ @        @ @  @ @    @  @ @  @ @ 
    @   @      @   @ @   @ @@   @@ @ @  @@@@ @ @  @@@@  @ @  @  @   @  @ @  @ @ 
   @@   @@      @ @  @   @ @ @@@@' @ @       @ @  @  @  @ @  @   @  @  @ @..@ @ 
  @@     @@      @   @   @ @       @ @@@@@@@@@ @@@@  @@@@ @  @    @ @  @ @@' @  
   @@   @@           @   @  @@@@@@@                      @@@@@@    @@  @   .@   
    @@ @@            @   @                                            @@@@@'    
     @@@             @   @                                                      
      @              @   @                                                      
                     @   @                                                      
                     @   @                                                      
                     @   @                                                      
                    @@   @@                                                     
                   @@     @@                                                    
                    @@   @@                                                     
                     @@ @@                                                      

Above ASCII art by Atom Edge.

** 1. - FAQ Information                                                      **

Game:                                      Monkey Island II: LeChuck's Revenge
Platform:                                  DOS/Windows (PC)
Genre:                                     Point & Click Adventure
Author:                                    TimmyTheRabidTurtle
Last Updated:                              Wednesday, 28th July 2004
Date Created:                              Friday, 16th July 2004
Current Version:                           Version 0.95
FAQ Size:                                  54kb
Guide Type:                                FAQ/Walkthrough

** 2. - Table of Contents                                                    **

                          1. - FAQ Information
                          2. - Table of Contents
                          3. - Version History
                          4. – Characters*
                          5. - Walkthrough 
                          6. - Frequently Asked Questions
                          7. – Items List
                          8. - Outro 

** 3. - Version History                                                      **

Version 0.95 – Added the FAQ.

Version 0.85 - Added the ToC, FAQ Information, Version History, Characters, 
               Walkthrough, Items List, Credits and Copyright Information.

** 4. – Characters                                                           **

Guybrush Threepwood
Guybrush is the hero of the Monkey Island series. In this, only the second of 
the four (at the time of writing) games, Guybrush retains his razor-sharp wit 
and humour and manages to save himself yet again. 

Elaine Marley
Elaine is Guybrush's desired female companion. She plays a relatively small 
part in the plot of MI2, and she seems to hate Guybrush for some unknown 
reason. In it, she is the naratee (yes, it's a word now).

Guybrush's arch enemy is the zombie ghost pirate LeChuck. Largo, LeChuck's 
henchman, reincarnates the undead monster in the process of MI2. There are some 
major spoilers in the later part of the game... Hold on...

The cartographer on Scabb Island, Wally has also been looking for the Big Whoop 
treasure, like Guybrush. Unfortunately, Wally is as blind as a hobo with no 

Largo is a tiny bully who runs Scabb Island. He soon turns out to be in league 
with LeChuck, and plays part in reincarnating him. 

Captain Dread
Captain Dread is your transport for Mi2, bringing you between Scabb, Booty and 
Phatt Islands. Dread is Jamaican.

Stan is the energetic salesman from all existing MI games. This time, he has 
dumped his used-ship business and chosen the more convenient used coffin 
salesmanship. Wise.

** 5. – Walkthrough                                                          **

Bear in mind that this Walkthrough was written for the harder mode of MI2.

Footage of Guybrush hanging from a rope clutching onto a chest of treasure is 
shown. Elaine asks how he got here and Guybrush begins his story.

                          Part One – The Largo Embargo

It began on Scabb Island. Guybrush is just finishing retelling the events of 
The Secret of Monkey Island to some of his friends around a campfire. He 
outlines his plans to search for the Pirate Treasure Big Whoop and soon gets up 
and leaves the campfire. He arrives close to a bridge into the town on Scabb 
Island (Woodtick). As you take a step forward, a man named Largo LeGrande 
appears and talks to Guybrush he threatens Guybrush and takes all his stuff and 
then leaves. Head into town and go up to where there are pirates sleeping. Pick 
up the bucket.

Talk to the pirates and you will find they are the travelling circus from the 
last game. After they've recounted their story, ask about the wooden leg. He 
will ask you to get some wood polish from the store nearby and will give you 
the money for it. Head to the woodsmith's store (second door on Guybrush's 
left) and ask him for some polish. Return to the pirates and put some polish on 
the wooden leg. If you keep shining it for him, he will give you pieces of 
eight until he runs out. So, repeat until you get bored.

Head to the cartographer's store. Talk to Wally, the cartographer, and he will 
tell you some information about Big Whoop. When he's finished talking, he will 
put down his monocle for a moment. Quickly pick it up and then pick up a piece 
of paper from the shelf nearby. Leave. Leave the town and go to the swamp. Use 
the bucket with the swamp water and you will get a bucket of mud. Get into the 
coffin and row deep into the swamp. You will come across a skull-shaped shack. 
Row towards it and you will find yourself in a room. Head to the right and you 
will find the Voodoo Lady from the last game (and subsequent games). Talk to 
her about Largo and she will tell you she needs four items to have him leave 
the island – A piece of his clothing, something from his head, something from a 
dead relative of his and some body fluid of him. Before you leave, pick up some 
of the string near the coffin. Leave the swamp.

Go to the beach (where you were at the beginning of the game) and pick up the 
stick on the ground. Return to Woodtick. Pick up the sign at the entrance, and 
you will get a shovel. Leave Woodtick and go to the cemetery. On the hill, 
there are some graves. There is one from Largo's grandfather. Begin digging and 
Guybrush will soon find a bone. One down. Head back to Woodtick and go down the 
hatch. Talk to the bartender and ask for some grog. You won't be allowed have 
any without ID. Largo will soon come in, ask for some money and then asks for a 
drink. The bartender complies, and Largo spits on the wall before leaving. Use 
the piece of paper from Wally's to get some of the spit. Two down. Leave the 

Just to the left of the entrance, there are some point windows – enter the one 
furthest on the left. You will end up in the kitchen of the bar. Pick up the 
knife on the table and exit through the window. There is a ship on the left. 
Enter it – it is a hotel, but there is only one room. Use the knife on the rope 
tying the alligator to the post. The owner will run after it. Look at the bowl 
and pick up the cheese snacks inside. Open the door nearby and go in – this is 
Largo's room. Pick up the toupee (three down) and put the bucket of mud on the 
door. Now, hide behind the changing screen. Largo will come in and the bucket 
of mud will fall and get stuck on his head. When he leaves, follow him and go 
to the Men of Low Moral Fibre. Largo will get mad at Mad Marty and tells you to 
say that he will pick "it" up later tonight. Open the box on the ground. Use 
the stick to prop it up. Put the cheese squiggles in the box and tie the string 
to the stick. Wait for the rat to begin eating at the cheese and then pull the 
string. Open the box and take out your prized rat. Leave the area and go back 
to Largo's room.

Close the door behind you and pick up the claim ticket on the back of the door. 
Leave and return to Mad Marty's. Give him the claim ticket and you will get a 
pearly white bra. Enter the kitchen of the bar. Put the rat in the potato and 
leak soup and then enter the bar through the front entrance. Talk to the 
bartender and ask about his soup. He will find the rat and fire the chef. He 
will the offer Guybrush a job and will give him a week's pay up front. Leave 
through the window. Go to the swamp and give the four ingredients to the Voodoo 
Lady. She will conjure up a voodoo doll and some pins for you. Head to Largo's 
room. When you've entered, quickly use the pin on the doll. Largo is rendered 
helpless, but before he finally leaves, Guybrush takes out a part of LeChuck's 
animated beard. Largo takes it, saying that he can make LeChuck live again. In 
desperation, Guybrush goes to the Voodoo Lady, who agrees that it can happen. 
She will give you a book, rented from Phatt Island Library. 

Head to the peninsula and talk to Captain Dread. The Captain will say that he 
won't sail until he finds his "Eye that has seen the world" necklace. Give him 
the monocle and then give twenty pieces of eight.

                         Part Two – The Four Map Pieces

The next part begins with a shot of LeChuck's fortress. Inside, LeChuck has 
been resurrected and orders Largo to bring Guybrush to him alive.

Guybrush is seen on the deck of the Jolly Rasta. Pick up the parrot chow and 
head inside. Talk to Dread and ask what your choices are. You call go to A) 
Phatt Island, B) Booty Island or C) Scabb Island (where you just came from). He 
will give you a map. Select Phatt Island. When you get off your ship, the first 
thing you come across is a guard looking at a poster of you (it seems you're 
wanted). He will take you along to Governor Phatt's mansion. As you talk to 
Governor Phatt, he will tell you of his plan to sell you to LeChuck to finance 
his upkeep. You will be taken to a jail no matter what you say. 

Left to guard you is a mere dog. Pick up the mattress and use it to get the 
bone from the leg of the prisoner in the other cell. Use it to lure the dog 
towards you. Pick up the key and unlock your cell. On your way out, pick up the 
gorilla and manilla envelopes. Open them and all your stuff from before you 
were captured will be put back in your inventory. Also, you will get an organ 
and a banana. Exit the jail. 

Go to the library. Just inside the threshold is a model of a lighthouse. Open 
it and take the lens inside. Look at the card catalogue. You are looking for 
"The Joy of Hex" and "Great Shipwrecks of Our Century". The former is under P-
Q-R for Recepies, Voodoo, while the latter is under C-D for Disasters. When 
you've found them, have Guybrush remember their names. Go over to the 
librarian. Talk to her and ask to take out the books. You will be asked to open 
an account. After you have given some information, you will be gifted with a 
temporary card. Tell the woman the names of the two books you want. After she 
retrieves them, leave. Head to the path at the end of the wharf. Go to the 

Open the gate and go down the path to the door. Attempt to go up the stairs and 
a guard will stop you. Say any of the options and then say that you think the 
kitchen is on fire. Head upstairs then. Switch the book on the stomach of 
Governor Phatt with the Big Whoop book. You don't need the Big Whoop book. The 
new book you have will be useful later on. Leave the mansion and go to the 
wharf. Head to the alleyway on the left. You will see a guy win some money. If 
you try and bet, however, you will phail. When the guy comes in again, follow 
him after he wins. He will go into a nearby alleyway and will talk to a big 
hand. He will solve a number puzzle and the hand will tell him the next winning 
number. Open the slot on the door and Guybrush will knock. Ask what the next 
number will be. You will have to guess the password answer three times. 

The password game is pretty simple. The hand will put up some fingers, saying 
that this is a number, then will put up some others and ask what number the 
other fingers are. This is ridiculously simple – the answer is the number of 
fingers he put up the first time. After you guess three times, you will get the 
number. Head to the first alleyway, place a bet and win. Take the invitation to 
Elaine's Mardi Gras party. Return to the ship and go to Booty Island.

Talk to the guy near the cannon about what he's looking at. Enter the small 
building to the left. Pick up the sign just inside the door and buy it. Use the 
parrot chow with the hook that the sign came off and then pick up the mirror 
and purchase it. Buy the ships horn and the saw as well. You will notice that 
there is a piece of the map in the store. You won't have the money to buy it, 
however, so you'll have to trade. You need to find the Mad Monkey ship, which 
is capsized. To find the location, look in the book about Shipwrecks. However, 
we won't do that now. Enter the costume shop. Give the guy your invitation and 
you will be taken to your costume. Pick it up and leave. Talk to the girl in 
green outside and ask for a leaflet from her. Go to the ship and ask Dread to 
take you to Scabb Island.

Walk to where the Men of Low Moral Fibre are. Saw off the wooden leg of the one 
on the right. Begin to exit and the man will call for the woodsmith. Go to the 
woodsmith's shop and take the hammer and nails. Go to the bar. Jojo the monkey 
is here, entertaining the crowd. Talk to the bartender and ask for grog. Now 
that you have an ID, you can legally buy alcohol. Buy the Blue Whale and the 
Yellow Beards Baby. Put the banana on the metronome and the monkey will stop 
playing and will become trance-like, hypnotised by the insolent shaking of a 
banana. Pick it up and leave. Return to the ship. Sail for Booty Island.

Open the door to Stan's Previously Owned Coffins and go inside. Talk to Stan 
for a moment. Say you're looking for a good used coffin. He will take you to 
one and will get inside to show you how roomy it is. Close the lid on him and 
he will give you a hankie. Ask him to get back in, close the lid and nail it 
shut. Take the key by the counter and leave. Head right to the spitting 

Walk near the marking flags and blow the ship horn. The old guy will fire his 
cannon, thinking the mail ship is nearby. While the Spitmaster is gone, use the 
flags and Guybrush will move them back. Mix the blue and yellow drinks to form 
a green one. Take a drink of it using the silly straw. Talk to the Spitmaster 
and sign up for the competition. Give any name. You will need to spit when the 
wind is blowing hard. You can tell it's blowing hard when the material tied 
round the woman on the right's waist moves in the wind. When you're told to 
spit, Hock, Cwwk and then select "ptooie" when the wind is blowing. Once you do 
this right and win, you will receive a plaque. Useless. Bring it to the 
antiques shop and try to sell it to the guy. Tell him the spit of the guy who 
defeated LeChuck is on it. He will give you 6,000 pieces of eight for it. While 
there, ask about the map piece. He will tell you that he will only trade it for 
the figurehead of the Mad Monkey ship. Leave.

Read the Shipwrecks book and note the co-ordinates of where the shipwreck of 
the Mad Monkey lies. Talk to the woman in green and say you want to charter a 
ship. If you know the co-ordinates, tell her where you want to sail. If not, 
tell her you're not ready and look at the book. Select the co-ordinates on the 
map. Soon, you'll arrive. Guybrush will jump in the water and will sink to the 
bottom. Pick up the monkey head and use the rope. Once you return to land, give 
the antique dealer the monkey head and you can take the map piece. Head to the 
ship and go to Scabb Island.

You will be gifted with the cut-scene of Largo telling LeChuck Guybrush found a 
piece to the map of Big Whoop. Head to the cemetery on arrival. Go to the crypt 
and use the crypt key on the door. Look in the book of pirate quotes (the book 
you got from Governor Phatt) and note the Rapp Scalion quote. Look at each 
coffin until you find the one from Rapp Scallion. Open the coffin and you will 
find some ashes. Pick up some ash. Head to the swamp and to the voodoo lady's 

Once inside, look at each of the jars until you find Ash-2-Life. Pick it up and 
the lady will beckon you over to her. She will need a sample of the ashes to 
bring that person back to life, so give her some. Take the concoction and head 
back to the crypt. Use Ash-2-Life on the pile of ashes. Talk to Rapp and 
convince him he's dead. When he says how he has unfinished things to do, ask 
what they are. Tell him you will check his gas for him. He gives you the key 
then reverts to an ash pile. Head to the beach. Open the door of the shack and 
use the knob to turn off the gas. Return to the cemetery and tell him you've 
completed the errand. He will give you the map and return to his state as a 
pile of ash. Leave the cemetery and leave Scabb Island. Set sail for Booty 
Island. Meanwhile, Largo gets in trouble for letting Guybrush get piece two.

Walk to the path on the left side of the screen. Head to the small structure 
before the mansion. Show the guard your costume and invitation. Continue to the 
mansion and go inside. Pick up the piece of map above the mantelpiece. Head 
outside and you will be discovered by the dog. The gardener will take you to 
Elaine's room. She seems to hate Guybrush now. Say some sweet things to her and 
she will almost forgive you. But then Guybrush ask about the map... MISTAKE. 
She then throws it out the window. Follow it outside. It will float away and 
eventually lands on a cliff. If you go there, you will find you can't reach it 
from the top of the cliff. 

Return to the mansion. Go upstairs and pick up the oar above Elaine's bed. 
Return outside and the dog will smell something. The gardener isn't nearby, 
however, and he can't hear the dog's cries. Pick up the dog. Walk around the 
side of the house. Push the garbage can and the chef will come out. Run around 
the house with him chasing you until you arrive back on the side with the back 
door. Enter and take a fish from the bucket on the table. Leave and head to the 
ship. Go to Phatt Island. Talk to the fisherman on the wharf. Insult him until 
he asks about betting with you. Accept his wager. Give him the fish then and 
he'll submit and give you the pole. Head to Booty Island and go to the cliff. 
Use the fishing pole and you will grasp the map piece... Only for a seagull to 
fly away with it! Go to the big tree now.

There is a stick in a hole in the tree. Put the oar in the hole next to it. 
Walk onto the oar and you will fall because the oar has broken. Guybrush will 
get up, seeing a red screen. His parents will arrive and will then do a dance 
for him in skeleton form. Guybrush excitedly writes it down. LeChuck then 
appears and his parents disappear. SoMI Guybrush then takes LeChuck's place, 
however. Then, Guybrush wakes up. Pick up the broken oar and go to Dread's 
ship. Go to Scabb Island. Have the woodsmith fix the oar then return to Booty 
Island and to the tree. Put the oar in the hole and walk to it. Pick up the 
stick and put it in the next hole. Repeat.

You will find yourself amidst three huts on top of the trees. Go to the one on 
the left and pick up the telescope. Head to the middle hut and use Elaine's dog 
with the pile of papers to get your third map piece. Leave and go to the ship. 
Go to Phatt Island. (Cut-scene: LeChuck isn't happy) Use the leaflet from Katie 
Capsize with the poster of Guybrush. Take the path and watch Katie get 
arrested. Go to the jail and unlock her with the key. Pick up the vanilla 
envelope after she leaves and open it to get the near-grog. Go to the 
waterfall. Climb to the top and take out Jojo the Monkey. Use Jojo with the 
pump. Climb down and enter the mysterious hole.

Walk to the left three times and take the path to the cottage above you when 
you arrive on the beach. Open the window and enter the house. Say you're 
looking for a map. Then say "I'm Guybrush Threepwood. Prepare to die." You will 
be entered into a drinking competition using special homemade grog. When you 
have your drink, dump the grog in the tree nearby. Fill your mug with near-
grog. The guy will come back with his drink and will invite you to drink first. 
Guybrush will remain fine. The other pirate, however, will get knocked out. Put 
the mirror in the mirror frame. Go outside and put the telescope on the 
grotesque statue. Remember the brick that the light shines on. Go inside and 
push the brick. Guybrush will fall down the trapdoor and will end up in a 
basement. Pick up the map piece in the corpse hand. Enter the hole nearby. Go 
back into the cave and go back the way you came.

Now that you have four pieces, you have the complete map. Guybrush doesn't know 
what island it is. He must bring the map to Wally on Scabb Island. Go to the 
ship and head there. Meanwhile, Largo hatches his plan to get Guybrush before 
he finds out where the island is. Head to Wally's and give him the lighthouse 
lens. This will enable him to see. Give him the map. You will have to run an 
errand. Do as he says.

Once you arrive at the shack, the Voodoo Lady will tell you she thinks Wally 
has been captured. Head to the cartographer's shack. Scratched into the table 
is the name "LeChuck…" Guybrush does some math and realises Wally has been 
kidnapped. Return to the swamp and get in the crate. This will take you to part 

                        Part Three – LeChuck's Fortress

After you get out of the crate, you will find yourself in LeChuck's Fortress. 
Open the LuLu bag and head right. Go up the stairs and enter the passage. Head 
right until you get to a prison cell. Look inside the cell and you will find 
Wally hanging from his wrists. Talk to him, and Guybrush will soon rush off to 
get the key. Return to the room with the skeletons on the walls. Remember the 
dream sequence where Guybrush's parents did the dance? Good. Take out the spit 
encrusted paper and note the first verse. For example, it might say:

"The hip bone is connected to the arm bone,
The arm bone is connected to the head bone,
The head bone is connected to the leg bone."

This means that you need to look at each of the skeleton pictures and push 
whichever one matches that sequence. The answer to the example would be to find 
a picture that has a hip on top, arm bones in the middle and a skull at the 
bottom. When you find it, push it and climb through. Repeat for each of the 
four verses and you will end up before a door. Open the door and you will find 
yourself in a room with LeChuck's Voodoo Throne. Next to it is the key – pick 
it up and you will be captured. Don't worry, it's meant to happen.

LeChuck will bring you to his torture device and will explain the procedure. 
What you need to do is stop the candle from burning. Use the crazy straw to 
drink the green mixture. Spit on the shield to your right. Your objective is to 
have the spit bounce of the shield and hit the candle so that it goes out. You 
may have to try a few times to get it right. LeChuck will return and will find 
you both have escaped. When you regain control, you are in darkness in an 
unknown room. Light a match.

                           Part Four – Dinky Island      

Pick up the bottle on the beach; pick up the crowbar and martini glass near the 
still. Open the barrel and pick up the cracker inside. Talk to Hermon Toothrot 
and he will mention philosophy. When he asks you the question about the colour 
of the fallen tree, keep guessing colours until "All colours?" appears. Then he 
will be finished with you. Give the cracker to the parrot and it will give you 
a direction on how to get to the treasure. Use the martini glass with seawater 
and then use the glass with the still. Use the bottle on the rocks, head left 
and enter the jungle.

Take the left path and continue until you reach a bag hanging from a tree. Use 
the broken bottle and pick up the box of crackers. Use the martini glass with 
the cracker box. Return to where you entered the jungle and take the right 
path. You will come to a pond. Pick up the rope and use the crowbar on the box. 
Pick up the dynamite and return to the parrot. Give the parrot the two crackers 
and note the directions given. Follow the directions and you will arrive at an 
X. Use the shovel on it. You will hit cement, however. Light the dynamite and 
toss it in the hole. After a moment, Guybrush will find himself on a ledge 
across from the treasure. Use the crowbar with the rope and use the crowbar 
rope with the twisted metal rods. Then, you will find yourself just finished 
your story with Elaine. You will then fall into the hole, however.

Search around for the light switch and then use it. When the lights hit, you 
discover LeChuck to be right next to you. LeChuck then tells you that... he is 
your brother! He then takes out a voodoo doll and pin. After some torture, you 
will end up in another room – it seems the voodoo doll sends you into another 
room, not dimension. After some more torture, you will end up in another room. 
Head to the elevator. Just after the elevator room, there is a turn to the 
left. Enter that room. Use the change return slot on the grog machine and a 
coin will fall out. Wait in that room and LeChuck will appear. He will bend 
down to pick up the coin. Pull at his underwear. When you arrive in your new 
room, head to the last room on the right – the first aid room. 

Inside are Guybrush's parents. Pick up the skull of your father and open the 
medial desk drawer. Pick up the syringe. Open the trash can and pick up the 
stuff inside. Head to the elevator. Go inside and wait for LeChuck. When he 
appears, pull the lever. Pick up the piece of beard that you cut off. A fun 
thing is that if you go out of the door, you will find yourself in the alley 
from Melee Island ^_^.

Go to any room and wait for LeChuck. When he appears, give him the hanky from 
Stan's. He will give it back to you dripping with filth. Now, go to the storage 
room (the one with the boxes). Open the voodoo doll box and pick up a doll. 
Take all the ingredients (the skull, the hanky, the beard piece and the 
underwear) and put them in the LuLu bag. Now, put the doll in. Guybrush will 
make a LeChuck voodoo doll (the syringe will act as a pin). Find LeChuck and 
use the two. LeChuck will run off. Find him again and Guybrush will 
automatically use the doll. The weirdest scene then ensues, but I won't spoil 
it for you. :p

** 6. – Frequently Asked Questions                                           **

Q: Some guy just took all my money! How do I get it back?
You can't get it back, I'm afraid. The guy is Largo LeGrande.

Q: How do I get something of the Dead?
You must get a piece of the body of a relative of Largo. Head to the graveyard 
and go to the hill with the graves on it. Use the shovel (from the sign on the 
entrance to Woodtick) on the hill and Guybrush will dig up a bone.

Q: How do I get something of the Thread?
You must get a piece of clothing from Largo. Go to the swamp and use the bucket 
with the swamp water. Go to the bar and enter from the window in the side of 
the ship. Pick up the knife and leave. Go to the hotel and use the knife on the 
rope tying the alligator/crocodile to the post. Enter Largo's room and use the 
bucket of mud on the door. Leave and go to Mad Marty's. After Largo leaves, 
return to his room and close the door. Pick up the claim ticket and return to 
Marty's. Give him the claim ticket.

Q: How do I get something of the Head?
Go to the bar and enter from the window in the side of the ship. Pick up the 
knife and leave. Go to the hotel and use the knife on the rope tying the 
alligator/crocodile to the post. Enter Largo's room and pick up the toupee.

Q: How do I get something of the Body?
Go to Wally's and pick up a piece of paper. Go to the bar and talk to the 
barkeeper for a while. Largo soon comes in and spits on the wall to the left. 
Use the paper with the spit and you have a sample of body fluid from Largo.

Q: How do I get Captain Dread to sail?
Give him Wally's monocle.

Q: How do I get out of jail? 
Pick up the mattress and pick up the stick beneath it. Use the stick with the 
leg bone of the skeleton in the other cell. Use the bone to entice the dog over 
towards you. Pick up the key and open your cell.

Q: How do I win at the roulette-type game?
Wait for the small guy to win. When he leaves, follow him. You notice he talks 
to a large hand and gets the winning number from him. Talk to the hand when he 
leaves. He will put up a hand, say it's a number will then put up another hand 
and will ask you what number that is. The answer is always the number of 
fingers he held up the first time, simply.

Q: How do I win the spitting competition?
Go to the antiques shop and buy the ship's horn. Go to the bar on Scabb Island 
and buy a blue and a yellow drink. Mix the two. Return to the spitting 
competition. Blow the ship's horn and while the spitmaster leaves, move the 
marking flags. Drink the green liquid with the aid of a crazy straw and then 
ask to compete. Hwwwk, Chww and wait for the wind to blow hardest (you can tell 
it's blowing its hardest because the woman's shawl moves in the wind). When it 
does, spit. You should come first. 

Q: How do I get the map piece in the antiques shop? 
After you won the spitting competition, sell your plaque for 6,000 to the shop 
owner. Go to Capsize Kate and ask to charter a boat. To get the right 
directions, you must have read the "Great Shipwrecks of Our Century" book (go 
to the library – it's under D for Disasters). Go to the location specified in 
the book. When you arrive, jump in the water and pick up the figurehead. Get on 
the anchor and bring the head back to the owner.

Q: How do I win the drinking competition?
After you've had Capsize Kate arrested (get one of her leaflets and put it over 
the picture of you on the WANTED poster), get the envelope of her possessions 
from inside the jail. Once you've gotten your drink, pour it in the plant. Pour 
the near-grog in your mug and wait.

Q: So where is the map piece?
Go outside. Open the window and put the mirror in the mirror frame (to get the 
mirror, buy the "Beware of parrot" sign from the antiques shop. Put the parrot 
chow on the hook it was on and then buy the mirror). Put the telescope in the 
hand of the grotesque statue. Remember the brick that the light shone on and go 
inside. Push the brick.

Q: How do I get to LeChuck's fortress?
Climb in the crate at the swamp.

Q: Where is the key to Wally's Cell?
Go to the room with the various skeleton body parts. Look at the spit-encrusted 
paper and follow the directions it gives. For example, it might say:

"The hip bone is connected to the arm bone,
The arm bone is connected to the head bone,
The head bone is connected to the leg bone."

This means that you have to push the door that has a pelvis on top, arms in the 
middle and a skull on the bottom. 

Q: How do I stop myself from falling in the acid?
Spit on the shield to your right (Drink the green liquid first).

Q: How do I stop LeChuck killing me with the voodoo doll?
You'll have to build a LeChuck voodoo doll...

Q: How do I get something of the head?
Go to the first aid room and get the gloves from the trash can. Go to the 
storage room and pick up the balloon. Go to the OTHER storage room (with the 
grog machine inside) and inflate the gloves and balloon with helium. Go to the 
elevator and wait for LeChuck. When he appears, pull the lever. Pick up the 
beard particles.

Q: How do I get something of the thread?
Go to the grog machine room and use the coin return slot. Wait for LeChuck to 
appear. When he does, he will bend over and try to pick up the coin. Pull his 

Q: How do I get something of the body?
Go into any room and wait for LeChuck. When he appears, give him Stan's hanky. 

Q: How do I get something of the dead?
Pick up your Dad's skull from the first aid room.

Q: What do I use for a pin?
Use the syringe. 

** 7. – Items List                                                           **

                          Part One – The Largo Embargo
|                       |                                                     |
|         Item          | Description (What Guybrush says about it)           |
|                       |                                                     |
| Riches                | "This may be a lot of money, but it's nothing       |
|                       |  compared to how rich I'll be when I find Big Whoop"|
| Shovel                | "THRIFTY-DIG™ -- for the treasure hunter on a       |
|                       |  budget."                                           |
| Paper                 | "It's blank."                                       |
| Monocle               | "Everything looks all blurry."                      |
| Bucket                | "It's just a bucket."                               |
| ### Pieces of Eight   | "I'm rich."                                         |
| Wood Polish           | "If only I could use this stuff on my lines..."     |
| Bucket o' Mud         | "It's a bucket full of mud."                        |
| String                | "I think it's yo-yo string."                        |
| Shopping List         | "Something of the thead, something of the head,     |
|                       |  something of the body and something of the dead."  |
| Stick                 | "Nice stick."                                       |
| Knife                 | "Sharp."                                            |
| Spit on Paper         | "Yup, it's Largo's."                                |
| Cheese Squiggles      | "One of my favourites!"                             |
| Toupee                | "There's strange little white bugs all over it."    |
| Captured Rat          | "Cute little fella!"                                |
| Laundry Claim Ticket  | "Nice laundry claim ticket."                        |
| Pearly-White Bra      | "Nice April-Fresh™ scent!"                          |
| Bone                  | "Gross."                                            |
| Voodoo Doll           | "It's little, mean-looking and ugly. Just like      |
|                       |  Largo."                                            |
| Pins                  | "Sharp."                                            |
| Big Whoop: Unclaimed… | (…Bonanza or Myth?) "Big Whoop: Unclaimed Bonanza   |
|                       |  or Myth? It says here there were four pirates:     |
|                       |  Rapp Scallion (the cook), Young Lindy (the cabin   |
|                       |  boy), Mister Rodgers (the first mate) and Captain  |
|                       |  Marley. They buried their treasure along with      |
|                       |  plenty of booby traps on a place believed to be    |
|                       |  called Inky Island. They made a map which they     |
|                       |  divided into four pieces, each man taking one.     |
|                       |  Rapp Scallion later opened the Steamin' Weenie Hut |
|                       |  on Scabb Island. It was a huge success but fell    |
|                       |  into disrepair after Rapp was killed in a flash    |
|                       |  fire. Young Lindy drifted aimlessly, down on his   |
|                       |  luck until he mysteriously came into money while   |
|                       |  panhandling on Booty Island. He used the cash to   |
|                       |  bankroll an advertising firm which failed after    |
|                       |  its gross mishandling of the Gangrene 'n' Honey    |
|                       |  account. Mister Rodgers retired off the coast of   |
|                       |  Phatt Island. He marketed homemade contest grog    |
|                       |  brewed in a bathtub until his recent disappearance.|
|                       |  Captain Marley vanished while sailing in the       |
|                       |  America's Cup Race. His boat was leading at the    |
|                       |  time."                                             |

                           Part Two – Four Map Pieces

|                       |                                                     |
|         Item          | Description (What Guybrush says about it)           |
|                       |                                                     |
| Parrot Chow           | "It has a picture of a parrot on the front."        |
| Stick                 | "It's a stick."                                     |
| Bone                  | "It's a tibia."                                     |
| Small Key             | "Nice small key."                                   |
| Gorilla Envelope      | "Mr. Willy Gorilla. Arrested for grinding his organ |
|                       |  in public."                                        |
| Manila Envelope       | "Mr. Guybrush Threepwood. Arrested for infractions  |
|                       |  too numerous to list."                             |
| Banana                | "This reminds me of a story about a farm girl and   |
|                       |  a... Oh, never mind."                              |
| Organ                 | "What a big organ!"                                 |
| Model Lighthouse Lens | "Everything looks all blurry."                      |
| Temporary Library Card| *Recites the details given to the librarian.*       |
| The Joy of Hex        | "The Joy of Hex. I think it's meant for advanced    |
|                       |  voodoo practitioners. The writing's way too        |
|                       |  technical for me."                                 |
| Great Shipwrecks of…  | (…Our Century) "Great Shipwrecks of Our Century.    |
|                       |  Says here that the Mad Monkey sunk at __N __W"     |
| Weekend Getaway on…   | (…Hook Island) "Three days and two nights at        |
|                       |  fabulous Hook Island!                              |
| Invitation            | "You are cordially invited to Governor Marley's     |
|                       |  Mardi Gras blowout. Don't forget to bring this     |
|                       |  invitation when you pick up your complimentary     |
|                       |  costume. Please present invitation at door and     |
|                       |  wear your costume."                                |
| Famous Pirate Quotes  | The pirate quotes vary from game to game.           |
| Dress                 | "What a beautiful dress!"                           |
| Leaflet               | "Capsize Charters, glass-bottomed boats for sight-  |
|                       |  seeing or special-interest voyages. There's a      |
|                       |  picture of her on it."                             |
| Sign                  | "Beware of parrot."                                 |
| Well-polished old saw | "It may be old, but it's still shiny and sharp."    |
| Ship's Horn           | "Made in Hong Kong."                                |
| Hub Cap               | "This might make a nice wall hanging."              |
| Rock & Roll Collectors| (…Plate) "I always wanted one of those."            |
| Mirror                | "I feel pretty."                                    |
| Hammer                | "It says 'Woody'"                                   |
| Nails                 | "Nothing like a pocket full of nails to keep you on |
|                       |  your toes."                                        |
| Jojo                  | "He's cute."                                        |
| Yellow Drink          | "It's a yellow drink in a broken glass."            |
| Red drink             | "It's a red drink in a broken glass."               |
| Blue Drink            | "It's a blue drink in a broken glass."              |
| Orange Drink          | "It's an orange drink in a broken glass."           |
| Green Drink           | "It's a green drink in a broken glass."             |
| Purple Drink          | "It's a purple drink in a broken glass."            |
| Brown Drink           | "It's a brown drink in a broken glass."             |
| Empty Drinking Mug    | "It's an empty broken drinking glass."              |
| Crazy Straw           | "It's a crazy straw."                               |
| Clean, White Hanky    | "When the tears come, shouldn't you be prepared?    |
|                       |  -Stan's previously owned coffins."                 |
| Crypt Key             | "Stan's Kozy Kripts™ -- A place to spend eternity,  |
|                       |  not a fortune."                                    |
| Spit Plaque           | "It's a plaque with an old-looking gob of something |
|                       |  on it."                                            |
| Monkey head           | "It's too heavy to swim with."/"What a valuable     |
|                       |  antique."                                          |
| Ashes                 | "Silty."                                            |
| Ash-2-Life™           | "Ash-2-Life. The Un-cremating Cream –- Now in a     |
|                       |  convenient powder."                                |
| Key                   | "Steamin' Weenies!"                                 |
| Oar                   | "Central Caribbean School for Governors Crew '67."  |
| Dog                   | "Aw, what a cute little thing!"                     |
| Fish                  | "It sure is big."                                   |
| Plank                 | "One end looks like it's carved so it'll fit into   |
|                       |  holes."                                            |
| Fishing Pole          | "It IS a nice pole."                                |
| Broken Oar            | "Gee, guess it was an antique."                     |
| Reinforced Oar        | "It looks better, stronger, faster."                |
| Telescope             | "Nice telescope."                                   |
| Vanilla Envelope      | "Guybrush Threepwood. Arrested for infractions too  |
|                       |  numerous to list. Claims she was framed."          |
| Bottle o' Near-Grog   | "It's a plastic recyclable bottle of near-grog."    |
| Empty Grog Mug        | "It's just an empty mug."                           |
| Juju Bag              | "International House of Mojo."                      |

                        Part Three – LeChuck's Fortress                     

|                       |                                                     |
|         Item          | Description (What Guybrush says about it)           |
|                       |                                                     |
| Matches               | "Close cover before striking.                       |
| Love Bomb             | "Instructions: 1) Light fuse, 2) throw at target, 3)|
|                       |  get ready for LOVE."                               |

                            Part Four – Dinky Island                            

|                       |                                                     |
|         Item          | Description (What Guybrush says about it)           |
|                       |                                                     |
| Bottle                | "It's empty and it has a cap on it."                |
| Crowbar               | "Nice crowbar."                                     |
| Martini Glass         | "It's dry."                                         |
| Cracker               | "It's a low-sodium cracker."                        |
| Broken Bottle         | "I'd better be careful with this."                  |
| Box                   | "It's instant, low-sodium cracker mix. Just add     |
|                       |  water."                                            |
| Glass o' Water        | "It's full of seawater."                            |
| Glass o' Distilled... | (…Water) "It's full of fresh, clear water."         |
| Rope                  | "Looks strong."                                     |
| Dynamite              | "The writing on it says "ages three and up"."       |
| Crowbar 'n' Rope      | "Nice crowbar 'n' rope."                            |
| Generic Voodoo Kewpie…| …(doll) "It's just a cheap little doll with no      |
|                       |  voodoo powers at all."                             |
| Root beer             | "I love root beer."                                 |
| Balloon               | "It's an attractive green colour."                  |
| Skull                 | "Alas, poor Dad."                                   |
| Surgical Glove        | "It's a surgical glove."                            |
| Hypodermic Syringe    | "Yikes!"                                            |
| Helium Surgical Glove | "It's a surgical glove."                            |
| Helium Balloon        | "It's an attractive green colour."                  |
| Ticket                | "It says "E" on it."                                |
| Crispy Beard Bits     | "It's definitely part of LeChuck's beard."          |
| Underwear             | "I'd really rather not."                            |
| Generic Voodoo Kewpie…| (…doll) "It's positively PULSING with voodoo        |
|                       |  energy!"                                           |

** 8. – Outro                                                                **

Thank you to everybody involved in the creation of this game and to those who 
contributed to the creation of this guide, particularly Atom Edge, who created
the AsCII art at the begining. Feel free to distribute this guide as you 
pleease, I hope I was somehow useful.


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