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 Monster & Me

Monster & Me

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		    - Monster & Me 2.5 -
 		 _______  _______  _______ 
		(  ____ \(  ___  )(  ___  )
		| (    \/| (   ) || (   ) |
		| (__    | (___) || |   | |
		|  __)   |  ___  || |   | |
		| (      | (   ) || | /\| |
		| )      | )   ( || (_\ \ |
		|/       |/     \|(____\/_)

General FAQ

by Skye7707

skydragonlord7707  @  hotmail  [DoT]  com

Version 1.8

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Latest Updates
3. Story
4. The FAQ
  4a. System FAQS (14)
  4b. Game Play FAQS (43)
  4c. Account FAQS (6)
  4d. Payement FAQS (12)
5. Interface
6. Magic Creation
  6a Wuxing
  6b. Wuxing Oven
7. Events
8. Advanced Things
  8a. PK Tournament
  8b. Create Kungfu
  8c. Fire Category Quest Strategy
  8d. The 5th Advance Quest
  8e. Sky Prison
  8f. Virtue Points
  8g. Snow Wolf Lake Quest
  8h. Master Lu's Volume
9. Credits
10. Copyright Info

				1. Introduction

Welcome to my Monster & Me FAQ. You'll find all you questions answered here and
if you don't feel free to email me and I'll answer it! Note that some faqs are
taken from the monster & me website but I'm adding player questions too!

				2. Latest Updates

1.0 - Added 42 faqs

1.5 - Added interface explanations

1.51 - Added a faq

1.8 - Added the story, magic creation, advanced things, events, ...

				3. Story

In the fantastic Eastern mainland, there is a world where human and monsters 
coexist, where green mountains go far beyond the horizon, and rolling white 
waves wash the seashore. You are under the illusion that all nimbi between 
heaven and earth are congregated in this place. In this broad open land, a 
long-lived secret has been passed down for generations, attracting many 
swordsmen and heroes to come, hoping they would understand the secrets of 
heaven and earth's eternity and thus reach the integrated state of human 
and nature. There's also a special creature called "monster-pet" in the 
Eastern mainland, and with its never-dying magic power, you can surpass 
the mortal-hand state in the shortest possible time. So this power becomes 
the seeking target of people from all walks of life in the martial-art circle.
And with it, disputes and unrests come along...

Welcome to the world of Monster & Me, a Massively Multiplayer Online Game 
(MMOG).You and your beloved pets are about to begin a journey in a fantasy 
world filled with unlimited fun, danger and excitement. You may choose your 
own destination to become a god, or a cool devil. Team up with friends to 
battle the treacherous monsters, to catch them, raise them and evolve them 
to create your ultimate pet. There are hundreds of equipments and items to 
choose from, or better yet, you may create your own items. Invent magic and 
teach it to your friends. Build your dream home and buy furniture to arrange 
it in the way you want. Join a guild or better yet, create your own guild.
Meet your soul mate in the game and with some luck, propose and marry in the 
romantic game world. Join the league of millions of existing players worldwide
in this exciting MMOG with beautiful characters and game scenes. 

			4. The Frequently Asked Questions

			      - 4a.System FAQS -

1. What are the minimum system requirements for my PC? 

Before you install the game, make sure that your system meets the following 

* Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
* 200 MHz or faster Intel/Pentium processor
* 128MB RAM (recommended)
* 1.2GB free hard drive space
* Video card with 2MB RAM or higher
* DirectX 6.1 or higher with compliant video and sound
* Microsoft Media Player 7.2
* Internet connection with 33.5 Kbps or faster connection speed
* Microsoft-compatible mouse and keyboard 

If you don't want the game to be laggy you'll need to have at least a 64k moden
or dsl. Also the better your system is the less your game will lag.

2. How to install the game? 

Insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive. The installation should begin on its own 
within a minute. If it does not, you can start the installation by opening 
My Computer, double-clicking on your CD-ROM drive, then finally double-clicking
the SETUP.EXE file. 

You can also download the whole monster & me folder (no installation required)

Follow the instructions within the setup program to complete the installation. 
After the game is fully installed, a Monster & Me shortcut will be added to 
your desktop and Start menu.

3. I don't know my PC specifications. How can I check? 

First, right click on the mouse while pointed to the 'My Computer' icon on the 
Desktop or windows explorer and then click on Entry-Information.
Another window titled by System Information will then be opened showing 
the various tabs such as System, Computer, etc. 
Under the tap of General you should check the following: 
a. System: It has the name of OS in current use and Build No. 
b. Computer: You can check the type of CPU installed on the system and the 
memory capacity. 

4. What does the message "Haven't started the server" mean?

Every day, around 17:30 Pacific time, all M&M servers are brought down for 
network maintenance. The estimated downtime is 10 minutes. 
Please have a try later.

5. It has passed the maintenance time, but I always get the message 
"Haven't started the server" when I try to log in the game?

You should check if there isn't a new patch available, if not try restarting
your computer or wait a while.

6. When I log into the game, I get the message "Can't connect to the server"?

a Please make sure that you computer has connected to the internet
b If you have installed firewall, it's suggested you to modify its settings.

7. When I install the M&M, I get this error message "Disk C:\ has not enough
space to install" despite the fact that my hard disk has enough capacity 

1) Right click the M&M client;
2) Scroll down to WinZip, then from the new menu select 'extract to';
3) Select all the files then select extract;
4) Make a new folder (something like M&M) in your C:\;
5) Wait for all the files to extract;
6) Go into the folder when WinZip has finished, run the new setup from there.

8. When I log in, there is a message saying "you computer can't open avi file",
after I click it,, another message pop up saying "There is no driver installed 
on your system" ?

It's suggested you to download the DirectX together with media player 
(at least 8.1) according to your OS.

9. When I log in the game, I can't see myself and get a blackout screen?

Right click on the "Play" icon of Monster and Me, select "Properties", 
"Compatibility", and click on "Run this program in compatibility mode for",
and select "Window 98/Window Me".

10. After I player M&M for a while, I get the message
"Access violation at address 00465A97 in module'HL_CLIENT.EXE'. 
Read of address 0295EEE8."

Currently you can re-log in or reboot your computer to fix it. There is no
patch or fix for this.

11. When I play for a while, the message "canvas does not allow drawing" pops
up, then they start multiplying?

Currently you can relog in or reboot your computer to fix it. There is no patch
or fix for this.

12. It took me quite a long time to download the M&M, when I unpack it, I got 
the message "The contents of this file cannot be unpacked. The executable you 
are attempting to run has been corrupted. Please obtain another copy of the 
file, verify its integrity, and try again".

The M&M file is big, some of them are corrupted in the process of downloading.
a. You can try downloading it with Getright or any other download program,
   enable segmented download to speed things up.
b. If you can'nt download it and want it so badly you can ask a friend to
   download it and put it on cd for you or you can order the cd for $10 +
   shipping. Here is the shipping info :

In order to help the players with problem downloading the client SW, we have 
made the sales of Monster and Me installation CD available worldwide. 
The cost of the CD is USD10 plus shipping. If you wish to pay by check,
please send it to: 

NetDragon Websoft Inc. 
21660 East Copley Dr. Suite #180 
Diamond Bar CA 91765 

or if you prefer to pay by credit card, you may call 1-800-898-2376, 
1-909-612-1681 or fax your credit card info to 1-909-612-0679, or email 
it to 

Please make sure you have included your return address with your order. 

The Monster & Me team.

13. When I log in the game, I always hang there?

a. You can have a try 10-20 minutes later.
b. If you're running a lot of programs, just close some.
c. You can reinstall the game by clearing all files in its former directory 
   and create a different directory to install M&M.
d. If you have installed the firewall in your computer, you can try to
   modify its settings.

14. I keep getting ‘Socket Error 10061’ when I open Play.exe.

That means account server is down. Please try to log in later. 

			    - 4b.Game Play FAQS -

1. Where do I send feedbacks and report bugs?  

Email us at or post it at Monster and Me offical 
forum any feedbacks, suggestions and bug reports.

2. Where to get online help?  

While you are playing the game, you may click on "help" on the upper right 
corner of game interface, then "online help", you will be connected to 
online help page. 
There is a help button on most command windows, click on it, you will get 
the related information.

3. How to log into the game?  

* Connects to the Internet
* Double click on Play.exe
* Click on the server group (MythOfOrient)
* Enter your account id and password
* Click on "OK" to enter the game. 

If you haven't created a character for this account, when you log in the game, 
you will connect to "character selecting" window.

4. How to exit the game?  

Click on 'X' on the upper right corner of the game interface, and you will 
exit the game. Or you can press ALT+F4

5. How to create a character?  

* Connects to the Internet to access the logging window
* Enter your account id and password. 
* Click OK button to conncet to "character selecting" window.
* There are many male and female characters for you to choose from. 
  Click on the image of a character to see a full 3D image of them, with 
  music and a nice attack move." 

After you choose a character, click on "OK" to access "character creating" 
window; and click on "Cancel" to exit the game.

On "character creating" window, you can see the character you selected; 
If you are unsatisfied with your choice, click "Back" to access the 
"character selecting" window and start all over again.

If you are satisfied with the character, give a name and nick name to your 
character. Your character name is unchangeable, so please think twice before
you decide it. You can also give a nickname to your character, which can be 
changed at your will. There are three colors for you to choose from; click 
on the down arrow on the lower left corner to select the best color for your 

Your character will be given 20 initial attribute points, which will be 
distributed automatically to your attack, defense, dexterity, life and mana. 
If you are a new player, it is suggested that you accept the default settings
which are favorable for you to level up. 

If you know the principle of distributing points, you may click on "Advanced"
 button to distribute your basic attribute points. Here you can freely 
Distribute 20 points by clicking on ">" or "<" to add or subtract the points.

Now you can click on OK button to create your character. After your character 
is created successfully, you'll be asked to re-login the game to start your 
adventure in Monster and Me world.

6. How do I move?  

Click on the position you are heading to move towards it. There is a 
"Walk/Jump" icon on the game interface panel and you can click on it to switch
between the walking and jumping mode. You can't jump when you're in a team.

7. How to talk to an NPCs?  

In the world of Monster & Me, you can talk to other player characters (PCs) 
and non-player characters (NPCs). NPCs are in-game characters such as Inn Lady,
Nurse, Blacksmith, Stableman, and so on, who can offer you items you need or 
give you help....You can identify an NPC by right-clicking the him/her, 
he/she will say something related.

8. How can I travel to another place? 

At the edge of a map you'll find tiles that are a bit different in color than
the surrounding ones, jump or walk on them and you'll be transported to the
next map. You can also pay a stableman to transport you to another city/place.

9. Where am I now?  

Click on Mini-map icon on the lower right corner of game interface, you will 
find a Mini-map of your current location. Red dots in the map represent other 
players; White-color man-shaped crosses represent your friend's positions; 
and a golden heart represents your spouse's position. There are also little 
bright-green patches in the mini-map, representing connection points to other 

Click on "help" on the upper right corner of game interface, then click on 
"world map", or you can click on shortcut Ctrl+F1 to bring up your world map.
The rotating golden star represents your current location.

10. I saw someone speaking about (XX,XX) (replace XX with numbers) what's that?
Those are map coordinates.
Coordinates are a set of two or more numbers used to determine your or other 
target's exact position, such as (116,95). Your coordinates are shown between 
"fight" and "pet" icon on the lower left part of game interface, the numbers 
change as you move.
It's handy because on some coordinates there are items on the ground or harder

11. I'm new to Monster&Me, is there anything I can do to level up fast?

When you're at level 1 - 200 :

UglySwordman Quest (level 1---level 15) 
The UglySwordman (47,11) in WaterCitySuburb runs out of her drugs recently.
Buy an Amrita Wine for her from the DrugStore, she will level 10 up for you.

Bedlamite Sword Quest (level 50---level 69)
The Bedlamite (62,11) in WindPlain destroyed his sword in the battle, after 
talked to him, you will get his DamagedSword, take his sword and find ZhangSan
in Tree City. But ZhangSan is not skillful enough to repair the sword for 
you, and suggested you to find Lisi in Hill City. When you have it repaired,
give it back to Bedlamite, he will level 10 up for you.

Armor Quest (level 70---level 200)
The Gymnosophist (34,59) in HuaMountainfoot runs out of the item for poison, 
buy the Pricker and Virulent power for him, you will gain a armor as reward.

Thief Quest (Level 150)
You will receive a caution from the Geezer in WaterCity when you are 
level 150, then help him bring back his stolen necklace from DumpThief 
(38,23) in DryWellPlain through battle, he will help you level 10 up.

Blessed Bead (level 150 around)
Go to Water City; find the NPC named Little Cloud (22,54)
(0n the way to Qua-Bridge Plain); right click on her; she will ask you to 
take something to her brother; after you agree, she will give you a Buddha Bead

Then go to Tree City; find the NPC named Master of Cloud (69,107)
(Below the Pet-fight stage); right click on him; he will ask if her sister 
has asked you to bring something to him; click on "Yes, here you are", he will
take away your Buddha Bead and give you a Blessed Bead.

Blessed Bead: Level 150, +20 points to attack; defense and dexterity 

Love's Necklace
In Moon Valley(28.40), a girl named Miss Sweet is reciting poem. 
Her lover, Mr. Maple, is in the remote North. She asks you to send a 
Warm Coat to Mr. Maple. 

Outside the Snow City, via Western Snow Hill, Icy Stage and 
Transparent Bridge, you will arrive at Jade Bridge, where you can meet 
Mr. Maple (40,20) at 20:00-21:00. After he take away your coat, he will ask
you to take a Jokul Ginseng to Miss Sweet. 

Miss Sweet appreciates your help and send you a Love's Necklace out of 
gratitude. With this necklace, your love will be blessed by the Love Goddess. 
Note: Miss Sweet only talks to female characters. She won't say a word to male
P.S.: Love's Necklace, +30 Dexterity and can be worn on the right side. 

If you want a list of all quests please see my quest guide (not yet available)

12. Where to level up my pets?

Please cehck out my monster guide for this one.

13. How to chat?

Click on 'Chat' icon, and the chat box will appear on the lower right corner 
of the game interface. Input what you want to say, and click send or press 
enter key to send it out. The chatting function will help you facilitate the 
interaction with other players. There are 7 chat channels available: 
N(Normal), W(Whisper), T(Team), B(Broadcast), F(Friend), G(Guild), 
and S(Spouse). You can also enable or disable some of the channels by clicking 
on the CM (Channel Management) icon. There are also some chraracters that
can't be in your text (else it won't send it) : é, °

14. How to change the number of lines of words displayed on the screen? 

There is a small bar on each side of the screen. Pull it up or down to change 
the number of lines of words displayed on the screen. Or you can change it 
under the Line of Message in the System / System Setup.

15. How to use shortcut keys?

Here are some shortcuts:

A - Action Menu
S - System Menu
P - Pet Menu
T - Team Menu
O - Guild Menu
G - Interact Menu
H - Help Menu

F1 - Sit
F2 - Wave
F3 - Happy
F4 - Angry
F5 - Cry
F6 - Faint
F7 - Kneel
F8 - Throw
F9 - Bow
F10 - Chat History
F11 - Toggle names On/Off

CTRL+F1 - World Map
CTRL+F2 - Hot Key Setup
CTRL+A - Kung Fu
CTRL+F - Fireworks
CTRL+I - Item/Equipment Window
CTRL+P - Pet Status Window
CTRL+S - Quick Fight
CTRL+U - Change to pet
CTRL+W - Fireworks with message
CTRL+X - Fight

CTRL+ALT+S - Pet Walking
CTRL+ALT+W - Pet Show
CTRL+ALT+C - Recall Walking Pet

ALT+A - Team
ALT+C - Clear Chat Text
ALT+G - Interact Menu
ALT+H - Help Menu
ALT+O - Guild Menu
ALT+P - Pet Menu
ALT+S - Character's Status window
ALT++ - Team Menu

16. What functional buildings are there in a city?

Generally, there are the following functional buildings in each city:

- Drugstore 
Where you can buy medicine (or poison) for recharging your life points or Mana.
You may also have the nurse recharge your life points free of charge.

- Blacksmith 
Where you can buy armors, weapons and darts. 

- Boutique
Where you can buy ornaments for your character or your pets.

- Pet Store 
Where you can sell your pets or store your pets. 

- Grocery Store
Currently, only the grocery stores in Hill City and Water City are open. 
You can buy fireworks from the store in Water City at 4.30£­5:00 Pacific
Time and store in Hill City at 16:30£­17:00 Pacific Time.

- Casino 
Currently, only the casinos in Water City and Tree City are open. 
You can play slot machines and dice games in the casino.

- Pawnshop
Where you can deposit your items and learn Basic Kungfu skills.
To deposit your item, right click on the NPC named Pawnshop Boy, a 
"Deposit item" window will pop up, click on an item in your inventory, 
then "deposit" button, this item will be listed in "item deposited" column.
Click on an item in "item deposited" list, then "Check out" button to get your
deposited item back.

When you reach level 20, you may come to Pawnshop in Water City to learn
basic Kungfu. To do this, just right on the NPC named Divine Warrior.

- Inn
If you register in an inn in the city, the next time you log in to the game, 
you will start here. Especial when you are sent to Skyprison, don't forget to 
register in the inn when you are out.

- Pet-fight Field
Where you can have a pet fight with another player's pet. Your pet will have
chance to get a medal if it achieves great success in the pet fight. 

Outside a city, there are also the following buildings:

- Guild Houses 
They are established by guild leader. The guild members can convene and store
items and pets in their guild house. 

- Living Blocks
Guild can set up four living blocks in an occupied map, develop the land and 
sell it to players to build their houses. 

- Houses
After buying a piece of land in a living block, you can build a house. 
You can also decorate your house to your heart's content and store items 
inside the house. Your spouse can enter the house directly. Your friends 
can also enter the house if they have keys. Form a team with your friends, 
and you can directly lead them into your house. Strangers are not allowed to 
access your house.

17. What main districts are there in the world of Monster & Me? 

The world of Monster and Me is a fantastic dream world consisting of five 
areas with different attributes based on the Taoist philosophy of Wuxing: 
the Central Plain (attribute: Earth); Northern Scenery (attribute: Water); 
Western Desert (attribute: Fire); Southern Seashore (attribute: Wood) and 
Sky City (attribute: Metal). Each area is swarmed with a diversity of monsters.

Central Plain
It is a vast extension of rich land. Water City, where new characters are born,
is located here. Tree City, antiquated and elegant, lies in this area too. 
From here, through eastern dock, you can reach the splendid Sword Manor.
Hill City is facing Tree City distantly and it is close to the Shaolin Temple,
Hua Mountain and Wudang Mountain. 

Northern Scenery
Here are the magnificent imperial Forbidden City, immense Rich Plain spread 
with livestock and Snow City covered by endless white snow. 

Western Desert
It is a desolate and wild land. Here are Buddha Grotto with thousands of 
years of history, Sand City with a gigantic lying Buddha, Oasis and 
Moon Valley,a romantic and beautiful place. 

Southern Seashore
It is covered with wild woods. On the seashore, coco palms sway in the breeze.
From here you can reach the mystic and fantastic 

Ocean City
The charming Phoenix Valley is located here too. 

Sky City
It is a holy land where gods can come in and out freely. It is surrounded 
by euphonious music and auspicious cloud. The beautiful aerial gardens 
will surely catch your eyes. 

There is a teleport NPC in each city to provide instant transportation to 
other cities. Besides buildings on the ground and in the air, there are also 
many underground areas, such as mystic caves, grottos, dungeons, and 
treasure crypts.

18. How do I buy medicine?

There is a drug store in every city. Enter the drug store by clicking on the 
bright spot at the entrance. After you enter, right click on the nurse 
(female NPC) to have your life points fully recharged for free and right click
on the doctor (male NPC) to buy some medicine. You may use the medicine for 
your character or your pets through using the item/equipment window 
(to activate, click on the bag-like item icon on lower right corner of the 
game interface).

19. How to buy, use, sell and drop an item?

- Buy/sell an item
Enter the store by clicking on the bright spot at the entrance, 
right click on the NPC merchant to bring up the store window.
NPC's storage is on the left and your inventory on the right. 
On this window, you may buy or sell an item, and also inquire account, 
deposit/withdraw money.

- Buy an item
Select an item from the NPC's storage, its requirements and effects will show
in the center part of this window. If it is applicable, click on "buy" button,
then "OK", this item will be in your inventory.

- Sell an item
Click on the Doctor, then choose an item in your inventory; 
the "buy" button will be changed into "Sell" button. 
Click on "sell" button to sell your item.

- Use/drop an item
Click on item icon appearing as a bag, your inventory will appear on
the right, and your armed items are in the left boxes. On this window,
you may use/drop your item, and also give/deposit/withdraw money, 
inquire account, and change an item's name provided that you are inventor.

- Use an item
Click on the target item, select "Human Use" or "pet Use", click on "OK" 
to use this item. You can arm yourself with 5 items Max. i.e. Boots 
(+dexterity), weapon (+attack), armor (+defense), two ornaments 
(Different ornaments have different effects). The armed items will be in the 
left boxes.

- Drop an item
Click on the target item, then "Drop Item", click on "OK" to drop.

20. How to fight monsters and level up?

Walk outside of a city, and you can start fighting with monsters by pressing 
Ctrl + X or clicking on the Fight icon on the game interface panel. 
If you defeat the monsters, you can gain some experience and some money at the
same time. When the experience bar is full, you (or your pet) will level up.

The default fight mode is Auto-fight. You may click on "Auto-fight" under 
command menu to turn on/off the auto-fighting mode. Turning on this option 
means you give up the chance to recover health and restore mana points for 
your character and your pets and also the chance to escape during fights. 

Once you click on 'fight' icon to start fighting the monsters, you will 
enter into turn-based combat, which means two parties attack each other 
in turn until one party is defeated. The party with higher dexterity takes
priority of attack. 

The background of battle scene differs from the map you are in. 
When you select a battle formation (more than 2 members in a team), 
where you stand will appear the figure of the battle formation. 
Meantime, monsters can dispose their battle formation. Remember that each 
formation has its unique effect. 

Once you turn off auto-fight mode and click on "fight" icon to start fighting,
six command buttons for your character will appear on the lower right corner 
of fight interface. These buttons are (from the left to the right): 
normal attack, skill attack, catch, defense, item and escape. 
Click on one of them, you will see another three buttons 
(from the left to the right): normal attack, special attack and defense, click
on one of them to command your pet. 

- Command Buttons for your character

Normal Attack 
Used to attack monster directly, click on this button, then target monster. 
Your destructive power = your attacking effect X 2 -- monster's defense points.

Skill Attack
To attack monsters with Kungfu. It doesn't take dexterity and defense of 
monster into consideration, and will hit the target monster exactly by 
consuming some mana. Click on it, you will find a list of your Kungfu, 
select one, then click on target monster. Thus you attack monster with 
chosen Kungfu.

To catch a monster in the battle. The caught monster will be put into your 
pet list automatically. Don't forget to leave a place before you catch. 
When you are mortal, you can't catch monsters level 150 higher than you. 
You can't catch other player's pet and you can't catch level 1200 monsters 
when you are god/devil. When your pet list is full, you can't get more pets. 
For more information, please refer to catch a monster. 

To defense yourself, clicking on it to double your defense, it will be at the 
cost of losing attack chance in this round. 

Click on it and you will see your item inventory, click on a medicine, then the
person or pet that needs medicine, no matter it is you or your teammates. 
Only medicine can be consumed during the battle. If you use medicine, 
then you can't attack in this round. Cause you can only operate one command 
in one round. Furthermore, your dexterity should be faster than that of the 
monster, otherwise you will be hit down before you take medicine. 

You can also poison enemies during the battle. But throwing dart is forbidden. 

If your situation is disadvantaged, you can escape as soon as possible. 
However, if your dexterity is slower than that of monster, then you are 
doomed to lose the battle. 

- Command Buttons for Pet 

Normal Attack 
To command your pet to attack specific target directly. Usually, double click 
on enemy and both character and pet can attack it. 

Special Attack 
To command your pet to attack target monster with specific skill. 
Click it and you will find a list of skills your pet learned. Select one, 
then click the enemy. There is no limited time for pet to use special skill, 
and it will always hit the target. 

Like character's defense, click on it will double defense but lose attack 
chance in a round. 

- Effect of Round-based fight 

It is calculated by system based on comparison of dexterity between attacker 
and defender. The faster the dexterity of attacker, the more possible it 
hits the target. Otherwise, the defender can succeed in dodging the attack. 

Joint Attack 
Sometimes, several members of one party attack a specific enemy in the 
same time. The destructive power of joint attack is the total destructive 
powers of all members. 

Requirement for Joint Attack 
All the attackers select the same target, and their dexterities are faster
or slower than that of monsters. Monsters can attack jointly too, and they 
can bring forth great damage. 

Supernormal Performance 
Sometimes, pet has supernormal performance. There are three kinds: 
* The dexterity of pet increases suddenly. You can see double images of pet.
  This can't promote normal upgrade, but you can attack first. 
* The attack of pet reinforces suddenly. You can see victim is encircled by 
  several stars. 
* The defense of pet intensifies suddenly. You can see sparkles on pet attacked

The more the number of teammates, the more possible that pet performs 
extremely well. So does when pet's loyalty is higher. 
When pet have supernormal performance, it will have 20% chance to gain 
corresponding medal. In addition, monster's level should be higher than 
that of pet. 

21. How do I distribute points among different attributes?

When you have been leveled up you gain 3 attribute points (for mortals) but
divined characters earn more.  You may distribute these points among the five
basic attributes of your character: life, mana, attack, defense and dexterity. 
Click on the 'Character' icon on the lower left interface panel, and select 
'Attribute', and you will see these attributes of your game character and the
bonus points you have accumulated from defeating monsters. Use the +/- buttons
to distribute bonus points among the different attributes. For pets, the bonus
points are automatically distributed.

Hint for new players: It is suggested that you make your dexterity points the 
same as your pet's so that you and your pet can attack the monsters 
synchronously, and give the monsters more damage and level up faster. 

22. What can I benefit from fighting in a team?

Adventuring outside a city can be dangerous, fighting in a team can help you
defeat monsters that you normally can't kill, and progress through levels and 
earn money faster than you would alone. 

When fighting in a team, only the team leader is responsible for controlling 
the beginning and ending of the fight, so the other members can relax and chat
with one another freely. Also characters that are in a team can't jump.

For more details, please refer to

23. What about battle formation?
If you are the captain, you can select a battle formation in a team. 
Different formation will bring different exceptional effect to the whole team 
in respect of attack, defense and dexterity. 

According to mutual restraint and generation of Wuxing attributes, 
relationships between formations are: normal, restrained, generated and 
invalid. The generated formation will reinforce exceptional effect, while 
restrained formation will weaken it. The more the members are in a team, 
the more efficiency the formation will be. 

Furthermore, the pivot of formation is very important. If the pivot is 
knocked down, formation is collapsed itself. The same rule applies to 
monster. Thus, if you hit the pivot of opponent over, it can be conquered 

There are six battle formations for you to choose from: 

- Normal (None attribute) 
Default setting, no exceptional effect. 

- Tiger (Fire Attribute) 
Reinforce attack. 
It is restrained by Dragon formation and generated by Bird formation.

- Kylin (Metal Attribute) 
Strengthen attack and weaken defense. 
It is restrained by Tiger formation and generated by Turtle formation. 

- Bird (Wood Attribute)
Intensify dexterity. 
It's restrained by Dragon formation and generated by Kylin formation. 

- Turtle (Wood Attribute) 
Intensify defense. 
It's restrained by Tiger formation and generated by Bird formation.

- Dragon (Water Attribute)
Reinforce Attack and dexterity. 
It's restrained by Turtle formation and generated by Kylin formation.

24. How to catch a monster?

Pets are very important to a player, especially those rare pets which can only
be caught and raised step by step. As to how to catch a pet, 
there is a tip in it. 

Turn off "auto-fight" under "command" menu, click on "fight" button on the 
lower left part of game interface, six command buttons will appear on the 
fight interface, click on "Catch" button 
(the 3rd button counted from left to right), then the target monster, 
click on "defense" button to catch.

Before you become a divine character (still mortal), you can't catch the 
monsters 150 higher levels than you, there are no level restrictions for 
God or Devil. 

* If monster's level is higher than 1200, you can't catch it by any means.
* You can't catch other players' pet. 
* If there is no space in your pet list, you can't get more pets. 
* You cannot catch special NPC pet, such as detective. 
* You cannot catch the pet, which is turned to level 1 by time shuttle. 

* Your level is higher than that of monster (God or devil will be much better).
* Your dexterity is higher than that of monster. 
* The level for your marching pet is lower than monster 
  (level 1 marching pet is the best). 
* The attribute of the marching pet should be harmonious with that of the 
   monster. It's bad if they're the same, and worst if they restrain each other
* The loyalty for your marching pet is the higher, the better. 
* The life point for monster is the less, the better 
  (You can attack it and make it consume life points). 
* Using special pet skill will help you to catch monsters more easily.
* It is harder to catch evolved monster than normal monster. 
* It's difficult to catch level 1 monster with a high growth rate. 
* Register monsters in Pet's Catalogue will help you to catch them 
  easily next time.
* If you specialize in raising pets after 5th advance, 
  you can catch pet easily. 

Specializing in pet raising pet also has something to do with catching 
monsters, and affects the loyalty of caught monster. 

Minimum loyalty of caught monster is 85 for those specializing in pet 
raising after 5th advance. 

Level-1 monsters are flocked in a map where an NPC pet will recite a poem or 
proverb as soon as you click on it, and level 1 monster looks the same as 
NPC pet in this spot. 

25. What are the growth rates of a pet?

When your pet fights with you and defeats some monsters, it also gains some 
bonus points. Unlike human, the bonus points for your pet are automatically 
distributed. Clicking on 'Growth Record' command of the 'Pet' menu, and then 
click on the pet's name to check your pet's growth record. The faster your 
pet grows, the better it is. When you first enter the game, you own a pet by 
default with relative low growth rates. As you play the game, you may try to 
capture or breed a new pet of much higher growth rates.

26. How to disguise as your pet?

Select "Advanced", "magic" and "Disguise" in the command menu to disguise in 
the form of your marching pet. The loyalty points of your marching pet must 
be perfect (100). 

There are some restrictions for disguise. The higher level you reach, 
the more pet you can disguise as. The mortal can only disguise as un-evolvable
pets while the God or Devil can disguise as evolvable pets. 

27. How to deposit/withdraw money?

In the command menu, under 'Command', 'Money', you can select to check your 
balance of your bank account, withdraw money or deposit money. It's suggested 
you not to carry large sum of cash with you because the thieves in the game 
might steal from you, but don't worry about thieves if you're not in 
"the circle".

28. How to earn money?

- After every battle you gain some cash.
- Wux some cheap items into a expensive one
- Catch pets and sell them
- Sometimes you'll get battle rewards like firevolumes which you can sell for
  some cash.

29. How to steal money/get in "the circle"?

Stealing is not an honorable thing and it is something we do not encourage. 
However, if you are determined to become a thief, you can learn this skill 
from the Mr. QuickHandWang, an NPC in the WaterCity. After you complete the
quest he asks you to perform, he will teach you the skill. To perform the act 
of stealing in the game, click on 'Command' and then 'Steal', and then right 
click on a player. If he's in "the circle" and you're stronger you'll get the
money he's carying. If he's stronger you'll be beaten (0 hp). When entering
the circle people can also steal from you and use kung fu on you!
If you steal too much on a short period you'll be send to prison.

30. How to make a deal with other players?

You can trade with your fellow players in the game. Press 'Request Trade' 
button then right click on the person you want to trade. Now you can see a 
trade window. 

On the right of the trade window, there is a list of money, pets and item 
of the other party. Click on them, you can check its properties and appearance.

Your item list is on the left of trade window. Choose a pet from the list, 
then click on "Add to trade list'. In this way you set up a list of trading 
pets. This procedure applies to item and money. 

If you are satisfied with the other party's item, you can click on 
'Agree to trade'. If not, click on cancel trade. 

If one party's item list or pet list is full, or trade amount excesses 
10 million, trade will fail.

31. How to make friend with others?

If you want to make friends with others, you may click on "interact" menu 
on command menu of game interface, then "friend" and "request to make friends",
right click on the target player. After he/she agrees by clicking on "Interact"
and "Agree to make friends", you will be good friends.

Click on "My friends" icon on the lower right corner of game interface, 
you will find a list of your friends. A circle before a friend's name means 
he/she is online; a cross before a friend's name means he/she is offline. 
Right click on a friend's name, you will find four commands to use: 
whisper, give money, remove, and leave message. 

32. What can I benefit from marriage?  

If you fall in love with someone, you can choose a way 
(send flowers, give a banquet) to propose to him/her. If your proposal is 
accepted, you will become couple in the game. 

With your spouse, you won't feel bored in the journey, moreover, you can 
take the following advantages of marriage:

* A couple fighting together can attack synchronously and thus become 
  stronger while fights.
* Trade or gift between couple will not affect the pet's loyalty. 
  In the mini-map, your spouse is marked as a golden heart.
* You and your spouse will be awarded a butterfly respectively in addition 
   when they couple advance to god or devil.
* Some quests can only be performed by couples, 
  for example Couple Advance, couple pass etc.
* When you teach your Kungfu to your spouse, you will consume only 
  1% experience, and your spouse will start it from proficiency 5.

33. How to play slot machines?

Currently, only the casinos in Water City and Tree City are open.
If you want to play slot machine, you may enter the Casino by clicking on 
the bright spot at the entrance, right click on the NPC named Zhangkun, 
he will teach you how to play.

If you win more than 500 chips (one chip worth $100), you may exchange 
them with the NPC named Zhangkun, who will give you an item. 
The value of this item is equal to the value of your chips and you may 
exchange this item with fellow players. If you click on this item to use, 
this item will be transferred into your chips. That is a good way to accumulate
your bet in order to buy the present from the slot machine.

To leave the casino, please click on the NPC named Zhangkun, then choose 
"I want to leave".

34. How to win or lose money by gambling with dice?

An NPC named Dice King is standing in front of the Casino. 
There are three dice on his table. Right click on him, then click on OK 
to bring up the bet window. 

There are three bet units on the lower left corner of the bet Window, 
one copper plate worth $100, a silver ingot $1000, and a gold ingot $10,000. 

There are many boxes on this window, each box is marked with 'X', the 
number, letter or image before 'X' means what points you will bet, 
the number behind 'X' indicates the money you win.

Let's take an example for Small x box, if you place a copper plate 
(worth $100) in Small x box, and the dice points happen to be small, 
then you will win $200 ($100 x 2).

If you want to gamble with dice, just click on one of the bet units, 
then click on the target box to place your bet. You can bet repeatedly 
in 50 seconds time limit, and increase your bet this way ($30,000 max.). 
After the timing is over, the screen will show the dice points and how 
much you win. There won't be any message if you lose. 
While you are betting, other players? bets will show on your bet window, too.

If you want to stop betting, just click on "Quit" button to exit this window. 

35. How to enter/quit the martial circle?

With the PK license, you may attack other players or steal other fellow 
player's money, and found/join a guild after you meet the requirements, 
meanwhile, you may be attacked and stolen by other players that have also 
chosen the ways of being in the martial circle. It is suggested that only 
well experienced and seasoned players choose this path.

If you don't want to be in Kungfu Circle anymore, you may quit the circle 
after you fulfill the quest "Revoke PK License". 

36. How to Create Kungfu?

Kungfu is a way of attacking by mana. Normal attack will take the target's 
defense into consideration, while Kungfu considers mana. If the target has 
no mana, then he can't resist Kungfu. If he has, some of his mana will be 
consumed to resist the Kungfu. If he can't resist with mana, then he will 
be killed. The attacker will consume some mana too. 

Requirement to make a kungfu:
Level 300 or level-100 Basic God; full mana. 

Click on "advanced" menu on the upper right corner of game interface, 
then "Create Kungfu", A "Create Kungfu" interface will appear. First, 
give a name to your Kungfu, then adjust mana consumed and 
Destructive Index; finally, set effect. 

Max. mana Consumed 
The max mana consumed by Kungfu is the highest mana point you can use. 
For example, your mana point is 180, then your Kungfu can only consume 
180 points at most.

Destructive Index 
It is in relation to attack points. 
Max Destructive Index = [150+(attack points - 600) * 5 / 140 ] / 100. 
Don't be frightened by the complicated formula, 
Destructive Index is calculated by system automatically. 

Destructive Power 
Destructive power = Destructive Index * mana consumed. 

Ratio of Successful Creation 
It is shown in 'Create Kungfu Panel. The calculation is very complicated, 
but the general rule is the lower the Destructive Index, the higher the 
ratio of success; the higher the relevant experience, 
the higher the ratio of success. 
If destructive power exceeds 1000, such Kungfu will consume 1 level and 
corresponding mana whether you succeed in creating it or not. 
The highest destructive power is 2000. 

Executing Index and Level Required 
Level required refers to lowest level of recipient when Kungfu is taught to
guild members. Executing quotiety is calculated after Kungfu is created.

After you create Kungfu, you may teach your Kungful to others players. 
To use Kungfu while fighting monsters, turn off auto-fight mode first, 
then select a skill from your Kungfu list.

If there are 5 kungfus in your kungfu list, you cannot learn or 
create any more. So you can forget those ordinary Kungfu and learn new Kungfu.
Select a skill in the list and click 'Forget'

37. How to teach Kungfu?

To teach Kungfu, click on "Teach Kungfu" under Interact Menu, then right click
on a target; after that, select a Kungfu from Kungfu List.

The teacher must have full mana points, and the Kungfu selected must be 
more than level 5. 
The kungfu with destructive power under 1000 will retain the same attacking 
effect after being taught. 

When destructive power is above 1000, the higher the level of kungfu, 
the less the attacking effect decreased. Half of attacking effect will 
be reduced at level 5, while at level 9, attacking effect won't be reduced. 

After Kungfu is taught, the teacher will consume some Kungfu experience points,
he/she will consume a lot when kungfu is taught to a fellow player 
(up to 500 experience points); Less experience will be consumed when kungfu 
is taught to the member of the same guild (up to 100 experience points); 
The least experience will be consumed when kungfu is taught to spouse--only 1%,
up to 100 experience points.

Kungfu experience of the learner starts from 0 and only half of attacking 
effect is obtained from the teacher. Full effect will be reached after 
its level is 8. 

Kungfu learned cannot be taught until its level reaches 8 and some effect 
will be lost at this level. No effect is lost when its level is 10.

If original inventor forgets this Kungfu, he can learn it from the former 
students and obtain most of the experience without losing effect. 

If learner attacks the teacher (original inventor of this Kungfu), 
destructive power won't be exerted. 

- Teach Guild Kungfu

Press on this button first under interact menu first, then right click on a 
member of the same guild; choose a Kungfu from the panel popped up; 
click on "OK".

Experience of learner starts from level 4, and Kungfu is taken away after he 
leaves the guild. 

This rule applies to Kungfu learned from spouse: experience starts from 
level 5 and Kungfu is disabled after divorcing. 

Other condition is the same as teaching kungfu.

38. How to PK other players?

PK is for those players that are interested in player vs player battle. 
When a player attacks another player, that is PK (player killing). 
PK skill is to PK other players with skill. 

To PK other players, you must learn or create a Kungfu first. 
When you reach level 20, you may enter a pawnshop to learn basic Kungfu.

In the lower center of game interface, click on 'kungfu' to select 
your PK skill. The selected skill will appear between pet and fight icon. 

On the lower right corner of game interface, Click on 'PK' icon appearing
as two crossed swords to start a round PK. Both sides have to belong to the 
Kungfu circle to enter PK. 

- Restrictions on PK 

Generally, PK is not suggested. However, you are the master in Monster and Me. 
Meanwhile, system will protect those players whose level is under 100 
(If you want to hit those players, you can try other ways, 
strike vital point or poison). Those who lying on the ground will be protected
by system, but system won't protect a basic god. 

- The consequence of frequent PK
Although players can PK as they like, we are expecting a friendly and peaceful 
world of Monster and Me. However Evil is existing, some players choose to be 
devil. Remember: do well and have well. 

39. How to become a divine character (advance to God or Devil)?

In another word, becoming divine character is advance to God or Devil.

* Level 800 or above (below 1200)
* 1st advance (from Knight to Basic God): full life and mana, a 
  level-300 Marching Toturtle (After advance, both your character and 
  Toturtle will return to level 1)
* 2nd ~ 5th advance: fulfill the god or devil quest.

When you reach level 800, you may consider advancing to a God or Devil, 
it will be a very exciting moment. To do this, click on "Advanced", then 
"Become Divine Character".

After you become a God or Devil, your title will be changed and you will 
start from level 1, and only 1% of points are reserved as bonus. 
For example, if you advance at level 800, then you have 24 bonus; 
if you advance at level 1200, then you have 36 bonus. 

* Take off all your items before advance, leave them in the care of your 
  friends or pawnshop. Otherwise, your items will disappear. 
  Your money will remain with you.
* Your Pet list should have at least one place. 
  You will be awarded a loyalty-100 pet. 

After you become a God or devil, you will be awarded as below:
* Requirements for applicable items will be relaxed. 
* Level requirement for pet-fight is relaxed. 
* From 2nd advance (Junior God or Devil)on, you will be awarded 
  4 attribute points for each level up.
* From 3rd advance (Senior God or Devil) on, you can ride on cloud and 
  even cast spells.

Couple Advance
If both you and your spouse are qualified for 1st advance 
(become Basic God or Devil), you may advance together. 
For couple advance, you may establish a team, leave two places in pet 
list and the captain click on "advanced" menu, then "Become Divine Character"
to become a God or Devil together. After advance, both you and your spouse 
will be awarded a dragon and butterfly respectively.

Titles after advance
After you advance twice, you may choose to be God or Devil. 
1st advance: Basic God
2nd advance: Junior God or Devil 
3rd Advance: Senior God or Devil
4th Advance: Super God or Devil
5th Advance: Advance according to profession characteristics

40. What advantages can I take of reincarnation?

Requirements for reincarnating: 
* Junior God before rebirth or Basic God after rebirth.
* Level 800.
* Establish a team and take your teammates as escorts.
* Fulfill reincarnation quest to obtain Refreshing Pill made by Taoist Secret.

After you meet the above requirements, you may click on "advance" menu on the 
upper right part of game interface, then "Magic" and "Reincarnate", a confirm 
window will appear, click on "OK" to reincarnate.

* After reincarnation, you will start from level 1, and half of your level at 
  the time of reincarnation is added to cultivation.
* Escorter will receive 1/10 of the difference of his level and that of the 
  reincarnated players. If the escorter is the friend of the reincarnated 
  player, he will receive additional 1/10 of this difference. If the escort is
  the spouse, he/she will receive 2/10 of this difference.

Your items will disappear after reincarnation. 
Please take care of them in advance.

41. What changes take place after rebirth?  

When you are Junior God or Devil, You may consider fulfilling reborn quests. 
Players can take a new appearance through rebirth.
Items carried will disappear after rebirth, so does the relationship with 
spouse and guild when rebirth singly. However, other attributes will not be 
affected and you can change both sex and appearance. 

Couples that have been reborn together will be awarded a pet with special 
skill: time shuttle. Times of couple rebirth are accumulated. 
Meanwhile, couples can only change appearance, gender can't be changed. 

Those who choose to change appearance must remember that different character 
uses different weapon. For example, after rebirth, a hook man - using a hook 
as weapon - is changed to a loop woman - using a loop as weapon, then the 
former weapon -- hook is unsuitable. 

After rebirth, original cultivation level will be preserved with additional 
rewards on cultivation level and permanent bonus, which are in proportion to 
the rank at the time of rebirth. The higher the rank, the more the rewards. 

Calculate Level after rebirth: 

Junior God/Devil = Original Cultivation Level + Rebirth Level 
                   (the level at the time of rebirth) 

Senior God/Devil = Original Cultivation Level + Rebirth Level * 1.5

Super God/Devil = Original Cultivation Level + Rebirth Level * 2

Above Super God/Devil = Original Cultivation Level + Rebirth Level * 2.5

42. Why am I sent to the Sky Prison?

The following conditions may lead you end up in the sky prison:
1. Switch from one map to another too frequently.
2. PK too frequently within a short period of time, especially when you PK 
   someone who is changing the map. 
3. Using macro or AFK leveling to play M&M.
4. Click too frequently. 
5. We suggest that you do not perform another command before the completion 
   of the current command you have executed.
6. Disguise when you're in a battle

How to get out of the Sky Prison?  
1. Pay 20 million.
2. Defeat 10 level 8000 detectives.
3. Wait for the Warden to set you free every 6 hours 
   (i.e. around06:00, 12:00, 18:00, 24:00). He only stays for around 5 minutes.
   Don't miss the chance, or you have to wait for another six hours.

43. Can a friend help me out of the prison?

Yes, he can pay money so he will be snet to the normal prison (5000 cash) or
the Sky prison (50.000 cash). When he's in you can team and try to defeat the
detectives or he can pay the 20.000.000 when you're in his team.

				- 4c.Account FAQS -

1. How to create an account?

Connect to the Internet and access this website, click on 
"account->New Account" access the New Account web page; follow the instructions
to fill out all the required fields, then click on "submit"

An account consists of an account ID and a password. These two pieces of 
information allow anyone who has them to play your characters. 
You'd better choose a password that NO ONE will know, and Keeping your 
password secret is therefore of utmost importance. Account security is 
the responsibility of the account holder.

2. How to change password?

Select "System", "Change Password" and you will be directed to a web page to 
change your password for the game.

3. If your account is hacked, or you forget your password, or you want to 
clear your protected code, you should provide the following info:

a. The server your character is in.
b. Your account and all the passwords used under that account. 
c. The email address used to apply for the account. 
d. Your character's name, nickname, level,status, spouse, bank account, pets.

4. If your character is deleted, provide the following info to get it back:

a. Your account and email address.
b. The server the character was in.
c. The deleted character's name, nickname, level, spouse.

For security of your account, do not post your account and character's info. 
in the forum, for everyone can see them. Please report your problems relative 
to your account and characters and anything you consider private and important
to our official customer service email:
Currently, our GM/PM staff are fchen, Star7 and applepie. 
Do not trust other people without confirming with us first.

5 How do I check for my account status?

You may check your account status by clicking on "Account" and them "Check" 
on the home page of Monster and Me. After that you simply enter your account 
number and password, and the system shall return you with 3 pieces of 
information: Account Valid Until, Total Paid Time, and Total Bonus Time Earned.

6.  How many free days does a newly-registered player receive before he has 
    to pay to play?

21 days

7. If I didn't play M&M for a long time, will my account be retained?

Account will be retained for a year if you do not credit it.

				- 4d.Payement FAQS -

1.When does the P2P start?

P2P starts on 0:01am of Nov. 21, 2003. All Players receive 10 extra free days 
to play after Nov. 21. 
All new accounts will receive 21 days of free playing time.

2.How does the P2P work?

The P2P is based on the concept of Time Code, which consists of a pair of 
numbers: the Time Code ID and the Time Code Password. There are two kind of 
Time Codes available, 30-day and 60-day. You may purchase the Time Code from 
the Monster and Me home page by clicking on "Sales", "Time Code" and proceed 
with payment. After you purchase the Time Code, you may credit your account 
to convert the Time Code into play time by clicking on "Account", "Credit" 
under the menu item at the home page. We will NOT be charging your credit 
card on a recurring basis, and your player info will be kept for the time 
period you decide to take a break from our game.

3.What are the costs of Time Codes?

A 30-day Time Code costs 8 USD and a 60-day Time Code costs 16 USD. 

4.How do I earn free playtime for Monster and Me?

We will provide you many ways to earn free play time for Monster and Me. 
Right now there are two ways available: Refer a friend; Pre-Credit;

5.What is the Refer-a-Friend program?

For limited time windows, if you refer a friend to join Monster and Me and 
if he/she puts your account name as the referring source at the first time 
he/she credits his/her account with a Time Code, you will get some Bonus Time 
for your account. For a 30-day Time Code, you will receive 10-day of 
Bonus Time; for a 60-day Time Code, you will receive 30 day of Bonus Time.

6.What is "Pre-Credit" and what is the advantage of "Pre-Credit"?

Pre-credit means that you credit your account with a Time Code before the P2P 
start date. For a limited time window before P2P, you will earn bonus time 
for pre-crediting your account. For a 30-day Time Code, you will receive 10-day
of Bonus Time; for a 60-day Time Code, you will receive 30 day of Bonus Time.

7. I am an old beta-phase player. Can I enjoy the benefit of "Refer-a-Friend" 
at the first time I credit my account by putting my friend¡¯s account as the 
referring source?

Yes. For any account that is credited the first time, the account owner will be
able to gift the Bonus Time to a friend. 

8.What are the payment methods?

Right now, the only online payment method we accept is through Paypal. 
You will need to register with Paypal with a credit card or a bank account 
in order to pay. We can also accept pay-by-phone or personal check. Please 
call 1-909-612-1681 or 1-800-898-2376 for more details of alternative 
payment methods.

9.How do I check for my account status?

You may check your account status by clicking on "Account" and them "Check" on
the home page of Monster and Me. After that you simply enter your account 
number and password, and the system shall return you with 3 pieces of 
information: Account Valid Until, Total Paid Time, and Total Bonus Time 

10.Can I pay if I do not live in the US?

Yes, PAYPAL accepts payment from over 30 countries. Chances are your country 
is covered by PAYPAL. PAYPAL will do the currency conversion from your 
currency into USD.

11. How many free days does a newly-registered player receive before he 
    has to pay to play? 

21 days.

12. Do I need to pay for the download of game?

No. We are committed to you that the download of game will be absolutely free.

				5. Interface

------------------------------- [ Action ] ------------------------------------

There are nine different action commands in this menu. Click on one of them and
your character will show the corresponding action. 

F1-F9 are hotkeys for these nine actions respectively: Sit, Wave, Happy, Angry,
Cry, Faint, Kneel, Throw and Bow. For instance, press F1, and your character 
will sit down. 

Under certain circumstance, such as round fight, disguise or cloud-flying of 
third-turn demon, there might be restrictions on using the above 
action commands. 

When your character is under its normal state (The default state when you just
enter the game), you can fast-switch between the different shortcut keys to 
do more tricky and funny combination of actions, i.e., virtual dancing. 

You may also perform synchronous aerobics with a group of friends by pressing
the above action keys in a certain pre-determined sequence. 

------------------------------- [ System ] ------------------------------------

Mini Map
Click on this and you will see a small map of the area around you. 
Red dots in the map represent other players in this map. Human shaped icons 
represent your friends. A heart-shaped icon represents your spouse. 

System Setup
Click on this and a System Setup Window will appear. You may change certain 
system settings in this window. 

Hotkey Setup 
Click on this and the Hotkey Setup Window will appear. The game has some preset
hotkeys stored already. You may alter them and set up new ones through this 

Add Protected Code
Click on this and the Add Protected code window will appear. You may add a 
protected code to your account through this window. 

Disable Protected Code
Click on this and the Disable Protected code window will appear. 

Enable Protected Code
Click on this and Enable Protected code window will appear. 

Window Mode
Click on it to switch to the window mode. 

Full Screen Mode
Click on it to switch to the full screen mode. 

Chat History
Click on this and the window will appear showing all chat history including 
system messages. 

Character ID On/Off
Click on it or press F11 and you will turn on/off the display of names above 
the players. 

Click on it or press F12 and you can take a photo of current scene, or a 
screenshot. You can also modify a screenshot and share with other players. 

Black List and Language Filter
Click on this and the Black List and Language Filter Window will appear. 

You may choose different skins for the game interface. 

Delete Character
If you are not satisfied with the character you choose, you can delete it. 
To avoid accidental mis-clicking, you are asked to enter your password. 

Change Password
Click on it to log into the official web site to change your password. 

Password Protection
Click on it to log into the official web site. Follow the instructions and 
you will have your password protected.

------------------------------- [ Command ] -----------------------------------

Click on this and the Character's Status window will appear. You can access 
your status, attributes and other relevant information through this window. 

Click on this and the Item/Equipment window will appear. Through it you can see
the items you carry, use them or manage them. 

Claim Prize
If you are lucky enough to win a prize, click on this button to claim it. 

Control Object
This is a function for controlling items in a house. You may either move or 
delete an item. Click on "Move" and right click on the targeted item, and the 
item will be moved to where the mouse goes. After you decide on where to put 
the item, right click to fix the item at that position. You may also delete an 
item in a house with the Delete function. 

You may deposit money, withdraw money, or check on the balance through this 

When you are outside a city, you may click on this to start round-based 
fighting against monsters. 

Fighting is an important task in this game. Only through continuous fighting
and defeating monsters, will you gain experience to advance the levels of your
character and your pets and earn money as extra prizes at the same time. 

This means the real time player killing, i.e., players fight with each other 
directly on the big map. Only players who have entered the Kungfu circle 
(you need to complete certain mission) can PK with others. 

Round PK
In certain designated time of every day, week, month or season, the 
PK stadium will be open to all players. Whether you have entered the 
Kungfu circle or not, you can use your Kungfu, poison and darts to PK 
other players, and the last survivor will win the big prize. 

Character Skills and Pet Skills are of great importance in this event. 
Unlike normal fighting, your enemy's pet can not be caught in Round PK, 
and your pet's growth rate won't be affected even it get stunt. So just 
fight as you want. 

Strike Vital Point 
Click on this command and right click on the target to use this command. 
It doesn't work on people who haven't entered the Kungfu circle. 
Player being hit by the strike cannot talk to others, enter Round Fight or PK.
The success rate of this operation is determined by the comparison between 
both players' levels and mana. Whether the strike works or not, you will lose
half of your mana points. 

Unlock Vital Point 
Click on this command and right click on the target to unlock his/her 
vital point. Whether the unlocking is successful depends on the relative 
levels and mana points between the striker and the person unlocking. 
The person unlocking should have a higher level and mana points in order to
have a higher success rate for the unlock operation. The person unlocking 
will lose half of his/her mana points regardless of the success of the 

Self-unlock Vital Point
If someone stroke your vital point and you cannot find anyone to help you 
unlock, you can perform self-unlock by recharging your mana points and click 
on this command. 

Throw Dart
Click on this command and choose a specific dart type, and then right click on
the target to throw a dart. This command only works with people who belong to 
the Kungfu circle. This is a way to attack your enemies from a distance. 

The success rate depends on the comparison of mana, levels and other relevant 
attributes such as attack, defense and dexterity between both sides. 
Unlike striking vital point, you can attack once the target is in the same 
viewing screen as you do. You can only use the dart corresponding to your level

Click on this command, right click on the player you wish to poison, and then 
click on the poison type. This function does not work with players outside 
the Kungfu circle. The effect of poisoning is determined by the poison's 
properties. This function has one hundred percent target hit rate. You can 
only use the kind of poisons corresponding your level. 

After your learn the skill of stealing from Mr. QuickHandWang 
(in the Water City), you may use this command to steal money from other players

Click on this to turn on/off the auto-fighting mode to fight against the 
monsters. Turning on this option means you give up the chance to recover 
health and recharge mana points for your character and your pets and also 
the chance to escape during fights. 

When fighting in a team, only the team leader is responsible for controlling 
the beginning and ending of the fight, so the other members can relax and 
chat with one another freely. 

Random Encounter 
Click on this to enable/disable random encounter of monsters outside the city.

---------------------------------- [ Pet ] ------------------------------------

Your pets are your best friends in the game. They have basic attributes like 
human, as if they have their own feelings and thinkings. They need your care 
and attention, and the better care you give to them, the more loyal they will 
become to you. You need your pets help to defeat the monsters. 

Pet's Status
Click on it and the Pet Status window will appear. You can view status of 
your pets and manage your pets through this window. 

Growth Record
Click on this to see the growth records of your pets. 

Manage Pet Vendor
You can set up a stand and ask your pet to sell something for you. 
This command allows you to manage the pet to do the selling for you, as 
well as set up a list of items for the pet to sell. 

Pet Yelling
Click on it to type in the words your pet vendor will yell to attract buyers. 

Recall Pet Vendor
Click on this to recall the pet vendor. 

Pet Walking
Click on it to bring out your marching pet to walk with you. 

Pet Show
Click on it, and you can show your marching pet on screen. 
Other players can see your pet's relevant status, including its name, level, 
equipments and medals. 

Recalling Walking Pet
Click on this command to recall the pet you are walking or showing. 

Pet Message
Click on this command, and enter a message from your pet. You and other 
players can see the message by right clicking on your pet. Unlike Pet Vendor, 
this is a free service. So use it well! 

Compose a New Pet
Pet Composing means artificially combining two suitable pets to breed a new pet
---------------------------------- [ Team ] -----------------------------------

In the world of Monster and Me, fighting monsters alone by can be very 
dangerous, and it will be more advantageous to fight in a team. 

Join Team
Click on this command and right click on the team leader (identified by a 
rotating star above his/her head) of the targeted team to join a team. 
A team can have a maximum of 5 members. You cannot join a team if the team is 
full or the leader imposes restriction for others to join. 

Establish a Team
Click on this command to found a team, and you will become the team leader. 
A rotating star will appear above your head. 

Leave a Team
Click on this command to leave a team. 

Manage a Team
Use this command to manage a team. Only the team leader can use this command. 

Select a Battle Formation
This function allows a team leader to reconfigure the team formation during 
fights. There are a total of six formations for a team leader to choose from: 
Normal, Tiger, Kylin, Bird, Turtle and Dragon. Each formation is different in 
terms of it characteristics of attack, defense, dexterity etc. 

Formation eye is the key position of a formation. It's the position where the 
team leader stands in the battle formation. During a team fight you should try
to break the eye position of your enemy first to disable the effect of their 
formation. It's the key to success. So you must be familiar with the eye
position of different formations. The way to break the eye of a formation is 
to stunt the monster or human (Round PK) in the eye position.

---------------------------------- [ Guild ] ----------------------------------

				- Guild Function -

Where there are people, there is a circle. When people grow more, guilds 
appear. Guilds have a strong influence on players in the game. A strong, 
integral guild is a big help to guild members in terms of funding, pets , 
equipment, Kungfu and game experience. One player alone is not enough to 
support a powerful guild. It requires the whole-hearted support of every player

- Found Guild

The requirements for founding a guild 

Not less than 800 levels; acquire PK license and enter the circle; Prepare 
$1,000,000 as guild fund. The Player who has joined a guild cannot found 
another guild.

The qualified players can click on "Found guild" in Guild menu to apply for 
founding a new guild. You need to fill in the following: 

Name of Guild 
It's the guild name that will be shown above your head. Remember not to use 
very negative word, or it might be deleted. 

Full Name of Guild 
It will be shown when you inquire about the guild. If you think the title is 
too short, you can give an explanation here. 

Doctrine of Guild 
It will be shown upon guild inquiry. Use your imagination to attract people 
with the same aspiration. 

Title of Guild Leader 
It will be shown on the character Window. So try to make it look more 

Title of Member 
Make it sound better; otherwise other players might not want to join.

Enter your choice and click OK, the system will announce to the world you 
have successfully founded a guild. 

- Join Guild

To join a guild, it requires level 50 or above. After you obtain the PK 
license, click on "JOIN Guild", then right-click on the guild introducer. 
You will be a guild member after his approval. The introducer must be a 
guild leader or veteran members. 

- Check Guild Status

Click on this button to enter the name of the guild you want to check, and 
system will show you the basic information of the guild. Click on guild leader
to see the guild fund and the current online guild members. 

- Manage Guild

Click on this button, right click on the target to accept him/her to join 
your guild. Only guild leader or counselors are entitled to perform this 

Click on this button; enter the name of member and click on OK to dispel. 
Only guild leader or counselors are entitled to dispel the members whose 
position is lower.

Click on this button and right click on the target, enter the name of the new 
position and click OK to promote. Only guild leader or counselors are entitled
to perform this command, but the new position can't be higher than his/hers. 

Click this button; enter the name of member and click on OK to demote 
him/her to common member. If one’s position is 3 levels higher, he can 
perform this command. 

If there are vacant positions, guild leader or counselor can click on this 
button, right click on the target, select a position and enter the title of 
member, then click on OK to assign. 

Click on this button, right click on the target to transfer him/her to 
another branch and dispel his position in this branch. Only guild leader or 
counselors are entitled to perform this command. 

Click on this button, enter the amount and click on OK to donate. 

Dispel Vendor 
If someone is peddling in your guild's territory, guild leader can click on 
this button, then right click the target to dispel vendor. 

Found Branch 
If your guild reaches level 3 and members increase, it is necessary to 
found branches. Click on this button and enter name of branch, full name of 
branch and doctrine of branch, click OK to found. Only head of guild can use 
this command. 

Dismiss Branch 
Click on this button and enter the name of the branch you want to dismiss. 
Only guild leaders are entitled to perform this command. 

Request to Ally 
Click on this button, right click on the allied party. 
Once he/she agrees to ally, system will announce this news to the world. 
Only guild leaders of two guilds are entitled to perform this command. 

Agree to Ally 
After you receive the request to allay, click on this button, right click on 
the allied party to agree. From this moment on, two guilds are allies. 
Only guild leader are entitled to perform this command. 

Click on this button, enter the name of the guild you want to dis-ally with, 
click OK to dis-ally. Only guild leader are entitled to perform use this 

Click on this button, enter the name of the guild you want to antagonize, 
click OK to antagonize. Only guild leader are entitled to perform this command.

Click this button then enter the name of guild you want to reconcile, 
confirm at last. Only head of guild can use this command. 

Hostile Guild 
Click on this button, and system will show all the hostile guilds. 
Every member of the guild can use this command. 

Allied Guild 
Click on this button and system will show all the allied guilds. 
Each member of the guild can use this command. 

Click on this button and choose the rank of the counselor from the menu, 
and system will show all the counselors of this rank. Each member of the 
guild can use this command. 

Click on this button, right click on the guild member you want to inquire 
about, system will show all information about him/her. Each member of the 
guild can use this command. 

My Info. 
Click on this button and system will show your situation in this guild. 
Each member of the guild can use this command. 

Member's Contribution 
Click on this button, right click on the guild member you want to inquire 
about. System will tell you his/her Contributions to the guild. 

My Contribution 
Click on this button and system will show your contributions to the guild. 

Click on this button and you will see relevant information, all members, 
except common members, can use this command. 

Transfer Power 
As a guild leader, you may feel under great pressure, click on this button, 
right click on the candidate to transfer your power to him/her. 
Only guild leader are entitled to perform this command. 

If you want to terminate the guild you have been working hard for, click 
on this button, then click OK to terminate. If there are any branches, 
dismiss them first. But you are strongly recommended to think twice before 
termination. Only guild leaders are entitled to perform this command.
Loyal to XX

If you are unsatisfied with the guild leader and think someone else is 
competent for this position, you can pledge loyalty to him.

Eliminate Loyalist
If you don't want to support someone any longer, click on this to cancel 
your loyalty to him.

- Request to Unite
If you are a guild leader, you can use this order to unite with other 
powerful guilds. 

Agree to Unite
Use this order to agree to unite with the demander.


If you are a deputy guild leader and over 2/3 guild members have pledged 
their loyalty to you, you may pay 2 million dollars to bribe the government
officials so that you can manage to usurp the position of guild leader. 
Otherwise you'll be degraded to a common member and all your money will go 
to waste.

Leave Guild
If you want to leave a guild, you must give 500, 000 dollars to the guild 
fund, or give 50,000 dollars and recommend another player to join the guild.

- Guild House

AAA level guild can occupy a map and set up guild house there. Lord Wu (20,20)
in Peace Hall of Palace is selling guild houses. Click on him to take a look of
guild house samples. 

Samples have been face-lifted together with furniture and decoration, 
which are sold separately. 

There is a NPC in charge of selling guild houses in every entrance to sample 
houses. You can talk with NPC to visit or buy. 

There are five kinds of guild houses: Classic style, Southern style and 
Western style, etc. Once guild house is chosen, Guild Leader or Deputy Guild
Leader can talk to NPC and pay $30,000,000 with guild fund and get a Guild Card
Take it to NPC at the entrance, and get a house license (Basic requirement: 
AAA Level guild with fund no less than $30,000,000). 

After that, take house license to a map to settle down guild house. 
As soon as guild transport NPC is set up, guild house is completed. 
One map can only be occupied by one guild. 

1. If a guild occupies a map successfully, Guild Card will be taken back. 
If house license is lost before occupying a map, with Guild Card, you can come 
to NPC for another one. However, if Guild Card is lost, nothing can make it up.

2. Except cities, Hua Mountain, Heaven, Hell, grotto, narrow path and bridge, 
any map suitable for battle can be occupied. Here is the map list:

Water City Suburb, Wind Plain, Hill of Tear, Qua- Bridge Plain, Sunrise Bridge,
Leisure Garden, Bamboo Forest, Resent Cave Entry, Sword Valley, 
Stone Cave Entry, Western Dock, Dry Well Plain, Soul Lost Cliff, 
Sunrise Bridge Head, Eastern Dock, Bluff, Moon Bridge, Silver Valley, 
Eastern Oasis, Golden Valley, Goose Valley, Horse Valley, Hua Mountain Peak, 
Love Valley, Buddha Grotto, Moon-scene Valley, Drunkard Tomb, Sand Plain, 
Quicksand Plain, Lonely Pavilion, Maple Forest, Cooer Hut, Home Pavilion, 
Watching Forest, Dusk Path, Print Valley, Snow Plain, Pine Plain, 
Treading Plain, Green Valley, Spring Plain, Yellow Hill, Bird Valley, 
Narrow Path, Single Wood Plain, Spring Bridge, Thaw Valley, Smoke Valley.

- Guid Transport

Transport among the same guild in different maps can be accomplished by 
clicking on Guild Transport NPC. 

First, add a post house and make it one of transport sites in maps occupied 
by your guild. Then change transport fare from one site to the other. 
Minimum fare is $1,000. If the fare set by guild leader is less than $1,000, 
it will be defaulted as $1,000 by system. Transport revenue is transferred 
to guild fund automatically; meanwhile $1,000 of handling fee is deducted by 
system. Canceling post house is the same as adding post house. 

1. Only Guild Leader and Deputy Guild Leader can add or cancel a post house.
2. The guild member is charged $1,000 no matter how much the fare is.
3. Only if two maps have both added post house, can transport be 
   bi-directional. Otherwise, it would be one-way transport. 

Guild L occupies Map A and Map B. Click on Guild Transport NPC of Map A, 
then click on Guild Transportation => Add Post House. In this way, Map A 
appears in Transport Menu of Map B. Afterwards, change transport fare, say 
$2,000. Thus, transport from A to B or any other maps occupied by Guild L 
costs $2,000(Guild Member of L is charged $1,000 only). However, if Map A is 
added post house, while Map B is not, transportation is available only from 
Map B to Map A, that from Map A to Map B is failed. Therefore, Map B should 
be added a post house. As a result, transport between Map A and Map B is 

------------------------------- [ Interact ] ----------------------------------

Give Money
Click on this command, and then right click on the giftee to gift money. 
The minimum amount to gift is $100, and the maximum is $10,000,000. 

Give Item
Click on this command, and then right click on the giftee to gift an item. 
Items for missions cannot be gifted. 

Give Pet
Click on this command and then right click on the giftee to gift a pet. 
Choose a pet from your pet list, then click on confirm to send out your pet. 
Pets that are fighting or managing a stand can't be gifted. Pets gifted 
between fellow players will lose 5 loyalty points, while pets gifted 
between husband and wife won't. 

Use Medicine
Click on this command and then right click on the person you want to use 
medicine for. Click on a medicine from your item list, and then click on 
confirm. In this way, you can feed medicine to other players. However, this 
command cannot be used during a battle. 

Send Flower
This is the most romantic and expensive way of proposing to someone in the 
game. Click on this command, and the system will remind you than sending 
flowers to someone will cost $1,000,000. If you can afford the price, press 
confirm, and then right click on the person to whom you wish to send flowers.
You will find thousands of flowers of multiple colors emerging around him/her, 
blossoming for 10 seconds and then turning into millions of flying petals. 
The whole process lasts for only about 20 seconds, but the effect is so strong
that you surely will win your love. 

See Nearby Players
Click on this command to see the names of all the players in the same map with 
you. Click on a name, and you can talk to him/her in the chat window. 
You can also look for other players from this list.

Click on 'Request to make friend', and then right click on the player you want 
to be friends with, and then wait for his/her response. If he/she clicks on 
'Agree',the two of you become friends. Your names are shown on each other's 
friend list. When your friend is on line, you can click on his/her name, 
to talk to him/her privately. If you delete a friend from your friend list, 
your name will also be deleted from his/her list. 


If you meet your soul mate in the game, you can propose to him/her to get 
married. Click on 'Propose', then right click on your lover. Be sure to
prepare enough money before you choose a method of proposing from the 

If your lover proposes to you, you can click on agree. The two of you then 
become husband and wife. You can host a wedding ceremony and invite all your 
friends to attend. Don't forget to press F12 to take lots of photos. 
A married couple have many advantages playing the game. 

You can request to file a divorce, but your reputation will drop by half.
Click on Divorce, prepare some money, and choose a way of divorcing. 
Then right click on a player as your witness. 

Use this command to trade items with other players. 

Use this command to teach Kungfu to other players. 

My Friends
Click on this button, then you will see friend list. 
There is a cross or circle before the name to show whether your friends 
are online. Right click on a name, and you will find four commands: 
Whisper, Give Money, Remove and Leave Message. 

Click on Whisper to talk to a friend privately. 
Click on Give Money to gift money to a friend. 
Click on Remove to delete someone as your friend. 
Click on Leave Message, and then enter your message. 
Your friend will find a flying pigeon indicating he/she has a message 
when he/she logs in. You can only do it when your friend is offline.
------------------------------- [ Advanced ] ----------------------------------

Wuxing Oven
The Chinese believe that everything is consisting of five elements: 
Metal, wood, water, fire and earth. The Wuxing 
(in Chinese it means five elements) oven is a magical oven that decomposes 
everything you put in into these five elements, and re-composes the five 
elements to form a new item. This is one of the most fascinating features of 
this game. Enjoy it but be extremely careful. You might be surprised what you 
can get out of the oven. 

Create Kungfu
Use this command to invent a Kungfu.


Become Divine Character
Use this command to advance to a higher-level god or devil. 
You need to meet certain level requirements to use this command. 

Click on this command to reincarnate. You need to meet certain level and 
title requirements to use this command. 

Only super God and super devil can perform following command in current map; 
Rain: If he carries $200,000 cash with him, he can click on rain and it starts
to rain. 
Snow: If he carries $200,00 cash with him, he can click on snow and it 
starts to snow. 
Stop: If he carries $200,000 cash with him, he can click on stop and it stops 
raining or snowing. 

Cast Bloody Rain Spell
This spell will reduce up to 25% of life points of all surrounding players 
in your local map. Requirement: Super Demon of level 100 or above with full 
blood and mana. 
Cost is $500,000, and you will lose one level after casting the spell. 

Cast Flowery Rain Spell
This spell will increase up to 25% of life points of all surrounding players 
in your local map. Requirement: Super God of level 100 or above with full 
blood and mana. 
The cost is $500,000, and you will lose one level after casting the spell. 

This command will disguise you in the form of your marching pet. 
Requirement: loyalty of your marching pet has to be 100 percent. 

At certain time of a day, a NPC will sell fireworks in grocery store of 
the Water City and Mountain City. The price of a firework is $80,000. 
After you purchase the fireworks, click on this command to use them. 

Firework With Message
Display fireworks with words. Only a Game Master can use this function.

Ride on Cloud
Only a Senior or Super God or Devil can ride on cloud. Riding on cloud is 
very fast, but you can only do it when you are not in a team.

Click on this command to descend from the cloud. 

Lock Operation
If you step away from your computer for a while, you can lock the game by 
click on this command. Enter your password to unlock and return to normal

---------------- [ Command Panel, Lower Left Corner ] -------------------------

Click on this icon to see the status of your character. 

Click on this icon to see the status of your pets. 

This bar indicates your life points. You may recharge your life points by 
taking medicine purchased from the drugstore in the city, or seeking help 
from a nurse in the drugstore. 

Pet Life
This bar indicates the life points of your marching pet. You may recharge 
your pet's life points by feeding it medicine purchased from the drugstore 
in the city, or seeking help from a nurse in the drugstore. 

This bar indicates your mana points, or MP. You may recharge your mana points
by taking mana pills purchased from the drugstore in the city. 

This bar indicates your experience points at the current level. When the 
experience point reaches maximum, you level up. 

Pet Exp.
This bar indicates the experience points of your marching pet. When the 
experience point reaches maximum, your marching pet level up. 

Click on this icon to switch between jumping mode and walking mode. 
When you are in a team, you can only use the walking mode. 

Click on this icon to enter round fight with the monsters. 
You can only fight when you are not in a city. 

Click on this icon, and the chat panel will appear. You may chat with 
the person of your choice. Click on it again to make it disappear. 

The two numbers on this panel indicate your current coordinates. 
When you move around, the numbers change accordingly.
----------------------------- [ Chat Panel ] ----------------------------------

The Chat panel can be dragged to anywhere on your screen. 
It has the following functions: 

The default target is "all", which means you are talking to everyone in the 
local map. You can choose to talk to a specific person by righting click on the
person, or manually entering the person's name in the target area. 

Input what you want to say in the long box. You can enter up to 48 characters 
at one time. On the right of the long box, there is an arrow. Click on it and 
you can find your chat history. You can also press on the up arrow key on your
keyboard to bring up your previous words.

You can click on the arrow to pull down the expression box. 
Choose an expression to match your emotions when you chat. There are a total
of eight expressions for your selection. 

You may change the color of your words from this selection list.

Click on this icon and you will find a selection panel containing 7 categories.
Each category contains a diversified list of actions (some are very funny).
Select one and click on the send icon to send it out.

Click on this icon to send out what you type on the content box. 

Click on this icon to clear screen.

Click on this icon to view your chat history. 

Chatting Channels
There are 7 chatting channels available in the game: Normal (N), Whisper (W), 
Team (T), Broadcast (B), Friend (F), Guild (G) and spouse (S). Select the 
appropriate channel before you talk. When you talk in the Normal channel, 
players in the same map that you are in will see your words. To talk in the 
broadcast channel, it will cost 200 mana points. All the players in the same
server that you are in will see your words. You may select to talk to an 
individual privately using the Whisper channel. You may talk to your spouse 
secretly using the spouse channel. You may also talk to your friends or members
of your team or your guild using the friend, team or guild channel respectively

Nearby Players (NP)
Click on this button, and you will see a list of nearby players. Click on a 
name, then it will appear in the chatting target box. 

Channel Management (CM)
Click on this button and the channel management window will appear. You can 
choose from following selections: Team, Whisper, Broadcast, Friend, Guild, 
Action, spouse, and Info Related to Me. Except for the Info Related to Me 
selection, if you uncheck on the box before a selection, information related 
to that selection will not be shown on the screen. If you check on the box 
before Info related to Me, then only information related to yourself will be
shown on your screen. 

------------------ [ Info Panel, Lower Right Corner ] -------------------------

Click on 'Details' on the lower right part of game interface, then you will 
see its window displaying 9 items: 
It is the name you give to your character at the first time you enter the game.
It can't be changed. 

It's your character's nickname, and can be changed in 'Character' window. 

It is accumulated as you defeat monsters. There are two numbers here, 
divided by a diagonal, for example: 1000/500, the former refers to you 
level (it is the main criteria of fulfilling a quest and other advanced 
functions like creating Kungfu and riding on cloud) and the latter refers 
to your cultivation (it is higher criteria of equipments you create). 
Before the 4th advance, your character's highest level is 1200, after 
that, i.e. super devil/god's level can be 1300. 

Level 800, 1000 and 1200 are three different benchmarks of advancing. 
Higher level at the time of advancing will exert more favorable influence 
on your character. 

You can join a guild when you reach level 50 and obtain the PK license..

800-level knight can found a guild. 

It refers to your lover in game. You can marry in the game. 

It refers to the cash you carry. You should deposit money in case they are 
stolen if you are in the Kung circle. 
It is accumulated as you defeat monsters. It is in relation to human being, 
and cultivation is in relation to God or Devil. For the 1st advance, 

Divorce and breaking from the guild will cost your half of the reputation.

It varies as you level up. 
The Titles for your Character are: Elementary Warrior, Junior Warrior, 
Senior Warrior, Elementary Knight, Junior Knight, Senior Knight, 
Junior Master, Senior Master, and in that order. 

After 1st Advance: Basic God. 

2nd Advance: Junior God and Junior Devil. 

3rd Advance: Senior God and Senior Devil. 

4th Advance: Super God and Super Devil. 

Here shows the name of your guild you found or join. 
You have to enter the circle before you found or join a guild. 

It refers to your position in your guild. There are: 
Guild Leader, Deputy Guild Leader, Consellor, Deputy Consellor, Branch Manager,
Deputy Branch Manager and Member. 

-------------------------- [ Other Command Icons ] ----------------------------

Click on this to show the information panel on lower right corner of the 
game interface.

Click on this to show the chat panel on the lower right corner of the game 

You can select a PK skill from the list before PK. 

Click on this icon and you will find a mini-map of your current location. 
Red dots in the map represent other players; White-color man-shaped crosses 
represent your friend's positions; and a golden heart represents your 
spouse's position. There are also little bright-green patches in the 
mini-map, representing connection points to other maps.

Join Team
You can click on this handshaking icon to join a team. The same can be 
achieve using the pull down menu under "Team"

Click on this to show the items window, and to use and manage your items.

Click on this icon appearing as two crossed swords to start a round PK. 
Both sides have to belong to the Kungfu circle to enter PK.

Chat History
Click on this icon to show your most recent chat history including some 
system bulletin information. 

My Friends
Click on this and you will find a list of your friends. A circle before 
a friend's name means he/she is online; a cross before a friend's name 
means he/she is offline. Right click on a friend's name, you will find 
four commands to use: whisper, give money, remove, and leave message.

				6. Magic Creation

The Basic Concepts of Heaven and Earth Oven
Taoist believes that everything in the world is composed of Metal, Wood, 
Water, Fire, Earth, the five elements. They all have their own corresponding 
attributes. Everything in the oven will be returned to the five elements under
the effect of the Essential Fire, and form into new items according to certain 
rules. That's how the Oven works. To put it simple, you throw like everything 
into the Oven and get new stuff.

How to use
Using the Oven is simple: first you get a oven by fulfilling certain missions,
then click the commands of "Heaven and Earth Oven", throw pets, items even 
money into the oven, system will ask you what's the main element of the 
refining element. After choosing the main element, the system will predict 
the result of refining. If the result is desirable, continue the process, 
otherwise readjust the position of item, maybe there will be some nice surprise

The rules of refining 
There's a main element in every refining. The other items you can put in 
together vary from 1-7, according to your refining experience.
In most case, In most case, the main element decides the type of the product. 
The inside mechanism of the oven involves very complicated calculations, so if
you don't want to be a specialist in refining, just quit the reading. Use the 
preview function of the system more often, you will become familiar with the 
rules gradually.

(1).The following rules only work with refined items. There will be some 
difference if you use the bought items to refine. 

(2).The refined item will change not only in attribute, but also in required 
level. In refining, reinforcing or weakening certain attribute to obtain the 
using level suitable for you. 

1.Refining with gears as main element 

Gears include weapons, defensive item, shoes, head and body adornments. 
This kind of refining still produce the same gears, but there will be changes 
in gear attribute according to "minor items". The rules of change follow 
the relationship of the five elements. 

Gears all have their own specific attribute: weapon=fire, defense= metal, 
shoes=water, body adornment=wood, head adornment=earth. 
(body adornment means gears increasing your internal power, other body 
adornments are treated as special items.)  

When two gears are used to refine? 

If the gears belong to the same type, then the main attribute of the gear will
increase. If two pairs of shoes are refined, the one with higher speed will 

If the attribute of the main gear is in favor of the minor gear, then the 
attribute of the minor gear will be higher in the product. For example, if 
weapon ( fire attribute, add attack value)as main gear, and head adornment 
( earth attribute, add hitpoint ), then the product might have the ability 
to add more hitpoint. 

If the attribute of the minor gear is in favor of the main gear, then both 
gear's corresponding attribute will increase, but mainly in the main gear part

If the main item is against the minor item, then the attribute of the minor 
item in the main item will decrease ( even become negative ). This kind of 
refining is very important. For example, you have a sword with 500 points 
attack and 8000 required level, and you got only 3500 level, in that case, 
you can reduce the attribute in defense which is less important, until the 
level requirement for this sword drop to 3500.

If the minor item is against the main item, then the attribute of the minor 
item will be reduced directly in the main item. The better quality the minor 
item has, the more this attribute will be reduced. For example: If weapon 
( Fire, add attack ) is refined together with shoes ( water, add speed ), 
then the product with have lower attack points. 
Use the above rules flexibly, you will get the most suitable gear for yourself

2.Refining with pet as main item 
When pet is the main item, the products will be different with different 
minor items. 

When pet is refined together with pet, you might get gears, medicine, 
stealth weapons and poison, etc. That depends on the different positions 
the main item resides in the Oven and its five attributes relationship with 
the minor item.

When pet is refined with the gears, it will have "reinforcing" effect, which 
is a very important function of the Oven.

Reinforcing means reassigning the attribute points of the pet according 
to the attribute of the minor item, provided there's no change in level. 
Don't you have a butterfly with extremely high speed and very low defense? 
Now you can reassign some points from speed to defense now! The effect will 
be retained through composing. 

So, after careful management and use well the reinforcing and composing 
system of the Oven.

You also need to notice that the points you can move is related to the 
quality of the minor item. You can also reinforce the pet again, but the 
effect can not be added up, the previous effect will be replaced by the 
current reinforcing.

3.Refining with medicine, poison, and stealth weapons as main item
It mainly produce better medicine, poison and stealthy weapon. 

4.Money as main item 
It only works with pet as minor item, the outcome is like selling the pet 
directly. The price is decided by refining experience, pet position, the 
amount of money as main item. 

The second term function of the Oven

This function is about refining special effect medicine with secret recipe,
it usually comes with missions, so be careful.

Related information:
The relationship between the five attributes and eight diagrams

The five attributes are:
Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. The eight diagrams relationship: 
Qian, Zhon belong to Metal, Shen, Gen belong to Earth, Zhen and Xun belong 
to Wood, Kan with Water and Li with Fire.

So, according to the five attributes restraining relationship: 
Water is against Fire, Fire is against Metal, Metal is against Wood, 
Wood against Earth, and Earth against Fire, you can easily get the restraining
relationship between the eight diagrams: Kan is in against of Li, 
Li is against of Qian, Zhon, Qian and Zhon is against Zhen and Xun, 
Zhen and Xun is against Shen and Gen, Shen and Gen is against Kan. And also, 
with the generating relationship between the five Attribute: 
Water is in favor of Wood, Wood is in favor of Fire, Fire is in favor Earth, 
Earth is in favor of Metal, Metal is in favor of Water, we can conclude that 
Kan in favor of Zhen and Xun, Zhen and Xun is in favor of Li, 
Li in favor of Shen and Gen, Shen and Gen in favor of Qian and Zhon, 
Qian and Zhon in favor of Kan. 

The five attributes setting in Monster & Me:
Press CTRL+F1, you'll see the whole map of Monster & Me

Among them, Central plain is in Earth attribute; Western desert and Hell is in
Fire attribute; Northern Scenery and the Ocean is in water attribute; Laputa 
is in Metal attribute; Southern Seashore is in Wood attribute. 

Know the relationship and use them with the attributes of the maps to perform 
forging and composing, even the elder spirit should pay you certain respect.

			- 6a. Wuxing -

According to Eastern philosophy, every substance in the world consists of 
5 elements -- wood, fire, earth, gold, water, and in that order. 
The relationships of 5 elements are generation, mutual generation and mutual 
restrain. The order of generation is: wood, fire, earth, gold, water; 
the order of mutual generation: wood generates fire, fire generates earth, 
earth generates gold, gold generates water, water generates wood; the order 
of mutual restrain: water restrains fire, fire restrains gold, gold restrains
wood, wood restrains earth, earth restrains water. 

Relationship of 5-element can be demonstrated in line-up too:

None    wood  fire  earth   gold   water  
normal  bird  tiger turtle  kylin  dragon 

Equipment, pet and map also have 5-element attribute. Make use of it, you will
get twice the result with half the effort. 

In addiction, composing a new pet and amalgamation in the Oven of 
Heaven & Earth have something to do with 5-element. 

			- 6b. Wuxing Oven -

According to Taoism, every substance in the world consists of 
5 elements--metal, wood, water, fire and earth, and with corresponding 
5-element attribute. The Wuxing Oven is based on this theory. Put two or 
more items in the Oven, can you will get a new one. 

Click on advance/ Wuxing Oven, you will be in a wuxing window. On the left 
side are pets and items you carry with you. Click on it to check its property.
The lower left corner is the money you carry. You may click on "+" or "-" to 
adjust the amount you put in the Oven, and its unit is $1000.

When you want to wuxing an item, drug at least two items to the oven, 
right click on the main one, click on the "preview" to check out the result.

If you are satisfied with the outcome, click on  'Start' to start wuxing.

If you are unsatisfied, move items or pets. Try in another way, you will 
get a different item.

				7. Events

Event: (18:00pm Pacific Time, Nov. 1, 2003 (Saturday) and 1:00am Pacific Time,
Nov. 2, 2003 (Sunday) 
Guide: Our GMs (the blue piggy with a pair of fan like ears.) went on a tour 
on the seashore and dersert respectively by fly. Unfortunately, they were
robbed on the journey and now had to walk home (by foot) for they did not even
have a penny. They were frightened by the fierced monstes and dared not move. 
Your mission is to find out a GM first, join her team, and esort her to Palace.
Random encounter is turned on. You will enter the battle from time to time.
During the journey, you must make good use of battle skills and make sure the 
GMs and their cute pets are not knocked out. If so, the team is reorganized, 
you lose the chance of escorting her. Those who are waiting aside will take 
over the mission. If you are killed, you will be kiced out of the team, and
others can join. 
The team arrives in Palace at last will be awarded level one fire pets.  
Preface: The event is held twice during the weekend, so that people worldwide 
may have the chance to take part in. We hope that our players keep in order 
and don't rush. 

Time/Date: 18:00pm Pacific Time, Nov. 1, 2003 (Saturday) and 
1:00am Pacific Time, Nov. 2, 2003 (Sunday) 

Object of the event: To escort low level GMs back to their home: palace. 
Rewards: A rare fire pet.


Event-(17:00pm Pacific Time, Nov. 22, 2003 (Saturday) and 1:00am Pacific Time,
Nov. 23, 2003 (Sunday)) 
1. Route: From Snow City Inn to Rich Plain Camp (The largest camp)
2. Athletes: A team consists of a turtle and a rabit and the turtle is 
   the captain.
3. GM/PM will give each captain an item (the maker is GM/PM) at the 
   jumping-off point
4. During the journey, only walk is permitted. Of couse, you can only walk 
   when you are in a team. 
5. The first team that reaches Rich Plain Camp and gives the item to GM/PM will
   win the race.  

Time/Date: 17:00pm Pacific Time, Nov. 22, 2003 (Saturday) 
and 1:00am Pacific Time, Nov. 23, 2003 (Sunday) 

The First Team: Better GR Thunder (For both players)
The Second Team: Normal Thunder (For both players)
The Third Team: 300K dollars (For both players)


Event-(1:00am Pacific Time Dec.14 and 11:00pm Pacific Time Dec.14.) 
During the event, PM will ask the questions regarding Monster and Me. 
You will try to answer the questions. 
The first person gives the correct answer will get 1 point. 
There will be a total of 20 questions for each session. 
The person who gets the highest points in each session will win. 

Only answers in normal talking mode are valid. GM will ask the question in
normal talking mode only, and PM only open the normal talking channel. 
If you whisper or broadcast your reply, it will not be valid. 
During the contest, please refrain from talking other than just answering 
the questions.

First: Boxer 
Second: $500,000 game money
Third: $200,000 game money

Time: 1:00am December 14 / 11:00pm December 14 

Place: Wind Plain.


Merry Christmas! Wish You all Many Blessings and a Wonderful Christmas!  
This Christmas is different, for you can stay with Monster&Me Santa and 
celebrate Christmas with your Monster&Me friends, and sweet lover .

Christmas events are rich and wonderful: 

1. You will get fireworks as battle rewards if you fight in the following maps:


2. Santa Claus travels along the five cities giving out a variety of gifts. 
Look for Santa Claus to receive his greetings. 
Only a wuxing formula is released: sugar (7) + water (2) = candy.
Exchange greeting with Santa Claus to see what you will get. 

PS: Besides Christmas tree and snow man in each city, you will hear Christmas 
song in each city. Don't forget to turn on background music.

3. Emcee in the Church
An Emcee will hold wedding Ceremonies for those who marry at Christmas and 
send them marriage rings.

4 Time
From Dec.24,2003 to Dec.26,2003



GuoLu has been guarding the palace for long years, he missed her lover 
YiLing very much. First find GuoLu(78,100) in ForbiddenCity and help him 
take the rose---TrueLove to his lover YiLing(41,52) in Qua-BridgePlain. 
Then YiLing will ask you take a PinkScarves to GuoLu. To express his 
appreciation, Guo Lu will give you a letter and tell you how to get the 

The Matchmaker(15,37) in TaijiCave is always helping true lovers in the world. 
If you answer his question correctly, you will get BlessedSeed. Grow it in your
 house and right click on it to irrigate it with MermaidTears. 
On Valentine's Day, it will blossom beautifully and turn into LovePromise 
after you irrigate them seven times.


Or you can ask YiLing to help you plant the flower by giving her nine 
MermaidTears and a Blessed Seed. On Valentine's Day, she will give you a 

If you have a LovePromise, you can go to Church and find RuoLian to exchange 
a BallFish. If you have a TrueLove, you can exchange a BlueDream 
(Attck: +10; Dexerity: +50).

PS: Remember to leave a place in your pet list for BallFish. When you plant the
BlessedSeed in your house, don't forget to leave a place for it.

Event-The Magic Pill (from Mar.5 to Mar.7 Pacific Time) 
Chongwu’s daughter has suffered from a strange illness for a long time, 
but many doctors failed to help her recover from it. One day, a Taoist told 
him that only Pill could save her daughter! However, you know Chongwu is too
old to get that drug by himself. If you help him get the Pill, you can go to 
claim a prize by finding his servant in Snow City. 
1. Fight in Southern Seashore area. You may get the drug in two places of 
Southern Seashore. We won’t advise you where the drug is exactly. Try your luck
Or you can go to Skypass 36th floor, find Taoist Wu, if you answer his 
questions correctly you can get the drug too. When you failed to answer 
his question, you will be sent back to 10th floor or sent out from the 
2 After you get the pill, give it to ChnongWu in Southern Seashore. 
He will give you a letter.
3. Give the letter to his servant LianXin is in Snow City; try your 
best to find her by yourself.
4. The prize what you claim is random: 
A new pet: Dolpina
Put into jail. 

				8. Advanced Things

			     - 8a. PK Tournament -

PK Tournament 
1. Where is it held?
Sand City. 

2. How to get a ticket?
Find Boxer Li (74, 46) in Sand City and speak to him. 
If you can win from him (level 200 Sundog), you will get the ticket to PK Arena

3. When can I get in?
You can only get into the arena between 21:00 to 21:05 Pacific Time 
by speaking to Boxer Li. Don’t miss the time!

4. How often is PK Tournament held?
There are three kinds of tournament: Everyday tournament (held everyday); 
Weekly tournament (held every Saturday); 
Monthly tournament (held 1st day of every month).

5. What will I get if I win?
Everyday tournament: Lionking or 1 million dollars;
Weekly tournament: Greenbat or 10 million dollars;
Monthly tournament: Moring or 50 million dollars.

				- 8b. Create Kunfu -


How to create a Kungfu
1. Basic requirement: 300+ Human or 100+ Basic God with 100+MP
2. Mana Consumed: 100 -- your MP (not including the MP added by your equipment)
3. Index (1.0-2.0) = Damage/ Mana Consumed.
4. Damage = Index * Mana Consumed.
5. To increase the possibility of successful creation: low index, low damage, 
   high level (your character¡¯s level), and high kungfu creation 
   experience points.
6. If the damage is more than 1000, you will be dropped back 1 level no 
   matter the result. 
7. You can only learn 10 kungfu altogether. If you want to learn more, you 
   should forget some. 

How to practise my kungfu?
Go to the wild and kill the monsters with the kungfu. You will gain one 
experience point with every hit. But you won¡¯t get any experience points 
from PK.
You can practise your kungfu to level 12 at most. With every level increased, 
it will cause a little more damage (around 10%). 

How to teach my kungfu?
You can¡¯t teach a kungfu to other player unless it reaches level 5 and your 
MP is full. If the kungfu is learned from others, you can only teach it after
it reaches level 8. 
Effect of 1000+ kungfu will be weaken after it is taught and the higher the 
level of the kungfu, the less the loss of the effect. At level 5, the loss 
is half of the effect. At level 9, the loss will drop to 0. While 1000- kungfu 
won't lose any effect after it is taught. 

Kungfu         Be Taught at Level    Full Effect Exerted at Level  
Non-original   8   		     10 
Original       5                     8 

After a kungfu is taught, the teaching will lose some kungfu creation 
experience. If the kungfu is taught to a normal player, its beginning level 
is 1; to guild member, it starts at level 4; to spouse, it starts at level 5.
(see the following chart). 

Target        The teacher's Kungfu Exp.Lost The learned kungfu's Starting Level
Normal Player Up to 500                         1 
Guild Member  Up to 100                         4 
Spouse        1% to 100                         5 

			- 8c. Fire Category Quest Strategy -

In the changeable and fantastic universe, a mystic power create the world of 
Monster&Me. But few of us know of it except for Oldman Youran(58.48) in the 
Bluff, who has been devoting his whole life to this cause. He will be glad 
to explain you this mystic power and the super monsters of five attributes 
whereof. You have to pass the trial of those super monsters from different 
categories to trace this power. 
Heabear Sisi in Print Valley, outside Sad Cave, hears that there are 
Pandareens (green pandas) he has never seen in the deep of Sad Valley, 
where is occupied by some ferocious monsters. So he dares not go in and 
play with them. If you help him find a level 1 Pandareen, he will give you 
Fire Token 1 in return. With it, you can start your journey of Fire Categories
Mission. Sisi tells you that your next trial comes from Joybear Xinxin.

Xinxin(48.85) stays in a boat by the Water City and he has been longing to 
enter the circle. In his eyes, everyone can do what he likes and revenge 
injustice in the circle. However, he can't pass the trial of General Cai 
for lack of good Kongfu. He asks you to bring him Training Book to learn 
hypnotism and give you Fire Token 2 in exchange for it. He tells you to 
find Seabear Anan for the next trial who has been sent to watch a 
mysterious place. 

Anan is in the forth floor of Sky Pass. If you agree to accept his trial, 
he will ask you to look for his wife Giner who loses her memory and lives 
in Hill City(65.71).The magic fungus of Hua Mountain will help to restore 
her memory. Thus you buy one from Herbalist Zhu in Hua Mountain at $6000. 
After taking the fungus, Giner improves her memory Anan will give you 
Fire Token 3. 

Find Pussifox Little Hua beside the pond in General Valley with Fire Token 3. 
Little Hua is fond of fish and he hears that there are all kinds of beautiful
fishes in the Ocean City. But he doesn't have an level one Pingpongfish to 
disguise and enter the Ocean City. If you find one for him he will give you 
Fire Token 4. 

Confused Fox Little Wei(36.27) is a travel lover. He hears of that 
Bandit Cave is a scenic and wonder place. However no sooner than he arrives 
had he known that there are scary monsters in the cave. Little Wei is in a 
dilemma: he can't wait to look around the cave, but he can't conquer those 
monsters. Thus, he wants to learn Shaolin Kongfu. He asks you to find a 
Sutra for him to learn Shaolin Kongfu. If you bring him a Sutra he will give 
you Fire Token 5. 

Little Goblin loves his wife dearly. Recently, his wife is fond of 
Snow Phoenix. So he is heading for Phoenix Valley to find phoenix, 
but he has little sense of direction and lost his way in Dusk Path(8.28).
Thus he turns to you for help. Give him a level one Phenino, and you will get 
Fire Token 6. 

Lion King Sinba is having sun bath in Rich Plain. He is excited with your 
coming and his trial is not so difficult--the Key to open the Brown Box in 
Treasure Crypt. You will get Fire Token 7 if you give him a Brown Box Key. 

Chindog Little Yao in Silver Valley will be more strict. You have to proof 
you abilbity by defeating 5 Chindogs of 600 level, then you can get 
Fire Token 8.

Hindog Siya(36.63) outside the Resent Cave Entry once saw Jade of Captain Lin,
who polices PK Arena in Sand City, and couldn't forget it. 
But Captain Lin likes his Jade so much that he is unwilling to give it to Siya.
Thus, you give him a Mr. Lin's Jade in exchange for Fire Token 9. Siya tells 
you to find Little Tian for the next trial. 

Littel Tian(77.57) stays in Brassman Cave to avoid the burning sunshine, and 
he needs an Ice Crystal to cool down. He will also tell you the source of it.
So you head for Jade Bridge. If you happen to meet Mr. Maply, he will tell you 
that you may get ice stone if you fight with monsters here and he will help 
you to refine an Ice Crystal if you collect 6 ice stones. It is important 
that you must have 6 ice stones, otherwise, refining will fail and the ice 
stones are wasted without any result. Take Ice Crystal to Little Tian, and 
he will give you a Wandog of level one and Fire Token 10. 

Little Yan(115.78) in the Hill City has been waiting here for Thunder House 
to buy a firework. If you give him a firework you will get Fire Token 11. 

Fenger has left his master Cute Kid to see the prairie. However, considering 
Cute Kid's response, he is still halfway and stay in Serene Cave(13.30). 
He will appreciate if you send his letter to Cute Kid. And Cute Kid will 
also ask you to take his reply to Fenger. Finally, you will get Fire Token 12.

XiaoFeng(3.61) in the Buddha Grotto suspects that his cherished Fire Bead is 
stolen by Birsue XiaoYue. If you carry Fire Token 12 and know at least 50% of 
fire category, you will be asked to retrieve the bead. So you come to 
Moon Bridge and inquire XiaoYue about the bead. XiaoYue is angry that he is 
treated unjustly. He won't tell you the truth unless you win him. After 
defeating 5 Birsues of level 800, you are told that Fire Bead is taken away 
by Crabia in the Ocean City. Fight with Crabia, you may get Fire Bead.

After that, give the Fire Bead to XiaoFeng. If your marching pet is a Wandog 
between level 800 and 900, with 100 loyalty and good growth rate 
(between 4 and 100), you will pass XiaoFengs trial. Then you get 
Fire Token 13 and the Wandog is leveled up 200. 

Go to Snow City to find LuoYing. He is dreaming to have a lovely Twinkle to
accompany him. However Twinkle is in the Sky City, so he will ask you for help.
Give him a level one Twinkle, you will get Fire Token 14. 

LittleWolf(33.43) in the Hua Mountain Peak has been admired 
Ning Snow's True Love (Snow Wolf Lake Mission) and he needs Ball Flower 
to get a pair of shoes. Following the mission of Snow Wolf Lake, then give 
white Ball Flower to LittleWolf and get Fire Token 15.
PS: Another ball flower or Seed of True Love is required to continue the 
following step. 

Old Wolf(27.26) in Snow Wolf Cliff and Ms. Butterfly are close friends 
despite of their family hatred. Old Wolf is worried about Ms. Butterfly after 
hearing her accident. But it is inconvenient for him to visit Ms. Butterfly 
directly, so he would like you to visit her. So you find Miss Linda in the 
Hill and arrive Cold Stage via her and meet Ms. Butterfly here. Give her 
Old Wolf's letter and take her letter to him, then you can get Fire Token 16.
He tells you to find Amen in Wudang Mountain for the next test and remind you 
to be polite to Amen. 

Amen hurts himself when learning Kungfu, so he turns to Taoist Zhang of 
Wudang Mountain for help. He hopes you to show your courtesy. If you don't 
wave to him with action, he won't speak to you. He tells you that he needs 
Celestial Dew to recover his HP and you should inquire DrunkGaoyang in 
Drunkard Tomb for details. Before helping you, DrunkGaoyang asks you to 
send a letter to Zhang Ding in Sword Town and find an Amrita Pill. With the 
first class wine and Amrita Pill, you come back to DrunkGaoyang and know that
these two items are main elements to refine Celestial Dew. After 
Celestial Dew is refined, DrunkGaoyang will drink some then give you the rest.
Take the dew to Amen and he will give you Fire Token 17. 

Next, find Herluis(89.63) outside the church. You can't accept his trial 
unless you understand 65% of Fire Category. He asks you to give him 
Music Script. According to him, it may be obtained if you fight with 
Pandalow about level 1300 in Hero Tomb.
If you have Fire Token 17, then speak to XuJunru in Great Hall of the palace, 
and she will send you to Hero Tomb. Fight in LegendaryHeroGr1 and you may get 
a Music Script. 
Bring Herluis a Music Script and a Quidog between level 800 and 900 with good 
growth rate and 100 loyalty points. If you pass his trial he will give you 
Fire Token 18 and have the Quidog up 200 levels. 

Atum inside a tent in Rich Plain speaks highly of your passing so many 
difficult trials. He welcomes your challenge. Please be noticed there are 
additional missions. You can get Fire Token 19 from Atum and know you will
be tested by ultimate super monsters from Fire Category. There are three of 
them and you can only be tested by one of them. You can ask Oldman Youran for

Go to Bluff and meet Oldman Youran. He recommends you different examiner 
according to your answers. They are MeiYing and BiYun. You will get FireToken 
and GreenToken respectively. 

MeiYing's Trial (FireToken):

Under the guidance of Oldman Youran, you go down to Treasure Crypt in 
Water City looking for AngleOfHell. With the Fire Token, you may get in 
although it's the holy testing place for Senior Devil and Super Devil. 

Find MeiYing(29.52) in Waiting Cave. First of all, you have to grasp 80% of 
fire category. MeiYing will tell you her relationship with BiYun and ask you
to take a letter to her. Your task is to make them reconcile. 

Via Little Goblin Awei in Dusk Path, you can arrive Grass Pool, where 
BiYun(29.17) lives. Give her the letter and know that she doesn't cross 
with MeiYing at all. She asks you to retrieve her sister XuanZi's leveling 
drug, which is with the Sundogs in HunterCave (Refer to Hunting Drug Quest).
She will also ask you to bring her Star Earring to XuanZi together with the 
leveling Drug. Visit XuanZi at night(time wound), she accepts both items and
gives you Jasper Ring. Give Jasper Ring to BiYun and she will give you a pair
of Fire Earring. Take Fire Earring to MeiYing, if your marching pet is a 
Baffling Wolf with 100 loyalty and 800 level above, you can accept her trial.
If you pass, Baffling Wolf will be evolved to super monster of fire category
and you will be reworded a Wind Token. Over!

PS: With BallFlower, you will access to time wound at 7.00am-8.59am. 
With TrueLoveSeed, you will access to time wound at 22.00pm-23.59pm. 

BiYun's Trial (GreenToken):

Via Little Goblin Awei in Dusk Path, you can arrive Grass Pool, 
where BiYun(29.17) lives. She thinks that only warm hearted people can 
be entitled to power. She hears that people in Sand City encounters big 
trouble and hopes you to help them. 

Find Oldman Hu(75.66) in the Sand City, and know Sand City's waterhead is 
taken up by a gang of bandits who are followers of XuanZi, sister of BiYun. 
If you agree to help you can get Sand City's Trust Letter, and give it to 
XuanZi at night (time wound). It turns out that those bandits are MeiYing's
underlings. Help XuanZi to find out her lost leveling drug, she will give 
you a Topaz Ring. Take it to MeiYing and she will give you a command token
at the sight of topaz ring. Take the token to Oldman Hu. With it, 
Sand City's people will get back their waterhead. Finally, Oldman Hu will 
write a letter of thankfulness on behalf of the whole city. 

After BiYun seeing this letter, she will give you a Wind Token and a 
Returning Pill. To take the returning pill, you must ask BiYun to help you.
Afterwards, you will gain 300 levels (subject to the highest level). Over!

PS: With BallFlower, you will access to time wound at 7.00am-8.59am. 
With TrueLoveSeed, you will access to time wound at 22.00pm-23.59pm. 

Note: In the process of 5th advance, the following steps may lead to doing 
the fire quest again:

1 You drop or lost your quest i

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